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Meta's Musings

Meta's Musings

By metapopsicle
From inside my mind outside to Yours... Ramblings, Stories, Poetry & more... Mind Over Everything
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Addiction... Get on the floor - puff puff - Just one more - huff huff - Feel the rush - exhale - Close the door hush hush - What is that? - look look - Let me try - open book - Will it help? - don't go - Will I fly? yes, no - Addiction Addiction - Counter Affliction - Radio Waves - Intermission - None of what is said - makes sense - but it can be read - past tense - Allow me to - introduce myself - Please take a cup - off the top shelf - Pictures Pictures - moving scriptures - Are you still watching? - TV Mixtures - Body to Body - Dust to Dust - in the end - becomes rust - Taste this - I don't know - hit or miss - Let it snow... - Show your skin - less less - Bloodflow - mess mess - Clean your act - Stand Straight - Make a pact - Be late - Smells Nice - sniff sniff - Dry ice - only if... - Reflection Reflection - Reverse Rejection - Just one more time... - Self-deception - STOP! - What have you done to your health? - Was it worth the time and wasted wealth? - Excuses pile up and down the street - Are you strong enough to face the heat? - You have time - Go Protect yourself - Wash out that cup - Place it back on the top shelf - Find a mirror - Look in your eyes and see - You are valuable and you have the choice - to - Let it be, let it be, let it be... -
December 29, 2021
Double Standard
Do as I say - Not as I do - Do as I say - It's better for You - Do as I say - No don't do that - That's what I did - Don't copy cat - Do as I say - Better this Way - Because What I do -  is the right way - For me... not You.
November 30, 2021
Manifest Station
Chorus: Welcome to the Manifest Station - Where dreams become your creation - Just remember to think twice - 'cause everything comes with a price - Leaf Afloat - Leaf so Green - Help me See - What's Unseen - Tapping into Earth's Power - Humans call it Earth - Stemming from a Human Birth - Therefore - We are called "Humans" - Confirmation "Trumans" - Chorus Repeat Welcome to the Manifest Station - Where dreams become your creation - Just remember to think twice - 'cause everything comes with a price - So tell us - What would you Like? - How about a Shiny Red Bike? - That's not your shade, oh... Maybe Blue? - We can Manifest anything for You - Who is We? You ask? - To get Your answer, here's Your first Task - And no, there won't be a grade so... - Chorus Repeat Welcome to the Manifest Station - Where dreams become your creation - Just remember to think twice - 'cause everything comes with a price - There You Go - Now You See - It begins with - One, Two, Three - Four, Five, Six, Seven - Stop Staring at the Ground - Look Up! - Listen to the Sound! - DING! - What Time is it? - Ahhhhh - Eleven Eleven - Chorus Repeat Welcome to the Manifest Station - Where dreams become your creation - Just remember to think twice - 'cause everything comes with a price -
October 10, 2021
They Found me Twice - Hide - Chains Wrapped Around - Bide - Nowhere to Run - Ride - Look at the Moon - Tide - Turn Left Turn Right - Side - Protect the One - Pride - Turn the page - Rip - Crack - Reverse the horror movie Track - As it Mirrors Forward and Back - Your life spins out of whack - re-program - re-code - re-hack - This episode contains some long ramblings that are too long to type here or there, maybe not too long for somewhere... care to listen? Then continue on... and tune in next time for another one of... Meta's Musings.
September 02, 2021
There are Shadows - There are Faces - There are People in Multiple Places - There is Life - There is Death - There is Hope - Take a Breath - Look Around - Hear the Sound - Of the Birds - Calling to the Ground - Dinosaurs - No, Dragons... - Moving Masses - In Three Wheeled Wagons - Coffins - Bridges - Potato Chips -   With all the Ridges - Take This - Take That - Oh Look - A Vampire Bat - Wear White - Wear Black - Does it Matter - When You're in the Sack? - Ignis Fatuus - Lux Noctis - Finis Ludis - Bliss - Insomnium - Meta  This episode contains some long ramblings that are too long to type here or there, maybe not too long for somewhere... care to listen? Then continue on... and tune in next time for another one of... Meta's Musings. 
August 16, 2021
Over MEasy
Over MEasy Get Over Me - It's easy - I'm Sure - Run run run - To your Ex-Wife's Back Door (if you know what I mean) - Not One, Not Two - Not Three - Or Four - Five Six Seven - Eight Nine Ten - You said - You told her - "No More" - Why Divorce? (she didn't want to) - You Paid the Bill - Didn't You? - Fake Divorce - There's Pleasure Galore - Remember You Ran to Her - When You didn't Want Me Anymore? - She Will Respond - Of Course She Does -  With the Help of Your "Best Friend, his Wife" & "Brother" - Buzz Buzz Buzz - Oh What's That? - Time to Eat? - Exotic Food? - Must be a Treat... - Indian Cuisine - Weight Loss Tea - How's it working For Her? - Ha Ha Ha Apologies... - Sometimes These Visions - Can be a Blur - Oh Look - Another Gifted Pot that I can Stir - You wanted to Show me Your Love? - OH! - I get it Now! - Gypsy Phish - Glub Glub - DROWN - You tripped and fell into her Parts - Boom Boom Pow Pow - Much Fun - Very Wow - Fake Hearts -  No New Friends - They Say - Yeah that's Healthy - Not Toxic in Any Way - Buzz Buzz Buzz - New Message Today - She wants to "Just Talk" - You Know... Body to Body - What Do You Say? - She Speaks Your Language - Have Fun - Go Play - I choose my Pen - You both can enjoy - being Numéro 10 -   Over MEasy - Meta - That was a lot to unpack wasn't it? What can it all mean? Hmm.. I wonder... I mean it's in Plain ENG I would say. A little bit of Rhymes here and there but that's okay. My messages gets out in such a way that it'll get out there, Today. And... I also wanted to say that sometimes you get into situations where the possible other person that you thought would progress with you, and move forward with you, and decided to live in the now as opposed to be stuck to their past... tied to a string to where they couldn't grow out of the immaturity and necessity, manipulation, control, as if they enjoy it.  I don't stand for that.  I stand for my own personal, spiritual freedom, when that is the case, the case is closed.  I decided that I want no more of it. Because I deserve Better.  Maybe one Day Better will Come... I'm not in any Hurry and I'm not going to rush into anything.  People like to do that though, rush into something... make a mistake.  How do you get out? Sometimes, it's hard... Sometimes very carefully... This time it was "Huh..." I got a Juicer. Take care. And still... As if that person thought they learned something... their mind was still being controlled by the people they choose to continue to speak with.  They choose the Toxic BS. Another part of their manipulation.. what am I gonna do? Go away. Do my own Thing. Live my own life. I am the most Important to Me - In my life... I must live for other reasons. I prefer the unknown. I have no idea what I'm doing after recording this podcast.  Why? Because that's how life should be. We live within the Unknown.  We shouldn't know. Because we really don't know.  A lot of the times, the answers have to come from within.  I will follow my intuition... like I always have been because my Intuition for myself has been a pretty scary right as opposed to left.. if you know what I mean... I know you do... 
August 05, 2021
Missed Connection
You like Someone - They like Another - and you don't want to seem like a Bother - Keep to Yourself - This Too Shall Pass - Place Your Feelings in a Jar made of Glass - They Come - They Go - and it's Okay - Plenty of Fish - In the Sea - They Say - Being High - Doesn't Help - Less of a Fish - More of a Kelp - Swim Swim - Swim Away - Live to Enjoy the Day - Feeling Alone? - I do, too... - That's the Price you Pay - When they don't have a Clue - Missed Connection - Meta - One of the best and worst experiences as Human is to connect Emotionally with another Human. Why is it the Best? Well wait - let's rewind.  I said connect Emotionally - completely different than Physically.  Anybody can connect Physically.  Anybody... if you get my drift? Is it worth it? That's for you to answer.  Let's go back to the Emotional Connection.  The Emotional Connection is at its Best when you find someone you can connect with in ways where You understand them more than they understand Themselves and They understand you more than You understand Yourself. As if you find your complete Mirror Image that can answer the questions you've been asking your whole life about yourself. You meet them, you talk to them, discuss, envision, grow, imagine, and it's AMAZING! Then... sometimes... it becomes the Worst experience.  They decided they want to Reject you. You're not Good Enough. They become a Ghost. For example, you start to talk to someone and they talk back to you... and it's innocent in the beginning. Back and Forth. Talk Talk. Then you find later, as into them as you were, they just wanted someone else.  You find that when you go to support them and hang out with them and continue to learn and talk to them more... because you want to learn more about this person, you find that the rejections comes from them Disappearing from your World. That's when it becomes the Worst feeling - experience.  Just the Worst.  So, what do you do? You keep moving forward. This Too Shall Pass.  There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  They are Humans everywhere. But what is interesting is that when you have those emotional connections that's where it is the most Special and most Interesting.  Because you are Born alone and you Die alone.  Where is it Written that you even need anybody.  Where is that saying that you need to connect with someone? It is the most Unknown, Interesting, Human Experience that there is. If you are someone that has been rejected lately by someone you believe should be that one for you... just remember: This Too Shall Pass.  It happens to me a lot. Even Recently... I can say that I was really interested in someone. I tried my best... But I was coming out of a past relationship... I decided to keep to myself and figured if they wanted me, they would reach out to me, but the world doesn't work that way.  Sometimes, you have to be a Tiger to get what you want. But we are all Humans living the Human Experience.  
August 03, 2021
Beautiful Girl - Little Bit taller than me - Short Hair, Dark Eyes - A real anomaly - The first time we met - She came out of the walls - like a jet - And Said... She said - This is my Device - My isn't it Nice - To Activate - Use Voice and State - Area Code/Year - Then You'll Disappear - No need to Fear -  Time is a Construct - Wipe off that Sweat Duct - You and I will always be Here - Far apart, yet Near... Near - The Unknown Timeline will Continue - As long as you choose to care For You - We will find each other again - Until Then... Until Then - Go Ahead... Go Ahead - Go Ahead and wait by Big Ben - Patience - Meta - Stop waiting for things that are out of your control! Patience is a concept that is intertwined with the Positive and the Negative... Where you believe you must wait because... Time... But, Time is a construct. Yes, you may have to wait, but you can Progress while waiting. That's all on You. If you want something to happen, think about what needs to be available to you to make those things happen. If you just wait around nothing will happen.  You have to take charge and do what you gotta do. At then end of the day it's always going to fall back on YOU. It's your job to figure yourself out... right? Therefore... How patient are you? Could you wait for something? While you wait, how will you progress? Side note:  Have you noticed time slowing down lately? Anyone else notice? You know what else I noticed? I've unlocked my 50 listener goal so that I can start selling you things people want to sell you with my voice! Thank you all so much for your support and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings...
July 30, 2021
Spell FEAR
Come Along, Come Along - The Bard is here to sing her Song -  Come close, Gather Near - She will sing away your FEAR - Because - F is for Funny so - Do not be afraid - E is for Everything -  Even loud sounds that can be made - BUT- Ayyy is for After - Because after everything - You come across the letter R - That pulls you into its Ring - Its Ring of Light - With a ball of dark chaos inside - And You - You ask Why? - Why??? - Because Light and Dark create the Sky - So, Please... Look Up - You can see that there's nothing there - It's just a word - It's just a word - Just a word... F - E - A - R - It's just a word - Spell FEAR - Meta - Words are Powerful. So powerful... even small words like FEAR. In itself, FEAR just four letters... but people cannot face it! They can't face it! It's just a word... at the end of the word there's... you guessed it, Nothing! Think about that.  How can you face something that has been created by your own mind? You tell it to Go Away. You take whatever you think is the Fear haunting you and analyze it. Really look into why it's scaring you. When you figure it out and realize that you can stop, look back, pause a little, and reflect, and then realize that you are doing it to yourself... (even if others are involved) it's still You. That's it. When you realize it's You (with others sometimes). People out there will play on your fears where they will say something that will rent space in your brain and then they wait patiently... maybe they will disappear... creating that... "fear." At the end, you must realize it's You. You hold the string, you control, you play games, you do whatever you want to do. It's always going to be you.  Just figure out how to play the game right. If you continue to think that you are doing everything wrong then you will continue to live in that fear that you created for yourself.   It's always going to circle back to the person in the mirror... Which is You. You are more Powerful than you know and that is my message.... Thank you all for listening and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings.
July 27, 2021
Never liked Gold - It makes a person Old - Drains their energy - Sucks the Youth out Cold - Transfers right to Me - Karma's really Bold -  It's a gift, you see - Evil Eye Attacks Reflect and Fold - Because I am Me - My Soul is mine to Hold - I know you're listening - But my Message has been told - But, but, but, but, - You're easily mind controlled - By not one, two, three, yes, Four - C. D. F. F. - Oh, what a Snore! - They can Have You Dear - I exist No More in Your Reality - So Go and Face your Fear - I'll stay Silver, over Here... - Silver - Meta - Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy, if you say it enough it loses meaning.  It starts to sound like Jelly. It's interesting how far people can go because of Jealousy to get what they want in the end.  They do it even to get another person (scary). They do it so strategically, where it looks like they are the victim... Sound familiar? That's called Manipulation... even better Crowd Control Manipulation. To be in control because of jealousy.  To be jealous of a person they don't even know but somehow that person affects their lives so much that they had to go so far and do things... Manifestations, Spells... but it won't work, not on me, instead, it reflects.. Karma knows when the game is played right and I can't wait for the person that needs to hear this to really Hear it. My messages have multiple meanings and especially when jealousy is involved and relationships end poorly... I am who I am and It is what it is... so... Thank you all, I have almost reached my 50 listener goal with your support and feedback, therefore, you must Stay Tuned for another one of Meta's Musings.
July 25, 2021
Abuse Requiem
Saliva in my Eye - Face rubbed into Carpet -  So long ago - I can't remember why - Bruised Eye - Head smashed into car window - the Emergency brake - Pulled over at a lake - or possible grave - Bruised Head - Shoved into unfinished wall - Lip begins to tear and bleed - a few punches on my right - Tossed into Cold Shower - Bruised Chest - Held close one night - Until I fell asleep - Woke up quickly - mid push off bed into dresser - Bruised Knee - Sleeping Soundly - can't breathe - struggling now - Pillow on my Face - Not a Dream - Wake up, Breathe! - Wait - Was it a Dream? Bruised Mind - Confused all the time - Flinch - Flinch - Flinch - Nice and friendly to Others - Smiles all Around - Where do you - get all your Bruises from? Choked out until passed out - Can't be too revealing - Stupid Girl - No one Wants YOU - or cares about what You're Feeling - You're TOO FAT - Don't EAT - STOP Eating - FAT FAT FAT - STUPID FAT GIRL - TRASH - Pathetic... - Without Question - Without Reason - Just Because - Just Because - Just Because - I was told I deserved it - Abuse Requiem - Meta Share your story! Doesn't matter how. Just do it! Mine is a bit dark and scary but I'm still sharing it because someone needs to hear it. Someone out there can relate to everything and anything. I believe this will reach the right person/people.  My story was a combination of different memories of an ex-partner that I had that made me believe I was something that I was not. It was hard to let go because other factors affected my situation. Other lives were affected as well.  All I thought to do was to stay quiet so that I could protect. But NO! Share your story! I am not quiet anymore! You have to remember to forget and move forward. Share the experience with others and take care of yourself. Protect yourself. You are not stupid. You are amazing. Please continue doing what you're doing and you will go far. You can get out of it. You can do it your own way - as I did. You can get out of it.  Everybody works on their own time and that's okay. Take care of yourself. I believe in YOU. That is my message for today. Please tune in next time for another Episode of Meta's Musings...
July 22, 2021
Naïve Reprieve
I was in love once -  Or so they have told -  I saw many things -  Even us growing old - But, I was Naïve - to put real Bold -  Such a Fool Really - With a Heart of Gold - So what happens now? - Do I fold? - No! - Bring in the New - Out with the Old - and when the Time comes - I will behold - a Silver Heart - you know - It's an Upgrade from Gold - Naïve Reprieve - Meta - Oh what a time to be Naïve!!! Can that person be right for you? Will we ever know? I don't know. Go look at yourself first. Hard to recognize yourself sometimes, isn't it? It's hard because you don't pay attention to yourself enough.  Go pay attention to yourself. There might be a connection between you and someone else but energy transfer can and will happen and you'll move on just fine. 
July 20, 2021
Loco Emotio
The N is Silent - and it is Dark - such a Tradition - Sang the Lark - Let's try again - Disembark - Spaceship Space - What a Spark - Staring Contest - Leaves a Mark - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -  Bite and Bark - New Destination - Time to Park - Go Explore - Don't Trust the Shark - Loco Emotio - Meta Emotions. The motions of the E. They get you going in certain ways and that is okay.  We all have to go through the motions of the E in your mind. The best way sometimes is to just cry it out. The cry affect... let it out, let it go.  It is okay to just cry it away because tomorrow is another day.  It Rhymes, so it must be true.  Thank you all for your support and feedback and stay tuned for another Episode of Meta's Musings! 
July 18, 2021
Heliduction Abduction
Hovering Loudly - Transporting Goods -  Be it Human or Item - Over the Woods - Big Floating Eye -  Overbearing Me - Chop Chop Chop - Nowhere to Flee - A Hole in the Ground - What a way to Fall in - Quiet Now - 360 Spin - Keep Low - Don't Look -  Be Still -  Freeze -  Pounding Heart -  Pounding Heart- Through the Wind Breeze - Just Stay - Just Stay - You've survived another day - Just Stay - Just Stay - You've survived another day - Heliduction Abduction - Meta -- Everybody get's haunted by something, but you have to remember that the thoughts in your head are yours to control. Yours for you to say: "STOP! These are the thoughts I do not need Today." You can tell yourself it is okay to not think. Move forward. Keep going. Move past the fear and stop hiding. Be you, Beautiful. Thank you all for your support, the feedback has been amazing! I'm so close to my 50 listener goal. Stay tuned for another episode of Meta's Musings!
July 17, 2021
Socially Mediatic
What a Shame - Technology played right into the Game - of Fame - Fame Fame - Say it Five times fast and it becomes - Lame - Lame Lame Lame - Oh - That was only Four - Guess it's time to settle the Score - One moment please - ACHOO! - My Heart Stopped - I had to Sneeze - I'm allergic to the technologies - Not even my trusty biofreeze - can relax my muscle memories - Brainwashed to enjoy the Fantasies - That the technology brings - and the little bird Sings - Tweet Tweet Tweet - and the bell rings - DING - the notifications flooding in - grasping all with a finger spin - to win - to win - to win the hearts of many - with a Gram on your Inst - and a Book in your Face - Snap Snap - Chat Chat - Ticky Tock and Twitch - at least it calms your unsoothed itch - a Discord if you will  - just make sure to pay the bill - unless You want to end up in the Tube. Socially Mediatic - Meta Life before social media.  Can you even think about it?  What if it never existed? Imagine waking up and not checking your phone.  Okay, now stop crying and go hug your phone.  Social Media has contributed equally to the positive and negative.  It has helped humans evolve in many, many ways - along with the technologies associated with it... like algorithms... but that is story for another episode of... Meta's Musings... 
July 16, 2021
My Knight
The veil is lifted -  My face shines bright -  The man in front was not my Knight - Control, Control, Fear, Anger, and Pain -  Nothing from this life to gain - My wings grew larger -  Hoping for flight -  and I was knocked down by my Cowardly Knight - Hate, Hate, Passion, Despair - My Knight didn't give one care -  My wings spread out from left to right - and I flew from my Overbearing Knight - Laughter, Laughter, Bliss, and Glee -  Dark is the Only Knight for me - My Knight - Meta - Not everybody is who they seem... You might know them for many years, but people change.  They change for themselves and that is okay.  Make sure that you are changing for yourself and Be For You. Think about that... Thank you all so much for the feedback on my podcast and all the support and tune in next time for another one of Meta's Musings!
July 15, 2021
Claim the Experience - Positive or Negative - It's never too late - The support you need is there -  Even if not physical - Just wake up and see - Cry if you have to - Keep going - Breathe - Another experience will come - Positive or Negative - Opportunity - Betrayal - Loss - EXPAND - Rinse - Repeat - You Are the Universe [Y.A.T.U] - Meta Experiences can hit you in the face. Like the wake up call you didn't ask for. Think about a time you had to face a challenging experience.  Wanna talk about it? Let me know @metapopsicle. Email/Send a voice message.  Let's learn together and let's help my podcast get to the 50 listener goal so I can sell you things from places.  Thank you again for listening to another one of... Meta's Musings.
July 14, 2021
Tick Tock TV
The TV - A glowing box - in which is stared at by many - Feeding - Feeding lies to the already shattered brain - Brainwashing - Brainwashing the masses - Switching from clip to clip to clip to clip - To stimulate - The subconscious - Senses - 30 seconds - 30 seconds - One after another fade away - into - the World of the Electric - Moving Pictures - Thrashing Sounds - Voices - Voices - Voices - No one thinks to turn away - Voices - Voices - Voices - No one thinks to breathe - Venture - Out - and Breathe - The clock - is Ticking - The TV - is Helping - and the Time - is - Tick Tock Itself - Away - grow old - grow old - grow old in front of that box - grow old - grow old - Time already has run out - ~ Tick Tock TV -Meta What's your most favorite electronic moving picture that wastes your time? Also, I need your support! Looking to hit 50 unique listeners so that I can get sponsored and continue this lovely words of things that I do.  You can find me everywhere @metapopsicle - all my socials! Thanks again for listening to another one of Meta's Musings!
July 11, 2021
The Raven | Her Side of the Story
It was cold and wet - I had nowhere to go - I flew around town -  Gliding nice and slow - I finally found a dark dark place - It looked small and cozy, with its little space- I tapped tapped tapped at the glass - a window - as they call it - its ton of mass - I kept on tapping with my beak that night - Then I saw a man - Filled with fright - He began to talk to himself - as to greet another guest - He opened the door - it bore an empty chest - The man closed his chamber door - so I tapped again - even more - Finally, he noticed my noise - He opened the window with some poise - I soared through that hole as I may - I noticed a statue behind this man of gray - After I perched up on - the man asked me - who I was - why I was here - why he was filled with glee and I fear - and the first thing that came to mind - was to answer with - "Nevermore" - This dreaded man started talking... as if Nevermore was my name - I didn't know as to why but he though of me as a shame... - So I just stayed still... not a move of my beak - then outside I heard a noise, well... it was more of a shriek - I didn't move, I was chill - as silent as a hill - The man then dragged a chair right over to me - as if he was interested... as if I brought his fancy - He began to insult me - calling me everything negative - I was just a Raven, I had nothing to give - At that time I was young - I was no bird of yore - so he asked me a second question - and I quoted - "Nevermore" - He seemed to understand - yet he fell to the floor - and all I kept barking - was - "Nevermore" - He pondered whether if it was a sign - or if I was a stray to watch him whine - Is her spirit set free? Will I ever see my beloved Lenore? - I kept to myself, just like before - yet the man asked about a Familiar Lenore, with a spirit set free... - I knew not what to do, all this new stuff to explore - but again, nothing else to answer - other than - "Nevermore" - It has been a fortnight since this man and my meeting - This man, he gave himself a mental beating - Thinking as I was not real - what else could this poor man feel? - I stayed to keep him company - but he didn't accept it - He fled - He cursed me - Now people these days - Think I'm a scare - but what about the other horror stories? - Don't you even care? - Didn't you wonder why since the beginning of this glow - I would answer back a great writer - my creator, Edgar Allen Poe? - The answer is simple - Don't you see? - My spirit was the one set free... - of course, there's such thing as Nevermore - I was the one who kept saying it - For I  - Lenore. - The Raven | Her Side of the Story - Meta Every story has more than one side, we can't really see it sometimes until it is too late and the damage is done... all we can do is move forward and learn from our mistakes. Let's keep to the present and live in the now. Follow my socials to know when and where you can catch me next and Thank You for listening to another one of... Meta's Musings.  
July 09, 2021
The Jester
Mystical magics of the Jester's tragics Swinging his cane side to side... Terrible antics and peasantly frantics waiting for a turn from the tide... He opened his book dare you take a look? ...from the comic who just can't decide... He then took off his cap and pulled out a map ...invited you for the ride... You jump in with sin He gives you a spin Up in the air you glide... No chance to escape He throws back his cape Trapping you in his bide... You're a loss for words So close to the birds There is no place to hide... The Jester has Won... His tricks were no fun... but wait... oh darn..... You died. -- The Jester -- Have you ever felt oh so foolish that you landed a ride with the Jester? Tell me about it... Follow my socials to know when and where you can catch me next and Thank You for listening to another one of... Meta's Musings.
July 08, 2021
Rage of a Forgotten Psycho
Beating... Over and Over My mentality has been torn - Yelling... The voices inside - - forcing me to do things that aren't right Crucifying... Breaking my soul It's gone - - never again will it rise All I need now is the final conductor of my internal electricity... To now be known again... - Meta What beats inside you?
July 07, 2021
Meta's Musings Trailer
Join me on an adventure from inside my mind outside to yours be it ramblings, stories, poetry and more...
July 07, 2021