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Make Your Big Impact

Make Your Big Impact

By Angel Tuccy
Welcome to Make Your Big Impact, where we talk to everyday people who are making an extraordinary impact.
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Carey Conley & Laurel Wilson on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention

Make Your Big Impact

Andrea Mason on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
Andrea “The Global Voice” Mason, from, has over 2 decades of experience in personal development in Social Work and in Psychology. She is Certified as a Global Motivational Speaker and Coach under the mentorship of “The” one & only Mr. Les Brown, as well as, a Certified Small Business Entrepreneur, Certified Professional Organizer, and last but not least, Andrea is Your Personal Accountability Coach and Popular Global Voice.
May 13, 2022
Sue Rogers, Author of Flowers, Faith, Finding Your Way...And Other F Words
Sue has that “it factor” because it was forged in the heat of the incredible moments she has lived through and grown from. And now, she’s put together an amazing work of her best wisdom for you to learn from and either begin, continue, or restart your own journey of discovery to find your own amazing moments where you, too, have been tested and strengthened. The moments that you may have overlooked or taken for granted. Moments that define your own version of excellence. Flowers, Faith, Finding Your Way...And Other F Words is a gift; one that when you read the message and apply the lessons, will serve as a guide to help you better appreciate the badass inside you–your true essence–and to live more intentionally, authentically, and aligned with who you truly were born to be.” JT DeBolt Follow Sue Rogers at
February 12, 2022
Petia Kolibova on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
Petia Kolibova is a women’s transformation coach who helps women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a life that is true to them and their soul purpose. Her mission is to help women who are on the path to healing from past wounds move through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks so they can finally do what they want to do, what feels good to them, serve other women in a powerful way online. Petia pairs feminine flow with strategic planning to give entrepreneurs immense clarity + exact steps to transition from side-hustler to CEO. If she is not interviewing on her podcast Unapologetically Abundant, working out, or reading, you will find her in nature disconnecting from the world, connecting to herself.  Connect with Petia at
July 21, 2021
Terri Watkins on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
Terri Watkins is a college graduate from Guilford College in 2009 with a major in Psychology and Business Marketing was her minor. From college, Terri went into corporate America and then small business, and then agency work. In 2017, Terri discovered her business partner was lying to her about company funds. Terri had calculated they had squirreled away about 6 figures that were owed to her. It was time to stop. For her birthday, Terri gifted herself the freedom to start over. With $0 in the bank she borrowed money and food from friends to help keep her home afloat while she worked out her next steps. That is how SpinFrogs came to be. SpinFrogs has since helped 100s business owners grow 10% to 1200% in 1 year in revenue with her.
May 07, 2021
Ruth King on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
Ruth King, shares some great words of wisdom about how their business can be more profitable this year – even in the midst of a pandemic! In her newest book, Profit or Wealth? Simple Rules For Sustainable Business Growth, King gives business owners the best ways to avoid business failure. While many business owners focus solely on profits and ignore wealth building, a business needs both or they can still go bankrupt…as we are seeing in the days of COVID 19. By following the 10 rules of profit and the 10 rules of wealth, business owners can live the life of their dreams. Or at least avoid living a nightmare….
March 26, 2021
Marty Lazo-Munoz on Reinvention
Do it Afraid and Don't Let Your Past Dictate Your Future.  Marty Lazo Munoz: Global Speaker/Author, CEO/Founder MedCare Staff Women's Health and Women's Legacy of Hope, CEO/Founder LEGACY MAGAZINE, CEO/FOUNDER AT: LEGACY CONFERENCES LLC, Domestic Violence resources AND certified counselor. In less than one year, she created a new TV Show, Magazine, and a global conference to serve others. 
March 12, 2021
Eric & Dr Sakeisha Hylick, Marriages Can Win, on Reinvention
Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick are the Co-Founders of Ultimately Y.O.U.,  Marriage and Relationship Strategists, and Certified Life Coaches. Minister Eric and Dr. Sakeisha  are frequently  called upon because of their innate  ability to help their  clients achieve breakthroughs  in  their relationship struggles. Whether you are experiencing challenges in your relationships spiritually, emotionally, and/ or financially the Hylicks deliver proven systems to break unproductive behavioral patterns and create life-long change. The Hylick’s demonstrate firsthand what it means to Rebuild Trust, Overcome Obstacles, Bounce Back from Bankruptcy  and  Focus on Forgiveness while amid Balancing Business, Family, Faith and Finances.
March 11, 2021
Fanny Minnitt on Reinvention
Got your 8 steps to reinvent yourself? Fanny Minnitt is a Veteran, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Multiple Award-Winning Radio Talk show Host, Television Producer on an Award-Winning Television Network (, Retired Educator, Mentor, World Traveler, and Chaplain.  She is also married with one child and one adorable grandchild.  Fanny teaches and share with the world how to identify faith and practice faith in everyday life. Minnitt have been spreading the message of faith all over the world through speaking engagements, radio, studying the word of God, and now by (Syndicated live-streaming) television. She walks us through all 8 steps in this episode of Reinvention. 
March 10, 2021
Ely Delaney on Reinvention
Ely Delaney is your Automated Systems Strategist and is also known as “The People Whisperer”.   He’s the co-founder of Purple Knight Marketing, teaching entrepreneurs go from surviving to thriving in any economy through the art and science of building strong relationships and following up for LIFE.  He’s an Amazon bestseller with his two books “Marketing Tidbits” and “Networking Tidbits”  With a  passion for connecting people, his best selling training course “Networking Like A Rockstar” has over 1350 students registered globally. Ely helps speakers, authors, and coaches automate their follow up to grow their business without having to have an MBA from MIT.  He’s the guy to help you build a 24/7 automated system and turn you into a Follow-Up Rockstar!
March 05, 2021
Dr Robin Perry Braun on Reinvention
DR. ROBIN PERRY BRAUN, IMD, PHd, MPsy is a Holistic Energy Practitioner. For over 25 years she has researched techniques that bring healing to body, soul and spirit, and she has developed her own certified modality and trains people all over the world. She has found great and lasting results with this model and is passionate about educating people in holistic wellness, as well as helping people to understand themselves from a quantum energy perspective and how to live a life of thriving and fulfilling their destiny. Robin has an established private practice in Dallas, and Round Rock, TX, as well as virtual clients all over the world. She is a regular guest expert on the national iHeartRadio show, One Life Radio.  She is a guest speaker and holds live and virtual trainings in her certified modality and believes in empowering healers to be more effective with her modality. She loves collaborating with other like-minded healers and believes in the synergy of different giftings coming together for magnified results
March 05, 2021
Paige Speer on Reinvention
After surviving pulmonary embolism and a toxic brain injury at 32, Paige channeled her innate resilience into recovery, finding whole person therapies centered around bringing all systems into balance in a way that would fill in the pieces and complement homeopathic medicine. This brought in Paige’s entrepreneurial vision of  connecting other under-supported brain injury survivors with integrative, holistic, functional and bio-regulatory resources and practitioners, in addition to speaking and writing about her recovery path.
March 04, 2021
Daniel Pope on Reinvention
If you don't have time to think about what you want in life, it may be time to re-evaluate. Daniel Pope, Chief Story Teller at, shares his passion for helping others get clear on your vision, tone and mission. Taking walks, getting out of town, and hiring the best people you can will give you the mindset, energy, and direction to fast track your success. Daniel's mission is to impact a million people in the next 5 years, and he's well on his way.
March 03, 2021
Dr. Brenda Stratton on Reinvention
Dr. Brenda is a speaker, four times international bestselling author, and is a teacher, coach, and publisher. Being rejected in her Mother’s womb she knows the pain of rejection. She is the world’s only “Meologist,” teaching you how to get over yourself and stop sabotaging your life. Dr. Brenda has over 45 years of experience speaking, teaching, and coaching over 2000+ people in over 35 countries, as well on death row in a California prison. She is the television producer and host of "Revolutionize My Life," where Evolution occurs one step at a time, featured on the Zondra TV network.
March 03, 2021
Irina Strunina on Reinvention
Born and raised in Russia, Irina is a Master of Sports and trained with the Olympic Reserve cross-country skiing team.  Graduate of the Academy of Trade in St. Petersburg, she started her career managing retail, then served as Director of Medical Scientific Research Center before moving to US.  Irina uses her passion for health and nutrition, experience in sports, expertise in food retail and cooking to guide and serve her customers, helping them to find their individualized paths to better health. Irina is Health Strategist, public speaker, founder of SmartMove360 and contributor to Amazon #1 bestselling book ‘Ready to Rise’
February 04, 2021
Dustin Hillis on Reinvention
As chief executive officer, Dustin Hillis is leading the vision and strategy to make Southwestern Family of Companies the largest and most impactful privately-owned company worldwide. Hillis is also cofounder of Southwestern Consulting and remains the president of Southwestern Coaching. His education and vast experience have made him an expert in buying, selling, and management psychology and communication styles. While earning his psychology degree as a junior at the University of Tennessee, Hillis broke the more than 150-year-old, all-times sales record for Southwestern Advantage, making a profit of more than $100,000 in fourteen weeks. He is the co-author of Redefining Possible: Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal. You can learn more at:
February 04, 2021
Zondra Evans on Reinvention
Zondra Evans is the Executive Producer of the Communications Award-Winning TV Network which is a global multi-media platform. Zondra TV Network touts itself as an affordable global marketing and advertising company that leverages TV streaming platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and BCTV to showcase small business and provide global exposure with a potential reach of more than 200 million viewers. Zondra TV Network is the first and only company to develop a TV/Media Incubator where Small Business Entrepreneurs are taught how to become a TV Show Producer.  Evans is a best-selling author of The Power of Investing in You, and “IMPACT, Life, Leadership and Legacy”. Evans has shared the stage with speakers such as Sharon Lechter, Susie Carder, and Mark Victor Hansen.  Evans is the Brand Equity Ambassador for Dallas Professional Women and is a Board Member for Smart Chill, a non-profit millennial women’s empowerment organization.  Evans’ work includes national organizations such as: The National Association of Women Business Owners, E-Women’s Network, and Entrepreneurs on the Move. To be featured on the Zondra TV Network, visit
February 03, 2021
Mary Silver on Reinvention
Mary Silver is a business & success coach helping coaches, consultants, & heart-centered service providers built a business they love. She is an award winning coached named one of the top professionals in her field in 2018 and has been seen in a variety of media. She is a master at mindset and helping her clients take the action needed through proven strategies, intuition, and energy work to create a business they love. She is passionate about helping women gain financial independence and freedom by building an online business that is fueled by their passions! For more information about Mary, visit
February 03, 2021
Carey Conley & Laurel Wilson on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
After losing two members of their family to suicide just three years apart – Mother and daughter duo Carey Conley and Laurel Wilson are strong women chose not to just survive, but to thrive in the face of such adversity. Their mission is to help people of all ages identify their God-given purpose through Vision. Carey and Laurel offer hope to others by helping them uncover their silver-lining perspective. When they're not at home in Oklahoma City or Scottsdale, you can find them on stages worldwide, teaching everyone – young and young at heart – that it's never too late to write down your vision and start living out your true purpose. 
January 29, 2021
Katia Rave on Entrepreneurs of Reinvention
Katia Rave is a business coach, speaker, author who speaks three languages- French, English, and Money. She helps business owners increase their income by reaching a bigger market and focusing on market problems to build trust. Katia reinvented herself by becoming a virtual speaker, hosting a daily show and creating the Money and Speaking Unleashed Summit, after returning from Rome, Italy and seeing the pandemic hit there before it got to the U.S. 
January 28, 2021
Kevin Homer on Reinvention
Serial entrepreneur, Kevin Homer, has helped 6 companies and one non profit get their start. "Some things work and some things don't, but you won't know until you start." 
January 21, 2021
Kimberly Sulfridge on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Kimberly Sulfridge is a serial entrepreneur, facilitator, financial coach, #1 bestselling author, speaker, traveler, photographer, sports enthusiast, wife, mother of two adorable fur babies, and Godmother of four amazing kids. She facilitates masterminds, speaks on entrepreneurship and women’s finances, but most of all loves helping parents create money-smart kidz. Kimberly believes the right mindset is all the luck you need!
January 21, 2021
Stephanie Angle on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Stephanie Angle is an experienced speaker, presenter, consultant, and leader with a demonstrated history of being a change agent in the lives of youths and adults. Her work in the field of education has equipped her with special skill sets to work with individuals who want to move forward in professional development, goal attainment, and personal growth. Stephanie Angle develops and facilitates sessions and workshops built on neuroscience, mindset, and brain-based research practices. Her strong leadership abilities coupled with compassion and empathy provide the basis for a well-equipped and capable consulting professional who can move you and your business forward.
January 15, 2021
Sharon Thornton Montgomery on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
How do you figure out what to do next? Sharon Thornton Montgomery sat with pen and paper to made a list of all the things she "could do" and a list of what she was "good at" until she came up with a perfect storm of writing unique marketing messages for entrepreneurs. Today, she is the founder of the writer's group "Tackling Tough Topics", helping entrepreneurs and budding authors create clear and authentic messaging. Her story of reinvention will inspire you to pick your pen and start making your "could do" list.  Entrepreneurs of ReInvention is 100 stories of encouragement and hope for start ups and re-inventing entrepreneurs. 
January 14, 2021
Kendra Beavis on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
When it comes to reinventing yourself, the question Kendra Beavis asked herself is "How do I want to feel?". Even if you don't have all the answers, or know exactly what you want to do next, you do know how you want to feel and you can build from there.  Kendra Beavis, founder and CEO of the brand strategy studio, Moka Creative over the last 20 years she's been celebrated as a master artisan working on an intimate scale with her clients and crafting unique brands with great care and ingenuity. She believes the flip side of great design is thoughtful strategy. With this core belief in mind she has developed an elevated over 54 brands in the fitness retail and financial industries and one multiple industry awards.  She most recently started a new pet project by launching a podcast called Tribe of Unicorns. Her 5-year-old talk show host self is having a blast interviewing creative entrepreneurs and other industry leaders providing resource and valuable insight into running a creative business and inspiring creatives on the winding journey of building their business.
January 14, 2021
Lauren Turton on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Lauren Turton is a Business Coach that helps women create and launch a high ticket offer so they can hit 10K a month, which she wrote a #1 Best Selling Book on. She is a partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, an Italian restaurant in San Diego, California. She also serves as Vice President of Help the Kani, a nonprofit that provides education and essential services for children and women in southern India. Lauren's mission is to help as many women as possible breakthrough to their next level of success!
January 07, 2021
Jessica Dawn Russel on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Jessica Russell is an accomplished businesswomen and serial entrepreneur, best selling author, entertainment and media producer and executive, and international mastermind coach and integrative and functional therapist. As one who successfully worked only for herself, you can see alone the diversity of interest and abilities of entrepreneurship. She also is a partner with the hypnotherapy centers and founder of the NLP and Hypnosis association in the United States. She speaks publicly about business, entrepreneur topics and business development and self care to success.
January 06, 2021
Jill Wright on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Jill is affectionately known as the Queen of shine. From a thriving shoe shine business in 3 national airports, to a best selling author and leader in business culture. Jill is a heart-centered leader and CEO of Executive Shine and has been recognized by both Forbes and Harvard business review for transforming the culture of client based services. As a thought leader and best selling author, she shares her 33 years of experience by speaking and consulting to inspire other leaders to unleash the human potential within their organizations through the power of belief and authentic connection.  Get her free gift, 7 secrets to Authentic Human Connection at
December 16, 2020
Phillip Aronoff on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Phillip Aronoff has been doing bookkeeping and accounting since he was 17 years old.  "I have 39 years of experience under my belt (for those of you trying to do the math, that makes me 56 years young). I started right out of high school working for my mother’s bookkeeping business which she still runs very successfully today.  After moving to Colorado in 1997, I decided it was time to start my own business. My first daughter was 3 years old at the time and I knew that being my own boss was the best way to have a successful business and still be able to be present as a dad and a husband.  23 years later, my oldest daughter is 26, my younger daughter is 18, and By the Numbers bookkeeping and accounting has given me every opportunity to be involved in their lives and watch them grow up into wonderful women. Being a business owner has also given me the freedom to pursue two long time passions of mine: networking and volunteering." How did you reinvent yourself this year? When I realized I would not be able to network in the same ways I found new ways to meet people.  I was able to meet people from all over the US and even someone in the UK.  It has broadened my network and my sphere of influence.  I did things that made me uncomfortable.  I did Facebook Lives.  I did live interviews on Instagram that has now turned into a weekly interview on Fridays.
December 13, 2020
Liz Wendling on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Liz Wendling is a nationally recognized speaker, sales consultant, and author of 6 books. Her two most recent are The Heart of Authentic Selling and Sell Without Selling Your Soul.   Liz is driven by the mantra, It's not WHAT you sell, it's HOW you sell that matters. Liz understands the sales challenges that professionals face when selling in today's competitive environment and shows them how to make a profound difference in their sales approach, language, and process —online and offline.  Whether it's for her one-on-one consulting, group coaching, multiple-day training, or workshops, Liz will customize programs around the specific needs, challenges, and objectives a business is facing.
December 11, 2020
Marelda Rodrigues on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Marelda Rodrigues, FMCHC, CNMT, Founder of Move Beyond Grief, is a Grief Massage Therapist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, author, speaker, traveler and culinary enthusiast, with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space.  Through Grief Massage Therapy, Marelda helps her clients feel comforted when they are most vulnerable, allows them the space to navigate emotional unknowns of grief and loss, and gain control one step at a time.  Marelda’s wellness coaching programs help clients with mindset, food and lifestyle habits vital to staying healthy, adapting to losses, and building emotional resilience. Her clients emerge from their transformation feeling revitalized, confident, and powerful.
December 11, 2020
Peace Uche on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
From fired to flowing - Dr. Peace Uche is doc.PEACE, a Doctor of Pharmacy, Transformational Rhythmic Speaker, and Empowerment Guru guiding people in creating a life they deserve and desire by owning their innate gifts & talents and pursuing their passions.  Get it going: Her mission is to help 1000 women clearly define their purpose & confidently advance towards that purpose and to help 1000 more wellness expert create an online offer, craft their signature talk & share their compelling message on any platform to grow their business organically.  doc.PEACE envisions a world of unity and seeks to accomplish this vision by helping others shine their light. Her steadfast motto is "Together we thrive".
December 07, 2020
Michelle Faust on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Do you ever stop yourself from saying yes to opportunities because you don't feel ready? Michelle Faust, CEO of Lemonade Legend Publishing, is on a mission to create the world's largest storytelling distribution, and she's doing it even when she's scared. In less than 7 months, she launched a publishing company, a magazine, a podcast, a membership community, and 2 television shows. And she's just getting started.
December 07, 2020
Christine McKay on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
Christine is the queen of reinvention. This year alone, she has  negotiated her way to interviewing celebrities, publishing 3 books, launching a new course, a new podcast. She has followed the belief and faith others have in her, put blinders on when necessary, and throughout all of it, stayed true to herself. Follow Christine by texting VENN to 26786
December 05, 2020
Entrepreneurs of ReInvention with Angel Tuccy
Have you ever felt like you didn't have enough information to get started? Or that things weren't coming together the way you hoped? Angel Tuccy, 12 times published author, recalls the story of hope that inspired her to stretch for the stars and become a best selling author. 
December 03, 2020
Dr Wendy Labat on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
A decision of integrity created a financial covering of almost $2 million dollars. Dr Wendy Labat, known at "The Financial Healer", author of "Diagnose Your Financial Health", and tax strategist, shares her journey of reinvention. 
December 03, 2020
Welcome to Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
During these 100 days, we'll connect every day with tips on: How to find your purpose Building your tribe Creating new revenue streams How to start a side hustle How to increase cash flow How to attract media Creating a clear audience Social marketing tips Increase your health and vitality How to use automation and technology How to attract new leads, and create loyal clients How to start, and how to re-invent How to build and grow your database everyday and more... Entrepreneurs of ReInvention is 100 days of hope, support and encouragement. Follow us on
December 02, 2020
Conni Ponturo on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention
When her Pilates studio was closed due to the pandemic, Conni Ponturo reinvented how she would serve her clients through video.  Her braveness to turn on her camera and press record has turned her into a global business. With over 8 months of videos, a new membership site, and a 5-minute fitness challenge, everyone will be "moved" by Conni's story.  Follower her on YouTube, and text SELF-CARE to 267-86 for her daily videos. 
December 02, 2020
How to Connect with Media
Media Specialist, Angel Tuccy, will walk you through the steps to creating a professional press release, how to create major network distribution, and create more visibility for your brand, business or story. Step-by-step guide to connecting with journalists and media hosts
June 11, 2020
The Morning Show with Angel Tuccy & Tina Torres
The morning show with Angel Tuccy and Tina Torres. Guests Dawn Moore, Michelle Jewsbury and Ron Nehls
June 11, 2020
Butta-B-Rocka Releases New Single "Promise Land"
Butta-B-Rocka, highly versatile and internationally acclaimed artist and musician, talks about her her new single, "Promise Land", her incredible journey and bounce back from an injury, a full year of physical therapy, and her best-selling book, "Fear of Failure, Fear of Not Trying". Butta-B-Rocka's year of recovery was not a set back, but a set up for success. During that year, she wrote and published her story, became a best selling author, helped her son produce a teen magazine, wrote and released her song "Promise Land". She inspires her fans to create your own destiny. It only takes one person to make a change in your life. She's going for it all! You can't put Butta-B-Rocka in a box.  Her amazing resilience is an inspiring story.  Follow Butta-B-Rocka on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Listen to Butta-B-Rocka on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora
December 04, 2019
George J Chanos - Millennial Samurai
George J. Chanos, Esq. served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. He administered Nevada’s Department of Justice and acted as the state’s chief legal officer and advisor.  He also successfully (9/0), argued the case of Warton v. Bockting, before the United States Supreme Court.  Prior to serving as Nevada’s Attorney General, Mr. Chanos had a distinguished legal career, representing individual and corporate clients on all matters relating to the growth and management of their businesses.  He is now writing and touring the country speaking.  His book “Seize Your Destiny” is available on and his second book “Millennial Samurai”, will be available on Amazon in May of 2019. For the past thirty years, he has advised people, from all walks of life, on how to address and resolve the most challenging problems facing them. He is now writing and speaking, with the goal of helping others adapt to what he describes as a “tsunami of technological change” which he believes will radically change our lives, and the lives of our children, over the next 30 years. This is a show you don’t want to miss.  Connect with George J Chanos, Millennial Samurai and @TheMillennialSamurai on Instagram You can download a free PDF of 8 chapters of Millennial Samurai by texting “Action" to 82888. 
May 13, 2019
Fear of Failure, Fear of Not Trying, Oleathia "Butta B-Rocka" Robinson Story
 “Fear Of Failure Fear of Not Trying” Going From A Shooting Star, To A Fallen Star, To A Super Star, The Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson Story Becomes #1 Best Seller On Amazon In Less Than 7 Hours From would've, could've and should've; one woman suddenly announced that enough was enough and found her own way to deal with the success and failures of life on her own terms, and you can too!   How on the way to signing a prestigious career-making record deal suddenly it came to a complete stop, because of an almost fatal car accident, just in a split second, her life changed forever. Record deal lost, her songs got pirated & career shattered. Robinson now tells her story in her new book “Fear Of Failure Fear of Not Trying” she shows how she went from tragedy to triumph." Going from a Shooting Star, To A Fallen Star, To A Super Star.  Inside the pages of this reflective and insightful memoir, Fear of Failure is laid bare and then overcome by a refusal to accept those fears and insecurities as being true. Being transparent, it addresses dealing with the pain of rejection, depression, divorce, college, all while raising children on her own and working, to finding hope and strength within. From would've, could've and should've; one woman suddenly announced that enough was enough and found her own way to deal with the success and failures of life on her own terms, and you can too!  Part self-help, part motivational autobiography, the experiences and insights that this book provides, can help you turn away from the fear that failure will present in your life and will help you find your way to the success and happiness you deserve. Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson is back on track and is becoming a Super Star.  Butta continues to raise the bar! Named Hottest Female Vocalist 2017 & 2018 along with the 2018 CARE Award for her contributions to the community with her organization at the ATL'S Hottest Entertainment Awards and nominated for Best Female R&B Artist of the year by the GA Music Awards, listed as 1 of the Top 4 Female R&B artist's in Georgia! She is currently in the studio working on her long-awaited sophomore album. Butta is CEO/Founder of Artists Rock the M-I-C, bringing artists together from all genres of music and forms of art to impact a change working with the homeless college students. She believes in using her talents to heal and help others who don't have a voice. In 2016 Artists Rock the MIC Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit was created. For more information about Butta B-Rocka go to or to buy her book go to
April 10, 2019
Andrea Swensen - The Millionaire Sales Mastery System
o Andrea Swensen is the author of The Breakover and the founder of The Millionaire Sales Mastery System. She helps entrepreneurs & business owners find & retain their dream clients and close even more deals faster by speaking & selling in their customers language. In this episode, we talk about the science of Buyology, why customers buy and how we can serve them even more. Complimentary gift for you today at -
December 15, 2018
Gayle Novak - Ms Senior America 2018
Philanthropist, business owner, and Ms. Senior America 2018 shares her inspirational story of grace at any age. Also, Rene Green, Colorado State Pageant Administrator shared her vision of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Colorado Pageant, and the 40th anniversary of the national Ms Senior pageant. Recorded live at Zane's Italian Bistro, 8101 E Belleview Ave, Denver CO 80237. For more information about Ms. Senior America Colorado pageant, or #dancingqueen
December 04, 2018
Andrea Swensen - Finding Your Purpose
After a near death experience, Andrea discovers her purpose for living, and shares the secret to finding your own way into healthier relationships, even more successful business, and a happier self. Follow Andrea Swenson at
November 20, 2018
Andrea Swensen - Author of The Breakover
International speaker and success strategist, Andrea Swensen, has published a new book that teaches people the secret art of finding abundance, freedom and flexibility in life. In The Breakover, Swensen, with 30 years experience in sales and consulting , cracks the code that being able to communicate more effectively is the key to creating a life passion and purpose.
October 27, 2018
Zondra Evans - Author, Transformational Coach & Speaker
Are you really investing in yourself? Do you even know what that means or how to do it? Zondra Evans is an author, life transformational coach & speaker. Zondra has over 35 years working in corporate environments. She has extensive background on how to build, manage and grow business relationships quickly to accelerate your sales cycle. Zondra’s personal experiences taught her the value of responding to breakthrough barriers. After years of mentoring others and working with her own life coach, Zondra was able to solidify her true purpose, establish a new mindset and create a business model that helps others remove their barriers and create even more personal greatness.
July 03, 2018
Lori Tisnai - Technology & Cyber Criminal Specialist
Are you giving away your security to cyber criminals? Technology Specialist, Lori Tisinai specializes in computer software training, technical support, and cyber criminal prevention. Her company, Computer Concepts USA based in Chicago Illinois, is the industry leader of corporate technology, protecting their corporate clients with automated pro-active cyber maintenance.
July 02, 2018
Zondra Evans - Author, Transformational Coach & Speaker
Most Americans are walking around pretending everything is just fine. Zondra Evans is an author, life transformational coach & speaker. Zondra has over 35 years working in corporate environments. She has extensive background on how to build, manage and grow business relationships quickly to accelerate your sales cycle. Zondra’s personal experiences taught her the value of responding to breakthrough barriers. After years of mentoring others and working with her own life coach, Zondra was able to solidify her true purpose, establish a new mindset and create a business model that helps others remove their barriers and create even more personal greatness.
July 02, 2018