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LV Magazine Podcast

LV Magazine Podcast

By Felicia Johnson and Lester Greene
Founded in 2017, LV Magazine has remained one of the most sought out publications to introduce new entrepreneurs and budding artists.
With the success of LV Magazine came LV Magazine Teen, LV Magazine Kids, LV Magazine Babies, and now LV Magazine Podcast.

Each week hosts Felicia Johnson and Lester Greene will chat with entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, athletes, poets, artists, and more.
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Interview w/ Marcus Wilson a.k.a. MWiL

LV Magazine Podcast

Interview w/ Kristen Duff
The LV Magazine Podcast interviews actress, model, and screenwriter Kristen Duff. 
June 06, 2022
Interview w/ Maya Pinson
Maya Pinson is an award winning Actress and Director. She stopped by to talk her lasted film and inspiration behind the role.
May 30, 2022
Interview w/ Eboni, Kayla, Bri'anna Harper
We interviewed Mother-Daughter trio about their inspirations and what its like to open for their idols,
May 23, 2022
Interview w/ Idris “IICE” Pearson
Idris “IICE” Pearson is a writer, director, former Christian hip hop artist, actor, and radio host. He was born and raised in Columbia, SC and is the CEO of Children Of God (C.O.G.) Entertainment which he established in 2011. He recently released his second short film, Forgiveness, which has been accepted into multiple film festivals. Idris has won best director at the Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards as well. Though he is more comfortable behind the camera, he will also step in front of the camera, giving his all to bring a character to life. Idris' motto is "In order to lead you must first follow." One of his favorite quotes, which came from Nelson Mandela is, "I never lose, I either win or learn."
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ Raecine Tyes
Raecine Tyes is a motivational author (Success Looks Good On Me), a children’s author (Peanut Butter and Jam), a television producer (A TV - ROKU), and a talk show creator. She was personally invited by Maxine Jones, former founding member of EnVogue to perform her live shows on her online radio platform. Subsequently, Raecine invited Grammy winning producer and drummer, Eric Seats to join her as a co-host. She eventually became Program Director. Her most memorable event was held in Hartford, CT; Ms.Tyes was the Executive Producer and coordinator of “An Evening with Mayor Segarra, in 2012. She is the Editor In Chief of a print magazine, “Black Filmmaker,” and the Founder/Festival Director of Black Film Festival Atlanta, as recognized by Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Bottoms. Ms. Tyes is scheduled to release additional books and produce more events this year.
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ JB SamSon
JB SamSon is a singer/songwriter, rapper and producer from West Columbia, South Carolina. Working with artists such as CeeJ, Reggie Rocc, and KeShawn Sensei (to name a few), SamSon has a sound that is very rooted in hip hop while effortlessly incorporating pop, rock, and folk qualities.
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ Saura
“Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who work for it.” Born Sami Riffi, in South London. 25-year old Saura, International self-proclaimed hybrid rapper & R&B singer/songwriter of Moroccan, Nigerian and Guyanese descent, learned at an early age that for him, music is everything. Saura was inspired to follow his passion after noticing other people making a living doing what they love and enjoy within the music industry. Being an independent, self taught, hybrid artist has granted Saura the ability to integrate the best of his talents, without being boxed in. His brand “SweetSavage” highlights the vulnerability of Saura, creating an equilibrium between the extreme polar opposites of light and dark, Saura translates this narrative within his music to demonstrate that every individual has this duality within themselves. Buckle up and enjoy the musical journey that you are embarking on with Saura, as he “keeps making ones til’ he gets one!"
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ Dan and Jackie Gamber
Jackie Gamber, President of Big Imagine Studio, is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror geek through and through, and it reveals itself in her screenplays. Her scripts have produced film products from merchandise and program commercials, fundraising promos, short films, and feature-length movies. She also steps behind the camera to direct her own scripts, many adapted from her published writing. Her approach to directing reflects her fiction; driving the story to reveal itself through its characters. Her films have been showcased in festivals from the Mid-South to Boston and New York. Jackie’s hobbies usually make her messy; in the kitchen baking sweets, in the art studio splashing paint, or using her beloved power tools to make an object into something else. Dan Gamber has been Executive Director of Meadowhawk Press, an award-winning indie publisher, Creative Director of the media studio Second Light, and sat on the Board of Directors for the 501(c)3 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation. His expansive set of skills has enabled him to envision and implement signal-boosting strategies from business development to website, graphics, and visual effects with marketing. As a filmmaker, his roles have included cinematography and post-production for commercials, music videos, and films. His true love as a storyteller is as a documentarist, because he’s able to combine two passions: travel, and exploring the infinitely varied lives of ordinary people. He’s a self-proclaimed gear head who enjoys collecting and experimenting with cameras, lenses, and light.
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ Gina Gutierrez Lorayn DeLuca
We chat with acclaimed vocalist Gina Gutierrez and actress Lorayn DeLuca as they talk about what drove them to the arts and how they maintain performance-ready. Gina Gutierrez: Lorayn DeLuca:
May 16, 2022
Interview w/ Stephen Dean
Stephen Dean is a multi-award winning independent Director and Producer as well as an experienced actor. Mr. Dean is a member of the IATSE 479 film union located in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Stephen was born and raised and grew up in the small town of Cleveland, Georgia located approximately an hour Northeast of Atlanta. At a young age Stephen was always intrigued with onscreen cinema and television shows and spent many hours of his youth watching classic movies, films, and assorted television series. Mr. Dean's natural interest in film and television production were inadvertently delayed until later in life until his late twenties and early thirties . Prior to his professional work in film, Stephen studied at North Georgia University located in Dahlonega, Georgia where he graduated with honors and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Mr. Dean also holds an associate degree in criminal justice which he received from Lanier Technical College several years prior. During his youth, Stephen was been an avid/elite level road cyclist and spend many years training and racing as a licensed racer through USA cycling for approximately 20 years. Stephen has always enjoyed road cycling, mountain biking, and also riding on-road and off-road motorcycles and still participates in these activities to this day. In approximately 2015, Mr. Dean created and established his independent film company called Dean Film Works LLC. Which specializes in independent shorts and features as well as commercial and industrial video projects. Stephen still resides in the Northeast Georgia area along with his wife and works both as an independent filmmaker on his own projects, and also as a union member through the local 479 on union related films and television shows.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Robert Cyr
Robert Cyr is an actor who has appeared in several short subject films in principal roles. Shortly after acting Robert transitioned toward writing as it became evident that his desire was in creating content for production. As Screenplay Writer he has written over a dozen feature-length scripts. One of those scripts could begin filming soon. During his recent visit to Atlanta, he found out the opportunities for filming making there were incredible. Robert’s potential in his new career are taking shape. Networking has certainly become one of his biggest strengths because it has enabled his future projects.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Marcus Wilson a.k.a. MWiL
Interview w/ Marcus Wilson a.k.a. MWiL is an Atlanta based artist with a mixed alternative approach to hip hop. Unsigned, independent, and hungry. He uses edgy sound and a versatile repertoire delivery as the tools to tell his stories and experience from adolescence into adulthood.  "There is a certain beauty in the things we find most undesirable in ourselves, and my purpose is to journey into them, and find my true self." - MWiL His latest project "Beauty of the Beast" is available on all major streaming platforms.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Kareem Gladden
Kareem "Director GT" Gladden is a film and video Producer, Director, and Editor from Bronx New York. He is the founder of GT Visionz Production, a limited liability corporation that commenced as an indie music video production company in early 2012; which later evolved into a full service film and video production company. Director GT is mostly known for his impeccable visual content in the music video production market that has gone viral through various social media video streaming sites. His music videos has also landed streams on TV Networks such as BET Jams as well. Director GT began his quest for success in indie film and digital video multimedia in late 2011 and has been consistently delivering high-scaled quality visual content ever since, working with many celebrities, as well as some buzzing upcoming artists and actors. He has directed and edited several indie short films and 3 feature films, as well as many other projects in the documentary and commercial content platforms.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ DUI
Dewy Ventura Joa a.k.a. DUI, is a 38 yr old, U.S. Citizen. He was born in Puerto Rico to Dominican parents. He is an actor, writer, director, and hiphop artist in Atlanta, Ga. He has been featured in films such as The Mule, Bad Boys 3, Jumanji and many others. He has directed and acted in multiple music videos in the Atlanta Trap scene. He studied Media Production and Business Management. He owns an entertainment company, Haven Pictures, which he runs alongside his wife @Ammieseas and is pursuing a career Directing in Film. He has released two mixtapes: (The Influence, and The Sample), and is working on his album. He is currently working with Actors Michael Placencia and Junior Garcia on a series titled, Cholo MMA. What started off as spoof videos and sketch comedy quickly turned into a full time occupation as they noticed a need for such content to be produced. At the moment he is working with fighters and producing content for companies in the MMA community. He is working on music for the Cholo MMA series and still actively pursuing acting. He is looking forward to what the rest of this year may bring.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Char and Ezra
Char’s description: “I have been blessed with a powerful gift and do not take lightly my platform to transform lives and impact the world for the better. Charmaine, a name I say was handpicked by the divine, for I am the quintessence of its core meaning “singer, song, delight.” I am a passionate, adventurous and creative human being indigenous to the exotic island of Jamaica, West Indies. Music and the arts have always given me strength to withstand the storms of life.” Ezra Morris is a singer and creator whose work focuses on alchemizing trauma, embodying joy, and honoring the divinity of human authenticity. He grew up as a Pastor's kid in Queens, NY - studying vocal music throughout high school and college while grappling with the intersection of several different identities. His offerings work to create safe containers for resonance and free expression.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Adrian Lockett
Adrian Lockett Is a tall and handsome, professional African American actor and model that stands at 6'2" tall and he's definitely working his way through Hollywood. He was born October 19, 1986, Hailing from a little town by the name of Butler in West Alabama. Lockett began his career in 2013 from nothing then on to share the screen with prominent figures such as Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Terrence Howard, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, etc. Lockett is no stranger to hard work. He has been placed in major ad campaigns and he's been pictured on numerous billboards across the world and to add to a quite hefty already resume', Adrian has many Hollywood greats under his belt who has served as both producers and directors such as Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Rusty Cundieff, Ang Lee just to name a few. He studied in the BFA program at the New York Film Academy located in Los Angeles, CA. As a household name in the making, there is no way he could finish strong without the acknowledgment of his service to the country as a mechanic in the military attached to infantry in a brigade support battalion. Lockett believes that all of his training was preparation for the route that he's on now. To all people aspiring to follow his lead, he wants you guys to know that "No" doesn't mean never, it just means not now. As a young man from the southern parts of the country, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in God and have an unmatched work ethic.
May 04, 2022
Interview w/ Dashna Compere
Lester Greene chats with Unfiltered Soles founder Dashna Compere and discusses working with her son, Prince-Amary Smith, to publish the children's book Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids. Order your copy on Amazon today.
May 04, 2022