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The Art of Performers: Stage, Screen, and Everything in Between

The Art of Performers: Stage, Screen, and Everything in Between

By Madison Montgomery
Madison Montgomery explores all things performing arts - onstage, backstage, and beyond.
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North Atlanta Voices: Making Music for Everyone, feat. NAV

The Art of Performers: Stage, Screen, and Everything in Between

North Atlanta Voices: Making Music for Everyone, feat. NAV

The Art of Performers: Stage, Screen, and Everything in Between

On Episodes 3, We Mini-Cast
Season 2 Mini-Cast: A Catch-Up Listener Involvement LinkTree Patreon
April 9, 2021
Passion Projects, Energy Work, and Protecting the Realm, feat. Sarah Meahl
Madison and Sarah explore the beauty of life during a Cosmic Pause, and the importance of positive energy.  Featuring Sarah Meahl Instagram: @happymeahl Madison:
April 2, 2021
North Atlanta Voices: Making Music for Everyone, feat. NAV
Madison kicks of Season 2 with Lucas Tarrant and Cheryl Logan, Co-Founders of North Atlanta Voices, as they explore what it means to make music available and accessible to everyone, and how organizations like this one are changing the game.  Featuring: Lucas Tarrant, Cheryl Logan LinkTree: Madison
March 26, 2021
What's Coming in Season 2?
Madison talks about what's to come in Season 2
February 19, 2021
Episode 20: The End (of 2020)
Madison recounts the lessons of the year, and discusses where to go from here. 
December 31, 2020
A Merry Little Podcast
A little musical interlude to sum up the year. Remember that good things are on the horizon. Have a Merry Christmas.
December 24, 2020
Songwriting, Soundtracks, and An Artist's Life in Sweden, Feat. Lisa Wermelin
Madison and Lisa explore Musical Theatre across the globe, the life of a songwriter, and nurturing your craft, even when you feel stuck.  Featuring: Lisa Wermelin Spotify: Bandcamp: Madison: Patreon:
December 18, 2020
Episode 17: Mini-Cast - Good Advice & Remembering
Madison talks about giving herself words of wisdom, and how art helps us remember the best things in life.
December 11, 2020
Inspiration, Trailblazing, and Never Accepting the Impossible, Feat. Leighanne Littrell
Madison and Leighanne travel back in time and talk early inspiration, DNA, chasing dreams, and adapting to new perspectives. Featuring Leighanne Littrell @leighanne_littrell 
November 27, 2020
Addiction Recovery, Healing With Art, and the Power of Storytelling, feat. Wes Milton
Madison and Wes talk about the role of performance in therapy, the importance of boundaries and check-ins, and how artists can help others to make changes without judgment or isolation, even in 2020.  Featuring Wes Milton (Creative Raven Media) IG:
November 20, 2020
Madison Does the News: An Update
Madison gives updates and follows up on her guests so far. She also talks post-election climate and the power of the people. Baylee Littrell: @bayleelittrell_music Blue Star: @babybluestar Brittany Luberda: @brittanyluberda Hope Kutsche: @hope7lon Jade Unwin: @jadeunwin1 Katie Johantgen: @katiejoyofosho Lucas Tarrant: @lltarant ; @northatlantavoices Mandy Fisher: @mandyofish Max Glick: @mrcheezypop
November 13, 2020
Awareness, Trailblazing, and Staying an Eternal Student, feat. Blue Star
Madison and Blue explore the journey of an artist, making art where there is need, improving upon spaces, and adapting to what live brings in 2020. *Adult Content Warning* Featuring: Blue Star 
October 30, 2020
Spooky Season, Performance Nightmares, and Things That Go Bump! Backstage, feat. Lillie Boring
Madison and Lillie explore the fears of performing and preparing for life beyond school, plus some personal phobias, including a particularly strange one they happen to share.  Featuring Lillie Boring Socials, Patreon, & Merch
October 23, 2020
Episode 11: Mini-Cast - Checking In & Creating Change
Madison talks about her experience with the podcast so far, what she has learned, and what is to come. She also talks about the ability to create change, what investment looks like large-scale, and the importance of having a Voting Plan.
October 16, 2020
One Woman Show: Early Inspiration, Finding Your way. & Not Settling for "Second Happy", feat. Brittany Luberda Sams
Brittany and I start from childhood and work our way through 2020, talking her earliest inspirations, her journey to get where she wants to be, and what making a One - Woman -Show is like.  Featuring: Brittany Luberda Sams
October 9, 2020
Artistic Dedication, Personal Investment, and Adapting to the Times, feat. Mandy Fisher
Madison and Mandy talk everything from Odyssey of the Mind to Broadway, and the journey in between, including what career investment looks like, and how following your passions can pay off in a big way.  Featuring: Mandy Fisher
October 2, 2020
Community, Cultural Awareness, and Finding Your Tribe,
In this episode, I talk the importance of diversity, a rich culture in the arts, finding your tribe, and a little bit of Australia, feat. Jade Unwin Featuring: Jade Unwin
September 25, 2020
Voice-Acting, Content Creation, and Being Innovative in New Terrain, feat. Maxwell Glick
Maxwell Glick and I talk acting and voice-acting from home, the changes in content creation during COVID, missing Disney, and some Taylor Swift. Featuring Maxwell Glick 
September 18, 2020
Comedy, Progression, and the Power of a Platform: Feat. Katie Johantgen
Madison and Katie reminisce over New York, and explore life as a progressive comedian, the importance of using your voice, and what lies ahead for performing arts.  Featuring Katie Johantgen 
September 4, 2020
DramaTech, Devotion, & Representation in an Ever-Changing World: Feat. Hope Kutsche
Madison and Hope explore a life-long devotion to theatre, LGBTQIA+ representation in the arts, and the drama team that's doing it right. Featuring: Hope Kutsche
August 28, 2020
Music, Maintenance, and the Magic That Brings Us All Together: Feat. Lucas Tarrant
Madison talks the power of music, community, vocal health, and North Atlanta Voices with Artistic Director and founder, Lucas Tarrant
August 21, 2020
Episode 3: Mini-Cast - Balance, Breathing, & a Break
Madison talks about navigating mental pressures of artists and content creators, and giving yourself permission to breathe. 
August 14, 2020
Auditions, Applications, and College in a New Age
Madison talks hopes, dreams, and navigating the new challenges of rising seniors as they adapt to, and prepare for, college in an ever-changing atmosphere.  Featuring guests: Alexis McCone, Brooke Meyer, and Emma Edwards
August 7, 2020
Music and Artistic Identity Among COVID Chaos: Feat. Baylee Littrell
Madison and guest Baylee Littrell talk (and laugh) about home concerts, the man-bun, and the new challenges and opportunities for musicians and artists during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
July 31, 2020
Intro & Welcome
Madison talks about what to expect in this PodCast, and some of the topics that lie ahead. 
July 24, 2020