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Takes of the Game: Butler's Demands and NBA Islands

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By Vernacular
Welcome to the definitive sports rankings podcast. In each episode, we rank things: sports teams, players, seasons, free agents, storylines, draft picks, moments, etc. Download an episode and join the debate!
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Super Bowl Preview: The Other Donald, Romostradamus, and Coaching Duels
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) preview some key things to watch in tomorrow's Super Bowl matchup, including: - Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh and the Rams' defensive line vs. the Patriots' offensive line - Julian Edelman on crossing routes - The Patriots' secondary and linebackers dropping back in coverage - McVay's offensive scheming vs. Belichick's defensive masterminding  - Romo's big day What'd we miss? Let us know at or @TheLineupPod. 
February 3, 2019
Worst to First: Ranking the NFL Playoff Field
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) review the 12 playoff teams in the NFL playoff field and review, from "worst to first," what their Super Bowl chances are. What'd we miss? Let us know at or @TheLineupPod. 
January 1, 2019
Drafting the Best Sports Moments of 2018
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) conduct a draft of the best sports moments of 2018 and then briefly discuss some sports things they hated in the past year.  Mentioned in this episode:  - Washington Capitals' Stanley Cup - St Nick and the Eagles' Super Bowl - Baker Mayfield transforming the Browns - Shaquem Griffin being drafted - Tiger's first PGA tour victory since 2013 - Shohei Ohtani as the first two-way player in decades and much more! What did we miss? Tell us at or @thelineuppod! 
December 28, 2018
The Definitive Bowl Game Watchability Rankings
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) debut The Lineup with a definitive watchability rankins of all the 2018 NCAA bowl games. Sound off on what we missed!
December 20, 2018
Introducing The Lineup
The Lineup: The Sports Rankings Podcast is coming to you on 12.20.18!
December 20, 2018
3rd String: NFL Week 10 "Dime a Dozen"
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) run through a "Dime a Dozen" segment and give you their picks for a high payoff 12-game parlay of NFL weekend action.
November 10, 2018
3rd String: Surprises of the NFL Season (and October baseball)
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) discuss the glories of October baseball and talk about the Red Sox/Dodgers matchup, dissect the Saquon Barkley draft decision in retrospect, argue about whether or not the NFC East is the worst division in football, and talk about the surprises of the year. (And, Zac adds, the Browns' 2.5 win total is *not* one of those surprises.) ICYMI: Here is the Peyton Manning video Pete mentioned. 
October 22, 2018
Takes of the Game: NBA Season Preview-Palooza
Welcome to the Takes of The Game NBA Season Preview for the 2018-19 season. Taylor and Ishan open with a discussion on Jimmy Butler's practice tirade in Minnesota yesterday before wondering if player empowerment has gone too far. Then, Taylor laments the loss of DeJounte Murray and the implications for the Spurs' already-sad season. The guys give us their individual awards predictions before breaking the league down into various team tiers. Finally, they give us their predictions for the conference finals and eventual champion. Put on your sun screen--the takes are blazing hot!
October 12, 2018
Full Count: October Baseball and Game 163s
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) discuss the opening salvo of the MLB playoffs, including the Cubs' impressive collapse, the clash of the Titans in Boston and the Bronx, the phenoms on the Braves' roster, and the small-market team who is their favorite to advance to the World Series.   
October 5, 2018
Takes of the Game: Butler's Demands and NBA Islands
Ishan takes us down memory lane and tells us where his affection for Jimmy Butler began. That leads the guys on a deep dive into Butler's trade demands. They debate who's to blame for the bad blood betwen Butler and The Wolves and talk about where Butler could go from here. Then Taylor and Ishan give the "island" takes on which they find themselves all alone heading into the new NBA season.
October 5, 2018
3rd String: NFL Week 3 "Dime a Dozen"
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) run through a "Dime a Dozen" segment and give you their picks for a high payoff 12-game parlay of NFL weekend action. 
September 22, 2018
Full Count: The September Countdown to October
Zac (@ZacCrippen), Pete (@Pete_Laclede), and Ishan (@jimmyluandtaj) discuss the NL playoff race, Ohtani the two-way phenom who continues to bat despite a torn UCL, the Athletics' impressive ability to keep finding an edge with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball, and the close race for NL Rookie of the Year. 
September 19, 2018
Takes of the Game: The League Pass Watchability Index
Taylor and Ishan, in great moods after their football teams swept the weekend, dive into ranking the top five league pass teams based on watchability. They argue intensely about the Atlanta Hawks, give some love to the surprisingly deep Indiana Pacers, discuss why the Lakers could be entertaining (it's not just LeBron) and give their case for AD & Giannis making their teams "must-watch TV." Finally, they drool over the Toronto Raptors. Follow Taylor: @TheTYoungFollow Ishan's *NEW* handle: @JimmyLuandTaj
September 18, 2018
3rd String: NCAA Football and NFL Week 2
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) break down storylines so far from weeks one and two of college football season, including Willie Taggart's performance in Tallahassee, Scott Frost's challenge in Lincoln, and the realignment of the college football landscape over the last two decades. Then they shift to the NFL and debut a new "Dime a Dozen" segment, where they gave you their picks for a high payoff 12-game parlay.  Listen more:
September 15, 2018
Takes of the Game: The WNBA and the future of basketball
On this weeks TOTG, Ishan recaps the WNBA Finals and explains how the WNBA will continue to market themselves, then Taylor and Ishan deep dive on strategy shifts over the last 20 years in the NBA and guess what the next frontiers will be. They ask: what does EuroBall in the NBA look like? What is the future of the big man? Could LeBron become the best 5 in the league? Finally, Taylor snaps about Kawhi was a long time coming. Follow Taylor: @TheTYoungFollow Ishan's *NEW* handle: @JimmyLuandTaj
September 13, 2018
3rd String: NFC/AFC East Preview
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede), true NFC East homers, break down why the Cowboys and Giants are in horrendous trouble: Did you know that 11% of the Giants' roster was added after the end of the preseason? Did you know that 50% of Dallas' offensive line is injured? The guys also identify stories to watch with the Washington Redskins and the [Super Bowl Champion] Philadelphia Eagles.
September 6, 2018
3rd String: The Benchwarmers' Live Draft Chat
In this episode, 3rd String Benchwarmers Zac (@ZacCrippen), Ishan (@shouldakeptJB), and Taylor (@TheTYoung) host a live discussion about all things fantasy football while the 3rd String draft progresses through ten rounds. Hear the reaction to the shocking #2 overall selection, the kicker drafted in the sixth round, the good old days of Shannon Sharpe, and divergent thoughts on draft philosophies. 
September 5, 2018
3rd String: NFC/AFC West Preview
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) preview the NFC/AFC West, breaking down storylines for each team and talking about the "X-Factor." Will the Rams reign supreme? Are the Seahawks in true rebuild? Is Denver back? Hear all of these discussions and more, and let us know what you think.  
September 4, 2018
Takes of the Game: Manu Retires, Fantasy Hoops, and the WNBA
Taylor Young (@TheTYoung) and Ishan Nath (@shouldakeptJB) discuss Manu Ginobili's retirement from the San Antonio Spurs, his legacy in the NBA, and the greatest Manu moments of all time. Ishan also prognosticates on the WNBA postseason and talks about why fantasy basketball is so great.   Follow Takes of the Game on Twitter
September 3, 2018
Takes of the Game: Advanced Basketball Stats for Dummies
Taylor Young (@TheTYoung) and Ishan Nath (@shouldakeptJB) return to the microphones this week for a primer on advanced stats for the uninitiated. Want to know all about lineup data, VORP, and more? This is the pod for you. You'll also hear Taylor's hot take on Michael Jordan (he was "good at basketball") and hear Ishan's story about a Luol Deng trade that sent him into the literal fetal position.  Follow Takes of the Game on Twitter For more, check out Bleacher Report's Advanced NBA Stats for Dummies
September 3, 2018
3rd String: The College Football Preview
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) preview the college football season in advance of kickoff weekend, exploring storylines, teams, and personalities to watch in each of the Power 5 conferences. Is this the year for Tom Herman's Texas squad to take a big step forward? What about Justin Fuente's Hokies? are Alabama and Georgia destined for a CFP rematch? (We hope not.) Is James Franklin underrated? Hear all of these and more, and join the conversation on Twitter!
August 29, 2018
Emergency Pod: Urban Meyer's Suspension
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) react to the news of Urban Meyer's three game suspension and discuss whether or not this meets the requirements of justice (hint: it doesn't).  Join our Fantasy Football League (it's free!)
August 23, 2018
3rd String: AFC/NFC South Preview
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) discuss preview the NFC/AFC South this year, talking about each team's storyline and X-factor. Will Sacksonville maintain its elite pass rush? Will Kamara continue his torrid pace to give Drew Brees options? Is this finally the year of the Falcons? Is J.J. Watt back for good? How early do you have to check into a Southwest flight to not get a middle seat? Join our Fantasy Football League (it's free!)
August 22, 2018
Full Count: Is baseball too white?
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Ishan (@shouldakeptJB) discuss what the Josh Hader ordeal tells us about baseball (read: is baseball too white?), examine whether or not the 2018 Red Sox are the best Red Sox team of all time, and look at the states of the NL divison and wild card races.  For further reading: "With a Loud Ovation, Baseball Shows its Whiteness" by Michael Powell Join our Fantasy Football League (it's free!)
August 12, 2018
3rd String: AFC/NFC North Preview
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) provide a preview of the AFC and NFC North, predicting division winners and identifying each team's "X-factors" and storylines to watch. Hear Zac's hot take on the dark horse of the AFC North, Pete's wildly optimistic forecast for Hue Jackson and company, and the guys' thoughts on the Packers' uphill climb against the Vikings.    Join our Fantasy Football League (it's free!)
August 11, 2018
3rd String: Urban Meyer's #MeToo moment and TO's HOF party
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) discuss the Urban Meyer allegations and the future of the NCAA, Jalen Hurts' dissatisfaction at Alabama, Terrell Owens' Hall of Fame celebration, Ray Lewis' and Cristiano Ronaldo's busts, and Lance McCuller's elbow. Links below: Brett McMurphy's original report  Jalen Hurts' comments Terrell Owens HOF Celebration Ray Lewis | Cristiano Ronaldo
August 5, 2018
Full Count: The MLB Trade Deadline Show and NFL chatter
And we're back! After taking their own All-Star break, Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) return to the show to break down all of the MLB trade deadline action. What team emerged as the winner? Who is the deadline loser? Why didn't the Nationals trade Harper? The guys also banter about who has worse weather in the summer (Zac in Austin or Pete in Vegas), MLB teams that are too easy to hate, the perpetual dysfunction of the Dallas Cowboys, and what surprise dark horse NFL teams could go all the way to the Super Bowl.    Show links: Mookie Betts mic'd up / Matt Kemp mic'd up RosterResource
August 1, 2018
Full Count: The Home Run Derby National Ice Cream Day Draft
In this special National Ice Cream Day/Home Run Derby edition episode, Zac and Pete draft their Home Run Derby teams and discuss their favorite ice cream flavors after Pete ate his own weight in ice cream at a Vegas ice cream festival (Zac routinely eats his own weight in ice cream, so he is also qualified to discuss these matters.)  And a draft spoiler alert: Pete is a Bryce Harper homer (typical) but Zac beats him to the punch.   We're also building a Facebook Group! Join here. 
July 16, 2018
Full Count: MLB All-Star snubs and World Cup flops
In this episode, Zac and Pete banter about World Cup Soccer, Kirk Cousins, and D.C. sports, and debate the snubs of the All-Star Game. You can find the full All-Star Game rosters here.    We're also building a Facebook Group! Join here. 
July 10, 2018
Full Count: Dexter, Willians, and MLB Progress Checks
Zac (@ZacCrippen), Pete (@Pete_Laclede), and Ishan (@shouldakeptJB) answer a listener question about unwritten rules in baseball, banter about Dexter Fowler's rocky tenure in St. Louis, conduct a midseason evaluation of the MLB playoff race, anoint a new anti-three true outcome king, and make completely ignorant and uninformed World Cup predictions. Send us questions and comments!
July 7, 2018
Full Count: designated hitters and pace of play changes
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) talk about the best baseball movies of all time, summer in Vegas and Austin, the designated hitter coming to the NL, Zac's terrible DH idea, pace of play changes, and round two of Pete's journey on the Lane Kiffin Hype Train.  Don't miss out on The Popped Cast, the new pop culture podcast from Vernacular!
June 28, 2018
Full Count: MLB storylines, moving pains, and Kawhi Leonard
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) talk about the MLB season so far, including the resurgent Astros, the slumping Bryce Harper, and Clayton Kershaw's attempt to return from a back injury. Then Zac brings Taylor (@theTYoung) on to talk about the latest Kawhi Leonard reports and the impact on the NBA's future. Don't miss out on The Popped Cast, the new pop culture podcast from Vernacular!
June 20, 2018
Golfing in the Dark (Part 2)
In part two of this special Father's Day episode, Zac (@ZacCrippen), Pete Laclede (@Pete_Laclede), and Josh Goldman (@GoldmanStandard) talk about the defining biography of Tiger Woods and the lessons that fathers everywhere can draw from it. Also be sure to check out Zac's longform piece on Tiger Woods, Golfing in the Dark. Don't miss the Vernacular Podcast Network's newest show, The Popped Cast, launching later this month! Josh and Maureen Goldman host this pop culture addition to the Vernacular lexicon.
June 15, 2018
Golfing in the Dark: Tiger Woods and Fatherhood
In part one of this special Father's Day episode, Zac (@ZacCrippen), Pete Laclede (@Pete_Laclede), and Josh Goldman (@GoldmanStandard) talk about the defining biography of Tiger Woods and the lessons that fathers everywhere can draw from it. Also be sure to check out Zac's longform piece on Tiger Woods, Golfing in the Dark. Don't miss the Vernacular Podcast Network's newest show, The Popped Cast, launching later this month! Josh and Maureen Goldman host this pop culture addition to the Vernacular lexicon.
June 15, 2018
Episode 37: The NBA Season Retrospective
Zac (@ZacCrippen), Ishan (@shouldakeptJB), and Taylor (@theTYoung) discuss J.R. Smith's Finals-defining gaffe, LeBron's hand injury and his 2018 destination, Ishan's solution to tanking, and the Eastern Conference team with the best chance to upset the Warriors in the 2018-2019 season.
June 13, 2018
Episode 36: Roadtrip Diaries Micropod #4
It's the final installment of the Roadtrip Diaries! As Pete's roadtrip winds down and he descends into the Nevada desert, Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) discuss the Washington Capitals' historic win over the Las Vegas Golden Knights (Pete's hometown team vs his new town team) and the New York Mets' injury woes. We're back next week with better sound quality for more of your favorite sports talk!
June 8, 2018
Episode 35: Roadtrip Diaries Micropod #3
It's the Roadtrip Diaries Micropod Part 3! As Pete's roadtrip continues, this time from an undisclosed location in Yellowstone National Park en route to Salt Lake City, Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) talk about bison burgers, mosquitoes, Bryan Colangelo's burner accounts, LeBron in the finals, Terrell Owens turning down the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and Julian Edelman's looming suspension.
June 7, 2018
Episode 34: Roadtrip Diaries Micropod #2
It's the Roadtrip Diaries Micropod Part 2! As Pete's roadtrip continues, this time from Billings, MT to an undisclosed location in Yellowstone National Park, Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) talk about spelunking, NCAA scandals, the Eagles getting disinvited from the White House, Oliver Luck's move to the XFL, and Bryce Harper's disappearing act.
June 6, 2018
Episode 33: Roadtrip Diaries Micropod #1
It's the Roadtrip Diaries Micropod Part 1! In the middle of Pete's roadtrip from North Dakota to Las Vegas, Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) talk about Phil Jackson's boyhood hometown in North Dakota, the rugged beauty of a Dakota sunset, Terrell Owen's comeback bid, Jerry Jones vs. Bruce Allen, and Gabe Kapler's Phillies.
June 6, 2018
Episode 32: What Happens in Vegas Goes to the Stanley Cup
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede)break down the Supreme Court’s sports gambling decision just before Pete moves to the gambling capital of the world, preview the unlikeliest Stanley Cup in history, and talk about the Amazon’s newest show, All Or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys). Be sure to tune in next week for our NBA Finals preview!
May 25, 2018
Episode 31: Previewing the NBA Conference Finals
Zac (@ZacCrippen), Ishan (@shouldakeptJB) and Taylor (@TheTYoung) discuss the Celtics-Cavs and Rockets-Warriors matchups, talking about key players, coaching decisions, defensive ratings, Brad Steven's ingenuity, and LeBron's case for the GOAT (🐐).
May 12, 2018
Episode 30: The amazing Caps, the disappointing Sixers
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) take fifteen minutes to break down the latest NHL action (Pete's beloved Caps are going to their first conference finals in twenty years) and talk about the Sixers' future and LeBron's case for the GOAT.
May 8, 2018
Episode 29: Draft Reax, MLB Surprises, and Pete on a Tractor
Zac and Pete highlight some key takeaways from the NFL draft last weekend (Josh Allen is Christian Hackenberg, the Giants are dumb, the Saints must have accidentally traded away next year's first rounder), answer a listener question about the Denver Broncos, talk about key surprises in MLB so far this season--including the breakout of Didi Gregorius--and talk about how they're driving the tractor that is pulling the Las Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon. (Seriously, Pete has been a Las Vegas Golden Knights homer since the beginning.)
May 4, 2018
Episode 28: The Mock Draft
Zac (@ZacCrippen) and Pete (@Pete_Laclede) run a mock draft, posing as the GMs of the Browns, Giants, Jets, Broncos, Colts, Bucs, Niners, and Raiders. Zac drops a surprise first overall pick and Pete starts the run on quarterbacks early. What do you think? Drop us a line on Twitter or in the Anchor app!
April 26, 2018
Episode 27: NBA Playoffs Update
Zac, Pete, and Ishan sit down and talk about some of the surprising and totally expected events of the NBA playoffs so far. Is LeBron in danger of not making the playoffs for the first time since Pete was in college? Are the Sixers for real, like Zac thinks? Can the Pelicans upset the Warriors in round 2? Ishan says it hinges on Steph. It's all here--and more--on 3rd String!
April 23, 2018
Episode 26: NBA Playoff Preview
Get Ready for the NBA playoffs with 3rd String! In this episode Zac and Pete talk with Taylor Young, a long time Pounding the Rock contributor and die-hard Spurs fan, about Kawhi Leonard’s tumultuous season and some of the NBA’s most exciting matchups this April. Also find out if the guys are all in agreement on Rookie of the Year voting (spoiler: they’re not), whether the Greek Freak will get the help he needs to propel the Bucks, and what the most popular baby name in Philly will be when 2018 comes to a close!
April 14, 2018
Episode 25: Appendices are for Losers
Zac and Pete are back, one emergency surgery and one trip to Sin City down, to talk about the week in sports. The guys debate Dez Bryant landing spots, the Ohtani hype train (spoiler, one host yells “whoot whoot”), and bench-clearing "brawls" in baseball. Get ready for a great weekend with 3rd String!
April 14, 2018
Episode 24: Philthy Bunts and Old Cubs
Zac and Pete briefly give a nod to Philadelphia's latest championship team, the Villanova Wildcats (0:37) before talking about Chance Sisco's bunt against the Twins' shift in the 9th inning (5:02). Zac also comes out as a bat flip supporter (9:18) and the two guys discuss the Phillies' management woes (13:42), the Cubs' rotation issues (20:30), and the new-look Los Angeles Rams (25:49). In closing, they reveal the NFL-winning strategy for the Browns to employ during the upcoming draft (33:45).
April 6, 2018
Episode 23: Guessing the (Free Throw) Line
On this bonus pod, Zac and Pete welcome “Uncle Saw” back to the show, fresh off his trip to the Mecca of college hoops betting: Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The guys discuss what it’s like watching the Round of 64 in a major casino, some interesting winners/losers, and what lines to watch for in this weekend’s Final Four.
March 31, 2018
Episode 22: The Best in the West
In the final episode of our MLB preview trilogy, Zac, Pete, and Ishan discuss over/under predictions for each team in the American League and National League West. Will Shohei Ohtani overcome his spring blues? Will Wade Davis be enough to support the Rockies Bullpen? Are the Giants going to be the comeback story of the year?
March 30, 2018
Episode 21: The Breadbasket of Baseball (AL/NL Central)
In this episode of 3rd String we break down some of the biggest things you need to know about the American League and National League central divisions. What is Byron Buxton's ceiling? Are the Indians a lock over the Twins? Will Jose Quintana dominate the Cardinals?.Will the Cubs regret letting Arrieta go to Philly? Zac, Pete, and Ishan break down all of these questions and more! It's a great episode, and the perfect thing to get you pumped for Opening Day next week!
March 24, 2018
Episode 20: Marching Through the Madness
It's been a crazy NCAA so far. We have First Four teams taking out Final Four favorites, #1 seeds falling to schools whose websites can't handle the traffic, and some traditional blue bloods slowly creeping their way back up to the top. This week the guys have the biggest UVA fan they can find, Josh Goldman, on the show to talk about his experiences in the wake of the historic upset. They also pick out their matchups to watch this weekend, and even debate a little on what the selection committee should be thinking about next year. Get ready for the Sweet 16 with 3rd String!
March 21, 2018
Episode 19: Early NFL Free Agency
In the midst of Madness and travel, Zac and Pete are back with an emergency pod to talk about the crazy week in sports. From the disappointment of the PAC-12 to the Yankees, to the biggest NFL Free Agent moves, it’s an episode filled with hot takes and predictions!
March 18, 2018
episode 18: the madness of march
In this episode, Zac, Pete, and Ishan break down the results of Selection Sunday and provide initial thoughts on the field of 68 teams that made it to the tournament. Will Kansas be the first 1 seed to fall in the first round? Will Virginia make it through its gauntlet? Will Oklahoma be able to win more than once? We break it all down and more. Follow us on Twitter @3rdStringPod, @ZacCrippen, @Ishan_Nath, and @Pete_Laclede.
March 13, 2018
episode 17: Beasts of the East (an MLB preview)
In part one of our MLB preview trilogy, we break down the American League and National League East, looking at offseason acquisitions, storylines that will determine the direction of the 2018 season, and over/unders for win totals. We also chat briefly about March Madness (full tournament episode is dropping next week!) and the NFL draft combine. We're also announcing our fantasy baseball league--the first dozen listeners to respond get to play with us this year! Reach out on Twitter @3rdStringPod or to Special thanks to Dodgers ballpark organist Helen Dell for our intro/outro music!
March 7, 2018
Emergency Pod: More details emerge from the FBI's NCAA hoops investigation
Zac and Pete provide instant reax to the new details emerging from Yahoo Sports with respect to the NCAA basketball corruption scandal.
February 24, 2018
Grab Bag: Basketball Updates and Olympic Reflections
We're Back! After taking 2 weeks off, Zac was finally able to stop celebrating long enough to sit down with Pete and Ishan to discuss all things basketball. This week, the guys talk about some of the surprises in the NCAA, debate the pending sanctions that could shock the world, and give quick reactions to NBA All-Star Weekend. Finally, the guys talk about what's going on with Team USA after one week of competition in South Korea and whether they are taking the bait on Tim Tebow making it to The Show.
February 23, 2018
Emergency Pod--Philadelphia Wins the Super Bowl!
It was the Empire vs. the Rebels. Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan. Good vs. Evil. And the good guys won, 41-33.  In this brief emergency pod, Zac and Pete provide rapid reactions to the the Eagles' riveting victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
February 5, 2018
episode 16: Final Super Bowl calls, NBA drama, and Steph Curry 2.0
In this episode, Zac, Pete, and Ishan break down some key matchups in Super Bowl LII, make their score predictions, and then pivot to the basketball world where Trae Young is getting a lot of draft buzz, the Cavs are falling apart, and there's whispers of LeBron going to play for the Lakers. It's a fun conversation and you should let us know what you think!
February 1, 2018
Emergency Pod--Mr. (Alex) Smith Goes to Washington
Zac and Pete take ten minutes to quickly break down the Alex Smith trade, which is particularly devastating for Pete.
February 1, 2018
Beating the Spread with Uncle Saw
Zac and Pete are at it again! After their bad NFL Wild Card and Divisional picks, the guys bring in an expert this episode, “Saw” LaMonaca, to give his own Super Bowl prediction, as well as break down the gambling scene around it. Saw talks through the line, his favorite prop bets, and even the Music City Miracle. Take the safe bet and listen to this episode to get ready for the Super Bowl!
January 28, 2018
episode 14: pigskin postseasons
In this episode of 3rd String, Zac and Pete talk about Alabama’s 451st consecutive championship title, Wild Card Weekend surprises, the crazy Divisional games this past weekend, and the upcoming AFC and NFC championships. Along the way, the guys talk about Nick Saban’s new Corvette, Seth Wickersham’s palace intrigue, and Georgia Tech’s Josh Pastner. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts!
January 15, 2018
episode 13: Bison Bonanza, Bowl Breakdown, and Wildcard Weekend
Zac and Pete ring in 2018 by going all in on football. The guys start off with bowl game reactions by talking about surprises and disappointments, before moving on to disagree about draft stocks and what teams should look for going forward. 3rd String also welcomes Jamie Appletoft, an expert on FCS play, to talk about this weekend’s highly anticipated FCS national championship between the NDSU Bison and JMU Dukes. As always, send the guys your questions, comments, and beer recommendations!
January 4, 2018
Joy to the Sports World!
‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the land, not a sports fan was unhappy, except for the 385,000 people in Cleveland. Zac and Pete talk about assembling children’s Christmas presents, the sorry state of NFL replay, the new early signing period for college football, and the always exciting Las Vegas Golden Knights. They also tackle some great (and some hurtful) listener questions. As always, send us questions, comments, and beer recommendations! Follow Zac and Pete on Twitter.
December 26, 2017
BONUS EPISODE: We're going bowling!
We have Salad Bowls, Hype Train Bowls, Bad Boy Mower Bowls, and everything in between! In this week’s bonus show, Zac and Pete sit down with former Ball State defensive tackle and 2-time bowl game alum Joel Cox to talk everything about bowl game season from prep, to swag to NFL hopefuls in the locker room. Zac quizzes Pete and Joel on absurd college bowl names, and then the guys make some interesting predictions on the CFP that may surprise you. It’s a week full of hot takes and is sure to be a fun list
December 19, 2017
Episode X: The Sports Awaken
It has been one week since the Empire (who some might know as  the Yankees) signed Giancarlo to a huge deal, sending shockwaves through baseball. Not to be outdone, the rebels from a moon base in Anaheim signed Ohtani and baseball's best infield. Have they won the offseason? Not to be forgotten in the outer rim, the NBA is heating up with the Return of the Jedi Kawhi Leonard and the brilliance of his coach, Greg "Yoda" Popovich. Can the plucky Spurs challenge for Best in the West? Time will tell...
December 18, 2017
episode 09: Foles-om Prison Blues, the Home Run Derby moves to the Bronx, and the NFL can't have nice things
Zac and Pete talk about the changing NFC landscape in the wake of the Nick Foles injury, Philadelphia's chances to weather losing Carson Wentz's left knee, the 2018 AL champions (with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge batting back-to-back), Russia cheating at life, and college basketball being great again. Like it? Leave us a review on
December 14, 2017
episode 08: Bamagate, the Ohtani Sweepstakes, and the Return of the Tiger
Fresh off of Turkey coma recovery week, Zac, Pete, and Ishan get into the week's biggest news: Alabama's selection over Ohio State for the College Football Playoff. The guys take opposing viewpoints on the committee's decision, but agree on Tiger's return, the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes' excitement, and that Jimbo and the Aggies are not a match made in heaven. I
December 6, 2017
episode 07: NCAA rivalry weekend, roasted poultry, Heismanology, and Father Time Brady
Pete and Zac dissect the upcoming menu of Turkey Bowl games this weekend, including the Miami-Pittsburgh showdown, Ohio State taking on Michigan in the Big House, and the Iron Bowl. We also talk about Baker Mayfield's Heisman campaign, the unstoppable New England Patriots, the recent MLB MVP awards, and Pete (once again) brings up Lane Kiffin. It's a fun conversation and you don't want to miss it!
November 21, 2017
episode 06: NBA early assessments; the CFP takes shape
Zac, Pete, and Ishan examine the early returns of the NBA seasons, including the outcome of the Kyrie-Thomas trade and the unexpected impact of injuries, the Milwaukee Buck's fully-fledged superstar, and we discuss whether or not the Sixers were right to #TrustTheProcess. We also talk about the CFP, evaluating a weekend full of surprises, talking coach hirin
November 13, 2017
episode 05: An anticlimactic end to an all-time great series, #SpringerDingers, and the CFP rankings
In episode 5, Pete and Zac break down game 7 of the World Series, talk about George Springer’s MVP performance in the whole series, and discuss the new College Football Playoff Committee rankings, Lane Kiffin’s Twitter antics, why the CFP needs to include eight teams, and Pete’s frozen beer in North Dakota.
November 6, 2017
episode 04: the World Series is here and it is wonderful
In this World Series edition of 3rd String, Ishan, Pete, and Zac combine forces to provide commentary on the best moments of the World Series so far, the surprising offensive performances from both teams (Joc Pederson and Josh Reddick), Cody Bellinger's struggles at the plate, the game 4 pitching matchup, bullpen management, Yuli Gurriel's inflammatory gesture, and what will happen in games 4-7. It's a lot of fun and you should check it out!
October 28, 2017
episode 03: a redskins fan and an eagles fan walk into a bar...
Zac returns after vacationing in California to welcome Pete Laclede onto 3rd String as a new co-host! They discuss Game 7 of the ALCS, the greatness of Jose Altuve, whether or not Aaron Judge is the most Jekyll-and-Hyde player of all time, Clayton Kershaw's chance at redemption, Dusty Baker's lack of a chance at redemption, the Eagles-Redskins Monday Night Football game of week 7, and the top 10 teams in college foo
October 23, 2017
episode 02: the wnba finals, melo goes to oklahoma, the nl mvp, going streaking, and a showdown in blacksburg
In episode two, Ishan breaks down what to look for in the WNBA finals and lends his thoughts on the new-look Oklahoma City Thunder in the aftermath of the Carmelo Anthony trade. Zac & Ishan banter a bit about the NL MVP race and Zac brings on 3rd String guest Pete Laclede to break down the Hokies' upcoming battle with the Clemson Tigers. 
September 26, 2017
episode 01: the race for the AL MVP, the meaninglessness of the Heisman, and the meaningfulness of the offensive line
Who is the more deserving AL MVP? In the first episode of the newest podcast from Vernacular, Zac & Ishan break down the AL MVP race and debate whether Jose Altuve or Aaron Judge is more deserving. They also discuss why Heisman speculation is an exercise in futility and how our appreciation of football unfairly focuses on the quarterback rather than the people around him that make him excel. You'll also hear some of Zac & Ishan's more emotionally raw sports exp
September 19, 2017
Introducing 3rd String!
3rd String, the newest podcast from Vernacular, is a weekly dissection of sports and news from two amateur, bench warming, 3rd string analysts named Zac & Ishan.
September 16, 2017
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