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the REAL Warriors

the REAL Warriors

By MCHS Counselors
This is the McHenry High School podcast of several counselors having an honest talk demystifying high school and beyond. A resource for what might be confusing about high school - everything from relationships to discussing mental health, dealing with everyday issues, and anything school related. Find out what happens when students are provided guidance and we get REAL.

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Collaboration, teamwork, & joint action are all synonyms for our cooperative podcast this month. Our freshman counselors with the help of the sophomore counselors dive into our own interpretations of cooperation through the counseling and student lense. Music credits: People Everyday - Arrested Dev. Instrumental, Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
October 18, 2021
High Expectations
Expecting the world of our podcast. High expectations for students. Listen in with our freshman counselors as they dissect the topic of high expectations and how it applies to them and potentially students; navigating pitfalls and challenges in life. Music credits: Logic - Instrumental, Griz - Can't Get Enough
September 24, 2021