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Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable

By Mel
Season 2 Starts January 6, 2020!

Life throws us curveballs on our path to success. How do you deal with the obstacles, set back and roadblocks that appear in your life?

On this podcast, Mel Interviews people who have dealt with huge obstacles, but have pushed forward and overcame them. Join us as we learn from these strong and amazing people. Our host and guest will share tips that they have learned from their own lives to help you overcome the obstacles in yours.
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Be Unstoppable Leisha Olesch

Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable Leisha Olesch

Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable: Mel Andre Interviews Mike Chavez
Mike had a family to provide for, but an unfortunate injury left him unable to work. Learn how Mike entered the world of personal development & entrepreneurship in the most unlikely of ways.
June 26, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Eston Swaby
In this episode Mel Interviews Eston. Eston is a mindset & business coach who has overcome many obstacles in his life. During his youth he was sexually assaulted and didn't believe in himself. He was able to heal from his past trauma and use what he has learned to help other people
February 25, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Laura Gray
Can you have it all? Can you balance your life as a mom , wife and entrepreneur?  Laura knows that you can, because she is doing it! In this episode Mel Interviews Laura Gray a mom of 4 kids (new born, 7 year and 2 teenagers!) & an entrepreneur. Learn how she finds balance in her life by being intentional.  Fit and Fierce Mamas Facebook Group
February 17, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Robert Caudill
In this episode of Be Unstoppable, Mel Interviews Robert Caudill a 9-Year Marine Veteran who suffers from PTSD. Robert served 4 combat tours before he was medically discharged. His experience with death on the battlefield left him mentally scared. Robert shares his story of overcoming the obstacles of returning to civilian life with no home to go to.
February 10, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Leisha Olesch Traveling Psychic
I Was Addicted To A Man  Leisha Olesch joins me on the Be Unstoppable Podcast! She returns to the podcast to speak about her chapter in the book Thoughts? How We Deal With a Obstacles In Our Lives. Leisha tells us how she has became addicted to fixing her abusive exhusband. When Leisha finally had enough, she took her kids, packed and left. Although she had to saved herself, she sacrificed a lot.
February 3, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Sylvia Chavez
I Was Abused. America's Love Queen, Sylvia Chavez, takes us back to when she was a brave 7-year old girl living in Argentina. While she was brave she expedience something that no 7-year old should have to go through. She wrote a chapter about how she overcame that horrible event in Thoughts?: How We Deal With Obstacles In Our Lives.  In this interview Sylvia talks about her chapter in the book and explains the steps she needed to go through in order to heal. The Love Queen also speaks about her Love Coaching program. 619-332-1119
January 27, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Thoughts? How We Deal With Obstacles In Our Lives
In this episode Mel talks about her latest project, Thoughts? How We Deal With The Obstacles In Our Lives. Thoughts? is a book that contains a series of true stories from amazing contributing writers. They write about overcoming the challenges that they have faces in their lives.  In the next few weeks Mel will have the contributing authors come on to speak about their stories!  To Purchase the book or if you are interested in becoming a contributing author you can find more information at 
January 13, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Alex Terranova
In this Episode of Be Unstoppable Mel Interviews Alex Terranova a Business, Life & Mindfulness Coach. Alex had it all, but still felt a void in his life. The void became apparent when he was in Costa Rica with his family and his cousin asked everyone what they were grateful for. This question caused Alex to break down because he realized that he wasn't grateful for anything. Alex decided in that moment that he needed to immediately make a change.  This LA native immediately started to make the changes in his life. Although Alex had been diagnosed with a learning disability and eye issues he overcame those obstacles and became an avid reader and became committed to self development!  Listen to learn the steps Alex took to change his life around!  Get In Touch With Alex! Alex's Book: Fictional Authenticity: Release Your Past, Start Living Your Real Life
January 6, 2020
Be Unstoppable: Marie Claire Killick
What would you do if someone close to you stole your identity and committed fraud. In this episode I speak to Marie Claire Killick,  a person who lost both of her business and her home because someone close to her betrayed her, stole her identity and committed white collar crimes by forging her name.  In order to save herself and her children Marie had to flee the country she called home and start a new life in America.  Learn how Marie found her strength and created a new life after losing everything.
December 2, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Kristen Crooks
Mel interviews Kristen Crooks the Sales Director for Stegela and Life By Design Magazine.  Kristen has overcome so much in her life. She went from an abusive relationship, a suicide attempt and stripping to now  Managing a sales team.   In such a short time Kristen has developed into one of the best sales trainer that I have ever heard, seen or worked with. In this interview she explains how the power of mentorship has allowed her to make this transformation. Kristen also shares some of her amazing sales tips.  Email For Free Ticket  Text Successful  To 76626  Facebook: Kristen Crooks 
November 18, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Cedreka Baggett
Mel interviews Cedreka Baggett a 2nd Class Petty Officer in the Navy who is focused on building her New business Bagge, while attending school to receive her Masters in  Forensics Psychology.  This mother of 2 is extremely ambitious, hard working and dedicated. While she is working hard to go after her dreams, Cedreka tell us about a time in her life where she wasn't chasing her dreams and she was a victim of domestic violence.  In this episode Cedreka explains how she left an abusive relationship and put herself on the path of self love and success @Bagge__LLC
November 11, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Aubrey Johnson
Mel Interviews Aubrey Johnson, the host of The Road to Rediscovery Podcast!  The Road to Rediscovery is about reflecting on past events, and the lessons of our lives, for learning and growth. In this episode Aubrey continues his mission and shares the lessons he has learned from his own journey.  He also give the audience guidance on how to have tough conversations with people who may need our help and advice.
November 4, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Catherine Mcnulty
What do you do if your child passed away?  In this episode Mel Interviews Catherine McNulty, a grief coach. Catherine did not set out to be a grief coach, but after losing a child she realized that she had to find a way to overcome the grief and pain that she was feeling. Although losing a child is a traumatic and tragic experiences, Catherine decided that instead of falling into the victim mentality she was going to dedicate her life to helping other people deal with grief.  During the interview Catherine shares how she helps people, she teaches us ways that we can be there for our friends when a love one dies and she shares her own personal story of losing her son.
October 28, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Trina Sette
In this episode of Be Unstoppable Mel Interviews Trina Sette an Entrepreneur and Accountability Partner. Trina discusses the unexpected path she took to find her life's calling .  She was unable to find a job in her industry during the recession, this caused her to reluctantly begin a new career.  This new job opened many doors for Trina. During this time she dealt with obstacles in her personal life, she began a new coaching program and eventually she started her own company. She shows how life can change for you was you shift your mindset and she did that by finding a coaching program and a mentor
October 21, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Dr Mitchell & Terri May
In this episode Mel interviews the power couple Dr. Mitchell & Terri May's. This successful couple is no stranger to obstacles in their lives. Although they had to overcome cancer, heart attacks, car accidents and much more they decided that failure was not an option and continued to charge forward!  Dr. Mitchell and Terri May's share the techniques that they use and that they teach their patients in order to help the deal with the stress of life.
October 14, 2019
Be Unstoppable Leisha Olesch
 On this episode of Be Unstoppable Mel speaks to Leisha, The Traveling Psychic (she called in from France!).  Leisha starts the interview describing what a Psychic-Medium is and how she discovered her abilities at a young age.  While Leisha was born with amazing abilities, she has not been immune to obstacles  in her life. Although Leisha has gone through hard times such as jealousy, depression, homelessness and abuse she remains a positive person. Leisha's positivity shines throughout the entire interview! She shows how positivity and a belief in yourself can help you overcome the obstacles in your life. IG: @traveling_psychicmedium_leisha
October 7, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Sohaila *Special Episode CEO Women's Business Summit*
Today I had the opportunity to Interview Sohaila, The Founder of The CEO Women's Business Summit!  The CEO Women's Business Summit is an event that is focused on helping women break out of the monotony, to become the CEO of their own life and rediscover how to empower themselves again by Creating, Engineering and Organizing your Life for Success. It is a one-of-a-kind  transformational event where we bring together leading women, and a few amazing men,  in different successful career paths for three days to inspire and connect with each other, learn from each other, and discover new ways to get back in touch with your body, mind and business to become the CEO of your life. In this episode Sohaila shares her journey from launching her belly dancing company to creating The Women's CEO Business Summit.  CEOWBS.COM  
September 30, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Dominic Cruz Interview
 In this episode Mel Interviews the Inspirational Mr. Dominic Cruz a captivating speaker. Dominic explains how he overcame a narcissistic relationship by focusing on himself and building his companies, Cruzin Social Media and Dominic Speaks.  Domininc shares tips to overcome toxic relationships and he also shares how discovering the  Mastermind Group, Stegela, helped him grow. 
September 23, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Dave Daley Interview
In this episode Mel interviews The Monster Motivator, Dave Daley. Dave is an Entrepreneur, CEO and Dynamic Speaker who has overcame obstacles since birth.  Dave tells us about his struggles from being in an orphanage to sitting in a jail cell. Although his early life was filled with roadblocks, he was able to overcome them with help from his adoptive parents and his mentor Tommy.  Dave went from a jail cell to being a successful entrepreneur who has created and sold multiple businesses. He used his formula, The Title Trifecta: Motivation, Inspiration, and Perspiration, to become the successful person he is today.
September 16, 2019
Be Unstoppable: Shaun Cassidy Interview
International Growth Strategist, Shaun Cassidy, speaks to Mel about how he overcame obstacles in his early life. He shares his journey from the death of his father when he was 4, to his college years in Chicago and how he transitioned from a creative to a data scientist. Shaun was able to overcome the obstacles in his life and he now holds one of the largest professional networks in the nation with over 30,000 professional contacts and has trained over 500 professionals and over 100 businesses and organizations on how to leverage the tool. Shaun aka the LinkedIn wizard was asked to beta test a software that would become the first social media format called LinkedIn. His firm helps professionals, nonprofit organizations and corporations leverage social media, internet sales and marketing strategies through storytelling across platforms. Both Shaun and I will Be Speaking at the CEO Women's Business Summit November. If you mention this podcast, we will be able to upgrade you from a regular ticket to a VIP ticket for Free. (Mention Be Unstoppable). Shaun Cassidy
September 9, 2019