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Meet Me Downstairs

Meet Me Downstairs

By Brittany Golding
Meet Me Downstairs is a podcast and forum that honours the woman in the mother and the woman within ourselves, mother or not. It's a place for us to talk about the female body. To educate ourselves on what it means to be a woman and break away from the way society and the patriarchy has traditionally raised us. We are entering a journey to deeply love who we are and feel empowered in the female skin we exist in.
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21. Miki Agrawal: Living A Life That Is Truly Lit Up

Meet Me Downstairs

21. Miki Agrawal: Living A Life That Is Truly Lit Up

Meet Me Downstairs

38. Exploring the Practice of Natural Parenting
Today we are talking about the practice of Natural parenting. Kind of stepping away from all of the should’s and expectations of what parent has looked like in the past and moving in to a more conscious and understanding way of communicating with our children. Before I get into things I want to just say that this community and podcast is not here to judge the way parents do things currently. I’m a mom who is excited by expanding her knowledge base and this is a way of sharing different points of view. So embrace what feels right and leave what doesn’t. Our guest of honour today is the amazing Tracy Gillett. She is the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world. Her instagram is like a parenting bible with some pure gold excerpts that I find deep comfort in. She has reached millions of women worldwide and has some amazing offerings on her website and social media, so be sure to follow and engage with her, you can find her details in the episode notes. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it! Website: Instagram:
May 25, 2022
37. Portia Brown: Overcoming Sexual Fears + Anxieties
Who else gets anxious about sex?! Am I doing it right, is my partner feeling pleasure, is this thing I like weird, should I be performing a certain way...the list is endless. Sex is a topic that is wrapped up in lots of different values, feelings, and experiences that can leave our own personal relationship with it feeling strained. That's what we're talking about today. We are joined by the charismatic Portia Brown from Froetic Sexology to help us to understand why we may feel a certain way about sex, get up front with our anxieties, heal and hopefully work towards experiencing unencumbered and freeing sexual experiences.  Portia is a sex educator and coach, she is the founder of Froetic Sexology ~ a blog and social media platform that helps women and femmes do the deep inner healing work necessary to be confident and free sexual beings. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, has been named as the top sex influencer by Glamour UK, has an incredible social channel and an energy that is welcoming and warm.  Website: Social Media:
May 18, 2022
36. Amy Taylor-Kabbaz: The Transition Into Motherhood ~ Matrescence
This episode is all about the transition from woman to mother. From maiden to matriarch. Ultimately being defined as Matrescence. It's a topic that is not widely known, yet it should be, and this conversation is in service of that. Those early years of motherhood are often experienced in silence and leave women feeling as though the things they're experiencing are meant to be dealt with alone, or that they aren't doing a good enough job, or experiencing perhaps things that are considered 'normal' and actually shouldn't be. That's what this episode is in service of. The mother, making space for her to feel understood as she moves through this epic transition.  Please enjoy this amazing and deeply comforting breakdown of Matrescence with our guest Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.  Amy is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Journalist, Matrescence Activist and Mama of three. She is the author of Mama Rising, the host of the ‘The Happy Mama Movement’ podcast and creator of the #1 iTunes meditations for children with more than 12 million downloads - ‘Bedtime Explorers’. In 2019, she launched her world first Matrescence Facilitator Training - Mama Rising - sharing her unique formula of coaching and support into mother’s transition through matrescence.  Website - Instagram - Facebook -
May 11, 2022
35. Birth Story: Sarah ~ Water Birth
Birthing through water, a personal dream of mine, and a reality for Sarah Murray. Sarah shared her at home, water birth with us. Reeling us in with her magic and giving us a glimpse into bringing her son to this realm. It was truly enjoyable to listen to this. She takes us through her pregnancy, the stigmas surrounding home birth, her epic team, a little sex and the city, and the arrival of her son. Thank for you for this Sarah. This episode is also closing out our third season of Meet Me Downstairs! Thank you to everyone for being a part of this community, and coming back again and again to listen and engage. It’s such a blessing and I’m eternally grateful. We’ll be back with season 4 toward the end of the year. Love always, Brit xoxo
May 17, 2021
34. Birth Story: Rachael ~ Home Birth
Birth, the most epic thing on this planet, and today we are sharing another story. The home birth of Rachael Newsam, who brings us in to her experience from a quiet labor, to a roaring birth. It's such a positive representation of the capabilities of birth when we just give ourselves a chance to feel in-tune with our bodies. When we take ourselves back to the instincts of a completely natural place. Rachael is also a Doula and she shares with us some of her knowledge and thoughts on the system of birth, and how women can reclaim their control in a society that tries to silence. Thank you for sharing your words, and your story sprinkled with that fairy dust magic. Check out her IG and follow along her journey of supporting women. 
May 10, 2021
33. Dr. Alexandra Solomon: Finding Harmony In Co-Parenting
Today's episode is a loving conversation on co-parenting and how couple's can enter this new space with love, and understanding of each other and the process. I'm joined by the impeccable Dr. Alexandra Solomon, who is a clinical psychologist that specialises in relationships. We start our conversation with a peek into relationships in general, and how our childhood and upbringing affects the way we love, and then we enter into such a powerful conversation on co-parenting, how we can still create unity as a family living in two different homes, how we can shift this awful narrative that ending relationships is a failure, and how to prepare the new family for external love to come in.  This was a particularly special conversation for me, because I’ve recently entered a loving co-parenting relationship and to help myself and my ex navigate through it in the best way we can, I was outsourcing for any insight possible and the field was slim. I saw it as a beautiful opportunity to not only share with you all, something going on in my life, but also create a resource for anyone going through co-parenting, divorce, or perhaps approaching it in in some way. More about Dr. Solomon? She is a clinical assistant professor at Northwestern University where she teaches the internationally renowned course, Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101, and she’s a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. She is the author of Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want (New Harbinger, 2020) and Loving Bravely: Twenty Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want (New Harbinger, 2017).  She also writes a column for Psychology Today and is frequently asked to talk about love, sex, and marriage with media outlets including The Today Show, O Magazine, The Atlantic, Vogue, and Scientific American. She’s got an online course that you can have access to right now called Intimate Relationships 101, as well as other incredible resources that you can find on her webpage and her IG account @dr.alexandra.solomon. Also check out her free quiz on relationship self awareness: Quizzzzz Dr. Solomon, we love you, grateful you, and thank you for your insight, wisdom, and energy.  Love always, Brit xoxo
May 03, 2021
32. Birth Story: Steph ~ Twin Birth
Today's birth story is a twin birth! We are joined by the charismatic and magnificently cute momma Steph Knaggs, from Barbados. She shares her experience of birthing her two baby girls into this world. She guides us from her pregnancy, and her wishes of having a vaginal birth, to entering labor, attempting her vaginal delivery and ultimately ending up with a successful cesarian delivery that brought her daughters to this realm. She gives some incredible insight into relinquishing control within birth, finding peace in the chaos, and truly viewing birth (no matter what kind), as a beautiful and magical experience. Thank you Steph for sharing your touching story with us.
April 26, 2021
31. The Rebel Mamas: Feeling Financially Empowered As A Woman
We are welcoming the Rebel Mama’s to the podcast today! They are the queens of real motherhood, and being cool as fuck while doin’ it. They are also my new favourite gurus when it comes to feeling financially empowered as a woman and as a mother. Today we break down a topic that is quite feared, and not very welcoming for women, but one that is sooooo damn needed, and I thnk women are ready to take control of it, and that's moneyyyy honeyyy. These gals help to just put things in simple terms, and guide you through it, not making you feel like you’re sitting in front of some white man in a suit mansplaining money to you!  The Rebel Mama is a multimedia platform and community - founded by Nikita Stanley and Aleks Jassem - that is rebranding motherhood for a new generation. It has evolved over the last 6 years into two best-selling books, a blog, a podcast, a 10,000-member private forum and popular social channels. Aleks and Nikita are moms They’re entrepreneurs. They’re thought leaders. They’re community builders. And they’re here for a good time. They have a new book out now called: GET YOUR $HIT TOGETHER: The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for Financially Empowered Moms, which was a follow up to the 2020 re-release of their originally self-published “Handbook for (Cool) Moms” The ladies also just launched a new podcast called THE REBEL MAMA HOTLINE where they discuss hot parenting topics, dismantle taboos, chat with their audience, and laugh their way through the chaos. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify or wherever you stream yours. Get your notebooks, and enjoy this amazing episode! Website: Books: Podcast:
April 19, 2021
30. One Year Anniversary Celebration ~ a reconnect to our purpose
Meet Me Downstairs, a podcast born out of deep love for the feminine and as a way to honor the woman within the mother and the woman within herself (mother or not). This episode is a reconnect. A reminder of why we exist, what we hope to achieve, and how we as women can liberate ourselves in sex, in feminine existence, and in motherhood. We are pushing past stereotypes, beyond societal bounds, and into an opening that radiates freedom and love for the skin we are in. Understanding how this body of ours works, taking the things that may have made us to feel dirty or shameful and turning them into pillars of confidence, that we stand on, proud. I want all of us to be able to look at the world around us that sometimes holds us down and makes us feel small, and say, ‘this is my time’. I hope this episode inspires you to embrace your womanhood fully. Love always, Brit website: instagram:
April 15, 2021
29. Olivyah Bowen: Reclaiming Our Power To Birth
Today we are talking about reclaiming our power to birth. This topic is one I hold very close to my heart, as a doula I just see the immense potential of instinctual birthing and the incredible need to shift the narrative of birth from being this painful, scary experience, to one that is liberating and primal. I couldn’t think of a better person to join me in this conversation then Olivyah Bowen of Her Holistic Path, a resource I used a lot during my pregnancy. She is so passionate about instinctual birth and she is also an incredible advocate for the black maternal community in the United States and worldwide. We get into a little bit of everything, the way society has depicted our birth narrative, the most common fears surrounding birth and how we can re-frame them, the tragic and increasing rates of black maternal deaths and the resources black mamas can use to feel more confident in birth, we get into hospital births vs home births and lots of other things in between. It’s an amazing conversation and it just so happens to come out during #blackmaternalhealth week, I love when things synchronistically align like that. Olivyah hosts an amazing workshop called The Melanated Birth Workshop so if you are a pregnant mama, someone who works in the birth community (especially in the US), or just interested in what she has to say please check that out!  Her Website: If you are interested in our doula services and birth class then check us out here:
April 12, 2021
28. Lacey Haynes: Sexual Liberation In Motherhood
Ladies and gals, today we are talking about sexual liberation in motherhood and quite frankly, womanhood! Let it be known this podcast is for anyone that wants to connect to their sexual fire in an honest and raw way. We are joined by Lacey Haynes and she has me so fired up and inspired. There are so many stereotypes that can put a roadblock between motherhood and sexuality and this topic in particular is a huge piece that pushed me to start this podcast in the first place. Since becoming a mom, I have been so disconnected to my sexual spark, to that intimate connection with myself, let alone with another person, and then pair that with all these stereotypes and societal views that really do us a disservice to listen to and take in. You know the... "once you become a mom you aren’t sexy in the same way anymore", or because our bodies change that makes us less appealing, "once you get married the sex just ends", "sex after baby is a nightmare, but just keep goin", "you're only sexy if you look like this". I'm calling bullshit on society and instead reclaiming my sexual fire in my own way ~ and I truly hope this episode inspires that for you too! Listening to this is a start in your awakening, talking about it with women who approach sex from a place of sincerity and understanding, and reclaiming your sexual prowess the way it looks like for you, not the way the media tell us it's "supposed" to look like. Lacey this magnificent queen, she is a British-Canadian educator and visionary in the field of sexual empowerment and relationships and she teaches women to connect to their bodies by understanding, healing and accessing their sexual energy for creative liberation and full power living. She is the founder of School of Whole and co-founder of Lacey + Flynn, which she runs alongside her husband Flynn Talbot. Lacey’s School of Whole Program which you will hear her talk about opens up for new applicants on April 19th, and you can actual pre-register for it right now: click here ~ This episode is truly one of my favourites, and my gratitude runs wild for this woman and her passion. To listen to more episodes like this, view our full episode list where you vibe to podcasts. Love always, XOXO Brit
April 05, 2021
27. Birth Story: Tess Visona ~ Vaginal Birth Turned Emergency C-Section
Our second birth story is under way, with an epic story from Tess Visona. Tess is a mama who really wanted to take a holistic approach to her birth. She had a plan, and like many women, that plan didn't quite come to fruition. She was taken on a rollercoaster ride that led to her baby girls arrival to the world. From a risk free pregnancy, to placenta previa, preeclampsia and an unplanned c-section, she guides us through her experience in such a raw and vulnerable way. She also shares with us the beautiful ways in which she is healing her story and finding space to release the guilt that comes up. There is an incredible relinquishing of control that comes with child birth, one that can be such a powerful teacher for us all. Tess, we love you. For those looking to get in touch with her, head over to her IG @tessvisona ~ love always xo, Brit
April 01, 2021
26. Celest Pereira: Moving With Intention
The human body ~ a literal marvel, and so often we forget to marvel in it! Today we are talking about moving with intention and building a deeper connection to our physical body. We are joined by the magnetic Celest Pereira who is a yoga teacher, anatomy teacher, and a physiotherapist who has spent her life dedicated to the human body and helping people to understand that part of themselves better. We talk about beauty standards, how to love ourselves better, and how to implement intentional movement into our lives no matter what fitness background we have. It's a good one ya'll, enjoy it and go out today and move your body! Interested in finding out more about Celest - her website is here: and her yoga business workshop and follow her on IG @celestpereirayoga Love always family, XOXO Brit More about us: Instagram: Website
March 29, 2021
25. Birth Story: Brit ~ Vaginal birth with epidural
As part of Season 3 we are peppering in a few birth stories! Birth is one of biggest things a woman can go through and bringing light to different versions of birth is a privilege. We are kicking of this mini segment with my own personal birth story ~ for those of you who don't know me, I'm Brit, creator of this pod. I take you through my pregnancy, making a big decision and switching doctors halfway through. Starting my labor with all intentions of keeping this as natural as possible (sound familiar lol) and ending up having an epidural. Going from a state of panic, to bliss, and welcoming my father by side who became my doula and truly transformed my birth experience. I vaginally delivered my son to my chest at 3:07pm. It was freakin' epic and I'm sooooo grateful to have had this experience and now be able to share it.  For those who are interested in sharing their own birth experience on the podcast, please get in touch with me! We are looking for 2 more gals to share their experience
March 25, 2021
24. Candace Borland: Breaking Down Stereotypes ~ Mothers in Business
The world is full of stereotypes, most of which do society a disservice. Finding places and boxes for everyone to go in for the sake of 'comfort'. Mothers + women are two massive categories of humans that get thrown into a lot of very tightly wound boxes and frankly...we are done with it. Today I'm joined the magnetic and epic Candace Borland who is one week away from becoming a parent. She is in an incredibly successful woman in the world of business, being the president and partner of a renowned creative agency, Anomaly and most importantly she is a wonderfully kind human being. Being that she is the leader of a huge organisation and still in the phase of 'awaiting her baby's arrival', I thought it would be interesting to speak to her now. Whilst the reality of parenthood hasn't fully set it and discuss woman and mothers in business. The pressures she feels, the observations she's encountered on her way to the top and how she is going to re-write the rules for herself. It's a wonderful conversation, one that has inspired me to continue to forge my path with grace and strength and I hope that she does the same for you. A bit more about Candace ~ outside of Anomaly, Candace is active in her family business, an internationally renowned livestock, genetics and export company. Her newest venture is a Fullblood Japanese Wagyu business that focuses on and advocates for premium, ethically raised beef. When she's not working Candace and her husband love to travel the world and try their hand at things like half marathons and hiking challenges.
March 22, 2021
23. Chaneen Saliee: Solidarity In Motherhood
Chaneen Saliee joins us today to create solidarity in motherhood. To bring a lens to the real, the messy, and the incredible moments that come with motherhood and parenthood. She is a ray of light and honesty and it's conversations like these that make mothers (myself included) feel less alone. We talk about some of our hardships, how we overcome, and create space for growth - not only within ourselves but in our children and our families. Chaneen is the author of Solidarity Poetry & Prose as well as the creator of Chic and Discreet, a breastfeeding clothing line. Her instagram page @chaneensaliee is an honest ray of light into motherhood, so definitely give her a follow!  As for me! Check our Branding With Brit + and let me help you become the pilot of your own brand XOXO
March 15, 2021
22. Dr. Jessica Zucker: I Had A Miscarriage
Today we are lovingly entering a deep conversation about Miscarriage and pregnancy loss. My guest Dr. Jessica Zucker is an incredible women in the movement to release the stigma that surrounds miscarriage, she is actually the creator of the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign which took over social media and magazines and aided in giving women the freedom and acceptance to share their losses and not feel like they are doing this alone. It’s been too long that this subject has been silenced and shamed. Having women feel like it's their fault, or that their body has failed them. No more. We are here to help the journey of breaking down walls, pushing past judgement and standing in solidarity with the millions of women who have experienced miscarriage. A bit about Jessica, she is a Los Angeles-based psychologist specialising in reproductive and maternal mental health. She writes extensively on this topic for outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and Vogue. Her first book I HAD A MISCARRIAGE: A Memoir, a Movement is available worldwide today! I hope you enjoy this episode, #IHadAMiscarraige.
March 08, 2021
21. Miki Agrawal: Living A Life That Is Truly Lit Up
We are back with another really good one for ya. We are joined by Miki Agrawal ~ a social entrepreneur, advisor and investor who uses creativity and disruptive innovation to challenge the status quo and change culture. We talk about living your truth in order to truly shine. Questioning the world around uz, how society has dictated things and how we can push against all of that to live in a way that feels real and authentic to ourselves. She shares with us business advice, experiences from her world of motherhood, and ways in which we can disrupt the world around us so that we are living a life that is truly lit up. She's an amazing reminder of what living with intention looks like and we are so honoured that she shared this space with us.  A bit more about Miki ~ she is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: WILD, Thinx, and TUSHY (collectively valued at over 200 million). She is also the author of the #1 best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt- Her (one of my personal favourites). Miki was named “Fast Company’s Most Creative People”, “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and INC magazine’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.” Miki sits on the board of Conscious Capitalism and advises several start-ups. What a resume right! Find out more about her here: buy Thinx here and get your Tushy here  XOXO MMD
March 01, 2021
20. Maisie Hill: The Power of Your Period
We close out Season 2 with the lovely Maisie Hill who is a menstrual health expert and author of the amazing book called Period Power and we are going to be chatting about harnessing the notion of period power and building a relationship with our body on an even deeper level. Learning how our bodies transition through a cycle that renews for us women every single month. Throughout the journey of our lives our periods will change and mold, and today we get to tackle some of those things that go hand in hand with womanhood, whether it’s feelings of shame or hiding, hormonal fluctuations, lack of awareness to what our menstrual cycle is and overall just how important the health of our period is to our overall holistic health. Let’s dig into it today and learn about this area of our femme existence. Maisie has a new book in the works and she also has amazing resources to help with your cycle available on her website and her Instagram. To get involved with her or be a part of her many programs and offerings, check her out or  Instagram and download her free cycle chart here.  Lots of love XOXO MMD
September 28, 2020
19. Lyndie Irons: Parenting Through Loss
Lyndie Irons ~ one of the most calm natured and kind women I've had the honor of speaking to, had an introduction to motherhood that was surrounded by tragedy. She lost her first husband at 8 months pregnant and had a very big role ahead of her as a new mom and dad. She graciously shares her story of new motherhood, through to deep motherhood as her son is nearing his 10th year. This episode is a very emotional one and a very strong one, dipped with the honesty and the sisterhood we all need. She shares with us her journey of parenting through loss and how her and her son have navigated their relationship with openness and vulnerability, forging an incredibly special bond that units them. She also shares with us the lessons she's learned from mothering for 9 years and the hurdles she's had to overcome as her boy grows into his own human. Lyndie, you are wonderful, i'm deeply thankful to you and your son for opening your doors to us. Lyndie also runs the Andy Irons Foundation (in honor of her late husband) where they focus on impactful, community-based programs for kids that address debilitating conditions like mental illness, addiction and learning disabilities. They strive to create a world where no child struggles alone. For information on how to get involved or to see what else they do, please check them out here:
September 21, 2020
18. Melissa Vranjes: Finding Orgasmic Freedom
Did someone say orgasm? Today we are talking about the female orgasm ~ a very mysterious lady. It’s a topic that I’d say is still considered pretty taboo and would definitely could elicit a giggle or two but none the less, it’s a conversation that is so important to have. We are back with Melissa Vranjes our S1E1 guest, Fertility Awareness Educator, Women’s Sexual Wellness Guru + Yoga Instructor to help us talk about some much needed juice. As women, freedom in pleasure is something worth discussing. The freedom to have powerful sex, honest sex and feel confident asking for what we want in the world intimacy should be met with open arms from our partners and most importantly ourselves. Giving ourselves permission to explore our own personal world of pleasure and in turn learning what that looks like when we incorporate a partner. It’s time to remove the fake orgasm from our arsenal and work with our body to find orgasmic freedom. We navigated this episode today thanks to the sharing’s and bravery of our listeners ~ thank you for putting yourself out there with us. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and find ourselves one step closer to orgasmic freedom.Check out Melissa’s pleasure treasures here as well as her workshops and social media.
September 14, 2020
17. Malaika Maitland: A Doula's Insight
Ever wonder what a Doula really is and how that support looks, feels + sounds like during pregnancy and birth? Well today we get those questions answered. Malaika Maitland, a Grenadian Doula + Yoga Teacher, joins us to helps break it down. She has such a poetic way of sharing her words and the wisdom that goes along with it is what makes her truly special. She talks to us about pregnancy and the emotions that go with it, how to navigate and release certain expectations for birth, what doula support in that transformational time looks like and she also shares her own motherhood experiences as a new mom. Malaika ~ thank you so much for your education today, what an honor it has been. Check her out here: + Instagram - for info on her practices or just chat. xoxo MMD
September 07, 2020
16. Ashe Brown: The Queer Family
This episode is in honor of the LGBTQ+ community as we welcome our first queer guest Ashe Brown from Pura Luna Apothecary. She brilliantly and vulnerably shares her story to motherhood that encompasses, 7+ years of trying to conceive with her partner as they went through donor after donor, different fertility methods, soul searching trips to costa rica and ultimately the guide of spirit who brought them their daughter Quest. She is so real about the struggles they went through to find motherhood, how they dealt with defeat, and how together as a partners they overcame everything. Not only is her story amazing and full of colour, she also offers beautiful words of wisdom to queer folk out there that are looking to start a family but feeling insecure about their journey. She also offers amazing inspiration to those who are bringing new life into the world right now. This woman oozes positivity and soul and i'm so grateful to her, her partner Cristin and their daughter Quest for sharing their story with us. To check them out head to their webpage: Pura Luna Apothecary and their instagram: Pura Luna Apothecary ~ love to all MMD xoxox
August 31, 2020
15. Carolijn Braeken: The Lonely First Year of Motherhood
The first year of motherhood is one of the most altering years of self. We are changed - Girl to Mother - Self to Selfless, and wrapped within that is a myriad of symptoms; sleep deprivation, exhaustion, bliss, happiness, loneliness, vulnerability, strength and so much more. It's only now that conversations about the colours of this time period are coming to light. I'm joined by the wonderful Carolijn Braeken, mother + author from Amsterdam who gives us a beautifully honest look into her first year of motherhood and the struggles within it. We discuss how that period of lows, transformed into strength, and how that power of self has travelled on in her life as a mother. We explore the emotive inspiration for her book 'Motherhood a A Memoir Of Our First Year' and how society has depicted certain things of us Mothers that should bear no weight on how we express ourselves in motherhood. We also touch on the vast differences Caro experienced as she moved from child one to child two. I truly loved this conversation with her and just getting honest about that very first year. Listen to this ep, grab her book and follow her on Instagram, you won't be disappointed. Also don't forget to give us a rating and review as well, it really supports this community. Thank you all soo much! Blessings MMD xoxo
August 24, 2020
14. Ali Prato: A Journey Through IVF
Not every journey to motherhood looks the same, and not every journey is an easy one. Sometimes that joy of holding your newborn can be brought to you through a path of loss, heartbreak, challenges, and healing, and it's so important that we as women and mothers give each other opportunities to share in the more difficult pathways. It's through that sharing that we can truly find allyship and kindred spirits like our wonderful guest Ali Prato. She shares with us, her experience of multiple miscarriages, which turned out to be something called secondary infertility, and her success story of conceiving her son through IVF. She also gets super real with the heartbreak that emerged from those reoccurring miscarriages and the silence that surrounds this topic, the pure determination of knowing that her son was mean't to be here after many failed attempts, the conflicts that arose in her marriage because of everything and how she worked through each finite intricate piece of the puzzle that led to her sons joyous existence. Not only is she an amazing guest and mother but she too is the host of her own podcast called Infertile AF where she celebrates all kinds of journeys to motherhood and those choosing not to mother at all. She's also co-founded an incredible organization called Fertility Rally that has been coined the worst group with the best members - a community of support and information for women + families struggling with fertility. Thank you Ali for providing honest conversation about tough topics and also for creating safe homes for women to go to, to find camaraderie and understanding. I hope you enjoy this real af episode ~ blessings to all, MMD xoxox
August 17, 2020
13. Alex Elle: Mothering Ourselves
Kicking off season 2, we are joined by writer and mother Alexandra Elle. This magnetic woman gives us a unique insight into her world. Her version of life as she mothers her children, her career and most importantly herself. She takes us through her evolution of womanhood as she's raised 3 beautiful daughters, the immense importance of mothering yourself as well as your family and the wisdom of simple wellness and how impactful thoughtful acts of self can be to your wellbeing. We talk about her relationship with her husband and how they find time to nurture that bond, and how she caters to each of her children all whilst growing her inspiring career. It's been an honour to talk to her and I hope you find her poetic words to be of as much comfort as they were to me. Alex is also hosting a course called Pathway to Peace which is an inner child journaling course and registration is open right now ~ - her latest book After The Rain is also available for pre-order so be sure to get your hands on that as well. If you aren't following her on social media already, please do, she is just pure inspiration and offers important daily self-care reminders - blessings to all MMD xoxox
August 10, 2020
12. Dr. Corina Dunlap: Breaking Down Fertility
*Finale!* Fertility is such an in-depth and deeply rich topic. The mechanics of what has to happen when your trying to have a baby is sooooo incredible. We've been taught to think that any sex = baby, and damn is there so much more to it. Our guest, Dr. Corina Dunlap a licensed naturopathic physician and medical researcher specializing in women's health and fertility and she dives deep into tho the fertility process with us. We talk about women and the major things happening within our bodies to create and sustain life, we talk about how male companions play an equally important role in conception, we discuss preconception, contraception, what happens when there is a struggle in conception, miscarriage, hormones, the biological clock and so many things in-between. This conversation is incredible - no joke. Dr. Dunlap is a passionate and informative women who wants to help families in all shapes and sizes create life. I know fertility can be a lonely journey, especially if there is struggle and loss, so I hope that no matter where you are in your journey, you can comfort in knowing exactly what's going on and finding great admiration for your body no matter the outcome. Web: + IG:
July 06, 2020
11. Beatrice Dixon: All Things Vaginas
Joined by Bea Dixon, Founder of The Honey Pot Co, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market! We spend our time talking about the incredible and beautiful Vagina + Vulva! As women, we seem to have this distant relationship with the very thing that makes us a women and it's time that changed. We discuss what overall feminine health looks like, your vaginal PH balance, discharge and the incredible benefit of it, as well as what its been like for Bea to create a multi-million dollar company from a literal dream she had. Bea is so raw and honest. She is a no bullshit kinda gal and she preaches it. It's time that we normalize discussions about female body parts, because talking about your vagina should feel as comfortable as talking about your elbow, discharge shouldn't be considered taboo, and touching or looking at your vulva should feel glorious and not shameful. Join me as we break down these barriers. Also don't forget to check out The Honey Pot Co and Beatrice Dixon - love and blessings XOXO MMD
June 29, 2020
10. Kim Summer: Body Love
Finding comfort in your skin, love in your body, and confidence in your self can be an incredibly vulnerable journey but a journey well worth taking. Today we are joined by Kim Summer who is a mom, doula + body advocate from California. Her motherhood identity started very earlier in life and she so openly takes us through how 'Mother' became one of her most powerful selves. She talks about how through everything that has happened in her life, she has found space for self love and nourishment. She talks to us about what body love looks like to her and how we can start to implement loving practices into our lives. I encourage all of you to take a moment to honour your skin whilst listening to this episode. It can be small acknowledgments but even if it's just a second, find something to love - because believe me you are worthy! You can find Kim here: Web + IG - blessings and love to you all - XOXO MMD
June 22, 2020
09. Jaycina Almond: Trusting Yourself In Motherhood
Today we are joined by Jaycina Almond, a mom, model, and the founder of Tender, a non-profit organization in Atlanta that empowers low income mothers by making essentials accessible. Jaycina takes us through her journey in motherhood; from being a young mom at 21, to establishing an incredible modelling career, navigating a co-parenting relationship across the country, and learning to listen to her mothers intuition. She is woman who is full of light and is the epitome of what women supporting women looks like. You can finder Jaycina on Instagram @jaycina and Tender here: - Don't forget to subscribe! Wishing you all light + love ~ MMD xoxo
June 15, 2020
08. Allison Villa (Psychotherapist + Relationship Expert): The Relationship Seasons
Today's episode is exploring the changes in your relationship with your partner when a new baby enters your world. We are joined by Allison Villa  who is a Registered Psychotherapist and relationship expert from Canada. She is the founder of House and Hook, an online platform specializing in keeping couples’ thriving throughout parenthood. We have a really beautiful conversation that breaks down, in a super easy to understand way what happens when our relationships are confronted with change. This change doesn't have to be a baby either, it can be a move, a change in job etc so the insight from this episode is completely applicable even if you don't have children. Allison uses an incredible analogy called the Relationship Seasons that help us to identify where we are and how we can move through things together as a unit. Her teachings have given me such comfort and it's a conversation that I'm truly grateful I get to share with all of you. For more info from Allison or to get in touch with her you can find her at Instagram: @houseandhook - she's also giving away a free Self-Care Toolkit!
June 08, 2020
07. Brittney Valverde: Self Discovery in Motherhood
Today we are joined by mom, model + Hawaiian nature girl Brittney Valverde. We have a really special conversation about the importance of self discovery within motherhood. Giving ourselves permission to be guilt free when it comes to self care and the different ways we can do that and how it can actually instil a much more present soul to our children and partners. She talks about how her relationship with her partner has shifted throughout the years and continuously finding ways to prioritize each other and support each other. And we talk about motherhood, the immense meaning that comes with raising a family and supporting our children to live full lives. It's a wonderful conversation and I'm grateful for her words today - you can find Brittney on Instagram @brittneyvalverde. Wishing you all light and love, and if you have questions please reach out to us xoxo
May 25, 2020
06. Jasmine Evelyn: Hello Pelvic Floor
Hey, hey! Today we are joined by Pelvic Floor Physio Jasmine Evelyn of Mindful Movement Barbados where she works as a registered Pelvic Floor Physio and certified Yoga Teacher. Today we talk about sooooo much vital information. She gives us such a beautiful look into the world of the pelvic floor. What it is, why it's important, how it becomes compromised through pregnancy and birth and why that can lead to things like painful sex, and some incredible tips and exercises that we can do from the comfort of our own home to help us heal our bodies. She also gives us insight into Organ Prolapse which is another symptom that can occur from birth which many women aren't heavily informed of either. We talk about vaginas, loving your body, feeling empowered to explore your body. I'm very grateful for her time and I really encourage you gals to get to know your pelvic floor! 
May 18, 2020
05. Chloe Pestana: Moving Through Grief
Today's episode is a deep and profound one. Joined by mom and writer Chloe Pestana who takes us through the incredible journey of her life from becoming a mom in her teen years and the sometimes rocky terrain that goes with being a young mother, she talks about her relationship with her husband, their separation and reconnection, and most of all she talks about the loss of her son Legend and how through his death she was able to find comfort in the notion of rebirthing him to a new realm and space of being where their spirits will forever be connected. She is an advocate for death and loss and uses her platform to give those struggling with grief, honest support from someone who has been through the darkest of days and found light. You can find her blog ( where she writes really raw and honest words about this topic. She puts her literal heart on the page for others to find solace in. I can't thank Chloe enough for giving this gift to us today, and I truly hope you enjoy our conversation. You can also reach out to her via IG at ~ with love, MMD xxx
May 11, 2020
04. Romy + Chloe: Boobs, Bottle + Pump
This episode discusses the different ways in which you can feed your baby. Today's conversation is about breaking down barriers and removing shame when it comes to this topic. There is so much judgement and guilt that goes with this territory and it's time to shine a light - so i'm joined by 2 other moms and between the three of us we've each, breastfed, used formula only, and exclusively pumped. Each a nourishing way to feed your baby. We get super honest about each approach in the hopes that this episode can provide you with comfort in whatever path you are on as well as knowledge of the different ways you can feed. #FedIsBest - we support all methods and to my fellow moms out there if you ever need a little company, please reach out. 
May 04, 2020
03. Lucy Slight: The Fourth Trimester
Today we are joined by Lucy Slight a fellow mom from New Zealand. We talk about those very trying first few weeks and months with our little babies.  Discussing the acceptance of zero control, the fact that bonding doesn't always go as you imagined and the breakdowns that come with the territory. Lucy in particular had a really tough time with her daughter Tui and she takes us through her journey through the hard and into the joy. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel itself can be really dark sometimes. We want to talk about the moments that aren't so pretty and share them, so that other women out there who might be in the struggling phase can be comforted in knowing it's okay that you're feeling that way, you aren't alone, you are seen and it will get better. Love to all the wonderful mama's out - you got this. 
April 27, 2020
02. Dallas Skopeleanos: A Guide to Postpartum Nutrition
On this episode of Meet Me Downstairs we are joined by Mom and Holistic Nutritionist Dallas Skopeleanos. We cover off a lot of topics today! We get into some honest chats about postpartum sex , the importance of knowledge in your pelvic floor, as well as some much needed insight into the incredible benefits of nutrition on your pregnant and postpartum body. 
April 20, 2020
01. Melissa Vranjes: The Erotic Mother
I'm joined by Melissa Vranjes, a women's hormone and sexual wellness advocate from New Zealand and we discuss the ins and outs of the ever changing, intimate relationship that starts with yourself. Creating a space for her to feel comforted, alive, and raw. We go into postpartum hormones, relationships, fears when it comes to intimacy, emotions, and 5 incredible tips that you can start implementing to awaken the inner erotic mother.  
April 13, 2020
Meet Me Downstairs Official Introduction + Trailer
Welcome to the Meet Me Downstairs podcast. We are here to chat with moms + women from all walks of life about the different dimensions to mother + womanhood. Our resounding reason for being is to make sure that we are always honouring the woman in the mother. It’s no doubt that becoming a mother is one of the greatest things in the world and most of the time we are so focused on being the best mom we can be, that sometimes we forget the woman that lives inside. It’s so important to give that woman within the mother a space to be free. To talk about what’s going on with her, to share the struggles, and celebrate the triumphs. We are here to discuss it all with you. I will be joined by moms and experts from all over the world to give my fellow sisters a widespread landscape of motherhood and feminine existence. We will touch on everything from the physical, emotional and mental changes in your body, to reawakening intimacy with your partner and yourself. We’ll navigate together the immense identity shift that goes with becoming a mother, and everything else in-between. This is a completely comprehensive space to give women support and most of all company in the journey we call motherhood. Not only will we have this incredible podcast for you to call a friend, but our website and Instagram will be there to offer blogs, interviews, tips, and an always open messaging service to be there whenever you need us. You can also request certain episodes or topics that you want us to discuss, this is a collaboration and if there is information you can’t find out there, you better believe we will hunker down and get it to you. There is nothing quite like the support of a mother and when we band together in light, love, and sisterhood, we can’t be stopped. Feminine power is a force to be reckoned with and I’m honoured to be able to be a part of the she wolf, mama bear pack that goes with the territory. Thank you so much for listening and following, and I can’t wait to continue to strengthen our bond episode by episode.
April 08, 2020