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Mass Chatter

Mass Chatter

By J.C. Carnahan & Joel Martinez
Recent topics: recording music, health scares, viral video theft, seattle, super bowl w/o granny, theme parks, star wars, procrastination, youth sports parents, teen suicide, crazy holidays.
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Holiday Season is Hit or Miss

Mass Chatter

0121: 8-year old Jonathan Cash reviews first week of school
Unedited version of J.C. interviewing son Jonathan Cash about his first week of third grade, which included being stranded at school, arguing with his buddy over a girl, getting a girlfriend, and officially changing his name.
August 15, 2021
Making Music (J.C. Edition)
J.C. recorded a song with his younger brothers two years ago. We break down the process with all that went into it and play the complete track in Episode 12 of the podcast.
March 29, 2020
Making Music (Joel Edition)
Joel recorded a song with a young singer named Melia. We break down the process with all that went into it and play the complete track in Episode No. 11 of the podcast.
March 28, 2020
Everything is Canceled!
No more sports. No more school. Everything is being canceled this week due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Join us for Episode 10 as we talk about Joel going to Bike Week before following up on previous episodes that touched on heath scares and viral videos. Intro/Outro music by Blueprint. Voice intro by Alex Martinez.
March 13, 2020
Ranked: Top Health Scares Past 20 Years
Amid the Coronaviras crisis, we rank the top health scares of the past two decades and share thoughts on the most recent situation. Then we wash our hands. Most likely. Music intro/outro by Blueprint. Vocal intro by Charmayne Roupp.
March 07, 2020
Viral Videos & Rockin' Robinson
Did you happen to see J.C.'s twitter video of a dog making an 83-yard frisbee disc catch from a year ago? That video went viral and was stolen numerous times by various internet accounts. We talk about that and others, such as Joel's buddy uploading a video of a politician using the bathroom while his microphone is still hot. That video was retweeted recently by the president. Also, 15 bands from Florida will be jamming out this Saturday at Rockin' Robinson in Orlando. Music intro/outro by Blueprint. Voice intro by Gary Roupp.
February 26, 2020
Seattle Sights & Sounds
Joel recently hitched a flight to Seattle, so J.C. tells a story of jumping a fence and grunging out at Lollapalooza. There's also talk of coffee, because Seattle. Intro/outro music by Blueprint. Voice intro by Alex Roupp.
February 16, 2020
Super Bowl Sunday Without Granny
Granny passed away two years ago on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. J.C. and Joel share memories of being at the hospital and how the family mourned later that night while continuing a family tradition. They also share early childhood memories of the Super Bowl dating back to the 1980s. Alex Roupp joins the show to talk about losing Granny then watching his favorite team win its first NFL championship. Music by Blueprint. Voiceovers by Alex Martinez.
January 27, 2020
Theme Park Experiences
You like roller coasters and water slides? J.C. and Joel talk about the theme parks they've experienced over the years in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Georgia. Intro/outro music by Blueprint. Vocal intro by Charmayne Roupp.
January 17, 2020
Dressing as Santa, Star Wars finale
J.C. and Joel talk about the kids they met while dressed as Santa Clause. Joel gives his take on the final Star Wars movie. Music intro/outro by Blueprint. Signing Santa: J.C. dancing as Santa: Star Wars Machete Order:
December 23, 2019
Youth Sports, Teen Suicide
J.C. and Joel talk about parents acting crazy at youth sporting events and share a story about a friend losing his teenage son to suicide. Intro/outro music by Blueprint. Voice intro by Gary Roupp. Photo by J.C. Carnahan.
December 15, 2019
Procrastination is Part of the Process
J.C. and Joel discuss the art of procrastination, working out with kids, and spending too much money on vinyl. Intro/outro beat by Blueprint. Intro vocal by Tabitha Martinez. Photo by J.C. Carnahan.
November 28, 2019
Holiday Season is Hit or Miss
Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween, can be a hit-or-miss experience for most depending on where you came from. Meet J.C. and Joel through stories of memorable holiday moments and others that went awry, including home-made haunted houses, backyard football and a Christmas tree left on a front lawn. Intro/outro music by Blueprint. Voice intro by Ashton Martinez.
November 20, 2019