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The Manuka Sunday Podcast

The Manuka Sunday Podcast

By Mel from Manuka Sunday
Welcome to The Manuka Sunday Podcast. Join us weekly to dive into uncomfortable conversations, laugh, explore new experiences, optimize our health, and get honest about our personal-growth.

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EP 012: Sacrifice, Finding Purpose, Building Confidence & Getting Real With Ourselves

The Manuka Sunday Podcast

Healing Through Storytelling, Meditation, Micro-dosing, and Launching a Damn Good Granola with Nikki Jahnke
Welcome back! On today's episode we have Nikki, from @its_nicolettemarie on Instagram - she started her Instagram account as a way to write, express her thoughts and share some amazing food - this soon grew into something much more. It grew into an outlet that helped her and her followers heal. In this episode Nikki and I touch on disordered eating, leaving a career that was unsuited for her, connecting prayer to meditation along with some stepping stones to get into meditation, how she created her adaptogenic granola brand, Remedium, we even chat about her experience with micro-dosing. My apologies on the sound - it gets a little funky throughout - so bear with us, we’re making due! I hope you enjoy this chat with Nikki as much as I did - Enjoy! Connect with Nikki - @its_nicolettemarie Nikki's Granola - Remedium  Connect with Mel - @ManukaaSunday Join the group chat! HERE: Manuka Sunday on Geneva
October 5, 2021
Cultivating Awareness, Confidence, and Compassion with Kayla Christian
Today on the show is Kayla Christian (@havinghealthyhabits), a mindset and wellness coach who helps women build confidence through daily habits that make it easier for them to tap into a life they love. Today we got to talking about inner child work, developing compassion for yourself, how traveling alone gave Kayla a new perspective, and how to start cultivating more awareness throughout your life. Kayla has a new free guide out now called The 7 Habits You Won’t Believe Can Change Your Life to help you tap into the daily habits you can do to improve your wellbeing. Check it out - I have a link down in the show notes for you! Kayla's FREE GUIDE: Reach Kayla Here  Reach Mel / Manuka Sunday Here Join the Geneva Group Chat HERE! Full Show Notes here! 
September 27, 2021
Harnessing Your Power Through Mental Wellbeing w/ STUNN Collective
Welcome back! This week on The Manuka Sunday Podcast I had the pleasure to sit down with Co-Founder of STUNN Collective, Ash Depass. Growing up, Ash had the dream of becoming an actress. She soon found that there was a bitter and toxic trait that came along with the beauty standards within the industry. After speaking to other women and knowing that she wasn't alone in holding unrealistic standards for herself. This triggered a dark space in her life that eventually hit showed up as depression, anxiety and serious self doubt.  Ash wanted a change and new she needed something different that a "bandaid" fix. So she teamed up with her husband to create STUNN supplements. A brand that focuses on holistic health and mental wellbeing to showcase true beauty. With the healing properties of extracts, adaptogens, antioxidants, and polyphenols STUNN creates the shift from depending on medication to adding in nutrients that nourish the gut to mind connection. And in turn, elevating other aspects of our lives such as skin, sleep, energy, hair, and more.  In this episode we talk about how it all started, wins and loses while creating a product, the benefits of specific ingredients, the vicious cycle of social media, business inspiration, and more.  Ash leaves us with her mission for STUNN - To empower women and make then believe in their own beauty, and believe in their own potential. Because when you find your own path, you can do anything. Harnessing that inner potential is the first step to finding your inner glow.  FULL SHOW NOTES / BLOG POST HERE! I hope you enjoy this inspirational listen as much as I did! Let us know what you think - share your thoughts and tag us at @manukaasunday / @manukasundaypodcast Have a great day!  Connect with Ash - @stunnco Check out STUNN CO's AM / PM Supplements! Click Here 
September 2, 2021
Entrepreneurship, Building a Viral Brand, Nutrition, Hormones, & Cultivating a Just Do It Attitude w/ Kayla Pomponio
On this week of the Manuka Sunday Podcast we take a look behind the curtain of social media and see what it takes to make Holistic Health a career. This week's guest, Kayla Pomponio, the Founder of @bewellwithkayla, was diagnosed with leaky gut when she was younger. Some could look at this as a destiny of upset stomaches, medication, and no end in sights. Kayla did the exact opposite. She took her health into her own hands, found the help she needed to dive deeper into the issues she was facing. She was then faced with a decision. To either go through with a law degree that was applauded by her friends and family; OR make a career path shift into the world of Holistic Health. She found herself enrolling into INN and the rest was history. Now Kayla is a successful Holistic Health Coach that believes each human has a healing path that is unique to them. With a strong brand and team behind her, we jumped into entrepreneurial topics such as cultivating an abundance mindset, acting on your intuition, and how to surround yourself with passionate people. Kayla's 'just do it' attitude has lead her to create merch, open her own practice, developed a viral smoothie blend that will actually get you excited about drinking greens, and has even launched a grocery box to make sure your fresh ingredients come straight to your door each week.  Later in the episode we get to chatting about mindless snacking, lifestyle changes, and why it seems as though everyone and their sisters hormones are off. No ready to take your health into your own hands? This just might be that push you need. Kayla is a wealth of knowledge and her tips and tricks to help get on the right track was exactly what I needed to hear.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL SHOW NOTES! Enjoy this episode with Kayla!  If you enjoyed this episode, please help us grow and reach new listeners by subscribing and/or leaving a review! We're always open to constructive feedback, guest inquiries. Talk soon!  Connect with Kayla - @bewellwithkayla Work with Kayla - Connect with Mel - @manukaasunday
August 26, 2021
Good Gut Feelings with Isabelle Koritsas
On today's episode, we are joined by the beautiful Isabelle Koritsas. Isabelle is a Holistic Gut Health Coach specializing in IBS and is on a mission to help women heal their gut through intuitive living. We dive into the topics of bio-individuality, trusting your intuition, some causes and symptoms of IBS, the difference between IBS and SIBO, and much more. We hope you enjoy this great conversation with Isabelle - Let us know what you think on Instagram at @SongsForYourSunday! Enjoy!  Connect with Isabelle: @isabellekoritsas Connect with Mel: @manukaasunday
May 23, 2021
Ep 014: Womanhood, Confidence & Owning Your Femininity with @Justmands
Welcome back!! This week we dive into a solo episode where Mel chats with the one and only, Amanda DiMarco; a creator, podcast host, blogger, and mother. Womanhood, stress, and confidence are the main topics we get into in today's episode. We walk through how it feels to become a little closer to our feminine side, how Amanda tapped into finding her true confidence, and how slowing down can contribute to our overall mental health.  Enjoy!  Connect with Amanda - @justmands @justmands podcast Connect with Mel - @manukaasunday
May 9, 2021
013: The Power of Visualization, Stress Management and Building an Online Practice with Dr. Jackie Koudys ND
In the latest episode of Songs For Your Sunday, we sit down to talk with Jackie Koudys. Jackie Koudys is a Naturopathic Dr. certified by the Naturopathic Medicine School of Canada and the founder of FZN - Jackie's online Virtual Care Practice.  During our time with Jackie, we discussed finding inspiration and motivation through the practice of visualization. Furthermore, we touched on how visualization is an effective tool not only for athletics but also for test-taking Within the general topic of learning Jackie shared her personal learning styles, how she began to level up her productivity, tips on stress management or even using stress to your advantage along with building a structured routine.  Full Show Notes HERE! Hope you enjoy! Work With Dr. Jackie Koudys, ND HERE  Connect with the FZN Instagram Connect Dr. Jackie Koudys, ND Instagram
May 2, 2021
EP 012: Sacrifice, Finding Purpose, Building Confidence & Getting Real With Ourselves
Would you be doing what you do if you didn’t have an audience? It's difficult to understand what our soul purpose is as we go about our daily lives. In a world where a follower count can dictate our mood when do we stop to ask ourselves the question, what is this all for? This week we had an honest conversation about our social media intake, finding our purpose again, and looking inwards to get to the root problems. Tune in and come get uncomfortable with us.  Full show notes HERE.  Instagram: @songsforyoursunday Connect With Mel and Joey: @manukaasunday
April 4, 2021
EP 011: Our Entrepreneurship Journey - Struggles, Money Growth, Working in A Relationship & More
We are back for a week of navigating entrepreneurship and the difficult steps that you must take in order to begin pursuing a life with no one to answer to but yourself and your clients. First, we discuss our backgrounds within the marketing and creative design industry, and what lead us to the point of feeling confident enough to start our own business. Figuring out what you like and do not like are crucial steps in determining what avenue you should pursue! It is also equally as important to be honest with yourself regarding what your strengths and weaknesses are! We (Mel and Joey) grew up in surprisingly similar family environments that were propelled through our parent's entrepreneurial spirits. This lead us both to be inspired to pursue a lifestyle where we could be our own bosses. These childhood lessons also taught us to respect finances and truly understand the value of a dollar. As we continue on talking about the launch of Verve Studios Creative Agency, we discuss why it is so important to set boundaries, not only for your professional life with your clients, but also in your personal and social life with your partner, friends, and family! We go in-depth on how we deal with each other when balancing work and play, and why/how we can trust each other to deliver on projects that we are working on. When it comes to boundaries, it is important to understand your life partner and business partner's boundaries, as well as how to motivate them without being a micro-manager. Resetting in the middle of a workday can be extremely valuable and necessary sometimes, especially when it comes to creative work, so we discuss some of the things we like to do to recalibrate our creative balance. For Joey, it can be a round of golf, while for Mel, it could be a trip to the nail salon or a run. Next, we go on to answer some questions like whether or not anyone can be an entrepreneur. Do you think an entrepreneur is born or made? We also answer how we work through droughts of motivation and inspiration.  Finally, we continue on to discuss the importance of networking, knowing your value, and specialization in certain fields. The most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is persistence in the face of adversity and doubt, and we hope that you can at least take that away from this episode! Thank you for listening, and share with someone who needs to hear it! Happy Sunday!
March 28, 2021
EP 010: Lets Get Organized
Ever feel like you need that reset to get you moving smoothly through your days again? Yea, us too. It's only human! This week we're walking through getting organized and back on track. We chat about how much of an impact your daily rituals can have on your overall confidence, the 60-second rule, and little tips on how to prepare for your day/week. We hope you enjoy!  More organization and productivity tips HERE Connect with Mel and Joey HERE Songs For Your Sunday Instagram HERE
March 21, 2021
EP 009: Disconnect To Reconnect - Phone Fasts, Finding Creativity, Tips, Tricks and More!
In this day and age, we have sensory overload. Screens, multimedia, working from home, the list goes on for the number of things in our lives that demand attention and response. In this week's episode, we'll be discussing disconnection; from our phones to be exact. We dive into why it's so important, why we choose to prioritize time away from our phones, and some helpful tips to get you motivated to start your "phone fast". Enjoy!  Check out more show notes here.  Connect with Mel & Joey - @manukaasunday SFYS Instagram: @songsforyoursunday
March 7, 2021
EP 008: Finding Your Why - Impact Over Influence With Alena Luciani
This week on Songs for Your Sunday, we invited Alena Luciani, Strength and Conditioning Coach, to join us in a conversation about finding your why and what it means to create impact over influence. We dive into the world of leadership, how to own your own approach, and creating a legacy throughout your mentorship. Find out some in's and out of the coaching world along with some lifelong lessons that can contribute to any part of our lives. Enjoy! Check out more show notes here.  Alena Luciani - Strength and Conditioning Coach Connect with Mel & Joey - @manukaasunday SFYS Instagram: @songsforyoursunday
February 28, 2021
EP 007: Friendships - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
On this week's episode of Songs For Your Sunday, we are talking all about friendships. This includes what makes friendships great, toxic, worthwhile, or a waste of time. Friendships can be very difficult to navigate when you are unable to take a step back and view your interactions objectively. We try to draw our opinions on effective and non-effective friendships from past experiences to give you an idea of what a good friendship should and shouldn't be! Enjoy the conversation, rambling, and rants, because this episode has it all! Happy Sunday! Let us know what you think at @songsforyoursunday on IG Connect with Mel & Joey at @manukaasunday Check out the website:
February 21, 2021
EP 006: The One All About Love - Breaking the Ice, Dating Advice, First Dates Experiences, & More
In this episode of Songs for your Sunday, we dive into all things Valentine's day and dating. We discuss some potential good and bad first date conversation ice breakers, turn-ons, and turn-offs, discuss our first date, give out first date advice, and talk about the danger of idealizing your love interest before you get to know them. What is your number one piece of dating advice that you would tell a young you?  Enjoy the pod, and happy Sunday! Let us know what you think at @songsforyoursunday on IG Connect with Mel & Joey at @manukaasunday Check out the website:
February 14, 2021
EP 005: Burnout, Finding Balance, and Learning How to Set Boundaries
This week on Songs For Your Sunday we dive into the touchy topic of burnout. In the age of influencers and Instagram entrepreneurs, we are bombarded by highlight reels of "hard workers" who never seem to take any time to rest. In our conversation, we discuss the signs, symptoms, and general understanding of burnout and discuss the best ways to keep a healthy and consistent approach to our work. We also discuss the benefits of discovering your own limits. What do you think the best way to avoid burnout is? Let us know what you think at @songsforyoursunday on IG Connect with Mel & Joey at @manukaasunday Check out the website: Enjoy!
February 7, 2021
EP 004: Social Media - It's Time To Launch
Ever wonder where to start when launching your social media strategy?? Tune in to this week's episode and find your direction, your niche, core values, how to create engaging content, and understand why community is so important while creating your brand. We give away our tips and tricks from learning through 6+ years of professional experience in the social media and marketing world.  Let us know what you think at @songsforyoursunday on IG Connect with Mel & Joey at @manukasunday Check out the website: Enjoy!
January 31, 2021
EP 003: Relationships - A Him & Her Perspective
Hello! Welcome to this week's episode of Songs For Your Sunday, where we take a deep dive into the world of relationships. Joey and I chat about our experiences after being together for 6 years  (good & bad!). From our top 3 priorities in a relationship, what we look for in a partner, the importance of intentional listening, love languages, and more. Enjoy the episode!  Let us know what you think at @songsforyoursunday on IG  Connect with Mel & Joey at @manukasunday Check out the website:
January 24, 2021
EP 002: Habits - Choosing Inspiration Over Motivation
Today we're talkin' all things habits.  The good, the bad, and the ugly. For us, 2021 is all about turning our resolutions into a lifestyle SO we have to break those resolutions down into daily tasks. When we fire up our good habits, confidence builds and there's no stopping us... right? Not so true for most of us.  There's that feeling of derailing back into old habits and suddenly you're right back where you started. WE FEEL YOU ON THIS.  Tune in to get some tangible take-aways from Episode 003 of Songs For Your Sunday.  Enjoy! Connect with Songs for Your Sunday on Instagram: @songsforyoursunday Connect with Mel from Manuka Sunday HERE Interested in learning more? Check out our website - Flowdesk %50 off link HERE
January 17, 2021
EP 001: Goal Setting - Shifting Resolutions into a Lifestyle
Welcome to the first official episode of Songs For Your Sunday, hosted by Manuka Sunday.  We welcome in the new year with a fresh outlook, a strong sense of alignment, and structure to hold ourselves accountable to our goals. In this episode, Joey and Mel chat about habits (the good and the bad), what daily movement can do for your mental state, morning routines, burnout season, how to keep on top of their goals, and how they are staying accountable.  Enjoy & Happy Sunday! Connect with Songs for Your Sunday on Instagram: @songsforyoursunday Connect with Mel from Manuka Sunday HERE Interested in learning more? Check out our website - Flowdesk %50 off link HERE
January 10, 2021
Songs For Your Sunday Trailer: Welcome!
Welcome to Songs For Your Sunday! A Manuka Sunday Podcast created to build community, thrive on positivity, and grow together.  We introduce ourselves, Joey and Mel, to the world and the hosts of Songs For Your Sunday. Join us as we take on the good, the bad, and the ugly conversations of life. In this episode, we'll be chatting about who we are, how our journey has brought us here, and what to expect from the weekly podcast.  Tune in every week as our episodes will be airing every Sunday at 10 AM EST.  Follow along for weekly updates on IG: @songsforyoursunday Connect with Mel HERE  We'll see you next week! xx - Mel
January 7, 2021