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Marketing Secrets For Electricians

Marketing Secrets For Electricians

By James Wrest
So here's what I hear a lot…
How do normal electricians like us,
Who are properly trained and licensed,
who are not willing to cheat and take shortcuts and who are wanting to own a successful electrical business,
How can we compete against the big guys, who own the market share or the guys that charge peanuts for an electrical job…. On top of that, we want to employ the best electricians, so we get off the tools and have plenty of time for other areas of our life...
That's the question, join me and follow along as we search for the answers.
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FREE marketing ideas for Electricains
Want a free way to get work for your electrical business.... this idea will help you to build your local network!
November 18, 2020
Are you the random unknown electrician who will compete on price or the local electrician?
Are you the random unknown electrician who will compete on price or the local electrician? Find out what you can do to help you get found, and stop price-cutting and running yourself out of business
November 10, 2020
How much do you want to make as an electrician?
It all starts with working out the goal for the year and working backwards from there!
November 09, 2020
Let's change our service into an offer!
What is the service you are providing and what could you add to it to make it an offer?
November 04, 2020
Review of the free stuff....
Review of the free stuff....
November 02, 2020
How to test the audience
September 21, 2020
Results from Facebook split test... who won?
Testing targeting our electrical ads
September 07, 2020
Running ads on Facebook, the 3 layer vs 1 layer test
How should we run ads on Facebook as electricians?  For the step by step login to the member's area here:
August 31, 2020
Websites for electrician's, create a page with one direction so you don't confuse your customers.
The first website I built for my electrical business, is not one I would recommend that electricians use today for their business, there is a better way and I give you a quick demo in this video   Free 14 day trial with ClickFunnels here:  ClickFunnels Free Trial  View of the opt-in page I created, here:     You can share the opt-in page into your account here:
August 24, 2020
Lessons learnt that you never forget, an interview with Electrical Contractor Scott Holt - Part 2
August 19, 2020
Lessons learnt that you never forget, an interview with Electrical Contractor Scott Holt - Part 1
August 17, 2020
Before you start running the ad who are you targeting, it could save you a lot of money on ads
Check out this tool that I'm going to be using to help with targeting. The tool
August 10, 2020
August 03, 2020
The 3 s'es an electrician needs to know - shock, share, solution
July 29, 2020
Do you know why they click on your electrical website?
July 27, 2020
Don't be boring and the same! Stand out by making an offer.
July 20, 2020
Electrician job management software and what it can do for your business interview with Chris Hunter - Part 2
Chris shares what he learned from running his own business and what job management software helps him and others to manage their business, impress customers and manage a team, giving you time to work on the business and not in it the whole time!
July 15, 2020
Electrician job management software and what it can do for your business interview with Chris Hunter - Part 1
Chris shares what he learned from running his own business and what job management software helps him and others to manage their business, impress customers and manage a team, giving you time to work on the business and not in it the whole time!
July 13, 2020
Andrew Sly shares his Electrical Story - Braking his back, A FREE TRIP to Hong Kong and finding that good employee! Part 3
Learn what Andrew does in his own electrical business to help him run a successful electrical business and learn how he does this all with a broken back, wins a trip to Hong Kong, and finds the right employee. Resources:
July 10, 2020
Andrew Sly shares his Electrical Story - Braking his back, A FREE TRIP to Hong Kong and finding that good employee! Part 2
Learn what Andrew does in his own electrical business to help him run a successful electrical business and learn how he does this all with a broken back, wins a trip to Hong Kong, and finds the right employee. Resources:
July 08, 2020
Andrew Sly shares his Electrical Story - Braking his back, A FREE TRIP to Hong Kong and finding that good employee! Part 1
Learn what Andrew does in his own electrical business to help him run a successful electrical business and learn how he does this all with a broken back, wins a trip to Hong Kong, and finds the right employee. Resources:
July 06, 2020
The most powerful words an electrician can learn to use.
July 04, 2020
Home based service business how you can make millions with Tommy Mello - Part 3
June 29, 2020
Home based service business how you can make millions with Tommy Mello - Part 2
June 26, 2020
Home based service business how you can make millions with Tommy Mello - Part 1
June 23, 2020
$1 dollar in & $1.66 out, what is your marketing budget?
Marketing secrets for electricians
June 18, 2020
What If... You Could Generate 10-30% More Potential Customers Without Spending Any Extra Money Would you do it? Episode 29 Marketing secrets for electricians and today I'm just giving you an update as to what I'm doing we find electricians need me we ran into a few problems in the facebook what getting blocked and that was very nice but figured out that you could actually switch so the block was on the ad manager and not the Facebook page so great you had manager and your backup in business and this time we're going to register it correctly so I don't have to wait essentially two months for them to approve it before you can start appetizing so you haven't got your Facebook page or manager account set up I'd suggest you try and do that now what I've come up with is I've been searching for electricians we've got a couple we had a couple jobs come in and say hey my name a trician so that was awesome wining electricians is kind of challenging harder than I thought and getting the electricians to respond getting the customers to respond it's quite a challenging mix but we are making progress so hopefully have a few interviews with electricians around their area getting their skills and then also require a couple inches interviews coming up with electricians and some other types of businesses that can hopefully help us understand how to run our electrical business a little better and sharing their knowledge so I'm looking forward to that that will be coming up in a week or two now in the last episode I talked about the growth and what I came up with as I kind of evolved this into a thing is I'm going to give away the electrical work of $20 but you guys don't necessarily have to give that work away so what do I mean by that so basically I'm going to run some ads I'm just going to do this all on my own not on my own but just to get the ball rolling because it takes time to negotiate and talk all these rules and everything out and just to build a system itself takes a lot of work so what I'm doing at the moment is building the system which I can go into in a bit later on but be the actual plan now is is to build a giveaway funnel that is going to propel a lot of leads through this file and generate a lot of work at a very cheap price so I'm gonna be aiming for at least I would like 30 cents a lead but I reckon we get about a dollar a lead so that'll be cool if we can pull this off now if you want to be a part of this you can go to marketing electrician Nike nutrition comm and click on giveaway and you'll see what I've got there if you just want to see what I'm doing I can I'm going to be doing some like videos in depth like here's how I set up yeah here's what I do so if you want to just see that or if you want to join in feel free I'm gonna get the ball rolling in a week or two once I've got everything set up we should be able to hit play on the ads and see the results start to trickle in warm up the Facebook pixel do all these things to kind of help
June 06, 2020
An easy way for electricians create a blog post - Episode 27
May 24, 2020
Build your well before your thirsty! - Episode 25
May 16, 2020
The invisible sales funnel for electricians - Episode 22
Marketing For Electricicans
April 29, 2020
Looking into the future of your electrical business... - Episode 21
A central place to send people my example on my own site
April 25, 2020
Why an Electrician..... - Episode 20
Why TED Talk: Book: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Customers dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it...  trust... began to show when we see you are driven by something other than your own self gain.. with trust comes a sense of real value... value is the transfer of trust... which you have to earn why did we start doing this in the 1st place and what can we do to bring our cause to life the absence of why make decisions harder to make you want tbe customer to think which product do i want you to install not which electrician
April 22, 2020
The power of FREE... electricians don't give away your most valuable resource as the first thing! - Episode 19 Hey guys James Wrest here from Marketing Secrets For Electricians and today we're looking at the word FREE and it's a powerful tool that has been used for centuries essentially because it's effective people want FREE things they're attracted to that word... they get something for nothing in effect and it's used in businesses today if you look around online and just you know you drive around I'm sure you'll see a free advert get this free thing however electricians we use free in a different manner that is not very effective so I want to talk about that see what we can do to change that so let's look into it.. so I'm going to go back to when I was running my own electrical business and how I would use free in that business and go from there so essentially the free marketing or the free thing that I would give out was a free estimate or free quote so on the website get this free quote and that was basically all that I was going to give away for free in return for the user contacting me now while this was good and effective so it was effective because I would arrive to jobs and I would get the work because other electricians would charge you know 50 100 bucks whatever it was just to show up and give the customer an estimate as to how much they're going to be charged now that's like well I don't even know if I'm going to go from from the customers point of view they don't know if they're going to go with you yet they're still deciding and you're going to charge them just to show up to tell them how much you're going to charge them it doesn't make sense in their mind so by offering a free quote it gave that opportunity to a get to know me the electrician who I want who I was what I stand for and then also give them a price or an estimate that the job would be X Y Zed and out for them and they can then decide for themselves now they downside for the electrician this is where I see a lot of electricians electrical sites web pages they're all giving this free quote for estimate which is great however the free thing is costing us time which is our most valuable asset yeah you can't get your time back it's a toss costing you the electrician time if they get three quotes is then costing three electricians you know three hours you know is if it's twenty minutes they're twenty minutes back and twenty minutes to quote the job you're wasting that's three hours of time people have spent to give a customer a on a job and only one is ever going to win the job so it's it's not the best way to go about it and you also you know you're consuming your fuel wear-and-tear
April 18, 2020
Electricians business plan, a simple version! - Episode 18
Here is a simple business plan any electrician can use in their business to help them add more value to their customer and increase the price they charge also 
April 13, 2020
🍵 Marketing Ideas for Electricians - How you can use practically anything to help you stand out.... - Episode 17
Marketing ideas for electricians here is an example of using something random and unrelated to electrical work... however if done right you can use it to market, connect and sell to your ideal customer
April 08, 2020
Websites for electrical contractors.... what words should you have on the page... 13 step system
Are you using a website for electricians? Here we go through the 13 step system that you can use to figure out what you need to say on your website or funnel for your electrician's homepage or sales page, this 13 step formula is taken from the book Copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards, you can find out more about it here
April 03, 2020
An Electrician's solution to the problems at hand... plus create an electrical services membership site from them!
Take your customers problems and provide them with solutions. To then membership an electricial services membership site that makes your profit year round! Got questions or need help setting this up... reach out at we would be happy to help!
March 30, 2020
The problems customers have with us Electricians.... do you agree... In the previous episodes, we've talked about the customers and their problems and today I'm just going to go through the problems that I've come up we've all researched and found and so you run through them step-by-step so the first one I think is well the most dominant one is we don't show up or they don't show electricians don't show up when they say they would and this is for me I've won numerous jobs just because I was the electrician that showed up when I would show up and this is like the first step in the marketing it's like doing what you say you would do if you can't make it don't make the promises and this is kind of where we can use that in marketing so you can go hey if I don't show up I'm going to give you 50 bucks like that might be the solution so the customer knows well and that this electrician if I don't show up I can do and then you honor that and use that as a testimony to help you with your marketing so that's number one and see how we're going problem so Lou and using that in the marketing this is kind of a three-step process that I want to go through number two is bad quality of workmanship and I've also had this I've had contractors or electrician electrical contractors under me who have done shonky jobs so the put up the lights and it's just like crooked sideways leaking water gets in you know all these type of things and how the customer call me up and go hey what are you doing like like your guys come here and he places all the lights the crooked weak and wobbly and what do you do so stalking the solution to this is guaranteeing your work so reassuring the customer all job held to a higher quality of standard in your not how people come back free of charge to do it so that's kind of like having a guarantee having testimonies having case studies having references to back that up so and then you can use this as your marketing so you can go hey have you ever had a shitty job done by electrician well don't worry I've got you covered we've got a warranty of X Y Z but we also guarantee to do this if you don't you know there's other things just what can you use in your marketing to help reassure or take that pain point away from the customer next we have not doing what they say they would do so not doing what if I said I'm going to install two powerpoints for 200 bucks
March 26, 2020
Marketing for electricians starts with knowing this.... hey guys James rest here from marketing secrets for electricians again and today we're talking about marketing for electricians and really where it all starts what's the first thing you need to know in order to start marketing so let's look into that so here's what a here a lot how do normal electricians of like us who are properly trained and licensed who are not going to cheat and take shortcuts and who are wanting to own a successful electrical business how do we compete against the big guys who own the market share all the guys the charge peanuts for an electrical job on top of that we want to employ the best electricians so we can get off the tools and have plenty of time for other areas of life that's the question join me and follow along as we search for the answers my name is change rest and welcome to marketing secrets for electricians so what's going on guys today we're talking about marketing for electricians and where you want to start with so the very starting point is understanding your customers so in a previous episode we talked about Liz and Fred who are our custom customers avatars so they represent our dream customer that we want to work with or that they are our electrical business wants to serve and this helps us decide if we're making the right decision for the customer so it takes that decision off our plate because we go we can look at it logically step back from a third-party perspective and go okay dude by me making this decision does it help me serve my customer or does it take me away from my customer what does it like d-day the value I'm giving them so if you haven't done that or I hope you've got a list a visualization of who this dream customer is in your head a representation so it can help you make those decisions now you guys have the advantage of being everyday connecting with your customers to find out and you can use this to find out what is so in the online world it's a bit harder you gotta go into forums you've got to like dig deeper but if you've already got a customer base and clientele that you're already working with you'll be in the house they'll be talking to you and that will be asking you questions and they'll be giving you their concerns their pain points and you can take note of these because these are the most valuable things you actually trust me can be giving you they're telling you their problems and their businesses is there to solve a person's problem and you want to solve their electrical problems and they're going to tell you all about them because people like talking about that problem so this is a great opportunity for you to connect with them and just take notes so when they're saying something hey I don't like this or hey this or hey that like what your phone just write it down or make a mental note just put it down somewhere so you can review it when you go to do your marketing training or as green your your your copy or whatever it may be so from that we're going to look at the three main viewpoints view points for lenses that we look we can look at the electrical market so the electrical market is the industry that you're serving now it's like the electrical industry as a whole so that's like the most domestic commercial these are like some niches of the electrical industry so we're looking at three there's three main lenses to look at it from and the first one is health and then it's
March 21, 2020
What do Roofers and Electricians have in common? Find out in this interview with Sean Olson from Olson Roofing - Episode 12
Find out more about Sean Olson here; See the interview here: Hi guys thanks for tuning in and I'mhere with Shawn Olson today and we'regonna have a look at some marketingbusiness he's run over his family's beenin the roofing game for over 30 yearsbefore he went into market marketing andhe's been building funnels and manyother businesses since then hi Shawn howyou going hey good thanks for having meJames appreciate itno worries so we'll kick it off justgive us a little background aboutyourself about the business and whatyou're doing yeah yes like you mentionedmy family's had a local roofing businesshere for over 30 years we started backin 1987 when my dad and his brotheractually started Olson brothers roofingand so it was the two of them and veryshortly after my dad took it over andsort of ran it on his own for themajority of the company's life and as Igrew up I was always around roofing soit was a very normal thing for me to seeyou know compressors and guns and hosesand all of the stuff that goes into thatand the evolution of the business was acool thing to see running straight outof the back of my dad's truck where hehad to load the stuff in the back everynight and unload it so it didn't getstolen and trying to you know get hisstuff back from the pawn shops becausethe workers would take it at the end ofthe day and go sell it to my beer orwhatever it was until you know he got toa multi-million dollar organization atthe end with he's gone from like isolaoperated to having a few guys I'd nameyeah it's it's it's grown to acompletely different entity now andactually has been handed off a hundredpercent to my brother and so I wasinvolved in the the roofing game foronly a couple of years myself my historyis actually as a personal trainer so Iworked in gyms and when it came time formy dad to retire he said you know isthis something that you would like torun with your brother and I said wellI've never really been around theroofing game so I I tried it out andorder to do that I had to actually geton the roof I didn't get to start at thetop like most people think when youinherit a business you have to learn howit worksand so I did that sort of boots on theground or boots on the roof I guess andgot up there and and operated as anactual roofer for a couple of yearshelping to run the crew driving trucksand trailers and doing the whole nine sogot it got a real good feel for how itall works the ins and outs of theroofing game that's cool and then you'vemoved so you obviously moved on and andwent on to the marketing world what wasthe I guess shift that got you it's likeI don't really want to do roofing I wantto get into marketing and funnels andthis type of stuff yeah so as a personaltrainer I had to literally sell myselfnot as a prostitute but the services andmy value I had to you know convincepeople that I could help them and so Isort of was in that that world a littlebit got into the the online world ofmarketing through supplements and beingable to help people in other ways andcreated other small side businesseswhich led me to having to createwebsites and the funnels that you talkedabout or you know those series ofwebsite pages that walk the personthrough the sales process and was ableto you know get involved with thatand was introduced to a company calledclick funnels that I work for nowthrough a buddy of mine that I actuallydid marketing for with the supplementcompany that I worked with in previouslyand so yeah I've been working with thatcompany now for about going on fiveyears and has been a great transitionaway from roofing which is an extremelydifficult business it's very taxing onthe body to actually be the person doing really
March 18, 2020
Everyone is there, yet only 1 truly matters to you! - Episode 11
Need help working out who the dream customer is for your electrical business? Join the Facebook Froup here
March 15, 2020
A Client Acquisition Funnel For Electricians, Goals - Episode 10
Watch as I create a client acquisition funnel for electricians. If you want to get free job leads when they are there you can go to and let me know where you are and what type of electrical work you do!  hey guys James Wrest here from marketing secrets for electricians and today we're going to look at the goals for your marketing in your electrical business and also what this entails, is creating a client acquisition funnel and throughout the next days weeks months however long it takes I'm going to kind of be documenting this process of creating a client acquisition funnel for electricians and we're going to be running ads we're going to make in the funnel we're going to be understanding who our customer is and doing all the things involved and I'm going to give you a live kind of demo test run to see how it's done and hopefully generate some free leads for you guys so if you want to get involved in this you can actually contact me and let me know what area you're in and when we get leads inthat area I will send them your way sothis is the goal of what we're doing andwe're gonna start first off by goingt hrough the goals for your busines
March 12, 2020
How To Make PAID Ads FREE.... A Behind The Scenes Review - Episode 9
Suggested tools and links How to become an electrician- >See the video ->  Find what your audience is looking for -> Create great ad images -> A review of the Facebook live I just did with Parker on How to become an electrician, the untold storied Professional Electricians NEVER Share Until Now!   Great. So I just came off an interview with Parker and we went through his journey of how he became an electrician, so he started off you wasn't enjoying school. And then he worked through these series of events to get the skills and requirements in order to become the electrician that he is today. Now, this was a great story. However, what I want to touch on here is not essential, not the story you can go to marketing secrets for electricians, dot com opt in. And I've put this story there for you guys to see if you're going to see the interview. Feel free to do that. But this is about the behind the scenes. So how do we come up with the title like How to Become an Electrician? Why specifically did I pick that title? And that is because, for example, what I did was I found out what Parker who's trying to serve. And then from there, I was like, okay. So he's trying to serve people who don't know what they want to do or you're trying to serve people wanting to become electricians. So they're better at that type of point. So I went and used this type of topic awareness and went to suggest so you can go to movies, suggest you've tried that in Google is from Neil Patel and type in your keywords there or description. So if I typed in electrician or how to become electrician, what I discovered and there's a bunch of keywords like Illin It collectible partnership near me has three thousand people searching for that per month, but this one has like 11 eleven thousand. I think it was people searching for how to become electricians. So this interview is basically us trying to target that. There is key words. And not only that, we know people are interested in this because there's that much traffic that's just in America around the world. There's like heaps more. And you can actually search your area and see how many people are searching in your particular country. So once I had that information as a matter of, okay, cool, we've got the title and that's kind of like the key word. So that's like your page one. You're like major thing that Google is going to pick up when it ranks. Second, the kind of hook is the untold stories professional electricians never share until now. And this is like the subtext, which is kind of like curiosity. Dacia Yeah, like untold stories professional electricians never share. Well, this is also a true statement. How many electricians share how they became electricians? Would that help you stand out from your business? If you on your about page, you had a video saying, Hey, I was once not electrician before and I found it frustrating with electricians or sharing your journey as to how you became that electricians and the frustrations you found about electricians so you can connect with your customers on that same level. So that's kind of the. The hook is getting that interest and making it like compelling to share a second. So that after we're done that the next bit.
March 07, 2020
Traffic and eyeballs for your electrical business - Episode 8
Start the challenge here: Every electrician wants traffic to their website.... How do you get the traffic? Everything rests on this one thing! Hey guys thanks for turning in I really appreciate it today we are talking traffic…. What do you need to do to get it? Before we jump into that, I’ve just completed the first interview for the electricians master pack which was fun, they are a Family Owned Roofing company that have been in Business for 30…got some great insight there and I’ve also excited about a few more of the guests we will have coming up on the show! I’m working hard to send some great content coming your way! Also, if you want to talk marketing with me please visit our facebook group marketing secrets for electricians and I plan on starting to do some live Question & Answers and training, which will hopefully help you with your marketing specific to your company! …. Did I mention that it will be FREE in the Facebook group, for now anyway, and I only have room for 1 session per  a week so If you want to get in and get something sorted jump in and ask! Now back to Traffic… How do you get.... Well you first need to put down your screwdriver and pliers, working on the job alone will not get you any traffic… however if you pull your phone out of your pocket and take a photo of the job, the house, your workmanship, van or even hit record and quickly say something like… Hey guys James Wrest here from “My Electrical” Today I’m in “New York” with Bob and we are installing some smart wiring so Bob can control his home from anywhere in the world, its some cool tech! If you would like to see what smart wiring could do in your home, comment smart wiring below and I will send you our free 5 step guide to having a smarter home. And that is it…. That took less than 30 seconds and you would have just created some content that is telling potential customers that…. 1/ You’re an electrician in the New York area 2/ You install Smart wiring 3/ They can get a free gift from you. I would even ask the customer there and then if they could do a testimony for you! Now imagine if you did this for at least one job a day…. Quick maths on that, there is 52 weeks in a year and 5 working days a week… That is 260 bits of content that people we use to evaluate your business before they contact you! More people than ever are searching online for information on the product or servers before making a buying decision… Let’s compare 2 websites one that has 260 bits of content that include all sorts of jobs, people, locations around town. The other just has the simple we list of we do Commercial and domestic new build and reform projects Fault finding Lighting upgrades Note I literally just found that of an electricians website that was paying for ads on google. Who would you choose the one with all this content or the one with a few line of what they offer….
February 29, 2020
The unaimed arrow rarely hits it's mark…. The answer to Parker Worth's question. - Episode 7
Get your free Expert Electricians Pack at Check out Parket Worths new blog at: I had a question come in form Parker Worth who is looking to help fellow tradesman better there lives…. so for fun, I thought I would answer his question here First, of I would like to congratulate Parker for taking action, as most people especially nowadays with so much going on, and so many distractions, for example, there has been a study done that says we are seeing about 5000 ads per day compared to 500 ads in the 70’s that is 10 times the amount! That is crazy! There is also a trend of people talking a lot about what they want to do, and then they talk some more but few actually take any steps towards what they are talking about… Why… I think its because there is not enough pain or please to push them towards the goal… its just not that important enough to them… so great job for taking action its awesome to see and in my opinion the sooner we start blogging or producing some form of content, the fastest we start changing own lifes for the better! Now lets look at Parkers question, just a quick note if you have a question you can go to marketing secrets dot com and send a text of voice message and we can answer it on the show… So I will give you a summary of the question Peter is looking to help fellow electricians and better their lives, and help people get into an apprenticeship. To do this he has started a blog called the trades guy, And the question is what would make the blog better..and what should he talk more about… What would make this blog better? My question to that is who is the blog intended for? From what you said you have 2 targets…. 1/ “Make electricians lives better” 2 “Getting people into apprenticeships” Which is fine in the long run you can cover both topic, however each topic is focused  towards the same person at different stages of their electrical journey… Let me say that again so it can sink in a bit, Each topic is focused on the same person at a different stage in their electrical journey… What do I mean by that… I will use myself as an example… and go back before I had my apprenticeship, I was in high school and thought of being a mechanical engineer but learn more towards an electrical apprenticeship because I didn’t want to spend another 4 years just study, I wanted to get in there and use my hand in a more practical way… plus I was not a fan of going into debt, and on top of that not having a job at the end of the study…. So once I had made the decision that being an electrician was the career path for me, side note I almost went on to become a boilermaker… stoked that I didn’t, as the electrical trade is so much better! Anyway, my next steps were to go and apply for as many electrical apprenticeships as I could find… Such as, small domestic electrical companies,
February 21, 2020
Are you the best electrician in the world... Prove it and win $70k! - Episode 6
So I found this article from fox business, it has ranked up a massive 1.2 million interactions on facebook! Which is crazy! This is an prime example of a company providing so much value to its customers that word spreads on its on… how amazing would it be for your electrical business to be seen by over 1 million people!! Let’s break it down and have a review at what this company did… how I think it went First they are an American based company that provides tools and equipment for electricians… Who do you think the ideal industry's ideal customer is…. You may have guessed it...anyone in the electrical trade really... electricians and their apprentices… From there they, Found an issue in the electrical industry, which is a skill shortage of electricians They then came up with their own solution… a competition to help raise awareness and get more people to see being an Electrician as a good career choice. For the 1st year which was in 2016 they had about 25,000 people join in this new electrician competition. It was such a success that it has now grown to 100,000 plus competitors. Check out the Electrical Competition here: The best part for Ideal Industries is that they are getting their product right in front of their idea customers! Before I continue I want to review Ideal Industries process so that it might help inspire you to come up with something for your electrical business… I’ve broken it down into 3 easy steps and I’m not saying this is what they did but this is the process I see as an outsider looking in. Step 1 Who is your ideal customer? Step 2 What is a problem that they or the industry are having? Step 3 What solution can you provide for them? Lets, run through an example…. Step 1, Who is your ideal customer? Now this can be anyone and really needs to be your unique niche for your own business, for this example let's say that our ideal customer is a stay at home mum who has a 1 or 2 year old. Step 2 What problem are they having? This might take some research from your end to identify what they are actually worried about. For me I’m going to say the problem is something along the lines of, I don’t understand electricity, or even if my home is safe for my baby, how do I protect my baby from getting an electric shock…. Step 3, What is your solution? How can you help them…. Maybe you have a wife at home with a baby or a friend or even a previous customer that you could talk to about this issue. From that conversation, you can then figure out what you would do to make or check that the home is baby safe.
February 16, 2020
MASSIVE electrician shortages, yet electrical contractors STRUGGLE.... to find work - Episode 5 This baffles my mind that around the world it seems there is a shortage of electricians, yet when I look around so many electrical contractors talking about how they can’t seem to find any work or if they found an electrical job the other electrician undercut them to win it! That pisses me off! If you understand the basics of economics and supply and demand, the less there is of something, the higher the price to purchase it…. There are industries that are rumored to do this on purpose, such as the diamond industry, by acting like there is a limited amount keep the price of the diamond high, even though they have plenty if they released all their diamonds into the market the price would drop and they would lose a ton of money…. Which it is really all about, keeping profits high! That being said this electrician shortage should work in our favor But before I continue I must confess that I have also been one of those electricians that has undercut other electricians just to win the job….. For me this is how I found it generally went with these types of jobs…. At first I was like yes! I won that job! I have work and I celebrated that little win…. Then when I went round to do the job and I found out that what the customer is expecting and what I was planning to deliver are two different things. I mean they paid for a push bike and expecting are BMW….just a bit of a gap there... so this relationship is not off to a good start. Then when doing the job for some reason they are always trying to sneak extras in that were not part of the original job… Meanwhile, I look at my watch thinking about how my hourly rate is dropping by the minute Once completed most of them don’t pay on the spot and I need to chase them up numerous times to shake the pennies out of them! Do you really want customers like this….? Finally when I decided to sit down work out if I made any money on these jobs…… Well, let’s say the most of these jobs I would have made more working for someone else and if I had of paid an electrician to do the job…. It would cost me money to do this customers work…. I found myself wondering, what is the point of winning a job if its actually going cost me money to do the job… it makes no sense…. So I urge electricians to stop undercutting each other…. Now, of course, there are going to be electricians that will… If you see electrical contractors undercutting each other reach out to them and ask them why? Maybe they don’t understand that they could be making more money for their electrical skills…. Talk to them, share this podcast with them or reach out and let me know and maybe we can make a difference help stabilize the market value for electricians that would be amazing. I touch on this in a previous episode, so if you haven't listened to it go back and check out -  How to make your electrical business STAND OUT from the crowd WITHOUT competing for the lowest price… And let me know if you have any questions as it seems to be a popular topic I plan on going into this deeper in the future! Get access to your free course at
February 09, 2020
How an electrical contractor can get a lifetime of FREE customers ... - Episode 4
Free Electrical Tribe list included 1000 services based businesses and my 5 that I used Got an idea that you would like to share reach out here: I am excited today as I’ve decided to interview other electrical contractors that are having success with their marketing so we can learn what they did to get the results they wanted and my hope is that it will help you to succeed with your business. Now these interviews will also included other service-based businesses so we can take ideas, concepts to expand our point of view too. Have you ever found yourself looking at your phone wishing that the thing would ring so you had an electrical job to go to? Is it not the dream of any business to have the phone just non stop ringing with customers who want to use and purchase your services. This would then create a series of new problems, for example…. I remember a job I had where it was a stinking hot day and I had to install some downlights for a customer in their wonderfully old house. Oh how I hated crawling around in those old dusty roof spaces,  sweat pouring of you, making insulation stick to your skill making it itchy as hell. Now I had this one particular downlight was right in the corner of the tiny roof space… and as I was trying to maneuver my way around, the phone started ring… So naturally, I started to fumble around to try and answer it, as it was an unknown number I expected it might be a new job! Making my way to the man whole, down the step ladder and out to my van… it was time for a water break anyway. I called the number back. As it turns out it was a customer wanted a powerpoint, gpo or socket outlet…. The name depends upon where you are listening to this, anyway they wanted one installed next to the TV point that the Antenna guy had put in for them. This was no worries so I pulled out my diary and booked them in…. Now I was lucky that for today I had only scheduled this one downlight job in for the day, because the day, continued up in the same fashion… It seemed every time I went up into the roof to do some work the phone world ring, which is great, however, because of this instead of the job taking only a few hours it took me the whole day! Why do I mention this well I would like you to have this issue too! For without the constant flow of new customers your electrical business would die, and you would have to go back to working under that crappy boss! And we don’t wont that! Now how did this customer come to be call me for electrical work vs all the other electricians that could do the same thing….. Let me take you back about a year beforehand to where the cause and effect was put in motion… While providing a free quote for a customer, I happened to bump into another contractor, we had a short chat, you know the usual about how business is going and such…Then getting a good vibe, we exchanged business cards before moving on to the next job for the day.. Now this contractor could be a competitor or an ally, what do I mean by that… Well was an antenna guy and I could just as easily install an antenna point as well as a pointpoint, if I did this, I really didn’t need his business card as I would just do the work myself. Thus we would then be in competition… However, if you think about it….. how many people did this Antenna guy come into contact with every day, not only could he send my way but the customer might never even hear of my business otherwise! And you know what You know what happened he started sending work my way… ! That is when I had a light bulb moment!
January 26, 2020
How to make your electrical business STAND OUT from the crowd WITHOUT competing for the lowest price... - Episode 3
Marketing Secrets For Electricians Did you know that as soon as you enter the electrical marketplace and start selling the same thing as every other electrician, Be it wiring up new homes, maintenance work, or installing a light… If you are just selling the service, you are in the “competitive marketplace”, which means that the service you are offering is being sold as commodity… Why is selling your service as a commodity bad? Let me give you an example, If we have two electrical businesses Jack Electrical Services & James Electrical Contracting Both are small electrician businesses and have an ad in the paper right next to each other which goes something like this Jack Electrical Services Hard-wired smoke alarm installation by licensed electricians $140 James Electrical Contracting Hard-wired smoke alarm installation by licensed electricians $185. Which would you go for…? Chances are if you are like most people you would go for the cheapest option to get the same thing. This is basically how commodity works if I can get the same thing for less… well, then I’m going to do that… In this case, it’s a Smoke Alarm Install vs a Smoke Alarm Install, but it can be any service that you offer. I have had many a customer call up and ask how much for an electrical job or what is your hourly rate…? They have found your ad in the paper and were like ah….well this electrician is cheapest Once they have figured out that you normally never hear from them again! So unless you want your electrical business to be the cheapest Electrician in town… Once they have figured out that you normally never hear from them again! So unless you want your electrical business to be the cheapest Electrician in town… I don’t know about you, but running your own electrical business has additional responsibilities. In my mind, it means we need to charge accordingly or go back to working for someone else! I’m just not interested in working my arse off for peanuts! There is no strategic advantage in being the second cheapest electrician in town! Either… This means we should not give into a Price WAR by lowering prices but instead add more value.. How do you add move value? This is done by turning your service into an offer! An offer a few products grouped together… When you create an offer it: Increases the perceived value to your customers. Makes what you have unique to the Marketplace. Which means they can’t get your offer from any other Electrician in town. To get your offer they have to go through you! We could go in-depth on how to create an offer, however, for now, I just want to introduce this concept to you. I find examples helpful to explain concepts, so let's look at the smoke alarm ad again and turn one of them into an offer. We will just review the original ad which was James Electrical Contracting Hard-wired smoke alarm installation by licensed electricians $185. The question is how could we add more value to the customer when they make this purchase?
January 12, 2020
Why an Electricians website does not work! - Episode 2 If you do a google search for an Electrical company in your area you will see the top search results all have websites…. But how do you know if they really working…. Do you believe that in order to get more work you need a website? I once did so I learned to code and after a while could build a website from scratch… Yet there were crickets… no new job inquiries came from it.. What I then discovered was "I confused mind always says no" What does this mean exactly... Let’s look at an example, say a customer wants some downlights installed in a room, and you give them one option on how to do this, it’s easy enough to understand and easy to say yes to…. however, What if…. you gave that customer 5 in depth options or paths to take on how they could get the electrical work done…
January 04, 2020
How I failed marketing my electrical contracting business - and what I know now that I didn’t as an Electrician! - Episode 1 Let me share with you a quick story of the journey I went on to become an electrical contractor. All the while envisioning being the owner of a successful electrical business. Where I thought it would give me more free time, money and control of my life…. really it took over my life. Why would you start an electrical business….? Before starting my own electrical business, I worked for an electrical company for five-plus years. I spent so much time there, each week pushing hard to meet the deadlines for the company — truth be told, all my efforts went towards making the owners of the company more wealth. All that I was left with when I walked out the door, was my tool bag and trade experience, none of which I could consider an asset. If you have read Rich Dad Poor Dad, an Asset is something that increases your wealth. My thinking was… what if I could turn my skills as an Electrician into an electrical business and make a profit, without me physically being on the job? This would turn the business into an asset that could potentially set me up to be in control of my time. Time, after all, is one of our most valuable resources, and I wanted to spend it however I liked it! My short-term vision was focused on having adventures and traveling to different places. Long term, this would allow me to support my family, whilst also giving me the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends.
December 15, 2019