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MediQuant’s Healthcare Legacy Data Management Podcast

MediQuant’s Healthcare Legacy Data Management Podcast

By MediQuant
The latest in healthcare data management and news from the pioneers in data legacy management
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Exploring Legacy Data with Duane Campbell, Director of Product Management & Jason Theunissen, Clinical Strategic Consultant at MediQuant

MediQuant’s Healthcare Legacy Data Management Podcast

Partner Perspective: Health Systems Need Single Source of Truth to Combat Application Rationalization Struggles
MediQuant's Vice President of Solution Delivery, Dr. Shelly Disser, sits down with healthsystemCIO's Anthony Guerra to talk about how health systems can more easily operationalize application rationalization with improved system inventory methods.
July 07, 2021
M&A and COVID-Induced Buying Leave Health Systems Struggling with Application Rationalization
MediQuant's Dr. Shelly Disser, VP of Solution Delivery talked with healthsystemCIO’s Anthony Guerra about how organizations are working to rationalize their application portfolios, why battling COVID made those projects more difficult, and some best practices on how to manage the issue today.
June 24, 2021
Dr. Shelly Disser, Vice President of Solution Delivery & Daniel Moreau, Lead Software Engineer & Tools Developer at MediQuant
In this episode Dr. Shelly Disser and Daniel Moreau from MediQuant join us to discuss tools that make system inventories less manual/time consuming and how they may be used to operationalize application rationalization.
June 14, 2021
Partner Perspective: New Information Sharing Regulations are Heavy Lift for M&A-Fueled Health Systems
healthsystemCIO Founder & Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra talks with Dr. Kel Pults, Chief Clinical Officer with MediQuant, about the new information sharing requirements for health systems, the high level of M&A activity among those health systems, and how this dynamic has created big challenges for IT professionals.
May 18, 2021
Unpacking Data Types and Your Options for Storage
Three MediQuant leaders join us in this episode, Dr. Kel Pults, Chief Clinical Officer; Antonio Harris, Technical Interface Program Lead; and Alex Van Schoyck, Data Management Services Engineer Lead. Listen to hear about the challenges of managing a growing data surplus and some best practices for data archiving to reduce the complexity.
April 28, 2021
Application Inventory and Planning
In this episode, MediQuant’s Chief Clinical Officer, Kel Pults, and Jason Theunissen, MediQuant’s Clinical Strategic Consultant, share their insight to the foundational and fundamental work that fuels application inventory and planning. In addition, they share advice on how to better leverage Enterprise Data Strategy to manage the IT environment in 2021.
February 26, 2021
Exploring Legacy Data with Duane Campbell, Director of Product Management & Jason Theunissen, Clinical Strategic Consultant at MediQuant
In this podcast we are joined by two MediQuant leaders, Duane Campbell and Jason Theunissen. Duane and Jason offer key thoughts on legacy data.
February 26, 2021
Patient matching + EMPI technology with Dr. Kel Pults & Letha Stewart of MediQuant
Dr. Kel Pults and Letha Stewart of MediQuant discuss the importance of Enterprise Master Patient Identifiers (eMPIs) and how patient matching technology supports more informed patient care. Original podcast featured in Becker's Healthcare Podcast on September 16, 2020.
January 12, 2021