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Dynamic Walks Of Life Initiative 🌹

Dynamic Walks Of Life Initiative 🌹

By Dynamic Walks Of Life Initiative (D.W.O.L.I)
This is an initiative podcast for every one , who would want to impact a change on the world , by sharing different ideas coming on board educating each other, motivating one another to do great and be great .most of all everyone to be abreast update to the usage of different social media platforms to impact on the world as global village in various walks of life. Aiming at making a better place for everyone,the future offsprings and dynamically discussing different topics episodes about important issues affecting humanity, environment and need to be put out how everyone can get out of the nut
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Dynamic Walks Of Life Initiative 🌹


Dynamic Walks Of Life Initiative 🌹

Drawing towards the end of this wonderful season of culture and society highlighting important topics we thought are important in reminding ourselves of things little things that matters, knowing where we come from and what we have to offer the roles we have to play in our society to our future offesprings. Myths are an also an important part of that we can't leave out of this season, it explains what are myths in relation to our different cultures and societies we come from, their traits, and essence of them in our lives. Knowing the differences between fables, folktales, myths and tall tales that are mostly confused by people and don't really know what they are and their importance as well. We can't be here if it wasn't because these fictitious stories we were told when we were young ones. They used to restrain us from different dangers in our live and it's now us to remind ourselves that our offsprings also derseves a better childhood because its the larger part of who we tend to be in future by the influence and things we were told and exposed to when we were young. This comes as a good call in modern livelyhood cultures and societies that might steal the fun of our childhood and important lessons. Also knowing that religions are part of these mythical languages that takes us to debunk and know the choices we got to choose daily in our lives.There is much more in this episode check it out and as the last topic in this season before the last episode of the summary, kindly like, listen anywhere, subscribe to our social media platforms and podcasts, everywhere dynamic Walks Of life initiative.l, let's know of any vital topic in our next season that you would want us to talk about not leaving anyone behind through your humble suggestion and recommendations. For anything , listening platforms, subscribing , social media platforms and many more to continue being in touch supporting the movement . Here in the link below kindly check it out
August 01, 2021
Running from beliefs, values, attributes to stereotypes. In this episode we are shading more light on stereotypes. Having said that, basically stereotypes are positive or negative beliefs that we hold about the characteristics of social groups of people belonging to a particular group. How are stereotypes related to culture and society? Stereotypes bring up a cultural stereotype and generalisation. It can also be categorised into prescriptive and descriptive stereotype. Not only that, it's also related to gender and those roles considered to specific for a certain gender. It is important to note that there are positive and negative stereotypes examples. Furthermore, defining, giving out examples and deferentiating prejudice and discrimination. In conclusion, pointing out the remedies to curb negative stereotypes, how it can be put to good use and many more.
April 02, 2021
This episode is about attributes, it gives us more insights on this topic while drawing a thin line between culture and tradition. Understanding what attributes are will enable us to interact more without any limitations, knowing what kind of culture we want to pass on to our future offsprings. It also outlines some of the most important methods one could use to help solve potential cultural problems or would be obstacles.
February 17, 2021
Values 🏺
Being part of the components of culture and society .values are part and parcel of this coexisting topic were this episodes talks about what brings about these cultural values misunderstandings , enermities we can curb them unity as one people , recognising grey areas and how we can help eachother have access to prevent such misunderstandings by the use of the technology and media to globalise , be one for the betterment of everyone in it . merry Christmas πŸŽ„ y'all and have a prosperous new year ❀️
December 25, 2020
Beliefs πŸ“Ώ
This episode talks about the beliefs in different societies and cultures that people are held captive to, not realising that they are way better than want they are meant to believe .It is a high time we break through the box and realized what we can do to help , benefit us and for the betterment of everyone not leaving our future offsprings
November 28, 2020