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Looking Glass Self

Looking Glass Self

By Veronique
Exploration of the motivations and interests that guide and define the life choices of women of color. We will investigate the impact of external perceptions on our internal motivations. Safe space to reflect, recognize, and connect with others on the journey to claim self and take ownership of our own narrative.
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In Effort To Decolonize My Mind
Join Dr. Ashley Purviance-Smith and I as we discuss black girlhood and our own quest to decolonize our minds.
November 13, 2021
Killing The Ego AKA "...And So What If I Am The Angry Black Woman?"
Join Lashonda and I as we talk about the power of accepting the reality of our experiences and not allowing those truths to limit the complexity of who we are.
August 02, 2021
To Shatter Projections...Drive
Join Ariane Nicole and I as we consider the impact of resisting other's idea of you in order to live into your own.
April 12, 2021
When The Copyright Is Your Own
Join Christa Janine and I as we consider ownership of space, place and mind as Black Women
February 16, 2021
Examining The Root: Tamika Lydell Rush
Join Tamika Lydell Rush and I as we explore the impact of our past on our present understanding of self
February 16, 2021
Finding You In Hollywood: Chrishauna Johnson
Meet Chrishauna Johnson on her quest to reconcile within herself the perception of who she is as set by the standards of the entertainment industry
January 11, 2021
Mental Meanderings: Looking Glass Self Explained
Raw thinking that explains premise of the podcast. Mental Meanderings are short monthly mini-episodes exploring a concept or topic on my mind
January 05, 2021
What will this podcast be about?
January 01, 2021