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By Lytei
The honest truth, conversations you want to hear about architectural lighting! Learn and be inspired. Featuring the creative minds of the industry: from designers to manufacturers, innovators, and professors - learn about their habits, ideas, accomplishments, and more!
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[REPLAY] Chip Israel: The Need for Transparent Pricing


John Roach: The Aesthetics of Engineering
What do lighting design and structural engineering have in common? Turns out, a whole lot more than one might initially think. John Roach, Associate Vice President, Structural Engineer, and Office Engineering Leader at CannonDesign, talks to us about the parallels between the professions and how through collaboration and a well-orchestrated design process, both lighting and structures can intrinsically augment the goals of a project.
June 30, 2022
Jon Penndorf - Real Sustainability: Doing More Good (Not Less Bad)
"Solving complex problems by providing multiple solutions at the same time," that's Jon Penndorf's definition of truly sustainable design. Jon is Perkins&Will's Sustainability Leader and believes that great design outcomes are more than the sum of their parts — especially when designing sustainably. Listen in as he discusses the influential role that lighting designers play within the larger project team, setting meaningful project goals, guiding clients via education, and going way beyond LEED to achieve the next level in sustainable buildings and spaces.
June 09, 2022
Jane White - Sustainable Manufacturing: From Vision to Action
Sustainability in lighting manufacturing is one of the community’s hottest topics. Following in the footsteps of the carpet, furniture, and building materials industries, owners and specifiers alike are asking for lighting products to be created with more than just energy efficiency in mind when it comes to sustainability. Join Sam as he talks through the fine points of Finelite’s sustainability journey with Jane White, president of the company, as she discusses the baby steps and the bold leadership needed for manufacturers to succeed.
May 26, 2022
Visualization of Light: Ernesto Pacheco and Coffield King
The emergence of virtual reality (VR) technology for architecture and design has been making headlines in the past few years — in the future, they've said, VR will become an integral part not just of a client presentation but also of the design process. Well, the future is now. Ernesto Pacheco, Director of Visualization, and Coffield King, Senior Lighting Designer at CannonDesign, joined Sam on the LytePOD for an in-depth discussion on how VR applications can make a lighting design go from good to great and sell an idea better than any other medium can.
May 12, 2022
Melissa Mattes - Material Transparency in Lighting: The Butterfly Effect
You can't miss the buzz in the lighting industry around material transparency, and in part that's thanks to people like Melissa Mattes, senior lighting designer and sustainability specialist at Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting. Melissa shares the "why" that fuels her passion for advancing sustainable lighting design practices and discusses how she took her sustainable values to help create a sustained voice in the design community — calling for improvement and change. Update: There is now a LIVE light search engine that you can filter search for products with Declare Labels >> Other resources: |
May 05, 2022
Ryan Poole - Building Green: The Power of Collaboration
Moving the needle on climate change isn't something the lighting industry can do alone — but we can start by looking at what the AEC sector has put in place and build on that progress. DPR Construction's global sustainability leader, Ryan Poole, talks us through some of the real and perceived obstacles surrounding sustainability in the design and delivery of the built environment and offers his thoughts on the power of collaboration to help us rise to the challenge.
April 28, 2022
Paul Boken - The Cloud Revolution: Collaborative Platforms for Design
There's something seriously wrong with the way we specify and procure lighting today — ask any lighting designer, and you'll hear a horror story or two about packaging, substitutions, and pricing games that clearly show the system is broken. Enter Paul Boken, VP of Mulvey & Banani Lighting, and one of the contributors to Sourcery, a new content-sharing platform for the lighting design community. Paul talks to us about the need for a better way to manage the procurement piece of the lighting design process, so we can get back to having fun on the design side!
April 21, 2022
Lighting Design in 2022 (Part 2) - Dan Weissman, Kate St. Laurent, and Sara Schonour
In part two of Sam's conversation with the Boston Lighting crew: Dan Weissman, Senior Associate and Director at Lam Partners, Kate St. Laurent, Associate Vice President at CannonDesign, and Sara Schonour, VP of Education and Engagement here at Lytei, the group dives into a new set of topics: what designers really want to see in new products, what they need as manufacturer and rep support, and new frontiers they see for lighting design services.
April 14, 2022
Lighting Design in 2022 (Part 1) - Dan Weissman, Kate St. Laurent, and Sara Schonour
When it comes to lighting design today, Sam sat down with Dan Weissman, Senior Associate and Director at Lam Partners, Kate St. Laurent, Associate Vice President at CannonDesign, and Sara Shonour, VP of Education and Engagement here at Lytei, to explore everything from current design visualization software to designing and documenting and the tools they wish they had but don’t have at their design disposal.
April 07, 2022
Chris Slaughter - Leveraging Technology and Automation in Lighting
Want to know what's at the cutting edge of lighting tech? VR, AR, data leveraging, and new frontiers of visualization and production aren't just "somewhere on the horizon" anymore — they're already transforming everyday life. Listen to Chris Slaughter, Senior Lighting Engineer at Visual Interest, talk us through some exciting ways technology is changing the way we work in the lighting industry. 
March 31, 2022
[REPLAY] Jay Wratten: Smart Isn't Something You Install
From the Archives: Touchless buildings, automated climate control, and lights that make you feel good are all great ideas, but how do we build a space that can successfully implement and integrate all of that technology? Join Jay Wratten, Practice Leader of Innovation Advisory Services at WSP, as he takes us on a digital journey through the built environment and walks us through the system infrastructure that has to be in place. This episode was originally released on July 27, 2020.
March 03, 2022
[REPLAY] Howard Brandston: Rules are a Substitute for Thinking
From the Archives: A hero of the industry, Howard Brandston shares his advice after 60+ years of pioneering the lighting design profession. Learn the lifelong "mind over matter" mentality that guides his approach to everything and how he went on a 30-day safari in Africa to test his skills as a world-class hunter. This episode was originally released on January 29, 2020.
February 24, 2022
[REPLAY] Chip Israel: The Need for Transparent Pricing
From the Archives: As lighting technology and the design process evolve, Chip Israel, Founder + CEO of Lighting Design Alliance, argues that designing within a lighting budget gets more difficult every time. He points out that the distribution system for architectural lighting has not changed in over 40 years, but it's time it did. While it's inevitable that change is on the horizon, what will it take to make it happen? Tune in for one decision that involves the entire community. This episode was originally released on April 9, 2020.
February 17, 2022
Lighting for Health and Wellness: WELL V2 - Rachel, Alison, and Jessica
Leveraging collective expertise is the best way to design — at least, that's the premise behind the newest version of the WELL standard. Join Rachel Fitzgerald, Alison Fiedler, and Jessica Smith of Stantec as they talk us through the lighting features in WELL v2, and discuss the ways holistic design thinking sets up a framework beyond problem-solving and defines a vocabulary that ensures an integrated team process.
February 10, 2022
Stephen Lees' Story (Part 3): Designing HLB's Legacy
Much has been said about HLB and its principals, but what may surprise people is that there is more to the operation and collaborative culture of the firm than outsiders might assume. In this final installment of Stephen Lees’ three-part story, he walks us through four decades of milestone moments in his career and HLB’s trajectory and touches on the culture and the legacy-driven model that defines their leadership and work.
February 03, 2022
Stephen Lees' Story (Part 2): Building Bigger Boxes
In part two of the Stephen Lees Story, we hear how embracing change and thinking big picture helped build the business legacy of HLB. Stephen shares his insights on combating "corporate amnesia," the key to successful mentorships, and why he feels building bigger, more inclusive boxes will accelerate the growth and advancement of the lighting industry.
January 27, 2022
Stephen Lees' Story (Part 1): From Actors to Architects
Ever wonder how a living lighting legend like Stephen Lees got his start, how he frames design challenges (not to mention career challenges), or what keeps him motivated? In part one of this three-part series showcasing his life and career, Stephen tells the story of his beginnings in the architectural lighting industry. Drawing inspiration from his experience and education in theater, learn some of the perspectives and perceptions he has formed in his decades-long journey as a lighting designer.
January 20, 2022
Oscar Cobb - The JEDI Mindset: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion — four powerful words that point us toward a better future as a society, and the guiding principles behind SmithGroup's groundbreaking J.E.D.I. Committee. The J.E.D.I. team focuses on representing the communities the firm serves: the wide and varied mix of races, genders, backgrounds, and voices that don't always have a seat at AEC industry table. Oscar Cobb, Principal, Mechanical Engineer, and J.E.D.I. committee member, talks to us about why the group formed, the mindset they've developed, and how they've translated words into actions to help change the landscape from the ground up.
January 13, 2022
Jess Krometis - Live from Lightfair: A Recap of Lights in Alingsås
While it may not be fully back to business as usual, one treasured lighting event made a comeback in 2021 [albeit on a smaller scale] — we’re talking about the world-famous Lights in Alingsås festival and workshop! Recorded live on the Lightfair show floor, hear from Jessica Krometis, Senior Designer at Hartranft Lighting Design and member of the Lightfair Content Advisory Committee, as she recounts her once-in-a-lifetime experience participating as a workshop head of the festival in Alingsås, Sweden.
January 07, 2022
There's a New Color Tool in Town: TM-30's Annex E - Jason Livingston and Tony Esposito
The spectral flexibility of LEDs has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to color rendition, and the IES's TM-30 — specifically Annex E — is the new standard to guide you through it. Jason Livingston, Principal at Studio T+L, and Tony Esposito, Founder & Head Researcher at Lighting Research Solutions, take us through the basics of the new measures introduced in Annex E, and discuss why TM-30's multi-dimensional approach to quantifying color preference is superior to the old-standby in the industry: CRI.
December 16, 2021
Get to Know the Queer Community - Alana, Amy, Martin
Diversity shapes, colors, and enhances our world. Although acceptance and awareness have increased, we can still do better when it comes to create equitable opportunities and leverage the power of diversity in design. Alana Shepherd, Martin van Koolbergen, and Amy Karn unpack their thoughts about the queer experience in today's lighting community, and light the path towards meaningful changes within our reach.
December 09, 2021
Charles Stone - Design in 2021: Change, Challenge, and Opportunity
2021 has been a year like no other. Considering all of the challenges of the pandemic and the resulting shift in social and economic conditions that have come with it, the "new normal" has also created unique opportunities - opportunities to rethink the way we work and do business in today's lighting world. Charles G. Stone, President of Fisher Marantz Stone, gives us his observations on the changes our industry has faced — which shifts are good, which are bad, and which are here to stay.
December 02, 2021
Sustainability: Green Means Go - Accelerating Transparency in the Lighting Industry - Melissa Mattes, Karen Jess-Lindsley, Jonathan Penndorf, Reiko Kagawa, and Jane White
As the buzz around sustainability continues to grow, a clear signal is emerging: designers and their clients want more transparency in the products and materials they specify. Our cross-sectional industry panel — Melissa Mattes, Karen Jess-Lindsley, Jonathan Penndorf, Reiko Kagawa, and Jane White — breakdown designer and manufacturer mindsets on one of lighting's most impactful topics, and discuss how the design community can continue to advance frontiers on sustainable practices.
November 18, 2021
Alriah, Alyssa, Sarah, and Michelle - WILD on the Rise: Texas Edition
Creating a safe and inclusive space to share and connect—for women and allies alike—is what Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) is all about. Alriah, Alyssa, Sarah, and Michelle, four of many vibrant voices for women in the lighting industry, tell us what it's like to start new chapters of life and take on new frontiers for WILD in the Lone Star State.
November 11, 2021
Paul Pickard - Behind the Curtain in Manufacturing
In a sea of competitors, what do manufacturers prioritize to set themselves apart? Paul Pickard, CTO at Ecosense, draws from decades of experience in lighting manufacturing to dive into the DNA of product inception, R&D and production, and shares what's on the horizon for lighting technology.
November 04, 2021
Granville McAnear - School of Rock Meets School of Light
What do rock ‘n roll and lighting design have in common? Turns out, more than you might think! Granville McAnear, President, Owner and Design Director of GMLD shares his story of how curiosity, exploration and being open to life’s lessons took him from rock star dreams to an all-star career in lighting design, and everything in between.
October 21, 2021
Caitlin Mulligan + Ryan Weiss - Being a Rep: Understanding what People Need and Connecting the Dots
Now more than ever, the role of the lighting rep is pivotal. Agents who make time to get to know their clients and understand the key drivers of their designs have the opportunity to lead. Caitlin Mulligan, Manager of Business Development & Key Accounts, and Ryan Weiss, Director of Specification Sales at SCI Lighting Solutions, discuss how listening, building relationships, and delivering timely, curated information can add significant value to the design process.
October 15, 2021
Paul Pickard - The Social Responsibility of Manufacturing
The final step in deploying light comes down to how a luminaire interacts with a space. Paul Pickard, CTO of Ecosense talks about the nature of quality light versus affordability, configurability, and what the industry must be aware of as technology continues to drive a more competitive marketplace. Learn more and take a journey down the path of who's responsible for quality lighting solutions. 
October 01, 2021
Tina Aghassian - Lighting for the Less Fortunate
Light is a basic human right, yet so many do not have it when the sun goes down. As an industry and a community that advocates for the use of electric light, we must realize that there is something more we can do to give back to those who are less fortunate. Tina Aghassian, Principal at HLB, shares her story and will inspire you to think about how you can help others who aren't your clients but need you more than you know. 
September 09, 2021
Jess Baker - Two Parallel Professions: Theatrical & Architectural Lighting
It's not often you find two separate professions and career paths with so many similarities. Did you know light has a magical way of doing things other mediums cannot? Jess Baker, Design Studio Leader at Schuler Shook, has had the opportunity to work as a lighting designer in the theater and in an architectural environment where everything can be developed from a similar set of practices but yield different results. While the performance of life lasts a little longer than a Broadway show, the impact light makes on both is a key component of the experience.   
September 02, 2021
Lance Bennett - Transforming The Way We Engage and Learn
The opportunity to create a personal experience continues to take form as the lighting industry explodes. Lance Bennett, Vice President of National Accounts and Specification Sales at Cooper Lighting Solutions, talks about the evolution of the industry and the transformation it will continue to go through as growth, new opportunity and unpredictable challenges lie ahead. 
August 12, 2021
Paula Martinez-Nobles: Diversity + Minorities Are Making A Difference
The most brilliant and creative solutions often arise from a group of minds. Today, the minds of design are more diverse than they ever have been. Paula Martinez Nobles, Principal at Fisher Marantz Stone, talks about her experience as a Colombian Woman in the AEC industry. The status quo is shifting, racial and gender inequality is being recognized and real change is happening. One of the most important aspects is the confidence minorities are gaining to support one another and pave the way for the next generation to always have an equal voice in any conversation. 
July 29, 2021
Giulio Pedota - Designing With The Next Generation
Leadership, mentorship, design, and innovation all require one thing - a chance to pay it forward. As buildings become more complex, design ideas take more time and require a more robust, diverse, and educated team of professionals. Giulio Pedota, Partner at Schuler Shook, talks about how the next generation of design is here as it relates to both the quality of the product and the Millenials + GenZ'ers. This generational transformation is unique as technology and a new work environment continually change the status quo. 
July 16, 2021
Lars Christiansen - Creating Efficiency: Lighting + Tech
Everyone wants a faster and better way to do their job. Technology is a double-edged sword, access to information is critical and people want to be more efficient. Lars Christiansen Co-Founder and CEO of LightAZ talks about what the lighting industry's future might look like and how the design community is driving a need for change whether they know it or not.
July 08, 2021
Jimalee Beno - COVID Changed the World, We Survived, Let's Thrive
COVID-19 was the source of a Global Pandemic in 2020. It shuttered "normal" life, claimed over 4 million lives, and forced many into some form of an uncomfortable situation. The lighting industry was impacted at every level across every trade yet it will survive. Jimalee Beno, President of Focal Point and OCL, Chair of the IALD Education Trust, recaps 16 months that we might never want to remember - but we should, we have to. This inspiring conversation reminds us how resilient humans are, yet how fragile life can be. Listen to this true leader of our industry and reflect on where we can go from here. 
July 01, 2021
Jack English - The Nature of Being a Rep
A transactional-oriented business requires volume, consistent opportunity, and risk. Jack English, Principal of Illumination Systems, talks about what he's learned over 40+ years in the business when it comes to defining value and capturing opportunity as a manufactures representative for architectural lighting. 
June 10, 2021
Rosemarie Allaire - The CLD, A Global Lighting Credential
The first of its kind, Global, inclusive, and portfolio-based the CLD is a new way to recognize talent, dedication, and passion for the practice of architectural lighting design. Rosemarie Allaire, Vice-Chair of the CLD, talks about why this was formed and where it's going. The value of accreditation that relates directly to what it stands for is the opportunity to elevate and inspire.  You could have the chance to be one of the first 100! 
May 20, 2021
Gary Trott - Innovating for the Future
The core of innovation is solving a problem you care about. Innovation often leads to brilliant ideas, better solutions, and an opportunity to implement technology that can truly make an impact. Gary Trott, VP of Commercialization and Technology at Acuity Brands, talks about what it means to give back to the people who ultimately will use the products that manufacturers pioneer, create and bring to life. 
April 29, 2021
Sara Schonour - Bursting the Lighting Bubble, Creating Awareness Beyond the Profession
Lighting is powerful, it makes an impact - if you're a professional in the industry you know that too! Sara Schonour, VP + Director of Lighting Design at Cannon Design, Talks about how light shows up in so many places in life and how we need to use that to get out of the industry bubble. Taking real-life experiences, be it a soundtrack, a movie, or our national anthem, and relating them back to light is a step in the right direction when it comes to creating awareness outside of the professional landscape of architectural lighting design. 
April 23, 2021
Anne Kustner, Gregg Mackell, Lana Nathe - Buried Basketball Courts, The Mafia and More!
Millionaires, Billionaires and how they live - it's a wild ride and an even crazier place to work. Go behind the curtain with Anne Kustner - President of AKLD Lighting Desing, Gregg Mackell - Principal at 186 Group, and Lana Nathe Principal and Light Insight Design Studio. Enjoy this two-part podcast about what it means to be in the world of custom home building for private residences around the world where the budget and the timeline are the last two things that matter.
April 16, 2021
Anne Kustner, Gregg Mackell, Lana Nathe - The Crazy Truth of Residential Lighting
Millionaires, Billionaires and how they live - it's a wild ride and an even crazier place to work. Go behind the curtain with Anne Kustner - President of AKLD Lighting Desing, Gregg Mackell - Principal at 186 Group, and Lana Nathe Principal and Light Insight Design Studio. Enjoy this two-part podcast about what it means to be in the world of custom home building for private residences around the world where the budget and the timeline are the last two things that matter. 
April 08, 2021
Brittany Lynch - A Job With No Days Off, Working Moms
There is a constant push and pull with priorities in life. Are you working full time to explore your passion and raising kids? Whether you're a mom or dad the pressure to always perform has become increasingly difficult to show up for, be present, and not overwhelming. Brittany Lynch, Senior Lighting Designer at Clanton & Associates talks about how she found the courage to bring this up with her peers, bosses, and family. Tune in to learn more about how realistic expectations and a potential new way of valuing design services could help solve this problem. 
March 26, 2021
Steve Nicola - The Big Pivot, Selling in 2021
The landscape of how people are engaging and selling took a 180 in the last 12 months but one thing hasn't changed - we still have two ears and one mouth that should be used proportionally.  Steve Nicola, VP of Sales at Nuilte, talks about what his team has learned and what changed to stay operational. One thing is for sure, business still goes on even though everything is different - and that will lead to permanent change, possibly for the better. 
March 11, 2021
Ann Reo - A Young Lady With a Dream
Before LED was a thing before anyone was paying attention to it Ann Reo had an idea that became iO Lighting and opened the opportunity for new form factors and innovation. Learn more about what it took to be a pioneer with new technology and how following your passion is what can and will lead to success. 
March 04, 2021
Josie Wratten - Lighting Design, Who Cares?
 Be inspired to make sure what you're doing will spark joy in your life. Every career can and should be driven with opportunity and passion. Josie Wratten is an Entrepreneur with two decades of lighting design experience and continues to make sure that self-fulfillment is at the forefront of her career. She wrote an article early on in life that addressed who really cares about lighting and why people may fall into our out of love with it.
February 18, 2021
Sean O'Connor - What Lighting and Surfing Have in Common
The constant movement and change throughout lighting might relate to things other industries, and sports more than you might think. Sean O' Connor talks through his childhood passion for surfing and how he still carries this part of life with him through his professional career as the Principal and Founder of Sean O'Connor Lighting. 
February 04, 2021
Jody Pritchard & Kristin Peck - How to Win at Work and at Home
Here are 23 minutes that will inspire you to take a break. Pritchard Peck Lighting was founded by two moms with kids at home and on the way. With a mission to own a business and be an award-winning design group, their family first mentality has built a culture that allows everyone at the firm to do their best while living life for what it's worth! 
January 29, 2021
Jim Tetlow - Lighting the Presidential Stage
Presidential Debates have a lot of conversation around them, this one skips politics and talk about the lighting on them. Jim Tetlow, President of Nautilis Entertainment Design (N.E.D.) walks through what it is like to light film & television sets and how it is common yet different from Architectural lighting. Can you guess how many lights actually put the people at the podium in the spotlight?
January 21, 2021
Patrick Quigley - Three Pillars to Success
There are three things that have to work in harmony to run a design firm, Patrick Quigley Lighting Design Principal at Desing Workshop will tell you about all of them too! After running a lighting design firm for nearly 35 years and successfully mentoring and working with over 100 professionals his words of wisdom leave you inspired to think about what you really want to do in life. 
January 15, 2021
Celebrating the Legacy of Barbara Horton (Part 3) - The HLB Love Story
Did you know every HLB office started thanks to love in the air? Listen to this final conversation with Barbara as she talks about how HLB lighting Desing has grown to what it is today. It was always important to put the employees first and build a culture that allowed everyone to work to the best of their ability. The closing of this is one you can't miss, Barbara's influence in Architectural Lighting will live on for generations to come! 
December 17, 2020
Celebrating the Legacy of Barbara Horton (Part 2) - Defining Light, How it Works & what it does
Have you ever realized how transformative light can be? Barbara Horton, CO-CEO of HLB Lighting design shares her thoughts about light as a medium and what it's like to be a professional lighting designer. You might be surprised and excited to learn more about how she thinks through design and what experience she had outside o lighting that helped her always bring a vision to life. 
December 10, 2020
Celebrating the Legacy of Barbara Horton (Part 1) - Building a Business & Checking your Ego at the Door
Barbara Horton, CO-CEO at HLB Lighting Design, got started as an accidental tourist in the lighting industry, then spent the next 40 years collaborating and working with a team of Principals to grow HLB to what it is today. She has been dedicated to created connections with people throughout the industry and within her own practice. Learning how to operate efficiently was one of the keys to her success. Enjoy Part 1 of 3 in this series the reflects on Barabara's career and prepare to be inspired while learning a thing or two at the same time. 
December 03, 2020
Rob Guglielmetti - Breaking Down Daylight and Why it's Important
Daylight is the optimal light source. It's available in abundance, dynamic, and has the power to transform a space. Rob Guglielmetti, Senior Lighting Specialist at View breaks down the power behind Daylight and why and how it should be a part of every design from day one. Talking through how daylight simulation is a critical part of the design process you'll also learn about the human factors and benefits behind mother nature's favorite source of light.
November 26, 2020
Thomas Paterson - How Mentorship Will Change Your Life
The knowledge of the lighting industry must be learned, retained, and passed on. Take some time to reflect on those who have helped you along the way and how you've found yourself giving back. Thomas Paterson, Director of Lux Populi will take you on a journey that reminds you about the moments that make a difference are the ones you might least expect. With a little bit of practice mentorship has an organic way of creating relationships and paying it forward that will survive us all and enable architectural lighting to thrive. 
November 19, 2020
Peter Stanway - How Does It Work? Manufacturing in 2020
The LED revolution changed the way light was delivered to a space. Take a peek behind the curtain with the CEO of Selux Corporation, Peter Stanway to get an inside perspective as to what a manufacturer must to do remain relevant in 2020. What was once an industry of shaping metal around lamps has become increasingly more competitive and requires a more efficient operation than ever to meet the status quo.  
November 05, 2020
Kelly Roberts and Megan Carroll - Meet W.I.L.D.
Women in lighting design (W.I.L.D.) started as a get-together in NYC back in the 90's - today it has grown to a prominent organization that strives to create a space where Women and Men can come together in the AEC industry. Kelly Roberts, Studio Director at WALD studios, and Magon Carroll, Senior Specification Sales Manager at New York Digital talk more about why W.I.L.D. was founded and where the organization is going! 
October 29, 2020
Steven Rosen - Building a Business as Husband and Wife Full of Passion and Opportunity
Starting a business in any discipline of design often requires sleepless nights, heavily discounted services, and a tremendous amount of passion and persistence. Steven Rosen, President and Creative Director of Available light walks through how his wife was a critical part of Available Light becoming an award-winning Lighting Desing firm. Enjoy the passion, honesty and love with this one! 
October 22, 2020
Dan Weissman - How To Be an Architectural Psychologist
Lighting design doesn't always require expensive solutions, rather something that is well-curated to help create an exquisite environment. Dan Weissman, Senior Associate & Director of Lam Labs at Lam Partners will take you on a journey of discovery leaving you with a few things to think about when it comes to the profession of design. 
October 15, 2020
Jennifer Sanborn - How Lighting Relates to Fashion
Just like a fun outfit on date night - Lighting can dress up any space and make it special and memorable. Jennifer Sanborn senior associate at Lam Partners talks about how light can create empathy and emotion with a tip of the hat to a fundamental design principle. 
October 08, 2020
Ira Rothman - The Academy of Sciences for Lighting Distribution
How does lighting make it from point A to point B? The channels of distribution! Ira Rothman, Vp of sales at APEX Lighting solutions talks about the Academy of Sciences that the Greeks created and how lighting distribution has a few similarities. 
October 01, 2020
David Ghatan - The Need for Holistic Design, Manufacturing and Innovation
Taking a fresh approach to design often leads to innovative results. David Ghatan, President of CM Kling & Associates, Past President IALD, talks about what the focus should be when it comes to manufacturing luminaires moving forward. Enjoy his insight on what it means to be a team player throughout construction and bring a design to fruition. 
September 17, 2020
Matt Seconi - The Value of a One Name Spec
Cutting corners and VE can often actually cost more money. There is great value in a one name spec that's coordinated and transparent. Matt Seconi, Founder and Principal of Moxie Lighting talks about why the best option might not be the cheapest one. 
September 10, 2020
Matt Seconi - Building a new Agency in NYC
Lighting Agents are like gas stations, they are a necessary part of the supply chain to gain access to information. Matt Seconi, Founder and Principal of MOXIE New York City talks about how they are a brand-centric lighting agency that will grow in new and different ways while respecting the groundwork that has been laid in the industry.  
September 03, 2020
Robert Soler - How it's made, a circadian lighting system
Brighter Day's and Darker nights. CO-FOUNDER and VP of Research at BIOS, Robert Soler talks about what it takes to make a lighting system that can stimulate the circadian system in humans.  He also explains the metrics that are in place to measure this today and what they all have in common. 
August 20, 2020
Robert Soler - What the Heck is Circadian Lighting
A buzz word turned scientific, circadian lighting has an effect on our livelihood. Join Robert Soler, Co-founder and CP of research at BIOS as we dive into what it means to have brighter days and darker nights. Electric light has so many benefits to the built environment,mnt, but Robert has something to say about how LED technology still has some hurdles to clear. 
August 13, 2020
Andrea Hartranft - Achieving Success with a Virtual Design Studio
Learn more about a lighting design firm that 'doesn't have a single office and never has. Andrea Hartranft, Founding Principal of Hartranft Lighting Design talks about how she built her business around fearlessness and humility. Along the way, she hired people for who they are, and that has made her company what it is. Operating in a virtual environment they find ways to collaborate, stay connected, and continue to grow. 
August 06, 2020
Jay Wratten - Smart is not something you install
Touchless buildings, automated climate control, and lights that make you feel good are all great ideas; but how do we build a space that can successfully implement all of this? Join Jay Wratten VP at WSP fro SMART building strategy on a data journey through the built environment and learn more about the systems that have to be in place and how design is critical to operating these systems that are seemingly automated and elevate the experience. 
July 28, 2020
Josh Miller (Part 2) - Innovating Design with Virtual Reality
Let's talk about Virtual Reality and 6 degrees of freedom. You've seen it in arcades and the gaming industry for decades, but now it's headed for the world of architecture and design. Josh Miller, Illumination Engineer at Acuity Brands dives into VR, the hardware required to get "in the game" and shares some insight about how it could change the way we design with light. 
July 02, 2020
Josh Miller (Part 1) - Design is Changing, Are You Adapting?
The future is now and virtual reality has made some considerable progress to allow the architectural design community to consider it as a design tool. Listen to Josh Miller, Illumination Engineer at Acuity Brands Luminaire Concept Center Discuss how VR can create an immersive experience and how that will lead to a more efficient design process. 
June 18, 2020
Lisa Bartlett - Lighting is Sexy
Specifying a dynamic system isn't easy. Lighting design often takes into account what it is you wish to see along with the neurological and physiological impacts of human beings. Enjoy this conversation about how lighting can totally be sexy with Lisa Bartlett, Senior Associate at Davis Partnership Architects in Denver, Colorado.
June 04, 2020
Brad Koerner - A Timeless Light Source to Inspire Creativity
Luminous surfaces and a point source of light don't seem like they would end up doing the same thing, but this conversation with Brad Koerner, VP of Product Development & Innovation at CIMA offers up the suggestion that they can not only co-exist but one may be more favorable than the other when it comes to lighting design. Brad's tenured background from architecture as a student (UVA + Harvard) and his experience as a designer and then team member of the founding days at Philips Color Kinetics offer a thought-provoking conversation. 
May 28, 2020
Chris Slaughter - The Vectors to Success aren't Straight
Join Chris Slaughter, a former lighting designer, luminaire innovator, and now rep in a conversation about holistic lighting. It begins with the concept of design both in luminaries and the built environment but requires more than ever as the chaos builds. The evolution of design requires everyone to adapt and learn how to design an entire system while learning on the fly. We all have a responsibility to be mindful of that ultimately leads to success. 
May 14, 2020
Charles Stone - What It Means to be a Lifelong Learner
With 37 years of professional design experience, Charles Stone, President of Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS), discusses why you can never stop learning.       Beyond the fact that learning is fun, the ability to perform but be patient while learning will lead to new opportunities that inspire those around you. Enjoy this episode recorded earlier this year (February 2020).
May 07, 2020
Kevin Frary - The State of Lighting Design in 2020
Kevin Frary, Associate Principle at Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS) shares a story about his 20 years in design and talks about the state of the profession in 2020. While many things have changed as it relates to technology, deadlines and real-time collaboration there are still a few defining concepts that are unchanged.  Gain a litte insight and enjoy this centered conversation! 
April 16, 2020
Chip Israel - The Need for Transparent Pricing
As technology and the design process has evolved, Chip discusses how difficult it has become to design within a lighting budget. He points out that the distribution system for architectural lighting has not changed in over 40 years but it needs to. While it's inevitable that change is on the horizon, what will it take to make it happen? Tune in for one answer that involves the entire community. 
April 09, 2020
Chip Israel - Building a Business, Doing the Right Thing
Overnight success only took 28 years! Chip Isreal, CEO + Founder of the Lighting Design Alliance has spent nearly three decades building an independent lighting design firm. With a project portfolio that has LDA's work around the world, Chip talks about what it means to be dedicated, focused and how mentorship played a big roll in his career. Before you listen to this full podcast  prepare to be inspired! 
March 26, 2020
Gary Trott (Part 2) - 3D printing and Baby Yoda
Gary talks about what a 3D printer has the capabilities to do and why it has become a viable solution for luminaire design and manufacturing. In what might seem like unchartered territory he brings up several examples of how 3D printing is changing other industries. Baby Yoda gets a special shoutout too - make sure to listen to the end for that. 
March 13, 2020
Gary Trott ( Part 1 ) - A collaborative Team Makes it Fun
Gary Trott, the founder of Interplay lighting,  has 30 years of experience as an innovator in architectural lighting.  He has led multiple new ideas from concept through product development and has a passion that rivals most when it comes to creating a new idea that allows lighting to be designed in a way it's never been before. Listen to what Gary has to say about what it takes to create a new light fixture, and understand how it's not as easy as you might think. The risk is big, the process is long, but what ultimately brings it together is the people. 
March 07, 2020
Rachel Fitzgerald - You Can't Measure Circadian Lighting (yet)
Rachel talks about the reality of where we are at with circiadian lighting systems, what we know and what's still to be determined.  With a technical background in lighting and 15 years of experience, she points out that while things like equivalent melanotic lux (EML) have been established and the industry continues to work on developing metrics for circadian stimulus, lighting design isn't that simple. Thinking through the use of an interior environment is much more important than just placing "color tunning" lights in a space. 
February 28, 2020
Howard Brandston (Part 2) - How to Make a Real Contribution
Howard talks about how giving back, volunteering and standing up for what you believe in. Listen and learn about why unpaid opportunities are really what matters in life. Listen till the end to hear about his wife, Melanie, too. 
February 05, 2020
Howard Brandston (Part 1) - Rules are a substitute for thinking
Howard shares his advice after 60 years as a professional lighting designer. Learn about how he approached life, and how he went on a 30-day safari in Africa to test his skills as a world-class hunter. 
January 29, 2020
Gregg Mackell - Gold Plated Trims, Yacht Parties and Lava in a Driveway
Gregg shares a special story on how he ended up involved on a project that was once in a lifetime, reminding us all you never know where the next opportunity will come from. 
November 23, 2019
Addie Smith - Lighting isn't like Concrete
Addie talks Lighting Design, how the first three years were the hardest so far, her habits, how to unify a design team and hold your spec. Plus, a quick conversation on transparent pricing - why it doesn't exist, but why it should. 
November 23, 2019
CJ Brockway - Starting a Lighting Studio from Scratch
CJ talks about what it means to be your own boss, and how nearly 2 decades of experience was a critical part of her success when she created her own design firm, Spark Lab. Recorded on Location at the IALD conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
November 23, 2019