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Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

By Ryan Singer
Stand up comedian Ryan Singer interviews people with paranormal abilities and experiences outside the ordinary. The show explores the lives of investigators, clairvoyants, UFO experiencers, cryptozoologists, and members of secret societies in an attempt to better understand the paranormal experiences of Ryan's past and present. It's more fun to believe.
Twitter/Insta: @RySing @MeParanormalYou
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Birth & Death of Ego - 3rd Ear Bonus 238
Did the birth of the Ego lead to our mortality? Does the death of our Ego or Ego-death lead us back to immortality? I mean, I figured it all out, right? Not even close. Thanks for listening and don't forget to sign up for my crystal identification app @CrystalEyesApp's waiting list to get some free Premium Access. We are launching pretty soon after nearly two years of work! @RySing on IG & Twitter - thank you, Patrons! Much love! 
March 2, 2021
Experience 345 - Jim Perry & Daniel Noah, Brain As a Trustworthy Instrument & The Failed Experiment of Humanity
Jim Perry (Host of Euphomet) and Daniel Noah (Spectrevision) join me for the first Triangle Table Talk and we get into some deep, heavy and fascinating topics. Join us as we delve into what our brains do to us and how that affects what is real, whether or not we have collectively failed as a species and how humor helps us handle the esoteric. I is a wild ride!  Thanks to the patrons! check out the pics and video of the Exorcist House on the patreon page sent over by former guest Shane Thomas. Sign up for the @crystaleyesapp waiting list to get the app as soon as it is available and get free premium features! 
February 26, 2021
Experience 344 - Andrea Land, Earth as an Ark, Gridwork & the Demon in the House
The wonderful Andrea Land joins me for a wonderful conversation about working with grids and if the Earth and Ark for all kinds of beings, ourselves included. We also get into a story about how a demon was in the house and what it means to be doing gridwork to try and bring about a better tomorrow. You'll love it and her! Book a reading with her by following her instagram: Thank you, patrons! Hope you're well and hang in there, everyone! Much love - Ryan @rysing @crystaleyesapp
February 19, 2021
Paranormal Residuals - 3rd Ear Bonus 237
A trip to the gorgeous Sedona, Arizona, brings back some feeling and memories for me from my Florida trip. Were there things in my mind or was there something happening? At least one thing was not only experienced by me as my partner validated it in our cabin. I describe it all here and tell what it is like to have the carnival re-open in the mind when trying to sleep and Paranormal Walken introduces himself.  Thanks, patrons! @rysing & @crystaleyesapp & @meandparanormalyou on IG join the waiting list today! 
February 17, 2021
Experience 343 - Winslow Dumaine, Creator of The Tarot Restless, Illustrator & Comedian
Winslow Dumaine joins me to discuss the fundraising campaign for the incredible and damn gorgeous tarot deck The Tarot Restless. All the stretch goals have already been met, so get in there and get all the great stuff you can by contributing this beautiful creation in its 3rd Edition. Winslow and I discuss the creation process and what it means to keep pushing while we try to become who we are by simply doing whatever weird thing we do. I think you'll enjoy the candid chat and you can check the Kickstarter here: Be one of the 1st 23 people to follow, like, and DM @Psyckd on Instagram and you can get the discount on buying the game! Offer valid until 3/13! Thanks to the patrons and everyone who listens! Much love to you and hang in there - Ryan @RySing @crystaleyesapp
February 12, 2021
Abductee vs Contactee - 3rd Ear Bonus 236
Let's discuss the difference between an Abductee and a Contactee, something I have not spent very much time thinking about before now. I read some excerpts (Warning: some are graphic) from the book: Fomerly Top Secret: Air Force Reports of Encounters Between Our Jets and Extraterrestrial Vehicles by Stephen Bernath.  Check out Winslow Dumaine's Tarot Restless here: - IT is RAD!!!!  Thanks to the patrons! Much love to you!!! @RySing @crystaleyesapp
February 9, 2021
Death, Immortality & Reincarnation Etc Etc Etc - 3rd Ear Bonus 235
Let's dig into the idea of what death is and why are we so convinced that we actually die. It is an interesting thing to think about how observation changes the behavior of the thing being observed and what that means for us and our self-awareness. Is death a result of our being aware of it? Maybe immortality is just not knowing death is real...join me as I'm "on one" as I say. Thanks to the patrons! @rysing @crystaleyesapp 
February 5, 2021
Experience 342 - Jim Perry, Creation of Realities & What Paranormal Truth Means
The wonderful, incomparable Jim Perry, Host of Euphomet & Nite Drift joins me for a wonderful chat about all things paranormal. We get into what it means to be creators and storytellers and how these skills shape the reality of the future for all of us. Thanks for being with me on this great 7 year-plus journey and can't wait to go 7 more.  Thanks to patrons - Sign up for the waiting list @rysing on Twitter & Instagram @crystaleyesapp on Twitter & Instagram
February 2, 2021
Experience 341 - Tom Paladino, Scalar Energy, Tesla & The New Rules
Scalar energy researcher Tom Paladino joins me to discuss what Scalar Energy is and why we should embrace it. Anytime Tesla's name comes up, you know that I'm going to be excited and this is no different. Hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did and you can find out more information about Tom at his website ---> Thanks to the patrons and to all the listeners for a great 7 years! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter @CrystalEyesApp on Instagram & Twitter - join the waiting list today for early access & free giveaways!
January 29, 2021
Experience 340 - Becky Satathite Returns! Vox, Pole Shifts & the Simulation
Becky returns to carry on from our first chat from 2019 and tells me about the Pole Shifts, Vox the squid in her brain and how the rules of the simulation are that there really aren't any rules. A fun chat I think you'll enjoy and Becky has given listeners a code for a 10% discount on Tarot readings! Follow her on Instagram at @Zephyr1369 PARANORMAL *Valid thru 8/24/21 Thanks to the patrons! - $1 or $3 a month you can support the mindcast :) Sign up for the Waiting List for my new forthcoming app CrystalEyes at
January 26, 2021
Reality Crumbles & Why Did We Create God? - 3rd Ear Bonus 234
I talk about how I used to believe in a reality that was in no shape or form ever coming about and how I understand why it is easy for us to end up there. Let's discuss what god is and why we invented the concept of forever. Thanks to the patrons and for those signing up on the waiting list for CrystalEyes! Take care of yourself and be kind, love you - Ryan
January 22, 2021
Mystery's Role In Reality Building - 3rd Ear Bonus 233
What is the difference between our reality and our decision-making process in creating value or definition to things when we know them and when they are mysterious? Let's dive into what Manly P Hall says about the mystery of the world and ourselves when it comes to building our realities. Hope you are well and that you are finding time to nurture the things that bring you joy. Thanks to the patrons!  Video link for full talk from Manly P Hall --> @Rysing @Crystaleyesapp
January 19, 2021
Experience 339 - Jessica & Oscar Return! Interview with an Alien 2
Jessica returns to the show to pick up our conversation (Experience 320) and Oscar jumps back into to add his input to our discussion. What a great and fun chat to have and know you'll really enjoy it. Follow Jessica on Insta @zen.lasagna
January 15, 2021
Baggage of Belief - 3rd Ear Bonus 232
We revisit the EVP again from a previous episode and discuss what it means to have baggage in our beliefs. Can we decide to have an open-mind in the moment or does it need to be done in advance? Thanks for listening and hope that your year is off to a great start - please join the waiting list for CrystalEyes App download if you haven't already! thank you patrons!
January 12, 2021
Experience 338 - Daniel Noah Guest Hosts & Interviews Me About My Origins
Producer, Writer and Director Daniel Noah returns to the show to turn the tables on me! He takes over the show and interviews me about where my desire to seek out and learn about the unknown comes from. We planned on chatting for about an hour and we made ourselves stop before we got to two full hours, so I hope you enjoy this jam-packed conversation about all things mystical, paranormal and comedic.  You can listen to Visitations the podcast with Daniel and his co-host Elijah Wood wherever you get your podcasts or just click this link --> Join the waiting list today for Early Access & Free Gifts for @CrystalEyes !!! Thank you to the patrons! Your support has been inspiring and has enormously helped me out these last few years - much love to you
January 8, 2021
Experience 337 - Ken Allen, Exorcisms & Living With a Djinn
Ken Allen joins me to discuss his exorcism work and what life has been like living with a Djinn. This is a really fun chat and very illuminating about the details of having a Djinn with him since his birth and after he became aware of his presence. We get into some subject that I absolutely love and it is fascinating to hear Ken's perspective and experience in this intriguing areas. Don't forget to sign up for the CrystalEyes Waiting List! And thanks to the patrons!
January 5, 2021
EVP From Exp 336 & Fluidity In Beliefs - 3rd Ear Bonus 231
Listeners messaged about an EVP being recording during Exp 336 with "Oscar/Mario Creston" as we were discussing his contact with Oscar the alien/entitiy/ET. I've included it here for you and slowed it down for you to listen to and decide if you think Oscar was coming through during our chat. Pretty cool stuff and thank you to the listeners for alerting me to it. I get into why and how my belief in certain paranormal things change and how being able to adapt is important to me. Hope you have a Happy New Year and that you are doing well. @crystaleyesapp @rysing
January 2, 2021
Exp 336 - Oscar Creston Returns, Conversations w/the "Other Oscar," Spiritual & Metaphysical Games
Oscar Creston returns to discuss his work with the entity known as "Oscar" from a previous interview with Jessica, who channels the entity by that name. Oscar has engaged into therapy sessions with Jessica and Oscar and tells me all about the journey, the synchronicities & much more that are unfolding in his life. A great chat with a really fun and loving guy, hope you're doing well out there!  Thanks to the patrons! join the Waiting List for CrystalEyes
December 29, 2020
Benevolent or Malevolent Aliens? - 3rd Ear Bonus 230
Let's talk about aliens! I share my continued beliefs about the nature of ET lifeforms and what it means for human future. Thanks to the patrons for your continued support and hope you're hanging in out there.
December 23, 2020
Experience 335 - Jennifer Sodini, ET/UFO/UAP Sightings, Visiting the Pyramids & Sleep Paralysis
The creator of Jennifer Sodini joins me for a wonderful discussion of her sightings, trip to the Pyramids and what it all means moving forward as a conscious experiencer. Jennifer has been deeply involved in esoteric study and the world of consciousness and spirituality for years and brings her one-of-a-kind insight for an exquisite chat about what it means when we seek or don't seek experiences. We also talk about her sleep paralysis experience that correlates to a UFO/UAP sighting and where we all go from here. Check out her podcast, her new weekly journal Everyday Amenti and other works by visiting the links below: - Podcast - Instagram - interview with Stuart Davis on Artists & Aliens - website You can join the mailing list for @Crystaleyesapp now! Get free stuff!
December 18, 2020
Experience 334 - Greg Feinman & Mama Sue Part 3, UBD's, Missing Person Search, Bigfoot & Alien Abduction
Greg and Mama Sue join me for Part 3 of our ongoing conversation covering so much paranormal ground. If you haven't listened to Parts 1 & 2, you may be lost here, so go back and listen to those first to get caught up to speed. Hope you are enjoying this unfold as much as I am and there will be more to come soon! Follow the Youtube for UORInvestigations: Thanks to the patrons and hope you're enjoying the videos of interviews and other bonus content! I'm working to get Greg to send me some photos of the investigation, so fingers crossed I can share that with you over there.  @RySing @meparanormalyou @crystaleyesapp
December 15, 2020
Experience 333 - Dash Kwiatkowski, Liminality & Occupying the In-Between
The truly amazing and hilarious Dash Kwiatkowski joins me to talk about what it means to live in the the liminal space and that affect on experiencing and interpreting the paranormal. We get into their love of Hellier, their journey through crystals and so much more. You're going to love them so much and I'm really glad to bring them to you. You can follow Dash on Twitter: @DashKwiatkowski and check out their series/show on Youtube: Thank you to the patrons who can watch this interview over at Follow me on Insta and Twitter: @rysing & @meandparanormalyou My new project can be followed at: @crystaleyesapp on all Social Media
December 11, 2020
Galactic Federation & Monoliths - 3rd Ear Bonus 229
Let's discuss the news that came out today about the Galactic Federation and whether or not we should take any of it seriously. Also, strange monoliths are appearing in random parts of the world and some god-fearing, camo-wearing do-gooders get real scared about it. Let's discuss the connectivity of all things paranormal some more.  Thanks to patrons! - Video of this 3rd Ear available on patreon page.  @crystaleyesapp @rysing
December 9, 2020
Experience 332 - Noah Lampert & The Illusions of Making Money (Part 1)
Noah Lampert is back for another swapcast! We are doing Part 1 here and Part is available shortly after on his podcast Synchroncity! Find it here --> Hope you're doing well and enjoy our chat about all things spanning our lives right now and don't forget to give him a follow on social and his podcast. I'll be (as of this moment) at Wiley's Comedy Club 12/18 & 12/19 for 1 show each night with very limited seating. Come see me live if you are comfortable with the social distancing standards, etc. Thanks for your continued listenership and support via patreon!  Follow @crystaleyesapp as we get so close to our launch date! 
December 4, 2020
We Are The Paranormal - 3rd Ear Bonus 228
Have you thought about what you're thinking lately? Is it even possible to really do so? Why are so many paranormal phenomena happening alongside each other in recent reports and what does it mean for the big picture of the research world. I am really on one tonight as I try to get a grasp on what I think about the connectivity of all the reports and what our role in all of it means. I mean, if we are all connected, then it is just as likely that we are the paranormal as anything or anyone else.  Thank you to the patrons!
December 1, 2020
Experience 331 - Greg Feinman & Mama Sue, Part 2 of UBD's, The Greys & A Missing Spirit
Greg Feinman joins me with psychic Mama Sue as they tell me more about the unfolding investigation on a cattle ranch out West. We dive deeper into what is happening and how the events are leading up to quite large possibilities and discoveries about the nature of reality. More conversations are coming in the near future as this continues to unfold and some of the revelations are very impactful as we follow along in very near-time with them as they search for answers and clues.  Find Greg at: Thanks for listening and patrons can sign up to support the mindcast monthly at:
November 24, 2020
Experience 330 - Greg Feinman, UBD's (Unusual Bovine Deaths) & The Investigation of His Life
Retired police officer and medic, Greg Feinman of UOR Investigations joins me to talk about his immersion in what has become the investigation of his lifetime. Always interested in the unusual occurrences of cattle mutilations during his time on the force, upon retirement he has gone all-in on trying to uncover the truth of these strange events. What he has found, with the help of a psychic, has blown his mind and the truth may blow yours, as well. This is the first part of an on-going interview series we are conducting detailing the origins and up-to-date findings of his current investigation. He's decided to lay it all out on the table and tell us everything. A fascinating start to what is already a remarkable conversation.  Find Greg at: Thanks for listening and patrons can sign up to support the mindcast monthly at:
November 20, 2020
Experience 329 - Abigail Moss, Ayuahuasca, Teaching & Healing
The wondeful Abigail Moss, teacher, healer and host of the Mind Body Free Podcast joins me to chat about her journey into healing and the awakening she underwent to get to where she is now. A very insightful chat about what it means for a person to try and integrate the new awareness of self and of the world after waking up to the higher self. What if consciousness becomes the new gravity? These are some of the things we chat about! Follow her and her podcast here: Thanks to the patrons! Hope you are well and staying safe! 
November 17, 2020
Experience 328 - Chris Fairbanks, Painting the Paranormal & Believing What We Don't Believe
Chris Fairbanks joins me for a really fun conversation about his first experiences with the things he didn't think he believed were real. We go back to his days as a young comedian in Austin, Texas and end up with the strangeness that occurs at his current home in Los Angeles. Can we ever believe what we don't believe? We discuss what it is like to try and figure out the unknown on the fly and many other things along the way.  Check out Chris' stand-up special "Rescue Cactus" available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime. You can listen to Chris' podcast each week, "Do You Need A Ride" that is available everywhere podcasts are heard. Give him a follow on social:
November 13, 2020
Experience 327 - Dan Lindholm, Purgatory - An Investigation of Cattle Mutilations & A Psychic's Clues to a Missing Woman
Wow. Buckle up for this amazing conversation with my buddy Dan Lindholm as he walks me through some details of a current paranormal investigation he has become a part of recently. We have an emotional and fascinating chat about the events that are unfolding that are incredible and smash all ideas of what is possible. Check out Dan's channel on Youtube to watch the doc he's put up: thanks to the patrons! Your support is greatly appreciated!
November 6, 2020
Experience 326 - Mark Barone, Election Day & The Roles of Healthy Masculinity In Our Lives
My buddy and one of my therapists, Mark Barone joins me for a great chat about distinguishing between the healthy and the toxic masculinity in our lives and how it plays out in the world around us. A great chat about identifying the external stresses of the world and the internal anxiety we feel otherwise. Hope you enjoy the chat and are well today. Thank you patrons!
November 3, 2020
Un-Disclosure & Reasons To Keep Paranormal Mariginalized - 3rd Ear Bonus 227
Let's dig into what we don't know and why that is important in disclosure. Also, more from George P. Hansen's book The Trickster & The Paranormal on how and why the mainstream will try to keep the paranormal in the margins. I try to do 50 different voices in this episode and let's see if I made it. Thanks to the patrons! See you at a show sometime in the future! 12/18 - 12/19 at Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, OH
October 30, 2020
Experience 325 - Cid Gardner, The Strange & Superstitious Road
My buddy Cid Gardner joins me to tell me about his journeys on the open road and the tales, superstitions, and stories that professional drivers know. We discuss Cid's journey to trying to find the spot to "listen" to the universe. We have a great time sharing our experiences chasing down that long, white line. Follow Cid on Instagram: @cid_hereand_there Thank you to the patrons!
October 27, 2020
Experience 324 - Mike Fedotowsky, The Physics of the Paranormal
Mike Fedotowsky joins me to discuss his journey as a young paranormal experimenter and student of Nuclear Physics. He tells me about different theories he has that could possibly use Physics to explain some if not most paranormal phenomena. We recently met while I am back in Ohio through my family and we've had so many great chats in the short time we've known each other, I know you're going to enjoy this. Don't forget, Patrons can watch the video of the interview!
October 13, 2020
Experience 323 - Alfie & Stoneflower, The Alien Amongst Him
Alfie joins me to discuss his deeply personal journey into discovering Stoneflower. We travel though his story as an adopted child, suicide attempts, and the discovery of the alien named Stoneflower that is a large part of his life. In what will be the first of coming conversations, Alfie opens up in a deeply vulnerable way to discuss what his life has been like in accepting and/or discovering that he is not alone. You can reach out to Alfie at: and follow his tiny letter at: Unfortunately the power went out where I was recording so the ending is a bit abrupt, but it seems to work out. Hope you enjoy!  Thanks to the patrons!
October 6, 2020
Egregores - 3rd Ear Bonus 226
Let's talk about Egregores and Thoughtforms. I also get into what kind of child-athlete I was after watching my niece play soccer this past weekend. There's a lot to consider in the world Egregores and their tie-ins to many other types of paranormal phenomena. It is fun to think about how our thoughts can create entities and even gods.  Thanks to the patrons! I'll be live-streaming every Wednesday starting 10/7 at 930pm!
September 29, 2020
UAP vs UFO & Why Disclosure Now? - 3rd Ear Bonus 225
Is there a reason why UAP was introduced as an alternative to UFO? Why is Disclosure starting to happen now? Is there a connection between UFO sightings and major cultural change? We discuss this and more on today's episode. Here's link to website I mentioned for UFO reports: Thank you to the patrons! Support the mindcast here:
September 22, 2020