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By Wanjiku Kiarie
Real conversations and stories on the journey to self discovery, evolution, learning and personal growth.

Do you question your existence? I do, and I'm on a journey of awakening to become the best version of me.

Are you living your purpose?
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SS2 Episode 11: Why you should have a Personal Development Plan


How you are sabotaging your own growth process
The affirmation for this month is: This is the right time. I am at the right place doing the right thing at the right time. Where I am today is a product of my own growth. I can stand strong and move forward in my life. I have all the potential I need to do what is required of me today.  I owe it to myself to wake up each day and conquer my power exceeds any challenges I may face. Everything is happening for me and not to me. I'm exactly where I want to be.
September 18, 2022
SS2 Episode 12: Without self awareness there is no personal development
September 04, 2022
SS2 Episode 11: Why you should have a Personal Development Plan
On this episode I am sharing about the importance of having a Personal Development plan. I also give you key tips on how to develop a PDP for yourself that will align to your purpose.  Resources mentioned on this episode include Episode for Goal Setting: Season 2, Episode 9 Get the Best of Me Loading planner: Or on Amazon: If you are interested to get info on the 3 week program: send us an email:
August 21, 2022
SS2 Episode 10: Limiting Beliefs are holding you back from your greatest potential
What is holding you back?  Most likely your limiting believes. Listen to today's episode and learn how you can change that.
August 09, 2022
SS2 2 Episode 9: Goals Reset: 5 things preventing you from achieving your goals
This episode is packed with amazing tips on setting goals rightly, keeping track of them and creating systems that will lead you to achieving them. Click here  to get on our notification list for the new version of the Best of Me Loading planner scheduled for release end of 2022 (insert link landing page) Order Alice Njambi’s 21 Days to Self-Awareness Workbook: Stay in touch with Wanjiku Kiarie:
July 25, 2022
SS2 Episode 8: Stepping Up: Coming alive to my purpose
The Podcast is back after a long but well-deserved hiatus. Tune in to catch up with Wanjiku and get to hear what it has taken for her to finally accept, step up and come alive to her purpose fully. Let us stay connected:
July 11, 2022
SS2: Episode 7: Decluttering Your Way To Success Ft Juliet Kiplagat
Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. I had an amazing, insightful conversation with Juliet, a professional organizer discussing tips on how to declutter both your physical and mental spaces.  Get In touch with Juliet:- Instagram: @lushinteriorske Email: Call: 0722 881 223 ********************************************************************************** Share your feedback and let us connect:- Whatsapp: 0716589311 Purchase the Best of Me Loading..Planner Call/Whatsapp 0716 589 311  
September 30, 2021
SS2: Episode 6: The Art of Public Speaking Ft Coach Samuel Murage
Statistics show that a lot of people fear Public Speaking, yet in this day and age we all need to be able to present, articulate ideas, pray, lead meetings etc. I invited Coach Samuel Murage, CEO & Founder at DTI Group, to give us some tips that we could all apply as we journey towards overcoming this very fear of public speaking. Grab a paper and notebook and let us learn this Art. Get In touch with the Coach:- +254 724 038192 Share your feedback and Let us connect:- Whatsapp: 0716589311 Purchase the Best of Me Loading..Planner Call/Whatsapp 0716 589 311
September 23, 2021
SS2 Episode 5: How to achieve a growth mindset
On this week's this episode, I discuss the very fundamental ingredient in kick-starting your personal development and transformation journey. How is your mindset?  Here are a few questions that can help you start interrogating what kind of a mindset you have- Is it a fixed or a growth mindset.  What is your tendency toward (dysfunctional) perfectionism? How do you view effort exerted toward your goals? How do you respond to obstacles when they arise? What is your typical response to criticism? How do you view the success of others? Dig in on the episode and get to know if you lean more towards the fixed or growth mindset and how you can work on it. Share your feedback and Let us connect:- Whatsapp: 0716589311 Purchase the Best of Me Loading..Planner
September 16, 2021
SS2: Episode 4: Things I know for sure
In this week's episode, I share 15 things I know for sure stemming from my life experiences and lessons. I also send all love and good vibes to anyone going through a rough time, or unexplained fatigue over this period. Pandemic fatigue is real and we need to care for and look out for each other. Let us connect:- Purchase the Best of Me Loading...Planner Instagram: Whatsapp: 0716589311
August 26, 2021
SS2: Episode 3: How to practice Self Love Ft JaneJune Wanjiru
''Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. It means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.'' - Unkown Are you settling for less than you deserve? Listen in to this week's episode talking about how you can nurture back self-love. I also feature an amazing lady who shares her self-love journey and how she has overcome low self-esteem that was deep-rooted from when she was a child.  My guest- JaneJune is a lover of life, she enjoys music and dancing. She is a social person who also enjoys alone time. She also tries to spread positivity to everyone around her when she can. Let us connect:- Purchase the Best of Me Loading Planner Send KES 2,250/- Mpesa Till Number 5373385 Send delivery details to: 0716 589 311 You can also get yourself a copy on Amazon:-
August 19, 2021
SS2: Episode 2: How to build good habits & break bad ones Ft Ben Ratje
Are Your Habits Working For You Or Against You? Good habits are super important in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. On this episode, I got together with Ben Ratje to break down how one can form and sustain good habits. Ben is a habit coach, life-long entrepreneur, and award-winning author. For the last 16 years, Ben and his team have trained over 150 organizations, incl. 49 FORTUNE Global 500 companies, as well as leading entrepreneurs from over 44 countries. You can interact with Ben below:- Let us connect:-
August 12, 2021
SS2: Episode 1: A new Phase: Turning over a new leaf
Hey, Lifenpurpose fam! we are back after a short season's break ready to pick up from where we left. In this season, just like the previous we shall be sharing real-life stories and have conversations on the journey to self-discovery, evolution, and personal growth. For this first episode of the season, I share with you some things I am taking to my next phase and highlight a few of those I am definitely leaving behind. Let's stay connected:-; Mentioned resources:- Best of Me planner Available as follows;- Call/Whatsapp: 0716589311
August 05, 2021
Episode 50: Season Finale- Working towards that version of you that you truly deserve
It has been such an amazing journey, 50 episodes in I am so glad that I took the leap to start this podcast. I came in with a very open mind and a teachable spirit- the result I have learnt so so much. I do hope that you have also picked up something in the course of this season. I look forward to having you on board as we get to Season 2. If you wish to collaborate in any way on my next season, please email me on Check out the website and subscribe to get notified when we release our upcoming projects Visit and follow our Instagram page Wishing you lots of love and light, till the next one. Keep safe.
March 18, 2021
EP 49: Starting life again after my brain surgery Ft Barnabas Inyaa
Here is Part 2 of Inyaa's story, If you haven't listened to part 1, please take a pause and tune in to Episode 48 where he breaks down some of the life challenges that he was able to overcome in his earlier days and the lessons on resilience therein.  He began to experience crazy headaches on a daily basis, only for tests to reveal that he had a rare brain growth that was soon inhibiting his critical senses and had to be operated on. Inyaa takes us through his experience sourcing for a hospital, the astounding difference between some of the costs in our local hospitals and abroad, the surgery and recovery as well as some important lessons he picked along the way that he continues to apply in his life till today. I am sure you have picked a lesson or two from Inyaas story. Let us connect:-
February 16, 2021
Episode 48: I built my career from the bottom up; it ended abruptly and I had to pick myself up again- Ft Barnabas Inyaa( Pt 1)
On this episode, I bring you Barnabas Inyaa, a gentleman whose resilience measure is one we could all learn from, from building a career bottom-up, facing life's challenges with a positive mind, growing to the apex of the said career and then one day boom! he is told the grim news that his job had come to an end. I learned quite a number of things from Inyaa and I do believe you will pick something from his story very eloquently told.  Let Us Connect:-
February 09, 2021
Episode 47: Shifting your money mindset and creating the life you want ft Jennifer Low
This week on the podcast I feature Jennifer Low whom I met in the process of creating networks with people who are on the same vibration as me - in the journey of personal transformation. Jennifer's purpose in life is inspiring and working with people to shift their mindsets about money from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance and I truly enjoyed having the conversation with her. Grab a pen and notebook because she really dropped some nuggets. Get in touch with Jennifer and her work on the following platforms  Website: Email: Facebook: Link for freebie: The Lifenpurpose socials are: Let's connect;
February 02, 2021
Episode 46: Uphold your self-worth as you set goals for the year!
Happy New year and welcome to the first episode of the year, I am so happy and grateful to be alive and to share with you some of my thoughts when it comes to holistic goal setting. Listen in and share share share! Key pointers:- - You are enough! achieving or not achieving your goals doesn't make you less worthy - Work on your identity, not on the processes or the outcomes -Forming Good Habits is critical in achieving one's goals -Chase purpose, the money will follow - Invest in growing your knowledge -Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful things ever -Affirm your goals, manifest them into being, talk positively to yourself about them and about yourself -Be kind to yourself, when you slack and fall, pick yourself up Let's stay connected:;
January 12, 2021
Episode 45: Made redundant amidst a pandemic - How I started my business as a Virtual Assistant in Kenya by Elma Ooro
Happy New Month! We are in the final leg of 2020 and whilst we all agree this has been an unusual year, it has been a year that has truly challenged us to grow, recondition our thinking, and fight hard to remain afloat in all aspects of life. With me this week is an amazing, vibrant young lady - an engineer by profession who faced one of the most difficult things one could face in their career- she was made redundant and had to relocate back home from the UK She takes us through her journey and most importantly how she was able to shake that off and successfully start a Virtual Assistant business in Kenya, in what we could call unchartered waters. Listen in to draw inspiration from this young lady oozing wisdom and determination. You can also check out her work below:- Let us connect:
December 08, 2020
Episode 44: Picking yourself up, sticking to good habits, finding your Ikigai & much more!- Let's catch up
In this week's episode I catch you up on what has been going on in my life, I share some of the gems I have picked from my most recent reads, as well as share randomly some inspiration on various issues all geared towards inspiration. Enjoy the episode and let us keep safe and connected:- Catch the Mindvalley Podcast
November 19, 2020
Episode 43: When you are in a state of gratitude, anger and fear can no longer reside - Shazmeen Bank
This week I host the amazing Shazmeen Bank, a strategic lifestyle, relationship, and intimacy coach. We had such an exciting conversation as she took me through her life experiences, her childhood that forced her to grow way ahead of her years, becoming a mother at 18, getting married, then divorced then reuniting with her partner, and the journey that led them there. Her healing journey and working on herself towards being a better version, and now finding her purpose and living it through coaching and helping other people. yes! life has thrown her lemons on several occasions but her attitude to make lemonade and come out stronger and better is what I love so much about her story. Shazmeen's energy is so infectious and warm, I guarantee you will enjoy the episode. Follow her work on and listen to her podcast Let us keep connected:
November 03, 2020
Episode 42: Giving up your doubt and walking in faith- Sophia the Wise One
In this episode, I have such a reflective and enriching conversation with a fellow podcaster Sophia the Wise One. She lets us on to her life journey, her life lessons, what she struggles with, and how she has found ways to centre and heal herself. How deeply she connects with her body, soul and her environment will have you reflecting on your own life and the areas you need to dig deeper on. She is also multi-talented and mid-conversation she blessed me with a tune, what a lovely voice, what a lovely human. She truly inspires me to share my giftings with the world as this is one thing she does effortlessly. I am sure you will be blessed by this conversation. You can catch Sophia's various expressions of her giftings here:- Let us stay connected on; PS: Remember to leave a review on any of the podcasting channels, and drop in your comment, input, suggestions on the website  Luv, Wanjiku  
October 20, 2020
Episode 41: Inspiring women and mums is my passion- Rachel Mbogo (Thriving Supermama)
This week I had a conservation with Rachel Mbogo - a young inspiring woman who is really passionate about empowering, inspiring, and growing with other mums and women. You can find more of her work on Keep in touch with us on and Instagram If you have a story to share or would like to recommend someone who inspires you based on their life lessons, get in touch at
October 13, 2020
Episode 40: I have no grand plan but I took the leap and quit anyway - Mercy Adu
This week, I share such a heartwarming yet motivating conversation with a lady I met in these gracious streets of the internet. You can tell that we had an instant connection and actually figured out we had a lot in common. Her story is that of courage, doing it afraid, and simply just leaving the daily chase to follow one's purpose.  Her final words- Life is to be lived- don't settle for a mediocre life. Whatever living means for you, live! Do not settle. Let us keep engaging on all the socials:-
October 06, 2020
Episode 39: Lizz Ntonjira- Inspiring Young Leaders
This Episode was graced by the one and only Lizz Ntonjira. She is currently the Communications Director at Amref Health Africa, the largest health development organization in Africa. She is also a youth advocate and the founder of The LizzNtonjira Network, a platform that provides innovative, engaging, interactive, and tailor-made training and coaching for the youth.  Lizz is also the author of the book #YOUTHCAN, a collection of powerful, inspiring, and challenging stories from youth breaking barriers across 22 African countries. For her work across various sectors, she has received numerous awards including being listed as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans.  Lizz is committed to changing the African narrative by showcasing compelling stories that reflect Africa’s improving development agenda. Lizz holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, a post-graduate Professional Join her network:-  Buy her book Get in touch:-
September 29, 2020
Episode 38: Desiring change? You could start here
This an amazing solo episode where I share about the power of spoken words, how we attract what we say, and how we can use that to our advantage by affirming the things we want in life. I also reflect on my current read, John Kotter's 'The Heart of Change' and mirror his change theory model to the steps in self-development. Please leave a review of the episode,  a voice note on anchor or comment on any of the other platforms.  Let's stay in touch:-
September 08, 2020
Episode 37: Positioning yourself for your next move: Career and general life spheres- Angie Obwaka
This is Part 2 of the conversation with Angie Obwaka- if you haven't caught up with part 1, take a pause and listen to episode 36. On here, she shares HR nuggets, how to position yourself for a shift in your career, how to deal with difficult situations and low moments, navigating through tough times, living and being in purpose, and many other refreshing tips. This is a conversation you do not want to miss and one that I truly enjoyed having. Connect with Angie: Like to binge listen? Catch up on the playlist of all our episodes:- Get the Lifenpurpose planner Instagram:
August 25, 2020
Episode 36: Conversation with and lessons from Angie Obwaka
Welcome to this week's episode which is part one of an amazing conversation with Angie Obwaka, a thriving  Kenyan lady,  passionate and Jesus-loving girl. She is a parent of 2 amazing kids. Yeshua (The one who saves) who is 12 and Nashe (short for ANO-DIWA-NASHE which means The one loved by God) 3 months. I ENJOY them THOROUGHLY!! 👩‍👧‍👦. Professionally. she is an HR Consultant and Career Coach by trade. PASSIONATE, ZEALOUS, GIFTED, AND CALLED TO align individuals and organizations with tools, spaces, and opportunities for them to THRIVE especially in their career and area of purpose.  Connect with her on her socials below: Let us connect on the Lifenpurpose website and leave any comments/suggestions for topics or who you would like us to feature.
August 18, 2020
Episode 35: The Art of Conscious Living with - Alice The Conscious Coach
In this episode, I have an amazing conversation with Alice Njambi, a conscious coach who works with leaders to help them master their minds and grow their emotional intelligence so that they can lead effectively as they achieve their individual and cooperate goals. We delved into self awareness, dealing with fear, conscious parenting, and all things in between. Tune in. Alice's Social Media handles:-; Let us connect
August 11, 2020
Episode 34: Embracing the leader in you
This week on the podcast I share some lessons I have been learning recently on leadership. These have been so profound to lean in to and I couldnt keep them to myself. Bottom line- everyone is a leader in there area of function and we each have a gifting that we can share with the world. Let us connect on Links mentioned on the episode:-
August 04, 2020
Episode 33: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Do you ever feel like a fraud when called upon to showcase your work, or talk about something in your subject area? This week on the episode we talk about Imposter Syndrome, some of the causes of it, and how to get rid of at least minimize these feelings, in our journey to becoming our best version of ourselves. Let us connect
July 28, 2020
Episode 32- Dealing with Life Frustrations- Lessons from Robin Sharma
This week I talk about lessons I picked from Robin Sharma's weekly newsletter. Let us connect on Links I mentioned on this episode:- Parenting discussions: check out the Lifenpurpose facebook page for more resources.
July 21, 2020
Episode 31: Cachet Prescott- Unlearning as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation
This episode features Cachet Prescott. She likes to say that she  is in the business of thinking! A social scientist by training and a creative and strategic thinker by nature, she thrives on helping others think, focus and plan to ultimately do amazing things in business, career and life. As a psychology-driven mindset and accountability coach and strategist, Cachet works with individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations to seamlessly bridge the gap between stagnation and clear, bold action. Her podcast, All Things (Un)learned, focuses on using unlearning as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and she shares the inspiring unlearning journeys of people from all walks of life. Get in touch with Cachet here:; Visit  our website and let us stay connected
July 14, 2020
Episode 30: Taking the Leap even when filled with doubt
I am delighted to share this episode with you. We are celebrating the first anniversary of the podcast and couldn't be more proud of the journey that has been. Reflecting on the journey and lessons so far, one thing is that if I allowed myself to let the doubt get the better part of me, we would not be here, celebrating this milestone. In this episode, I share my personal fears and doubt coming onto this journey and how I overcame them.  One year in, I am loving the lessons, growth, and impact so far and can only look forward to what is to come.  To celebrate this milestone, I am also launching the lifenpurpose website where we shall stay connected and share so much more. The website launches soon, be the first to click
July 07, 2020
Episode 29: Building your self worth and defining own success - Rebeka Teshome:
This week's episode features an amazing woman, Rebeka Teshome, A certified personal development and life coach. she has dedicated her life to helping moms and wives to build self-worth and deep transformation.  she terms herself lucky enough to work with women and seeing the amazing results as women take Charge of their Life! Achieve Clarity! Define their Own Success and Craft the Life they Love! She is also a wife, mother of 2 kids, and entrepreneur whose career background is in Monitoring and evaluation.  Connect with her Website:; Blog: Instagram Facebook: Let us stay connected on all my platforms:
June 30, 2020
Episode 28: Dealing with Self-Pity
On this episode, I share some of the ways in which we can combat self-pity. I specifically delve into how a positive mindset is critical in this journey and that the work that goes into shifting the mindset is totally worth it. Let us connect
June 23, 2020
Episode 27: Why the world needs us to raise our voices
In this episode, I reflect on all the issues that have engulfed the world in the last couple of weeks. From racism, police brutality, violence etc and talk about several ways in which we can all contribute to correcting the injustices and vices. It is time for action! I also refer to the episode I did with Ana Tajder- sharing lessons from my Mama- I also refer to the 'Becoming Anti- racist excerpt- Let's connect:-
June 16, 2020
Episode 26- The Mindful Millionaire -Fixing your money habits
This week I got to talk to an amazing woman whom I have been following for a while now- in these online streets:), in a quest to learn more about having a better relationship with money. She has a wealth of knowledge and one of the warmest and kind people I have connected with all my life.  We had an amazing and insightful conversation on her new book, her principles of money, and how she has managed to achieve the success that she has. Leisa Peterson, CFP® is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and creating financial security for themselves. As a money coach, business consultant, and spiritual teacher, Leisa host’s the Mindful Millionaire podcast as well as virtual workshops and life-transforming retreats. Her masterful blend of sound financial strategy and mindfulness training helps people break free of patterns of lack, scarcity, and money fears, allowing them to finally lead the rewarding, fulfilling, and abundant lives they most desire. Leisa has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Forbes, The Week, Huffington Post and has been featured on many podcasts and radio shows. Prior to starting WealthClinic®, LLC,; Follow the link below to follow all my social media pages, my profile, or listen to the podcast from your preferred host!
June 09, 2020
Episode 25: Overcoming Scoliosis, surviving war, leaving a corporate job & supporting loved ones through cancer battles
This week's episode, features an amazing woman. I met Ana in a community of podcasters (it still amazes me how connected we are now thanks to the internet and how we can easily build connections with people from around the world) and her story really inspired me. She has a culturally rich and powerful story -  one of resilience, making courageous decisions, remaining positive in the midst of adversity, and picking life lessons from her mama that she lives by till today. Ana is an award-winning author and journalist originally from Croatia and Austria. She now lives in Seattle and has recently launched her podcast “Thank You, Mama”. You can check out her work on the links below:- This week, I am also pleased to share my podcasting profile and links to my socials as well as all the platforms you can listen in from.
May 26, 2020
Episode 24: Is Homeschooling the way to go?
In this episode, I share about how this season has enlightened me into adjusting to the new circumstances. Granted, now more than ever,  every day is a chance to improve, grow, learn, get better, experience, and remain positive while going through the motions. I have tried my hand at homeschooling for a couple of weeks, read up tonnes on how to approach, and therefore happy to share some of the things I have picked. I am not an educator, therefore, please do your own research if you want to pick this up homeschool for your family, but with the pivoting and adjusting we have to do post-pandemic, I foresee this being one of the most popular approaches to education. As usual, let us share and learn together. Let us get social:- Email:
May 12, 2020
Episode 23: Parenting during stressful times
As a parent or guardian, you have a responsibility of keeping not only yourself safe, but also those under your care. On today's episode,  I share some tips I have gathered from research on how we can help our kids cope with stress better, but also this episode seeks to bring to the attention of us as parents that children do have emotions and our acknowledgment of this and knowing what to do when they do express the different emotions, helps us to raise healthier more balanced children. I am no psychologist neither have I have been formally trained in dealing with the mind, but I am a parent, have read and consulted within my networks and the tips here are basically social skills we could employ to have a less stressful family life. Please feel free to weigh in and share your thoughts and experiences as well. Let us get social:- Email:
April 15, 2020
Episode 22: Return to your duty station or leave! A story of taking the leap and chasing dreams
I hope you are keeping safe and healthy. In this episode, I share a friend's personal story shared with me so candidly on the struggles of growing up in a village, raised by a single parent (a father), having to fend for oneself through campus life and transition through careers with nothing but hard work and determination. Stories like these give me hope that really with grit and hope, there is no limit to what man can achieve. I hope you get inspired and learn something from the story. My guest also recommends some powerful books that he has found very useful in his personal development journey. Let us get social:- Email: Instagram: Facebook:  
April 07, 2020
Episode 21: The positive side to the Lockdown
How are we doing guys? Like seriously, how are we doing? In this episode, I take the pleasure of sharing some good news on the podcast channel growth as well as a free new resource that we have recently developed and shared. Please do check it out by following our Instagram page @lifenpurposepodcast and grab yourself a copy- Link to the specific post ( I am also sharing my reflections on how we could utilize the one resource that is usually so scarce but we now have in plenty which is time.  Tune in to internalize my thoughts on this and let us continue to do what is required of us to flatten the curve. Let us get social:- Email:
March 27, 2020
Episode 20: Pandemic! Let's keep safe and sane together
Hey purposechasers! how are you coping with the COVID-19 situation? are you feeling fearful, anxious, bored at home, worried, sick? these are some of the emotions going through millions of people across the world and guess what, they are all valid. It is a very trying time and the social distancing is likely to drive a lot of us crazy due to how our lives have been set up previously. In this episode,  I share some of the things I am doing or have been recommended by great mind work leaders that should help with keeping your mind, body, and soul healthy during these uncertain times. What are some of the things you are practicing? please share with us. If for any reason you are finding this time particularly hard and would like to talk to someone, please reach me on my IG inbox and I will give you a call or drop me a message on the podcast Line, details below:- Email: Instagram: Podcast Line: +254 733 933 523
March 19, 2020
Episode 19 - Everyone has a story- Here is a glimpse of mine
This is the International Women's month and I am taking advantage of that to intentionally reflect and acknowledge the women who have walked with me in my journey. As I was reflecting, I remembered how growing up I seemed to face a lot of 'hard' things, challenges so to speak and nothing came easy or at first glance. Looking back though, I feel that every challenge, bump ,opportunity that came my way led to charting the career path that I talk of today and overall to me becoming the person I am today. I am a strong believer in everyone having and owning their story and using their lessons to grow and become a better version of themselves. What is your story and what do you learn from it... Let's get social Email :
March 12, 2020
Episode 18: Adulting!- striking a balance
It is interesting how this episode tackles adulting when I practically had to curve out sometime in the morning to edit and publish the episode.  Life is such that we have so many facets we need to fulfil and it can get overwhelming. In here, I share some things that I personally employ to get a grip on my adulting journey. please share your own tips as well and let's continue holding each other's hand. March - is the month when we celebrate women and I am asking each of us to celebrate a woman or women in our lives by doing small gestures that show them we appreciate them.  #each for equal Let's get social: IG- Facebook- @lifenpurposebyWK Email : : Whatsapp Number : 0733933523
March 03, 2020
Episode 17: Intentional Living - Count me in!
Happy Valentines! This week we are talking about intentional living. What is it, how can we start being intentional about our life choices?  Let us interact on IG; Facebook: @lifenpurposebyWK Email: for any queries or follow up.
February 15, 2020
Episode 16: Improving Social Awareness
Happy New Month! Welcome to this week's episode where we talk about some of the things we can apply to build high levels of social awareness and ultimately improve our emotional intelligence. Growth is a continuous process and I feel very passionately about everyone trying to improve themselves and being better, more sensitive and wholesome human beings that will eventually lead to a very socially aware society!  Let us interact on social media For any official inquiries get in touch on 
February 02, 2020
Episode 15: Accepting your reality!
Happy New Year! It is such a joy to begin this year with how accepting one's reality is crucial in enabling one forge forward with their dreams.  I discuss some of the things you could do if you are struggling with comparing your journey with that of others, robbing yourself the joy of accepting that everyone's journey is different and it is only when you review your current situation with honesty that you can be in the frame of mind to achieve your dreams. Here, I also share my word of the year and how I am still working on my goals.  One of the podcasts that is giving me inspiration as I do this is the podcast of the @supersoul conversation with Bishop TD Jakes. the link is below:- Follow us on socials or email on
January 13, 2020
Episode 14: Key 2019 take-home messages!
In this episode,  I am sharing some of the things that stood out for me in the year and that I plan to adopt in my life going forward. Listen in and get to share what some of your take-home messages for the year are. I also refer to some clips which I link below:- the I am sermon by @Joel Osteen and the feature of the same sermon by Oprah on one of her recent Master life classes. Powerful! Let me also take this moment to wish all my listeners a very restful holiday season. your support in this podcast's journey so far has been beyond incredible and I cannot wait to see what the new decade has in store for us. Let's get talking on my IG; Email-; Facebook @lifenpurposebyWK
December 21, 2019
Episode 13: A responsible merry season - Adulting does not end on Christmas day!
In this episode, I share some tips on how to make merry, party and have fun while remaining conscious of the fact that you will need to adult come January 2020! It is all fun and games until you have no rent money left, or fees, or worse- food.  For us, purpose chasers, we do everything responsibly, we overcome the temptation of going beyond what is in our reach and we learnt to do uncomfortable things like saying no to our loved ones when we have to. Share with me some of the tips you have for ensuring that your Xmas season is merry but within your limits. Follow me on IG:
December 10, 2019
What I wish I was taught in school
In this episode, I indulged some of my friends by running a one-question survey to tell me some of those things they wish were taught in school to better prepare students for the realities of life after school. This came as a backdrop of the just-released primary certificate exams and the pressure most kids were under to score high grades. I also talk about the importance of parents not imposing their egos/dreams on their kids, and to be true to themselves and recognize that mostly the pressure we pass down on our kids to perform is mostly for us and how we view this as a key thing or measure of success. I also catch you on some happenings in the recent past that do not just make sense and my head and heart cant quite a process - some downs that life serves which can be so hard to take in, but we have to remain strong. Email: Instagram: Whatsapp hotline: 0733 933523
November 27, 2019
Episode 11: Intrusive Questions- Are we socially aware?
Welcome to this week's episode where I recount an incidence when an intrusive question was directed at me in public. Here, I also discuss some of the other intrusive, personal questions that we should stay away from unless we are truly acquainted with the person we are asking. It is a call for being more socially aware, to avoid putting tags on people who do not necessarily adhere to the 'right time' boundary that society has placed on us. Is there a time someone made such remarks and how did they affect you? Let's keep sharing on the podcast comment section as well as the on IG
November 13, 2019
Episode 10: 33 Life lessons I have picked so far plus lessons from the great Eliud Kipchoge!!
I recently turned 33. I know some ladies shy away from declaring their age publicly but for me, I celebrate each of my years loudly:). In this episode, I share my life lessons over the past couple of years as well as some of the things I have learnt about myself. you will notice that I do not talk about negative traits, not to say that I am a perfect human being but I like to only amplify the good and consciously work on the areas of growth, some of which I have shared here. Here I get vulnerable, share bits and pieces of my life and let you in my journey a bit more. I hope this inspires you, wherever you are in your journey to keep working at improving yourself. Of course, I also had to mention Eliud's latest achievement and some of the lessons I picked from him. I am still in a celebratory mood and have watched several times, the moments leading to the end of the incredible race. Let's continue interacting. the email is; Instagram
October 22, 2019
Episode 9: Tired of procrastinating? Me too!
Procrastinating is such a crippling habit! I have been going through a funk, triggered by the usual life pressures and in this episode, I share how I identify this phase and some tips on how to deal with this!  Instagram:;  Facebook  
October 04, 2019
Episode 8: Building yourself as an irresistible brand
Are you trying to establish your brand as a person or business? Currently, the job and business markets are very competitive and unfortunately or fortunately, we are churning out graduates in thousands who are not very equipped in setting themselves apart and selling their uniqueness to the market. This episode is the first of a series where we shall be talking to experts and having conversations on how we can place ourselves better as we look to grab opportunities.  Here, we have Tony Ichangai of 'Ichangai's Cave' talk to us on personal branding and how you can build yourself as an irresistible brand. I also let you know the books I am currently enjoying and other adulting struggles. Let us continue with this conversation on Instagram:- or on the podcast comment section
September 24, 2019
Episode 7: Reflecting on the foundation of defining purpose
This week, I let you in on how preparations for back to school week have been and also talk about why I am so passionate about discovering and living one's purpose. Listen in and let us keep interacting.  Also celebrating that we are now on three platforms, in a bid to make the podcast available on your favourite platform.  Instagram page: @lifenpurposepodcast
September 10, 2019
Episode 6: Self Care Tips: Taking time out to just be!
As a parent, I once in a while take time out to rejuvenate and centre myself back to my optimum self. This helps me be there for my family 100%.  In this episode, I share my experience several years back nursing colic, how I was able to go through that period sane and some of the self care techniques I employ to date. Follow me on Instagram @lifenpurpose and Facebook @lifenpurposebyWK
August 28, 2019
Episode 5: Productive morning routines, great books, podcasts and much more
This week, I am sharing my morning routine and how reading Robin Sharma's 5 AM club  helped me get consistent and productive. I'm also putting you on one of my favourite podcasts as well as asking you to recommend people I could feature on this platform to discuss matters job seeking, job creation, career growth and development. Lets catch up on social media pages Instagram: @lifenpurpose; Facebook: @lifenpurposebyWK All business queries can be sent to my email : 
August 19, 2019
Episode 4: Forgiveness, my take!
Guys, whats your take on forgiveness and do you find it easy or hard to forgive. How about your own flaws and when you are the one who needs to be forgiven, are you outright in acknowledging your mistakes? In this episode I tell you how my last week and family time filled weekend was and then share my thoughts on forgiveness as a principle. Let me know your thoughts on the topic and lets keep engaging on my socials @lifenpurpose on Facebook and Instagram
August 08, 2019
Ep 3: A review of ' The Four Agreements'
In this episode I give a review of a book I recently read and loved, which had some lessons I thought I'd share with you. Listen in and lets interact. Follow me on IG and Facebook on @lifenpurpose
July 29, 2019
Episode 2: Lets track our yearly goals
In this episode I share my goal setting and review process. Now that half the year is gone, how do we keep tabs on the things we set out to achieve for the year. Let's interact on @lifenpurpose on Instagram and facebook.
July 11, 2019
Episode 1- The Intro
In this episode, I give you background about myself and where this journey began for me.  Listen in and lets interact. Follow me on facebook and Instagram- @lifenpurpose 
July 07, 2019