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Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

By Lindsey Lockett
In the Holistic Trauma Healing podcast, I share the profound path to healing trauma that allows us to move out of the role of victim and into the role of conscious and empowered creator of our best possible reality through mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral trauma healing. Learn how trauma affects every part of your existence and how to weave a new web of life that isn't ruled by the past. The HTH podcast empowers you to heal trauma in the same way it has affected you -- as a whole person.
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Episode 57: Healing Triggers & Trauma with Hypnosis with Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Holistic Trauma Healing with Lindsey Lockett

Episode 87: The Good Girl — an Archetype, a Nervous System State, & How to Break Free (solo episode)
In this episode, I... share ways to know if you're operating under "Good Girl Programming" discuss the perfectionsim, shame, inner criticism, and judgment that's underneath Good Girl Programming talk about recognizing the voice in our heads — the voice of our Inner Judge or Inner Critic share a real-life example of Good Girl Programming on social media discuss Good Girl Programming as the root of the Sisterhood Wound discuss the influences of religion, patriarchy, advertising, media, and culture in indoctrinating little girls to be sweet, complacent, and obedient talk about the nervous system state of the Good Girl and why unlearning this programming isn't a mindset issue Announcing... UNLEARNING THE GOOD GIRL ROLE: a rock-your-world workshop empowering you to stop being the people-pleasing “good girl”, embrace your fierceness, and break free from shame to embody your authentic self In this 3-hour live workshop, we will be covering… What the Good Girl Role looks like in relationship with Self and others, at work or in your business, and how you show up online What the Good Girl Role feels like in your body and what’s going on in your nervous system Why and how the Good Girl Role develops What is needed to unlearn this role and set yourself free WHEN: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 1pm CDT/11am PDT COST: $99 — replay included Save your spot by September 19!
September 09, 2022
Episode 86: Honoring Our Cycles, Period Positivity, & How Our Nervous Systems Affect Our Hormones with Adele Wimsett
In this episode with women's health practitioner Adele Wimsett, we... talk about women as cyclical beings and why our cycles are our superpower discuss ways to honor our cycles through lifestyle shifts discuss the gender bias against women that is present in the medical industry talk briefly about that gender bias as Lindsey shares her own experience with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome discuss the link between the nervous system and endocrine system share how we are teaching our daughters to feel powerful and free in their own cycles and how this is healing generational trauma talk about menstruation stigma share ways mothers and daughters can connect through their cycles ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm teaching Nervous System 101 on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 6pm CDT. If you're listening before August 30, 2022, join the WAITLIST for Nervous System 101 If you're listening after August 30, 2022, get your NSYS101 ticket here. Email for financial assistance. Links: Follow me on Instagram Take my FREE Trauma Type Quiz Follow Adele on Instagram Book a free Discovery Call with Adele to learn how she can support you to harmonize your cycle Check out Adele's offerings
August 28, 2022
Episode 85: Get Your House in Order — Easy Ways to Nourish Your Nervous System (solo episode)
In this solo episode, I... talk about the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty share how cluttered, chaotic environments stress out the nervous system give ideas for free ways to drastically increase the peace in our spaces discuss our external environments as mirrors of our internal environments share why it's never a waste of time, energy, or money to create beautiful spaces talk about how the nervous system responds to our external environments ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm teaching Nervous System 101 on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 6pm CDT. If you're listening before August 31, 2022, join the WAITLIST for Nervous System 101 If you're listening after August 31, 2022, get your NSYS101 ticket here. Email for financial assistance. Links: Follow me on Instagram Take my FREE Trauma Type Quiz
August 15, 2022
Episode 84: Identity — Where Almost Everything's Made Up & the Points Don't Matter with Teva Johnstone
In this episode, psychotherapist, social worker, and parent coach Teva Johnstone and I... question the identity points system, particularly as it appears online, and how neoliberal identitarianism values identity and identity points when deciding if someone is allowed to speak or not discuss why people are so attracted to labels and identity markers, particularly after the disconnection from community and belonging so many people experienced in 2020 and beyond discuss the labels and identities we hold dear, such as woman and mother share Teva's experience with her Instagram account being suddenly deleted without notification after she made a post that went against far left social justice culture revist the Chris Rock/Will Smith incident and discuss neurodivergence, violence, and race talk about the problem with grouping identities together as if they are a monolith talk about colorism and white supremacy discuss privilege: when it matters and when it's weaponized to silence people discuss class disparity and why that's where we can make the most impact in social justice I'm teaching Nervous System 101 again on Tuesday, September 13 at 6pm CDT. This is a live Zoom workshop all about the role of the autonomic nervous system, how it's impaired by trauma, the role of brain inflammation in chronic and mysterious symptoms, and what to do about it to start healing. Cost is $55, but financial aid is available, no questions asked. Get on the waitlist to be notified when tickets are on sale again! Nervous System 101 Waitlist Follow Teva on Instagram Teva's website Teva's Substack
August 01, 2022
Episode 83: The Department of Homeland Security Story + a Candid Conversation On Nervous System Awareness with My Daughter
My 16-year-old daughter joins me on the podcast to share an incident we had with the Department of Homeland Security during our return from a mother-daughter trip to Mexico earlier this year. She tells the story from her perspective, including what she was feeling in her body and her thoughts on how I handled it as the adult/mom. We talk about trauma responses and what they feel like in her body and whether or not feeling her feelings has been helpful for my daughter. (Hint: she says she doesn't believe that "this stuff works", but what makes me super happy is that she actually has the language to even have the conversation.) At first glance, this episode seems to not paint me or my work in a very positive light. But what I hope listeners will glean from this episode is that, as parents, our kids often think what we try to teach them is dumb or pointless, but the important thing is that we're planting seeds. Our kids have their own journeys, their own karma to work out, their own soul mission and contracts. There's no way they're going to leave home without trauma or nervous system dysregulation — even with a parent who is a trauma coach and nervous system educator! Still, my daughter has language, and that gives me hope. NEWS: Nervous System 101 (my one-stop workshop for all things nervous system, brain inflammation, and trauma) is coming up again very soon! By popular request, I'm offering 2 different times; pick the one that works best for your schedule. Saturday, June 4 at 11am CDT or Tuesday, June 7 at 6pm CDT Tickets are $55, however if you need financial assistance, please send me a DM on Instagram or email and just say, "Please give me the discount code." We will give you a code for $20 off your ticket, no questions asked. Whether you attend live or not, your purchase of a ticket guarantees access to the recording of the workshop, which you will have lifetime access to. The workshop is held live on Zoom and consists of 2 hours of teaching followed by an unlimited amount of time for Q&A at the end. Seating is limited, so save your spot at
May 29, 2022
Episode 82: Wake Up! Change Comes from the Bottom with Latonya Williams
In this episode with the fearless Latonya Williams, we... discuss the small-scale Freedom Convoy and how it is a micro movement that mirrors the macro movement of collective awakening discuss the 4 points Latonya made in an IG Live that went viral regarding the mass loss of freedom and pervasive surveillance and censoring of social media platforms and government share some almost prophetic insight from Latonya's father, how she tried to ignore it to focus on her acting career, and how she ultimately found herself ignited to fearlessly speak up when she realized her dad was right all along talk about how Latonya's personal healing and self-development led her to take her power back by making her unconscious conscious discuss the seemingly humanitarian and philanthropic actions of men like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and how it's wolves in sheep's clothing discuss the way people employ the use of the non-sequiter and ad hominem to shut down critical thinking and discredit those who question their opinions discuss the media's bias and faulty reporting and how it perpetuates division and lies share some of the corrupt, tyrannical things the Canadian government did from 2020-2022 and how that tyranny fucked the people while benefitting corporations and the elite discuss the ongoing food shortages, inflation, increasing gas prices, impacts on farming, and the apocalypse  Follow Latonya on Instagram Chat with Latonya about TechnoTutor Desteni Process The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari ID2020
May 18, 2022
Episode 81: Openness in the Body, Cosmic Spankings, & Vulnerability in Relationships (part 2) with Kirby Criddle
In the second part of my two-part conversation with Kirby Criddle, we... share an instance when one of Kirby's clients had a spontaneous healing from hearing loss talk about the upside and downside of "quantum leaps" discuss Kirby's attempted cancellation over a video she made about triggers and self-responsibility discuss triggers as a way we close and collapse around pain share a story about Lindsey falling, experiencing constriction and closing energy, listening to her body, and shaking and how she remained open talk about how openness allows us to suffer less and remain present and move through stress without it becoming trauma explain what Kirby calls a "cosmic spanking" talk about moving through judgment and shame to stay open Kirby shares how different her online cancellation experience could've been if she'd had a Nervous System Hygiene Practice share experiences when Kirby remembers consciously closing off and shutting down or exiling parts of herself Kirby shares a story about a man she dated who lived a double life and how she convinced herself to ignore her intuition about it discuss being closed as a familiar state talk about the dance of opening and vulnerability in relationships and how we can trust both our opening and our closing Follow Kirby on Instagram  VESSEL: the care & protection of your feminine range in a world built for men OPEN: a monthly reset for creatives, empaths, and other highly sensitive people SOVEREIGN BEINGS: a 6-week exploration of emotions, trauma, and the things that hold us back
May 09, 2022
Episode 80: The Healing Is in the Opening (part 1) with Kirby Criddle
In this conversation with mystical force Kirby Criddle, we... discuss the difference between intellectual understanding and embodied understanding talk about the concepts of opening and closing as it relates to trauma, healing, the nervous system, and embodiment discuss the effect of energy and its existence prior to how it manifests, first in the nervous system, and then in physical form share Kirby's word for 2022 — confluence — and what it means to her discuss the traumatized nervous system's tendency to reject entire concepts and make them "wrong" out of a deep fear of not being able to do it "right" share the idea of sitting with the discomfort that's present, being curious about what's there, and allowing the discomfort to dissolve and create softeness and openness talk about why it's so difficult to discern intuition from fear, particularly if we're disembodied discuss our culture's skewed perception of self-trust discuss the concept of the nervous system being in charge of physiological processes and also being like a radio receiver that picks up the frequencies of our egos or pain bodies and Higher Selves or souls elaborate on openness as being access to a full range of human experiences, sensations, and emotions — not just happiness share some of the modalities, like Body Talk, that Kirby uses with her clients bring the heart and heart energy into the discussion about the nervous system and coherence talk about being closed and why it's not "bad" Follow Kirby on Instagram  VESSEL: the care & protection of your feminine range in a world built for men OPEN: a monthly reset for creatives, empaths, and other highly sensitive people SOVEREIGN BEINGS: a 6-week exploration of emotions, trauma, and the things that hold us back
May 03, 2022
Episode 79: Responsible Spirituality — Spiritual Consumerism, Instagram Shamans, Red Flags, and Pre-Capitalist Practices with Anya Kaats
In this episode, astrologer and avant-garde thinker Anya Kaats and I... share Anya's journey from her Jewish upbringing to her gender and sexuality studies, marriage, divorce, food blogging, chronic illness, agnosticism, and astrology talk about the comfort of ritual and connection to something higher, the nature of belief, and the comfort found in belief discuss the rise of spiritual influencers, spiritual bypassing of trauma, influencers promising life-changing psychic readings and secret "codes, and Instagram shamans circa 2017 discuss the nuances of responsible spirituality and how fragile spiritual spaces and practices can be without radical responsibility share some of Anya's experiences in spiritual spaces with questionable boundaries and ethics talk about some general red flags to watch out for so listeners can better discern and find a spirituality that honors reconnection to Self, Others, and the Planet discuss the ancestral connection to the natural world in pre-historic, hunter-gatherer spirituality vs. capitalism and scientism share various opinions on abundance as a potential for hoarding wealth and resources Anya's website #110: Responsibly Navigating Metaphysical & Extrasensory Realms Using the Akashic Records with Jenny Kellogg Anya's podcasts: A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World and Whore Rapport Anya's Substack Power in the Helping Professions by Adoph Guggenbuhl-Craig Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projection by Robert A. Johnson Spell of the Sensuous: Perception & Language in a More-Than-Human World by David Abram
April 24, 2022
Episode 78: Client Journey — I Was Ready to Surrender Before I Knew What Surrender Meant with Brynn Strickland
In this episode, I'm chatting with my former client Brynn. Brynn explores the insights, breakthroughs, and challenges she experienced while working with me for 12 weeks. Brynn learned to be more in tune with her body, to feel and express anger and grief, to find compassion for Self and those who harmed her underneath all that anger and grief, and to lean into triggers and difficult emotions without resistance and fear. She shares so openly and sweetly about how trauma coaching, nervous system healing, and awareness work helped her surrender more and more, and she no longer feels like life is happening to her; it's happening FOR her. I am currently accepting applications for Summer 2022 coaching clients. Learn more about working with me and apply here. Follow Brynn on Instagram.
April 17, 2022
Episode 77: Client Journey — Increasing Self-Trust & Decreasing Control with Chris Willburn
In this special Client Journey episode, I'm interviewing my coaching client Chris Willburn. In this interview, Chris shares some of the insights, breakthroughs, and transformations he experienced while working with me. He was able to embody more of his Authentic Self with greater self-trust and self-awareness and release some of the harmful habits he'd picked up when in survival mode (like controlling and micromanaging his body). Chris also shares how working with me helped him realize that trauma has had more of an impact on his life and health than he realized. During our first 12 weeks of working as client and coach, Chris realized he had a lot of brain inflammation that was contributing to some really uncomfortable physical symptoms. Throughout this process, Chris developed more trust in himself, felt a lot of feelings he'd been avoiding for decades, released that stored trauma energy from his body, and began to feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually better. I'm currently taking applications for Summer 2022 coaching clients.  Learn more about my Holistic Trauma Healing Coaching Program and apply here. Work with Chris Follow Chris on Instagram I’m Working On It Podcast
April 10, 2022
Episode 76: Reclaim Authenticity & Free Yourself from the Us vs. Them Paradigm with Holly Toronto (part 2)
In the second half of my conversation with Holly Toronto, we... discuss the palpable dissonance in the body when we know what feels right for us and also know the potential social consequences we will face if we choose what's right for us discuss the therapy world and enmeshment with binary belief and ideologies talk about embodying our authenticity after growing up in environments that punished our authenticity share about the necessity of a well-resourced nervous system when reclaiming authenticity talk about knowing when full authentic expression is unnecessary without self-censoring and the role of discernment in checking ourselves talk about developing relationships where we can be fully seen and held in our messiness as we learn to embody authenticity discuss the use of labels and identity markers and whether they're helping us or hindering us talk about showing up more authentically in romantic relationships share about cultivating relationships where authenticity is ever-evolving and accepted as a gift rather than rejected as a threat discuss the creation of monoliths, the othering of people, and the egoic need to be "right" — and how nothing in nature thrives in same-ness elaborate on the difference between fitting in and belonging talk about the expansiveness of letting go of an us vs. them mentality Holly’s website Follow Holly on Instagram Return to Wholeness Podcast Feminine Freedom How to Disagree & Still Find Belonging with Kat Lee & Holly Toronto on the Empowered Curiosity Podcast Apply for 1:1 coaching with Lindsey Get your ticket to Nervous System 101 
April 03, 2022
Episode 75: The Us vs. Them Mentality Is Shrinking Us with Holly Toronto (part 1)
In this episode with returning guest Holly Toronto, we... share Holly's experiences with "us vs. them" thinking in the space of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood and why she's choosing to keep some things to herself. talk about the collective's inability to hold grief and other human experiences and discuss fear as the root of this inability share the wide range of thought, belief, and experiences on one of the most controversial subjects — birth — and how fear and othering is showing up in other spaces as well, including race, COVID, vaccines, parenting, and more talk about the epidemic of self-censorship that us vs. them thinking has created discuss the nuances of why people choose what they choose share about the necessity of having a village and how us vs. them thinking destroys our sense of genuine community share our concern about the next generation engaging in "accountability" culture and cancel culture because our generation hasn't modeled tolerance, inclusivity, and acceptance to them and how it's not just happening on social media discuss our shared experiences in fundamentalist Christianity and how us vs. them thinking was engrained into us from a young age Holly’s website Follow Holly on Instagram Return to Wholeness Podcast Feminine Freedom Apply for 1:1 coaching with Lindsey Get your ticket to Nervous System 101
March 27, 2022
Episode 74: Navigating "Mental Illness" Diagnoses, Psych Meds, Med Tapers, & Nervous System Work with Darcey Segers
In this episode, mental health mentor Darcey Segers and I... discuss the connection between "mental illness" diagnoses and childhood and family trauma share Darcey's diagnosis of Bipolar I and the symptoms she had that led to that diagnosis share about regulating the nervous system, processing trauma, and the importance of taking breaks in the healing journey discuss the importance of researching medications and considering long-term impact of medications like Seroquel, Zoloft, Lexapro, benzos, Naltraxone, and more share some practical ways to advocate for yourself without fear and deal with dismissive doctors share what to look for in a psychiatrist explain why symptoms aren't meant to be gotten rid of or suppressed and what happens when we start listening share how Darcey and I have helped our kids to feel into their bodies, be with uncomfortable sensations, and how to move emotions share our perspectives on expansion, symptom "relapses", and the nervous system share why the inclusion of spirituality is important in healing holistically Follow Darcey on Instagram Follow Darcey's Liminal Mental Health consulting account for mental health and psych med taper mentorships Amino Acid Sleep-Supporting "Cocktail": Glycine + Taurine + L-Ornithine + L-Theanine + Melatonin
March 20, 2022
Episode 73: You Are Not Broken — an Embodied Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma with Michelle Roberton
In this episode, sexual trauma survivor and healer Michelle Roberton and I... talk about dissociation as a protective mechanism for surviving abuse discuss how Michelle's process of embodiment resurrected buried memories and flashbacks of her sexual trauma and how she worked through that discuss how talk therapy re-traumatized Michelle and how felt sense and somatic work helped her heal and reclaim her sovereignty share several ways that our sex is traumatized beyond physical sexual abuse, including menopause, childbirth, and religion explore the reclamation of creativity, expression, play, fun, pleasure, and more when we heal our sex share the ways nonphysical sexual trauma shows up in men discuss the overall detrimental effects of porn on our sex explore how sex begins outside the bedroom and what that looks like discuss the role of acceptance and forgiveness in healing sexual trauma share how Michelle deals with triggers and her daily practice of talking to herself share how Michelle playfully and creatively changed her language to create a reality in which she was whole and not broken talk about patterns of self-sabotage and noticing the feelings in our bodies while offering nurturing and nourishment to our whole selves Work with Michelle Belief Beyond the Binary self-paced course No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.
March 13, 2022
Episode 72: The Anatomy of Anxiety with Dr. Ellen Vora
In this episode, holistic psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora and I... discuss Dr. Vora's holistic approach to psychiatry discuss anxiety as a symptom, not a diagnosis discuss the necessity of switching echo chambers, especially if the echo chamber you find yourself in is disempowering and keeping you stuck believing that anxiety is a mental illness diagnosis talk about transforming our understanding of anxiety discuss the difference between "false anxiety" and "true anxiety" ask "what is my anxiety trying to tell me?" instead of "how do I get rid of anxiety?" share practical ways to discharge anxiety energy from the body and talk about crying as a free, but underrated way to regulate and discharge anxious energy talk about the relationship between psychedelics and anxiety and the scientific hesitation to have the conversation discuss people who are naturals at life and highly sensitive people who feel like life doesn't come naturally FREE: Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Dr. Ellen's book: The Anatomy of Anxiety — Understanding & Overcoming the Body's Fear Response Follow Dr. Ellen on Instagram Get Dr. Ellen's Free Guide: 4 Keys to Health
March 06, 2022
Episode 71: What the Akashic Records May Reveal About Your Home with Deniz Mustard & Celia Marques
In this very interesting episode, I chat with Deniz and Celia about... what it means to read the Akashic Records of a property, home, or business how negative energies become stuck or trapped in homes and businesses and how that energy directly affects the residents, owners, tenants, customers, and children the process of opening the Akashic Records of a property and the process of property realignment share the types of entities, spirits, thought forms, portals, and more than may be discovered in a property's Akashic Records discuss how souls become "earthbound" discuss how negative, uncleared energies may affect the sale of a property and how clearing a home's energy can help it sell more quickly Book a reading + property realignment — use code LINDSEY10 for 10% off FREE: Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges
February 27, 2022
Episode 70: The Second Wave — Transcending the Human Drama with Kerri Hummingbird
Kerri Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Kerri is also the author of several international best-selling books and is the host of the Soul Nectar Show. In this episode, Kerri and I discuss several key parts of her book, The Second Wave, as well as share a synchronicity and our shared spirit guide, White Eagle. FREE Love Mastery Game Follow Kerri on Instagram Soul Nectar Show: Living Beyond the Binary with Lindsey Lockett The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama Awakening to Me: One Woman's Journey of Self-Love Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound FREE Guide to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards
February 20, 2022
Episode 69: Unpacking Chronic Pain & the Nervous System with Dr. Marysa Meyer
In this episode with physical therapist and mind-body practitioner Dr. Marysa Meyer, we... share Marysa's love for sleuthing out and helping heal chronic pain for people who've "tried everything" share why people deal with chronic pain through the lens of the nervous system (hint: chronic pain is a nervous system response and NOT necessarily indicative of pathology or structural issues) discuss the very unique expression of symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system, including chronic pain discuss attachment — to pain, identity, and outcomes share the profound usefulness of slow, gentle, subtle movements for body connection, nervous system regulation, and healing talk about the importance of finding an anchor to help sit with chronic pain FREE: Body Awareness Journaling Guide  FREE: Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Follow Marysa on Instagram Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram The Way Out: A Revolutionary, Scientific Approach to Healing Chronic Pain by Alan Gordon
February 13, 2022
Episode 68: Dao, Deconstructing Identity, & Sovereignty with Kat Lee
In this episode with Emotional Alchemist and Daoist Practitioner Kat Lee, we... discuss the pull between wanting to honor ourselves as individuals while also wanting to honor the collective discuss the relationship of balance between nature and our human experience through Kat's Daoist perspective talk about spirituality and healing sometimes feeling like an itch we can't scratch discuss healing as a mostly subtractive process talk about discerning our sovereign, autonomous choice from the external voices of what we "should" do talk about the roles we take on to survive, the Drama Triangle, and vacillating between roles share why we can't get behind "love and light" discuss labels and identity markers and why they don't matter as much as how we care for ourselves and our nervous systems within our own experience of the world Follow Kat on Instagram The Empowered Curiosity Podcast Work with Kat I'm also teaching my foundational workshop, Nervous System 101, on 2/1/2022. Tickets are $55, but if you need financial assistance, please send an email to or DM me on Instagram (@iamlindseylockett). In Nervous System 101, you will learn what your Autonomic Nervous System is and how it works Polyvagal Theory distilled down in a way that even a 5th grader can understand how the Autonomic Nervous System is heavily involved in the development of many chronic and mysterious health conditions and "mental illnesses" how the different branches of your nervous system behave when under threat (ie. the difference between "fight" and "freeze" from a physiological point of view) what trauma really is and how it affects your brain why healing is a mostly subtractive process the 4 Pillars of Holistic Trauma Healing Seats are limited to the first 100 people, so reserve your spot TODAY! Buy a Nervous System 101 ticket. REPLAY IS SENT TO EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES A TICKET WHETHER YOU ATTEND LIVE OR NOT.
January 30, 2022
Episode 67: 9 Free Ways to Support Your Nervous System (solo episode)
In this episode, I'm sharing 9 free ways to support your nervous system — no cost whatsoever action steps you can start doing as soon as you turn off this episode! I'm also teaching my foundational workshop, Nervous System 101, on 2/1/2022. Tickets are $55, but if you need financial assistance, please send an email to or DM me on Instagram (@iamlindseylockett). In Nervous System 101, you will learn what your Autonomic Nervous System is and how it works Polyvagal Theory distilled down in a way that even a 5th grader can understand how the Autonomic Nervous System is heavily involved in the development of many chronic and mysterious health conditions and "mental illnesses" how the different branches of your nervous system behave when under threat (ie. the difference between "fight" and "freeze" from a physiological point of view) what trauma really is and how it affects your brain why healing is a mostly subtractive process the 4 Pillars of Holistic Trauma Healing Seats are limited to the first 100 people, so reserve your spot TODAY! Buy a Nervous System 101 ticket. REPLAY IS SENT TO EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES A TICKET WHETHER YOU ATTEND LIVE OR NOT. FREE Training to Hack your Nervous System with Cold Plunges
January 26, 2022
Episode 66: Listening to Your Body — Your Cravings, Need for Rest, Intuition, ALL OF IT with Caroline Dooner
In this episode, author of The Fuck It Diet and Tired as Fuck, Caroline Dooner, and I... discuss her first book The Fuck It Diet, fixation with food, perceived food addiction, restrictive diets, and fear-based eating talk about building trust with our bodies and why we live in a culture that rewards an obsession with wellness and thinness but doesn't reward intuition and self-trust share Lindsey's experience with her spontaneous Fuck It Diet, weight gain, and dealing with the mental voice that says, "You can't keep eating whatever you want." share why Caroline intentionally gave herself 2 years of rest, quit pursuing an acting career, and how Marie Kondo's tidying up helped her with her lifestyle talk about lifestyle inflammation: what it is, how it shows up, why we have to reduce it, and the guilt that shows up when we do talk about letting go of health perfectionism and fear-based eating and getting to a place of intuition and care talk about listening to your body and seeking medical help from a grounded, non-urgent place of sovereignty explain why most people won't let themselves heal their relationships with food, intuition, and their bodies discuss the traumatic impact our thoughts have on our bodies and nervous systems share Lindsey's 4 Pillars of Holistic Trauma Healing (first time EVER on a podcast!) Nervous System 101 Info & Tickets Buy The Fuck It Diet Preorder Tired As Fuck (AND get preorder bonuses!!) Read the first chapter of Tired as Fuck Follow Caroline on Instagram
January 23, 2022
Episode 65: The Physiological Effects of Chronic Stress & Healing Your Nervous System with Dr. Jennifer Love
This is the second part of my conversation with Dr. Jennifer Love. Part 1 is Episode 64. In this episode, we... discuss how health paradigm shifts when we look at health through the lens of the nervous system discuss the physiological cascade of symptoms, such as hormone imbalances, autoimmune issues, "mental illness", menstrual irregularities, and other chronic and mysterious health issues that arise as a result of chronic stress and a dysregulated nervous system discuss the potential effects of chronic stress on the brain share briefly about a healing protocol, called the Nemechek Protocol, that has been immensely helpful for Lindsey talk about the dumpster fire of 2020-2021, the anger, division, and politicization of medical choice and the effects that's having on the collective discuss the role of conscious choice to disengage from behaviors, like watching the news, that create more stress and choosing community, family, and joy instead discuss sources of overstimulation that are part of everyday life and how we can choose to disengage from them share some of our own self-motivating tools for de-stressing and getting through hard times talk about self-sovereign choices for developing resiliency Get your Nervous System 101 Workshop Ticket Dr. Love's new book When Crisis Strikes: 5 Steps to Heal Your Brain & Body from Chronic Stress The Nemechek Protocol by Dr. Patrick Nemechek Subscribe!
January 20, 2022
Episode 64: When Crisis Strikes with Dr. Jennifer Love
In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Love and I... discuss why psychiatric medication is a last resort for Dr. Love and her patients, even though she is a psychiatrist talk about the necessity of seeking psychiatric help from a psychiatrist and not your primary care provider discuss Lindsey's journey with benzodiazepenes, tolerance, withdrawal, and benzo tapering validate the necessity of treating patients as unique individuals with unique needs instead of generalized treatment discuss Dr. Love's new book When Crisis Strikes: 5 Steps to Heal Your Brain & Body from Chronic Stress list and briefly explain the 5 steps to healing from chronic stress explain the survival state from the point of view of the brain and how our body's survival response hasn't changed in tens of thousands of years explain the cascade of events — from adrenaline spikes to drops in blood glucose and more — when a stressful moment or situation becomes chronic Subscribe! FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Follow me on Instagram
January 09, 2022
Episode 63: Holistic Pelvic Health with Kate Coletti
In this episode, Holistic Pelvic Health practitioner, healer, and midwife Kate Coletti and I... share Lindsey's journey of treating and healing hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction discuss the chronic disconnection from our pelvic bowls and pelvic floors talk about holding stress, tension, and trauma in the pelvic bowl and pelvic floor share how reconnecting with the pelvic bowl/pelvic floor echoes into the rest of a woman's life and creates more openness and less rigidity talk about the energetics that are stored in the pelvic floor and fascia and why it's important to "clean it out" discuss various manifestations of tension, heaviness and trauma in the pelvic floor such as pelvic floor weakness, displacement of organs, prolapse, and more explain the process of mapping and sweeping the pelvic bowl to clear out stagnancy and nurture the connection to our pelvises discuss releasing tension from the jaw, face, and throat as a way to begin to release tension from the pelvis share the correlation between the state of the pelvic floor and the common state of women who carry so much for everyone and how reclaiming parts of ourselves can increase pelvic health talk about Yoni steaming, self-care bodywork, fascial release, pelvic mapping, breast massage, and other forms of self-care discuss menstruation in a patriarchal culture talk about free bleeding, menstrual cups, disks, organic tampons, and more body-friendly options for our blood and using options that support your pelvic floor/pelvic bowl share about the natural cycle healing that can happen when menstruation is viewed as a powerful spiritual and physical force vs. an inconvenience discuss menstruating on the full moon vs. the new moon talk about how our connection to our pelvic bowls and cycles can heal sisterhood FREE Guide to Heal Your Pelvic Floor Work with Kate Kate's Enlightened Birth 6-Week Course Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, & Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram
December 26, 2021
Episode 62: Cultivating Close Friendship: Boundaries, Communication, Differences, & Love with Honor Schauland
This is the second half of my IRL conversation with community organizer and BF Honor Schauland. We're zooming in on our discussion about community to focus on cultivating close friendships. In this episode Honor and I... share more about the importance and necessity of community during the Apocalypse (hint: we're already in it!) give listeners a glimpse into our own trauma-informed, real-life friendship  talk about navigating conflict, establishing safety, and moving past our differences share why, on paper, our friendship doesn't make much sense explain how our shared understanding of trauma has given us the ability to custom-design a close, intimate friendship share how we've thrown out the checkboxes of identity when it comes to cultivating close friendships explain why shared experiences isn't necessarily the main ingredient in a healthy, thriving relationship FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram The Long Descent by John Michael Greer The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein
December 19, 2021
Episode 61: Craving Connection: Community, Finding Your People, & the Apocalypse with Honor Schauland
In this episode — the first ever recorded in person! — community organizer Honor Schauland and I... discuss broader community and work our way down to inner circle community talk about the importance and necessity of embracing differences in our very rural community share that humans do not have a monopoly on community and that other-than-human beings do community quite well, often better than we do discuss the "checkboxes" we humans like to use to categorize people, which isn't very effective contrast "fitting in" with true belonging contrast Lindsey's former life as an evangelical Christian with built-in church community to building a truer sense of community outside the church discuss the Apocalypse at length — why it's not at all like Hollywood, why we're already in it, and why community matters FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram The Long Descent by John Michael Greer The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein
December 12, 2021
Episode 60: Why Learning About Your Nervous System Might Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do (solo episode)
In this solo episode, I... discuss why the health of our nervous systems is one of the most overlooked aspects of healthcare and mental healthcare share how I chased chronic and mysterious symptoms with supplements, restricted diets, celery juice, designer probiotics, gut health, and more... and got nowhere discuss why I believe the brain and Autonomic Nervous System are the "Holy Grail" of health, not just the gut talk about unlocking our medical mysteries by understanding and healing our nervous systems explain what the Autonomic Nervous System is, what it does, and how our bodies let us know when it's not functioning properly discuss why my diagnoses (GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Chronic Insomnia) are completely meaningless when viewed through the lens of the nervous system explain why "mental health" should be renamed to "nervous system health" share why talk therapy and CBT aren't effective at regulating the nervous system and reducing the chronic and mysterious symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system explain why our bodies do not need us to micromanage them tell listeners why I threw away over $1,000 in supplements in August of 2020 share why nervous system work is actually faster, safer, cheaper, and easier than taking medications or supplements Get Your Ticket to Nervous System 101: the one-stop workshop for discovering the root cause of chronic and mysterious symptoms, how trauma impairs the nervous system and brain, and what to do about it FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram
November 05, 2021
Episode 59: Trigger Warning — This Episode Is About the Self-Responsibility of Facing Triggers (solo episode)
This is the one-year anniversary episode of the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast! In this solo episode, Lindsey... shares the 3 ways in which we are triggered shares why she doesn't do trigger warnings or content warnings on any of her content talks about why avoiding triggers isn't how we heal and why avoidance is a sign of victim consciousness shares some practical steps listeners can take when they feel triggered discusses the role of personal responsibility in facing and healing triggers explains the unfair and unnecessary expectations a triggered person often places on others to accommodate them talks about why it's important to process triggers in the safety of trusted community rather than online discusses the wisdom of discomfort and why feeling triggered is an amazing healing opportunity Subscribe! Follow Lindsey on Instagram FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges
October 10, 2021
Episode 58: The Episode for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with Kristen Schwartz
In this episode, author of The Healed Empath, Kristen Schwartz and I... explain what it means to be an empath and/or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) discuss how empaths can navigate and maintain energetic and emotional boundaries discuss the paradox that HSPs and empaths feel feel when they're in their bodies, yet coming back to the body is the only way to heal discuss the marked differences in the brains of HSPs and non-HSPs (mirror neurons, dopamine, brain activation, & more) discuss the role of trauma in a person becoming highly sensitive discuss the overwhelm HSPs feel that can potentially lead to being more easily traumatized talk about the labels of "Highly Sensitive Person" and "Empath" and how those labels can lead to victim consciousness explain how HSPs and empaths can widen their windows of tolerance discuss the language of victimhood, limitation in choice, and becoming empowered to use choice and live sovereign talk about the physical changes in the brains of trauma survivors discuss maintaining boundaries so others aren't changing themselves or their environments to make HSPs comfortable Subscribe! Starseed Oracle Deck Work with Kristen Follow Kristen on Instagram The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron Follow me on Instagram FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges
October 03, 2021
Episode 57: Healing Triggers & Trauma with Hypnosis with Rebecca Wiener McGregor
In this episode, hypnotherapist and money mindset coach Rebecca Wiener McGregor and I... explain what hypnosis is and what it isn't and share that each of us is in a hypnotic state multiple times a day discuss how hypnosis helps to re-program brain and body talk about how our language perpetuates trauma and triggers discuss identity as the single most important factor in healing (or not) explain how hypnosis can heal triggers discuss the concept of secondary gain talk about using hypnosis to transform self-punishment and shame into the embodiment of your Highest Self discuss hypnosis as an invaluable tool for Inner Child healing Subscribe! Angel Guide Oracle Deck Work with Rebecca Follow me on Instagram FREE Training: How to Hack Your Nervous System with Cold Plunges
September 26, 2021
Episode 56: On Integrity, the Cancel Mob, & Boundaries on Social Media with Lux ATL
In this episode, the stripper with a Ph.D., Lux ATL, is here to... discuss the addictiveness of social media, why it's not your fault, and how to have strong boundaries for yourself and the time you spend on social media discuss the disciplined, singular focus required to accomplish your goals and how/why social media will try to keep you "multi-tasking" unless you block out time for focus share Lux's experience with the cancel mobs on social media discuss the obtuseness & stupidity of the belief that billions of people on social media, all with varying backgrounds and experience, are somehow supposed to agree on everything and see the world the same way share the importance of learning rhetoric and why folks who lack the skill of rhetoric also lack boundaries on social media answer the question, "Is it possible to have productive conversations with people you disagree with on social media?" give listeners practical tips for setting boundaries on social media for themselves and others discuss why integrity is the magic ingredient for showing up online Subscribe! Check out Lux's book Too Pretty to Be Good Angels & Ancestors Oracle Cards Follow Lux on Instagram Follow Lindsey on Instagram
September 19, 2021
Episode 55: Are We in the "End Times"? & a Fall Equinox Astrological Report
In this episode with resident astrologer Tammy Antoinette, we... discuss Mars energy as it relates to the crisis in Afghanistan, social media polarization, and collective and personal aggression discuss the possibility that the biblical "Tribulation" might be happening share how the 9/8 New Moon Cycle will affect projects, crises, or anything you begin at that time hone in on sovereignty, finding your yes and your no, and tuning into your own discernment explain why self-trust is crucial during this season share how there may be an increase in power in systems of government, restrictions etc. in conjunction with Jupiter being in Capricorn explain what we're going to see over the next 20 years after the December 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjuction discuss when is the best time to do research, start a new project, focus on your finances, and get creative talk about a rise in optimistic energy coming in October 2021 discuss gratitude as a way to remain in flow Join the Trauma Healers Circle This week's card comes from the Angel Prayers Oracle Deck. Follow Tammy  Book a Natal Chart Reading with Tammy
September 12, 2021
Episode 54 (Q&A episode!): Workplace Trauma, Nit-Picking Your Partner, Shame Cycles, Can't Do Cold Plunges, & Self-Discipline vs. Self-Punishment
In this episode, Lindsey answers these listener questions: What are your tips on healing from workplace trauma when you continue to experience it daily? How do I stop nit-picking my partner? How do I break shame cycles? What's the next best thing if I can't do cold plunges? How to tell the difference between loving self-discipline vs. self-judgement and punishment Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show for $5/month
September 05, 2021
Episode 53: Exploring Your Purpose & Remaining in Question with Dr. Janine Kreft
In this episode, trauma-informed psychologist turned consciousness coach Dr. Janine Kreft (@kreftscouch) and I... talk about Dr. Kreft's reasons for adding alternative modalities, such as EFT and neurolinguistic programming, as well as consciousness and awareness to her traditional psychology education discuss the necessary intersection of mental health, spirituality, and consciousness share about Access Consciousness — a method Dr. Kreft loves for breaking out of the jail cell of the mind talk about the power of choice and empowerment share how traditional psychology and the disease model of mental illness didn't align with Dr. Kreft and how she broke out of the mold talk about Dr. Kreft's hopes that consciousness and spirituality will eventually re-create the mental healthcare system explain what consciousness really is talk about questioning narratives in government, healthcare, and media and how the hidden programming of the oppressive systems we live under individually and collectively makes us easily controllable share what it means to "remain in question" explain what it means to raise your frequency or vibration share how listeners can transform their lives through exploring their purpose and healing trauma Apply for 1:1 Holistic Trauma Healing Coaching Program Work Your Light Oracle Deck Save 10% on Janine's course: Exploring Your Purpose with the code LINDSEY10 Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show for $5/month
August 29, 2021
Episode 52: Spiritual Gifts, the Akashic Records, Soul Lessons, & Past Lives with Ashley Wood
In this incredible and fascinating episode, spiritual teacher and Akashic Records reader Ashely Wood and I... talk about Ashley's lifelong sensitivity and connection to spiritual gifts and messages share how Ashley's connection to and knowledge of past lives intensified during her pregnancy and how her daughter told Ashley in a dream about her past life and how she died discuss how Ashley learned about the Akashic Records and how her spirit team, The Pinnacle, taught her to read the Records share how each person receives spiritual messages from their Highest Self that provide guidance and wisdom explain how our current lives are filled with energetic memories of past lives discuss the energetic roots of physical problems explain that we don't have to know all the details of a past life to heal the energetic imprint of that life talk about soul contracts and karma talk about freedom from victim consciousness through understanding our soul's choice to incarnate in this lifetime discuss how to know our spiritual messages are real and why we don't need proof discuss deja vu and imaginary friends share some ways listeners can know if what they're experiencing is related to past lives discuss Earth as a difficult school that our souls chose to come to for growth Ashley shares some real stories of past lives Apply for 1:1 Holistic Trauma Healing Coaching Program Work Your Light Oracle Deck My Course: Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show for $5/month Save 30% on How to Read the Akashic Records with The Pinnacle w/ the code SUMMER Save 15% on Activate the Line: Past Lives w/ the code HEALING
August 22, 2021
Episode 51: No One Is Disposable (solo episode)
In this episode, Lindsey shares her core beliefs about trauma-healing, nervous system education, bigotry, Mother Earth, food access, healthcare and medical freedom, abolition, and more. Every person matters. Everyone deserves a voice. No one is disposable. Apply for 1:1 Holistic Trauma Healing Coaching Program Moonology Oracle Deck My Course: Belief Beyond the Binary: teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show for $5/month
August 15, 2021
Episode 50: Your Sacred Self — Personal Sovereignty & Responsibility with Madison Morrigan
In this episode, Madison and I... share how our early relationships with our parents shape our sense of self and self-sovereignty share Madison's experiences in Evangelical Christianity and why she was obsess with "abusive theology" talk about shedding away the layers of life and trauma that smother our sense of self discuss the differences between a permeable self and a stable self talk about binary belief systems and how we give away our power and outsource our sovereignty to these systems expand on each person's existence and personal identity as a manifestation of Spirit discuss how we are conditioned out of personal sovereignty explain why it's so important to assert our preferences, boundaries, and choices to maintain our sense of self talk about the role of personal choice, boundaries, and self-responsibility in healing trauma share the painful emotions and physical symptoms Madison experienced when she wasn't living in her sovereignty The Starseed Oracle Deck Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
August 08, 2021
Episode 49: Calling Back the Fragmented Parts of Ourselves with Holly Toronto
In this episode, Holly and I... share Holly's journey into body acceptance and love and how that governs her current work discuss the real truth of how women have outsourced our behavior, beliefs, and beauty to people and systems outside of our authentic selves discuss how women's bodies have been controlled by religion, purity culture, patriarchy, and shame talk about how Toxic Wellness Culture teaches and manipulates us into hating and controlling our bodies share how we gave our power away when we submitted to religion, wellness culture, patriarchy, and culture talk about how women police each other and "hold each other accountable" share how love and acceptance of our bodies is the gateway back to ourselves explain how body image relates to reclaiming self-responsibility and self-sovereignty explain the role of the nervous system and trauma responses in body image share practical ways we come into awareness about our body image and stop searching outside of ourselves for authority, validation, and acceptance Work Your Light Oracle Deck Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
July 25, 2021
Episode 48: Consciousness Is So Much Bigger Than Social Justice with Janira Martinez
In this incredibly HOT episode, desire coach Janira Martinez and I... reveal why, as a Black Latina, Janira refuses to call herself "anti-racist" discuss why speaking our truth is non-negotiable talk about the consequences of not aligning with the current, mainstream social justice narrative reveal our thoughts on racism and bigotry in general and how that relates to collective trauma and healing discuss why being "anti" anything hinges on the continued existence of whatever we're against talk about spiritual bypassing and how it's different from incorporating spirituality into a movement discuss our shared opinion that trauma is the root of all evil discuss racism as a symptom of deeper collective trauma discuss the delicate balance between passion and detachment talk about the ridiculousness of "call them out to call them in" and the shaming tactics of mainstream social "justice" talk about how healing is possible without justice or an apology discuss science behind way behind spirituality discuss Earth as a school that our souls chose to attend for our evolution and growth share the role of plant medicine and psychedelics in our journeys and why integration work is more important than the trips themselves Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
July 18, 2021
Episode 47: Sexual Trauma & Healing, Spirituality, & Soul Growth with Ally Gayle
In this episode, sexuality and sensuality coach Ally Gayle and I... question why talking about sex is so taboo and off-limits in our present culture talk about sexual shame's beginnings in childhood with cultural stigma that discourages children's natural curiosity about their bodies discuss the harm of sexual trauma comparison talk about how repressed sexual trauma and feelings will erupt at some point in life to be healed share Ally's favorite healing modalities, including types of therapy, hypnotherapy, plant medicine, and more discuss the role of psychedelic and plant medicine in healing trauma and awakening spiritually discuss reincarnation and soul growth and evolution as it relates to victim consciousness share the role of Reiki in Ally's healing journey and in her work with clients discuss the unlearning of limiting beliefs discuss acceptance, self-responsibility, and grieving in our healing journey Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
July 11, 2021
Episode 46: Exploring Human Design with Melissa Kirk
In this episode, Human Design expert Melissa Kirk and I... share how our purpose and blueprint for our lives is often over-shadowed by our social and/or familial conditioning share the origin of Human Design talk all about the BodyGraph: gates, defined and undefined emotional centers, and more discuss the difference between Human Design and astrology and also the connection between HD and astrology share our observations on the powerful energy shifts of 2021 talk about the 5 Human Design types (with an emphasis on Projectors) discuss why HD is different than personality types such as DISC, Enneagram, or MBTI talk about how living out of alignment with our HD type can manifest physical health issues discuss how HD can guide us in living in alignment with our purpose and gain clarity on what we want/need connect HD with holistic trauma healing share how you can learn more about Human Design and even become an expert yourself Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
July 04, 2021
Episode 45: On Self-Trust, Rest, & Other Good Stuff (solo episode)
In this solo episode, Lindsey discusses self-trust. Self-trust is THE key to unlocking our healing. We can't and won't heal unless we trust ourselves to heal. Likewise, we also won't rest, change gears, take risks, set boundaries, start something new, or think critically without self-trust. Holistic Trauma Healing work will ALWAYS direct you back to yourself, and this episode is a powerful and personal monologue on listening to your messages and your body to know that everything will be ok even when you slow down or do nothing. Belief Beyond the Binary: the course that teaches you how to identify binary belief systems, why your nervous system is so attracted to them, and how to reclaim your personal sovereignty through self-trust and critical thinking. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
June 27, 2021
Episode 44: What's Happening This Summer? Summer Solstice Astrology with Tammy Antoinette
Ancient astrologer Tammy Antoinette comes on the podcast four times per year to give us her readings and projections. In this special Summer Solstice episode, Tammy and I... recap how I used the wisdom from the Spring Equinox episode to guide and align my life share how Venus' new 18-month cycle guides us to use extra caution in our finances and decision-making talk about the intensity of the most recent eclipse season discuss Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Retrogrades share what we need to keep an eye out for until the Fall Equinox (hint: poison) share why some of us may feel like beginning new endeavors in our home lives in July 2021 talk about when is (and isn't) a good time for research discuss why even the Universe is telling us not to believe everything we see in the media share the ideal times to feel supported in art, creativity, finances, research, healing, and more My course Belief Beyond the Binary is available for pre-sale. Take 30% off the retail price of the course and receive a FREE 3-month membership to the Trauma Healers Circle when you purchase Belief Beyond the Binary before June 24. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
June 20, 2021
Episode 43: The Deeper Work of Addiction Recovery with Mike Govoni
This is part 2 of my interview with holistic healer and addiction recovery specialist Mike Govoni. To listen to part one, go to Episode 41: Addiction & Recovery — Consciousness Prevents Relapse. In this episode with Mike, we... discuss the importance of honoring the act of putting the substance down as its own step in recovery and at any point in the healing journey talk about titrating trauma out of the nervous system discuss the completion of trauma cycles talk about how wild animals discharge trauma energy from their bodies and how that relates to humans discuss Mike's hospital work in Boston during the opioid epidemic talk about the role of spirituality and consciousness in addiction recovery challenge the efficacy of 12-step programs share that addiction is an opportunity to awaken consciousness talk about Christ consciousness (in a very non-religious way) My course Belief Beyond the Binary is available for pre-sale. Take 30% off the retail price of the course and receive a FREE 3-month membership to the Trauma Healers Circle when you purchase Belief Beyond the Binary before June 24. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show
June 13, 2021
Episode 42: The Trouble with Binary Belief Systems (special solo episode!)
In this special solo, late-night episode, I... share some exciting announcements of change and growth talk about why I chose to make a major financial decision during Mercury Retrograde share my thoughts on a manipulative message I received from a family member talk about my former self as an evangelical Christian and why my experience has put me in the unique position of being able to spot manipulation, shame tactics, and coercion by those who are still in the fold discuss brain-washing and intolerance of disobedience and non-compliance of binary belief systems announce my new course Belief Beyond the Binary!! When you purchase Belief Beyond the Binary before June 24, save 30% off the retail price of the course PLUS receive a FREE 3-month membership to my online healing community, the Trauma Healers Circle! Click here to save your spot in Belief Beyond the Binary! Follow @iamlindseylockett
June 11, 2021
Episode 41: Addiction & Recovery — Consciousness Prevents Relapse with Mike Govoni
In this episode with addiction recovery specialist Mike Govoni, we... share Mike's unbelievable trauma story and how he healed himself from opioid and alcohol addiction, ulcerative colitis, and multiple chemical sensitivity discussion addiction and alcoholism as an adaptation of the nervous system to attempt to regulate a dysregulated internal environment differentiate between getting clean and sober and healing talk about how addiction and alcoholism aren't actually about the substances at all discuss the role of the social engagement system of Polyvagal Theory and why addicts isolate themselves share how Mike encourages his clients to be in awareness of their bodies to heal from the trauma story that led them to substance abuse discuss the differences in cognitive, narrative therapies, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and somatic, body-based therapies, such as somatic experiencing challenge the 12-step recovery language and discuss whether it's truly supportive of healing and re-establishing identity after addiction share the role of spirituality in healing addiction and trauma discuss the role of ancestral trauma in addiction and alcoholism share Mike's take on people in recovery using psychedelic medicine talk about the trauma that abusers and perpetrators experience and their need to heal just as much as victims Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
June 06, 2021
Episode 40: How to Tell the Difference Between Intuition & Fear with Chelsea Horton
Chelsea Horton, CEO of Healing Embodied, is back on the podcast to... discuss what intuition feels like in the body talk about emotional neutrality vs. emotional attachment when discerning between intuition and fear share wisdom on building self-trust with gentleness and curiosity discuss why living in a baseline of chaos and dysregulation interferes with being able to develop and listen to intuition share why feeling safety in our bodies is integral to developing and listening to intuition talk about how, as entrepreneurs, we have to focus our energy on how we want to feel outside of what we produce in business talk about how binary belief systems and cult-like ideologies silence our intuition discuss the role of curiosity in personal development, healing, and intuition talk about how the body will still react in survival energy around decision-making even when we intellectually understand our decisions aren't "life or death" share the importance of acknowledging how our ability to listen to and trust ourselves has been taken from us by systems such as government, religion, patriarchy, and institutionalized schools Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
May 30, 2021
Episode 39: From Trauma to Purpose — Astrology & the Inner Child with Jeremy Tan
In this episode, psychological astrologer Jeremy Tan and I... explain how a person's natal chart can indicate the types of struggles they may experience discuss astrology as a tool to explore the topic of Inner Child wounds and developmental trauma share Jeremy's 4-step healing process to identify, release, replace, and embody discuss triggers, trauma, and the archetypes of astrology talk about how astrology fits into the re-parenting process discuss toxic masculinity and how it's keeping many men stuck instead of exploring their emotions and healing Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
May 23, 2021
Episode 38: Disordered Eating as an Adaptation of the Nervous System & Listening to the Body with Kindness & Curiosity with Dr. Maria Paredes
In this episode with certified eating disorder specialist and licensed therapist Dr. Maria Paredes, we... discuss the link between eating disordered and trauma (while also sharing that there is not always a "trauma" that leads to an eating disorder) discuss nervous system dysregulation, Polyvagal Theory, and the trauma of restricting food talk about the role of intuitive eating in recovery talk about orthorexia discuss the role of dissociation and eating disorders talk about the importance of bodily autonomy and consent with food, including children discuss parenting, childhood development, picky-eating and kids exerting independence share how eating disorders create "faux" windows of tolerance explain why the BMI is bullshit share why weight-inclusive care should be the foundation of all physical and mental healthcare share how Dr. Maria helps her clients heal through curiosity about their bodies Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
May 16, 2021
Episode 37: Healing Trauma Is Different for Women: How to Access Your Inner Predator & Develop a Healthy Fight Response with Kimberly Ann Johnson
In this episode with author, somatic practitioner, doula, and trauma educator Kimberly Ann Johnson, we... discuss the release of her new book, Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, & Use It for Good as a "feminine Body Keeps the Score" talk about the feminine perspective of trauma-healing and why women heal differently than men discuss outdated teachings on the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system create a nervous system understanding so that listeners can identify the reaction they are having (fight/flight/freeze/fawn) reveal that most women are stuck in fight/flight/fawn responses because of cultural conditioning and patriarchy discuss why women need to awaken their inner predator and embody a healthy fight response talk about establishing a sense of safety and confidence within our female bodies Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
May 09, 2021
Episode 36: Deconstructing & Deconverting from Religion, Religious Trauma, & Setting Boundaries with Religious Loved Ones with The Reclamation Collective
If you missed the first half of this interview, please listen to Episode 35: The Spiritual Abuse of Fundamentalist Ideologies, Including But Not Limited To Religion with The Reclamation Collective. In this episode, we continue to discuss religious trauma and... discuss whether Religious Trauma Syndrome as a diagnosis should be added to the DSM discuss how to mindfully reclaim and rebuild spirituality after religious deconstruction talk about sustainable deconstruction and the necessity for safe spaces for curiosity, questions, deconversion, and reclaiming spirituality talk about developing an awareness to hold how we have personally participated in harm, colonization, and supremacy while also acknowledging how we did these things because of indoctrination, brain-washing, fear, and guilt discuss therapy modalities that help those who are deconstructing/deconverting reconnect with their bodies dive deep into the disconnection from our bodies and from pleasure as part of religious trauma have an in-depth conversation on how to have boundaries with people who are part of a system without a framework for boundaries share some practical ways to set boundaries with loved ones who are still religious Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
May 02, 2021
Episode 35: The Spiritual Abuse of Fundamentalist Ideologies, Including But Not Limited to Religion with The Reclamation Collective
In this episode with the founders of Reclamation Collective, Kayla Felten and Kendra Snyder, we... share parts of our own stories with religious deconstruction differentiate between deconstruction and deconversion explore the vulnerability of children raised in fundamentalist ideologies discuss fundamentalist ideologies, including but not limited to religion discuss the boundarylessness and co-dependency between fundamentalist ideologies and their followers talk about the lack of language to discuss religious trauma explore the reclaiming of spiritual sensations outside of religion and how plant medicine, including psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, can aid us in expressing ourselves spiritually discuss how indoctrination impacts childhood development This is the first of two episodes about religious trauma. Please continue listening to episode 36 for the full conversation. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
April 25, 2021
Episode 34: Nourishing Ourselves — Why Widening Our Windows of Tolerance Requires Mind-Body-Spirit Nourishment with Syanna Wand
In this jam-packed and very nourishing episode, embodiment coach Syanna Wand and I... discuss trauma as a chronic contractive state that doesn't allow for the expansion required to nourish ourselves talk about widening our windows of tolerance and how we work with our bodies to do that discuss heightened sensitivity (people who feel EVERYTHING) and how interoception can be scary and anxiety-inducing for people who want to feel in their bodies LESS, not more talk about feeling into the body when you experience health anxiety discuss the need-satisfaction cycle and how we get into habits of compulsively seeking fullness and aren't totally sure how to stop once we begin to complete the need-satisfaction cycle have an in-depth discussion about caregivers, attunement needs, and self-sabotage talk about nourishment barriers — the blocks we have in place to nourishment because it feels dangerous and how we can move through those with boundary work and safe dialogue have a gentle and compassionate discussion about victim mentality as a space of chronic emotional hunger explore how identity as belonging and connection intersect with victimhood, illness, and wellness Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
April 18, 2021
Episode 33: Re-programming the Nervous System with Breathwork with Jules Carpenter
In this episode, Jules Carpenter and I... talk about somatic practice, the importance of intentionally going into the body, and how breathwork is a fantastic way to reconnect with the body discuss how animals discharge stressful energy from their bodies so that it isn't stored as trauma discuss the widening mind-body gap as we age discuss using breathwork to process past trauma share that recollection of traumatic memories is not necessary to heal with breathwork talk about what to do when you're in a stressful or potentially traumatic experience or event so that the body doesn't store it as trauma share several breathwork techniques that anyone can do anywhere, for free Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
April 11, 2021
Episode 32: Let's Talk Neurofeedback Therapy with Leanne Hershkowitz, M.A., Ed.S., LPC
In this episode, Leanne and I... define neurofeedback therapy as a nervous system healing tool discuss how neurofeedback therapy helps the nervous system to regulate and be flexible discuss how neurofeedback fits with talk therapy, EMDR, and CBT compare and contrast neurofeedback with EMDR share how Leanne does at-home therapy during COVID-19 talk about trauma-informed neurofeedback compared to other forms of neurofeedback share how neurofeedback helps PTSD, developmental trauma disorder, anxiety, depression, panic, OCD, ADD, ADHD, autoimmune disease, brain injuries, and more share questions to ask potential neurofeedback providers to discern if they have a trauma-informed approach Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
April 04, 2021
Episode 31: Why Healing Childhood Trauma Doesn't Require an Apology from Our Parents
In this episode, Lindsey... shares an example of trauma from her childhood, how it affected her then, how it affects her now, and how she's worked toward healing discusses her perspective that adults healing from childhood trauma may not need to confront their parents at all discloses a healing conversation she had with her mom that deepened their relationship talks about the difference between approaching childhood trauma in a victim mentality and approaching it from a place of empowerment shares why healing from childhood trauma doesn't actually require our parents' participation at all shares that what happened to us as kids wasn't our fault, but what we do with it as adults is our responsibility alone Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
March 28, 2021
Episode 30: Astrological Predictions for Spring 2021 with Tammy Antoinette
In this episode, the resident astrologer of the podcast Tammy Antoinette (The Star Queen) comes on to... discuss what is going on in the sky from the 2021 Spring Equinox to the 2021 Summer Solstice reveal Pluto's path in Capricorn and what that means for all of us share what healing tools we can use and when during this cycle discuss Venus' emergence from the Underworld and how that affects relationships, weddings, and businesses talk about the polarization of society and what the stars and planets reveal about that share why this cycle is a great time to reconnect with the plant world talk about the next Mercury Retrograde that begins on May 29, 2021 Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
March 21, 2021
Episode 29: How to Do the Work: Re-parenting, Fawning, People-Pleasing, Trauma Bonds & More with Dr. Nicole LePera
In this jam-packed episode, Lindsey and The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera... discuss the new release of Dr. Nicole's new book, How to Do the Work discuss inner child work and how to re-parent ourselves disclose the part of the brain that only allows us to "see" confirmatory evidence of our limiting beliefs reveal a question that, if answered with radical honesty, will bring us back to awareness every time share why people, particularly with anxiety, struggle to chill, remain calm, and just "be" even though they truly want to talk about emotional addiction — becoming so used to a dysregulated nervous system state that a non-activated state is unbearably uncomfortable and agitating discuss the spectrum of nervous system dysregulation and how to create safety for ourselves talk about early childhood development and attachment share why it’s important to slowly expand our windows of tolerance discuss the fawn trauma response, conflict avoidance, and dysfunctional family dynamics talk about Dr. Nicole’s 2-step process for change discuss boundaries, people-pleasing, and creating healthier relationships by showing up authentically Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
March 18, 2021
Episode 28: Settler Colonialism, the Loss of Lineage, Collective Trauma, & Ancestral Healing with Daniel Foor, Ph.D.
In this episode, author of Ancestral Medicine Daniel Foor and I... discuss how Daniel honored his calling as a ritualist without having his own ancestral framework discuss "whiteness" and settler colonialism, occupation of land, and the resulting loss of cultural identity and tradition for both colonizer and colonized share the need to grieve the loss of a continued lineage of ritual share the need to grieve how many of our ancestors traded their lineages for the construct of whiteness talk about the intersection of identity, ancestry, and culture talk about communing and communicating with our ancestors discuss the ancestral repair process discuss how engaging with our ancestors relates to cultural healing talk about the collective trauma caused by the pain of misogyny, exploitative capitalism, white supremacy, and dislocation from land Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
March 14, 2021
Episode 27: Ego, Identity, Purpose, & Awakening with Priya Lahki
In this episode, hypnotherapist and coach Priya Lahki and I... share Priya's story of growing up as an Indian immigrant in Columbus, Ohio share how Priya had built a very outwardly successful life as a criminal defense attorney but was inwardly falling apart discuss the resemblance of her former career as a defense attorney to her role now as a spiritual teacher and coach talk about awareness of the identities we create for ourselves, especially the identities based on the worst things that have ever happened to us talk about the importance of language in how we tell our stories discuss shifting out of identifying as a victim or survivor and into acceptance of our stories as a path to healing discuss the brain science of hidden programming (aka "autopilot) and how by age 35 we live 95% of our existence on autopilot discuss creating a hypnosis of success rather than a hypnosis of victimhood share why personal development without spiritual awareness and teaching won't bring peace and isn't fulfilling challenge the negative connotations of the word trauma", especially in the English language discuss self-love as self-discipline discuss understanding cosmic and spiritual law talk about soul contracts, karma, and why each of us chose this time and these bodies and this planet for this time and a purpose Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
March 07, 2021
Episode 26: Social Media "Activism" (ie. Strangers Showing Up & Taking a Shit in Your Comments) & How NOT to Be an Asshole on the Internet with Tristi Weston
In this episode, my former high school pal Tristi Weston and I... discuss Tristi's journey as the mother of a chronically ill child and starting a massive social media community and organization called Humanizing the Badge discuss how cancel culture and social media call-outs = someone showing up in your comments or DMs, taking a shit, and leaving you to clean up the mess share how social media is full of people living in a perpetual state of offense and how nervous system dysregulation shows up online discuss the harmful effects of harassment and dehumanization on social media talk about Tristi's work to facilitate real-life conversations in communities and why that work is so much more important than social media "activism" share the importance of having real-life, trusted communities for learning, growing, responsibility, and accountability consider both the intention and impact. of what we post on social media and how we engage (or don't engage) discuss the cost our nervous systems pay when we engage in and/or are targeted by internet call-outs, smear campaigns, and debates share why we keep doing what we do online even though social media is a cess pool give our best insights for navigating social media while trying to be a good human discuss nervous system literacy and why we need to listen to our bodies when we're engaging on social media Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
February 28, 2021
Episode 25: Financial Trauma, Trauma-Informed Business for Entrepreneurs, & Unblocking Money with Sorina Mondan, CCTP
In this insightful, breakthrough episode, Sorina and I... share Sorina's story of growing up in Romanian culture with a prevalent scarcity mindset, how that affected her family, and how she recognized and began healing financial trauma share why it's vital to question our beliefs about money share how our relationship with money often resembles our relationships with people discuss trauma-informed business for entrepreneurs share why typical business "goals" (like "how to have a $10K month" or "how to get 100k followers") are not only unrealistic and not sustainable, they assume there is something wrong with us or our business when we don't meet those goals talk about the adaptations of the nervous system related to money and financial trauma share how to work with the body to identify and release financial trauma emphasize that  beliefs about money, being in your purpose, and feeling safe to receive money are actually more important than sales and marketing talk about procrastination and perfectionism in entrepreneurs share why we need to stop focusing on sales and growth and start excavating money trauma share why it's not enough to want money; we have to actually become familiar with it and with receiving it or we will push it away Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
February 21, 2021
Episode 24: Boundary-Setting as a Spiritual Practice & How We Can Call on Plants, Nature, & Ancestors for Support with Poplar Rose
In this episode with Poplar Rose, we... discuss various plant medicines both physically and energetically protective and how to use these plant allies in setting boundaries discuss boundary-setting as a spiritual practice and how plants, nature, and ancestors can guide and support us discuss how our ancestors established intuitive and sacred relationships with plants that is the foundation of all plant medicine past, present, and future talk about the sacredness and practicality of our relationships with plants share how our lineages come with unhealthy patterns and traumas, but also with strength, resilience, and health share why we need to gain insights about our ancestry, whether through family stories, intuition, or imagination discuss the ritual of boundary-setting and the importance of self-responsibility in ritual talk about the freedom found in letting go of others' expectations and how the moon, plants, and water can assist in the letting go discuss non-attachment and emotional neutrality in general and about boundaries discuss neuroception and humans' sensitivity to attempted control Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
February 14, 2021
Episode 23: The Long-Awaited Boundaries Episode with Poplar Rose
In this episode, Poplar Rose and I... discuss boundaries as self-awareness and prioritizing time, energy, and resources in a way that is grounded in integrity share that part of the boundary-setting process is making peace with the fact that our boundaries will disappoint others talk about people-pleasing, fawning, and over-explaining discuss choosing discomfort as a reality of boundary-setting hold space for the many feelings, including loss and grief, that naturally arise as we set, stick to, and respect boundaries talk about boundaries with bosses, co-workers, in-laws, and other relationships discuss the importance of emotional neutrality validate anger as a sacred feeling answer the boundaries questions that came from Instagram Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
February 07, 2021
Episode 22: Birth Trauma & Hope for Healing with Diana Tayan
In this episode, Diana Tayan and I... share what birth trauma and how common it is (1 in 3 births) discuss obstetric violence as a large contributor to birth trauma speculate on postpartum depression as a symptom of birth trauma discuss the lack of education about birth trauma discuss the many ways in which women respond to birth trauma and the emotional, physical, and mental consequences birth trauma can have share the importance of somatic healing of birth trauma discuss secondary trauma experienced by dads, non-male partners, midwives, and doulas who attend births  share resources for processing and healing birth trauma Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
January 31, 2021
Episode 21: Trauma-Informed Polyamory with Clementine Morrigan
Clementine Morrigan is back on the pod to discuss... general specifics about polyamory and why most polyamory resources are inadequate or incomplete because they lack focus on mental health and most mental health resources assume monogamous relationships how the nervous system responds in relationships and how polyamory can magnify trauma responses attachment theory and attachment styles why Clementine has had to create resources that integrate nervous system literacy with attachment and polyvagal theories with info about polyamory the deep healing that can occur w hen someone works through attachment trauma through polyamory her 2 biggest pieces of advice for people in polyamory or those who are learning more about polyamory (hint: you'll eventually end up at trauma-informed polyamory anyway, so you might as well start here!) Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
January 24, 2021
Episode 20: Dance & Movement Therapy and Why Movement in the Body is Essential to Getting "Unstuck" with Erica Hornthal
Dance and movement therapist Erica Hornthal and I... discuss dance and movement therapy as a powerful trauma healing tool dispel any doubts or myths that you need dance classes or training to practice and benefit from dance and movement therapy share how anyone can benefit from dance/movement therapy, even folx with disabilities discuss why dance isn't only something to consume and watch for entertainment share how Erica meets her clients wherever they are to reconnect with their bodies explain how exercise differs from conscious, intentional movement that embodies emotions discuss why. movement in the body is essential to getting "unstuck" validate folks who feel awkward in or disconnected from their bodies and give small ways to overcome that awkwardness and disconnection share how you can tune into your body, check how your movement (or lack of) impacts your mental health, and how to use your agency to shift yourself Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle Get 15% of Erica's resources with the code HOLISTIC
January 17, 2021
Episode 19: The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine with Evelyn Hale
In this episode, Evelyn Hale and I... discuss both of our name changes as tangible steps in our healing journeys discuss the importance of ceremony to honor life changes and decisions share how ceremony is the divine masculine and divine feminine coming together in sacred space clarify that divine masculine/divine feminine has nothing to do with gender roles distinguish between divine masculine/feminine and toxic masculine/feminine share divine masculine and divine feminine characteristics and ways to invite more of each essence into your life share excellent resources for continued study of this topic Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
January 10, 2021
Episode 18: The Science, Practical Experience & Woo-Woo of Sleep and Why Resting Is Rebellious & Radical with Rebecca Moulton
In this episode, the Queen of Sleep, Rebecca Moulton and I… disagree with the blanket sleep hygiene recommendations, sleep apps, and sleep-monitoring devices discuss the epidemic of women doing it all as caregivers and why we need to let ourselves off the hook discuss Yoga Nidra as a helpful tool for cultivating rest discuss the nervous system and why down regulating it is necessary for good sleep reveal how breath work biologically signals messages of calm and safety to the nervous system expose the awful consequences we all suffer with our sleep and rest as a result of capitalism and patriarchy expose the toxic attitudes about sleep and why re-writing our sleep story is so important share the concept of healing from the body to the brain rather than from the brain to the body (bottom up, not top down) give practical tips for stopping the middle of the night monkey mind share a fantastically relaxing guided meditation/body scan to get you in parasympathetic mode talk about why rest (not sleep) is a radical, revolutionary, and rebellious act of self-care and why we must create a life that honors rest Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
January 03, 2021
Episode 17: Ancestral Trauma & Shamanic Healing with Deva Powell
In this episode with shamanic practitioner Deva Powell, we... dispel some of the myths and romanticism about shamanism discuss the very real concerns about the appropriation and colonization of indigenous traditions discuss the importance of working with a shamanic practitioner and how to be discerning of who you're working with define trauma from a shamanic perspective talk about why we need to cultivate and maintain a relationship with our ancestors share some beautiful teachings from indigenous shamanic traditions with regard to the soul and trauma discuss how ancestor work can release patterns of behavior, illness, addiction, and other trauma loops share small ways that we can honor our ancestors, guides, and the Earth everyday share how shamanic practices help us live more empowered and adventurous lives Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
December 27, 2020
Episode 16: Emotion Code Follow-up, a Clearing Session, Repression of Feminine Energy, & Healing Through Pleasure & Pussy Awareness with Megan Buer
In this episode, Megan Buer is back on the pod to... follow-up on the results of Lindsey's first 2 Emotion Code sessions and discuss the specific trapped emotions in Lindsey's body share the concept that whatever happens in the physical body has happened first energetically introduce emotional concepts that can be healed with The Emotion Code such as "idea allergy", "negative cord", "organ misalignment", and " addictive heart energy" and inherited emotions discuss the rejection of authentic feminine nature and how conservative Christianity perpetuates keeping women disconnected from their bodies discuss how the body subconsciously stores emotions and will even create symptoms as a protective mechanism against things we may not identify with or even understand discuss how the reverberation of emotions can be inherited, which supports the need to heal ancestral trauma encourage listeners to get back into pleasure by getting back into the body expose how religion and society have created confusion and trauma in women's bodies and in women's sexuality with guilt, shame, and rules encourage women to listen to their intuition because intuition will always lead us to pleasure, to what is good, and to connection with ourselves and others talk about how Megan gets out of her head by focusing her energy on her root chakra and asking her pussy what it wants Megan also does a live Emotion. Code session with Lindsey and clears more trapped emotions Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
December 20, 2020
Episode 15: What Astrology Says About 2020 & What's Coming in 2021 with Tammy Antoinette (part 2)
Wildfires. Pandemic. Economic shutdown. US Election. Murder hornets. Cancel culture. It's no secret that 2020 is likely the biggest dumpster fire any of us has ever known. Could we have known about any of it before it happened? What's in store for 2021? Is it going to get worse or better? And, what in the heck does all of this have to do with trauma-healing?? This is part 2 of my interview with astrologer Tammy Antoinette. In this second part, we're transitioning from talking about trauma-healing and astrology on a personal level to what the stars and planets are showing for the collective. The Universe wants us to be well. In the coming year, we have massive opportunities for peace, truth, unity, and fearlessness.  Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
December 13, 2020
Episode 15: Know Thyself & Look at the Sky: Astrology as Trauma-Healing Tool with Tammy Antoinette (part 1)
In 5500 BC, Hermes Trismegistus, the first documented ancient astrologer said, "Know thyself". Plato and Socrates also emphasized this phrase. Through astrology, we can know ourselves better.  The challenges, traumas, blessings, and lessons that are in store for you in this lifetime may very well be written in the stars! Astrological readings with a knowledgable astrologer can provide amazing insights into childhood traumas and life lessons, including life themes and even traumas that the conscious mind has blocked out.  In the stars, we can see current events of traumatic energies or situations or upcoming challenges. We can even ask why the soul may have chosen to experience the adversities, traumas, or lessons of this lifetime. For example, you wouldn't have your specific life mission if you did not experience the challenges that you have. Because of those experiences, you are able to better assist others to transcend their own traumas. In this episode, we'll answer the questions: What blessings can we reap as a result of the traumas we've experienced? How can looking at our astrological charts help us transmute trauma? What is in store for our future as a collective? Can astrology help us remedy childhood trauma? Astrology gives us a birds-eye view of our past, present, and future -- and the opportunities to heal issues that may have been passed down generations before us.  This episode is part 1 of 2 parts. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
December 10, 2020
Episode 14: Purity Culture & Trauma, Healthy Sex Education, Sex Positivity, and Exvangelicalism with Blair from @talkpuritytome
In this episode, Blair from @talkpuritytome and I... explain what purity culture is and what the relatively new term “exvangelical” means discuss how the absence of sex education fostered an environment for the harmful practices and beliefs of purity culture to spread reveal how purity culture was the method by which evangelical, fundamentalist Christianity wanted to control its members and those member’s sex lives describe the sexual abuse that was and is purity culture share how the end result of purity culture was deep shame, misinformation, guilt, and trauma. call out the abuse of purity culture discuss how people who are now in their mid-20s to mid-40s are the generation most devastated by purity culture discuss resources for informed sex education and healing the trauma of purity culture discuss the deconstruction of evangelical Christianity expose the roots of purity culture and evangelicalism (hint: fear is a big one) discuss the homophobic, monogamy-only paradigm of evangelicalism and how it manipulates followers and keeps them stuck talk about how the generation who was raised in purity culture is now choosing differently as parents themselves discuss why sex and religion need to be disconnected completely expose the utter lack of boundaries in evangelicalism and why establishing boundaries is a big piece of the healing puzzle Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
December 06, 2020
Episode 13: The Language of the Nervous System, Why Affirmations Won't Regulate It, & Feeling at Home in Your Body with Sorina Mondan, CCTP
In this episode with certified clinical trauma therapist Sorina Mondan, we... discuss how developmental trauma causes disconnection from our bodies reveal that the language of our nervous systems is feelings and sensations, not words, therefore affirmations and mantras are not useful when we are in a hypersensitive, dysregulated nervous system state expose that mantras and affirmations can create emotional dissonance or invalidate our emotions discuss somatic experiencing reveal that the belief that we just need to heal our minds is a trauma response and takes us further out of our bodies imagine how we can bring survival responses to completion so they don’t have to be stored in the body clarify our shared opinion that “diagnoses” like anxiety, depression, or OCD aren’t actually diagnoses but our bodies’ adaptations to a dysregulated nervous system and actually often box people into an identity of these diagnoses instead of moving forward in healing talk about how our thoughts are a reflection of the state of our nervous systems, not the other way around discuss that the goal is not to be happy all the time but to create nervous system flexibility talk about how healing feels abnormal and unfamiliar which the mind resists discuss the importance of working with a therapist and not “DIY-ing” your healing through social media state that we cannot heal with the same mind that made us sick remove the shame that we “failed” to feel better and instead offer support and validation that you can explore and experience the various feelings in your nervous system and that alone is powerful in healing Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle Home in Your Body Course
November 30, 2020
Episode 12: 10 Tips for a Trauma-Informed, Mentally & Emotionally Happy Holiday Season
While full of joy and family and togetherness, the holidays represent a difficult time of year for many. The American Psychological Association reports that 38% of people feel overwhelmed with grief, depression, and anxiety during the holiday season. The sources of this overwhelm include the stress of gift-giving, family relationships, and financial pressure. Given the fact that the holidays are upon us during a pandemic, well, that just adds more insult to injury. For better or worse, 2020 has been a year of immense transformation. I propose that this be the year we choose not to have the same ol' holiday. However you celebrate (or don't), these 10 tips for a trauma-informed, mentally and emotionally happy holiday season will help you navigate awkward conversation topics, set boundaries, carve out time and space for self-care, and hold space for your own or others hard feelings during this time. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
November 23, 2020
Episode 11: Cancel Culture in Social Justice Movements, Challenging Neoliberal Identitarianism, & Restorative Justice for Traumatized Individuals with Clementine Morrigan
In this episode, Clementine and I… discuss the shaming, punitive nature of social justice culture and how that plays into cancel culture compare cancel culture to fundamentalist Christianity explain the snowball effect of canceling, ostracizing, and harassment of cancel culture discuss how cancel culture has created hyper-vigilance, self monitoring, and people-pleasing (hint: all trauma responses) discuss the nervous system response, nervous system literacy, triggers, and cancel culture reveal the hypocrisy of the left abolitionist beliefs and other social justice movements and cancel culture dive into racial essentialism and the idea that racism is real but race is not explore the individual, community, and collective trauma created by cancel culture expose the lack of boundaries on social media talk about restorative justice and how the climate of cancel culture doesn’t provide the compassion and community for accountability and healing discuss the importance of community in nervous system literacy and distinguishing between past trauma and a current (potentially not dangerous) situation examine the importance and necessity of humanizing those who have caused harm Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
November 20, 2020
Episode 10: The Beauty Industry & Trauma, Exposing the Methods Abusers Use to Keep Us Adrenalized, and Energy Healing with Flower Essences with Lauren Geertsen
The beauty industry is a toxic, psychopathic abuser. Yes, you read that right! The tactics of the beauty industry are the very same tactics used by beauty culture to keep us, especially women, exhausted, manipulated, feeling inadequate, and coerced. I interview body connection coach and author of the book The Invisible Corset, Lauren Geertsen. In this episode, Lauren and I... Share that our bodies are not our enemies and how beauty culture has convinced us that aging (our power) is a liability Discuss Lauren’s spiritual awakenings that led to her career change from nutritional therapist to a body connection coach and author of the soon-to-be-released book, The Invisible Corset Expose predatory dynamics and patterns that abusers use to feed off energies of fear and shame and how they purposefully instill isolation, hate, and separation Share Lauren’s real and raw experience in an unhealthy relationship where she was preyed upon by an abuser and how she realized that this experience was necessary for her to awaken to the dark spiritual forces in the world Reveal Lauren’s incredible past life regression that taught her the parallels between the beauty industry and psychopathic abusers Ask how our uniqueness, our gifts and talents are being distorted into a liability to keep us controlled and in our “false selves” Explain how the “false self” is culturally conditioned so that we play out the desires of our abusers (hint: beauty culture is an abuser) Share about the energy healing offered by flower essences Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle Purchase Lauren's book The Invisible Corset Save 15% on your Floral Song flower essence purchase
November 18, 2020
Episode 9: Uncovering Hidden Programming, Victim Mentality, Giving the Body a Voice, & The Trauma Triangle with Shelbi Dubord
Trauma coach Shelbi Dubord and I focus heavily on the hidden programming that is within each of us as a result of trauma. When we are operating under our hidden programming (on "autopilot"), we are ignorant of the awesome power of choice: that we get to choose to be who we are and how we respond to any situation. Shelbi shares her journey of going from a place of chronic illness and an inability to work to surrendering, quitting her corporate job, healing herself, and starting her work as a trauma coach. Shelbi and I also... talk about victim mentality as a hurdle to healing and the one thing our inner child needs most when we are acting as victims explain the connection between victim mentality and perfectionism explain "wokeness" comparison and the ego in the spiritual and personal development spaces reveal Shelbi's perspective on where our hidden programming actually lives (hint: it's not in our heads) discuss The Drama Triangle, how each of us cycles through each of its points, and how to get out talk about giving the body a voice using a simple but profound journaling technique explore how to get into the body to listen and discern what it's trying to tell you discern how to know what your body sounds like vs. the brain manufacturing answers discuss using imagination to connect with your body Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
November 14, 2020
Episode 8: Pain Avoidance and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy with Andrew Kerbs
In this episode, therapist Andrew Kerbs and I chat about about pain avoidance, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, target fixation, and values. We also touch briefly on religious trauma. In our conversation, Andrew and I… reveal that most people live from a place of pain avoidance discuss the limiting paradigm of symptom reduction as a measure of success in mental health treatment discuss the over-prescribing of psychiatric medication, especially to young boys, and how meds potentially prevent us from feeling the very things we want to feel speculate on humans’ reduced ability to cope with trauma and discomfort discuss the weaknesses of popular therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) talk about target fixation discuss how we can do what we want, stay aligned with our values, AND simultaneously feel like shit speak to toxic positivity and how we cannot think our way out of discomfort touch on religious trauma and how religion perpetuates pain avoidance reveal the “miracle question” every person can ask themselves to stay aligned with their values even in the midst of discomfort Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
November 09, 2020
Episode 7: Emotional & Religious Trauma in Women, Leaving Toxic Wellness Culture & Mormonism, & The Emotion Code with Megan Buer
In this candid conversation with Megan Buer, founder of Harmony Restored and the Rooted In Health healing system, we connect over similar pasts growing up in fundamentalist, patriarchal religions, expose the emotional trauma in women from the cult of toxic wellness culture, and discuss how emotions get trapped in our bodies. Megan shares her work as an Emotion Code practitioner and shifts the paradigm that symptoms are "bad" and need to be gotten rid of to revealing that symptoms are our bodies' amazing way of communicating with us that they are healing. We expose the guilt, shame, and inadequacy that women with fundamentalist religious backgrounds experience and how falling prey to toxic wellness culture is akin to being in a narcissistic, abusive relationship or cult. Megan emphasizes, "There is no magic pill. There is no guru. YOU are the guru!" Finally, Megan gives listeners valuable action steps they can take if they've forgotten how to listen to and reconnect to Self. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
November 04, 2020
Episode 6: Help for Relationship Anxiety, Embodiment of Emotion Through Dance and Movement Therapy, and Pole Dancing with Chelsea Horton
Are you constantly worried about your romantic relationships? Do you find yourself wondering if you and your partner are "supposed" to be together, if you're right for each other, if they're cheating on your or going to leave you? This is relationship anxiety and OCD. And, there's help! In this episode, I interview Chelsea Horton, a relationship anxiety specialist and body-mind integration expert. We talk about identifying relationship anxiety and the help and community that's available if you're experiencing relationship anxiety as a trauma response. We also discuss embodying emotions -- giving emotions full reign to be felt, moved, and processed by the body. For example, if sadness had a dance, what would it be? Or, if fear had a movement, how would it look? Furthermore, Chelsea explains how pole dancing has been a tool in her trauma-healing toolbox because it's allowed her to access her inner "bad girl" and embody all aspects of herself without shame. You'll gain insight on how dance, movement, and embodiment can be a powerful tool for dealing with relationship anxiety and general trauma-healing. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 30, 2020
Episode 5: How I Intentionally Used Psychiatric Medications as a Tool in my Trauma-Healing Toolbox
I'm a natural-crunchy-hippie-health freak, and I caused myself to suffer with debilitating anxiety and insomnia for months because of my desire to stay "100% natural" and for fear of side effects and dependency of psychiatric medications. In this episode, I'm sharing why I finally got to the point of asking for the help of pharmaceuticals and how I used them with purpose and intention as I excavated trauma and its resulting unhealthy coping skills, codependency, limiting beliefs, toxic thoughts, and fear. I dive into DNA mutations, pharmacogenetics, and why working with a skilled psychiatrist will yield a better, more therapeutic experience than going to the general practitioner. This episode is not intended to encourage or discourage the use of psychiatric medication; rather, it is to share my perspective, as an "anti-medication" person who finally stopped resisting the help of meds and used them to empower myself, move beyond fear, and work on healing trauma. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 26, 2020
Episode 4: Toxic Wellness Culture: How It Invalidates Trauma & Keeps Us Stuck & Sick
You've tried numerous dietary restrictions, have spent thousands on supplements, and have hopped from one natural practitioner to the next... and you're still chronically ill. Sound familiar? Did you know it never actually ends? The health and wellness industry has convinced us that we're sick and in need of special diets, numerous natural practitioners, supplement protocols, and cleanses to "fix" ourselves. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing that I refer to as "toxic wellness culture". Not only does it keep us over-focused on physical health, it also keeps those of us with trauma stuck in trauma loops -- trying to heal the manifestations of emotional, mental, ancestral, and mental trauma solely with physical means. Toxic wellness culture also invalidates trauma and keeps trauma survivors on a constant carousel, going around and around, trying supplements and restrictive diets, seeing little, if any, improvements. Are you ready to get off the carousel? Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 21, 2020
Episode 3: "I Am Comfortable Being Uncomfortable."
Did you know we can train our brains to respond to stress and trauma differently and even create more resiliency in our nervous systems? In this episode, you'll learn the trick I've used to hack into my nervous system that has improved my physical health, strengthened my mental health, and helped me face the uncomfortable feelings of healing trauma. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 16, 2020
Episode 2: A New (More Complete) Definition of Trauma
The current definitions of trauma are woefully inadequate and much too broad, neglecting those of us who do deal with trauma's mysterious effects on our bodies, minds, and emotions. In this episode, I offer a new and more complete definition of trauma. Of particular interest is how trauma manifests as chronic illness or pain, how it affects the autonomic nervous system, and a (perhaps) prescriptive way of defining trauma from a place of consciousness. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 14, 2020
Episode 1: I am Lindsey Lockett + Why Healing Trauma is Your Responsibility
We didn't choose what happened to us, but we do get to choose what we do with it. In this pilot episode, I introduce myself and share why I believe approaching trauma from a holistic perspective is the only way to truly heal. Subscribe! Follow @iamlindseylockett Support the show  Join the Trauma Healers Circle
October 12, 2020
Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast Trailer!
COMING SOON! Lindsey Lockett is sharing profound insights for shifting out of victim-of-trauma mode and into conscious creator mode by learning how trauma affects our whole beings: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and ancestrally. Because trauma affects us as a whole person, it requires healing as a whole person. The episodes of the Holistic Trauma Healing podcast will take you on an incredible, holistic journey to observe, feel, release, and heal trauma so you can weave a new web of life that isn't ruled by the past.
October 09, 2020