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Make Money Online For Life

Make Money Online For Life

By Make Money Online For Life
Born and raised in Germany, I moved to the states and live close to Washington DC.
I have been working in the IT environment for many years and have had a few side hustles in the past. Some of them worked out, others did not.

My goal here is it to show all the ways you can earn money online and build additional streams of income. The average millionaire has 7 streams. How many do you have ?
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AskMeAnything Sunday Jan 12 2019 With Background Music

Make Money Online For Life

Income Report
Full steam ahead in November. going through the ups and downs of the november and how my time invested in Pinterest is paying dividends.
December 28, 2019
MakeMoneyOnlineForLife : Getting Started September 2019
Starting my blog in September of 2019. As the title suggests, this blog focuses on making money online for life. In this very first podcast I am going over my income report for the first month of having my new blog, and podcast. I go over some of the things I have done in the past and some of the things I am planing in doing in the near future. At this time I am taking things one step at a time and get things organized and setup. Link to blogpost :
October 26, 2019
AskMeAnything Sunday Jan 12 2019 With Background Music
AskMeAnything ASunday Jan 12 2020 session. - Welcome to 2020 - What a year 2019 was. - Reflect on 2019 - New years resolution - Want to create a free 7 day course to get people to sign up to my email list. - Want to think about creating online course about Blogging or Pinterest by end of Feb - Want to create more podcasts and YouTube content - Want to create more content - AdSense - Kicked out, no AdSense, No AdMob, No youTube - Need to follow up on the appeal. it has been 27 days - Still don't know why. and why is it for life ? - - Stats: 1700 impressions, 0 clicks, $0.00 - Also really hard to get any insight in the stats. - For example, provides a CPM of around $1. Also, the average RPM for 10,000 page views is approximately $10 (USD) - Others seem to earn up to 3 times more than AdSense. I will investigate and see if I can mend things with low traffic or if there is a silver lining. - Otherwise: Need to see if there are other CPM ad networks available - MoPub - Last 14 days I got 850k Requests, 71.500 Impressions, Fill rate between 8% and 10%, - $0.43 on 1000 impressions with one app - $11.04 on 70.5k impressions with second app - AdMob used to be about 20 times as much with tweaking etc. - Gives you a lot of flexibility but some options are more limited ( Geo - scope ) - Maybe worthwhile to see if tweaking may help ? - Note about Android - Pinterest - Reach of 223.8k - December: 52k impressions, 1.4k audience, 794 engaged, 373 clicks - January : 209k impressions, 198k audience, 14.8k engaged, 5252 clicks - December: 22.3k impressions, 18k audience, 263 engaged, 18 clicks - January : 7k impressions, 5.7k audience, 51 engaged, 6 clicks - Tailwind - 5 Tribes, 2 Tribes had zero re-shares. Need to remove them - PINs don't get a lot of traction ( yet ). - I will look into A/B testing the design. - Blog expenses - zero dollars for Jan - Blogging - Working on my 3rd blog post in Jan - Spending too much time on apps ( Fixing 64bit '360Tube', Fixing bugs 'MP4' ) - Still not enough content - Marketing - - Advertising - Pinterest offers to Promote a PIN. I may do some research on it but without any income from the blog this is a research item more than a increase for a revenue stream.
July 05, 2019
Income Report October 2019
Link to blogpost : October 2019 had some challenges. Not the least a car accident with our family's Minivan. Overcoming obstacles and continuously improving the blog has been the center of attention for my second month blogging. Things are starting to fall into place. New habits are being created higher expectations set and bigger goals set. Background audio By Lobo Loco:
June 18, 2018
What happens after a car accident
This is from my blog: After we totaled our family minivan we went through the process of working out the damages due to us from our own insurance company. Lo an behold I feel that the calculation is eerily tilted into the insurance companies direction. Here I go through the aftermath of this whole process.
September 05, 2010