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Mellie's Books

Mellie's Books

By Mellie Miller
My world of fantasy, romance, and magic.
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Happy Memorial Day

Mellie's Books

Now Live!
Too Many Talents, Book 4 from my Esperance Series is now live and available for Kindle and at Smashwords. Come withe me to Esperance and follow along as Viviane and Connell develop and refine their psychic abilities, called Talents. Listen and find out more about this book in the series. Available in ebook, paperback, and harcover. Blog at https://melliemiller Email:
September 22, 2022
Pen Names
Do I use a pen name? Well, yes and no... Listen to hear the story of Sultonna Nadine. Looking for my books? Go to! Or go to Sultonna Nadine for her books. And as always,  Don't Forget... Share the Romance...
September 02, 2022
Dog Days of Summer
Connecting with my readers! Watch for Too Many Talents, coming out soon from Mellie Miller And from Sultonna Nadine ( note spelling), watch for Whiskey Jug Genie. Need to finish out a series? Go to Prefer to read my blog, go over to Wordpress! And as always, Don't Forget... Share the Romance...
September 02, 2022
Happy Friday
Looking for a weekend getaway? I have three worlds to choose from, as well as a few short trips. Come with me! You can find all the links at my website!
August 19, 2022
Summer Heat is Here
Let's talk about the summer heat here in the South this year. And then we'll talk about the summer heat coming with Too Many Talents! Need to catch up on the series? Go to Amazon Or Smashwords
June 16, 2022
Too Many Talents
Return with me to Esperance in Book 4 of the series--Too Many Talents. Picking up Jareth and Viviane's story from book 2, follow along as Viviane and her nephew, Connell strive to control those unusual abilities called Talents which sometimes seem more curse than blessing. To read the first books in the series, go to Amazon or Smashwords!
May 30, 2022
It Has Been a While
This summer has been busy, to say the least, but I have been working on my books.  And there is a sale going on over at Smashwords, including all the books I have published through them. But let me tell you about some of stories I'm working on right now--Gregor Thayne for the Esperance Series, and Unwilling Soulmates for Gambler's Folly. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more news on what's happening in this writer's life.
July 21, 2021
Who Wants an Excerpt?
Sometimes you want to read an excerpt before you buy the book. So today I'm reading a couple excerpts from Jareth, First Lord, the first book from my Esperance Series.  All my books are available at Amazon or at Smashwords. You can find the links at: Do you like audio books? Jareth is available at Audible! The narrator is Alastair Cameron, and I will quickly admit, he does a much better job than I do, especially with Jareth's voice. But check it out at Audible!
June 16, 2021
Get Vocal
An introduction to and the short works i have online. Hear a short excerpt from one of my works. Want to check it out? Find all my short stories and discussions at:
June 14, 2021
Come With Me
Ready for a vacation? Come with me. Introducing the Esperance book series by Mellie Miller. Esperance--a world of mischief, magic and romance, ruled by psychically talented rulers, follow the cast of characters as they find romance. For the blog post: For the series on Amazon:
June 08, 2021
Talk To Me
What is it like in this author's world. Where do I find ideas and how do I develop them. Find out here! This is the podcast from my author blog at
June 03, 2021
Summertime is Writing Time in Georgia
Podcast of my author blog of the same name over at on Wordpress.
May 29, 2021
Happy Memorial Day
This is the podcast of my Memorial Day blog over at
May 28, 2021
Of Peppercorns and Spice Grinders
Podcast of my author's blog article of the same name over at
May 28, 2021