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Mornings with Mike

Mornings with Mike

By micael leigh
Welcome to Mornings with Mike! Im your host Micael and I have my favorite humans come talk all things entertainment and life! Hope you enjoy
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My Eating Disorder

Mornings with Mike

Body Positivity W/ Baylor, Charlie, & Emmy
TW! We talk eating disorders and body image in this episode. Please listen if you can if not come back next week I love you
July 27, 2020
Starting College w/ Emmy
Hi guys!! Today my wonderful friend Emmy is on the podcast to talk all about going off to college and figuring out how to navigate the move, new friends, and roommates! I know many of you are gearing up for freshman year at a new and exciting school and this episode will hopefully give you a little peace of mind or just a good laugh! Love you all and make sure to follow Emmy @emmy_28 and ask her any questions you may have! You can also follow me @micaelleigh xoxo
July 20, 2020
Too Close To Fire BTS
IF YOU'RE HEARING THIS THE MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT!! click the link to go watch the video and comment “TOO CLOSE🔥🔥”
July 13, 2020
Set Stories & Acting Fails
Hey guys todays episode is all about acting, my favorite! We talk about the Jordan Davis video I filmed a year ago, some Q&A questions, and some fun acting fails! I hope yall enjoy and come back next week! Follow me @micaelleigh and have a wonderful day
July 6, 2020
Coming Out 101 w/ Baylor & Liz
WE'RE GAY! Liz & Baylor came on the podcast today to share their coming out experiences and help me share mine! I'm so excited to finally share with the entire world that I'm a proud bisexual gal! I love you guys so much and I'm so grateful for your support! If you need to talk to someone call or text 1-866-488-7386 or 888-843-4564 or dm one of us @liz.swinger @baylorpenney and/or @micaelleigh! Stay safe and spread love HAPPY PRIDE
June 29, 2020
Being Gay on Air w/ Mary Carol
Good morning! This week a long time friend and all around amazing human, Mary Carol, came on to talk about her experience in radio and podcasting. We also get into how she came out and what it was like for her to share that with the world! Its an awesome episode and I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to check out her podcast to keep up with her exciting life! See you next week XOXO
June 22, 2020
Tea Time with Kady & Baylor
Hey guys todays episode is your favorite trio talking about life! We decided to do this around once a month so you guys can keep up on all of our tea! I hope you guys enjoy and follow them @kadytomp and @baylorpenney and of course me @micaelleigh
June 15, 2020
Black Lives Matter with Charlie & Kennedy
Today I'm brining to you a very important episode. My two wonderful friends Charlie and Kennedy came on the podcast to educate us all on the current Black Lives Matter Movement. I encourage you all to listen and continue to educate yourselves on what is currently happening in our world. Please continue to fight for what's right and do what you can to make a change! Heres sone resources for you to help: Petitions to sign Places to donate & Resources if you're protesting i love you all please be safe and spread joy and love
June 11, 2020
Editorial Modeling with Annsley Wood
Hey guys I hope all is well! Today a friend and fellow model came on to talk all about her favorite types of modeling and some of the projects we've worked on together! As always follow her @annsley.wood and find me @micaelleigh message me with any questions you have and please like and rate the podcast! Also go to my IGTV to find the apple video we did together! Kisses
May 25, 2020
Theatre Talk with Charlie & Liz
Hey guys I hope all is well, today my friends Charlie and Liz come on to talk all about theatre! It was so fun to have them come on and just talk about what its like to love theatre! Follow them @liz_klein_ & @chabellaofficial and of course me @micaelleigh kisses
May 18, 2020
Underwater Photography with Matt McGee
Today my friend Matt comes on the podcast to talk about being an underwater photographer. We have worked together many times and always have the best time! I hope yall enjoyed this episode and come back next week! Follow Matt @matt_mcgee_photography and me @micaelleigh love yall
May 11, 2020
Mornings with Mike & My Dad
This episode is with my dad Donovan Degelau and we literally just talk about life haha i hope y’all enjoy it! Follow him on instagram @tripld3 and his podcast insta @drivinlife and listen to his podcast “Drivin’ Life” and follow me on the gram @micaelleigh :))) stay safe love y’all!!
May 4, 2020
Mornings with Mike & Anna
Hope you guys enjoy todays episode and follow Anna @annamariecalaforra and me @micaelleigh
April 27, 2020
Lets Talk Relationships with Kady & Baylor
Hi friends!! Today Baylor Penney and Kady Thompson, my two best friends, come on and talk all things relationships! We answer your questions about being single, going through a breakup, and more! I hope you enjoy and follow their socials @Kadythomp and @Baylorpenney and me of course @Micaelleigh love yall see you next week
April 20, 2020
Mornings with Mike & My Mom
Hey guys I hope you love todays episode it was so fun for us to do! Follow my mom @thehapps615 and listen to her podcast The Happs 615 also you can find her @degelau4 as always i love y'all stay safe and follow me @micaelleigh
April 13, 2020
Ghosts & Dreams with The Boys
Hey guys!! This episode is a roller coster let me tell you...I had my best friends on to talk about literally almost everything haha!! Follow Miguel @official.miguel.aranda, Calvin @kitkarts, Liz @liz.swinger, and me of course @micaelleigh i love you guys, thank you so much for listening to us!!
April 6, 2020
Mornings with Mike Q&A
Hey guys todays episode is just me. Flying solo I decided to do a q&a with all you're questions! I hope y'all enjoy it and come back next week. Also follow me on instagram @micaelleigh all other socials! Also watch the YouTube video on my channel Micael Leigh
March 30, 2020
Mornings with Mike & Miguel
Hey guys!! I feel like I haven't talked to ya'll in years because of this corona stuff BUT today Miguel came on and we talked all about our relationship and his music and theatre! Its a super fun episode and you can actually watch it on youtube at micael leigh ALSO follow Miguel on instagram @official.miguel.aranda and me @micaelleigh love you guys see you next Monday be safe
March 23, 2020
The Modeling World with Alicia Tremaine
Hey y'all!! Today Alicia Tremaine, one of my besties, and I talked about modeling, the weird things we go through in the industry, and so much more! I hope you enjoy and follow Alicia @Alizia123 on instagram! Let me know who else you'd like to hear on the podcast and follow me on insta @micaelleigh love you mean it
March 16, 2020
Mornings with Mike & Kady
Hey guys todays episode is with one of my bestest friends Miss Kady Thompson! We talk about growing up in the music industry, acting & tv shows, and cheerleading! I hope y'all love it and follow kady @Kadythomp and follow me @micaelleigh! love you mean it
March 9, 2020
My Eating Disorder
Hey guys!! TRIGGER WARNING! eating disorder hotline (888)245-6555 This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week so I thought today I'd talk all about my story having an eating disorder and answer some of your questions! I hope ya'll enjoy and if this episode is too much for you then I hope to see you next week! Love you all & of course follow insta @micaelleigh
March 2, 2020
Theatre Talk with Baylor Penney
Hey guys! Today Baylor Penney, my best friend, and I sit down and talk all things theatre, our friendship, and Taylor Swift! I hope you enjoy and follow him at @baylorpenney on insta! Let me know who else you'd like to hear me chat with @micaelleigh on the gram love y'all
February 24, 2020
Mornings with Mike
OMG ITS THE FIRST EPISODE!!! I cant believe the podcast is finally out I hope y'all enjoy it and tune in next week! Follow me on insta @Micaelleigh and let me know what else and who else you want to hear on here! Love you
February 17, 2020