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Masters of Dirt HANGOUT

Masters of Dirt HANGOUT

By Masters of Dirt
Official Masters of Dirt Podcast
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M.O.D Hangouts Ep.10 | DJ Mosaken

Masters of Dirt HANGOUT

M.O.D Hangouts Ep.12 | Adolf Silva
More than stocked to welcome the legendary Mr. Adolf Silva to Episode #12 of our Masters of Dirt Hangout Podcast. So many insane memories, travels and laughs with this crazy little guy!! Can't wait to have you around again.   00:00 Intro  09:39 Fears & Injuries  22:40 Burps, Farts and other Naughtiness  26:05 Bikes, Riding and Crashes  28:43 Showman Adolf  40:01 Tricks  45:50 What's Next?
February 17, 2022
M.O.D Hangouts Ep.11 | Amro Kayal
Gumball 3000 and Car Lovers watch out. It's finally time to release our podcast with the one and only Amro Kayal who has several Gummiball 3000 rallys in the books and has been driving two full Gummiball rallys with M.O.D Founder Georgie Fechter, who is now establishing a company in Saudi Arabia with Amro's son. This is one for the books with many deep insights about Gummiball, Masters of Dirt and the future and culture of Saudi Arabia. Tune in and enjoy the ride!!   00:00 Intro   01:56 Gummiball 3000  49:33 Driving in Saudi Arabia  57:35 Saudi Arabia  01:43:25 Events in Saudi  01:52:08 Relationships
February 10, 2022
M.O.D Hangouts Ep.10 | DJ Mosaken
Nobody less than DJ Mosaken himself for Episode 10 of our M.O.D Hangout Podcast. Family member and M.O.D DJ since the very beginning, insane cook and an even better human being. Thanks for your visit - so many insane memories! 00:00 Intro  05:55 Die Anfänge von M.O.D  22:09 Crashes  24:00 Mixtapes and Partys  32:20 Health, Cooking and Culinary  43:08 Ups & Downs  45:38 Sammlungen  48:16 Whats Next
February 03, 2022
M.O.D Hangouts Ep.09 | Tobi Merz
Welcome Masters of Dirt Legend and BMX Rider Tobi Merz for Episode 09!! Events, Partys, Travels, Shows and Shoveling - We covered it all. 6:22 Talents 14:59 F*ck School - or not?  16:15 Partys, Travel and more Partys  29:00 Tobi the Pilot  38:19 Track Building  41:40 The special Training
January 27, 2022
M.O.D Hangouts Ep.08 | Fabio Wibmer
Masters of Dirt Hangouts is back and we start this new season with the one and only Fabio Wibmer. Youtube Superstar, Traibikel Legend, Mountainbike Rider, Motocross Enthusiast - I don't think we have to say more. Let's welcome guest number 8!! 00:00 Podcasts & Girls 29:17 Bikepark Locations 32:00 Fans 36:34 Idols, Dreams & Future 43:50 Georg and Fabios Friendship 50:40 Social Media 58:57 Business, Clothing & SICK! 01:09:40 SICK! Moto Line
January 20, 2022
M.O.D Hangouts Ep.07 | Clemens Kaudela
Thanks for your visit at the M.O.D Warehouse and the good chat Clemens Kaudela !! It was a pleasure having you as a guest. Epic times and some epic pictures!!   00:00 How is started  23:00 Trailbuilding and Diggers  24:50 Business and Biking  28:00 Big Crashes and Big Air  41:40 Funny Pictures and Epic Times  1:02:00 What the Future brings
November 16, 2021
M.O.D Hangout Ep.06 | Ruso Bros
M.O.D Hangout Episode 06 mit gleich zwei Gästen: Daniel und Elias Ruso!! Österreichische MTB Superstars, fixer Bestandteil der Masters of Dirt Family und aufstrebende YouTuber - damit lassen sich noch einige Podcast Folgen füllen :)   Socials: 
October 01, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.5 | Nicholi Rogatkin
Starting into Episode #5 with one of the biggest Masters of Dirt Legends: Nicholi Rogatkin. From starting his BMX Career with the age of 5 to winning the Crankworx Tripple Crown, his biggest sends and crashes - we talked about it, and even more!! So take your time, lean back and hang out together with one of the biggest names of the whole Mountainbike Scene.   His Instagram: Youtube Version:
September 10, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.4 | Andi Brewi
Herzlich Willkommen zur ersten deutschen Episode von unserem Hangout Podcast. Diesmal mit niemand geringerem als Andi Brewi, Masters of Dirt Moderator, Trailbilder, Mountainbike Enthusiast und Urgestein der Masters of Dirt Familie.  0:00 Geschichts Stunde 18:16 Party Fotos 32:20 MOD Tour Leben 36:55 Wie wird man Moderator 42:03 Mythos Erzberg und Bierbankrutschen 52:00 Crashes und Comebacks 1:10:00 M.O.D Memories
August 27, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.3 | Sam Hodgson
Let's welcome Sam Hodgson, a jack of all kinds, as guest number three here at Masters of Dirt Hangouts. From crazy Audi Nines After Partys, to being one of the youngest Darkfest Riders, running a Bikepark and his future plans - we talked about it and much more!  Find the Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre here:
July 16, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.2 | Syo Van Vliet
Let’s bring the M.O.D Hangout in round two and welcome Syo Van Vliet, our Multimedia Manager, M.O.D Family member and all time legend. Make sure to tune in and hear about the crazy Dutch way of life, his career path, tipps for new photographers and much more. Find the video podcast here:
July 09, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.1 | Sam Reynolds
Welcome to the  first Episode of Masters of Dirt Hangouts. Its been a quiet year for our freestyle shows due to Covid restrictions and we did not want to wait any longer to connect with people in  and around Masters of Dirt to give you guys more of an insight in our life and the legendary past and future of the Masters of  Dirt Freestyle Shows. From now on host Georgie Fechter, the founder of Masters of Dirt, will be delivering great content for your ears and eyes. Our first guest is one of the M.O.D legends Sam Reynolds, who grew up around the legendary Masters of Dirt Tours. Make sure to tune in and hear about some of his craziest memories, his career, the future of Darkfest, the hick ups with Fest Series and much more.  Find the Video Podcast here:
June 25, 2021
M.O.D HANGOUT Ep.0 | The official Masters of Dirt Podcast
Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to introduce you to the Masters of Dirt HANGOUT. A podcast by Masters of Dirt founder Georgie Fechter with people in and around the M.O.D universe. Buckle up because the hurricane of gnarly stories is about to take off !
June 23, 2021