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Mana Secrets

Mana Secrets

By Jared Tuoro
What is 'Mana'? It is the Maori word for prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma - mana is a supernatural force in a person.
Many athletes do not claim their 'Mana' post career and live in a shadow of themselves compared to when they were an athlete. This podcast highlights the specific steps people take in order to claim their Mana outside of the sporting arena. Tune in and take notes, this is gonna be GOOD.
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Episode 3: Managing Divorce & Transition Into Coaching

Mana Secrets

Episode 6: Alexis Pritchard
You think you just have to be a professional athlete to be effected by this 'Transition THING?!?'  Hell NO! Alexis or 'Lex' thought she had things in place and ducks in a row to only discover she too was hit by the 'Transition THING' and spent 9months on the couch demotivated and asking herself 'What Now?' Check her out at
July 06, 2019
Sione Faumuina - How To Change Your Life! After Sport.
Sione talks in depth about transforming ones identity to prevent 'Identity Foreclosure' (Basically only thinking your a sportsperson!), how to initiate that change, what levels of 'Feelings' you have to move through to take 'ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY & OWNERSHIP!'  Do you blame yourself for things in your past? Do you have regret or guilt? Do you still have a chip on your shoulder from your past? If you want to be a better version of yourself which is what this podcast - Mana Secrets is all about then get a pen and take some notes. Sione has some real 'GOLD' from his personal journey to share. Nga Mihi ps: Mana Maori Wananga Link here
June 22, 2019
Former Maori All Black & Counties Legend Errol Brain has a chat.
If your wandering what to do after your sports career, Why Coach? Errol shares his journey into WHY he went into coaching which I’m sure can be the same for many others and HOW he transitioned away from rugby altogether to now be General Manager of The Drug Detection Agency in NZ
June 14, 2019
Episode 3: Managing Divorce & Transition Into Coaching
Bryce Robins Former International representative for Japan, Hurricanes & NZ Maori player talks in detail about the process to transition from a player to coach in Japan at the same time managing a relationship seperation from his wife and kids! 40% of players are divorced after retirement - We need to talk about this! Also Click Here for ‘Mana Mind’ Mental Challenge:
May 31, 2019
Part II Interview with David Galbraith!
Discover what it will take to overcome FEAR, to be an AUTHENTIC athlete / person and what is COURAGE!
May 14, 2019
The No.1 Painful Problem Athletes Discover in Transition is..............Part I
David Galbraith or 'DG' as widely known unpacks what goes on inside an athletes mental state of being during and post transition. 'DG' supports many sports teams and high performing individuals and most notably the NZ Mens & Womens 7s Teams, Chiefs Super Rugby Team and other Olympic Athletes.  Written many books and recent "Unleashing Greatness: in Sport & Life Through the Pathway of Courage", listen into his special insights into what you could be experiencing and more importantly how you can overcome it to live a purposeful and powerful life after transition.
April 29, 2019