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Breaking The Stigma

Breaking The Stigma

By Let's Talk Men's Mental Health
A podcast tackling the hardest questions and themes in Mental Health. Primarily aimed at Men but designed to be enjoyed by anyone.

Each episode we speak to health professionals, people who have suffered and various Mental Health workers from various fields.

Let's Talk Men's Mental Health started in July 2018 by Michael Miles and Shaun Parfitt to tackle the lack of support for men in Cynon Valley (South Wales), where the culture has been that of men must not speak about their feelings. This had led to generations of men suffering in silence and being told to man up... we want to end this.
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Episode 2 - New Starter Justice and Mental Health with Gareth Clement

Breaking The Stigma

Episode 4 - Be Kind and Mental Health with Paul Carpenter
During this episode we sat down with a true gentleman and one of the nicest, most passionate and caring men you will ever meet, this is the Machine himself, a Breakdancing Champion of 84' - Paul Carpenter.  Paul discussed many subjects with ourselves; self care, suicide, stigma, being a man and dealing with Mental Health. Paul shares a lot of knowledge from personal experience and self reflection. We have been blessed to have Paul join Let's Talk Men's Mental Health as he had inspirations of starting his own group in Tonyrefail, so we were lucky enough Paul reached out to us and wanted to fly the flag for us in Tonyrefail.  Paul shares our morals, views and breaths exactly what it means to be a part of Let's Talk Men's Mental Health - he is an integral part of the group now and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.  You can find Paul on Twitter: @Carpyfella Follow us below on our social media to keep up to date with the reinstatement of our Tonyrefail group where you can meet Paul for an autograph or just a safe environment to speak/listen and we will also be announcing the dates of our Aberdare group too!  Many Thanks; #Let'sTalkMensMentalHealth Find us on Social Media at: Facebook: Twitter: @LTMMH2018 Instagram: @LTMMH2018
September 19, 2020
Episode 3 - The Army and Mental Health with Darren Thomas
During this episode we sat down with a very inspirational gentleman named Darren Thomas. Darren gave 21 years of his life to the army and 4 additional years working for private security. Darren covered countries like Africa, Afghanistan and Germany during those four years.  During this episode Darren discusses army life, his experience(s) and how this has impacted him as a person. Darren also discusses how the Army approaches Mental Health and what more they could do. Darren found himself in a tough spot where he was contemplating ending it all; Darren talks about this during the podcast also and how it has lead him down the path he currently follows. Darren recently set up a Twitter account and took it by storm! His inspirational videos, banter and every growing #25PressUp Challenge helping raise awareness for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression lasting 30 days per person who has been nominated. On top of this Darren is also currently providing free Personal Training sessions in his local area [The Ynys, Aberdare, RCT]. He has gone on to inspire ourselves to get moving more! You can find/follow Darren on Twitter with the handle: @DarrenT87369147 Find us on Social Media at: Facebook: Twitter: @LTMMH2018 Instagram: @LTMMH2018
September 19, 2020
Episode 2 - New Starter Justice and Mental Health with Gareth Clement
This episode we were joined by a friend who has been negatively impacted by the Furlough Scheme introduced due to Covid-19. Prior to Covid-19 Gareth moved jobs to improve his life, career and work/home life balance. Little did he know that this would cause him to be without income for 12 weeks due to being Furloughed without pay. Gareth who some may know as The Grumpy Hubby is a social media comedy influencer who has brought us his funny stories around Disneyland and the funny things his wife says... but unfortunately he has also found himself in a difficult situation and this has had an impact on his mental health. Gareth like many others missed the cut off point for new starters to be eligible for the Furlough Scheme. Gareth discusses how this has impacted him and his family (as well as nearly 10,000 people in a community on Facebook and Twitter). Gareth joined the community called "New Starters For Justice: A Campaign for New Start Furlough" - We discuss all this and more. You can find Grumpy Hubby on Facebook and Twitter If you are a man affected by Mental Health please join us at the social media below: Facebook (Public Page) Facebook Private Men Only Group Instagram Twitter Youtube
September 19, 2020
Episode 1 - Mental Health vs Mental Illness with Mark Anthony
During this episode we sit down with Mark Anthony and discuss his personal journey into the world of Mental Health and a career that has continued for 24 years so far. We also tackle the subject of Mental Health Vs Mental Illness and what the difference is... Join as we continue on our journey to #BreakTheStigma surrounding Mental Health. Song: 'Stigma' by Studio 14 Collective *Disclaimer any views shared are that of the individual and are not representative of their respective employers*
August 04, 2020
Breaking The Stigma Trailer
Have you ever suffered with Mental Health? Have you wanted answers to questions you cannot ask? Join us as we explore these difficult questions... Feel free to submit them to us, reach out, join us fortnightly as we dive deep into various conversations #BreakingTheStigma around Mental Health. Your hosts Michael Miles and Shaun Parfitt have both had experience of Mental Health issues and aim to rid the world of the stigma attached to it.
May 29, 2020