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Hang Out with The Maydays

Hang Out with The Maydays

By The Maydays
The Maydays have been performing live comedy around the world for fifteen years to rave reviews and sold out attendance. Whether bringing Chicago-style improv to the UK for the first time, or touring their flagship show Happily Never After at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond, The Maydays have been a cornerstone of the UK’s comedy scene. Now the team open their hearts and take to the airwaves with a show where they… just… hang out and enjoy the company of their friends. And they would like to invite you to join them in sharing anecdotes, laughing at their foibles and enjoying their play
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The Circus of Hairdressing
This week, when The Maydays hang out with their friends, Velvet discusses moving house in Canada, and the differences between perception and reality of the nation, and everyone shares their clashes-of-perspective of geographical size from nation to nation. Ed shares his experience getting his haircut, but forgetting his PIN code at the hairdresser. Katy mentions that her curly hair is difficult to maintain. Liz shares the dangers of cutting your partner’s hair and we have not one but two games to round things off! Find out more about everyone in today's Hang Out: Velvet Wells: Liz Peters @improvliz Own It - How to Boss Your Fears, Free Your Voice and Inspire the Room ( Katy Schutte Edmund Fargher @edmundfargher Follow the Maydays on all social media for more improv classes, shows and conversation. @maydaysimprov
May 31, 2021
Do Dogs have Knees?
This week, when The Maydays hang out, Juwel Haque and Jenny Rowe discuss moving into a house with a ton of stairs, Liz Peters shares her joy in seeing dogs in the park during the pandemic and Tai Campbell shares his experience as a newfound E-Board rider. Then Jen hits upon the real question. Do dogs have knees? Lloydie James Lloyd looks it up, but Tai doesn’t want to because of what the Google algorithm might think of him. Then the gang plays a game of News Conference! This episode features: Tai Campbell @DTRSComedy Juwel Haque Liz Peters @improvliz Jennifer Rowe Lloydie James Lloyd Follow the Maydays on all social media for more improv classes, shows and conversation. @maydaysimprov
May 17, 2021
Property and Pets in the Pandemic
This week, when The Maydays hang out, Rhiannon Vivian discusses trying to move house during the Coronavirus pandemic, inspiring a longing for the countryside from Katy Schutte and Vera Chok. Lloydie discusses the perpetually cycling housing in Nottingham, and life with his new cat, Yoda. Meanwhile, Jonathan Nguyen shares his experience of living with animals in and out of the house in Norwich. Then, Edmund Fargher introduces a game of Story-Meld, which does not go as planned… Find out more about this episode's guests here: Katy Schutte @katyschutte Jonathan Nguyen Wretched Hive Comedy - The Improv Place - Rhiannon Vivian @rhiannonvv Vera Chok @verachok Lloydie James Lloyd Improv Chronicle -  Edmund Fargher @edmundfargher Follow the Maydays on all social media for more improv classes, shows and conversation. @maydaysimprov
May 2, 2021
Want to hang out with The Maydays? Join us on Monday 3rd May 2021
April 25, 2021