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Married People Podcast

Married People Podcast

By Alfonzo & Gwendolyn Jones
We don't claim to know it all but after 14 years of marriage, completion of a master's degree in counseling, and advanced grief recovery, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts (SYMBIS), Dynamic Marriage, and Prepare-Enrich Certifications we are confident that we are prepared and fully equipped to be your marriage mentors. WE BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE and we want to share our experience and expertise concerning marriage with you! There is hope for your marriage! Marriages fail because we don't know what we don't know! Let's talk about Life, Love and this rain forest that we call Marriage.
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For Better or Worse
In this episode, we share how we survived a real-life situation that tested our vows.  Tune in and learn tools that will help you and your spouse beat the odds and work together to win. Like | SHARE | Review Contact us: |
September 24, 2020
Working out the Kinks: Coping with COVID
COVID hit and life changed for us all, physically, socially, and relationally!  In our season finale, we bring our very best friends Mr. Traye and Karmee Davis into the conversation to discuss how COVID changed the way we do MARRIAGE.  We all admit, that we've had a few kinks to work through.  Not only did we have to learn to live with COVID, but many of us also had to learn to live with each other!   It's been work, but our marriages are worth it!  
May 22, 2020
The Beauty of Confrontation, ways you both can win!
Believe it or not, strong couples do fight, they just fight fair.  In this episode, Alfonzo and Gwen share their hearts and their story as they teach on how confrontation, when done correctly, can take your marriage to the next level!  Tune in, and be sure to leave us a positive review.  Contact us at
March 4, 2020
Valentines Day Bonus Episode: Are you speaking my language? Tips to make this VDAY MEMORABLE!
MPP Valentine's Day SPECIAL!  Every gift doesn't have to break the bank, and is a bank breaking gift even what your spouse desires?  Money does't talk to everyone.  Learn your spouses love language and speak it this Valentine's Day!   In this episode, Mrs. Jones reveals that her top love language and the gift that Mr. Jones gives her this valentines day that changed the game!!!  **BONUS** Valentine's gifts sure to make your spouse smile that DON'T BREAK THE BANK!!!  Complete this assessment and learn the language you understand best and share it with your spouse. LIKE OUT PODCAST, leave us a positive review! Thank you! -The Jones
February 10, 2020
We're back with a powerful episode on how to take your marriage to the next level by understanding your spouse's purpose!  Yep they have needs, yep they have wants, but they also have purpose! Do know what your spouses purpose is?  Part of marital fulfillment is knowing what your spouse is designed and created to do and using everything you have in and around you to support your spouse in fulfillment of their purpose!  It also may involve waiting and supporting your spouse as they work to identify their purpose OR simply accepting and loving your spouse just as they are right where they are!   Let's talk about PURPOSE! 
January 29, 2020
Series 1: Episode 2 - PASSION - The Sex Talk!
We continue our series discussing 3 things guaranteed to take your marriage to the next level: Pursuit, PASSION, Purpose.  This episode we tackle Passion, did you know it doesn't begin in the bedroom it ends there?  Let's talk. Questions/Comments?  E mail us  IG: @married_people_podcast Twitter: @MPPPodcast
December 5, 2019
3 P's Guaranteed to take your marriage to the next level - P#1
In this series, we reveal 3 ways to take your marriage to the next level!   In this episode, we reveal P #1 tell you why it matters, how the lack of P#1 almost killed our marriage and provide tools to help you save yours.   Twitter: @MPPodcast Instagram: @We_R_Jones Email us: Recommended Reads:
November 6, 2019
Meet the Joneses
In this episode, Alfonzo and Gwen share their story and tell you why there is hope for your marriage and how we can help.  If we can do it, you can do it!
October 9, 2019