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Events Together Podcast

Events Together Podcast

By Meena Chander
Events Together Podcast Host, Meena Chander talks to various guests, business owners and skilled people about the Events Industry and pushing forward with creative ideas. The events industry is one of the most exciting and vibrant places to be. That's why we catapult our full passion into imaginative leaps and throw our dynamism into creative bounds.

You’ll find our ideas contagious and because there’s no second chance to make your first impression, we always deliver your vision. ​

So stay tuned in on this podcasts, for creative and exciting chats.
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Attracting Customers Back After Lockdown

Events Together Podcast

How Technology is Revolutionising the Events Space
Tune in to today's episode of the Events Together Podcast where Meena chats with CEO of Reattendance, Hugh Edwards. Meena and Hugh both know the challenges that the events industry has faced during the coronavirus pandemic and both managed to make a success out of virtual events! Listen in to find out how: 1. Since going virtual, the ROI has been better. 2. How hybrid events may be the future... & 3. Technology and the way it has changed the virtual space for events!
January 19, 2021
Recruitment in the Events Industry
Meena Chander and Lils Collingwood talk all things events, challenges and skills in this episode of the Events Together Podcast! Lils is running the ship for Albany Appointments but is also a beekeeper! These two also talk about: 1. How event managers have upskilled. 2. Challenges faced by employers during the pandemic. 3. How to stay in the loop with industry news. Listen in to hear other topics Meena covers with Lils!
January 19, 2021
Women in Exhibitions Network
Meena Chander speaks with Oana Cipca, founder of the Women in Exhibitions Network in this episode of the Events Together Podcast. They go over why this network was set up due to Oana finding that there were very few women in senior positions within the exhibitions industry. Oana also tells Meena when she was first faced with this scenario. What can be done to encourage women to pursue a career in exhibitions?  1. Supporting educational programmes for those in school choosing to go down this path. 2. Mentoring schemes and learning from the best. Tune in to hear more about this topic or email: to discuss further.
January 19, 2021
How To Use Social Media for your Event Promotion
Host, Meena Chander chats with Jonathan Bird, founder of Delivered Social, a digital marketing agency based in Surrey. Meena and Jonathan go over: The best channels to be promoting your event on dependant on your target audience. What makes a great post on social media, visually and content-wise. And... Hashtags! Tune in to hear the full podcast!
January 19, 2021
From Live to Virtual Events!
In this episode of the Events Together Podcast, host Meena Chander speaks with guest Robert Evans about the changes within the events industry through the coronavirus pandemic. Both Meena and Robert have been through the transition of making physical events virtual and still made them a great success! They go over the challenges faced but also the pros of hosting virtual events and how they have had to adapt to current circumstances. Tune in to hear the full podcast! If you are need of some help with planning a virtual event, please email: 
January 19, 2021
Attracting Customers Back After Lockdown
Meena Chander chats with Ryan Doyle in this episode of the Events Together Podcast! Ryan is the Group Director of Park Regis Birmingham and Staywell Hospitality.  These two go over how they have had to change and adapt through a hectic 2020 and how to attract customers back after multiple lockdowns during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Tune in to hear the full episode!
January 19, 2021
The Importance of PR for an Event
(Photo Description: Meena Chander podcast poster with a microphone in background.) Have a listen to this episode of the Events Together Podcast, where Meena Chander speaks with Hannah Hatfield, MD of PR company Make More Noise. Meena and Hannah go through the various reasons why it is so important to be seen and heard, especially when you are trying to engage people with an event. PR is vital to success in establishing authority as a brand. If you are planning an event and need an extra pair of hand/someone to take the stress of organising off of your shoulders, get in touch with Events Together >>
November 22, 2020
Knowing Your Worth!
(Photo Description: Meena Chander podcast poster with a microphone in background.) Have a listen to the Events Together Podcast, where Meena Chander speaks with Heather Barrie about knowing your worth as a business owner. Heather has jumped from accounting to set up her very own coffee business. Who doesn't love a cup of coffee and a chat? So... Knowing your worth within the digital space... There is a lot that goes into planning an event, even when it is offline! How do we transfer usual meetings, events and work do's to the online world? The digital space is something very present in everyone's lives, so if you want to find out more about running your business online.. have a listen! Events Together can make your usual in-person event, a VIRTUAL reality! >>
November 17, 2020