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Bless-up with Mary Jane Houge

Bless-up with Mary Jane Houge

By Mary Jane Houge

Welcome! Gratitude for your interest in sharing your journey toward personal and spiritual expansion. My lessons in life are vast through my own experiences and from wisdom keepers along my path.

My passion is to inspire you on your journey to being the “best you” by sharing my life experiences, insights, knowledge, wisdom and personal stories. I am grateful for the opportunity to join our light for a brighter future. Come along with me on a journey of a life time on one of our Heartland Oasis Jamaica Retreats
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Turn Disagreements Into Agreements

Bless-up with Mary Jane Houge

Turn Disagreements Into Agreements

Bless-up with Mary Jane Houge

Turn Disagreements Into Agreements
There will be multiple times in life and in relationships where we do not agree on something. This is a stressful time. Here is a road map to help you approach disagreements with more ease and grace. You can take that disagreement and reach new levels of understanding, thereby enriching your relationships.
April 06, 2021
A Yearning for Connection
Yearning for Connection. I have always had a deep yearning to connect with the divine. In this episode I will share with you my journey. You may hear some commonality in your own journey. The indigenous way of life was to live in harmony with each other, with all of nature and with spirit. They can be referred to as Earth Based spirituality where at its core honors the Earth, Nature, and all manifestations of life. We are all human and could very much benefit from taking a step back in time, learning from the wisdom keepers of indigenous cultures, relearn the ways of the past and bring forth the fundamental belief system of the importance of living in community, respecting the earth, respecting and honoring creation, and respecting each other. In my opinion, survival of humanity depends on the Healing power of Nature and humans reconnecting with spirit. Within nature, within the natural world, there exists all the materials and tenets for healing human beings.  Nature is the textbook for those who care to study it and the storehouse of remedies for human ills. Illness may be seen as physical manifestation of spiritual decay. Therefore, I pose the approach that we integrate the wisdom of the past that indigenous teachings offer us and combine that with the modern knowledge we’ve acquired to create an approach to health that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals. I invite you to explore indigenous teaching with me and see what traditions enhance your life and connection with the divine.
April 06, 2021
Loving Kindness Meditation
The term loving kindness consists of benevolence - compassion - forgiveness gentleness and unconditional love. This guided meditation will help you connect with these feelings and then radiate your offering of loving kindness to the world, including yourself. As you end this meditation you may invite this feeling of warm loving kindness to serve as your companion as you journey through your day. And remember to slow down and breath!
April 06, 2021
Ways to Stay on Your Path & Purpose
If you are assessing your life experiences, your current situation and how to live your life's purpose. ..this podcast is for you.
April 04, 2021
How Crystal Healing Treatments Work
This episode will discuss how Crystals are used in healing treatments and how they can be combined with other energy modalities. This podcast is for those interested in incorporating crystals into their healing sessions. If you are a practitioner or client just beginning your understanding of crystals this podcast is for you. I am personally a lover of energy medicine. In my practice I incorporate acupuncture, crystals, color, essential oils, indigenous medicine, sound therapy, guided meditation, qi gong and more. In this podcast, we will discuss the chakras and some of the crystals that support them. With this information, you can begin using crystals in your treatments or in your self-care. Crystal remedies have been developed from many different generations by many different cultures of people. These remedies use multiple concepts and notions but all have a common thread. They use the innate power of the stones to work on many different levels for many ailments. These remedies have been handed down through families, tribes, teachers, and shamans alike. Crystals are often used for clearing your mind, helping with a physical condition, meditation and charms for protection for yourself or your home. Crystals have different metaphysical properties and vibration. Many crystals correspond and support the function of our Chakras. The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of the seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to a major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. There are seven major chakras. The energy closest to the physical body is where the meridians are found. That is why this level of energy can be manipulated through physical instruments such as acupuncture, hands, crystals, color therapy and mind/breath work to name a few.
November 08, 2020
Prayer, intention and healing our energy field
This episode will discuss the power of Prayer and intention in healing our energy field. We will explore commonalities and differences in these concepts. Now is a perfect time to focus on our interconnectedness. Everything in our world, seen and unseen is energy and it is vibrating at a particular frequency or wavelength. Given that everything is energy that means that nothing exists in isolation, there is no separation. We are the ‘living matrix’. Problems in the body actually start in the energy field. Physiological symptoms appear due to disturbances in our energy field. Since our thoughts and actions affect our DNA and our DNA affects the world around us through the vibrational frequencies we emit, we can conclude we also affect each other through our vibrational frequency. This podcast will give you some immediate tools to help raise your own vibration, expand your energy field and send this high frequency vibration to others.
March 31, 2020