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Mike Baltierra Podcast

Mike Baltierra Podcast

By Michael Baltierra
Just a place for me to post my ramblings and random spoken thoughts.
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Interview with Black Belt World Champion James 300 Foster

Mike Baltierra Podcast

Interview with Black Belt World Champion James 300 Foster

Mike Baltierra Podcast

Interview with Ben Gleason of the band Source
In this interview, I speak with guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Ben Gleason of the band Source. I met Ben a few years ago when Source was on tour opening for Hell Yeah! and In Flames. Ben came through the photo pit, thanking the photographers for being at the show. I gave him my business card, and have been in contact with each other since. We discuss what is going with the band and how they are coping with the stay at home orders because of the Covid 19 pandemic. We also discuss the new band headquarters, the recording sessions, some details on their upcoming album, their planned marketing campaign for the new album and what its like now doing everything from pre-production, recording, mastering, and marketing as a independent band - meaning that they do not have the backing of a record label any longer.  Ben also talked about how the band plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign and also launching a "members" only page of the band's website which will have behind the scenes videos, merchandise, interviews, one on ones - whatever the band wants to share with the fans!  We talk about some tour highlights, personnel changes within the band, the favorite guitar he owns, and we also discuss some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Yes, Ben trains and is a Brown Belt under Amal Easton of Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Make sure to visit their website - - sign up for their newsletter and get a free sticker! This was an awesome and fun interview. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ben Gleason of the band Source! Web - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram - You can watch the video interview over on Youtube
June 8, 2020
Interview with the Director of Liberty Events and Promotions, LLC - Jeff Bourgeois
In this episode, I interview my long time friend Jeff Bourgeois. Jeff is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, a certified International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) referee, and the director of Liberty Events and Promotions, LLC (LEAP LLC).  We talk about family, running the Revolution, which is the largest jiu jitsu tournament in the Pacific Northwest, the importance of being a certified IBJJF referee and the privileges of being able to referee some of the largest tournaments around the globe, what it means to be a a long time student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, James '300' Foster, and his thoughts on the growth of Jiu Jitsu and MMA. Jeff also spends a good amount of time teaching and training at Combat Sport and Fitness (CSF). CSF is a BJJ/ MMA school located in Enumclaw, WA which is owned and ran by head instructor and UFC Veteran, Jeff Houghland.  Finally, with the lock down and stay at home orders due to Covid-19 / Corona Virus, will the Revolution Tournament be postponed indefinitely or will it go on? How to find LEAP, LLC Web - Facebook - Instagram -
May 23, 2020
Interview with New Orleans based photographer Jennifer Devereaux
In this episode I speak with New Orleans, LA based concert & wedding photographer Jennifer Devereaux. I knew of Jennifer and her work after coming across her Instagram portfolio a few years ago which showcased her photography and I became a fan of work after listening to her interview on Matthias Hombauer's How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Podcast.  She had her awesome concert photos published in Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Variety, Billboard, and DIME Entertainment.  We discuss how she got into photography, what her early experiences were starting out, how she landed a gig as the in-house photographer for the Fillmore in New Orleans and what tips and tricks for up and coming photographers.  Find Jennifer Web - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -
May 15, 2020
Interview with musician Justin Adams of the band Saint Diablo
In this episode I speak with Justin Adams who is the guitarist for the band Saint Diablo We talk the band's early years, how they got discovered by Eclipse Records, what was the inspiration behind the band's latest video "Ancient Astronauts", musical influences and some of his favorite concerts and festivals he has attended or played at.  We also talk about what Justin does outside of the music world as well and what he does to occupy his time. How to find Justin Instagram - @jbonediablo How to find Saint Diablo
May 8, 2020
Interview with artist, multi-instrumentalist, instructor and podcaster Adon Fanion
In this episode I speak with artist, multi-instrumentalist, instructor and podcaster Adon Fanion. We talk about his musical background and influences, his inspirations musically and for his art work, how he got his start being the front man and vocalist for the musical groups he has been associated with, his favorite memories from being on tour and some of the high lights he has experienced while being a musician - from touring Europe to playing 70,000 Tons of Metal and ProgPower and what he's been doing to keep himself busy. Where you can find Adon Web - Facebook - Instagram - You can find his Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts
May 1, 2020
Interview with CEO & President of Eclipse Records Chris Poland
In this episode I talk with the CEO and President of Eclipse Records, Chris Poland. Founded in 1997, Eclipse Records is an American independent record label based in Butler, New Jersey. The label is best known for bringing the Cleveland, OH band Mushroomhead to national attention.  We discuss how he got started in the music business, starting with a distributing company to starting his own record label. Chris talks about how he was able to start Eclipse Records, some of his early discoveries and successful acts; where and how he finds talent for his roster; how the music industry and has changed and how Eclipse Records has been able to adapt with these changes and remain successful. We talk about what are some of the goals and aspirations he has for Eclipse Records and if there are any up and coming artists we should keep an eye out for. How to find Eclipse Records Web -
April 27, 2020
Checking in and a quick update
Just a quick update as to what I have been up to for the last couple of months. Wanted to check in to let everyone know how my family and I are doing, what we're up to, what I am up to, what projects I have been working on or what I would like to work on in the future. If you want to get in touch with me Mike Baltierra Photo Web - IG - mikebaltierraphoto Facebook - mikebaltierraphoto PNW Music Photo Web - IG - pnwmusicphoto Faceboom - pnwmusicphoto
April 24, 2020
Interview with co-owner of Defiance Jiu Jitsu Jesse Bardizian
I interviewed Jesse Bardizian, one of the co-owners and lead instructors at Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, back on Jan 5, 2020.  After filming this video, I went and watched it and I wanted to redo the interview because facility that Defiance recently leased, was on the middle of construction and there was some back ground noise from the classes that were going on. But, we decided to wait until the current situation is over. Another couple of reasons why I wanted to redo this interview was because Defiance their grand opening in early February. During the grand opening seminar, Jesse received his black belt from James '300' Foster.  We discussed moving from a spot they sublet to their own facility, about Defiance's short term and long term goals for the gym and their students, and what Defiance has in store for the next year or two. I plan to do another interview with Jesse, as well as the other co-owner and coach, Stuart. It would be great to get their insight as to how things have come along for Defiance in the two years they've been in business. Web - Facebook - DefianceBJJ Instagram - Defiance_BJJ
March 23, 2020
Interview with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt and author Elena Stowell
I have an amazing show for you this week!!! I met with my friend, fellow Brazilian Jiu Jtisu practitioner, science teacher, and author Elena Stowell.  Like most others I have met here in the PNW, we met through Brazilian Jiu Jtisu. She is a teammate of mine over at Foster Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and she also happened to be my son Zach's Biology teacher! We talk how Jiu Jitsu saved her from some of the darkest moments in her life, to becoming an internationally recogized author, to starting a foundation in memory of her late daughter Carly, to starting a non-profit organization to get new  or used Jiu Jitsu equipment to those in need, in countries such as Brazil and the Philippines. We also discuss a young man by the name of Luciano who she met through her travel to the favelas of Brazilian and how she was able to help him fulfill his dream of not only coming to the United State, but also competing the IBJJF World Tournament in Long Beach, CA. This was a great discussion with one of my favorite persons.... Where to find Elena A few of the books she authored The Carly Stowell Foundation Jammin BJJ - Give the Gift of a Gi
March 4, 2020
Interview with Jessica Gittings of Lust Punch & Alive 85
I have a killer interview for you this week! Jessica Gittings is making a name for herself as the bass player for Seattle rock band Lust Punch as well as doing vocal duties in the Elvis Presley tribue band Alive 85 - The Elvis Show that never was! She is also managing some local talent and helping them with booking shows and since she is also a photographer, she is also helping those local bands with the promotional material. We talk about how she got into both Lust Punch and Alive 85; what it's like not only being in a band that is playing original material, but also being in a tribute band; how cool it was for Lust Punch to play the 99.9 KISW Live Day;  what is like to self finance their own recordings, merchandise and tours; and how you don't need a massive budget and a studio in order to record and publish your own music. I had a great time speaking with Jessica and I think we had a great conversation. So I'll stop talking so you can enjoy this interview with Jessica Gittings of Lust Punch and Alive 85! Support local musicians and artists! Lust Punch Alive 85
February 23, 2020
Discussion with my son Zachary Baltierra
In what I hope will be a weekly or something we do every other week, I sat down and had a really cool and fun discussion with my son Zach.  We kind of went all over the map on this, but we had a fun time recapping what has been a pretty awesome week.  Zach is a two time stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor. He just had the first of his post treatment CT and PET scans - which will be done annually; we talk about getting his scan results.  He also talks about post treatment nerve damage, which is called neuropathy, and what it's like having to deat with it, how much it affects his every day activities and how happy he was to get prescribed a medication called Gabipentin which helps with the pain and discomfort.  We discuss how much fun we had going to Portland, OR to check out WWE NXT Take Over at the Moda Center.  We also discuss how Zach has been helping me with video shoots, such as weddings and vlogs and podcasts and how he's enjoying helping with the lighting, audio and recording. Finally, we talk about both of us getting some new stripes on our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts. Hope you enjoy this episode!
February 21, 2020
Interview with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Cindy 'Sleeper' Hales
Cindy is one of the female dirty dozen - the first twelve non-Brazilians to receive a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Cindy received the nickname Sleeper because she is best known to put her opponents  to sleep through a variety of choke holds.  Cindy recently opened her own academy in Edmonds WA - Sleeper Jiu Jitsu.  We talk about what lead her to jiu jitsu, leaving the 9-5 rat race to train jiu jitsu full time, her travels around the world wide thanks to Jiu Jitsu, fighting against some of the pioneers of women's MMA, and what keeps her motivated to not to only continue training Jiu Jitsu, to becoming one of if not the best children's instructor in the Pacific Northwest, to finally open her own school and sharing her love of Jiu Jitsu with others. So here's my interview with my friend, and one of the female dirty dozen, Cindy 'Sleeper' Hales
February 16, 2020
Interview with Seattle Musician and guitarist for Mister Master Brandt Parke
In this episode I met with local musician Brandt Parke Brandt and I first met about 5 years ago when I checked out his band Mister Master for the first time when they played at Louie Gs Pizza in Fife WA Each time I have had the opportunity to catch Mister Master, they always put on a solid performance. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, it is highly recommended that you catch one of their shows.... With his ever evolving style of song writing and playing, Brandt has put out a six track solo release entitled A Walk Through the Park which was released in Jan 2019. He is currently involved in another project, the two man band known as Brake. We got together to discuss music, influences, art, the Seattle Music scene, some of the best shows he attended when he was growing up, what is next for his bands Mister Master and Brake, as well as his own solo projects It was great to spend time getting to know this incredible musician and equally awesome human.  So, without further ado - here's my interview with musician, guitar player extraordinaire, and an all around incredible dude, Brandt Parke.....
February 14, 2020
Interview with Watch Rome Burn drummer Jestyn Cummings
In this episode I sit down and speak with family man, medicine man, judoka, jiu jitsu roller, drum kit basher and all around cool dude, Jestyn Cummings. I thought my time was limited and my life is busy, but my goodness, Jestyn is busy as all get up. He needs to give a clinic on time management! We talk about his career, his family, how he and his brother, Drew, formed the band, Watch Rome Burn. We also talk about martial arts, how he got started in karate, making his way to judo, and eventually to jiu jitsu. check out Watch Rome Burn
February 7, 2020
Interview with BJJ Black Belt Tyy Withrow
An interview with my friend and teammate, Tyy Withrow.  We talk about family, Jiu Jitsu, photography and what it's like being married to an active Jiu Jitsu competitor and being a good role model to their daughter. We also discuss not only trying to juggle his busy life along side of work, but we also discuss him and his wife's goal to eventually open their own Jiu Jitsu academy, to hopefully get more product endorsements or sponsors, to one day put out some Jiu Jitsu instructional videos, as well as taking images of his family, capturing moments at Jiu Jitsu tournaments or events, as well growing his photography business.
January 31, 2020
Whoa An Update!
Its been too long since I posted anything! Just an update as to what's been going on - why I haven't been very active in posting recordings or updates. I talk about work, my son Zach and his dealing with cancer for the second time, and whatever else comes to mind.  I talk about doing videos on YouTube to keep friends and family up to date on Zach and his treatments. If you'd like to check them out, go to - and while you are there, why not subscribe to my channel. Don't forget to hit the Notification Icon (it looks like a bell) so that way you get notified when I post new videos!  Thanks for cruising on by! I hope you enjoyed listening! Take care of yourselves, be good to one another and I will speak with you again soon!
November 6, 2018
Interview with Black Belt World Champion James 300 Foster
We discuss how he went from being a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to being a academy owner; how he was able to grow his business; how he was able to cement relationships with and gain sponsorship from many Jiu Jitsu apparel manufacturers; and how he has been able to grow his student base FOLLOW PROFESSOR FOSTER ONLINE
November 2, 2018
Don't Take Life For Granted
Many of us never think of the inevitable. We go through life, working jobs to take of our loved ones, to pay bills and hopefully have something left over to either take a vacation or two. I talk about my twin sons - who both faced their own life threatening illnesses and how it has changed my life, my way of thinking and the way I try to live a life with purpose or meaning. Life every day as if it's your last. To find me online
March 2, 2018
Interview With Gary Horn
I interview Gary Horn, who is the manager of the Locomotive. Gary is also a big supporter of the Seattle music scene. In this interview we discuss the current state of the music scene in the Pacific North West, we discuss the band Locomotive, we discuss what drives his passion to be part of the music scene, and a project he is overseeing called 3*3*3 You can find Locomotive The Web - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram - To find me
February 20, 2018
Interview With Blue Helix
I sat down with the band Blue Helix - Sami (guitar / vocals), Marco (drums), Arman (guitar) and Wolf (bass - he was not present during the interview) We talk about their latest album "Anti Social Butterfly", the making of the video for the title track, their upcoming tour of Brazil in March 2018. We also talk influences, favorite music and the increase of their fan base. FInd Blue Helix online Website - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram - Find me online
February 19, 2018