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The Maria Complex

The Maria Complex

By Themariacomplex
Welcome to The Mariacomplex , a healing platform. On my journey of self love I realized I didnt need to be like anyone else, that the fact I didn’t feel like anyone else in the room was because i was meant to stand out, not blend in. We’re all out here trying to figure life out, and my goal is to become true self through healing and transparency. So I’m officially launching mariacomplex because being me is all I strive to be. The good, the bad, the ugly and the real version of myself. I hope to inspire you, make you laugh and give you comfort.
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Ep.43: The Healing Episode feat. Spiritual Healer @fvdgenaste97

The Maria Complex

Ep.43: The Healing Episode feat. Spiritual Healer @fvdgenaste97

The Maria Complex

Ep.47: Hello world! I’ve missed you!!!
Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well, considering everything we’ve been through; the last couple years especially. I wanted to get on here to share my thoughts and feelings, and how I’ve worked on my mental health and growth. Press play and reflect on how; these past few years in particular, have effected you. Remember without the dark you can’t appreciate the light!
February 08, 2022
Ep.46: The world today.
Hey everyone! I’m back!!! It’s been a while since I’ve recorded an episode, I wanted to share my views and experiences about the world today. I know the world today may feel overwhelming, but just know you’re not alone!!!Thanks for all your love and support!
September 20, 2021
Ep.45: Politics & American Privilege feat. James Pelfrey (part one)
After a much needed break; especially after last weeks news events, I felt the need to record this special episode with my close friend and mentor James Pelfrey. James is an activist, educator, historian, writer, and poet completing his graduate work in education and history and an authority on historical subjects and current events. His first published book is expected to be out this year. You don’t want to miss this introspective, no filter and truth seeking episode!
January 13, 2021
Ep.44: Are You Addicted To Over Productivity?
Are you addicted to constantly being productive ? Have you felt guilty for not being able to do much during quarantine? Join me this week as I discuss how not being productive during quarantine has helped me. If you feel alone in your pain or worries this is just a reminder that We’re all in this together.
September 14, 2020
Ep.43: The Healing Episode feat. Spiritual Healer @fvdgenaste97
Harlem Native/Artist/Yoga Instructor/Spiritual Therapist @fvdgenaste97 joined me on this special episode. Opening this episode with a powerful meditation and leading us through her inspiring journey of enlightenment. Follow her on Instagram @fvdgenaste97 @hoodyoga for more of her beautiful energy and gems of wisdom.
July 13, 2020
Ep.42: The Confetti Project - Photographer Jelena, Advocate for equality and mental health
So excited for this weeks special guest host, Creative director and founder of The Confetti Project, Jelena. Through her photography campaigns, she has used her platforms to bring awareness & empower others to embrace their authentic self. Join us as we discuss her journey and the global issues that inspire her to do more.
June 26, 2020
Ep.41: No Justice! No Peace!
Spiritual Advisor and friend Talia aka @themightyambassador joins me this week to discuss the civil unrest in our country, what we feel, and what we can do now to make a difference. #justiceforgeorge #georgefloyd
May 30, 2020
Ep.40: A Shift Of Consciousness
During these uncertain times, it’s important to look within ourselves for strength and peace. This is not a productivity contest, it’s ok to honor your feelings and just allow yourself to be. Join me this week as I describe what I’ve learned during this month in quarantine.
April 13, 2020
Ep.39: The Quarantine Episode- Featuring My Twin Talia aka @themightyambassador
So much has happened in 2020, and though some of it is scary, we’re returning to a much needed slower paced life. This week one of my closest friends Talia joins me to discuss the current pandemic, our quarantine experiences and learning to own your power and live with no fear !
March 22, 2020
Ep.38: Control Your Thoughts And Ease Your Fears
There’s so much going on right now, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of fear and allow it to overwhelm you. I noticed myself falling into that mindset this week, so I took control and wanted to share that peace with you all.
March 13, 2020
Ep.37: The Parenting Episode
Join me as I discuss My Parenting Journey. How healing my traumas helped heal my relationship with my parents, and helped me become a better Mother.
February 11, 2020
Ep.36: Living His Dream! Artist Spotlight- with Emerging Singer/Songwriter Stéfon Charlot
Tune into this special episode with my dear friend and Emerging Singer/Songwriter Stefon Charlot. Join us as he transparently discusses his journey to self love, and how he uses his music for healing. Feel entranced with his sultry, alternative vibes in his latest EP: Antelope & Lions available now on iTunes and all music platforms. His raw emotion is felt in each track, which breaks down the relatable stages of love and heartbreak. His music will have you feeling empowered & pressing repeat all day!
February 01, 2020
Ep. 35: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!
Join me this week to discuss mindset, and how your mindset can change your life! “It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.” -Germany Kent.
January 21, 2020
Ep.34: The art of learning how to mind your own business!
Recently Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michael’s came under fire, for her rude comments about unapologetically confident artist Lizzo. She claims her comments were a concern for her health, what we must learn from this is even if we think our intentions are good we need to mind our business! Life hack: Let people live their lives and focus on your own journey.
January 15, 2020
Ep.33: New Year, New Me!! Manifesting your best year yet!
Most people live their lives led by fear, people naturally feel disappointed when things don’t go their way, they then blame the fact that maybe they jinxed it and shared with someone else and that’s why it didn’t work out. That’s not it, but we’re so used to projecting our insecurities on others so we don’t realize it. So a new year is upon us, a new set of goals we want to realize. Oftentimes our limiting beliefs hold us stuck in a familiar place, In this episode I share how to manifest your best year yet and break the routine that’s leaving you feeling stuck. Here’s to 2020!!
January 02, 2020
Ep.32: Empowerment Coach Kelly Espino discusses ego, intentions & listening to your intuition.
What a great episode to head into the new year! Spiritual Empowerment Speaker and Coach Kelly Espino drops gems of knowledge on this special episode. Learning the power of your ego, the power of intentions and listening to your intuition. If you were looking for guidance in finding your purpose this is the episode for you. If you’re looking for an amazing motivational coach, You can find Kelly @itskellyespino or ; thanks again for your wisdom and love!
December 26, 2019
Ep.31: Energy Healer Sara Richardson- transforming lives in the name of love.
Sara Richardson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Reiki 2 Practitioner, and Energy Healer. She Joins me this week as we discuss all things energy related; from balancing chakras, to self love and healing. If you’re looking for balance and peace in your life, you have to hear this episode!!! I absolutely Love her and I know you will too. For more on Sara and how to work with her find her on Facebook or at
December 19, 2019
Ep.30: Unleashing the power from within!!! Meet Transformation Coach Elvira Cabreja
Recently I attended a life changing retreat. One of my Transformational Coaches Elvira Cabreja joins me to discuss her self discovery journey, and how Psych-k helped transform her life. In the matter of a weekend I was able to heal a lifetime of trauma, This was a mental reset that gave me the confidence and peace I was looking for!! Join us this week to hear this powerful message!! To work with Elvira check out her website : or on social media @elviracabreja .
November 22, 2019
Ep.29: Releasing my pain & embracing my power!!! The empowered you retreat changed my life!!!
The journey to healing isn’t linear, sometimes you feel like you’ve tried so much and nothing really resonates with you... the empowered you retreat was what I was looking for!!! This weekend I experienced life changing shifts and I wanted to share that with you all!!! I’ve never experienced something like this in my life!!!! If you’re ready for that shift reach out to my coaches: Spiritual & empowerment coach Kelly Espino ; Transformation Coach & Psych-K facilitator Elvira Cabreja ; Holistic wellness coach, reiki practitioner & energy healer Sara Richardson ; Shake your soul dance teacher, Love & relationship coach Margot Schulman
November 07, 2019
Ep.28: (2 of 4) Women who inspire: Firefighter Angela Munoz joins me to discuss finding her purpose
My high school best friend joins me this week to discuss her inspiring journey from motherhood to becoming a firefighter. Though our lives went different ways, and we have different political views we’ve never lost love and respect for each other, which is rare nowadays. This was such a special episode for me, hope you guys enjoy.
October 18, 2019
Ep.27: The ghosting era, is it healthy boundaries or toxic avoidance?
In this episode I discuss the topic of ghosting (excommunicating yourself from someone by cutting them off with no explanation) ... is this a healthy boundary or toxic avoidance? Feel free to leave a comment to discuss.
September 30, 2019
Ep.26: Are we ever truly happy? Is the pursuit of happiness attainable?
I notice were all just focusing on reaching that end goal of happiness... but is it attainable? Or are we ignoring the present which makes it harder to ever be happy?
September 17, 2019
Ep.25: Searching for your soulmate? Here’s some things to keep in mind ...
Join me this week to discuss searching for your soulmate, what to look for and what to focus on in your journey to finding your other half.
September 13, 2019
Ep.24: Living with Bipolar disorder... putting the pieces of your life together
Join me this week as I discuss my personal story of life after my bi-polar diagnosis and the clarity I felt because of it.
September 04, 2019
Ep.23: My FOMO (the fear of missing out), became JOMO ( the joy of missing out).
I decided to discuss a common feeling or emotion, the fear of missing out in my life became the joy of missing out. My life priorities changed and my outlook in life changed as well. We change like the seasons, learning how to adapt and be a stress free as possible is my goal.
August 27, 2019
Ep.22: The marriage episode-My Husband and I sit down to discuss the real pros and cons of marriage.
My husband joins me on this raw and real episode discussing marriage, and the pros and cons of what we’ve experienced in our relationship. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the grass is only green when you water it.
August 25, 2019
Ep.21: The addiction episode feat. Guest co-host @ganstagurry
Join me this week and welcome special guest co- host; Educator, spiritual healer and writer Gary Mccrear aka @ganstagurry for a very personal look at addiction and the effects it has had in our community and lives. Please don’t feel ashamed or judged and seek help if needed. Here are some resources if you need the help: AbovetheInfluence; SAMHSA (1800.662.HELP); the recovery village (866.803.0217), we hope our stories help provide comfort and you know you’re not alone.
July 27, 2019
Ep.20: (1 of 4)Women who Inspire, Meet empowering artist Elisa Valenti
Join us for part 1 of a 4 part series; Women who inspire. Featuring Self taught artist Elisa Valenti joins us to discuss her journey to self love and empowerment, finding herself thru her art with self acceptance. As so many of us struggle to love ourselves & find our place in this world, it’s comforting to hear others pursue those same goals. Her story is so relatable and refreshing, I had to share this with you all. Her work makes you ooze with confidence. To contact Elisa or purchase her artwork visit
July 16, 2019
Ep.19: It’s a wonderful life: look back at the joys of life not the sorrows
It’s so easy to focus on the emotional tolls of life, instead of focusing on the things that have brought us joy. Take a few moments to think of all the friends you’ve had, places you’ve been... you really have had a wonderful life.
June 07, 2019
Ep.18: The realities of life: it’s ok to feel lost & not have it all figured out!
Life throws a lot of curveballs our way, learning how to handle them is the goal. In this episode I share some insight to my life and what helps me stay sane.
June 07, 2019
Ep.17: Energy coach Issa Mendoza co-hosts to discuss grounding your emotions&living a simpler life.
Are you stressed out? Finding yourself overwhelmed by life? Energy/Life coach Melissa Mendoza joins me to discuss the power of mental energy and helpful tips on how to live a more stress free life.
May 28, 2019
Ep.16: Mental health stigmas for People of color w/special co host @creme_elohim_the_dream
Special guest host @creme_elohim_the_dream joins me to discuss the stigmas of mental health for People of color and the effects it has on us and in our community.
April 30, 2019
Ep.15: Relationship advice Part 1. with guest host @themightyambassador
Join guest host @themightyambassador and I for our relationship chat series where we discuss the dynamics of our current day relationships with others and ourselves. Why is it so hard to find that connection?
April 24, 2019
Ep.14: You needed to hear this today!!! You will get thru this!!! ❤️
If you’re hearing this episode you were meant to 💕 life is tough and throws a lot of things your way but you can get through this because you always do! ❤️
April 16, 2019
Ep.13: Real talk on Nipsey Hussle, Cardi B, Jussie Smollett & more with @creme_elohim_the_dream
@creme_elohim_the_dream joins me again for a real talk on recent topics that have us all talking. From Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death and the pain of loss in our community, to the Jussie Smollett and Cardi.B scandal. Tune in to this no filter convo!
April 08, 2019
Ep.12: My spiritual twin @themightyambassador joins me to discuss family ties 💕
I love when the universe lines you up with someone who shares your birthday and you completely hit it off 💕 @themightyambassador joins me to discuss what drives a cancer woman: family, love and music 💕
March 27, 2019
Ep.11: @creme_elohim_the_dream joins me to discuss spirituality, racial issues& more
Social media plays a part in a lot of our lives, we get a glimpse of other people’s lives, some of those people inspire us. I’m so excited to welcome one of my favorite online friends Jessica aka the amazing @creme_elohim_the_dream to discuss everything from religion to politics and race. We bridge the gap of divide and find common ground, we all come from different backgrounds yet share a common thread.
March 20, 2019
Ep.10: Dealing with anxiety? Helpful tips on how to deal with your anxiety.
Anxiety is something a lot of us face, including myself. Just know you are not alone!!! Here’s a few helpful tips I use to help me deal with my anxiety.
February 27, 2019
Ep.9: Feeling mentally drained? Recharge with this episode featuring Energy Coach Melissa Mendoza.
Energy Coach Melissa Mendoza ( joins me this week to discuss how to handle life’s pressures, and surrendering your worries.
February 11, 2019
Ep.8: Mom talk, relatable life chat.
Tune in to this weeks episode with My best friend Cristal. Taking time out of our Mom schedules to discuss life, love and all things motherhood. 
January 18, 2019
Ep.7: Taking chances
Stepping out your comfort zone and take chances in life. You are your worst critic, don’t listen to the doubts.
December 10, 2018
Ep.6: Letting go
Healing your trauma and letting go of your baggage leads to a healthier, happier life.
November 26, 2018
Ep.5: Love advice
Figure out what works best for you and your love life, don’t compare yourself to others.
November 26, 2018
Ep.4: Toxic relationships
Toxic relationships will have you ask yourself what’s right and what’s wrong. Fact is, you already know, listen to your intuition.
November 26, 2018
Ep.3: Self reflecting on my energy and depression
Focus on your thoughts and the energy you release, you’re mind is more powerful than you believe.
November 21, 2018
Ep.2: Setting up boundaries for yourself
Knowing your boundaries... follow your intuition it’s never wrong
November 21, 2018
Ep.1: Learning how to love yourself
My definition of self love and finding your voice
November 21, 2018