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Lit & Lucid™ Cannabis Podcast

Lit & Lucid™ Cannabis Podcast

By Lit & Lucid
This is Lit & Lucid… Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast. Every week your host’s Lit & Lucid take you on a journey! A journey to discover the truth and find the balance. We get deep on those thought provoking topics that ooze out of the cannabis universe, but also keep it real by illuminating important issues and people in today's culture. So kick back, consume your favorite cannabis products and get cozy in the lit & lucid lifestyle.
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E.163 - Best Selling California Cannabis ft. Skip Motsenbocker, CEO of Pacific Stone

Lit & Lucid™ Cannabis Podcast

E.169 - Salty Cannabis Snacks ft. Caroline Yeh, CEO & Co-Founder of TSUMo Snacks
Welcome to the final episode of Season 16! Joining us is Caroline Yeh, CEO & Co-Founder of TSUMo Snacks. TSUMo is a savory edible company in CA known for its munchable cannabis-infused salty snacks offering some flavor profiles like fiery hot crunchers, salsa verde tortilla rounds and more. Caroline shares more about her background in the cannabis industry and how those experiences led her to TSUMo Snacks. We learn more about this salty edible line that is sure to make consumers excited! I mean who doesn't want to try a bag of infused chips? Caroline tells us more about their flavor offerings, how they infused the chips, and more on what's to come for TSUMo. They also recently released a 100mg bag offering a fun and sessionable snacking experiences for cannabis enthusiasts. If you are in California check this brand out
August 11, 2022
E.168 - Live Rosin Edibles ft. Steve Morigi, Brand Product & Process Manager of Olio
Tune in to E.168 ft. Steve Morigee, Olio’s Original Extraction Expert. Olio is an industry leader in cannabis extract innovation, crafting products of the highest quality since 2016. They specialize in both butane and solventless extraction to create beautiful, clean and potent concentrates that consumers have known to love. Steve shares more about his background in the cannabis industry and how he got started working at Olio. We learn more about Olio's mission including their commitment to clean concentrates with a strong understanding of the cannabis culture here in Colorado. Recently they launched their first edible line in collaboration with Day Three Labs pharma-grade technology. These live edibles are made with live rosin and offer all-natural ingredients. Steve provides insight into how these live rosin edibles came to be including extensive R&D and consumer research. We also learn more about Day Three Lab's innovative technology that was utilized to create this unique experience. If you are a lover of Olio you will love these live rosin edibles. You can find them in select Colorado locations with more drops coming soon!
August 04, 2022
E.167 - The Future is Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Spirits ft. Darnell Smith, Founder & CEO of MXXN
On today's episode of Lit & Lucid is Darnell Smith, Founder & CEO of MXXN. Pronounced "moon" MXXN, is a non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused spirits brand that is evolving today’s cocktail culture. Darnell shares more about his professional background and how his experience working with companies like Diageo and Pernod Ricard, where he focused on innovation and commercialization, that provided him with the insight needed to create an infused beverage. We learn more about MXXN's offerings which currently include Kentucky Oak, Jalisco Agave, and London Dry which are meant to mimimic some of your favorite spirits. We chat in-depth about the benefits of having a cannabis-infused mixer available to those who would like to be part of the social scene without the need to consume alcohol. While the infused beverage market is becoming more popular, Darnell was candid with us about some of the difficulties his brand has faced when pitching the product to dispensaries. We all agree that with more time and education this product is sure to be a mega hit across California as well as in the legal states that are including social consumption lounges in their legalization model. NY, CO, NV, MI and beyond stay tuned! MXXN may be looking to make a drop in your state soon.
July 28, 2022
E.166 - Cannabis Data Analytics & Consumer Insight ft. Kris Walker, President & CCO of Hoodie Analytics
Joining us today is Kris Walker, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Hoodie Analytics. Hoodie Analytics is a U.S. based cannabis data and technology firm that delivers insights into market performance and competitive intelligence.Hoodie tracks over 3.5MM daily unique offers in over 8,000+ dispensaries in the US and Canada, making Hoodie the largest and most impactful platform in cannabis for leading sales metrics such as pricing, promotion, stocking status, distribution and share of shelf. Kris shares with us more about his background and how his professional experience working at Nielsen, S&P 500 firm, led him to Hoodie Analytics. We learn more about the problems Hoodie solves for the cannabis industry such as product distribution and stock levels for brands and dispensaries, as well as providing valuable data on competitive pricing analysis. They also have a consumer facing database, Ask Hoodie, that allows you to search via a specific product to determine which dispensary you can find it in stock. Kris shares with us more about the innovation to come in terms of cannabis data and how Hoodie plans on growing in the future. Tune in to Episode 167 to learn more to learn about Hoodie Analytics!
July 20, 2022
E.165 - Solventless Cannabis & Canopy Growth Acquisition ft. Ron Gershoni, Co-Founder & CEO of Jetty Extracts
Tune in to E.165 ft. Ron Gershoni, Co-Founder and CEO of Jetty Extracts. Since 2013, Jetty Extracts has been a California-based producer of high-quality cannabis extracts and pioneer of clean vape technology. Backed by award-winning technology, Jetty has paved the way for the most authentic and natural vape experience available to consumers. Ron has been in the industry since the early days of legalization in California. We learn more about his journey into cannabis and more about what Jetty Extracts has learned over the years and the need to continue to innovate in the space. Jetty has a strong focus on their clean, consistent vape technology that has evolved from CO2 extraction to solventless vaping technology that has become more popular amongst consumers today. Because of their consistency Jetty has continued to see strong growth over the years, even seeing their greatest sales to date in June. Due to that commitment they were recently acquired by Canopy Growth Corporation. This acquisition will allow them to focus on highly quality production in California and continue to evolve new vaping technology. If you are a California consumer check out this episode. Jetty Extracts is one you don't want to miss!
July 14, 2022
E.164 - Seed to Sale Tracking Software ft. Lewis Koski, Chief Strategy Officer of Metrc
Tune in to E.164 featuring Lewis Koski, Chief Strategy Officer of Metrc. Metrc has combined advanced software and RFID tags to create a secure database used to track cannabis from growth, harvest, and processing to testing, transport, and sale. Metrc is engaged in 21 government contracts and serves more than 300,000 users, including growers, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulators, and law enforcement officials across the U.S. Lewis’ early days in the cannabis industry started in Colorado where he served as the Director of the Colorado MED. Lewis tells us more about how regulators tackled those early years of writing cannabis regulations; working together with stakeholders to create many of the laws we still have in place today. We learn more about Metrc’s tracking system and the technology in place to create this seed-to-sale software that is being utilized in many legal states today. Lewis shares more about the extensive data that is being created by using this system, a lot of which is being used by 3rd-party companies to create greater efficiencies in the industry. We also ask Lewis about the sustainability, and environmental impact of the RFID tags, and if there are ways to improve that process, lowering costs for operators. This was a very interesting and candid conversation with Lewis Koski of Metrc. Tune in today!
July 07, 2022
E.163 - Best Selling California Cannabis ft. Skip Motsenbocker, CEO of Pacific Stone
Tune in to E.163 featuring Skip Motsenbocker, CEO of Pacific Stone in Santa Barbara, California. Skip shares with us his journey into the cannabis industry including his past professional experience with asset management and CPG that helped him in his early days in the industry scaling Urbn Leaf Dispensary. Skip also has a personal connection and passion for the plant after losing his mother to opioids. As a result he spent a lot of time an advocate for cannabis' medicinal properties working on the 2018 New Approach Amendment in Missouri. Today Skip is the CEO of Pacific Stone, a family-owned-and-operated business, focused on selling high quality cannabis at an affordable price. We learn more about the 6th Generation Dutch Greenhouse Growing practices at the cultivation and more about what sets this brand apart from others on the market. Pacific Stone is currently a leader in the California market having been recognized by Weedmaps, LeafLink and Treez as a best selling flower brand in the state. We also learn about the latest collaboration with Time Machine Brand, that has a trippy alien vibe you sure don't want to miss.
June 30, 2022
E.162 - New York Legalization & Actionable Cannabis Conferences ft. Jacobi Holland, Co-Founder of On The Revel
Joining us on today's show is Jacobi Holland Co-Founder of On The Revel. On The Revel, is the parent company for a collection of curated educational and networking experiences democratizing information for those interested in the regulated cannabis industry. On The Revel events, known as Revelry, are conferences aimed at fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and flourishing cannabis sector. Jacobi shares more about his humble beginnings in the cannabis industry starting in maintenance for a cannabis company in CO eventually moving to NY, Co-Founding On The Revel. We learn more about On The Revel and the impact this organization is having on the local communities offering actionable cannabis conferences with guests from diverse backgrounds that provide real-world, useful information for its attendees. They also have an online membership community called Dope People that offers various resources through podcasts, virtual experiences and more. Jacobi tells us more about New York Legalization and what effect that has on the grey market. We learn more about the pros and cons of those efforts and how New York can continue to do better in terms of their adult-use regulations. As someone who has been in the industry for many years Jacobi provides us with a very realistic viewpoint of the industry as it is today, as well as provides valuable tips for those looking to enter the industry in the future.
June 23, 2022
E.161 – Premium CBD Flower & Tennessee Cannabis Legalization ft. David Miller and Erich Maelzer of Flow Gardens
Joining us today is David Miller and Erich Maelzer of Flow Gardens. Flow Gardens is an indoor cultivation specializing in premium CBD flower in East Tennessee, they even won a High Times Cannabis Cup award this year for their Blue Cheese #12. We had the opportunity to try out their premium CBD flower and let us tell you it's amazing, some of the best CBD flower we've ever seen! Erich has been cultivating cannabis for decades and shares with us insight into the different growing practices they are R&Ding at Flow Gardens from living soil to hydroponics and how different cultivation techniques have an effect on the CBD flower. David shares more with us about the business of cultivating CBD flower in Tennessee and some of the challenges they have faced as a business. We all talk about the benefits of CBD and the positive impact it could have on one's wellbeing. David and Erich share more about the legalization efforts in Tennessee teaching us about how the state could hopefully move forward with medical cannabis or full legalization in the future. It was a pleasure to speak with Erich and David who are passionate about the plant and are providing premium CBD flower and education to consumers through Flow Gardens. If you are looking for a premium retailer of CBD flower Flow Gardens is it!
June 15, 2022
E.160 - New Hampshire Cannabis Legalization ft. Tim Egan & Matt Simon
Welcome to Season 16 of the podcast. Kicking off the new season is Tim Egan and Matt Simon to talk to us about the cannabis legalization efforts taking place in New Hampshire. Tim Egan has been a New Hampshire Representative representing the Grafton District #2 since 2018. He is also the Principal at Sugar Hill Associates, a forward thinking media firm specializing in broadcast and web based video content services in marketing and media affairs. Matt Simon founded the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy in 2007, expanding his work into other states, when in 2011 he was hired by the national Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Matt has since moved on from MPP and began working with Prime ATC, a non-profit medical cannabis business that operates two dispensaries in New Hampshire. We discuss the legalization efforts in New Hampshire including the latest bill HB-1598 that died in the Senate this session. Tim and Matt also provide insight into why cannabis legalization is a good move for the Live Free or Die state, and offers ways to move strong policy forward in the future. If you are interested in learning more about in New Hampshire cannabis legalization this episode is for you!
June 09, 2022
E.159 - Cannabis Hospitality & Social Consumption ft. Chris Chiari, Founder & CEO, The 420 Hotels and Owner, The Patterson Inn
Tune in to the final episode of our HomeGrown Series: Made in Colorado. On Episode 159 we are chatting with Chris Chiari, CEO of 420 Hotels and Owner of the Patterson Inn. The 420 Hotels just became the first hospitality business in the country to receive a provisional license allowing it to operate a cannabis consumption lounge as an amenity to its hotel located in Denver, CO. Chris shares his background and the synchronicities that led him to buying the Patterson Inn, cleverly located at 420 E 11th in Denver, Colorado. We learn more about the Patterson Inn and the rich history this space provides to the local community. Chris tells us more about 420 Hotels and the cannabis hospitality guests can expect from this consumption lounge. We also talk in depth about the legislative and regulatory hurdles Chris has had to go through over the years to make his dreams of a social consumption lounge a reality. Through Chris' diligence and perserverance The 420 Hotels and the Patterson Inn will be a one-of-a-kind consumption lounge in Denver, CO. Stay tuned for the grand opening of the space! If you are interested in learning more about The Patterson Inn and 420 Hotels give this episode a listen.
May 12, 2022
E.158 - Cannabis Science and Education ft. Mike Hennesy VP of Innovation at Wana Brands
Joining us for today's episode is Mike Hennesy, VP of Innovation at Wana Brands. With roots in Boulder, CO, and expansion across the U.S. Wana has been named North America’s most trusted edible brand. It’s easy to see why, for over a decade Wana has focused on high-quality ingredients, innovation, as well as focusing on impacting the communities in which they serve. Learn more about Mike's educational background including being one of the first to graduate with a Master’s Program for Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at The University of Maryland. We talk more about the online interactive training program for budtenders and employees Mike helped create that covers the science of the endocannabinoid system as well as Wana’s propriety terpene blends. Wana recently launched Live Rosin Gummies in Colorado which have become a huge hit amongst customers. Mike educates us on the difference between live rosin and resin and what this product offers to consumers. We also learn more about Wana's efforts to impact the local communities. If you are interested in learning more about Wana's brand and product offerings and are looking for more education about cannabis science this episode is for you!
May 05, 2022
E.157 - Infused Baked Goods From the Heart ft. Karin Lazarus, Founder of Sweet Mary Jane Bakery
Baked goods have always been a passion for Karin Lazarus, Founder of Sweet Mary Jane Co., based in Boulder, Colorado.  In 2009 Karin won the Tutti Foodie-Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure contest for her chocolate-filled pandan dumplings. After receiving the prize money she saw an opportunity in the cannabis industry and decided to test her luck with infused baked goods.  Without having much experience in baking with cannabis Karin  started using cannabis infused butter to start familiarizing herself  with different ratios and flavor profiles to determine the best pairing  for her treats. Since 2010 Sweet Mary Jane Co. has been providing small batch, custom made, artisanal infused desserts to consumers in Colorado. We sit down with Karin to learn more about how Sweet Mary Jane got started and the inspiration behind some of her best selling treats including an OG pot brownie and infused popcorn. Sweet Mary Jane is truly homegrown in Colorado in fact Karin has been in this industry for over 10 years remaining flexible with compliance issues and testing. Learn more about this amazing company on the latest episode of Lit & Lucid. If you haven't tried the Pot Brownies you are really missing out!
April 28, 2022
E.156 - Elevating the Cannabis Experience Through Chocolate ft. Lauren Gockley, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Coda Signature
Welcome to 420 week listeners! Today we are chatting with Lauren Gockley, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Coda Signature. After completing her culinary training in France Lauren was named one of the Dessert Professional’s Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America. She also has extensive industry experience in Parisian pastry shops and even worked in a Michelin 3-star restaurant in New York. Today Lauren is responsible for driving product development, establishing best practices, and maintaining strict quality standards across all of Coda’s award winning product lines. Lauren shares her journey through culinary arts with us from her formal training in France, to working in Texas and New York eventually finding her way to the cannabis industry. Lauren tell us more about how her experience as a pastry chef and vegan raw chocolatier helped her work with cannabis as an ingredient. She's used the skills she's learned over the years to truly enhance the consumer's cannabis experience through Coda Signature's chocolate bars. We talk more about the unique flavor profiles Coda offers and the creative process Lauren goes through to create these interesting flavor offerings. Coda also specializes in fruit notes, which is their nod at the classic cannabis gummy. Lauren shares more about how the fruit notes came to be and what they have on the horizon for consumers in terms of low-dose options. If you are in Colorado and haven't tried out Coda Signature we highly recommend it! Kick back and enjoy the show.
April 21, 2022
E.155 - Cannabis Investments & Entrepreneurship ft. Patrick Rea, Managing Director at Poseidon
Tune in to E.155 ft. Patrick Rea, Managing Director at Poseidon. Prior to his role at Poseidon, Patrick founded and was the CEO of CanopyBoulder for 6 years. During his time at Canopy Patrick raised and managed five funds and led investments for 115 companies in the cannabis industry. Today, Patrick works with Poseidon Asset Management, which was started in 2013 making their first fund one of the longest running dedicated cannabis investment funds. Patrick discusses how he got started in the cannabis industry and more on the work he's done with CanopyBoulder. CanopyBoulder has invested in many of the companies we've had on the show, so it was fun to chat with someone who was inherently involved in the early years of their successes. We had a detailed conversation about investing in cannabis, what types of companies Poseidon invests in and what opportunities their firm is looking for in the future. Patrick provides his thoughts on federal legalization and what impact that may or may not have on both investors and entrepreneurs in the space. Patrick finishes the show offering some good advice to young entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry!
April 14, 2022
E.154 - Breaking Stigmas in Cannabis & Authentic Storytelling ft. Debbie McHugh, Chief of Staff at Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency
On today’s episode of the HomeGrown Series: Made in Colorado we have Debbie McHugh, Chief of Staff with Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency joining us. Grasslands was started by Ricardo Baca in Denver, CO specializing in PR, content marketing, and thought leadership work amongst many other services serving clients from highly-regulated industries like cannabis. Today Grasslands focuses on supporting clients through product launches, acquisitions and IPOs, crisis management and more. Debbie shared her earliest professional experience as a cannabis consumer entering the workforce in New York City and the stigmas around her consumption. We also talk about the misconceptions she faced as a cannabis professional and the action she took in educating colleagues and older family members on the widespread benefits of the plant. We talked more about the good work Grasslands is providing across the U.S. and Canada and some of the strategies the Grasslands team puts in place for its clients. We discuss the importance of messaging and authentic story telling for brands that's equally important for those that have been in the business for many years as well as those just looking to enter this new industry. Debbie wraps up the show telling us about her favorite part of working at Grasslands, which is their new Diversity-In-Marketing Internship that debuted in 2021. Debbie expresses both her and Ricardo's passion for offering opportunities to under-represented groups and how the Grasslands internship really helps spark the selected intern's new career path whether it's in the cannabis space or not. Debbie also provides some really great advice for those looking to enter the cannabis industry. We thoroughly enjoyed this episode and loved learning more about Debbie's story and the exceptional work Grasslands is doing for the cannabis industry both here in Colorado and nationwide! Give it a listen.
April 07, 2022
E.153 - Fully Integrated Facility Design & the International Cannabis Market ft. Lucas Targos, VP of Controlled Environment Agriculture at urban-gro Inc.
Episode 153 features Lucas Targos, VP of Controlled Environment Agriculture at urban-gro Inc. Colorado-based Urban-gro specializes in fully integrated facility design, cultivation systems integration and operational support for cannabis and food-focused indoor controlled environmental agriculture. They have completed over 500 indoor builds encompassing over 11.5 million square feet of cultivation since 2014. Lucas tells us more about his background in horticulture and sustainable agriculture and how that knowledge base from agriculture led him to working for L'Eagle in Denver, CO and now urban-gro. We discuss the all-in-one solution's urban-gro provides for clients from architecture design, engineering and managed services. urban-gro recently acquired Emerald Construction which will allow the company to hone in on mid-sized design builds for CEA facilities. Lucas provides insight into today's consumers and the most common growing practices of cultivators today. We even touch on the international market learning more about Holland, Italy, and Portugal's cannabis market. This was a very interesting episode! We loved learning about this ancillary business that has truly set the stage for Colorado and beyond.
March 31, 2022
E.152 - Establishing the First Legal Cannabis Framework in Colorado Ft. Brian Vicente, Founding Partner at Vicente Sederberg LLP
Tune in to E.152 featuring Brian Vicente, Founding Partner of Vicente Sederberg Law Firm.Vicente Sederberg isn’t just a cannabis law firm, they have been trailblazers in cannabis law and policy since the inception of the regulated industry representing a wide range of cannabis and hemp businesses. In fact, Brian and his team were leaders in drafting Amendment 64 here in CO. We chat with Brian about how he got started in the cannabis industry and how his law firm has become a well-respected leader in establishing framework and regulations for cannabis both here in CO and now across the U.S. Brian provides insight into the services his law firm provides to clients and the value they offer due to their wide-spread experience in regulated cannabis markets. Brian gives his candid insight into what went right in Colorado and how regulations could be strengthened in the future. We talk about the future of the cannabis industry and more on the emerging popularity of psychedelics in Denver and other states across the country. Brian truly has been a part of the cannabis industry in Colorado since Day 1 and has helped shaped the laws and regulations we see today. If you are interested in learning more about Vincente Sederberg and the good work they are doing for legalization give this episode a listen!
March 24, 2022
E.151 - Providing HR & Payroll Services to the Cannabis Industry ft. Colton Keluche, Director of Marketing at Würk
Tune in to E.151 featuring Colton Keluche, Director of Marketing at Würk. Würk allows cannabis companies to manage payroll, human resources, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance, and minimizes compliance risks in the ever-changing cannabis regulatory environment. Colton shares more about Würk's mission that was started by Keegan Peterson in 2015 in Denver, CO. The inspiration behind Würk was to create technology solutions for the industry that could help a company grow and stabilize in order to maximize their profits. Today Würk works with both small companies and large MSO's across the U.S. handling HR, payroll, and compliance demands. Due to Würk's large client base they have expertise in many areas of the industry from cultivation, ancillary businesses and more. Colton provides insight into Colorado's industry as he's watched it grown since it's infancy into what we all agree is currently in its teenage years. As a Colorado native himself it was fun to chat with Colton about Colorado's market and more about Würk!
March 17, 2022
E.150 - Colorado Culture and Fine Cannabis ft. Jon Spadafora, Head of Marketing & Sales at Veritas Fine Cannabis
We are kicking off this season with Jon Spadafora, Head of Marketing and Sales with Veritas Fine Cannabis. Since 2014 Veritas has made a name for itself in Colorado as a leading craft cultivator and one of America’s first premium cannabis wholesalers. Veritas prides itself on curating the cannabis experience for consumers growing over 90 high-demand strains, with a special focus on preserving the terpene profile of each strain. Jon chatted with us about his background in entertainment and hospitality and how those experiences led him to marketing and sales at Veritas. He also shared with us more about what makes Veritas a top cannabis cultivator in Colorado and how that attention to detail led them to partnering with some pretty amazing companies like Cookies and most recently Oskar Blues. We talk about the importance of Colorado culture and how Veritas being engrained in that culture has led them to success. You can often times find Veritas sponsoring a Red Rocks show or supporting local artists like Morgan Mandala’s collaboration with Icelandic Ski for their latest giveaway. If you are interested in learning more about Veritas strains you can check out their strain library online which provides consumers with tons of valuable information about each strain and where you can find it in store.
March 10, 2022
E.149 - Creating Efficiency With Cannabis Pathogen Testing ft. Milan Patel, Co-Founder & CEO of PathogenDx
Welcome to the season finale of Lit & Lucid Season 14! Joining us is Milan Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of PathogenDx. PathogenDx has been an Arizona-based provider of microbial testing technologies since 2014 and has created an easy to use swab test for testing cannabis crops for over 30 pathogens with results in 6 hours. Milan explains more about creating efficiency with cannabis pathogen testing in Episode 149. Milan shares with us the importance of consumer safety when it comes to what we consume. He explains the science behind PathogenDx's cannabis pathogen testing technology and how it differs from others on the market. This technology is currently being used in many cannabis testing labs across the U.S. quickly detecting pathogens such as aspergillus, powdery mildew, ecoli, listeria and more. PathogenDx has also expanded their offering into food safety and most recently in 2020 pivoted to work on COVID-19 variant testing. Milan shares with us more on the ground-breaking work they are doing in the field and what's to come in the future for PathogenDx. Tune in to the final episode of the season, Milan was a delight to talk to and very easily explains the complex science behind cannabis pathogen testing!
January 27, 2022
E.148 - Investing in Cannabis & Federal Legalization ft. Jason Wilson, ETFMG
For all of our listeners interested in investing in cannabis this episode is for you! We sit down with Jason, Wilson, Cannabis Banking and Research Expert at ETFMG. Jason previously worked for INFOR Financial Inc., leading boutique investment bank in Toronto Canada that worked with a number of companies in the cannabis industry including, advising Canopy Growth with their strategic relationship with Constellation Brands. For those who aren't keen on investing Jason provides an easy-to-understand explanation of how to invest in cannabis companies. Jason tells us more about what an ETF is and more on his ETFMG's offering including a full-suite of cannabis ETF's for investors. Jason provides his perspective on cannabis legalization in Canada, the U.S. and even globally. He also reminds us of the wide-range of uses for the cannabis plant from textiles, infrastructure, medical cannabis and recreation. We finish up the show talking about the evolution of cannabis research and how Jason honed in on the field. If you are interested in getting a really good high-level understanding of investing in cannabis and legalization this episode is for you.
January 20, 2022
E.147 - The Importance of Medical Cannabis Research ft. Heather Jackson, Co-Founder & President of Realm of Caring
E.147 features Heather Jackson, Co-Founder of Realm of Caring Foundation and Unlimited Sciences. Realm of Caring is an internationally acclaimed nonprofit primarily serving families who are dealing with life-limiting and chronic health conditions. Today RoC is committed to improving lives through research, education and community. Heather knows first hand about the benefits of cannabis plant medicine as she was able to help navigate her son’s medical condition from hospice to health. Heather shares her own riveting story of seeing first hand how cannabis plant medicine can improve one's quality of life. RoC was also started by Charlotte's Figi's mother, a very well known cannabis patient who touched the lives of many. We discuss the research RoC is doing and how that data is now being shared with medical professionals so that patients are connected to the best resources for their own medical condition. Sparked from her own mental health journey, Heather also started Unlimited Sciences, a non-profit focused on providing psychedelic research and awareness. Heather shares with us her thoughts on the future of the psychedelic movement that includes both a clinical and adult-use approach. Tune in to this inspiring story about the importance of medical cannabis research today!
January 13, 2022
E.146 - The Art & Science of Glass Distribution ft. Chris Piazza, Founder & CEO of CannaDevices
Welcome everybody to a new year with plenty of amazing guests ahead on the Lit & Lucid Podcast. We are starting this year off with Chris Piazza, Founder of CannaDevices. CannaDevices is a glass distribution company that was started in 2018. Today the company is supplying many of the largest dispensaries in the US including 10 publicly traded cannabis companies. We talk to Chris about how his passion for glass blowing starting and what it takes to work in production glass. Chris explains that CannaDevices was started from his own experience as an artist and the need to offer consistent work to those in the industry. Today CannaDevice's glassblowing efforts are 100% U.S. based. Chris provides insight into what that means supporting local artists through CannaDevices and how consumers can spot an American-made glass piece. We finish the show talking about Startup Syndicate, non-profit where Chris is a founding member offering entrepreneurs tools and capital to start their new business. Tune in to E.146 to finally hear from a glassblower! This is a good one.
January 06, 2022
E.145 - Cannabis and Fitness + Michigan Cannabis ft. Lamar Byrd Jr. Founder of Kush Pump
E.145 - Cannabis and Fitness + Michigan Cannabis ft. Lamar Byrd Jr. Founder of Kush Pump
December 16, 2021
E.144 - Justice for Cannabis Offenders ft. Stephanie Shepard, Development Associate at Last Prisoner Project
Episode 144 is one heartfelt story just in time for the holidays that truly showcases the injustices our criminal justice system has created for non-violent cannabis offenders. Stephanie Shepard knows first hand how unjust this system can be as she spent 10 years of her life incarcerated for a cannabis crime as a first time offender. We discuss in-depth the numerous issues this caused her both personally and professionally and all the in-betweens from technology challenges, to getting a job after being incarcerated and more. Stephanie is now proudly a Development Associate with the Last Prisoner Project working towards changing the system and helping those behind bars find justice. This year Stephanie was able to create the postcard for the Last Prisoner Project Holiday Letter Drive where you can send letters of hope to cannabis offenders. If you'd like to donate another way check out PAX's latest drop of limited edition LPP apparel where all proceeds benefit this critical mission. If you are in the cannabis industry or a consumer we highly recommend listening to this episode. There are currently over 40,000 people behind bars for non-violent cannabis crimes which needs to change. Take a stance this holiday and support the mission by sharing Stephanie's story with others!
December 09, 2021
E.143 - Cannabis Compliance Software ft. Marion Mariathasan, CEO of Simplifya
Episode 143 features Marion Mariathasan, CEO of Simplifya in Denver, CO. Marion is a serial entrepreneur having invested in 22 domestic and international companies. Simplifya is the leading regulatory and compliance software company in the cannabis industry. We discuss the features of Simplifya's cannabis compliance software and the importance of having these mechanisms in place especially as company's are expanding as MSO's. We also discuss the solution's Simplifya has created for financial institutions by streamlining cannabis compliance monitoring and the good work they are doing with regulators. We wrap up the show learning a little bit more about Marion's background as an immigrant from Sri Lanka and how those experiences helped shape who he is today. Marion also provides some great advice for entrepreneurs in the industry offering tips on how to adapt to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship!
December 02, 2021
E.142 - Grow Your Own, Plant Medicine Education ft. Dr. Amanda Reiman Ph.D., Founder & CEO of Personal Plants
In Episode 142 of the show we sit down with Amanda Reiman to discuss the importance of growing your own plant medicine. Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Personal Plants which is an online platform that’s been deemed the “food network for mushrooms and cannabis” focusing on providing education for consumers to grow therapeutic plants at home. Amanda has committed over two decades of her academic and professional career to advocating on behalf of plant medicine. We have an in-depth conversation about why growing your own is an important right to have as an individual. Amanda shares with us how this topic relates to social and economic justice issues and some of the downfalls that have occurred with over-reaching regulations in some states. We also discuss the topic of commercialization of both cannabis and psychedelics and what that impact has and will have on the future of plant medicine. Amanda provides insight into what she thinks will happen with the psychedelic movement with legalization and how that differs from what we've experienced with cannabis. Amanda concludes the episode sharing more about how Personal Plants has become an online resource for the canna-curious looking to understand more about plant medicine from cultivation to responsible consumption. Give this episode a listen! Amanda provides many great insights that we have briefly covered in past episodes bringing them all full circle in Episode 142.
November 18, 2021
E.141 - PAX Veterans Releaf Era Pod ft. Steven Jung, COO of PAX
On today's episode we had the honor to sit down with Steven Jung, COO of PAX Labs. Steven brings a wealth of knowledge to the cannabis industry spending time working in Silicon Valley before transitioning to the CEO of Weedmaps and most recently as the COO of PAX. We discussed the latest PAX brand collaboration, the Veterans Releaf Era Pod in honor of Veteran’s Day. Steven explains more about the importance of access for Veterans and how PAX is supporting Weed for Warriors Project and Wounded Warriors Project with these efforts. We discuss how many Veterans are turning to plant medicine over prescription pills and how there are some restrictions to accessibility from monetary to education and acceptance. It's important that Veterans have support from these organizations so they can receive the assistance they need to help deal with PTSD and other medical conditions related to their service. If you are interested in supporting PAX this Veterans Day check out their website to learn more about the brand partnerships taking place in CA, OR, MA, MO, WA and Canada. A portion of proceeds from purchasing the Veterans Releaf Era Pod will benefits Weed for Warriors, as well as PAX offering a $20,000 donation to the organization. Tune in to E.141 to learn more and support our Veterans today! We thank you for your service and bravery.
November 11, 2021
E.140 - Organic Mushroom Extracts ft. Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex
Welcome to Season 14 of Lit & Lucid Podcast! We are kicking off the season with Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex, Organic Mushroom Extracts. As a true expert in the field,  Jeff sat down to chat with us about all things mushrooms. Jeff started his journey with mushroom cultivation in the 1970's after studying mycology at the University of WA in the late 1960's. In 1983 Jeff co-authored, The Mushroom Cultivator and then started his own company Nammex in 1989 specializing in mushroom extracts. Nammex introduced medicinal mushrooms to the U.S. nutritional supplement industry offering the first line of certified organic mushroom supplements to consumers. Having been in business for over 30+ years as an innovator in the industry Nammex is truly the gold standard of mushroom extractions in the U.S. Jeff provides listeners with a wealth of knowledge about mushrooms and their medicinal benefits, as well as tips on cultivating your own. We also discuss how Jeff spent ample time in China working with trusted partners to bring organic mushroom extracts to the U.S. and how important it is for consumers to understand the different in quality when purchasing mushroom supplements. Nammex's organic mushroom extracts are grown on natural substrate materials native to each mushrooms which is term makes them high in beta-D-glucans and low in starch. If you are interested in learning more about the world of mushrooms by an expert that has been in the industry for over 50 years this is your chance! Jeff has truly cultivated the path for organic mushroom extracts in the U.S.
October 28, 2021
E.139 - Growing Belushi ft. Chris Karakosta GM of Belushi's Farm
Almost one year ago to the date we celebrated our 100th episode chatting with Jim Belushi discussing the new TV Series on Discovery Channel, Growing Belushi. This year we had the honor of speaking with Jim's cousin, Chris Karakosta, General Manager of Belushi's Farm. Chris shares his background as a serial restaurant entrepreneur and more on how his journey and skillset led him to becoming the GM at Belushi's Farm. We discussed his relationship with Jim and how they have grown closer over the years considering each other brothers, enjoying their time together on the farm. Chris very candidly shares with us a touching story visiting medical marijuana patients in Colorado and the impact these sick children had on his perception of cannabis. We wrap up the show with some updates on the new brand releases by Belushi's Farm including Good Ugly Weed (Chris's Stash), Chasing Magic (Jim's Secret Stash) and a few teasers into Season 2 of Growing Belushi. Catch Season 2 on the Discovery Channel in the near future!
October 14, 2021
E.138 - Cultivating LOWD Craft Cannabis ft. CEO Jesce Horton
Tune in to E.138 as we chat with Jesce Horton, founder and visionary behind LOWD, craft cannabis cultivation in Portland, Oregon. Jesce shares how he got started in the industry after being unhappy working a corporate job. He took a leap of faith using his passion for horticulture and began cultivating cannabis. Since then LOWD has become a leader in the cannabis industry in Oregon known for seeking the best genetics and growing them to their greatest potential. Jesce has also spent much of his time in the industry as an advocate co-founding The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) committed to creating equal access and empowerment for cannabis business owners, patients, and communities affected by the war on drugs. In 2019 Jesce and his wife founded NuLeaf Project, a historic initiative financially seeded in part with the City of Portland. Today NuLeaf is committed to providing financial, education and entrepreneurial assistance to minority cannabis business owners. Check out the latest episode of L&L to learn more about LOWD and why this company has truly become a leader in cultivating craft cannabis.
October 07, 2021
E.137 - Conscious Consumption and Mental Health ft. Lit & Lucid
Co-hosts Lit & Lucid sit down to discuss the very important topic of conscious consumption and mental health. Jarrod and Lucy take an in-depth dive into the conversation around the importance of mental health and the need for conscious plant medicine consumption. We discuss the various forms of plant medicine used for mental health including cannabis and psilocybin, as well as elevate the importance of being aware of your own body's needs consuming only with intention. Jarrod and Lucy provide insight into their own path of plant medicine wellness with the hopes of inspiring others to take a conscious look at their own consumption methods! If this episode inspired you let us know!
September 30, 2021
E.136 - Investing in Psychedelics ft. Tim Schlidt Co-Founder of Palo Santo
Tune in to E.136 featuring Tim Schlidt, Co-Founder and partner at Palo Santo as we discuss investing in psychedelics. Palo Santo's diversified investment fund is helping to increase the supply of clinically effective and accessible mental health and addiction treatment solutions in today’s world. We discuss the  rising mental health conditions facing people around the world and how psychedelics are well positioned to address this problem. Tim also explains how many of the companies in Palo Santo's portfolio are taking an authentic and innovative approach to healthcare. We have an in-depth conversation about big Pharma's role in this evolution and the idea of synthetically deriving these compounds. Tim explains what the implications of this will be for both patients as well as the indigenous communities who utilize these compounds for ceremonial purposes. The show wraps up discussing some of the creative work these companies are producing in the field and where the future of psychedelics might be in the next 5-10 years. If you are looking to learn more about the future of investing in psychedelics give this episode a listen!
September 09, 2021
E.135 - Catching up on Cannabis ft. Brooke Burgstahler of Budding Mind
Tune in to Episode 135 featuring Brooke Burgstahler, a cannabis creative, actress, and founder of Budding Mind as we catch up on cannabis. Budding Mind is an online platform designed to expand the mind and heart through the exploration of plant medicine, alternative healing, science, and spirituality. We chat with Brooke about her journey in cannabis and how she utilizes the plant in her own health and wellness routine. Brooke tells us more about the wide variety of topics she covers on Budding Mind as well as the star of Big Mike's Morning Show. We discuss the implications of being a cannabis consumer in Hollywood and how that could affect potential job opportunities. Brooke reminds us that regardless it's always important to be your authentic self living life for you and not worry about the "what ifs" in life. We close the show talking about the future of cannabis consumption and whether it is infused beverages, canna bumps (let's hope not), vapes or flower. If you are looking for a good laugh and some cannabis industry insight this episode is for you!
August 27, 2021
E.134 - The Cannabis Wedding Expo ft. Co-Founder Philip Wolf
Tune in to E.134 featuring Philip Wolf, Co-Founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo as we discuss upcoming expos in Las Vegas (August 29th), Denver (October 10th), and Boston (November 7th). Philip has been working in the cannabis industry advocating for the plant for over 11 + years and provides a wealth of knowledge about conscious cannabis consumption. We discuss the pitfalls of alcohol consumption and how many people are becoming more in-line with their authentic selves looking towards including cannabis into their big day. We chat about ways the Cannabis Wedding Expo is looking to break down stigmas about the plant by providing sophisticated ways in which to incorporate cannabis into a wedding day without totally shocking grandma. If you are a bride-to-be or just interested in the creative ways you can include cannabis into an event check out the Cannabis Wedding Expo. Stay tuned for a ticket giveaway by Lit & Lucid for the Denver show!
August 12, 2021
E.133 - Civilized, Lifestyle Brand Relaunch ft. Co-Founder & CEO Terri MacDonald Riedle
Tune in to Episode 133 ft. Terri MacDonald Reidle, CEO of Civilized, lifestyle brand dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the cannabis and canna-curious community. Civilized recently relaunched in the midst of COVID; the relaunch was focused on compiling all of Civilized's content in an easy-to-use database for consumers offering one trustworthy source of cannabis information online. We also discuss the bright future of Civilized including a partnership with Tumblr, pairing up to launch their first cannabis centric blog. It's their hopes that expanding the cannabis conversation on Tumblr will help combat many censorship issues companies face on other social media platforms. Terri provides insight into the lessons she's learned as a female entrepreneur in the cannabis industry offering a wealth of knowledge for young entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a trusted source of information look no further than Civilized.
August 05, 2021
E.132 - Cannabis & Design Ft. Andreas Neumann, Chief Creative Director, Jushi Holdings Inc.
Tune in to Episode 132 featuring Andreas Neumann, Chief Creative Director at Jushi Holdings as we discuss cannabis and design. Dre's creative background comes from many years of working as the Head of Content at Idean with clients such as IBM, HP and Rolls Royce. Through his work with Apple Andreas realized that one of the biggest pain points in design is reducing friction. As the Chief Creative Director Andreas uses these same concepts when designing retail spaces and new products in the cannabis industry. Understanding the consumers wants and needs is also at the core of the creative design process. Outside of working in cannabis Andreas' true passion is photography. Dre is a world-renowned photographer having captured many familiar faces from Iggy Pop, Anthony Bourdain, Johnny Depp and more. We discuss the key to his success which was focusing on one type of photography and not letting the fan fare of the celebrities go to his head. Learn more about the creative mindset and perspective Dre offers for creating art through the lens in this episode.
July 29, 2021
E.131 Paradiso, Craft Cannabis Farm ft. Founder and CEO Christina DiPaci
Tune in to E.131 featuring Christina DiPaci, Founder & CEO of Paradiso, one of the largest independently owned craft-cannabis farms in California. With a background in fine arts, Christina tells us more about the creative process in creating this brand that evokes a vacation from the everyday, a blissful retreat from the ordinary. We talk about Christina's journey in the cannabis space learning from the OG's in the industry in Humboldt County, CA and the level of creativity it takes day in and day out to make it. Being a women-owned company, focused on providing consumers with high quality craft-cannabis is definitely one the fore-front for Paradiso Gardens. Learn more about this brand, their sister brand, DoveTail and where to find them on the latest episode.
July 22, 2021
E.130 - MJ Unpacked ft. George Jage CEO of Jage Media
Welcome to Season 13 of the show! Kicking off the season with George Jage, CEO of Jage Media. George has a proven track record in cannabis working for MJBiz Daily and Dope Magazine. He previously spent ample time in Las Vegas running trade shows as well as creating the first World Tea Expo. Today George's team is excited to announce MJ Unpacked (Oct 21-22, 2021), the first cannabis trade show in Las Vegas focused on cannabis retailers and THC CPG's. We chatted about the differentiations between this trade show and the well-known MJ Biz Con event taking place the same week in October 2021. MJ Unpacked is focused on offering a more personable experience for attendees to connect, collaborate and access capital. We even heard there's a gong in the middle of the trade show floor where you can celebrate every time you make a deal! George's energy about the cannabis industry and his vision for this event is truly infectious. If you are looking for a change of pace from the typical Vegas experience all of us cannabiz folks have come to know so well this event is for you! We even heard the band is back together ;-) *hint hint*
July 15, 2021
E.129 - The Future of Cannabis Distribution & Supply Chain Management Ft. Mike Beaudry, Founder & CEO of Herbl
In 2014, Mike attended his first cannabis conference, it was in that moment that he realized many of the skillsets he had acquired as the President of United Natural Foods (UNFI) could be replicated in the cannabis industry. From that day on Mike focused all of his attention on the new industry founding HERBL in 2018, which is now California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain management company. Tune in to E.129 as we discuss the future of supply chain management and distribution in the cannabis industry. Mike educated us on the parallels between the natural food and cannabis industry, as well as key features that allows HERBL to service 98% of California’s storefronts. We talk about their recent partnership with Cookies, and what HERBL was offering that could help a large brand become even more successful. We finish up the episode discussing alcohol regulations and how some of those policies could transfer over to the cannabis industry as we start to look towards federal legalization. If you are interested in learning about a very imperative piece to the cannabis industry’s puzzle this episode is for you! We really learned a lot from Mike and hope you do too.
June 18, 2021
E.128 - Cooking with Cannabis is a High-End Affair ft. Chef Nikki Steward
Nikki Steward took a leap of faith 8 years ago when she decided she would become a Chef. At the time she had no formal education as a culinary artist, instead she used her background in Pharmaceutical Sciences and pure grit to create The High-End Affair. This change in careers has led her to cook for many well-known celebrities and athletes including DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle and more. We sat down with Nikki to discuss her passion for cooking with cannabis and the unforgettable, high-end experiences she’s created over the years. Recently Nikki teamed up with PAX Labs on a special plant based recipe collaboration to celebrate the release of PAX’s new Era Life vaporizer. She created four super simple, vegan recipes that are perfect for summer and pair perfectly with PAX! We finish up the episode chatting about her role in Chappelle Summer Camp which has been keeping her busy the last few weeks. Stay tuned until the end where Chef Nikki recommends a banana pudding recipe that is sure to turn heads at your next summer BBQ.
June 11, 2021
E.127 - Transcending Your Higher Self Through Plant Medicine ft. Scarlet Ravin, Founder of Psilocybin™ Love Medicine
Our latest episode features return guest from E.51, Scarlet Ravin Founder of White Fox Medicine and Psilocybin™ love medicine as we discuss transcending your higher self through plant medicine. As a Star Seed Alchemist Spirit, Scarlet expresses her deeper connection to the universe noting that when you tap into your own higher energy field you too can take your life to the next level. In her latest book Psilocybin Transmissions Scarlet provides insight into the beautiful dance between insight and wisdom utilizing mushroom plant medicine as a tool. Through Psilocybin™ love medicine Scarlet has also created micro-dosed Love Drops and Euphoria chocolate to help guide your path of healing. We discuss the higher calling that led Scarlet down this path in life and the ups and downs she's faced as she's moved through her journey of offering the healing message of plant medicine to the masses. If you are interested in connecting further Scarlet has created Naked Starseed Mystery School on Patreon to help you release patterns and behaviors guiding you back to your own vibrational state of remembrance. If you are ready to take back your power this episode is for you!
June 04, 2021
E. 126 - Mushroom Cultivation and What It Has In Common With Cannabis Ft. Gary Heferle, Founder of Fresh From The Farm Fungi
We sit down with Gary Heferle, Founder/Owner of Fresh From the Farm Fungi in Denver, CO to chat all things mushrooms! Between Gary’s education background in medical technology, his work as a cannabis cultivator and working for a cannabis testing facility, this knowledge gave him the confidence to start Fresh From the Farm Fungi where he cultivates a wide variety of premium quality gourmet mushrooms. Gary tells us about the similarities in cultivating cannabis and mushrooms and how many of the processes and equipment used for cannabis can be utilized for fungi. We chat about the growing popularity of mushrooms in the U.S. from cultivating your own, cooking and eating mushrooms to utilizing psilocybin for one’s mental health. Gary widens our perspective on the sheer potential of mushrooms and we hope he does for you too! Mush love.
May 28, 2021
E.125 - Creating Opportunities in Cannabis for the Formerly Incarcerated Ft. Kevin Ahaesy Founder & CEO of ECO Cannabis
It’s not often that we find social equity programs in the cannabis space providing real-life actionable results for those affected by the War on Drugs. In today’s episode we had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Ahaesy, CEO of ECO Cannabis in Oakland, CA, about their commitment to ensuring 50% of their staff in this vertically integrated business are formerly incarcerated individuals. Kevin tells us about why he felt the need to support those affected by the War on Drugs and how his program goes far beyond just providing jobs. Kevin is committed to mentoring many of the individuals who come through his door to ensure future successes for start-up businesses. We discuss the importance of this social conscious businesses model, as it provides tangible results cutting through the bureaucracy that many of these social equity initiatives have promised in the past. If you were affected by the War on Drugs and you’d like to learn more about how you can get a job through ECO Cannabis or more about Kevin’s good work in the industry give this episode a listen!
May 20, 2021
E.124 - The Marijuana Conspiracy Ft. Doreen Brown & Director/Writer Craig Pryce
In Toronto in 1972, 20 young women took part in one of the weirdest scientific experiments in their country’s history. For 98 days 10 of these women were to smoke cannabis every night to help Canada’s government determine if legalizing cannabis and thus smoking weed on a regular basis would kill their economy. Unfortunately the findings from this experiment were never published leaving the women involved in the study confused, still wondering today what happened with all of that data? We sat down with Doreen Brown, one of the women who took part in the study as well as Director/Writer of the film, The Marijuana Conspiracy, Craig Pryce to learn more about what really happened during those 98 days in isolation. Doreen provided first-hand insight into how she felt during that time, especially as the study ramped up the cannabis potency. Craig discussed the political climate, speculating that the study results were likely never released because they didn’t meet the government’s agenda at that time. This story sounds suspiciously like many of the experiments that took place in the 50’s and 60’s in the U.S. with MKUltra. We discussed the similarities with Ken Kesey, what took place during the Beat Movement, and the release of drugs into the community in the 60’s that eventually led to the War on Drugs in the 70’s. If you are looking to open your mind to some of controversial studies that our government has conducted this episode is for you. The Marijuana Conspiracy is now streaming on Digital and On Demand – smoke a joint and be prepared to be mind blown by this video and story!
May 13, 2021
E.123 Water Soluble Cannabinoid Technology ft. Drew Hathaway, Senior Food Scientist at Stillwater Brands
Stillwater Brands' is leading the way in Colorado with their water-soluble cannabinoid-infused products. We sat down with Drew Hathaway, Senior Food Scientist at Stillwater to learn more about this propriety technology. Drew taught us about the technical aspects of making cannabinoids water-soluble for their well known RIPPLE dissolvable powder. Stillwater Brands has also teamed up with Colorado State University to research the bio-availability of this product and how the absorption affects the body on a more technical level.  We finish the episode discussing their latest product release of infused gummies and what makes them different from competitors. If you are a Colorado consumer and want to learn more about Stillwater Brands this episode is for you! If CBD is more your jam, you can find the same technology being used in their Caliper CBD products.
May 06, 2021
E.122 - Justice For Jawara Ft. Niambe McIntosh of The Peter Tosh Foundation
Niambe McIntosh is the daughter of, Rastafarian and cannabis advocate, Peter Tosh. Peter is well-known for being a founding member of The Wailers as well as his songs "Legalize It" and "I am that I am" amongst others. Niambe sat down with Lit & Lucid to share the tragic story about her brother Jawara educating us further on The War on Drugs, and shining light on ways we all can help this fight. Jawara followed in his father's footsteps as an advocate and musician. Unfortunately, Jawara found himself in a legal situation after being stopped by the police having found cannabis in his car. What seemed like a situation the family would get through at the time turned into a living nightmare. Jawara was facing 10-20 years in prison for his cannabis charge in Bergen County, NJ. Being scared of the Bergen County court system Jawara took a 6-month plea deal in January 2017. While serving time Jawara was brutally attacked by an inmate in which he suffered life-threatening brain injuries causing him to go into a coma, being unable to speak, walk or talk from that day forward. Niambe and her family stayed by his side day in and day out caring for his every need, helping him with basic motor skills while trying to come to terms with what had happened to their dear brother. Unfortunately, despite all their best efforts and prayers Jawara lost his life in July 2020. The Peter Tosh Foundation was created to continue the work Peter tirelessly advocated for in Jamaica including cannabis legalization. Today Niambe is passionate about advocating for prison reform, social equity, expungement efforts, and legislation that will truly change the War on Drugs. Tune in to the latest episode to learn more about Justice for Jawara and how you too can become more educated and help stop the War on Drugs.
April 29, 2021
E.121 - 50 Years of Cannabis & Music w/ Two-Time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Musician David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and MIGHTY CROZ™ Cannabis
There's not many people in this world who can say they are one of the world's foremost connoisseurs of cannabis, except David Crosby. We had the honor of sitting down with Crosby (singer/song-writer/musician), 2-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Byrds. David tells us about how he's utilized cannabis consumption to help with his writing process and to help inspire the hundreds of songs he's created. We talk about how he's been a successful musician for over five decades with cannabis always being a constant in his life. David provides insight into what it felt to play at Woodstock in 69' and one of the memorable stories he remembered from that day. As a leader of the counterculture in the 60's David is still very passionate about global warming, anti-war rhetoric amongst many other passions that still play out in his daily life. We wrap up the episode talking about Mighty Croz Cannabis Brand created by Crosby and Steven Sponder focusing on high quality cannabis teaming up with cultivators and companies that share their vision. We'll have to be patient for the debut of Mighty Croz as Crosby and his team are waiting for federal legalization to release the brand to the masses. Until then you can catch up on one of the 5 new albums David has released in the last 6 years!
April 22, 2021
E.120 - Comedy, Cannabis and Keeping It Real with Mary Jane Gibson & Mike Glazer of Weed + Grub
Welcome to Season 12 of this Lit & Lucid Journey! We kick off the season with fellow podcasters, Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer of Weed + Grub. We learn more about how they started the podcast, and the initial ideas that evolved along the way to today’s show about cannabis, culture, comedy, cooking, and calling shit out. We chatted about the munchies and some of the best munchie foods there are out there, including Jarrod’s favorite, Reese’s eggs, and Mary Jane’s favorite roasted chicken recipe by Barefoot Contessa. Mike and Mary Jane tell us more about how cannabis plays a role in comedy and more on the daily grind of writing jokes. Mike providing authentic insight into what it truly takes to be a comedian, getting creative support from Mary Jane on the reg. We finish up the show with a vulnerable conversation about the importance of therapy and how it’s helped us all become better people giving us the skills to balance life’s daily challenges, especially in 2020!
April 15, 2021
E.119 - The Healing Properties of Music & Sound Baths Ft. Jenny & Seth of Dynasty Electrik
Jenny and Seth have been creating music and performing together since 2001 offering their space to other visionaries, musicians and artists. After a decade of being part of the underground music scene in Brooklyn Seth and Jenny were ready for a change of pace. Seth began creating his own ambient music to help him relax. During the same time period Seth and Jenny began training with Master Energy Practitioner, Lisa Ishwari Murphy learning all about vibrational healing powers of sound. Emerged Dynasty Electrik where Jenny and Seth offered packed sound baths in LA to celebrities, yogis, artists and those just looking to unwind. Understanding the healing powers of sound is imperative in understanding the science behind sound baths. We discuss how sound can benefits one's mind body and spirit and how the different vibrations affect your energy channels and help bring you into alignment. Jenny expresses the importance that sound baths are accessible for all people no matter their background in meditation or yoga and can be used by anyone looking to destress. We explore the topic of utilizing cannabis in a sound bath and the benefits that the plant medicine may provide one during the sound emersion experience. Seth also tell us about their consumption of Bhang, and the benefits this traditional mode of consumption has brought them. Lucky for all of us they moved their offerings online with a weekly Friday night sound bath streaming on YouTube for all to enjoy. Give the episode a listen and enjoy the high vibrations from Dynasty Electrik's sound bath!
March 25, 2021
E.118 - The Art of Natural Rolling Ft. Sidney Quitorio, Founder & CEO of Native Leaf Co.
Native Leaf Co. has created a natural way to roll by utilizing what nature has to offer. They've sourced natural hemp leaves crafted to perfection to provide you with a sustainable, natural wrap to smoke your herb in. We sat down with Founder, Sidney Quitorio to discuss the inspiration behind the brand and how his product came to be. Coming from the tech industry to cannabis Sidney was a passionate about creating an all-natural experience for the consumer. Through much R&D and testing countless wraps himself Sidney crafted this wrap to provide the smoothest taste free of chemicals. We chatted about how many consumers use the wraps as a traditional means of creating cannagars and more on the culture and art of rolling up herb. As a gift to our listener's we'll be doing a giveaway for the Native Leaf's Abel & Lucy wraps - stay tuned for more details on our Instagram as you too can be part of the Lit & Lucid Lifestyle!
March 18, 2021
E.117 - Meet anna, the Cannabis Vending Machine Ft. CEO & Founder Matt Frost
Introducing anna, the first AI-powered checkout solution for the cannabis industry! We had the pleasure of seeing anna in action at Kind Love Dispensary in Denver, CO while sitting down with the CEO and Founder Matt Frost. Matt told us about the business school project that sparked the idea for anna and the journey he went through in order to make this dream a reality. Anna is meant to be a more efficient method of shopping at a dispensary in addition to the traditional budtender shopping option. For those who are frequent consumers, introverts or just looking for a new way to shop the anna vending machine is the way to go. We chatted about the the regulatory and software requirements needed for creating a self-serving vending machine for the cannabis industry. Matt tells us about the future expansion of anna as more states continue to legalize cannabis. If you are lucky enough to live near a dispensary that offers anna give it a try and let Matt know what you think!
March 11, 2021
E.116 - Exploring the Psychedelic Movement and Upcoming Legalization Ft. Shelby Hartman Co-Founder of DoubleBlind Magazine
Tune in to Episode 116 featuring Shelby Hartman Co-Founder and CEO of DoubleBlind, biannual print magazine that covers untold stories about psychedelics across the globe. Shelby tells us about her journey as a reporter and how her passion for investigative reporting led her to start DB with Co-Founder and friend Madison Margolin. Shelby shares the creative process involved in producing the magazine, from selecting the artists and artwork featured in the issues to the timely stories covered in the psychedelic space. We talk about DB's educational offerings including online classes on How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms, Webinars about How to Become a Psychedelic Therapist and much more. We wrap up the show discussing the future of psychedelics and the various hurdles the movement will face with upcoming legalization. Get your own copy of of DoubleBlind Magazine here. Give us a review if you like what you hear! 
March 05, 2021
E.115 - Compassionate Cannabis – Providing Access for Medical Patients Ft. Sweetleaf Joe, Founder of Sweetleaf Collective
Tune in to E.115 featuring Sweetleaf Joe, Founder of Sweetleaf Collective cannabis non-profit that's been around since 1996 in San Francisco. Joe's organization has been working tirelessly for low income, veterans, seniors and terminally-ill patients in California for over 20 years providing them with compassionate cannabis free of charge. Learn more about the history of compassionate cannabis in California starting with Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, and Joe's journey in continuing the movement forward. Joe tells stories about many of the hurdles their organization has faced in providing free cannabis to medical patients over the years. We discuss Sweetleaf Collective's critical role in correcting a major oversight in Proposition 64 passing SB 34 to allow their organization to prosper as a non-commercial cannabis company. In order for Sweetleaf Collective to provide plant medicine to their patients they have teamed up with Green Unicorn Farms, ALTRSM CBD flower to support their mission. You can purchase your own CBD flower here with 100% of the proceeds generating funding for Sweetleaf's patients. We wrap up the show with a very touching story about a terminally ill cannabis patient who saw much success from this program. This story and countless others showcases why the work of Sweetleaf Collective is so imperative to the medical community encompassing the true essence of the undeniable benefits of the cannabis plant.
February 26, 2021
E.114 - Cannabis In Space & The New Frontier of THCV Ft. Dr. Jon Vaught, CEO & Co-Founder of Front Range Biosciences
Front Range Biosciences was created as a partnership with farmers, combining progressive R&D with modern agriculture to grow crops with successful yields. Tune in to E.114 featuring Dr. Jon Vaught, CEO & CO-Founder of FRB as we discuss the innovative work they are doing in the cannabis industry to create more stable plant varieties for cultivators in both the hemp and cannabis space. Jon tells us about some of the common problems they are looking to solve with their research as well as new technology on the forefront for their industry. We also chat about FRB's exciting role in sending cannabis into space through a SpaceX mission to research the effects of microgravity on the plant. Recently FRB announced that they were the first genetics company to launch a line of THCv products. This is an exciting announcement for consumer's focusing on specific experiences as THCv has been known to aide in appetite suppression, as well as create energizing, less psychoactive experiences. Due to the various reported effects plants that are high in the THCv cannabinoid have been deemed to be "skinny" or "diet" weed. Learn more about releasing cannabis into space and the new frontier of THCv on the latest episode of Lit & Lucid!
February 18, 2021
E.113 - Psilocybin Legalization & Compliance ft. Kim Stuck, CEO & Founder of Allay Consulting
Kim Stuck started her career with the City of Denver becoming the first cannabis regulator in the space back before anyone really knew how to regulate this new industry. After working alongside manufacturers, cultivators, retailers and legislators for many years she decided to branch off onto her own creating Allay Consulting. As a consultant Kim is able to work with clients to find solutions to their compliance problems while being able to offer insight from her past experience working as a regulator. Kim recently moved to Oregon expanding Allay Consulting's cannabis consulting services and expanding the business into psilocybin compliance. While regulations are still being written in Oregon, Kim hopes to be part of that process being able to offer the same skills sets she's provided to the cannabis industry now in the psilocybin space. Learn more about decriminalization of psilocybin that took place in Oregon in Nov 2020 and Kim's predictions for what we can expect for the psilocybin industry in years to come.
February 12, 2021
E.112 - The Psychedelic Experience of Cannabis ft. Libby Cooper Co-Founder & CEO of Space Coyote
Tune in to Episode 112 featuring Libby Cooper Co-Founder and CEO of Space Coyote specializing in infused joints. We chat with Libby about what makes their joints unique from utilizing sun-grown cannabis, being conscious of the packaging, and collaborating with top-notch extractors in California to provide an out of this world experiences for consumers. Libby tells us about how Space Coyote came to be and the vibe they are looking to attract with their brand. Space Coyote has hopes of normalizing concentrate consumption as well as showcasing the psychedelic experience of cannabis consumption. We finish off the show chatting about the idea that we could possibly be living in a simulation and the concept of "manifesting." If you are in California Get Glazed with the Space Coyote infused joints!
February 05, 2021
E.111 Creating A Vibe: Cannabis, Backbone & Northern Nights Music Festival ft. Co-Founder Peter Huson
Tune in to Episode 111 featuring Peter Huson, Chief of Operations at Backbone. We discuss Peter's educational background and how that journey led him to the cannabis industry. We chat about his experience as an Aerospace Engineer for government contracts working with NASA and the project he worked on at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Peter has always had a passion for live music and became the Co-Founder of Northern Nights Music Festival in California in 2013. Peter recognized that many attendees were cannabis consumer's however they didn't have a way to legally consume on site while mostly all festivals offered beer gardens for alcohol consumers. Peter wanted the attendees of NNM to have a different experience so he worked alongside local regulators and co-authored AB2020 granting Northern Nights the go-ahead to be the first festival to offer legal cannabis sales. Peter also describes the potential for a psychedelic consumption section at future festivals as laws and guidelines continue to evolve. While the pandemic put a damper on 2020's plans Peter has high hopes for the festival in 2021.  Check out Northern Nights Festival to learn more and to stay up-to-date on the 2021 festival tentatively scheduled for July 16-18th! 
January 28, 2021
E.110 - The Art & Science of Interpening Ft. Max Montrose, Founder of Trichome Institute
If you caught Episode 109 with Max Koby of ABSTRAX he shared an exclusive story about “Man Vs. Machine” where ABSTRAX was able to test their terpene R&D with a man who has expressed he can determine cannabis strains based off “interpening”. Lit & Lucid were able to sit down with this man, Max Montrose, Founder of Trichome Institute who created the art and science of the cannabis sommelier, formally known as Interpening. Through years of personal experience and his own R&D Max has created a program in which you can determine the quality and effects of cannabis with your eyes, nose, and knowledge. We sit down with Max to discuss how he became aware of this skillset, as he’s always had the ability to speak to plants since he was younger allowing him to have a great connection to Mother Nature than many of us do. He expresses how difficult it has been to get others to understand how Interpening works since the industry has been conditioned to inaccurately denote cannabis strains by “indica” “sativa” “hybrid”. We discuss the accuracy of his skillset and certification and how it has the ability to shift the cannabis industry for the better. If you've always wondered how the Freemason's feel about plant medicine Max provides us with his insight + he tells us what he really thinks about Hamilton's Pharmacopeia. Tune in now to learn from Max Montrose about the power and future of Interpening on the cannabis industry and how you too could become a sommelier through the Trichome Institute.
January 21, 2021
E.109 - The Future of Terpenes & Cannabis Quality Analytics Ft. Max Koby, Founder of ABSTRAX Tech
Prepare to have your mind blown in this episode of Lit & Lucid as we discuss the future of terpenes with Max Koby, CEO of ABSTRAX Tech. Max and his team at ABSTRAX are pioneering terpene driven sensorial experiences to help shape the cannabis industry into the future. We learn more about the process of botanical extraction to create intricate terpene flavor profiles and how companies can utilize these terpenes in their products to create specific experience driven outcomes. Max tells us about the exciting experiment his team did with Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute, candidly deemed "Man vs. Machine" where both parties were able to further legitimize their findings in the field. Stay tuned for the next episode where we follow up with Max Montrose about his background as an Interpener. If you are interested in learning about terpenes and are ready to get really in-depth and lucid on the topic this episode is for you! Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
January 14, 2021
E.108 - Cannamoms & Clean Cannabis Ft. Kristin Murr-Sloat Co-Owner of AlpinStash
Tune in to Episode 108 featuring Kristin Murr-Sloat Co-Founder of AlpinStash, small-batch clean cannabis cultivation in Colorado. We discuss Kristin’s journey of utilizing cannabis for a back injury related to playing hockey as a youth. Kristin is candid with us in her journey to becoming a cannamom and all the factors that go into consuming cannabis as a new mom and the stigmas associated with it. You may remember AlpinStash from an early episode of L&L as we sit down with Co-Founder of AlpinStash, Danny Sloat. Today Kristin handles much of the day to day and compliance matters at AlpinStash and pays special recognition to the small staff that helps keep the business running. As a small, craft cannabis cultivation we discuss the uphill battle with dispensaries and how we see the industry shifting focus to shining light on the growers in the future. Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify,  Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
January 07, 2021
E.107 - Legal Cannabis in Michigan & A Creative Social Equity Solution ft. Narmin Jarrous
Tune in to Episode 107 featuring Narmin Jarrous, Chief Development Office of Exclusive Brands. We discuss how she found cannabis to help alleviate many years of pain and suffering from Endrometriosis with little relief from Western Medicine. Narmin takes us through her journey of discovering plant medicine and the tough conversations she’s still having today with friends and family about her decision to consume and work in the cannabis industry. With Michigan being a newly legalized state, Narmin has been able to work her way up the ranks of a new industry focusing on Exclusive Brand’s social equity program and finding her niche in writing applications. Narmin recently was promoted to Chief Development Officer where she’ll continue her good work in the industry breaking stigmas and misconceptions about cannabis consumers and help those disadvantaged in the industry become successful.
December 17, 2020
E.106 - Discovering the Truth Ft. Maryam Henein of The Honey Colony
Tune in to Episode 106 with return guest, Maryam Henein of the Honey Colony as we dissect today's world events to help discover the truth. Maryam is an investigative journalist and Director of Vanishing of the Bees and has spent ample time researching timely topics including COVID-19, vaccine efficacy and online censorship. Censorship is a well known struggle in the cannabis industry where many CBD companies are restricted from payment processors online and cannabis companies are unable to advertise online due to the lack of federal legalization. We candidly discuss these topics to help shine light on what's truly happening in today's world. Check out Episode 66 with Maryam where we are first introduced to the concept of technofascism.
December 15, 2020
E.105 - Overcoming Adversity & Hemp Apparel Ft. Bryan DeHaven, Founder of Alpine Hemp
We’ve all been affected by everything 2020 has thrown at us, though not everyone has been so candid about how their business was affected and the sheer tenacity it takes to pivot. We sit down with Bryan DeHaven, Founder of Alpine Hemp Company to discuss how his hemp apparel company has overcome adversity during the pandemic. Bryan is transparent about his journey and the hard work that got him to today. Despite all of this year’s turmoil Bryan remains rather optimistic about the future. We also discuss his background in streetwear and hemp clothing as well as the current downfalls with hemp textiles in the US. Stay with us through the end where we unexpectedly give Bryan the 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award as he gives a moment of gratitude to all the businesses that have helped him this year. Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
December 03, 2020
Danksgiving Special Ft. Lit & Lucid
Tune in to the Danksgiving Day Special featuring Lit & Lucid as we sit down on Thanksgiving to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Lucid shares his gratitude for Episode 100 ft. Jim Belushi and the importance and impact of the story he shared with us. We talk about how everyone is struggling inside and if you consciously turn to cannabis plant medicine it can be a holistic alternative to help us all. Lit shares gratitude for Episode 92 ft. Edward Weidenfeld, and his courage to turn to plant medicine to help with Parkinson's Disease. Stay tuned for future episodes as we continue to break down barriers, discussing thought provoking topics such as TechnoFascism and more about the benefits of the cannabis plant. To date we have over 100 reasons as to why we are grateful for all of our listeners, guests and advocates of the plant, because of you this show is possible! Much love and stay lit today, Lit & Lucid
November 26, 2020
E.104 - Cannabis & Creativity Ft. Shawn Gold, CEO of Pilgrim Soul
Do you utilize cannabis to spark creativity? Whether it be to bring life to your everyday routine, tackle a new problem at work, or to sit down and paint a piece of art, many utilize cannabis to alter their normal thought process to help bring themselves into a flow state of creative thinking. Tune in to E.104 featuring Shawn Gold, founder of Pilgrim Soul who has published a creative journal that you can use while high to optimize your own creative performance. We discuss the inspiration behind the name Pilgrim Soul, Shawn's own creative process with crafting the journal, and more on the science and history behind cannabis consumption and creativity. We think you'll find this episode rather interesting as we continue to educate consumers on the importance of conscious cannabis consumption for optimal performance, not purchasing products solely on the THC level, and the future of shopping for performance specific cannabis products. Use code LITANDLUCID for 25% your purchase!
November 20, 2020
E.103 - Cannabis Law Ft. Jeffrey Welsh of Vicente Sederberg
Tune in to Episode 103 featuring Jeffrey Welsh, legal counsel at Vicente Sederberg. We discuss Jeffrey’s path to becoming an attorney in the cannabis industry from being a professional saxophonist, working in the entertainment field, to co-founding Composite Agency. Jeff provides insight into how he finds inspiration in his daily work working through the different scenarios he handles as a cannabis attorney. We discuss the stigmas still associated with cannabis consumption as a business professional and how he’s overcome those misconceptions. Lucid explores more on how Jeffrey finds mentors and the best way you too can find someone to help you along your life’s journey. Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond! Please consider nominating Lit & Lucid Podcast for the “Best Colorado Podcast” and “Best host/cohosts” for the 2nd annual Hoppy Awards via the House of Pod now through November 20th!
November 12, 2020
E.102 Ft. Laganja Estranja - Utilizing Cannabis to Achieve Greatness
Lit & Lucid sit down to discuss Election Night 2020 including how we coped with the night, and the BIG wins for cannabis. We get lucid discussing a new patent by the U.S. government for flying saucers, and stay lit discussing the turbulence to come this month within the galaxy and planetary alignments. Tune in to E.102 featuring special guest, Laganja Estranga, world-renowned female illusionist, choreographer, music artist, cannabis advocate and LGBTQ+ icon. You may recognize Laganja from Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race or Season 15 of So You Think You Can Dance. We discuss how Laganja has utilized cannabis in her life to spark creativity in all that she does in life from dance and choreography, to dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as motivation to continue to be a strong voice for the LGBTQ+ community. You can check out Laganja's music video, "Look at Me" ft. J Tyler as they depict the harsh realities of the war on drugs and the racial bias that still continues today. We discuss the importance of Laganja using her platform to bring awareness to this issue and how each of us can do our part to take a stance on those incarcerated for cannabis crimes. We finish up the episode discussing what's to come for Laganja including the release of her new single "Daddy" on November 30th. Get inspired to achieve greatness by Laganja on this week's episode! Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
November 05, 2020
E.101 - Cannabis Consciousness Ft. Max Simon, Founder of Green Flower Media
Have you ever pondered the concept of the cannabis consciousness? Do you utilize cannabis in your own health and wellness regimen? Learn more about these topics from Max Simon, Founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, a leader in online cannabis education and training. Having suffered from ADD his whole life Max has found a sense of peace and presence while consuming cannabis plant medicine. He’s taken a great deal of time to ponder the concept of the cannabis consciousness, beautifully articulating its meaning on our show. Max also spent 8 years working alongside Deepak Chopra elevating his brand and online presence. He continues to have a strong relationship with Deepak, providing us with insight into what Deepak thinks about plant medicine. Finally, stay tuned until the end of Episode 101 to learn more about an exciting announcement on the horizon for Green Flower! Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
October 29, 2020
E.100 ft. Jim Belushi - On a Mission From God (Blue's Brothers Launch at The Green Solution)
Welcome to Season 10 of the show! We are excited to host Jim Belushi, Founder of Belushi Farms and star of the Discovery Channel Series, Growing Belushi. L&L have a moving conversation with Jim about the impact addiction can have on a family and how cannabis can be the healing force behind the struggles his brother John Belushi and many others have faced. We discuss all the medicinal healing aspects the plant has to offer and the important impact cannabis has had on Jim's life, and the inspiration behind starting his Oregon cannabis farm. Jim also has a special announcement for listeners; the Blue's Brother's pre-rolls are launching at The Green Solution in Colorado! Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, will be in Colorado on Saturday October 24th at The Green Solution from 2-4pm to celebrate the launch of the Blue's Brother's pre-rolls and the Green Solution's 10th anniversary. If you are in Colorado make sure to check out this iconic brand! Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
October 22, 2020
Season 10 Sesh - Introducing Lit & Lucid 2.0
Join us in anticipation of our 100th episode as co-hosts Lit & Lucid Sesh about what we’ve learned along this lit and lucid journey. We keep it real discussing the challenges we’ve faced as podcasters and how we’ve been working with House of Pod to make our show even better! Get ready to listen to higher quality audio, more intriguing content and interviews with guests, and educational tid bids for our listeners. Tune in for a sneak peak of Season 10 and our Special Guest, Jim Belushi coming soon on Episode 100. This cannabis podcast episode is one you don’t want to miss! Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts,, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and beyond!
October 20, 2020
E.99 - Celebrity Jeweler Turned Cannabis Entrepreneur Ft. Alex Todd, Founder of Saucey Farms & Extracts
Alex Todd spent many years creating high-end jewelry for celebrities like Rhianna, Kevin Hart and Jay-Z. After being a cannabis consumer for over 20 years Alex knew what he wanted in his cannabis products so he decided to launch his own brand, Saucey Farms & Extracts in April 2019. Saucey focuses on providing consumers with top-of-the-line luxury cannabis products with that exclusive, New York feel. Today Saucey Extracts is represented by many celebrities such as Rick Ross and Fetty Wap. Saucey's even teamed up with Jim Jones to create their signature CAPO blunt so you too can feel like a celebrity while consuming these products. Tune in to Episode 99 to learn more about Alex's passion for the plant, his inspiration behind the brand and what he sees for the future of Saucey Farms & Extracts.
August 25, 2020
E.98 - Wave Theory & Cannabis Investment Ft. Narbé Alexandrian, CEO of Canopy Rivers
Narbé Alexandrian is the CEO of Canopy Rivers, venture capital firm in Canada specializing in investing capital to help grow sustainable cannabis businesses. Narbé providing insight into what the firm looks for when investing in cannabis companies and how that strategy has changed during the pandemic. Narbé also goes into detail about the Wave Theory, projecting the future of the cannabis industry from the present to the next 2-5-10 years. We discuss implications of what the consumer wants in a product vs. what companies are providing and ways companies can stand out amongst their competitors in order to be successful in the future.
August 11, 2020
E.97 - Inequalities in Cannabis Ft. Shanita Penny, Founder of Budding Solutions
Shanita Penny has been facing inequalities throughout her life from college internships to working in the cannabis industry. Today Shanita uses her experiences to advocate on behalf of minorities to bring the issues of inequality in the industry to the forefront. Previously, as the President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, Shanita testified before Congress in support of allowing access to the Small Business Administration as well as shared her own personal story regarding a cannabis drug conviction. Tune in to Episode 97 of Lit & Lucid to learn from Shanita about ways each and every one of us can come together to uplift communities and help minorities succeed in this industry.
July 28, 2020
E.96 The Rise of Edible Consumption ft. Elise McDonough of CannaCraft
Tune in to Episode 96 with Elise McDonough, Brand Manager of Confections at CannaCraft. Elise is an 18 year Veteran in the cannabis industry, author of Bong Appétit cookbook from Vice and the Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook.She provides insight into how consumers can cook with cannabis at home from infusing desserts to savory eats. As people are spending more time the cannabis industry has seen an uptick in edible consumption. We discuss how the edible market has evolved over the year's and are no longer your Uncle's hash brownies offering many new options for consumers of all types. Elise educates us on Satori Edibles, the brand she works with under CannaCraft and their micro-dose options perfect for new consumers.
July 17, 2020
E.95 - Changing the World through Hemp ft. “King of Pot Stocks” Bruce Perlowin
Tune in to Episode 95 as we learn from Bruce Perlowin, famous marijuana smuggler turned entrepreneur. Bruce has shifted his focus towards hemp in the last decade as he recognized that hemp would become the future of the cannabis industry. He started Hemp Inc, (OTC: HEMP) in 2008 which focuses on providing green solutions that help make the world a better place to live by focusing on hemp products that are eco friendly, healthy, and can often replace petroleum-based products. Today Bruce is moving the Hemp Revolution forward through Kins Communities which provides Veterans and other disadvantaged communities with the skills needed to cultivate hemp and live sustainability off of the land. Check out Episode 95 to learn more from Bruce about the good work the Hemp Inc. and the Kins Communities are doing which may just inspire you to join their mission!
July 07, 2020
E.94 ft. Ladies of Paradise
Tune in to Episode 94 as we sit down with the Co-Founders of Ladies of Paradise, Harlee Case and Jade Daniels. Ladies in Paradise is a woman-owned creative agency in Portland, OR which was created as a place to uplift, unite and educate individuals by means of fashion, community and culture. We discuss how they entered the industry and are now working to create and facilitate the modern day cannabis culture in Oregon through photography, dispensary interior design and events. Harlee and Jade also expanded their brand to include Lady Jays, THC, CBD and CBG pre-rolls. Currently 50% of the hemp-based pre-roll sales are going to Don't Shoot Portland, a social justice nonprofit as well as an upcoming BLM THC blend where nearly 100% of sales will go to Last Prisoner Project. Give this episode a listen to hear from these inspiring ladies about the Oregon cannabis community, their experience with online CBD sales and more!
June 26, 2020
E.93 - Equity In Cannabis Ft. Jane West
Tune in to Episode 93 as we discuss the very important topic of equity in cannabis with Jane West. Jane discusses the inequalities occurring in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and other legal cannabis markets. We candidly discuss the application and license process in these States and the sheer inequality it is causing for minorities and as a result the effects it is having on local communities. Learn more about Jane's stance on fairness and race equality in this episode and check out Episode 80 to learn more about Jane's background. #equityincannabis #cannabisequality #janewest
June 19, 2020
E.92 - From Capitol Hill to Cannabis ft. Edward Weidenfeld, CEO of District Cannabis
Tune in to Episode 92 featuring Edward Weidenfeld, CEO and Co-Founder of District Cannabis in Washington, D.C  and Phyto Management LLC. Edward is battling Parkinson's Disease and has found much relief and comfort in the cannabis plant. Weidenfeld has over 30 years of experience on Capitol Hill as the former Head Counsel to Ronald Reagan and an advisor to five additional Presidents. Edward shares great insight into the politics surrounding cannabis, why he became an advocate for the plant, and what District Cannabis is doing to be a strong steward offering clean cannabis production for cannabis patients. Please take the time to listen to Edward's inspiring story, it is because of people like him that Lit & Lucid Podcast was created to help important voices like Edward's be heard.
June 10, 2020
E.91 - CBD Business Evolution ft. Shauna Blanch, COO of Color Up
Tune in to Episode 91 featuring Shauna Blanch, COO and Co-Founder of Color Up as she discusses the evolution of her CBD business and how they have pivoted to offering CBD infused hand sanitizer in the midst of the pandemic. Shauna provides a candid insight into her cannabis journey and how her product line has evolved over the years based on increased education and market need. Today Shauna and her team at Color Up offer cannabis education classes online and in-person, infused CBD massages, facials, nail care and more.  Color Up also offers an amazing space for those looking to host events in Denver, CO. #CBDEducation #CBDBusiness #ColorUp #CBDMassage #CBDhandsanitizer 
May 29, 2020
E.90 - Hemp & Mushroom Advocacy Ft. Cait Curley
Welcome to Season 9 of the show! We are excited to kick off the season with hemp and mushroom advocate Cait Curley.Cait provides insight into her background in the cannabis industry and how her journey with plant medicine started. Today she is heavily involved with the hemp industry advocating for the plant and providing valuable education to consumers. This is the first episode where we touch on the benefits of mushrooms as plant medicine for overall health and wellness. Learn more about Cait's micro-dosing regimen and how she utilizes mushrooms in her daily life. #hempeducation #mushroomadvocacy #mushroomeducation #cannabispodcast 
May 22, 2020
Sesh Ft. Strawberry Sequoia & Casey Jones of The Mary Jane Experience Podcast
Tune in to the latest Lit & Lucid "Sesh" as we sit down with the Mary Jane Experience Podcast featuring Strawberry Sequoia and Casey Jones. This is the first time we get to chat with other cannabis podcasters in the business. We talk all things cannabis from our backgrounds and what inspired the show having tons of laughs and synergies emerge along the way. We finish out the episode discussing the #BovedaChallenge Giveaway via Lit & Lucid Podcast as well as the exciting plans for Mary Jane Experience as they plan to take the show on the road in the next 50 days. Both podcast teams offer their insight into what the cannaabis industry looks like in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.
May 12, 2020
E.89 COVID-19 Crisis Communication Ft. Ricardo Baca, Founder of Grasslands Agency
As COVID-19 has taken over much of our daily routines many businesses are facing some pretty scary realities about the future of their company. During times like these it's more important than ever to have solid crisis communication strategies in place to ensure your customers and staff have a clear understanding of where you stand. Ricardo Baca, Founder & CEO of Grasslands Agency sits down with Lit & Lucid to discuss ways companies can pivot their business online, the importance of public relations, and how to cope as a small business during these uncertain times. As a cannabis advocate, Ricardo talks about the open letter to the editor he sent to Mayor Hancock in response to closing Colorado recreational dispensaries in the early days of the at-home order. We discuss the sheer importance of cannabis companies being deemed essential and how those facts can help move federal legalization forward.
April 10, 2020
E.88 - Last Prisoner Project ft. Andrew DeAngelo Co-Founder of Harborside
Did you know there are over 40,000 inmates currently incarcerated across the U.S. for cannabis related crimes? As cannabis is continuing to become legal across the U.S. and being deemed an "essential business" by many states this is a huge injustice to those behind bars. Tune in to Episode 88 with Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder of Harborside, one of the oldest, largest and most respectable dispensaries in the world as he discusses our current affairs as it relates to COVID-19 as well his latest venture, co-founding Last Prisoner Project (LLP) with his brother Steve DeAngelo. Help LLP efforts to address overcrowding and ensure inmates are receiving the medical care they need by signing this petition. #COVIDandCannabis #LastPrisonerProject #CannabisInmates #HarborsideDispensary
April 03, 2020
E.87 Cannabis Testing Rules & Regulations Explained - Frank Traylor, CEO of Agriscience Labs
Ensuring you are consuming clean cannabis is an important factor to consider when utilizing cannabis for health and wellness as well as medicinal purposes. We brought Frank Traylor, CEO of Agriscience Labs, the oldest ISO-accredited cannabis testing lab in the nation on our show to discuss cannabis testing rules and regulations. Frank discusses the new heavy metal testing requirements in Colorado which now require testing to determine if there are traces of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in the product. Traylor also provides insight into testing requirements that may be in the pipeline for hemp. We dive into the details around how a cannabis product gets tested and approved to be sold at a licensed dispensary. If you are interested in learning more about this important process keeping consumers safe check out the latest episode of Lit & Lucid! #CannabisTestingLab #ColoradoCannabis #HeavyMetalsTesting #CleanCannabis #Agriscience
March 27, 2020
E.86 - COVID-19 & The Cannabis Industry ft. Katherine Golden, Leaf411
COVID-19 has taken over the lives of many Americans in the last few weeks causing us to work from home, practice social distancing, and quarantining ourselves if we are experiencing symptoms for up to 14 days. Leaf 411, a free cannabis nurse hotline is offering advice in the midst of this crisis for the cannabis industry. Whether you are a dispensary or a cannabis consumer it's important to understand the ways to protect yourself at this time. Tune in to Episode 86 with Katherine Golden, RN, CEO & Co-Founder of Leaf411 to learn more about the advice this non-profit is offering those who are being affected. Leaf411 has also created a Preparedness Plan with guidance from local, state and federal agencies and health organizations to keep customers and employees safe. Dispensaries have been deemed essential businesses and will remain open to allow patients access to their cannabis plant medicine. If you have any questions about how to purchase your medicine safely and your cannabis usage during this time the free hotline (844-Leaf411). This hotline is now open to cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers through March 30th as a response to COVID-19. #CannabisandCOVID19 #Coronavirus #Leaf411 #CannabisNurseHotline 
March 20, 2020
E.85 Cannabis Industry Taxes ft. Marshall Varano, Tax Partner at CohnReznick
One thing we can't avoid in our personal lives and as business owners is taxes. The cannabis industry is held to 280E which makes taxes very pricey and a potential detriment to one's business success. It's important to have a licensed CPA on your side to help you navigate the waters of taxes in the cannabis industry and to ensure you are staying up to date on rules and regulations and not costing your company unnecessary fines. Tune in to Episode 85 featuring Marshall Varano, CPA and Tax Partner at CohnReznick in California to learn more about how taxes affect your cannabis business. Marshall discusses in detail the implications of 280E and provides insight into the future of cannabis legalization. #taxesincannabis #cannabistaxlaw #cannabisindustrytaxes #cohnreznick 
March 13, 2020
E.84 Venture Capital in Cannabis ft. Rick Batenburg III of Cliintel Capital
Tune in to Episode 84 featuring Rick Batenburg III, Founding Partner and CIO of Cliintel Capital Management Group. Rick provides insight into the world of venture capital, and how his company has helped The Clear Cannabis, Inc. grow their business across the U.S. Cliintel Capital is hosting the Infused Products Conference in May where entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their business idea for an opportunity to work with Cliintel and $25,000 in capital to scale their company. Rick concludes the show with business advice for those looking to pitch an idea at this year's conference providing insight into exactly what investors are looking for to ensure return on their investment. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts on. Season 8 brought to you by Verra Health #venturecapitalincannabis #cannabisinvestment #cannabiz #cannabisbusiness 
March 06, 2020
E.83 Sustainable Cannabis Production ft. Rudy Ellenbogen, CEO of Whole Grow
Tune in to Episode 83 to learn from Rudy Ellenbogen, CEO of Whole Grow, cannabis consulting firm in Denver, CO focused on promoting organic and ethically produced high-quality cannabis products. Rudy discusses the importance of choosing a sustainable cultivation for optimal business success, including utilizing living-soil practices. Rudy has past experience working as the CEO of Verde Natural in Colorado, one of the largest living-soil indoor cultivations in Colorado as well as consulting with companies all across the U.S., and Columbia. Rudy wraps up the episode with some great advice to entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. #SustainableCannabis #organiccannabis #cannabisproduction #wholegrow #cleancannabis #cannabisconsulting #livingsoilcannabis 
February 28, 2020
E.82 Educating Budtenders ft. Winston Boney of The Highly Educated
Tune in to Episode 82 to learn from Winston Boney, CEO of The Highly Educated about the importance of educating budtenders. Winston’s company was founded on the principal that budtenders are the cornerstone of the cannabis industry. As a budtender herself Winston has first hand knowledge of the importance of having an educated bud tender on staff to ensure patients feel comfortable and safe with the transactions they make. Winston’s cannabis journey and her passion for bud tender education came from her experience working in the Massachusetts’ market which she provides insight into on the show. The Highly Educated also offers cannabis educational courses that are tailored to fit your needs whether you are a novice or experienced in the industry. Check out the latest Lit & Lucid Episode to learn more about Winston’s experience and why you should be investing in bud tenders today to make your dispensary more money tomorrow! Streaming now on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Season 8 brought to you by Verra Health  #CannabisEducation #EducationalCannabisCourses #TheHighlyEducated #CannabisPodcast 
February 20, 2020
E.81 - Building a Cannabis Empire Ft. Matthew Morgan of Blum Dispensary
Tune in to Episode 81 to hear this inspiring story about Matthew Morgan, a young entrepreneur who's pushed the limits to build a cannabis empire reaching new highs on a variety of business ventures. In just a short period of time Matthew Morgan went from learning how to cultivate for medical patients in Montana scaling to a 15,000 square ft. facility to operating Bloom Dispensary, the first dispensary to hit a $100 million revenue run rate. With a strong passion for success and entrepreneurship Matt moved on to start Reef Dispensaries and Tryke Industries utilizing the same growth mindset that achieved him success with Bloom. Today Matt has switched gears operating OneQor focusing on revolutionizing the CBD market by working with brands such as GNC to create private label CBD products. While Matt was grateful to move into a new marketplace without the restrictions of THC, he recently came on board as the CEO of Blum Dispensary. #MatthewMorgan #CannabisEntrepreneur #Cannabiz #BlumDispensary #ReefDispensary #CannabisEmpire 
February 13, 2020
E.80 - Denver Westword High Style Event ft. Cannabis & Fashion
Tune in to the live recording with Denver Westword, JAM Productions, Jane West, and Stillwater Brands to learn more about the upcoming High Style Event on Thursday March 5th in Denver, CO. High Style will fuse cannabis-inspired fashion, education and wellness into one amazing evening of curated, interactive programming focused on style, substance and sustainability. Hear from event organizers Jenny Baker-Strasburg and Mary Spicer about the inspiration behind High Style, more from Anna Zarrella Marketing and Sales Coordinator with Westword. Jane West, Founder of Women Grow and Jane West brand also join us to discuss how Women Grow got into the fashion scene and more on how today's modern consumer has shifted. Nikki Kujawski, Senior Brand Manager with Stillwater discusses their innovative, water soluble THC product, Ripple and more about guests may expect to experience at High Style. Use code LITLUCID to register for the event! Full video episode streaming on YouTube, WeedTube and audio featured on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Season 8 is brought to you by Verra Wellness #cannabisfashion #fashionandcannabis #WWhighstyle #westwordhighstyle 
February 07, 2020
E.79 Inside California's Cannabis Market Ft. Patrick King of Soil King
We sat down with Episode 52 return guest, Patrick King, Founder of The Soil King to provide us with insight into the California cannabis market. Despite all the hurdles from 2019 including increased taxes facing consumers Patrick has a positive point of view about the future of recreational cannabis in California.  Patrick discusses Big Rootz Soil and  emphasizes the importance of clean cannabis and understanding the inputs that are utilized to cultivate cannabis. Patrick also touched on some interesting details regarding the vaping crisis and Vitamin E acetate. #CaliforniaCannabis #Californiamarket #TheSoilKing #CleanCannabis #Cannabiseducation 
January 16, 2020
E.78 Behind the Brand ft. Willie's Reserve Co-Founder Elizabeth Hogan
Tune in to Episode 78 recorded live at MJBizConference in Las Vegas, Nevada where we sit down with Elizabeth Hogan, Co-Founder of Willie's Reserve. We discuss the countless hours Elizabeth spent learning more about Willie Nelson and how she took his passion and turned into a successful cannabis company.  Willie's Reserve believes all strains are "Willie Nelson" strains which is encompassed in their support of local farmers. Learn more about Elizabeth's background and how she got to today, as well as the future for Willie's Reserve including Willie's Remedy CBD line. #WilliesReserve #WillieNelsonCannabis #WillieNelsonCannabisCompany #WilliesRemedy #SupportSmallFarmers 
January 09, 2020
E.77 The Truth Behind Cannabis Culture ft. Greg Welch, Cannabiscapes
Tune in to Episode 77 recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada during MJBiz Con week with Greg Welch, formally known as Ty Forto of Cannabiscapes. Listen to Greg’s last episode on L & L where we discuss Cannabiscapes and current affairs in the Florida cannabis market. In Episode 77 we dive into the truth behind the cannabis industry and the importance of local cannabis farmers, the threat from large corporations and their lack of knowledge about cannabis culture. This is one episode you don’t want to miss! #cannabisculture #cannabiscapes #cannabisfarmer #supportsmallfarmers #cannabiseducation
January 02, 2020
E.76 – Phyx Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water ft. Niccolo Aieta CTO of Spherex
Tune in to Episode 76 recorded live at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, NV with CTO of Spherex, Niccolo Aieta. Spherex is an innovative cannabis extraction company started in Denver, CO in 2015. Through Niccolo’s background as a chemical engineer and post-doctoral work Niccolo has expanded into cannabis infused sparkling water. Phyx is a tasteless immediate effect with proprietary Nano-encapsulation absorption technology. Learn more about what sets Spherex and Phyx a part from the competition in the latest episode of L & L streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith #CannabisPodcast #CannabisInfusedWater #Spherex #Phyx #DenverCannabis #CannabisEntreprenuer #NiccoloAieta
December 19, 2019
E.75 Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine ft. Dr. Rachel Knox
Tune in to Episode 75 with Dr. Rachel Knox of the American Cannabinoid Clinic to learn more about Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine and its benefits for holistic health and wellness as well as insight into the Oregon cannabis market. Dr. Rachel Knox is a disguised medical practitioner in Oregon specializing in Functional Medicine, Cannabinoid Medicine, and Endocannabinology. She was recently featured on TedTalk and the Keynote Presentation at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium in Denver, CO. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Cannabis.
December 12, 2019
E.74 What's In My Vape + Reputable CBD Ft. Dr. Dot Colagiovanni
Tune in to Episode 74 to learn from return guest, Dr. Dot Colagiovanni Vice President of Product Development at Verra Wellness who discusses in detail What's In My Vape, debunking concerns around vaping and how to protect yourself as a consumer when searching for quality vape products. Verra Wellness recently launched their line of CBD products, Verra Health which can be found online. As more CBD products come to market it's important to do your research purchasing from reputable sources. Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Cannabis recent winners in the High Times Cannabis Cup. #ReputableCBD #CBDEducation #WhatsInMyVape #VapingCrisis #VapingEducation #CannabisPodcast #CannabisConsumerEducation 
December 06, 2019
E.73 CBD Infused Ice Cream ft. Sam Rose of Rosebud
Tune in to Episode 73 to learn about Rosebud Ice Cream one of the first CBD-infused ice cream’s to come to market! Founder, Sam Rose discusses his entrepreneurial path over the past three years finally getting himself to today where his products are found in local grocery stores in Colorado. We discuss the importance of perservernce as a young entrepreneur in today’s market. Check out Rosebud Ice Cream now available at Marczyk’s Fine Foods and Leever’s Locavore in Denver, CO. Give us a review if you like what you hear! Season 7 proudly brought to you by Seed & Smith Cannabis. #CBDicecream #CBDinfused #DenverCBDproducts #Cannabispodcast #CBDpodcast 
November 27, 2019
E.72 Vaping Crisis: What You Should Know ft. Emma Chasen
Tune in to Episode 72 to hear from returning guest Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator and Consultant with Eminent Consulting. Emma dives into ongoing topic of concern surrounding the vaping crisis educating listeners around the facts of the crisis and what you should look for to protect yourself as a consumer. Emma also provides insight into the cannabis market in Oklahoma and the emerging hemp market in Kentucky. Check out Episode 25 of the show to learn more about Emma’s background in cannabis education and how her journey has evolved today! Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Dispensary. #CannabisEducation #VapingCrisis #VapeCrisis #CannabisVaping #CannabisEducator #ElevatedEducation #CannabisPodcast 
November 21, 2019
E.71 Billion Dollar Dimebag ft. Jackson Tilley of Organa Brands
Tune in to Episode 71 with Jackson Tilley, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Communications for Organa Brands as he discusses his recent memoir Billion Dollar Dimebag. Jackson provides a millennial’s perspective on the cannabis industry, his personal and professional journey, as well as a historical account on the cannabis industry in the U.S. If you are looking to enter the industry or would like more information about this booming industry we highly recommend reading Billion Dollar Dimebag! Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Dispensary.
November 12, 2019
E.70 - Transparency in the Cannabis Industry Ft. Seed & Smith
Tune in to Season 7 opener with Seed & Smith Dispensary in Denver, CO. We sit down with Robbie Wroblewski and Mike Lempert of S&S to learn more about what differentiates their dispensary from others in Denver. S&S focuses on consumer transparency offering a special glimpse into how cannabis is grown, harvested, extracted, processed, and packaged in their free 40 minute guided tours. We touch also touch on what consumers should look for when purchasing products at a dispensary and more on the importance of #WhatsInMyWeed during the ongoing concerns around the vaping crisis. Episode 70 was recorded live in the Seed & Smith Dispensary available via YouTube. Special thanks to Seed & Smith for sponsoring Season 7 of the show. Check out S&S’s guided tours, the dispensary, and recent launch of the DART vaporizer made with C-Cell technology and paired with S&S distillate. #consumertransparency #cannabisindustry #DenverCannabisCommunity #DenverDispensary #SeedandSmithDispensary #cannabispodcast
November 05, 2019
E.69 CBD for Pet Wellness Ft. Pet-Ness
Tune in to Episode 69 to learn more about how to implement CBD into your pet’s health and wellness regimen. Learn from Co-Founder Jeremy Feldman and Brand Director David Nichols about the inspiration behind their brand and how our pets too can utilize CBD for their health and wellness! Animals, just like humans have an Endocannabonoid System that helps the body maintain homeostasis. If you are looking to incorporate CBD into your pet’s routine check out Pet-Ness online where they specialize in dog and cat tinctures and treats.
October 10, 2019
Sesh 2 – CBD Massage ft. Hand & Stone Massage
Tune in to the Lit & Lucid Podcast Sesh II where we give our listeners an added bonus episode in the season! In this “Sesh” learn from Spa Manager, Mark Infusino of Hand & Stone Massage and Spa in Englewood, CO. Mark dives into the science behind the effectiveness of massages and how implementing CBD into your massage can be beneficial for your body. Hand & Stone just started offering CBD massages in various locations across Denver. Stay tuned on Instagram as one lucky guest will receive a FREE massage from H & S Englewood. Sesh II streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
October 01, 2019
E.68 #WhatsInMyWeed & Cannabis Sustainability Symposium ft. Ben Gelt
Tune in to Episode 67 to hear from Ben Chair, Board Chair of the Cannabis Certification Council about the upcoming Cannabis Sustainability Symposium on October 4, 2019 in Denver, CO which brings together industry executives, advocates, scientists and thinkers together to envision a sustainable future for the cannabis industry. Ben also touches on the importance of #WhatsInMyWeed in the midst of the increasing concerns around vape cartridges and the potentially dangerous inputs and lack of regulations surrounding these products. If you are interested in learning more about #WhatsInMyWeed and what the CCC stands for in terms of consumer transparency and organic practices in the cannabis industry check out Episode 32 of the show.
September 19, 2019
E.67 Full Spectrum CBD & CBG ft. Steve’s Goods
Tune in to Episode 67 to hear from the Founder of Steve’s Goods, Steve. Steve’s Goods specializes in full spectrum CBD and CBG products online and in stores across the U.S. Steve recognized the need for quality CBD  in 2016 after being introduced to the health and wellness benefits of the products. He also realized that there was a lack of quality products and research on the subject. Steve’s Goods has evolved into a truster supplier in the industry for consumers as well as offering wholesale solutions for companies. Steve’s Goods has spent a great deal of time and energy on research and development and has been taking strides to educate on both full spectrum CBD and CBG products. We are proud to have Steve’s Goods as our Season Sponsor for the last two seasons! Check out Steve’s Goods online and on social media to learn more about all of their offerings. Podcast Episode streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
September 12, 2019
E.66 – Shopping for Quality CBD Products ft. Maryam Henein
Are you feeling frustrated by the sheer number of CBD products coming online and unsure who to trust? Tune in to Episode 66 with Maryam Henein, Founder of the Honey Colony who offers tips to consumers looking to purchase CBD products. We had the pleasure of meeting with Maryam at the World CBD Expo in Pasadena, CA this past August. Honey Colony is an online data base for health conscious individuals looking for valuable resources to further their own health and wellness goals. Honey Colony cross-pollinates with companies who uphold high-quality standards that value planet, humanity, honesty, and fair-trade practices. Streaming now on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and Season 6 brought to you in partnership with Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods
September 04, 2019
E.65 – CBD Manufacturing with Katie Devoe of CBD Nationwide
We had the opportunity to connect with Katie at the World CBD Expo in Pasadena, CA on Saturday August 17th. Tune in to Episode 65 with Katie Devoe of CBD Nationwide as she discusses the importance of a legitimate CBD manufacturing source. Katie is a serial entrepreneur who has utilized her passion for the plant to help educate others on the importance of knowing the source of your product manufacturer and how to bring a successful business to market. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 6 is brought to you in partnership with Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods
August 22, 2019
E.64 – Healing Power of Hemp ft. Brenda McChesney Mino
Tune in to Episode 64 to learn from Brenda McChesney Mino about her company Healing Power of Hemp product line that is being offered online and at Flourish Aveda Wellness the nation’s first fully integrated Aveda and CBD Spa, Salon, and Wellness Studio in Centennial, CO. Brenda’s past health issues led her to hemp-based CBD products which sparked her interested in creating a reputable and affordable product line. Today her business has flourished into operating a wellness salon and spa, publishing a 90-day hemp wellness guide, a hemp-based cookbook and more. If you are interested in trying out the Healing Power of Hemp Product Line use code “litlucidpodcast” for 15% your next purchase. Season Six is brought to you by Steve’s Goods and Lit Dispensary.
August 14, 2019
E.63- CannaGrow Expo ft. Jessi Rae
Tune in to Episode 63 to learn from Jessi Rae of CannaGrow a bi-annual, two-day educational expo dedicated to the art and science of growing cannabis. This event is held on August 17-18th in Palm Springs, California. The expo brings together cannabis growers, grow managers, extractors, and grow enthusiasts to explore the latest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and techniques. Jessi shares her journey through the cannabis industry as well as offers tips to entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. If you are interested in learning more about cannabis cultivation check out the CannaGrow Expo!
July 30, 2019
E.62- LA Cannabis News ft. Brian Weiss
Tune in to Episode 62 to hear from Founder of LA Cannabis News, Brian Weiss. Brian has a long standing background in the entertainment industry in California and decided to offer his skill set to cannabis. LA Cannabis News is the first localized cannabis news database, so if you are in Cali this is the news outlet to be following! Brian also touches on some great points about being an entrepreneur and how to stay afloat in this ever changing industry. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 6 is sponsored by Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods.
July 23, 2019
E.61 – Hemp Education ft. Morris Beegle Hemp Advocate & Entrepreneur
Tune in to Episode 61 with Morris Beegle, Entrepreneur and Hemp Advocate. Morris introduces listeners to what hemp is and the benefits of the plant offers from CBD oil, to industrial hemp. Morris started the NoCo Hemp Expo in Colorado which is the world’s largest gathering of hemp professionals to date. Coming from a music background Morris has created hemp guitars, as well as started a hemp paper and printing company. He also a co-host of the Let’s Talk Hemp Podcast which is a leader in hemp education. Listen in to learn more about all things hemp from one of the thought leaders in the industry! Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
July 16, 2019
E.60 – PTSD, Veterans and Cannabis
Tune into Season 6 opener Episode 60 to hear from a panel of 5 guests discussing what PTSD is, how cannabis can help, and how Veterans are being effected by PTSD. Episode 60 was recorded at Lit Dispensary in Denver, CO with panelists: Dr. David Gordon, Anna Yensen, Veteran David Larose, Bruce Nassau, Ph.D. owner of Lit Dispensary, and Elias Paniagua of Viola Brands. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Full Live Recording Available on Youtube. 
July 03, 2019
Episode 59 – Cannabis Marketing in Nevada ft. Rachel Zimbelman
Tune in to Episode 59 with Rachel Zimbelman, Founder/COO of Why Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rachel provides detailed insight into the landscape of cannabis marketing and branding in Nevada. She touches on common struggles brands face when in the development phase especially in terms of packaging rules and regulations and how her business can help combat those issues. Rachel also gives some great advise for entrepreneurs entering the industry. If you are in the business of marketing for your cannabis business this episode is one you can’t miss! Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
June 27, 2019
Episode 58 – DC Cannabis for Small Businesses ft. Shara Gibson
Tune in to Episode 58 with Shara Gibson Founder & CEO of Caniventures a local business in Washington, DC providing business development services to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to enter the cannabis industry. Shara also runs Local Meditations in Georgetown where they only supply local, small business products for sale. Shara and business partner Tanya Duckett frequently spend time on Capitol Hill speaking with law makers on the importance of including small businesses in future cannabis legalization bills including The Safe Cannabis Sales Act outlining recreational sales in the District. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
June 20, 2019
Episode 57 – High Speed Dining ft. Joel Haas
Tune in to Episode 57 with Joel Haas, comedian and sound production guru who has taken his career to a new level offering High Speed Dining. HSD is a dumbed down fine dining experience where Joel tackles over 500 restaurants across the country stoned. He is currently on a 420 coast to coast tour where he recently made a stop in Denver, CO and had a chance to talk to Lit & Lucid at The International Church of Cannabis about his high speed dining experience and how he got to where he is today. Joel also produces a HSD podcast where you can follow his travels and dining experiences as well as produces hundreds of ringtones available on iTunes. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
June 13, 2019
Episode 56 – Cannabis Journalism ft. Andrew Matranga
Tune in to Episode 56 with industry publishing veteran, and college professor at the University of Denver, Andrew Matranga. Learn more about the importance of accurate and unbiased reporting in the cannabis industry from someone who’s been in the cannabis industry since legalization in Denver, CO.  Andrew created the first journalism course focused on cannabis and how to report on the topic in America as the “New Normal.” Andrew is a Marketing Technologist with Sticker Giant and also hosts Stickers on the Mic: A Podcast about business, growth and marketing. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
June 04, 2019
Sesh 1 – Cannabis Branding ft. Asa Goldstein
Tune in to our new series the Lit & Lucid Podcast “Sesh” offering listeners added bonus episodes to further educate consumers and entrepreneurs alike! Check out our first episode with Asa Goldstein recent college graduate of Elon University who majored in strategic communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. For his final thesis Asa researched the importance of cannabis branding in the industry speaking with many top players across the U.S. on the topic. Tune in to learn about his findings from the research and his plans for moving forward in the cannabis industry in the future! Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
May 30, 2019
Episode 55 – CBD for Athletes ft. Treyous Jarrells
Tune in to Episode 55 with Treyous Jarrells a former CSU-Fort Collins running back and cannabis entrepreneur discussing the benefits of cannabinoids and CBD for athletes. Treyous is a strong proponent of utilizing plant medicine over prescription medication on and off the field and has now committed his life after football to talking to the industry about its benefits. Treyous is the co-founder of CannaEndorsers and Motives Made Just 4 Athletes. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
May 23, 2019
Episode 54 – Cannabis Consumer Institute ft. Jennifer & Toni Ioppolo
Tune in to Episode 54 with Cannabis Consumer Institute Founders Jennifer Ioppolo and Toni Ioppolo to learn more about why they chose the cannabis industry for their next business venture as well as offering insight into the cannabis market on the East Coast. The CCI is hosting the Cannabis Consumer Symposium on Wednesday June 5, 2019 in Boulder, CO offering discussions on Cannabis Chemistry and Pharmacology, The Future of Cosmetics, Terpenes, and Cannabis, Medical Cannabis: Weed or Wonder Drug, and more. Learn more and register for the Symposium. Share your cannabis/hemp story for 10% off this event! More details at CCI. Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and
May 16, 2019
Episode 53 - CBD Jelly Beans Ft. Jelly Belly Creator David Klein
In 1976 David Klein created the iconic Jelly Belly product, in 1980 David sold the rights to his company losing potentially millions of dollars in revenue as Jelly Belly is currently worth over $193 million. Over the next 20 years Klein was under a trademark deal restricting him from pursuing anything related to jelly beans. Today, David Klein, free from court orders has come back to his roots pursuing jelly beans in a different fashion. Spectrum Confections is offering a new product line of sour, sugar-free, and regular 10mg CBD jelly beans. These beans are now being sold to wholesalers looking to add CBD infused beans to their distribution. Tune in to Episode 53 to hear from David Klein about his struggles over the last forty years and how through persistence and patience he has come up on top. This is truly an inspiring story of an under-dog who’s now making his name in CBD. Streaming now on Apple Podcast,, and Spotify
May 09, 2019
Episode 52- The Soil King ft. Patrick King
Tune in to Episode 52 to learn from The Soil King, Patrick King about the sheer importance of having quality soil and how he built a successful business around his soil products. Patrick also touches on legalization in California and the issues regarding laboratory cannabis testing that they are facing in the legal market. Patrick is a Youtube sensation with a strong following across the U.S.  Check out his Youtube Channel full of valuable episodes including The Soil King Showcase, Day in the Life, and Industry Insiders. If you are interested in understanding the importance of #WhatsInMyWeed tune in to this episode! Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify
May 02, 2019
Episode 51 – Ayurvedic Plant Medicine & Microdosing w/ Scarlet Ravin - Founder of White Fox Medicinals
Tune in to Episode 51 featuring Scarlet Ravin, Founder of White Fox Medicinals. Learn more about these ayurvedic  inspired products that were created with the heart space in mind utilizing the powers of animal plant spirits to guide the branding and messaging. Scarlet touches on utilizing plant medicine for healing the mind and body and how to micro-dose to reach optimal levels. If you are looking for a quality CBD product White Fox is for you! White Fox™ began as a Cannabis company in 2017 inspired by the alchemy of herbs with cannabis to create a desired and focus effect for the human body, mind and spirit. The cannabinoids in Cannabis directly relate to the endocannbinoid system of the human body, therefor opening doors to new waves of health and healing. With a desired healing intention in mind, White Fox™ utilizes locally sourced and hand crafted herbs along with CBD to gift you with formulations that enhance your everyday well-being and assist in intentional healing journeys. Our animal symbolism comes from the knowing that everything in nature is here to assist us in coming back to wholeness, health and wellness. Symbolism has long allowed humans to feel whole and complete in themselves, our animals do just that. They inspire the true nature from your inner being to realize its own greatness and feel supported on that journey. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify
April 25, 2019
Episode 50 – Millennial Cannabis Entrepreneurs
Tune in to Episode 50 as we celebrate this milestone with our first ever LIVE Video Recording of the podcast – Millennial Cannabis Entrepreneurs panel discussion! Join in as we throw it back to our roots exploring millennials in the cannabis industry. Learn from a panel of entrepreneurs discussing the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur in the industry. Listen in as we dive into the importance of a healthy mind and body in order to tackle any challenge one might face as a business owner. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify Full VIDEO available on Youtube.
April 18, 2019
Episode 49 – Green Genomix Cannabis DNA Testing with Jackson Rowland
Tune in to Episode 49 with Jackson Rowland, Founder and CEO of Green Genomix, Cannabis DNA Testing Kit. Learn more about this innovative product and why consumers will benefit from such testing. The Green Genomix DNA test uses your DNA to identify specific genetic variants known to be responsible for the uniqueness of your biochemical makeup. This information is used to help determine which cannabis products you should use and more. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify.
April 11, 2019
Episode 48 – CSR at Lightshade Dispensary ft. Joanne Madrid
Tune in to Episode 48 with Joanne Madrid, Manager of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lightshade Dispensary in Denver, Colorado to learn more about the importance of a CSR program and how Lightshade is standing out amongst the crowd with their CSR efforts.  Lightshade is committed to offering support to the local communities in which they work in through community investments, volunteer days, fundraising efforts, and more. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify.
April 04, 2019
Episode 47 – Canadian Cannabis ft. Keith Strachan of MediPharm Labs
Tune in to Episode 47 of Lit & Lucid podcast to hear from Keith Strachan, President & Director of MediPharm Lab Corps in Canada. Keith discusses the current legal cannabis market in Canada, as well as explains the drive behind MediPharm Labs and his interest in cannabis. MediPharm Labs is a leader in cannabis extraction and purification, offering state-of-the-art technology, advanced methodologies and a purpose-built facility to deliver pure, safe and precisely-dosed cannabis concentrates and advanced derivative products. They were recently named the Canadian Cannabis Start up of the year in 2018. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify.
March 28, 2019
Episode 46 – Best in Grow Workforce Management Tools Ft. Andrew Duffy
Tune in to Episode 46 with Co-Founder & CEO of Best in Grow, Andrew Duffy to learn more about the workforce management tools they have created as a way to make cannabis businesses more successful and easier to manage. We also discuss the mental resilience needed to be an entrepreneur in the cannabis space. Best in Grow was built upon principles of behavioral economics and decision science.  It is the world’s first software tool designed to understand and influence customer behavior inside the store, in real time.
March 20, 2019
Episode 45 – Oregon’s Peak Extracts ft. Katie Stem
Tune in to Episode 45 with CEO of Peak Extracts Katie Stem to learn more about Oregon’s first adult-use edible producer licensed in Oregon and the #2 chocolate manufacturer in the state.  Katie expands on Peak Extracts mission, how the company got started and was inspired by her own health issues that she treated with edibles she created, more on Oregon’s cannabis market and the history of cannabis consumption throughout the world. 
March 07, 2019
Episode 44 - Sensi Magazine + Cannabis Community Ft. Amanda Patrizi & Richard Guerra
Tune in to Episode 44 with Sensi Magazine's Associate Publishers in Colorado Amanda Patrizi and Richard Guerra to hear more about Sensi's mission to cultivate the new normal in terms of cannabis as well as learn more about the cannabis community Sensi has fostered across the U.S. Sensi Magazine is now available in 8 markets across the U.S. 
February 26, 2019
Episode 43 - American Israel Cannabis Association Ft. Sara Gluck
Cannabis research originated in Israel in 1964 by Scientist Raphael Mechoulam who was the first to isolate THC the main active principle of cannabis. The American Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) was created in 2015 to foster collaboration between the United States and Israel in terms of education, networking, and assistance with doing business between the two countries.  Tune in to Episode 43 with Sara Gluck, COO of AICA to learn more about their efforts of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the US and Israel cannabis communities.
February 19, 2019
Episode 42 - Corporate Responsibility in Cannabis Ft. Marc Ross of Needle Consultants
Tune in to Episode 42 to learn from Marc Ross, Chief Instigator of Needle Consultants to learn more about what corporate responsibility is, why it's important, and how cannabis companies should pivot and offer CSR in order to stand out amongst the crowd. 
February 12, 2019
Episode 41 - Cannabis Publication Emerald Magazine Ft. Christina De Giovanni
Tune in to Episode 41 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast to hear from Founder and Editor of The Emerald Magazine, Christina DeGiovanni. Learn more about Christina’s journey through the black market cannabis industry and the experiences that led her to where she is today running a cannabis publication found online and in print in California and Massachusetts. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify.
February 05, 2019
Episode 40 - Cannabis Past, Present & Future Ft. Lucy & Jarrod
Tune in to Season IV opener of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Co-hosts Jarrod Mason and Lucy Rose as they discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis in 2019. They dive into what they learned from past guests, a look into Season IV’s education, as well as discuss important topics in today’s climate. Learn more about 2018 Farm Bill and hemp legalization and the Super Bowl ad that didn’t make the cut.
January 29, 2019
Episode 39 - Sustainable Cannabis Ft. Aster Farms
Tune in to Episode 39 with Aster Farms located in California offering sun grown, sustainable cannabis to learn more about the importance of understanding the source of your products as a consumer.  Hear from Sam Ludwig and Julia Jacobson to learn about the struggles Aster Farms faced in 2018 due to wild fires as well as Harry's Harvest created in response to the tragedy as a way to support fire fighters and local communities affected by the fire. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify 
January 09, 2019
Episode 38 - GoFire Dosed Inhaler ft. Peter Calfee
Tune in to Episode 38 with the CEO of GoFire Inc., Peter Calfee to learn more about the innovative Gofire dosed inhaler created to provide consumers with accurately dosed and trackable consumption. GoFire also has created an app that allows consumers to scan, track, and provide feedback on the products they are consuming.
January 02, 2019
Episode 37 - Creative Consumption Tools Ft. Josh Camitta & Sam Campbell of MJ Arsenal
Tune in the Episode 37 with Co-Founder Josh Camitta and Director of Marketing, Sam Campbell of MJ Arsenal. Learn more about the inspiration behind this creative consumption tool the Martian™ Bubbler.  They also discuss the ups and downs of marketing online in the cannabis industry. 
December 21, 2018
Episode 36 - Cannabis Compliance Software & Regulation Ft. Jordan Wellington CCO of Simplifya
Tune in to Episode 36 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast to hear from Jordan Wellington, Chief Compliance Officer with Simplifya. Learn more about Jordan's extensive background in writing cannabis policy in Colorado's early years of legalization. Most recently Jordan has started Simplifya, compliance software to help businesses work within the regulated industry. With Jordan's extensive knowledge of the backend of cannabis regulations this episode is one you can't miss!
December 14, 2018
Episode 35 – Leading a Healthy Lifestyle through Cannabis ft. Greenhouse Healthy
Tune in to Episode 35 with Antonio and Heather DeRose, founders of Greenhouse Healthy. Heather and Antonio discuss how they utilize CBD and THC, as well as hemp into their daily lives to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Greenhouse Healthy team are advocates for athletes in the cannabis space and participate themselves in various sponsored running events. Learn more about this dynamic duo in Episode 35 streaming on iTunes,, and Spotify
December 07, 2018
Episode 34 - Cannabis Deals Ft. Stephen Gold Co-Founder of The Daily Leaf
Tune in to Episode 34 of the Lit & Lucid podcast to hear from Stephen Gold, Co-Founder of The Daily Leaf located in Portland, OR. The Daily Leaf helps drive information to cannabis consumers so they can make an educated decision about the products they want to purchase in the dispensary. Stephen also discusses the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament and Canna Bowl two innovative networking events for the cannabis industry. 
December 03, 2018
Episode 33 - Millennials and Employment in the Cannabis Industry Ft. Sara Howard and Sarah Boué
Tune in to Episode 33 with Sara Howard, HR professional with Blue Raven Training and Sarah Boué of Allay Consulting. Learn more about the millennials role in the cannabis industry as well as employment and management issues the cannabis industry is facing. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify
November 21, 2018
Episode 32 - #whatsinmyweed ft. Ben Gelt, Board Chair of the Cannabis Certification Council
Tune in to Episode 32 with Board Chair, Ben Gelt of the Cannabis Certification Council. Ben discusses the importance of the social movement #whatsinmyweed as well as the importance of sustainable cannabis and business practices for the future of the industry. The council has become a leading advocate for clean, ethical and sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry. Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify
November 14, 2018
Episode 31 - Thoughtful Cannabis Consumption ft. Charles McElroy of Goldleaf
Episode 31 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast chats with Founder of Goldleaf, Charles McElroy. Charles recognized that the cannabis community was in need of a tracking system for cannabis consumption so he created the Patient Journal for easy journaling. Tune in to learn more about Goldleaf and their sophisticated design and science forward content to help track one’s cannabis consumption. They’ve also created the Grow Planner for home growers to track their progress. Consider Goldleaf for the cannabis consumer in your life! Streaming now on iTunes,, and Spotify
November 08, 2018
Episode 30 - State of Cannabis Address with Jarrod & Lucy
Tune in to Episode 30 with co-hosts Jarrod & Lucy as they offer the “State of Cannabis” Address recapping on some of our favorite topics, expanding on subjects we’ve learned about so far, as well as offering insight into the industry from our point of view.
November 01, 2018
Episode 29 - Cannabis Science Ft. Dot Colagiovanni Ph.D of Verra Wellness
Tune in to Episode 29 with Dorothy Colagiovanni, Vice President of Product Development at Verra Wellness located in Westminster, CO. Dot discusses Verra Wellnesses ups and downs when it comes to operating a successful cannabis business in the ever changing industry, as well as the science behind cannabis usage for chronic pain, and more!
October 16, 2018
Episode 28 - Craft Cannabis Ft. Danny Sloat Founder of AlpinStash
Danny discusses the importance of craft cannabis including natural, organic inputs, special care of the plants by the cultivator, as well as ensuring the product is as clean as possible for consumption. Danny educates listeners on why consumer’s should be educating themselves on where their cannabis came from and how it was grown. AlpinStash’s mission is to provide the highest quality, cleanest, healthiest cannabis grown with care by Colorado natives.
October 12, 2018
Episode 27 - Cannabis Testing & Strain Recognition Ft. Brad Bogus of Confident Cannabis
Tune in to Episode 27 with Brad Bogus, VP of Growth and Marketing with Confident Cannabis. Confident Cannabis is an online database for cannabis producers, processors, wholesales, and retailers to showcase and discover real time data on various products on the market from licensed laboratories. Brad discusses this software and the importance for it in the industry as well as their new product launch that helps consumers understand the terpene profiles of cannabis strains depending on each strain’s unique method of cultivation and location of the cultivar.
October 04, 2018
Episode 26 - Cannabis Art & Current Affairs, Ty Forto, Founder of Cannabiscapes
Tune in to Episode 26 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Ty Forto, Artist and Founder of Cannabiscapes. Ty discusses how he began integrating cannabis into his artwork creating the Instagram sensation Cannabiscapes. Ty also chats with Lit & Lucid about current affairs surrounding in the industry, and important measures taking place in Florida surrounding legalization.
September 27, 2018
Episode 25 - Cannabis Education Ft. Emma Chasen
Tune in to Episode 25 with Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about the importance of terpenes when choosing a cannabis strain, the critical role of budtenders, as well as some inspirational motivation for all the young entrepreneurs out there.
September 20, 2018
Episode 24 - Building a Brand Ft. Aviv Hadar Founder of Oregrown
Tune in to Episode 24 with CEO and Founder of Oregrown Aviv Hadar who discusses the importance of building a reputable brand in the cannabis industry as well Oregrown's unique athlete sponsorship program.
September 13, 2018
E.23 - Elderly & Cannabis Ft. David Spitz, Founder of Kind Love
Tune in to Episode 23 with David Spitz, CEO of Kind Love Colorado one of the oldest dispensaries in Colorado opening in 2010. David discusses the true importance of cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as how to talk to your parents/grandparents about cannabis consumption, and ways for the elderly to utilize cannabis into their health and wellness routine. #elderly #cannabis
September 06, 2018
Episode 22 - Branding Cannabis Ft. Jared Mirsky Founder of Wick & Mortar
Check out Episode 22 with Jared Mirsky, Founder & CEO of Wick & Mortar. Jared discusses how his background landed him in the cannabis industry starting the Online Cannabis Design in 2009 eventually transiting into Wick & Mortar which is the longest standing branding and marketing agency in the industry. He also discusses the sheer importance of consistent branding for cannabis companies.
August 28, 2018
Episode 21 - Cannabis Law Ft. Rachael Ardanuy, Legal Counsel with RZA Legal
Rachael discusses the benefits of having good legal counsel on your side in the ever changing atmosphere of laws and regulations in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Utilizing her background in real state and will planning Rachael ensures that clients are set up for their opportune future. She also discusses trademarking and it’s importance especially as brands start to move into different markets across state lines.
August 21, 2018
Episode 20 - Will Power ReGen CBD Protein Ft. Will Carr
Check out Episode 20 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Will Carr, Founder of Will Power Products. Will Power specializes in ReGen CBD protein powder. Tune in to learn more about the science of CBD and it's health benefits, hemp as a future trend of supplements, and more!
August 14, 2018
Episode 19 - ICS Cannabis Compliance & Consulting Ft. Jenny Germano
Tune in to Episode 19 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Jenny Germano, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Cannabis Consultant for ICS Consulting Services. Learn more about cannabis compliance and why it's important for your business, ways to boost employment morale and retention rates, and insight into how to enter the cannabis industry from an employee standpoint.
August 09, 2018
Episode 18 - Sun Grown California Cannabis ft. Chiah Rodrigues of Mendocino Generations
Check out Episode 18 of Lit & Lucid Podcast with second generation cultivator, Chiah Rodrigues, founder of Mendocino Generations. MG is an alliance of over 60 farms in Mendocino County, California focusing on providing sun-grown, small-batch, sustainable cannabis crops. Learn more about the plight of the American cannabis farmers as well as educate yourself on various regulations affecting this industry.
August 01, 2018
Episode 17 - Sensi Day 2018 Ft. Cannabis Community
Check out the latest episode of Lit & Lucid Podcast recorded LIVE at Sensi Day 2018 at the Stanley Hangar. Hear from 15 cannabis companies, business professionals, and influencers in the industry. Learn more about their products, services, and perspectives on the industry!
July 16, 2018
Episode 16 - Cannabis + Neuroscience Ft. Tristan Watkins, Ph.D of Lucid Mood
In the latest episode of Lit & Lucid Podcast we dive deep into the neuroscience behind cannabis. Tristan Watkins, Ph.D Chief Science Officer of Lucid Mood covers his transition into the industry and how he is utilizing his background in neuroscience to develop specific blends of cannabinoids to target specific moods.
July 16, 2018
Episode 15 - Cannabis + Fitness, Stay Ripped Apparel
Check out the latest episode of Lit & Lucid Podcast where we chat all things cannabis and fitness including the 420 Games in Denver with Stay Ripped Apparel from Chicago, IL. Stay Ripped discusses the challenges and successes as millennials owning a cannabis apparel company.
July 10, 2018
Episode 14 - California Cannabis Market Ft: Justin & Lyna
Episode 14 with Justin Simon of Cannabest Productions and Lyna Thompson, Co-host of "Hitting the Window" Podcast. Recording live from Hermosa Beach, California where we dive into the differences in the California cannabis industry in terms of production, branding, cost, social consumption, and more. Justin and Lyna also offer advice for millennials entering into the industry.
July 03, 2018
Episode 13 - 2019 Denver Mayor Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari
Join us for Episode 13 with 2019 Denver Mayor Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari who discusses the importance of cannabis reform policy in Denver, the need for a more progressive administration, and how millennials can get involved in the grassroots efforts in anticipation of next year's election.
June 20, 2018
Episode 12 - Videography & Story Telling Ft: Vincent Chandler & Andy Colwell, Founders of F/420Films
Join Lit & Lucid for Episode 12 with Vincent Chandler, Co-founder and Video Ninja with f/420films, & Andy Colwell, Co-founder and Director of First Impressions. Vincent and Andy discuss the importance of videography in today's world as well as why they chose cannabis for their latest venture. Vincent and Andy are both experienced journalists in the field specializing in producing compelling visual storytelling. #cannabis #videography #denverpodcast #cannabispodcast
June 12, 2018
Episode 11 - Cannabis 101 with Jarrod & Lucy
Check out the latest episode of Lit & Lucid podcast with Jarrod and Lucy where we go back to the basics discussing important cannabis terms. Learn more about the difference between sativa/indica/hybrids, what makes a cannabis strain unique, terpenes, various modes of consumption and more!
May 31, 2018