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Magic From the Root

Magic From the Root

By Andrea Thompson
Navigating the vast world of magic and spirituality can be tricky - especially if you were born into a Christian household and always felt like you didn't belong. Magic from the Root is a podcast for those of us who finally found our people, and if you haven't found yours yet, maybe we can help!

Join us as we talk about everything from rituals and spells to spirit guides, Tarot, and every success, misstep, and lesson learned that we've experienced throughout our journey. We'll also be chatting with special guests along the way and doing the occasional book review.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned practitioner, just starting out, or like us, finally finding your groove, we hope to have something for everyone!

You can find us on Instagram @magicfromtheroot and also on our website at
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S1 E2: You're Grounded!

Magic From the Root

S1 E22: Yule See
It's the most magical time of the year and we're here, closing out 2020 with our Yule episode. Per our usual episodes, we share history, lore, magical things you can do to celebrate and give a heads up on other celebrations that also take place at this time. As of right now, we are unsure what the future of the podcast looks like. Whatever the case may be, we thank you for going on this journey with us! Blessings to you, and may your spiritual journey be filled with many positive experiences.
December 18, 2020
S1 E21: Just another Q&A
Well, hello. In true 2020 fashion, COVID and life got in the way (when all else fails - blame COVID). Because of this, we didn't get an episode recorded for November. We almost skipped this month and then we remembered we had a QandA that we had recorded before the lock-down happened. Until now, it has only been available to Patreon members, but since we shut down Patreon for the time being, we decided to share it with the masses. Enjoy!
November 27, 2020
S1 E20: Sow-in not Sam-Hane
Fall is here, days are growing shorter, and the veil is thinning. You know what that means... it's almost time for Samhain! Join us as we talk about some of the Celtic lore around Samhain, as well as the differences between Samhain, Halloween and Day of the Dead, and the many ways in which they compliment one another. This is a very powerful time of year, and since it's the witches new year, there's no better time to let your witch flag fly, than Samhain! Tarot Deck Used: Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
October 23, 2020
S1 E19: I Bon, You Bon, Mabon
It's time for another harvest festival (we sure are some partying folk, aren't we?) Today we talk about Mabon - where it originated, some lore around this time of year, ritual ideas and other fun things you can do to celebrate the fall equinox. This is considered Pagan Thanksgiving, so let's give some thanks! Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome and Tea Talk 02:36 - Let's chat about Mabon (Pagan Thanksgiving) 34:05 - Tarot time Tarot Deck Used: (Tarot of the Divine) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
September 18, 2020
S1 E18: Something's Burning - All About Candle Magic
We're back with a new episode for the month. Today we're here to talk about one of O'Dell's favorite topics: Candle Magic. Candle magic is a very powerful tool, and we have all kinds of information for you - especially for those of you just starting your journey. Chapters: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:00 - Welcome back 00:04:50 - Tea talk 00:06:32 - Today's Topic - Candle Magic 00:07:29 - Picking a candle 00:09:45 - Color correspondence 00:26:26 - Different shapes and sizes 00:31:06 - Dressing the candle 00:35:48 - Setting your intention 00:41:47 - A touch of divination 00:52:47 - Take notes in your book of shadows 00:55:33 - Disposing of the remnants 00:58:50 - Lighting and snuffing out your candles 01:00:44 - Tarot time Tarot Deck Used: (The Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
August 28, 2020
S1 Episode 17: A Dude Named Lugh
Yes - we're still "winning" the Covid-19 game. (insert eye-roll here) We're over it, but that's not what we're here to chat about today. Today, we're here to talk about Lughnasad (aka Lammas), the first of three harvest festivals. Chapters: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:00 - The Crazy State of the World 09:12 - Tea Talk 11:20 - Topic of the Day: Lughnasad 17:07 - Who is Lugh? 22:16 - A Year and a Day 25:40 - Celebrating the Harvest 31:37 - The Story of John Barleycorn 34:49 - Astrological Events 36:48 - Ways to Celebrate 41:53 - Other Celebrations 43:10 - Cord Cutting and Social Justice 46:34 - Tarot Card of the Day Tarot Deck Used: (The Wildwood Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
July 31, 2020
S1 E16: All in the Timing
Newsflash - We're still in isolation mode, but it can't keep us down! Today we're here with tips and tricks around how to time your spells with moon cycles, days of the week and even hours of the day to maximize their impact. Chapters:00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:00 - Catching Up 00:05:38 - Tea Talk 00:07:10 - Today we're talking about spell timing 00:08:34 - The Moon Cycles 00:20:34 - Magic with the Seasons 00:28:25 - The Moon and the Astrological Signs 00:33:20 - Magic During the Week 00:55:46 - Time of the Day Magic 01:02:41 - Tarot card of the week App mentioned on the show: (Deluxe Moon app for iPhone) (Deluxe Moon app for Android) Tarot Deck Used: (Legacy of the Divine Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
July 17, 2020
S1 E15: Somebody's STILL Watchin Me (Spirit Guides part 2)
In the second part of our spirit guide episode, we get personal. We talk about the things we do to keep the relationships strong, as well as give some insight into how we connected with some of our guides, and how we continue to grow and learn about these complex, but rewarding connections. Chapters:00:00 - Intro 01:00 Welcome back! 01:42 - Honoring your guides - some things you can do to engage with and honor your guides. 07:37 - O'Dell talks about the first guide he met several years ago. It was scary and unexpected, but this guide has really been there for him. She chose him, and it's been an amazing connection. 19:06 - Who is that? Years later, O'Dell met a guide who has been appearing to him for several years - and she was not messing around. She needed to be heard! 35:11 - Andrea talks about how she came to know her guides. 40:39 - Andrea tells a story about how she connected with the goddess Oshun. 52:50 - Sometimes guides can be very insistent. When they need you to know and/or do something, the message can be very loud and very clear. Sometimes it's fun, other times it's intimidating, but the connections are so worth it. 01:02:59 - This week's card is... (another oracle card) Oracle Deck Used: Wisdom of ( the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
July 3, 2020
S1 E14: Somebody's Watchin Me (Spirit Guides)
Hello, friends! The day has finally come. We've talked about this episode forever. We actually recorded this one right about the time things started to shut down, and now - here it is. The first of our two-part spirit guide episode. In this first part, we talk about what a spirit guide is, how you know when they're around and ideas on how you can meet and get to know yours. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome and tea talk 02:47 - Today's topic is... spirit guides (in case you haven't already guessed.) We give a quick overview of what we plan to cover. 05:19 - What is a spirit guide and what form might they come in? We cover ancestors, angels/archangels, deities (gods, goddesses or ascended masters), animal familiars, and more. 15:23 - How do you know when your guides are communicating with you? There are several ways that your guides may be sending you a message, and several ways in which they will communicate with you. 20:07 - How can I connect with my guides? It's not always easy - just like with any other relationship, and it may be confusing - especially at first - but it gets easier. We give you a few tips and tricks and words of encouragement, starting with a spirit walk. 33:05 - How to safely return from a spirit walk and maintain the connection afterward. 35:14 - Other way to connect with your guides include scrying (flames, smoke, crystal balls or water), spirit boards (aka Ouija Boards), auto-writing, and pendulums. 39:20 - Once you've made contact, be sure to maintain the relationship. Don't just call on your guides when you need something. Honor them, talk to them, and respect them. They are like friends and the relationships need to be fed and nourished, respected and maintained. 41:59 - Card of the week (We used an Oracle deck this week). We'll see you next week for part 2! We have lots more information regarding how we connected with our guides, what we've learned, and how we maintain the relationships. Oracle Deck Used: Wisdom of ( the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
June 26, 2020
S1 E13: Light My Fire! (aka Summer Solstice)
It probably goes without saying, but we're still in Covid-19 isolation mode, and we're doing our best to make it work (though remote recording comes with all kinds of fun challenges). It's hard to believe, but we're already coming up on the Summer Solstice (aka Litha, Midsummer or Bonfire Day). Per usual, we're here to give you some history, some happenings and some ideas on how you can celebrate this fire holiday, and send the sun off with a bang. Chapters 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome back shenanigans. We're still doing our best to record remotely (and we're over it.) 02:39 - Tea Talk 04:57 - One of the perks of being a Patreon member is a shout out on an episode, and we now have our first member. Welcome (and thank you) to our new supporter. 06:08 - Midsummer (aka Litha, Summer Solstice) is upon us, and we give you an overview of some of the traditional things that were/are celebrated during this holiday. (Here's a hint - lots of fire and fae folk.) 11:58 - There are a number of celestial events during this time of year. We give you an overview of different constellations and other astrological happenings. 15:60 - Another thing that is really celebrated at this time of year is marriage and partnership. 16:53 - Next we talk about the need fire, also known as the fire of necessity - an ancient Saxon tradition. 21:17 - Like the idea of having your own need fire, but can't setup a bonfire? We have a suggestion. 23:80 - All about the God of Nocturnal Thunder (not the other nocturnal thing...) 24:13 - Things you can add to your midsummer altar and spells you can perform at this time. 31:23 - We chat about other traditional things people do at this time of year like hunting willow wisps while you wait for the sun to rise, and drinking honey meade. (Which leads to a discussion on how the word honeymoon came about.) 36:23 - Meaning of Solstice - where it comes from, and what it represents. 42:03 - Send your messages of hope, prosperity and abundance to the land of Spirit with "The Dreamer". 45:05 - It's time for this week's tarot pull. 48:56 - Final words of wisdom (or something) before we sign off for the day. Tarot Deck Used: (The Wildwood Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
June 12, 2020
S1 E12: Heal Me, Heal You, Heal Us
Andrea and I are very excited to welcome Jai Medina (they/them) as our guest on this episode. Jai is a two-spirit Shamanic Healer, and we brought them on the show to talk about (wait for it) healing. First, I have to say that the energy between the three of us was off the chart, and you'll hear some of the crackling and popping in the audio. We did our best to edit it out and balance things the best we could, but it's still there a bit. At one point in the episode, Jai offers a prayer, and during their prayer, you can hear a very faint heartbeat. It almost feels like the single heartbeat that connects the three of us (and you’ll hear all about our past life connection when it comes up during the episode.) While we initially invited Jai over to chat about personal healing, eventually the conversation turned toward cultural appropriation in spiritual practices. While this wasn't the intended topic when we started out, I'm a firm believer that this was the conversation that needed to happen, which is why I chose to not re-record the episode in hopes of getting rid of some of the background noise. We would never be able to recreate the energy or the conversation that took place that day, so here you have it in its pure form. Enjoy! oo:oo - We start with a special announcement from O'Dell about the episode. 03:04 - Show intro. 04:02 - Andrea opens the show with a howdy, a shout out to our special guest and we move right into tea talk. 06:29 - We haven't seen one another in a few weeks and we have all sorts of catching up to do. Andrea got a new car, O'Dell had some very standard O'Dell mix-ups, and Jai gives us a look into what their week was like. 10:43 - Andrea introduces Jai, and mentions the past-life relationship between the two of them (which is very apparent in their interaction), and Jai tells us a little about them. 13:42 - Jai offers a prayer to give us some insight into how they begin their work. (You can also hear a very faint, but steady heartbeat in the background. I like to think it's the heartbeat that connects the three of us - more on that in a bit!) 16:36 - Jai gives us a little more insight into how they work. 17:56 - Jai shares with us a story of how they were healed and first connected with Spirit, and speaks about the wounded healer. 22:46 - Jai talks about soul lineage versus genetic lineage, and this is where the coolest revelation ever happens - a connection that Andrea, Jai and I have from a past life. A-maz-ing! 23:55 - We make a segue into past life encounters and how it can affect our present-day lives. 26:04 - What is the difference between being a Shaman versus a Shamanic Healer? ( (Read this article Jai wrote)) This is an important topic and leads us to our discussion about cultural appropriation. 31:21 - White Orphan Syndrome - Jai shares their term for white people who don't feel like they have a culture of their own because it is designed to be invisible to them. 34:50 - Look at your own heritage, rather than attaching to cultures that aren't yours. Your ancestors need you! 40:12 - What is cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation? 41:16 - Healing on an individual level and a cultural level. 47:20 - Healing dark energies - Jai does this (and of course O'Dell is immediately intrigued.) 51:51 - We segue into a topic about how you have to engage in order to heal and cleanse, and it's a continuous daily practice. 57:10 - Jai talks about how we, as humans, have these ancient tribal ways and the lack of connection plays a big part in society's mental health issues and our disconnect from each other. We need each other to heal. We need a reweaving. 01:06:39 - Jai has a final message for our listeners about healing, and listening to our hearts and respecting others. 01:09:48 - Jai draws our Tarot card for the show and shares their interpretation, and then we sign off. Links to more info from Jai: (Jai's Website)...
May 29, 2020
S1 E11: All About Altars
Hi, friends. It goes without saying that at the time of this recording, we are still in isolation mode here in Portland. But - we're making it work. In keeping with our theme of covering the basics this first season, today we're talking about altars. Do you need one? How elaborate does it need to be? What do you put on one? Never fear, we're here to help! Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:59 - Welcome. We're still isolating, and it's getting really old. 02:03 - Patreon News - We have one, and we have all kinds of extras for subscribers. 03:08 - Tea Talk 04:23 - Today's topic is... Altars. 05:11 - What is an altar? The biggest thing to remember is that altars need to be tended to and taken care of. They can also be big or small, and you can create one anywhere. 09:59 - Location, location, location. Ideas for where you can setup your altar(s). 14:23 - Ideas on different items you can add to your altar that represent all of the elements. 29:10 - Adding personal items, scrying items and/or totems to your altar. 31:45 - It's important to setup your altar to match the work you are doing on it. 36:34 - Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition to decide if something is really right for your altar. 41:06 - Keep the energy and altar space clear with regular cleanings. 45:15 - Ancestral Altars - These are really special things and there are a few things you should remember when creating these. 54:32 - Today's tarot card is... 57:28 - We say goodbye for the day and hope for a quick end to this isolation stuff! Tarot deck used this week: ( Deviant Moon Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
May 15, 2020
S1 E10: Let's Talk Tarot
Hello, hello, hello. We're once again coming at you from Covid-19, social distancing/isolation land. Today we have an extra fun episode to help you pass the time. We are joined by the lovely (and hilarious) Miss Renée, Tarot reader and astrologer extraordinaire, and we're talking about one of our favorite divination tools - the Tarot. Miss Renée has all kinds of tips and tricks for all of us, and delivers it all with a delicious sense of humor. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:58 - Welcome and check-ins - We're still doing the whole isolation thing, and we're learning a lot about ourselves. 03:44 - Tea Time - What are you drinking today? (Hint, we are bougie today.) 07:40 - Meet Miss Renée - Tarot reader and astrologer extraordinaire! 09:25 - Calling in my Peeps - A prayer from Miss Renée to center herself. 10:53 - Miss Renee's path to Tarot and Astrology 19:39 - Category is... Tarot! And we have lots of questions for Miss Renée. 21:45 - What's your favorite deck? 25:06 - What is your favorite spread? 26:40 - How do you feel about reversals? 28:25 - Swords vs. Wands 30:53 - What do you like about the Tarot? 32:29 - How Astrology and Tarot relate 34:50 - Do you have a favorite card? 36:42 - Any pet peeves when doing readings? 38:58 - How do you feel about doing readings for yourself? 41:55 - Tips for new Tarot dabblers 44:48 - What about the Oracle? 47:34 - The Fool's Journey 50:57 - Tarot card of the day 54:16 - See you next time! Links: (Miss Renée's Website) (Follow Miss Renée on Instagram) (Link to the Lenormand book O'Dell speaks about) Tarot deck used this week: (The Mythic Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Support us by becoming a member on (Patreon) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
May 1, 2020
S1 E9: May Day, May Day! (aka All about Beltane)
Welcome back! Even though we're in isolation, we were able to make a remote recording session work, and we're super-excited to be here chatting about Beltane. (Please forgive a few slight audio glitches.) The lovely Danielle Renée (Andrea's friend and mentor) is here with us today to chat about this fun and frivolous holiday. We talk about what the holiday is all about and some fun things that you can do to celebrate - even if you're isolated. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome from isolation land - At the time of this recording, we in Portland were about three-weeks into COVID-19 isolation. We chat a bit about how things have been. 02:46 - Tea Talk - What are you drinking today? 05:09 - We have a guest! Danielle Renée is Andrea's mentor, dear friend, and a very welcome addition to today's show. She's a very sweet and amazing person! 08:05 - Danielle Renée talks about her spiritual path. 22:33 - The subject at hand... today's episode is all about Beltane, and, surprise, surprise, it's one of Andrea's favorites. Andrea also shares a few other celebrations that also take place around this time. 26:26 - We talk about the basics of Beltane. Fertility, flowers, and fiestiness abound. This is really the "kicking off" of summer. 30:41 - Playfulness and mischief are plentiful when the fae come to play! 32:56 - All about May poles and the honoring of sexuality. Also, the beauty of the balance between the masculine and the feminine, and the interplay between the two 37:30 - Bonfires are a big part of Beltane. We take about the purification and protection rituals that also take place during this festival (it is a fire festival after all.) 41:05 - Celebrating in isolation - How do we celebrate such an intimate holy day in isolation? (Danielle Renée has a few ideas.) 48:15 - We chat about various spells and rituals that can be done during this time. 56:53 - Andrea lists a few offerings you can leave for the fae, and we provide a few other ideas of things you can do to celebrate. 01:03:08 - Danielle Renée pulled our Tarot card today, and it fits perfectly with what is going on in the world. 01:05:44 - We sign off, and before we go Andrea and Danielle Renée chat about where you can contact Danielle Renée and some of her course offerings that are coming up. Links: (Ripple and Knot - Danielle Renee's website) (Recipe for Bannock) (throw in some lavender or other edible flowers for some extra flavor.) Tarot deck used this week: (Morgan Greere Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
April 17, 2020
S1 E8: Back to the Basics
Welcome back! We've gotten several questions from listeners and friends alike that prompted us to take a step back. Today, we're going "back to the basics". We address what it means to be Pagan and how it relates to Witchcraft and Wicca as well as Hoodoo and Vodun (and all the other practices that aren't Christian, Jewish or Muslim.) We also give an overview of the Wheel of the Year for those of you who currently practice, or are considering starting a more traditional Neo-Pagan practice. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Tea Talk 02:46 - Spiritual Awakening? - O'Dell got a good spanking from a spirit guide and he tells us all about it. 03:16 - Why the basics? Andrea talks a bit about why we decided to do this episode. 05:29 - What is Paganism? We talk about what Paganism is (no, it's not devil worship), and how we are all Pagans - and it's awesome! 07:42 - Andrea talks about Animism (and O'Dell illustrates what it's not (unfortunately). 09:22 - What is witchcraft? You mean not all witches practice Wicca? And not all people who do magic call themselves a witch or practice witchcraft? Say what? 21:16 - So, what about Hoodoo and Vodun? Where do they fall? 29:02 - So what is the difference between modern and traditional witchcraft? We'll tell you! 34:56 - What next? We'll give you some tips on how to practice. We also realize that we can't possibly know everything about all the other Pagan practices out there, but we'd sure love to hear about them. Reach out to us. Teach us. 37:51 - We talk about the major Sabats (Pagan holidays) also known as the Wheel of the Year. 49:17 - Tarot time! Which card did we draw today? 53:11 - Closing out the show. Until next time! Links to books mentioned in this episode: (Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers ) (The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft) (Modern Witchcraft Guide to the Wheel of the Year) (Gay Witchcraft) Tarot deck used today: (The Rider Waite Tarot) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
April 3, 2020
S1 E7: Listener Q&A
While "social distancing", Andrea and O'Dell put out a call for  questions on Instagram and you all delivered! They are here today to  answer them in a special Q&A session. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome to the Quarantine Q&A 02:05 - Tea talk time 03:09 - Question #1 - How do I know if a spirit or guide is trying to connect with me? 10:56 - Question #2 - Do you follow certain Gods/Goddesses or deities? 18:26 - Question #3 - How do I know what "type" of witch I am? Do I have to pick one? 21:38 - Question #4 - Why do you think some people are more drawn to witchcraft than others" 23:47 - Question #5 - How do you know which spell will be most effective? 27:48 - Question #6 - When using a recipe, how do you know which herbs or oils to use when it gives multiple options? 31:09 - Am I supposed to follow a specific path or structure in my practice? 37:11 - Question #8 - As I am new to practicing, what is the best way to protect myself? 41:17 - Question #9 - Do you practice dark magic? 47:01 - Tarot time 48:26 - Farewell message of hope, love, appreciation and healing Tarot deck used today: The Linestrider Tarot
April 3, 2020
S1 E6: Magic Gone Wrong
This week's show is all about magic gone wrong. O'Dell shares a couple  of stories where his work had some very unintended outcomes, and what he  did to reverse it. Andrea  shares a few stories where her work didn't hit the mark for various  reasons. Both share lessons learned, and what could have been done  differently to make things go a little better. Listen and learn! Chapters: 00:59 - Welcomes, introductions, past episode reflections and random musings about life (and food). 03:22 - It’s tea time! Whatcha drinking today? 05:00 - Today we’re talking about spells gone wrong, and O’Dell tells us about a skull spell that he did to bring someone back into his life, and it did not pan out as intended! 22:59 - O’Dell and Andrea chat about lessons learned from the love spell from hell, and O’Dell talks about what he did to clean it up. 25:11 - Andrea chats about a love spell that she did for a friend who wanted some passion to be restored in their relationship, and what went wrong. 29:24 - O’Dell shares a story about a vinegar jar spell he did on a troublesome co-worker who was causing issues for him and bullying several other people on the regular. It was much more intense than he intended. Oops. Cleanup on aisle 3! 38:08 - We chat about why it’s never a good idea to do spell work when you are in the heat of the moment and how best to approach this. We also take a slight detour into the history of cursing and hexing and why it’s not totally bad so long as it is warranted and you’ve covered all bases and have a clear idea that this is the best course of action. 42:20 - Put your back into it! We chat about spells going wrong when you, or whomever you’re doing work for, don’t put any effort into them. 45:27 - Andrea segues into a story about a spell she did for a friend who was awaiting repayment for a huge amount of debt they were owed, and why it didn’t work. 48:07 - Andrea tells a story regarding how spells don’t always work out the way you want them to. She tells a story about a heart opener/healing spell she did to ease the tension between a friend of hers and his ex. 51:08 - Andrea tells a story that’s not necessarily a spell gone wrong. It’s about a doll (O’Dell hates dolls by the way) that she had a strong affection for and the past life connection she had to it. (This is definitely going to be a future topic on the show!) 56:19 - We chat about why it’s a good idea to document everything you do and everything you use in your spells so you can gauge the success (or failure) and learn from it. 58:05 - Tell us your stories of spells gone wrong and what you learned! Send us a message from our website and maybe we’ll share them on the show. 59:07 - Tarot time! Andrea pulls a card from the Santa Muerte Tarot -  Book of the Dead deck. What message do we have for you today? Tarot deck used: Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead
March 20, 2020
S1 E5: Ain't No Party Like an Ostara Party
We're moving into Spring, and today we have all kinds of information about the Spring Equinox. We share with you several holidays that other cultures celebrate at this time of year, and then we dive into Ostara. We share stories, fables, ritual ideas, and other things you can do to celebrate. We also can't help but be a little snarky when pointing out all of the "peculiar comparisons" of this ancient celebration to modern-day Christianity. Hmmm... Visit our website to download a copy of the personal "Spring Cleaning" spell that is talked about during the episode. Chapters: 00:59 - Who is that introducing the show, and what have they done with O'Dell and Andrea? 05:18 - It's tea time! 06:10 - We spend some time discussing February's full moon, and what we have been up to. 09:17 - Andrea gives some insight into several holidays that are celebrated during Spring Equinox in various parts of the world. 16:14 - Andrea gives a brief history of Ostara. 19:17 - The more we chat, the more we realize how many of these stories have been "lovingly lifted" by our Christian friends. 22:45 - Andrea talks about some of the symbology associated with this time of year. 25:32 - O'Dell tells the cutest little story that originates from the West Country of England about the Goddess and the Hare. (Seriously, it's the best story ever!) 29:59 - Andrea tells another story about a maiden and a baby bird. 34:09 - Andrea and O'Dell share ritual ideas that you can perform, and they don't have to be elaborate. 42:35 - The two move on to discuss things you can put on your altar for Ostara, and discuss even more fun things you can do to welcome in the changing of the seasons. 49:51 - You don't have to do ALL the things. Don't be stressed out if you can't do a full ritual, or if you don't have all the things. Just be still and enjoy... connect. 52:10 - Tarot card time! O'Dell drew his favorite card, which is perfect for today's show. 56:06 - A final farewell (until next time). Tarot deck used: (Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
March 6, 2020
S1 E3: Who Brought the Dark Energy to the Party?
Warning: If you are especially sensitive to energies, you may want to center and shield yourself prior to listening to this episode. This week is all about dark energy. How do we identify it? How do we attract it? Can we ever get rid of it? O'Dell tells us how he and some friends managed to call in something not-so-friendly via an Ouija board when he was in high school, and Andrea tells us a story about purchasing a house with a sketchy past and a not-so-friendly spirit in the basement. Chapters: 00:59: Welcome, chit-chat and catching up 03:08: Tea Talk - whatcha drinking today? O'Dell REALLY loves his tea today. 04:39: Clarifications (because O'Dell really feels the need to do this for some reason.) 09:24: What is dark energy, and where does it come from? Before the stories start, Andrea and O'Dell chat about how it can come in and attach itself to you. 14:03: Mind your words! Andrea shares a story about how you can send dark energy (or bring it in) with your words, and then she and O'Dell sidetrack (shocker!) into work that is intentionally negative. 30:33: A Ouija board for Christmas! O'Dell asked for (and received) an Ouija board for Christmas when he was 15 and quickly learned that it really does work! 36:30: Let's take the board to a New Year's Eve Party! This is where the fun begins and then turns really scary after a group of high school jerks show up. 43:46: Time to go! O'Dell leaves the party... and something is following him. 52:10: Repercussions and healing. Everyone at the party experienced something unexplained on their way home. 54:34: What exactly happened? O'Dell and Andrea chat about how the dark energy may have manifested and how it presented itself to everyone. 59:10: Andrea tells her story which involves dreaming about a house that she ends up walking into the next day and eventually buys, and then... 1:05:26: Girl, get out of my basement! After buying her house, Andrea dreams of a banshee wailing in her basement, and then she sees her while doing renovations. 1:07:39: No, really, get out! Andrea talks about how she staked her claim and banished the entity in the basement. 1:14:21: Things you can do to clean, clear, banish and protect. O'Dell and Andrea talk about ways you can do this yourself, or where you can find people to help you if you're uncomfortable, or feel you're in over your head. 1:27:00: Today's Tarot card is... Tarot deck used: (The Naked Heart Tarot ) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
February 21, 2020
S1 E4: From Seed to Root to Bloom
This show is a big shift from the intensity of the last episode! This time around we chat about growing your own herbs and plants, and both O'Dell and Andrea share some of their favorites. O'Dell gives an overview of how you can enchant your plant babies with intentions even before planting them, and Andrea covers how you can use different parts of your plants in different spells. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - I'm a lazy teapot - Grandma Gertie (O'Dell's teapot) is extra lazy and she needs to get it together! 02:29 - Tea talk... in today's very special segment, O'Dell mispronounces another word. Shocker! 03:22 - Chit chat, recaps, and other randomness. 05:17 - Category is... 08:51 – Andrea and O’Dell chat about some of their favorite herbs and plants to work with and how they go about it. 19:04 - How does your garden grow? O’Dell talks about his process for growing his plants and herbs from seed. He also gives a little insight into Imbolc for those who aren’t “in the know”. 20:56 - Connect with your plants and herbs. We go on a little tangent about making sure you are putting your time into growing plants and herbs you have a connection with – not those you feel you HAVE to use, and how to recognize when other herbs might be better for the situation at hand anyway. 25:32 - A ritual for your seeds. O’Dell chats about starting his seed planting with a ritual to send energy to the seeds. He also gives tips on planting, watering and other things you can do to nurture them. 31:17 - Start manifesting now. Andrea gives a few more tips on things you can do when planting to begin manifesting now by infusing your seeds with intentions. 35:52 - Nurture your plant babies! The work doesn't stop after you've planted the seeds, or even after transplanting them. This is a commitment. 39:00 - Transplanting the plants and herbs. Tips and tricks for finding the best place for them. 40:13 - Wild harvesting do's and don'ts. Be respectful of the environment and the energies of the plants and the wildlife who rely on them. 43:54 - Plant anatomy 101. Andrea chats about how to respect the plant energy, and the different parts of the plant and what they represent. 53:45 - Sneak peek at this year's plants. O'Dell LOVEs growing things (and has a tendency to get overzealous. He reviews what he is planting this year. There's also a plea to take care of the bees! 58:39 - Resources for magical uses of herbs and plants (see links below). 01:03:35 - Tarot card time! This episode's card was a little unexpected. 01:05:44 - We chat a bit about what might be a fun topic for next time. Links and resources mentioned: (Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham) (Blackthorn's Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn) http://earth witchery (Earth Witchery) (Medicine Stories Podcast) Tarot deck used: (The Naked Heart Tarot ) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
February 21, 2020
S1 E2: You're Grounded!
In this episode, Andrea and O'Dell walk you through the importance of properly grounding and shielding yourself before you do any sort of work. They also give an overview of the steps they take to protect themselves not only prior to any type of magical work but also before they leave the house to start their day. 01:00 - Welcome back! 02:10 - Tea time 04:47 - Andrea discusses the importance of grounding and shielding yourself before doing any spell work. 05:24 - Andrea gives tips on how to ground yourself. 06:59 - Andrea chats about ways you can clear your space. 11:34 - O'Dell gives a brief look at what he uses for clearing his workspace. 13:15 - Using sound to clear your space. 15:14 - Using oils to cleanse, clear and protect 18:39 - Create a container/Casting a circle 27:04 - Calling in spirits, and keeping out tricksters 31:56 - Closing/unwinding your circle 35:03 - Grounding and protecting to get through your day 45:30 - Tarot card of the week Links to resources mentioned in this episode: (Toren Collective) (Ripple and Knot) (Jai Medina - Two-Spirit Shamanic Healing) (James Kawainui)  Tarot deck used: (The Naked Heart Tarot ) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
February 7, 2020
S1 E1: Anyone Have a Map?
In the very first episode, Andrea and O'Dell lay out the format of the show and talk about the path that got them to their spiritual practice. Both were born and raised Christian, but something never felt 100% right. Today, they finally come out of the broom closet! Along the way, they both discovered that witchcraft doesn't work exactly as it does in the movies, nor is it dark, evil or Satanic - shocker! 1:00 - Welcome to the show! 1:31 - Tea time! At the top of every episode, we share what tea we're drinking. 2:30 - O'Dell and Andrea introduce themselves and chat about the inspiration behind the podcast. 11:06 - Coming out of the broom closet! 13:03 - O'Dell shares the story of his path. 29:19 - Andrea shares the story of her path. 43:42 - O'Dell gives a preview of some of the upcoming episodes. 44:20 - Andrea has a message for those of you who are just starting out on your own path. 46:18 - This show, like all shows, closes out with the drawing of a tarot card for the listeners to think about when they need some guidance. Tarot deck used: (The Naked Heart Tarot ) Follow us on Instagram: (@magicfromtheroot) Contact us: (Click Here) to send us a message. Visit our website: (
February 7, 2020