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The Future Ancients

The Future Ancients

By Luka Lesson
Luka Lesson draws on his creative powers to create new poems and rap verses inspired by conversations with guests from across the planet. His own Greek heritage and the histories of the people he speaks to often filter through, as well as his love of food, philosophy, social change, comedy and visions for the future.
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L-FRESH The LION / Mother Tongue

The Future Ancients

L-FRESH The LION / Mother Tongue

The Future Ancients

Tamica Wilder / Love Made This
Tamica Wilder is the co-founder of ‘Neosoma’ and founder of ‘Orgasmic Mama’ - she is a Kinesiologist and EFT practitioner with over 15 years experience facilitating transformational spaces for people from all walks of life. Through her work Tamica helps people attune to the innate wisdom of their bodies and magify their authentic sexual expression. The end of this episode features a recording of Luka Lesson's poetic response: 'Love Made This'. 
September 30, 2020
Joe Williams / Stereo. Type.
Joe Williams is a proud Wiradjuri/Wolgalu, First Nations Aboriginal man born in Cowra NSW, Australia. Joe had successful careers ar a professional rugby league player and Welterweight boxer. During his sporting career however, Joe battle with suicidal ideation and Bi Polar Disorder. After a suicide attempt in 2012, Joe began to commit his life to helping other people through issues of adversity, mental illness, addiction, emotional well-being and healing trauma in schools, communities, correctional services, sporting clubs and workplaces through his organisation: The Enemy Within.
August 19, 2020
Michelle Grace Hunder / Amber Lights
Michelle Grace Hunder is a one of Australia’s most revered live music photographers, and has two separate portrait series in the National Sound and Film Archive. Her works ‘RISE’, and ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ (with Claudia Dalimore) both deeply impacted both the Australian Hip-hop scene and broader music industry respectively. This episode ends with Luka Lesson performing his spoken word poem ‘Amber Lights’.
July 29, 2020
Damon Gameau / What Will Become Of Us?
Damon Gameau is an actor, documentary filmmaker and activist. His films include ‘That Sugar Film’ and ‘2040’. Damon’s work currently centres around sustainability, climate change and environmental advocacy. The end of this episode includes a new poem written by Luka Lesson entitled ‘What Will Become Of Us?’.
July 1, 2020
Dr Neal Hall / Economic Violence
Neal Hall is a trained medical-surgical eye physician and graduate of Cornell and Harvard Universities. An internationally acclaimed poet, he has composed poetry and performed readings throughout the U. S. and the world. The end of this podcast includes a new poetic response to this conversation written and performed by Luka Lesson, entitled ‘Economic Violence’.
June 16, 2020
Nardean / Church
Born and bred in Western Sydney, Nardean is an artist with a rich, intelligent and engaging voice. Her music traverses genres of rap, poetry and melody. She takes pride in being the outsider, in bending the rules and turning the awkward shapes into images for your ears. This episode of the podcast concludes with Luka Lesson reading a previously unreleased triptych entitled: Church. 
June 9, 2020
Kimberley Moulton / Living Artefact
Kimberley Moulton is a Yorta Yorta Sovereign woman from Shepparton, currently residing in Melbourne. She is the Senior Curator for South Eastern Aboriginal Collections at Museums Victoria. Her work involves the repatriation of cultural objects from International Museums as well as the decolonisation of Museum and Art spaces and practices. Kimberley is also on the board of the Barpirdhila Foundation and has had an article published in the book 'Sovereign Words: Indigenous Art, Curation and Criticism'. This podcast episode end with Luka Lesson performing verses from his original song  'Living Artefact' ft Kahl Wallis. 
May 21, 2020
L-FRESH The LION / Mother Tongue
Born and raised in South West Sydney, L-FRESH The LION is one of Australia’s most important Hip Hop artists. From live music venues, stadiums and arenas, to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, his music is a powerful statement which speaks of purpose. Inspired by their conversation, the end of this episode of the podcast features a new rap verse by Luka Lesson entitled ‘Mother Tongue’.
May 7, 2020
Introduction / The Future Ancients
Poet Luka Lesson draws on his creative powers to write new spoken word poems and rap verses inspired by conversations with guests from across the planet. This episode is an solo introduction to the podcast by Luka Lesson and includes the poem 'The Future Ancients'. 
April 30, 2020