Financial Fornicating With Madam Money And Friends

#19 - How to Start Investing For Beginners

An episode of Financial Fornicating With Madam Money And Friends

By Tarra Jackson
Welcome to the Financial Fornicating with Madam Money Podcast, where fun financial tips are shared for sexier and healthier relationship with your Money and Credit!

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Welcome to the Financial Fornicating with Madam Money Podcast, where fun financial tips are shared for sexier and healthier relationship with your Money and Credit!

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Ep #23 - How to Earn More Money for the Holidays
It's that time again. The holidays, which means the shopping bonanza has begun!  But are funds a bit tight? Do you need more cash for holiday shopping? In this episode, Robert Farrington of The College Investor, shares a few great ways to Earn More Money for the Holidays, as well as if we should invest or pay off debt for a financially free new year! Learn more about Robert Farrington at or social media @thecollegeinvestor.
November 6, 2019
Ep #22 - Real Estate Investing for Women
Hey Ladies ... Do you want to start real estate investing but don't know where to begin? In this episode, The Real Estate Investor Goddess Monick Halm shares how to get started in the Real Estate Investing game and WIN!
August 11, 2019
#21 - MIND Your Business to Create Wealth
Want to improve your financial situation? Want to create wealth? Maybe it's time to MIND Your Business! In this episode, Cicone Prince shares the power of our Mindset and Steps to take to Change Our Minds for Financial Success.
July 28, 2019
#20 - The Truth About Credit & Credit Repair
Do you want to improve your credit? Ever thought about doing credit repair? In this episode, Rod Griffin of Experian shares dispels the myths and shares the truth about credit, credit scores and credit repair companies. 
July 21, 2019
#19 - How to Start Investing For Beginners
Do you want to start Investing but don't know where to begin? Are you afraid to get started? In this episode of Financial Fornicating with Madam Money & Friends, Courtney Richardson aka The Ivy Investor (@TheIvyInvestor) shares some strategies to get started and some cool apps to use. 
July 15, 2019
#18 - How We Paid Off Over $100K in Fertility Debt in 24 Months
Are you racking up thousands of dollars for fertility treatments? Wondering how you're going to pay off this debt? In this episode, Jenny & Jimmy of share how they purposefully went into to debt, why it was worth it and how they paid off over $100,000 in debt in less than 24 months. Follow Jenny & Jimmy: Website: Facebook: @LivingLifeLovingUs Instagram: @LivingLifeLovingUs
October 20, 2018
#17 - How to Slay Sallie Mae
Are you overwhelmed by your Student Loans? Do you feel like Sallie Mae is Sabotaging your Financial Stability? Well in this episode The Student Loan Doctor, Sonia Lewis (CEO of the first African American and Women Owned Student Loan Repayment Company in the country) shares her story and some awesome ways to pay off your Students and Slay Sallie Mae. Connect with Sonia Lewis: Website: Facebook: Twitter / Instagram: @TheStudentLoanDoctor
October 14, 2018
#16 - Money Strategies for Couples Before And After Remarriage
Are you divorced and about to get remarried? Are you currently remarried? In this episode, Debt Resolution Attorney and Author Leslie Tayne, Esq. shares helpful Money Strategies for Couples Before and After Remarriage. Connect with Leslie Tayne, Esq. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @LeslieHTayneEsq Instagram: @TayneLawGroup
October 9, 2018
#15 - Why Work-Life Balance is BOGUS!
Do you have a Career or Business as well as kids, a spouse, friends, school, church or community responsibilities? How in the world can we Balance all of this? Well, in this episode, Tameika Isaac Devine of The Possibilities Institute will share why Work-Life Balance is BOGUS and how Integration is the key to Work-Life Success! Connect with Tameika: Website: Facebook: Twitter / IG: @TIDevine
September 16, 2018
#14 - How to Pay Off Your Mortgage In Less Than 5 Years
Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster? What if you were able to pay off your mortgage in less than 5 years? How would that affect your lifestyle? In this episode, Andy Hill of shares how he paid of his mortgage on a $400,000 home in less than 5 years and how you can too! Connect with Andy Hill: Website: Facebook: Twitter / Instagram: @AndyHillMKM
August 29, 2018
#13 - Love And Money: How To Make Better Financial Decisions
Are you in a relationship and find that you make Bad Financial Decisions, all in the name of LOVE? In this episode, Alfred Edmond Jr, SVP of Black Enterprise and co-author of "Loving In The Grown Zone," shares ways to make better financial decisions with Love and Money. Connect with Alfred Edmond Jr: Website: Facebook: @AlfredEdmondJr | @GrownZone Twitter / Instragram: @AlfredEdmondJr | @GrownZone
August 19, 2018
#12 - 5 Simple Ways to Prepare for Your Child's Future
Preparing for your future is extremely important. But what about your children? Isn't preparing for and investing in their future just as important? In this episode, the Prince of Investing, Prince Dykes, share 5 Simple Ways to Prepare for Your Child's Future. Connect with Prince Dykes: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @royalfinancials Instagram: @theinvestorshow
August 7, 2018
#11 - Simple Financial Planning Tips for Women ONLY!
Women face unique, distinct and very real challenges when it comes to life, career and especially Money. Besides, "A Financial Plan for Women is more than a pretty pink package." says guest, Financial Advisor Michelle Waymire of In this episode, Michelle shares the Real Challenges women face, how to deal with them and Some Simple Financial Planning Tips for Women Only! Connect with Michelle Waymire: Website: Facebook: Twitter / IG: @TheYoungScrappy
July 28, 2018
#10 - 3 Mental Health Issues That Will Mess With Your Money
The reality is, many people deal with these 3 mental health issues and don't even know it. Teresa Wright Johnson of and I talk about the 3 mental health issues that will mess with your money and how to fix it. Connect with Teresa Wright Johnson: Website: Facebook: @TWJME Twitter: @TWJME
July 23, 2018
#9 - #LGBTQ: What's #DEBT Got To Do With It
Are you a part of the LGBTQ Community and dealing with debt? Are you ready to be Debt Free? In this episode, my friends David and John of share some strategies specific to the LGBTQ community to eliminate Debt and make better Money Moves. Connect with David Auten and John Schneider: Website: Facebook: @DebtFreeGuys Twitter / IG: @DebtFreeGuys | @QueerMoney
July 22, 2018
#8 - How Self Care Can Help Make You More Money
Are you an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or DUALpreneur (full-time employee and entrepreneur)? Do you struggle with "not having enough time"? In this episode, successful DUALpreneur Juanita Gaynor, of EABJ Consulting & Event Management, shares 3 amazing ways to incorporate Self Care into your busy professional and personal life. These 3 tips will help you eventually make more money. Connect with Juanita E Gaynor: Website: Facebook: @eabjconsulting Twitter/Instagram: @eabjconsulting
July 8, 2018
#7 - The 411 on 529 Plans
Are you interested in a Tax Free way to Save for your Child(ren)'s or your Higher Education? Are you looking for a good way to Save for K-12 Private School? In this episode, Financial Advisor Kevin Matthews II of @BuildingBread shares what a 529 Plan is, it's Tax Benefits and a new Federal Tax Law change that may make it beneficial to Save for K-12 Private School. Connect with Kevin Matthews II: Website: Facebook: @BuildingBread Twitter/Instagram: @BuildingBread
July 2, 2018
#6 - The Art of a Successful Side Hustle
In this episode, my #YoungMoney guest Cody Berman of shares how he turned his Side Hustles into Successful Stream of Income, while working. He shares some cool tips on how Young Adults can increase their income, as well as lessons he learned that will help us #MatureMoney as well! Connect with Cody Berman: Blog: Twitter / Instragram: @FlyToFI Facebook:
June 24, 2018
#5 - 4 Simple Steps to Eliminate Debt for Young Adults
Are you (or someone you know) a recent or soon to be college graduate with Student Loan Debt? Do you have other debt and want to be DEBT FREE? Candice Marie of shares some #YoungMoney Tips on how to Eliminate Debt so you can live the life of your dreams! Connect with Candice Marie: Blog: Twitter/Instagram: @YoungYetWis3
June 20, 2018
#4 - How to Save Money on Meals While Dealing with Mental Illness
Most people, including myself, deal with depression or other mental illnesses, which not only affect our personal lives but affects our money as well. Even eating out becomes more of an issue because we deal with "Anxiety Paralysis" (when we don't want to do anything, including cook, when we feel depressed or anxious). Julie Marie, a new financial VLogger, shares some tips on how to Save More Money on Meals, especially while dealing with Mental Illness. It's time to have this conversation! Connect with Julia Marie on: YouTube - Blog - Instagram -
June 4, 2018
#3 - 3 Signs You're Worried About The Wrong S#!T With Your Credit
Are you worried or stress out about your credit? In this episode, I'm sharing 3 Signs that you may be Worried About the Wrong Shit regarding your Credit. RATED M for Mature Audience Only
May 24, 2018
#2 - 10 Ways to Save or Earn Up To $100 a Week
Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Could you use some extra Cash? Are you a Financial Fornicator (like me)? In episode 2, I'm sharing 10 Ways to Save or Earn Up To $100 a Week.
May 23, 2018
#1 - How to Cure Financial STDs (Substantially Tremendous Debt)
Are you suffering from excessive debt, known as Financial STDs (Substantially Tremendous Debt)? This episode will give you simple steps to Cure this painful Financial Dis-Ease so you can have enough money to enjoy your life!
May 21, 2018
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