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026. Learn Javascript with Grasshopper

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By Matt Jacobson
Welcome to Galesburg, where amazing things happen in our classrooms every day. Check out the show notes on my blog at
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S2E4: Back to Podcasting
Back to Podcasting! In this episode: October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. See resources at Oct. 15-19 is Digital Citizenship Week! Common Sense Media has some great curriculum resources & lesson plans for Grades 3-12 at See District 205's curriculum resources at Listen to my 10 suggestions for Google Classroom Watch The NEW Google Classroom Updates at Learn about the new sidebar in many Google Tools as well as predictive text in the new GMail. Learn more at (Calendar) (Keep) (Tasks) For even more info, check out my blog at Thanks for listening!
October 1, 2018
TeachIllinois, Classroom Strategy, and What Happened to That Darn EOC?
Learn more about TeachIllinois ( and get free PD Credit through the Strobel Summit ( and the Hive Summit (! Develop Your Google Classroom Strategy with John Sowash: and Learn how to use Shift-Z to save files into multiple Google Drive folders. And District 205 educators can learn how to quickly find missing PD Credit forms. As always you can read about these ideas and more at also
July 20, 2018
Google Updates, Learn Promethean, & local PD news!
This week: Learn Promethean Video Playlists Google Classroom Updates How to Convert Old Google Sites to New Google Sites, from Free Tech For Teachers: Suicide: The Ripple Effect EdLeaders Network ROE 33 interpretation of IL Mandated Training can be found on my website at How Do I section of my website -
July 13, 2018
S2E1: New Season, New Format, New Info!
After a nice break, I'm back with a new podcast format and lots of nifty info for you! I'll be podcasting once a week with professional learning and tech tips to help you improve instructional practice in your classroom! This week: How to satisfy PD Mandates a little at a time using and information from the Regional Office of Education at and You'll also get a quick preview of the New GMail for District 205 and a quick look at some of the powerful tools you'll find within!
July 6, 2018
036. Summertime!
Thanks for joining me on this little experiment! I'll be changing the schedule and format of this podcast a bit during the summer months, but check back for more ideas soon! Have a great summer!
May 11, 2018
035. End of Year Tech Tips, part 4
Let's wrap this up. Enjoy your well-deserved summer break, and thank you for all you do to help kids learn and grow throughout the school year.
May 10, 2018
034. End of Year Tech Tips, part 3
Let's talk about cleaning & preparing interactive displays, flat panels, and projectors for summer vacation. THe short version: Spray the cloth first, then wipe the screen. Avoid canned air. Never put a cover on any device that is still plugged in!
May 9, 2018
033. End of Year Tech Tips, part 2
More tips to help get devices ready for summer vacation. Short story: unplug most things, and never cover something that is still plugged in. Remember: Liquid & humidity are the enemies of gadgets! Never spray water or cleaning supplies directly onto devices. No runs, no drips, no errors! Learn more at
May 8, 2018
032. End of Year Tech Procedures, part 1
This week will be tips for closing down the school year. Some tips will be specific to our school district, but most are just good practice. See the full show notes at Links: Google Takeout: Backup & Sync: Using Backup & Sync:
May 7, 2018
031. Don't Panic
Problems will happen - don't panic. This episode is a bit longer than usual, but offers a few tips to help you handle things appropriately when things get wonky.
May 4, 2018
030. Managing digital learning environments, part 2
Today's discussion surrounds seating arrangements in digital classrooms. For ideas, read Classroom Management in the Digital Age by Heather Dowd & Patrick Green, available from Amazon at and The First Days of School, by Harry & Rosemary Wong, available from Amazon at
May 3, 2018
029. 3 digital classroom debates
My opinions on three commonly-debated topics surrounding digital classroom procedures: Screens Up/Down, Charging Devices, and Device Docks. The opinions expressed are my own - your school's procedures may vary.
May 2, 2018
028: Managing digital learning environments, part 1
Here's the start of a series of episodes on how to effectively manage digital learning spaces. For more details, read Classroom Management in the Digital Age, by Dowd & Green, available in a variety of places including Amazon
May 1, 2018
027. Manage Lesson Resources with OneTab
Check out this nifty idea for using a Chrome Extension called OneTab to organize lesson and unit resources, and keep your lesson plans with you no matter where you go! See OneTab in the Chrome Web Store:
April 30, 2018
026. Learn Javascript with Grasshopper
Grasshopper is a great way to learn coding on your mobile device! Check it out! Grasshopper in Google Play Store: Mashable on Grasshopper: Tech Crunch on Grasshopper:
April 27, 2018
025: Soundtrap
Soundtrap is a great tool for exploring and creating music in your classroom. Visit to create a free account and start exploring!
April 26, 2018
024. Applied Digital Skills, part 2
Applied Digital Skills could be a really great blended learning opportunity. Part 2 of an ongoing exploration.
April 25, 2018
023: More Googley Tips
Two of my favorite shortcuts are discussed today: CTRL F and SHIFT Z
April 24, 2018
022. Google's Applied DIgital Skills Curriculum
This episode will introduce Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum, found at
April 23, 2018
021. Two Quick Google Drive Tips
Does Google Drive freak you out? Don't worry, you got this! Just remember: *Google's a search engine, and *Everything's a web page Learn more in this episode!
April 20, 2018
020. Google Drive Is NOT Going Away
Learn what that odd dialogue box REALLY means to us! We're on Overcast & Apple Home Pod! Learn more at About Drive File Stream: Compare Drive File Stream (work/school) with Backup & Sync (for personal accounts):
April 19, 2018
019: PD Scholarship Awards
Scholarship award recipients will present the knowledge they gain with our staff during the 2018-2019 school year. Learn more about this program at
April 18, 2018
018: Book Creator
Book Creator is a great way to create free high-quality products online using Chromebooks. Check it out at
April 17, 2018
017: 4 Quick Google Calendar Tips
Four quick G-Cal Tips! Find coworkers' calendars Display multiple calendars Invite others, or not Copy an event
April 16, 2018
016: More PD Credit TIps
Following up on Episode 14, here's a few more tips on PD Credit and License Renewal for your Illinois Professional Educators License. ISBE:
April 13, 2018
015. Pixabay
Pixabay is one of my favorite sources for free images and video clips. Learn more and explore at H/T: by Richard Byrne
April 12, 2018
014: PD Credits
A brief note about PD Credit in our District. Resources Technology & Learning Webpage: EdLeaders Network: PD Advisory Group: ISBE’s Educator Licensure page:
April 11, 2018
013: Earth Day 2018 Resources
Learn about Earth Day 2018 & find a week's worth of Earth Day Resources and Lesson Plans to help kids learn about Earth Day topics and take action to make positive changes in the world. Episode Resources
April 10, 2018
012: Make Any Webpage an "App"
In this episode, learn how to make any web-based resource quickly available on a smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook, just like an app! All it takes is just a few clicks. Resources: Instructions:
April 9, 2018
011: Great Tech-spectations: Managing the Digital Classroom
A few tips for developing your expectations for a positive digital learning environment. Resources: Find clickable hyperlinks at - Home of Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc. The First Days of School (4th ed.), by Harry K. & Rosemary T. Wong (Amazon) Classroom Management in the Digital Age: Effective Practices for Technology-Rich Learning Spaces, by Heather Dowd and Patrick Green (Amazon) OverDrive for Chrome, in the Chrome Web Store (also available on other platforms)
April 6, 2018
010: Chromebook Buying Tips
This episodes includes my opinions about current Chromebook features & purchasing advice. Episode image from
April 5, 2018
009: Computer Buying Tips
A few of my personal suggestions about purchasing a laptop for personal use or for that kid of yours who's going off to college. Episode image from See episode script at
April 4, 2018
008: Copyright Tips for Your Classroom
A couple quick thoughts about copyrighted works and posting or re-using information online. This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive look at the issue. Episode image from SHOWNOTES H/T to Beth Holland and Richard Byrne
April 3, 2018
007.Podcasting About Other Podcasts
What's on my Pod Roll? &
March 23, 2018
006.PD Scholarships for District 205
In this episode I outline our new PD Scholarship plan for teachers in Galesburg CUSD 205. Learn more at Another great summer PD opportunity is available at - this is separate from the scholarship program - you can participate in both if you wish!
March 22, 2018
005: Take our Tech Survey
District 205 Staff: Please complete the Tech Survey at Follow the work of our Tech Advisory Group at Thanks for all you do for kids! Episode Image from
March 21, 2018
004. #WITcon18
Learn about the Whatever It Takes Conference - #WITcon18 - coming up June 13-15, 2018, in Galesburg, Illinois. Learn more at Read the Shownotes at
March 20, 2018
003. Podcasting About Podcasting, part deux
Scripting tips & publishing options for the podcaster in YOU!
March 19, 2018
002. Podcasting About Podcasting
Here's the first half of a quick rundown of how I use Anchor.FM to create these podcast episodes.
March 16, 2018
001.Birth of a Podcast
Welcome to my first podcast! Learn a little about what this is and why it exists. Many thanks to @jmattmiller for the inspiration!
March 15, 2018
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