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Manufacturing and Automation: Making Things Better

Manufacturing and Automation: Making Things Better

By Eric Martin
This is the making things better podcast, where we discuss all things manufacturing and automation.

Host Eric Martin C.E.T. shares over 20 years of experience in making things better. The mindset of automation, making better and safer jobs, building strategic relationships and more.
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What Canadian Manufacturers need to know about Cyber Security

Manufacturing and Automation: Making Things Better

Grants and Funding for Manufacturing
If you're a manufacturer, there are many grants available to help your business expand and grow.  And yet most manufacturers have no idea where to start looking for this information. Even if they did know where to look, the process of applying for government funding is complicated and time-consuming. We interviewed Joe Esposito - Senior Innovation Advisor from Innovation Canada to discuss what are the available grants and fundings for manufacturers. This is Episode Seven of the Making Things Better Podcast presented by JAE Automation where we deal with all things manufacturing and automation. Timestamp: 00:23 What are the biggest questions about funding? 3:55 What should be your mindset when going through the process and how do you get the most out of funding? 6:29 The Importance of Relationship Building 8:22 Do you need revenue first to qualify for grants and funding? 13:23 What advice will you give to manufacturers who need help seeking grants?  19:32 What are the benefits of having these programs? 27:39 Insights on Automation and Innovation
September 21, 2021
What Canadian Manufacturers need to know about Cyber Security
In 2017, hacking was something that happened to other countries attacking other countries. But in 2017, two big attacks called WannaCry and NotPetya brought worldwide attention to the idea that information technology can be attacked by hackers. Many manufacturing companies were already dealing with this quietly, but now everyone knows about it. Elton Thimodo, a cybersecurity expert with Rockwell automation shares his insights into cybersecurity and how manufacturers both big and small should be thinking about and implementing security features to prevent extortion and ransomware and loss of operations. This is episode six of the making things better podcast presented by JAE Automation where we deal with all things manufacturing and automation. 1:30 What do we mean when we’re talking about cyber security? 3:17 Current threats in cyber security 6:04 Clients investing in cyber security 7:24 How to identify the risks for customers in cyber security 12:23 How to help Small - Medium Sized Manufacturers to address cyber security  and what are the risks 15:30 COVID affecting the cyber security 19:00 Steps in addressing you need to have a cyber security regardless of your company size. 25:00 Tips before investing in cyber security 28:13 Why hackers are targeting small/medium enterprises? 36:28 What does Ransomware look like? What are the types of attacks into cyber security?
July 30, 2021
Making Manufacturing Safer: Staying Productive During And After COVID
The understatement of the year is that COVID has changed everything and when the world changes then how we do things needs to change as well or we're going to risk getting left behind. Our guest today is Angelo Pucci from FANUC, a veteran in the robotics space brings a unique perspective on how to manage your facility in a changing world.
June 08, 2021
Automation for the Small Facilities
Is automation just for mega corporations? Or can smaller facilities make use of the technologies processes and mindset of automation. Eric Martin, President of JAE Automation answer this very question and more on how smaller facilities can make things better.
May 19, 2021
Design First for Manufacturing
Advances in automation technology have made it possible for small and medium manufacturers to enhance performance, efficiency, and productivity. But before rushing into an automation project, it’s important that you align your technology and investments with your existing facility and strategy. Eric Martin from JAE Automation dives deep into how to set appropriate goals, and make the most of the automation process for your facility. Key Conversations & Shownotes 00:53 How do you start automating your business? Develop a core strategy and identify your goal as a business. 2:42 Understanding why you need to automate your facility aligning to your end goal. 5:49 What are the common roadblocks in automating a business, and how setting proper goals is essential. 11:15 Businesses must always be changing. Automation partners bring a different perspective and set of solutions to solving business problems. 16:20 Higher Complexity Projects: How to navigate the risks in making big investments for automation 17:44 Managing expectations and timelines in automation projects 19:23 The biggest risk: Investing in automation projects based on pricing 22:16 How to reduce the size of contingency budget? 24:17 Eric discusses changes in the Automation Industry and how they impact manufacturers 26:02 What you need to know when looking for an automation company. 27:48 How to have a successful automation project
April 01, 2021
Business Relationships: Making Things Better
We live in a world, where everything is off the shelf. Even business relationships are off the shelf. In this podcast, Eric Martin of JAE automation challenges the idea that business is better at arms length. You need two partners working together, with trust and accountability to make things better.
February 12, 2021
Training is an essential part of any manufacturing project
Is training you just do once and then forget? Or is it an integral part of how you operate your entire facility? Eric Martin from JAE automation, understands that every part of a process does not work in isolation, and training your people is vital to keeping productivity, and profit at the forefront.
January 22, 2021