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Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

By Ryan Singer
Stand up comedian Ryan Singer interviews people with paranormal abilities and experiences outside the ordinary. The show explores the lives of investigators, clairvoyants, UFO experiencers, cryptozoologists, and members of secret societies in an attempt to better understand the paranormal experiences of Ryan's past and present. It's more fun to believe.
Twitter/Insta: @RySing @MeParanormalYou
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Experience 348 - Mana Aelin Returns, The Faery & Finding Footing In Between

Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

Experience 348 - Mana Aelin Returns, The Faery & Finding Footing In Between

Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

Experience 350 - Tim Irey Returns, Disorder & Chaos Feeding the Spirits
Tim Irey of Big Country Paranormal joins me to discuss a recent investigation and some of the things to keep an eye out for in the spaces. Does clutter and chaos feed the darker energies that may inhabit a space? We chat about prep and going into places and getting surprised by what we find and how sometimes its the living who we can give us the biggest clues.  Thanks to the patrons! Waiting List for @CrystalEyesApp is still here!
May 7, 2021
UFOs Over UAPs All Day - 3rd Ear Bonus 241
I'm back on my b.s. about UFOs vs UAPs again and this time I try to explain with some reasoning behind why language and source matter. Hope you're doing well and THANK YOU for your support of the CrystalEyes Kickstarter as we surpassed our goal and can't wait to start beta testing VERY soon. Thanks to the patrons! @rysing on IG & Twitter
April 30, 2021
Experience 349 - Eric Conner of Epic Paranormal, Solo Investigations & Old Nick
Eric Conner (@epic_paranormal_tv) joins me for a really fun chat about his journey into becoming a paranormal investigator after we randomly met a really cool haunted location by chance recently. He not only lays out his story but also shows a ton of great evidence he's collected over the years. Don't worry, this video is available for all to see on my youtube channel at 12 noon EDT - if you want to watch it. Follow Eric on Youtube at Epic Paranormal TV He just did a live investigation on his youtube of Bobby Mackey's last night! Can't wait to do another chat soon and get out there with him sometime, as well. Give him a follow and watch him and his team capture some amazing stuff with custom-made equipment.  Kickstarter is funded! 3 days left to get awesome rewards - thank you!!!!!!!!! 
April 23, 2021
Experience 348 - Mana Aelin Returns, The Faery & Finding Footing In Between
Mana Aelin (@mothmanatarot), host of the wonderful podcast The Real Witches of the End Times, joins me for a great chat about her journey through all things woo and how it can be difficult to find one's footing when traveling through the in between spaces. Waking up with an entity that may or may not require something(s) in return can be startling and test the limits of our sanity and Mana discusses it all in a great and candid chat. Don't forget to catch the first interview did (Exp 166) if you want to hear her journey unfold.  Thanks to the patrons and to the backers of the Kickstarter! @RySing & @crystaleyesapp
April 16, 2021
CrystalEyes & A Chupacabra Is Loose - 3rd Ear Bonus 240
Jerry and Darlene have their hands full with a Chupacabra getting into trouble in the back of the house it seems like and I talk about CrystalEyes and the Kickstarter campaign. Also, been asked to join up on a research team that will test the limits of my recovery from the Florida trip almost 2 full years ago - wow...time flies.  Love you and hope you're well! @RySing @crystaleyesapp
March 31, 2021
Life Was Built on the Backs of Ghosts - 3rd Ear Bonus 239
The title tells us all we need to know, the past is the present is the future. All of life was built by what came before and what still remains all around us from those days, those times, those people. Nothing if not everything is the remnant or living visual of the ghosts of yesterday. Thank you and stay safe and love yourself, Ryan
March 16, 2021
Experience 347 - Andye Murphy, Shamanic Journey of a Psychic Child & A Galactic Battle
The wonderful and thoughtful Andye Murphy (@rocknrollshaman) joins me for a great conversation that spans her journey into shamanic practice from the time of her psychic childhood until the present day. We cover a lot of ground and get into some deep ideas that surround what it means to even be on the journey and why all of us have to go through so many damn initiations over and over again. Enjoy this wonderful chat and listen to her podcast Cosmic Mama Podcast! Thank you, patrons! Love you and your continued support! Join the Waiting List for @CrystalEyesApp @rysing on IG & Twitter @ryansinger on Clubhouse
March 12, 2021
Experience 346 - Dan Lindholm, Bigfoot in Colorado, Oregon & Telepathic Talks
The wonderful Dan Lindholm (Big Truth on Youtube) joins me to discuss his participation in the investigation that is ongoing in Colorado with Greg and Mama Sue. Dan breaks down the events they experienced from his perspective now that Greg has laid out the framework of the larger narrative. Always a fun and enjoyable time chatting with Dan and don't forget to check out his Youtube channel that has some incredible footage from the field and the woods. Don't forget to sign up for @CrystalEyesapp waiting list today! We will be releasing soon and get your free stuff now! @rysing on IG and Twitter @meandparanormalyou on IG thank you, Patrons! 
March 5, 2021
Birth & Death of Ego - 3rd Ear Bonus 238
Did the birth of the Ego lead to our mortality? Does the death of our Ego or Ego-death lead us back to immortality? I mean, I figured it all out, right? Not even close. Thanks for listening and don't forget to sign up for my crystal identification app @CrystalEyesApp's waiting list to get some free Premium Access. We are launching pretty soon after nearly two years of work! @RySing on IG & Twitter - thank you, Patrons! Much love! 
March 2, 2021
Experience 345 - Jim Perry & Daniel Noah, Brain As a Trustworthy Instrument & The Failed Experiment of Humanity
Jim Perry (Host of Euphomet) and Daniel Noah (Spectrevision) join me for the first Triangle Table Talk and we get into some deep, heavy and fascinating topics. Join us as we delve into what our brains do to us and how that affects what is real, whether or not we have collectively failed as a species and how humor helps us handle the esoteric. I is a wild ride!  Thanks to the patrons! check out the pics and video of the Exorcist House on the patreon page sent over by former guest Shane Thomas. Sign up for the @crystaleyesapp waiting list to get the app as soon as it is available and get free premium features! 
February 26, 2021
Experience 344 - Andrea Land, Earth as an Ark, Gridwork & the Demon in the House
The wonderful Andrea Land joins me for a wonderful conversation about working with grids and if the Earth and Ark for all kinds of beings, ourselves included. We also get into a story about how a demon was in the house and what it means to be doing gridwork to try and bring about a better tomorrow. You'll love it and her! Book a reading with her by following her instagram: Thank you, patrons! Hope you're well and hang in there, everyone! Much love - Ryan @rysing @crystaleyesapp
February 19, 2021
Paranormal Residuals - 3rd Ear Bonus 237
A trip to the gorgeous Sedona, Arizona, brings back some feeling and memories for me from my Florida trip. Were there things in my mind or was there something happening? At least one thing was not only experienced by me as my partner validated it in our cabin. I describe it all here and tell what it is like to have the carnival re-open in the mind when trying to sleep and Paranormal Walken introduces himself.  Thanks, patrons! @rysing & @crystaleyesapp & @meandparanormalyou on IG join the waiting list today! 
February 17, 2021
Experience 343 - Winslow Dumaine, Creator of The Tarot Restless, Illustrator & Comedian
Winslow Dumaine joins me to discuss the fundraising campaign for the incredible and damn gorgeous tarot deck The Tarot Restless. All the stretch goals have already been met, so get in there and get all the great stuff you can by contributing this beautiful creation in its 3rd Edition. Winslow and I discuss the creation process and what it means to keep pushing while we try to become who we are by simply doing whatever weird thing we do. I think you'll enjoy the candid chat and you can check the Kickstarter here: Be one of the 1st 23 people to follow, like, and DM @Psyckd on Instagram and you can get the discount on buying the game! Offer valid until 3/13! Thanks to the patrons and everyone who listens! Much love to you and hang in there - Ryan @RySing @crystaleyesapp
February 12, 2021
Abductee vs Contactee - 3rd Ear Bonus 236
Let's discuss the difference between an Abductee and a Contactee, something I have not spent very much time thinking about before now. I read some excerpts (Warning: some are graphic) from the book: Fomerly Top Secret: Air Force Reports of Encounters Between Our Jets and Extraterrestrial Vehicles by Stephen Bernath.  Check out Winslow Dumaine's Tarot Restless here: - IT is RAD!!!!  Thanks to the patrons! Much love to you!!! @RySing @crystaleyesapp
February 9, 2021
Death, Immortality & Reincarnation Etc Etc Etc - 3rd Ear Bonus 235
Let's dig into the idea of what death is and why are we so convinced that we actually die. It is an interesting thing to think about how observation changes the behavior of the thing being observed and what that means for us and our self-awareness. Is death a result of our being aware of it? Maybe immortality is just not knowing death is real...join me as I'm "on one" as I say. Thanks to the patrons! @rysing @crystaleyesapp 
February 5, 2021
Experience 342 - Jim Perry, Creation of Realities & What Paranormal Truth Means
The wonderful, incomparable Jim Perry, Host of Euphomet & Nite Drift joins me for a wonderful chat about all things paranormal. We get into what it means to be creators and storytellers and how these skills shape the reality of the future for all of us. Thanks for being with me on this great 7 year-plus journey and can't wait to go 7 more.  Thanks to patrons - Sign up for the waiting list @rysing on Twitter & Instagram @crystaleyesapp on Twitter & Instagram
February 2, 2021
Experience 341 - Tom Paladino, Scalar Energy, Tesla & The New Rules
Scalar energy researcher Tom Paladino joins me to discuss what Scalar Energy is and why we should embrace it. Anytime Tesla's name comes up, you know that I'm going to be excited and this is no different. Hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did and you can find out more information about Tom at his website ---> Thanks to the patrons and to all the listeners for a great 7 years! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter @CrystalEyesApp on Instagram & Twitter - join the waiting list today for early access & free giveaways!
January 29, 2021
Experience 340 - Becky Satathite Returns! Vox, Pole Shifts & the Simulation
Becky returns to carry on from our first chat from 2019 and tells me about the Pole Shifts, Vox the squid in her brain and how the rules of the simulation are that there really aren't any rules. A fun chat I think you'll enjoy and Becky has given listeners a code for a 10% discount on Tarot readings! Follow her on Instagram at @Zephyr1369 PARANORMAL *Valid thru 8/24/21 Thanks to the patrons! - $1 or $3 a month you can support the mindcast :) Sign up for the Waiting List for my new forthcoming app CrystalEyes at
January 26, 2021
Reality Crumbles & Why Did We Create God? - 3rd Ear Bonus 234
I talk about how I used to believe in a reality that was in no shape or form ever coming about and how I understand why it is easy for us to end up there. Let's discuss what god is and why we invented the concept of forever. Thanks to the patrons and for those signing up on the waiting list for CrystalEyes! Take care of yourself and be kind, love you - Ryan
January 22, 2021
Mystery's Role In Reality Building - 3rd Ear Bonus 233
What is the difference between our reality and our decision-making process in creating value or definition to things when we know them and when they are mysterious? Let's dive into what Manly P Hall says about the mystery of the world and ourselves when it comes to building our realities. Hope you are well and that you are finding time to nurture the things that bring you joy. Thanks to the patrons!  Video link for full talk from Manly P Hall --> @Rysing @Crystaleyesapp
January 19, 2021
Experience 339 - Jessica & Oscar Return! Interview with an Alien 2
Jessica returns to the show to pick up our conversation (Experience 320) and Oscar jumps back into to add his input to our discussion. What a great and fun chat to have and know you'll really enjoy it. Follow Jessica on Insta @zen.lasagna
January 15, 2021