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Maker Style

Maker Style

By Rachel Rehkopf
A Creative Lifestyle Podcast. We talk about small business, blogging, and sewing pretty things. Listening to the Maker Style podcast is like sitting down for a coffee and chat with your BFFs who are just as passionate about creating things as you are.
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LIVE // Your Lingerie Sewing Q+As Answered With Erin from Emerald Erin // EP 49

Maker Style

LIVE // Your Lingerie Sewing Q+As Answered With Erin from Emerald Erin // EP 49

Maker Style

Collecting Inspiration (In Useful Ways) With Tori From The Doing Things Blog // EP 50
Fall sewing is AROUND THE CORNER. How are you gathering inspiration? Whether you’re thinking of looking to ready-to-wear to recreate pieces you’ve seen at the mall, or scrolling through your saved folder on Instagram there’s no one way to gather inspiration for sewing - but there are some ways that are more helpful than others! Today on the show, Tori from The Doing Things Blog shares some ways that she organizes and collects sewing inspirations and shares some tips for how you can make better use of the sewing ideas you stumble across. You can find out more about Tori here:
August 21, 2019
LIVE // Your Lingerie Sewing Q+As Answered With Erin from Emerald Erin // EP 49
August is filled with bra and lingerie making challenges, from #SewMyStyle2019 #BRAugust and #SewOverUnder - truly there has never been a better time to give bra making a try! That’s why I was so excited to head on over to Emerald Erin’s studio and ask her some of your biggest bra making questions and get her take on them in a live Q+A episode! Find out more about Erin, check out her supply shop, and check out some of her bra patterns (some of my favourites in the whole world!) at
August 7, 2019
Back to Fashion School with Michele from Win Michele // EP 48
Ever dreamed about going to fashion school? Michele from Win Michele has taken the step to pursue a second career as a pattern maker, and is sharing all about the process over on Instagram and her blog! In this episode we talked about why she made that choice, what fashion school is really like, and what are some of the biggest things that she has learnt so far. Follow along with Michele’s journey here:
July 31, 2019
Keeping a Sewing Journal with Meg from Meg Made Sewing // EP47
How does paper play into your sewing projects? Do you plan what you're making in advance in a notebook? Sketch your ideas for a great new garment? Keep track of your measurements and pattern modifications with sticky notes? Or, maybe do none of these at all? This week on the Maker Style Podcast we've got Meg from @megmadesewing on the show to share the ins and outs of her SEWING JOURNAL - a paper place where she keeps all of her sewing notes, ideas, and projects! As someone that doesn't have a real paper component to my sewing practice, I was so inspired to hear how Meg keeps track of her ideas - and I've been brainstorming on little ways I could implement a sewing journal of my own ever since! Click the link in my bio to give this episode a listen, or find us wherever you listen to podcasts. Find Meg:
July 22, 2019
#YearOfSlowSewing with Amy from Amy Nicole Studio // EP46
This week Rachel chats with Amy from Amy Nicole Studio about her pattern making business, unique sense of style, and the challenge she made for herself called The Year of Slow Sewing! Find Amy on Instagram at @AmyNicoleStudio or at
July 15, 2019
Sewing and Discovering Second Hand Fabrics with Star from Well Fibre // EP45
This week on the Maker Style Podcast Star White from Well Fibre has come on the show to share how she approaches shopping for second hand and vintage fabrics. You can learn more about Star on Instagram at @wellfibre and @shopwellfibre
July 8, 2019
About Intimates and Entrepreneurship with Maddie from Madalynne Intimates // EP 44
Today on the Maker Style Podcast Maddie from Madalynne Intimates shares the story behind her business and her journey to sewing. Maddie has been a huge inspiration of mine, and I know you guys will love this episode. Find Maddie online: On Instagram @mmadalynne
July 1, 2019
Hello // EP43
Hello friends, we’re back! Make sure you hit subscribe and tune into the ten episode mini-series that will be coming out LIVE this summer. Want to let me know of a future guest you’d love to hear interviewed? Send me a message on Instagram @Maker.Style
June 27, 2019
Blogger Blueprint: Crafting Content and Finding Your Voice // EP42
Curious about what kind of content to post on your sewing blog/vlog/podcast/Instagram? Today on the show we're digging into what types of content some of my favourite bloggers post, how often they post, and how they determine their schedule. This is a super inspirational episode full of actionable tips for any of you content creators out there!
July 17, 2017
Blogger Blueprint: Rachel's Lessons Learnt from Building // EP41
It's taken us five versions to get here, and we're nowhere close to perfect, but today I'm spilling the beans behind my recent website redesign. I also cover my past websites, the decisions I made, and how I'm switching focus with my new site. Shownotes are avaliable at
July 13, 2017
Blogger Blueprint: Making a Website you Love // EP40
Today on the podcast we will be discussing everything websites. Do you need one? What should I use to make it? How much is this going to cost me? What do I need to consider? Check out EP 37 for an introduction to Blogger Blueprint!
July 10, 2017
Blogger Blueprint: Rachel's Take on Branding Maker Style // EP39
As promised, today I'm opening up and talking about my own personal experiences branding Maker Style. We're covering lessons learnt, things I'm trying, and things that confuse me like crazy.
July 6, 2017
Blogger Blueprint: Building your Brand and Starting with Intention // EP38
This is the first episode in the Blogger Blueprint series talking all about branding Check out EP37 for an introduction to this new series.
July 4, 2017
Introducing Blogger Blueprint // EP37
Blogger Blueprint is a five-week podcast series designed to answer sewing blogger's top questions about branding, websites, content, pictures, and growth. Full details can be found at
July 4, 2017
Welcoming Men into the Sewing Space with Julian from Julian Creates // EP36
Today we're going to be talking about inclusive in the sewing community and barriers that might be in place that discourage people for trying sewing for the first time.  Our guest today is Julian Cordell from Julian Creates. Julian will be sharing his experiences sewing in a predominantly-female online community and ways we can help engage more men in the awesomeness of sewing. We discuss how it's often assumed than men don't sew, which can make it harder for men to get involved in the craft - How many pattern companies, indie or traditional, even carry men's patterns? What about stylish ones? Even in my intro I assume this show is just going to be for "hanging out with your girlfriends" which certainly isn't the most welcoming opening statement for men in the sewing community - This conversation really gave me some great insight on ways that I can be more welcoming on Maker Style. Outside of talking about how we can help welcome more men into our awesome sewing community, we also talked about how Julian has found the community really welcoming and some of the super cool sewing projects he's been working on lately.
June 27, 2017
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Print Patterns with Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs // EP35
Have you ever wondered what's involved in turning a PDF pattern into a pretty, printed booklet? I was completely unaware of how many steps it takes to print a pattern, and it was so cool to learn more about the process in this week's episode.  Kimberly is the designer behind Straight Stitch Designs. After going through the process of learning how to print her own patterns (which took a LOT of researching) she decided to put everything she's learnt into a course to help other designers - got to love it when biz owners help other biz owners succeed.  Today Kimberly is sharing SO much about what goes into a producing a printed pattern, and what the pros and cons are for designers. If you're an indie designer who's been considering making the move to print, Kimberly has been kind enough to offer Maker Style listeners 10% off her course using the code MAKERSTYLE10 - valid through July 2nd, 2017.
June 19, 2017
Make it Work Moments with Judith D. // EP34
Sometimes when we sew projects just don't work out we need extra motivation to work through it. When I have a moment like that I think of my friend Judith Dee, who's always inspiring me to have a Make it Work Moment, and keep on pushing.   Today on the show we talk strategies for making a difficult project work, favourite patterns, and my current obsession with sewing pants. This was such a fun, chatty episode with two gals who love to sew - thanks again Judith for coming on! Today's shownotes can be found over at
June 12, 2017
Preparing for Maternity Leave as a Sewing Small Business with Lisa from Sew Over It // EP33
Juggling a sewing small business and real life is no joke, so I'm always keen to learn how other lovely ladies in the sewing industry are making things work behind the scenes. This week on the Maker Style Podcast, Lisa from Sew Over It has come on the show to share how she's planned for her maternity leave and what she's learnt along the way. Giving up the reins on your business to focus on other areas of your life is hard, and I appreciate Lisa sharing lots about how she's been planning this transition. This was an amazing episode talking about business, trusting your staff, and giving yourself grace to try new things. I know you guys are just going to love it! Thank you Lisa for coming on the show, and congratulations on welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world last month!
June 5, 2017
Three Things I've Learnt as a Sewing Vlogger with Brittany J. Jones // EP32
The internet has been blowing up lately with claims that video is where it's at in 2017 - and it's easy to see why people are saying that. More and more social media platforms (I'm looking at you, Instagram) are prioritizing video content on their sites and making it easier than ever to produce awesome videos.  I've seen a lot of sewing bloggers try their hand and sewing vlogging over this last year, and it's really opened my eyes to the huge online sewing community that exists on YouTube. While I haven't gotten too deep into this community yet, I used to watch a lot of Secret Life of a Bio Nerd's Tutorials way way back in the day - maybe that was a pre-Pinterest influence on my desire to sew? I'm still just dipping my toes into the world sewing vloggers, but one I loved right away was Brittany J. Jones. I love her chic style, how she produces her videos, and how genuinely nice she is. I was thinking she would be the perfect guest to talk about video - then a bunch of you requested she come on the show and it sealed the deal! So, today Brittany has come on the show to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how she makes her videos happen. We cover her equipment, software, lessons learnt, and her top three tips for anyone looking to start their own sewing vlog. This is an amazing, content-packed episode I know you're all going to LOVE.
May 30, 2017
Reflections on Three Years in Business with Allie from Indie Sew // EP31
Man, I'm such a huge fan of Allie from Indie Sew.  Allie is the incredible entrepreneur behind Indie Sew, an online marketplace for indie sewing patterns, fabrics, and classes. We first spoke way back in EP04 about what it was like behind the scenes of her business, and we're back again today to reflect and celebrate Indie Sew's third birthday.  This episode includes a lot of looking forward, discussions on mindful growth and entrepreneurship, and reminders to stay kind to yourself above everything else. This conversation was hugely inspiring to me and I know you guys will enjoy it too. Today's show notes can be found at
May 21, 2017
SPECIAL EPISODE: Chatty Q&A With Rachel from Maker Style // EP30
Lately, you guys have been asking me to open up a little more about myself on the show and give you a little bit of a background on the lady behind the show.  I guess this makes sense, because I love learning more about my favourite online friends, but I've got to admit it makes me a feel a little strange opening up like this on the internet.  So, as per your request, here are your questions answered in celebration of my 22nd birthday. Blogging, personal, sewing - nothing was off limits. It's chatty, full of anecdotes, and shares a whole lot about who I am as a person. To save my sanity (and avoid me over-analyzing every last word I said) this episode is pretty much free-form with very little editing. I hope you can appreciate the rawness and openness found in this episode.  Regular interviews will resume next week. A special thank you goes out to everyone who asked me a question - it really blows my mind that there are people on the internet who are even remotely curious in who I am as a person.
May 15, 2017
My Experience Getting Professional Branding with Kelli from True Bias // EP29
As makers, we often get into the habit of wanting to DIY everything. DIY Haircuts? Sure, why not! DIY Website? No question, we can handle it! DIY Wardrobe? Obviously! But something I've learnt the hard way is that sometimes it's best to call in the pros for expert help on a project.  That's why I knew I had to have Kelli from True Bias on the show to talk a little bit more about why she decide to work with a professional branding agency to re-work her business's branding.  This episode is all about business, growth and personal development. Even if you're nowhere near a place in your blog or business where you can afford a professional branding (I'm so there!!) this episode has a whole lot of insight into being true to yourself and a few tips you can use when DIYing your branding. Plus, Kelli really opens up about how she feels towards her business, and as a True Bias super fan I loved learning more about this side of her. Today's show notes can be found over at - I would love to see you there!
May 7, 2017
Sewing a Chic, Retro-Ish Wardrobe with Allie Jackson // EP28
What's a better way to kick off Me Made May than a chat about how to modernize vintage patterns into retro-ish styles that work perfectly day-to-day? I actually couldn't imagine anything better, so that's why I've been saving this episode for MONTHS just for today! In this week's episode of Maker Style, I'm chatting with the wonderful Allie J. Allie is really a master of "retro-ish" and has a beautiful me-made wardrobe filled with vintage patterns used in modern ways. As someone who could never imagine myself wearing a "vintage" pattern in my everyday life, Allie inspires me to give it a try!  Allie is also one of the sweetest and funny people I've met in the sewing community, so that makes things extra fun ;) Truth be told, Allie is one of those bloggers I use to really look up to before I got started with Maker Style and it's pretty cool to think we're now sewing pals. Today shownotes are avaliable at
May 1, 2017
Behind the Scenes of an Indie Family Business with Dana and Dani from Hart's Fabric // EP27
Harts Fabric has been in business since 1969. In the indie sewing industry, especially our rapidly moving online world, that seems like a lifetime.  When I learnt about this, and a little more about what it's like behind the scenes at Harts, I knew I had to have some of their team on the show to share it all with you. We've had a few other fabric stores on the podcast in the past, but most of them have been smaller, one-woman operations. What's interesting about Hart's is that while they're still a fabric-centric business, they've got a team of people working together to make things happen. I loved learning more about their dynamic and finding out more about how diverse a career in sewing can be. While I do have a sponsored post going live on the blog today with Harts, this episode of the podcast isn't sponsored in the least. I think they've got a genuinely interesting story to tell and I know you guys will love it.  Plus, Dana and Dani are lots of fun. I'm sure they'll brighten up your commute this morning. Today's show notes can be found at
April 16, 2017
7 Spring 2017 Sewing Trends and the Patterns to Make them with Sara from the Sara Project // EP26
Today we're throwing it back to EP05! Sara from the Sara Project is back on the show again to share her top seven spring sewing trends and some incredible pattern ideas. If you're getting ready (or in the middle) of your spring sewing planning then you are going to LOVE this episode. Today's show notes can be found over at
April 10, 2017
The Growth of the Indiestry with Elisalex from By Hand London // EP25
In this fast-growing indie online sewing world, being in business for five years basically makes you a veteran in the industry.  We're already seeing major shifts in how blogging, patterns, and indie sewing are being done today vs. seven years ago. To talk about these shifts I've got the lovely Elisalex from By Hand London on the show. In addition to designing up some of the world's most beautiful cocktail dress patterns, she's been in the indie sewing industry (aka: indiestry) for a while now and is a great person to chat about the changes she's seen. While we do talk a lot about the Indiestry, we also progressed into talking a lot about life as a sewing small business owner - overcoming challenges and making magic happen. It was a fantastic chat and I know you're going to love this episode. Today's show notes are avaliable at
April 3, 2017
8 Spring Fabric Trends with Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics // EP24
Welcome back, friends!  We're starting season two off with a little bit of sewspiration and discussing the big fabric trends we're seeing for the spring of 2017. As the weather starts to warm up, I can't help but daydream about my summer sewing projects or obsessively stalk my favourite RTW stores (I'm looking at you, Anthropologie) to figure out how to recreate my favourite looks for less.  Today my guest is Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics. Michelle is the owner of Style Maker Fabrics, an online fabric store that specializes in offering trendy fabrics at affordable prices. Some of the fabrics in Michelle's shop are leftover from big-name designers (Like my love, Anthropologie). What make's Michelle stand out for other fabric stores, in my humble opinion, is the emphasis she places on offering fabrics that match RTW trends. When you order from her she sends along a little postcard with all of her trend observations this season on the back - it's a little touch, but it really reaffirms her commitment to offering sewists the tools they need to make stylish clothes.  In addition to stocking super fashionable fabrics, Michelle also sponsors seasonal style blog tour - you might have seen the Spring Style Tour taking place right now. The eight trends Michelle is going to share with us today can be seen in action on the tour, so it's definitely worth taking a closer look at! Although this episode is part of the Spring Style tour and I'm one of the tour participants, it's not sponsored, and my opinions about Style Maker Fabrics are all my own. I genuinely think it's important to celebrate businesses who support stylish apparel sewing and think Michelle is the perfect expert for this episode.  I've been lucky enough to partner up with Michelle on many projects like the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour and the Spring Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour, but I've also bought (and paid for) a number of fabrics from her shop. While I can't order as much as I would like to because shipping is a killer, I know I can always count on her for finding the trendiest fabrics I can't seem to find anywhere else.  I know you're going to love this episode, so let's jump on in!
March 27, 2017
Sustainable Business with Meghann from Halfmoon Atelier // EP23
What does it mean for your business to be sustainable? Does it mean the products are earth-friendly? The workload is manageable over a long period of time, so you won't get burnt out? Or cracking the code to finding the perfect work/life balance? Today we talk about crafting a business that is sustainable in all senses of the word - sustainable for your life, your time, and the planet.  Our guest today is the wonderful Meghann Halfmoon from Halfmoon Atelier. Meghann recently shifted her business model from selling physical products to digital products (PDF sewing patterns) to make her business function a little more smoothly from her remote island location in Saba. We talk about how this shift in business model is a lot more sustainable in respect to Meghann's time and work/life balance, and why she made this change.   We also got talking about sustainability in another sense - building a business that is sustainable for the planet. Meghann describes her patterns as, "foundation pieces for modern sewists looking to create a “sew-cially” conscious capsule wardrobe" and shares her frustrations about how challenging it can be to find information about how to live a more sustainable and earth-friendly life - this part of the conversation really resonated with me, since I'm always trying to be more ethical with my purchases but am often confused by what's genuinely ethical and what's just another instance of green washing. In response to this part of our chat, Meghann has sent over a whole list of resources linked in the show notes below with great information on making more ethical sewing choices. We would both like to re-iterate that this information is not designed to shame you (I'm in college, although I try my best, I'm certainly not buying earth-friendly goods with every purchase) but rather to offer you some resources if you've been searching for them.  In other exciting news, shortly after our chat Meghann released her second PDF pattern, the Ballet Top Delphy. It's a beautiful woven cami (my favourite) with an elegant scooped back. Meghann sent me a copy of this pattern as a thank you and I'm excited to get sewing that tonight. As an additional thank you to Maker Style listeners, Meghann is offering 10% off her patterns until March 6th, 2017 using the code MAKER10 at checkout.  This episode really inspired me to be more conscious about my choices in all areas of my life. I know you will enjoy it! Today's show notes can be found at
February 27, 2017
Behind the Scenes of Indie Print Magazines with Dominique and Rosa from Suzy // EP22
When was the last time you read a print magazine? For me, it's been a really long time.  Finding blogs, whether they're about fashion, home decor, or DIY/Sewing, replaced the role of magazines for me. I loved the fact that I could never lose them, could access any type of content I wanted, and could read about anything I wanted for free.  I basically swore off print magazines for good.  But then I heard about Suzy, a new independent print magazine for the fashion-loving sewists. I thought the idea of launching a print magazine in an increasingly digital era was a bold move, so I knew I had to get the founders Rosa and Dominique on the show to share the what, why, and how behind their new magazine venture.  After hearing why Dominique and Rosa started Suzy and learning a little more about their processes, I started to agree that there was a special appeal in print magazines that you just can't get from a blog. Then after the ladies behind Suzy sent me the first edition to check out I got hooked.  I can't tell you what a nice experience it is to hold a magazine in your hands and flip through the pages - bonus points when its pages upon pages of sewing goodness.  This interview is a story about starting something new, following your dreams, and doing something for the love of it. Not only is this interview incredibly interesting because it shares the behind the scenes process of taking a magazine from concept to print, but it's incredibly interesting because the passion these two ladies have for Suzy is contagious. Today's shownotes can be found at
February 20, 2017
All About Newsletters with Stephanie from Modern Sewciety // EP21
So how many times in the two years have you heard that email marketing is the place to be? Or that a newsletter is safer than social media? Or that your growth and engagement is going to skyrocket as soon as you start sending emails?  If you're a blogger or small business owner, I'm sure the answer is a ba-jillion million.  It's been the hot topic in the online business/blogger world lately.  And for good reason! Email newsletters can be an excellent way to connect with the people who love your blog/business on a deeper level without having to consider the uncertainty that comes along with changing social media algorithms.  But just because it's talked about constantly doesn't mean that it's easy to get started sending them. First, you have to get yourself set up with some kind of third-party email client. Next, you need to implement sign-up forms on your website, which depending on your CMS might be really confusing. Then you have to build your list, which brings up the question of "How the **** do I get people to sign up for this list?" At this point you might consider a fremium, or just straight up email newsletter promotion, but before you do either of those things you need to figure out what exactly this elusive newsletter will contain first.  If you're anything like me, you got about halfway through this list, got overwhelmed, and have a newsletter that's half set up somewhere waiting to be used.  It can feel hard getting started!  Luckily for all of us, I have Stephanie here from Modern Sewciety to offer some AMAZING advice. As podcast listeners, you probably know her from her show Modern Sewciety, but today we're leaving the podcast chats behind (we actually did that over on her show) to talk all about newsletters and how Steph's been using hers lately.  This episode is the perfect kick in the butt to get you started on making your newsletter what you want it to be TODAY.  Stephanie is full of inspiration and fabulous tips to help you get your newsletter going - you'll thank yourself later for listening, trust me, Steph's pep talk got me to re-introduce my newsletter for Maker Style... but more on that later in the show!  Thanks again for coming on the show Steph, you have been a HUGE mentor to me! Find today's shownotes at
February 13, 2017
Bra Making Month: Tips from my Favourite Teacher, a Little Bit of Harriet, and the Importance of Critical Thinking with Amy from Cloth Habit // EP20
So as I'm sure you heard, just this past week Amy from Cloth Habit just released the Harriet pattern and it's taken the bra sewing world by storm. If you're not familiar with Amy, she's the genius behind the Watson Bra - you know, that famous bra making pattern with over 1000 pictures of it shared on Instagram. She's also the teacher-extraordinaire behind the Cloth Habit blog, which is easily the best resource around for learning how to sew bras. Today she's come on the show to talk shop - sharing her love of teaching, a little bit about her latest pattern Harriet, and some phenomenal tips for beginner bra sewists you won't want to miss. You're going to absolutely love this episode, my friend. In other great news, Amy is offering a discount off the Harriet pattern for Maker Style listeners. The code is 10OFFMAKERSTYLE for Harriet only and is valid until the 13th of February, 2017. Not to mention, all of the profits from Harriet are being donated to help support the housing and job needs of Syrian refugees. Great bra, great cause. View today's show notes at
February 6, 2017
Bra Making Month: What I learnt from Sewing a Bra a Week with Emerald Erin // EP19
Ever wonder what you would learn from sewing one bra a week for a whole year? A while ago, Erin (otherwise known as Emerald Erin), dedicated to try it and find out. Today on the show we're going to talk about what she's learnt from the process so you don't have to go out and make a bra every week - unless you want to, in which case, go for it girl! I wanted to feature Erin in some way or another because it was her blog that really got me into bra making. I followed her bra-a-week challenge religiously while it was happening and stalk her online store on Etsy all the time. Sunday afternoon tea and reading Emerald Erin's weekly blog post is pretty much a routine for me now. Some may say this is a weird addiction, but others will just say I'm a fan - Let's go with the latter, ok? Erin and I live close to each other (well, relatively speaking in the grand scheme of the world) and are around the same age, so naturally chatting with her just felt like kicking back with an old friend and talking bra stuff - it was so much fun! I know you're going to really enjoy hanging out with us today. I'm hoping this summer to make the trip up to see her in her shop and to do another collab while we're together. Let me know if you have any ideas for what we should do! Shownotes for today's episode can be found at
January 30, 2017
Bonus Episode: Tips for Sewing Your Dream Coat with Heather from Closet Case Files // EP18
Heather Lou makes patterns that intimidate me - jeans, coats, bathing suits. Today on the show Heather is going to tell me, quite frankly, why they shouldn't. Heather is the designer behind Closet Case Files, an indie pattern company that specializes mostly in offering "more involved" sewing projects that will grow your sewing practice, but also a few lovely basics that are great to have in your collection. She's the genius behind the Ginger Jeans - the pattern that, in my humble opinion, completely introduced jean making onto the indie sewing radar. For obvious reasons, she seemed like the perfect guest to have on the show to talk about another type of more involved sewing project I'm sure you listeners would love to learn more about: Coat making. Get ready for an awesome, informative episode all about making something wonderful to bundle up in this winter! I know you're going to leave this episode feeling inspired and empowered to take on a sewing project you've never considered before - I sure did! Show Notes for today's episode can be found at:
January 24, 2017
Bra Making Month: Bra Biz Chats with Karu from Studio Costura // EP17
Finding bra-making supplies, in my humble opinion, is the hardest part of the bra-making process - especially if you're wanting to look around and find supplies locally. Imagine for a second, though, if it's this hard for us as shoppers to buy supplies... what's it like for indie suppliers? Today we're going to be talking about all that and lots more business with Karu from Studio Costura. Karu started Studio Costura just last summer (2016), so she gives a really interesting perspective on what it's like growing a business within the first year. While I don't want to spoil the episode for you guys, I just want to highlight that Karu is going to be talking about her super-interesting supply chain - this is hands down my favourite part of this episode! I also wanted to take a moment to quickly celebrate how fearless Karu is. After appearing as a podcast guest on Modern Sewciety last week I have a new-found appreciation for how difficult it is to be a guest on a podcast - it's really nerve racking! While French is my second language, and I'm pretty fluent at speaking it, I would never consider doing a podcast interview in that language because I just wouldn't be comfortable. So needless to say, I think Karu agreeing to do a podcast interview with me in a language other than her first is insanely courageous. Way to go, girl, you totally killed the interview!
January 23, 2017
Bra Making Month: Your FAQs Answered with Hannah from Evie la Luve Lingerie // EP16
Want to start bra making but don't know where to start? Here's where you start! Today on the show I have Hannah from Evie la Luve on to answer her most frequently asked questions about making bras and undies. Hannah is a lingerie pattern designer and supply shop owner, so you can bet she gets a lot of questions about bra making every day. What I love so much about this episode is that it really covers all the bra-making basics. This is the perfect bra-making 101 intro crash course that you can listen before starting your first project to feel more confident. I wish I could have asked her these same questions before I made my first project last year, especially the questions about choosing fabric because I found that SO CONFUSING. For the more advance bra-makers out there, don't worry, we talk about other stuff too. In fact, I told Hannah I've never successfully made a pair of undies even though I can crack out an underwire bra no problem (true story). We chatted a little about where I was getting tripped up, and some of her patterns that might be a good starting point for me to try again. I bought her Lyla pattern, although it wasn't what she recommended because the woven/knit combo seemed perfect for me. So cross your fingers for me, guys, because I'm going to try and make some undies. (I'll keep you update on any disasters/success stories on Instagram)
January 16, 2017
Bra Making Month: Handmade Lingerie Style with Sarah from Ohhh Lulu // EP15
Today we're kicking off the Maker Style Bra-Making Month with an awesome interview with Sara from Ohhh Lulu talking all about her lingerie style and where she finds inspiration for her patterns and handmade pieces in her shop. If you're working on planning some new pieces for your handmade underwear wardrobe, looking for some inspiration before purchasing a bra-making kit, or just looking to explore some of the cool styles you can experiment with in lingerie sewing you're going to love our chat today. One of the best parts about sewing bras and underwear is that since they're (almost) always hidden, you can really go crazy with prints and patterns, daring to try new styles on a smaller scale. Maybe you can't get away with wearing a hamburger print shirt to the office, but a bra? Why not! It's so much fun to experiment with bra and underwear sewing, and I know this episode will give you some inspiration for your latest project.
January 8, 2017
Style in Progress with Sophie from Ada Spragg // EP14
New year, new me? If the change in year has you in the mood for reflection and honest self-chats you're going to really love today's episode with Aussie sewing blogger Sophie from Ada Spragg. When I contacted Sophie for this interview I had a pretty clear idea of what our chat was going to look like in my mind - I loved Sophie's style, admired everything she's made in the past, and was looking forward to some light chats about our favourite prints, patterns and colours. But our chat took a different turn. Sophie and I talked about how her style has evolved since starting Ada Spragg many years ago, and how the garments that we thinking of in the sewing community as being iconically Sophie no longer have a place in her wardrobe. We chatted about the difficulties of navigating these changes - especially as a blogger - and what her wardrobe is looking like now. Although we recorded this chat months ago, I've been holding onto it for this week because I knew there would be no better time for honest reflections on ourselves and our style other than the first week of 2017. I really appreciated the real talks I had with Sophie, and I know you will too. I hope while listening you can take a moment to connect a little deeper with your style, and ask some questions about if the garments you are making really fit with your overall wardrobe. I know our chat certainly caused me to reflect for a moment. I also hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful 2017 - I'm sending you all of my love and encouragement, sewing friends. Find today's shownotes at:
January 3, 2017
Being a Small Fabric Store Entrepreneur with Fiona from Faberwood Fabrics // EP13
Hey everyone! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your fabric small fabric stores? What the day to day process looks like as a sewing entrepreneur building a curated and chic fabric collection for shoppers like you and I? Today, Fiona from Faberwood Fabrics is here to fill you in. Fiona is the creative entrepreneur behind Faberwood, a highly curated fabric shop featuring small collections of designer yardage that you cannot find anywhere else. What's always stood out to me about Faberwood is that the shops aesthetic is unique, but perfectly defined - the ideal mix of indie-cool I'm always searching for. Plus, the styling of all the products is beautiful. I could a good hour browsing through. That swatch up there? Her gorgeous Spot "Like Chambray" Ikat on 100% HANDLOOM (!!) Indian cotton. Fiona was one of the first people on my list of potential interview guests because I've admired her work for a long time. I'm happy to report she's just as kind and knowledgeable on air as she is online. This was a fantastic interview, so let's dig in!
December 20, 2016
Special Episode: Media Relations 101 for Indie Sewing Designers with Rachel // EP12
Today on the Maker Style Podcast I'm sharing a special tip about getting your products out there: effective media relations. Ever wonder how Helen decides what makes it into her Wednesday Weekly's? Or how Rachel and Kate find content for the Sew Reporter? Or how Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher does her Indie Pattern Roundup? The short answer is they put in a lot of work sourcing a boat load of information. Now, if you're a sewing small business or indie pattern designer, you're probably wondering how you could get your products listed in these roundups. They're a great way to gain traffic to your site and spread the word to new potential customers who might not have heard of your brand before. The secret is a simple email and a little bit of media relations savvy. Easy, I promise! Today on the episode I share what I've learnt about media relations so far from chatting with Kate from The Fold Line and Helen from Helen's Closet on the show, and also from a brief little Instagram conversation with Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher. These sewing reporters have given me some insider information about what helps them create their roundups and how they would like new Indie Designers to contact them. All these tips have been organized and packaged into a short, informational epsiode containing all the information you need to know about media relations for pattern designers. So lets jump in!
December 6, 2016
Handmade Gift Ideas for Him with Morgan from Thread Theory // EP11
Guys, we are 26 days out from Christmas. Have you gotten started on your handmade gifts yet? I admit, I'm a little behind this year. So far I've gotten the pattern and fabric I need for my boyfriend's gift, but have yet to start sewing it. Hopefully sometime when finals are over I'll be able to whip up his sweater and not leave it too much until the last minute! If you're still in the planning stages of your Christmas sewing and are in need for some ideas, we're here to help! Today on the Maker Style Podcast Morgan has come on the show to share her top five handmade gift ideas for the men in our lives. Morgan is the pattern-making genius behind Thread Theory, a pattern company that specializes in timeless, quality, and extremely wearable menswear designs. She is THE expert in menswear sewing, so I know you're just going to love the amazing tips she has to share. PLUS: If you're listening to this episode the day it comes out, Monday, November 28th, all of Thread Theory's Patterns are 50% off too help you get your Holiday sewing started with a deal. Being the incredibly sweet person she is, Morgan has curated a whole bunch of past men's gift-making resources she's written in the past to make sure we all have as much information as possible before diving into our projects. She basically wrote the show notes for me with all of the bonus information she provided, so check them out, they're extra good this week. Gee, I need Morgan to come help me do this every week ;) In addition to selling patterns, Thread Theory also has plenty of supplies for sale to help you make beautiful menswear pieces. If you need any fabric or notions, I would recommend you give them a peek. The gorgeous fabrics in the photo above are all hers!
November 27, 2016
Smashing Fear and Starting a Sewing Small Business with Laura from Handmade Hub // EP10
When was the last time you started something new? Something so new, it really scared you? Today we're going to be talking about how to smash the fear associated with starting a sewing small business with the wonderful Laura from Handmade Hub. Right now Laura's in the middle of a super fun world-trip, and while she's off scouting the world she's also working on the beginning of starting her own sewing small business. We chat about the scary stuff that comes along with the beginning, and what Laura is doing to work past it in hopes of achieving wonderful, wonderful things in the future. I really applaud Laura's raw honesty in this episode. Speaking as a recovering perfectionist, it can be really hard to tell the world about something new you're working on in the very beginning. What if you fail? What if no one likes your idea? What if you don't follow through with what you said you would? What if you change your mind? Laura smashed all these questions right out of the park by coming onto the show and sharing what life is looking like in the VERY BEGINNING stages of an idea. Her gumption is admirable, and I wish her the best of luck with her business. Even if you're not starting a sewing small business tomorrow, this episode is filled with valuable life advice. It comes down to navigating the journey with courage in the face of fear, and the words that Laura has for us today can be applied to your life no matter what's in store for you. And, if I haven't sold you on giving this episode a listen so far, just know that Laura has the loveliest New Zealand accent ever. So nice to listen to, guys. So nice. Show notes for today's episode can be found at:
November 22, 2016
How to Start an Indie Pattern Company with Helen from Helen's Closet // EP09
Do any of you have entrepreneurial ambitions? Or an interest in learning what it takes to create all of your favourite indie patterns? Or just a love of listening to two gals geek out about sewing stuff for almost an hour? If you fit into any of these three groups, you're going to love this episode - Money back guarantee! ;) I was so fortunate to have a chance to chat with the WONDERFUL Helen from Helen's closet a few weeks ago to learn all the steps that are involved with releasing an indie pattern from start to finish. Helen shares the resources that have helped her along the way, the lessons she has learnt, and how aspiring pattern designers can be successful in the current market. Without a doubt, this is a HUGE topic, and we by no means covered everything in the almost HOUR that we chatted together, but I hope you can learn from and enjoy the information Helen has brought to the show today and use it however you'd like in your sewing practices. For today's shownotes visit:
November 14, 2016
Six Tips for Sewing your own Wedding Dress with Paige from Seams Electric // EP08
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dream sewing project. That "maybe one day" project. That project that's so big and exciting it scares you a little but you want to dig into it anyways. For so many of us sewists, that dream project is a formal dress. A gorgeous gown decked out in couture worthy techniques, made in all the best fabrics, with all the little details your heart desires. Maybe it's a wedding dress, a prom dress, or a special occasion dress of another name, but the point is, there's a lot of sewists (myself included) that dream of sewing the unpractical. Our guest today is Paige from Seams Electric, and she just finished sewing the most gorgeous couture-worthy wedding dress. I've been following along with her process on Instagram and just knew I needed to get her on the show to talk about the tips she's learnt along the way. Seeing her complete all the little details for her dress stirred up my love of couture sewing, and I know if you've got an interest in sewing up a gorgeously impractical formal gown one day you're going to love this episode. Paige is going to share her top six tips for sewing a wedding dress with us today, but these tips can apply to any formal sewing project. Even if you don't have a gown in the works, I'm sure you'll pick up a tip or two that you can apply to your regular sewing projects to make them extra special - like underlining a garment with flannel to stabilize it, who knew?! Show notes for today's episode can be found over at:
November 7, 2016
Growth, Challenges, and Sewing Industry Chats with Kate from The Fold Line // EP07
The sewing small business world is an amazing place. We're really fortunate to be a part of a new era of sewing that's filled to the brim with entrepreneurship, big ideas, and a strong network of community support. One of the sewing small businesses that I believe is leading the industry right now is The Fold Line, an online community run by British sewing duo Kate and Rachel. They've got great business savvy and a deep connection to the needs of our community, and are using this to run an incredible business that's growing, changing, and propelling the industry forward. In this episode of Maker Style, we go behind the scenes at The Fold Line to get a better sense of what sewing small business looks like day to day. We talk about the industry, who we admire, and what's tough about working in sewing. This is a must-listen for anyone who likes to sew, full stop. For today's shownotes visit:
October 31, 2016
How to use Instagram Effectively as a Sewing Blogger with Beth from Sew DIY // EP06
I think you would be hard-pressed to find a sewist who didn't think Instagram was the sewing community's favourite social media. Let's face it, we're creative, visual people who would rather look it pretty things than read them. As a result, Instagram is a hugely important part of sewing blogging, sewing small business, and getting involved with the online sewing community. Since it's so important to our community it's an important platform to learn how to use effectively if you want to succeed in sewing blogging, designing, and small business. If you're working to grow your audience, and become more engaging on Instagram, you're in the right place. Beth from Sew DIY, one of the most iconic and popular sewing bloggers on Instagram, is here today to share some tips on how to use this platform more effectively. Now please, let me be clear, you so do NOT have to follow these tips if you don't want to. If you use Instagram purely for fun, and not for business, these tips might not even be applicable to you. BUT If you want to grow a following, engage your followers, and develop a clearly branded style than this episode is going to give you so many of the tools you need to get there. Beth is an expert in Instagram, if you've ever checked out the sewing related stuff there I will guarantee you've seen (and more than likely double-tapped) her posts before. For today's show notes (and a special Sew DIY coupon code!!) visit:
October 23, 2016
Top 6 Sewing Trends for Fall 2016 with Sara from the Sara Project // EP05
Sara's so sweet I had to have her on the show twice in one month. She prepared boatloads of wonderful content to share, and I promise you this is going to be another phenomenal episode. If you're familiar with Sara, you know she has really killer style. Her looks are always stunningly on-trend and a little bit daring, so I knew right away she would be the perfect person to talk about the top 6 sewing trends for fall this year. If you're still searching for fall sewing inspiration, this episode is for you. Even if you've got lots of ideas already, this episode is for you, because Sara is so lovely to chat with you won't want to miss hanging out with us - promise. Listening back to this episode, it feels exactly like two girls geeking out about sewing things, which makes me smile. That's what Maker Style is all about! Sara's a sweetheart, so settle in for a fantastic episode that's bound to leave you feeling inspired. For show notes, and links to all the patterns mentioned today please visit:
October 17, 2016
Behind the Scenes of Sewing Small Business with Allie from Indie Sew // EP04
If I had to make a list of the people who were revolutionizing the indie sewing game, you can bet your bottom dollar that Allie from Indie Sew would be at the very tip-top of my list. If you haven't heard, Indie Sew is an amazing marketplace that gathers indie sewing patterns from all of your favourite makers into an easy-to-use, searchable shop. It's an amazing way to find new designers you haven't heard of and the perfect way to find the exact pattern you want. In addition to this pretty extensive pattern shop service, Indie Sew also offers beautifully curated fabric collections, and a really cool way for customers to share their creations with the Indie Sew community. Having all these amazing indie designers centralized in one place totally changes the way we shop for indie patterns, which in my humble opinion, makes her an industry leader. Having Allie on the show to talk about the behind-the-scenes of her sewing small business was one of the very first topics I had in mind once I started coming up with ideas for the show, so I am completely stoked - and a little starstruck - that she decided to come on the show and share more about her work with us. Allie was so genuine, open, and honest about the what sewing entrepreneurship looks like. She shared so much about the challenges she faces, but also the joy she feels, and left me leaving our interview feeling like any dream in the world is possible with hard work. I know she'll make you feel that way too. Her drive is contagious. Today is a very exciting day for Indie Sew and Allie because it marks the debut of their Fall 2016 collection, with a new fabric collection launching as well as a curated collection of beautiful indie fall patterns to try - one of which being the very first Allie Olson design. For shownotes, please visit:
October 10, 2016
Easy Tips for Learning to Sew BETTER with Sara from the Sara Project // EP03
If you've been sewing for years, you've probably picked up a few useful tips you'd like to share with others. Today, Sara from The Sara Project has come on the show to share exactly that. We're going to be chatting about all the little sewing tips and tricks she's learnt in the last few years, and what beginners can do to start sewing better. For more information on Sara and today's shownotes, visit:
October 2, 2016
Behind the Scenes of Creating the Cora Sewing App with Hélène // EP02
I can't get enough of rad girl bosses who are breaking out of the mold and doing amazing things. Hélène, our guest today on the Maker Style Podcast, is one of those girl bosses. She's a software developer (YAY women in STEM!!) who left everything behind with her husband to live, work, and travel the world as nomads (so cool!!). She spent a couple of months developing a sewing app, Meet Cora, from scratch in her spare time, and she's on the show today to tell is a little bit about what that process was like. Hélène is so amazing at breaking down the extremely technical parts of building an app into easy-to-understand little tidbits of information that you DEFINITELY DO NOT need a background in computer science to understand. It was such an interesting chat where I picked up a little bit of an understanding about making an app I wouldn't have found on my own. So, take a listen! You'll learn something really interesting, I promise. For show notes and all the important links you'll need visit:
October 2, 2016
Organizing your Sewing Plans with Anya from Anna Zoe Sews // EP01
It's easy to get overwhelmed by great ideas when sewing. Tell me, does this sound familiar? You have approximately 3480 things you'd like to sew for fall, but when it comes time to execute you can't get your butt in gear. This is me, and probably sometimes you too. If you're struggling with finding a way to ORGANIZE your sewing ideas into a cohesive plan, Anya is your girl. She's come on the Maker Style Podcast today to share her intense organization strategy, and some other great tips for anyone looking to start planning. This episode is a must-listen! For shownotes and a free download for Anya's sewing planning system, go to:
October 2, 2016
Welcome to Maker Style // EP 00
This is the introductory episode to the Maker Style Podcast. This is a creative lifestyle podcast for passionate, daring women who love to make beautiful things. We chat about small business, blogging, and lots and lots of sewing. Listening to the Maker Style Podcast feels like sitting down for a coffee and chat with your girlfriends who are just as passionate about making beautiful things as you are. I hope you enjoy the show!
September 25, 2016