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The Unbreakable Moms Podcast

The Unbreakable Moms Podcast

By michelle page
A podcast for working moms trying to balance family, relationships, career, health and faith. I'm Michelle Koe Page, a working mom and integrative pharmacist. Join me as I share interviews, tips and resources to help other working moms find peace and to create a healthy lifestyle with natural & holistic medicine that allows you to live a life that is faith based and joy filled.
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Interview with Chou Hallegra: Dealing with Feelings for Teens

The Unbreakable Moms Podcast

Interview with Tonya Crombie, PhD: From Anxious to Calm
In this episode, I’m chatting with Tonya Crombie, PhD, MBA- a mom of teenagers herself and a life coach who just happens to have a doctorate in psychology. Like many of us, it’s our own experience with something that allows us to discover our passion. For Tonya, it was being a mom as her own daughter experiences anxiety. We talk a lot about anxiety on this podcast because of the spectrum of anxiety- it can be a teen who worries about an upcoming test…. Or maybe your daughter has social anxiety… or maybe your child has full blown panic attacks. Each of these situations is going to require us to draw on different approaches and skills as we help our own daughters navigate the different intensities of anxiety. If you would like to connect with Tonya you can visit her website, The free download of her book can be obtained at And the Masterclass about Managing Your Child’s Anxiety can be found on YouTube here: *** Become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms. There are 4 different levels of sponsorship available- each with their own perks & benefits. Simply click the link in the details of this episode to be taken to the Unbreakable You Academy.
July 22, 2020
Interview with Rose Skeeters, LPC, PN-1: The Truth of Borderline Personality Disorder
Rose Skeeters, LPC, PN-1 sheds the light on the lesser known mental health condition known  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In this episode you will hear from Rose that people with BPD have a warped sense of reality and tend to be very sensitive- they feel things very deeply and are overly emotional. And there is an intense feeling of abandonment, emptiness and need to be validated. Many of our teens experience depression, anxiety and other self harming behaviors that don't appear to be responding to traditional treatment because the underlying cause of BPD is not diagnosed in teenagers- often because of the stigma associated with it.   Listen in as she talks her personal journey with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and how she learned that Borderline Personality Disorder was the “blanket” (the cause) of all of these other mental health issues.   More importantly Rose shares that unlike other mental health issues, BPD is cureable because this is a temperament issue, not a brain chemical imbalance.  You can listen to Rose’s podcast, Borderline to Beautiful for more information on Borderline Personality Disorder. If you would like to connect with Rose, you can visit her website, For more information about The Mclean Center for Adult Development that Rose mentioned in this podcast click here: Become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms. There are 4 different levels of sponsorship available- each with their own perks & benefits. Simply click the link in the details of this episode to be taken to the Unbreakable You Academy. Here you will find the different sponsorship levels as well as programs and courses created by the Unbreakable Moms.
June 11, 2020
Interview with Cassidy Russell: Therapy for Nerds
In today’s episode Cassidy Russell, LMFT and founder of Therapy for Nerds, shares how her own “nerdiness” helps her relate to her teenage patients by using superheros from movies and video games. Although Cassidy provides therapy to what she calls “nerds”, she is really referring to teenagers who are outcasts- those who have interests that are different than the social norms which can make it challenging for moms to relate and connect with them. If you would like to connect with Cassidy, you can visit her website, You can also check out her YouTube channel, Therapy for Nerds, where she speaks about mental health issues using films like “Coraline”, “Frozen” or superheros like “Shera” Become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms. There are 4 different levels of sponsorship available- each with their own perks & benefits. Simply click the link in the details of this episode to be taken to the Unbreakable You Academy.  Here you will find the different sponsorship levels as well as programs and courses created by the Unbreakable Moms.
May 28, 2020
Interview with Victoria Shaw, PhD, MA, LPC: Intuitive Parenting
In this episode, Victoria Shaw PhD, MA, LPC shares how moms can tap our intuition as we guide and mold our teenagers.  But more importantly, we need to hear what our intuition is telling us- especially when our buttons are pushed. After all, as Victoria states, “kids are genetically engineered to push our buttons.” If you would like to connect with Victoria Shaw, PhD, MA, LPC you can email her at or visit her website at And don't forget.... If you  enjoyed today’s episode, I invite you to become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms. There are 4 different levels of sponsorship available- each with their own perks & benefits. Simply click the link in the show notes to be taken to the Unbreakable You Academy. Here you will find the different sponsorship levels as well as programs and courses created by the Unbreakable Moms. More about Victoria Shaw, PhD, MA, LPC: Victoria Shaw received her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Princeton University, and completed a postdoctoral training in the department of Educational and Developmental Psychology at Columbia University Teachers College. She earned her MA in Counseling from Fairfield University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a State Certified School Counselor. Additionally, she has advanced training in a several counseling modalities including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Distance Counseling and Energy Psychology. Her approach to counseling and therapy is holistic, and she draws from a variety of theoretical frameworks, tools and techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual client. She works with children, teens and parents on a variety of life issues including those academic, social and emotional. She also works with adults on the challenges of life transitions, stress management, trauma, parent concerns and spirituality.
May 13, 2020
Interview with Judith Mills Bramble, DO: Lifestyle Medicine for the Family
In this episode, I’m chatting with family physician, Judith Mills Bramble, DO about lifestyle medicine- an approach to health that encompasses the whole person- not just a specific symptoms or problem. As a busy working mom of 4 herself, Dr. Mills Bramble understands the challenges of providing whole food based meals for the family.  In this episode she shares how moms can empower their teen by teaching them about the influence of food as medicine- whether it’s to fuel their bodies to perform as an athlete or to promote acne- free skin. Most importantly, she shares with us a very practical way that we can bond with our teenagers. If you would like to connect with Dr Mills Bramble you can email her at You are also welcome to sign up for newsletter called Eating By The Blueprint by clicking this link: *****Become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms**** If you  enjoyed today’s episode, I invite you to become a sponsor of The Unbreakable Moms. There are 4 different levels of sponsorship available- each with their own perks & benefits. Simply click the link below and you will find the different sponsorship levels as well as program and courses created by the Unbreakable Moms.
April 29, 2020
Interview with Stephanie Johnson, MEd, MSW, LSW: Love & Logic Parenting
In today's episode, Stephanie Johnson,  MEd, MSW, LSW speaks about the unique challenges that come up from being a single mom and how the principles of the Love & Logic (TM) way can provide calm and productive discussions with your daughters- even if you’re NOT a single parent. Listen to today’s episode as Stephanie shares how to approach your daughter when they are lying and the “one liners” that we can use lovingly to neutralize our daughters’ attempt to start an argument. About Stephanie Johnson: Stephanie Johnson obtained her undergraduate degree in sociology with an elementary teaching certificate in 1998. She taught four years, while earning her Master’s Degree in Education and received training in Love and Logic® parenting. She has facilitated classes and provided individual support to parents for over 14 years. Stephanie’s passion for supporting children led her to return to school and earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Denver. She specializes in child development, parenting, addiction and supporting those who are interested in working toward a more authentic and fulfilling life. Stephanie’s many years of working in various roles with children, parents and individuals has provided her with a unique ability to genuinely empathize and provide patients with a safe space for exploring how to institute positive change. You can connect with Stephanie via email at or through the Petersen Family Counseling website at
April 16, 2020
Managing Anger Holistically with Michelle Page, PharmD, RPh
We are angry.  As of this recording, on a global scale, our society is being confronted with the threat of COVID-19, the Coronavirus. We are practicing social distancing, which means that all events have been cancelled and our kids are learning through the use of modern technology since the physical school buildings are closed.  Some of us have the ability to continue working from home… and some of us have lost jobs because of the current state of affairs. The bottom line is that we are spending 24/7 with our families- trying to work, helping to homeschool our kids, entertain our kids and just be a mom. It’s no surprise that anxiety, tension, stress and fear is running high and tempers are short. We are angry. Which is why this podcast is needed.  I will share with you different ways of managing anger. Because I know what it’s like to be a mom and I am not a stranger to being angry. Managing anger is not just a coping skill.  I’m not a counselor or therapist- I’m an integrative pharmacist. So I’m going to share with you some non-traditional, alternative & holistic ways to do this. And because one of my core values comes from my faith, I will share how my Christian beliefs help me find peace and comfort during times when I am angry. If you would like to schedule a private consultation session or simply connect with me, you can find me on Facebook at Unbreakable Moms or Dr. Michelle Koe Page….. or you can visit my website at
April 02, 2020
Interview with Sue Busen: Tap Into (Emotional) Balance
Negative emotions can be super charged and overtake our logical mind very quickly.  But sometimes our emotions are less intense as in the case of being anxious but not in panic mode.  In today's episode, Sue Busen talks about using a technique called "tapping" to release and shift our emotional state.  This is a technique that can be safely used by anyone and anywhere.  Listen as Sue shares more about this technique and takes me through a mini session. Sue Busen is a practitioner, speaker, and best-selling International author. She is the founder of The GetSet™ Approach, Tap into Balance, and My Pet Healer.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, graduate work at Winona State University and Keller Graduate School of Management, and attended classes with Trinity College of Natural Health. Sue has spent years working in the field of health and wellness as a Certified Natural Health Professional and received her certification in Heath Information Technology in Practice Workflow and Redesign. If you would like to get the books & scripts mentioned in this episode or to connect with Sue, you can visit her website, Tap Into Balance,
March 18, 2020
Bridget Boursiquot: Parenting In Families of Divorce
Bridget Boursiquot, LICSW  is the owner of Bridge to Healthyself, with over 12 years in the field.  With specialties in relationship issues, life transitions, and anxiety/stress,  Bridget has worked with a wide range of clients. Her skills include tailored treatment approaches to work with those who may be experiencing depression, self-esteem concerns, life threatening illness, stress, parenting concerns, trauma and abuse, loss, and infertility and pregnancy. She has coached many individuals and couples through their processes of growth and has helped them to create a better life space for themselves.  In this episode, Bridget shares her insights and tips for co-parenting and parenting step children. At her core, she believes in treating everyone with empathy, kindness, and compassion. Change your worry into hope and fears into strength while cultivating healthy connection and communication. Bridget provides therapy and coaching for individuals and couples who find themselves in a challenging time and are looking for a Bridge to healthyself.  You can connect with Bridget and learn more about her services on her website: Email: Phone: 781-277-7273
February 28, 2020
Interview with Michelle Mitchell: Everyday Resilience in Our Teens
Today my guest is Michelle Mitchell, an award-winning speaker, and bestselling parenting author. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate and “real” advice for parenting tweens and teens. You will want to listen to this episode as Michelle speaks about creating the very important life skill of RESILIENCE in our own daughters. If you would like to get a copy of the book, Everyday Resilience, (or any of Michelle Mitchell’s books), you can visit her website at
February 12, 2020
Interview with Cary Hamilton: Teenagers and Sexting
Cary Hamilton is a child and family therapist who shares her tips and suggestions about when and more importantly, how we need to be having the discussion of sexting with our daughters.   Our pre-teen and teenage children are often exposed to unsolicited sexting or are being pressured by their peers (male and females) to send nudes. You will want to hear Cary's suggestions about how to approach this sensitive subject in a non-confrontational manner. If you would like to connect with Cary or see the services and programs that she offers, you can visit her website at The Technological Tail by Julia Cook is the children's book that Cary speaks about during the interview.  You can find it on Amazon here:
January 24, 2020
Interview with Sue Busen: Tormented by Technology
Technology is harming our teens.... but not in the way you might think.  The harm being caused is not the addiction, the comparisonitis, the impact from social media.  No, the harm that is being created is due to the radiation exposure. In this interview Sue shares the devastating challenge her family faced when she became seriously ill after their smart meter was installed on their home.  It took almost two years to figure out that radiofrequency radiation from this smart meter was the cause of her failing health. After lots of research and investigating,  Sue was able to stabilize her health with the support of her three adult sons. Together, they are now on a mission to share their story and educate others so that we can all live more safely. Sue Busen has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, graduate work at Winona State University and Keller Graduate School of Management, and attended classes with Trinity College of Natural Health. Sue has spent years working in the field of health and wellness.  She is a practitioner, speaker, and best-selling International author plus the founder of The GetSet™ Approach, Tap into Balance, and My Pet Healer.  You can learn more about Sue and her services at You can find Sue's book, Tormented By Technology on Amazon
December 05, 2019
Interview with Marelda Rodrigues
In this episode, I speak with Marelda Rodrigues, a grief massage therapist, functional medicine certified health coach and the founder of Move Beyond Grief. I learned that grief is not only something that happens when someone close to us dies, but that grief is an emotional process associated with any type of loss. You will hear about the types of loss our teenage daughters can go through and how the body responds to it. But most importantly, Marelda shares how we can help our body heal after the loss. If you wish to connect with Marelda to learn more about her work as a grief health coach and grief massage therapist, you can find her at  Or you can email her at
November 26, 2019
Interview with Lynn Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS
The number of teenagers with anxiety is skyrocketing.  As moms we need to learn how to model mindfulness as a way to handle our emotions, including anxiety.  In this interview, Lynn Wonders from Wonders Counseling & Consulting, shares insights and tips that she teaches her clients. Lynn holds a masters degree in psychology and professional counseling.  She became a fully licensed as a professional counselor in 2007, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) since 2010, an APT Approved Provider of continuing play therapy education for therapists and was certified as a professional counselor supervisor in 2013. You can learn more about Lynn her parenting coaching services at
November 19, 2019
Interview with Chou Hallegra: Dealing with Feelings for Teens
Does your teen know how to deal with her feelings?  Perhaps she feels that noone really knows what is going on inside her head.  Maybe you've tried counseling for her but have not seen any difference in her behavior.  In this episode listen to how Chou works specifically with teens to help them know that they are not alone and that there is hope. Chou Hallegra Gabikiny, the founder of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC, is a Mental Health & Ability Consultant specializing in stress management, suicide prevention, trauma recovery, inclusive practices, customized employment, Person-Centered Thinking, social skills development, and support brokerage.  She is also a best-selling Author , Speaker and Certified Life Coach on a mission to help people rise above their circumstances so they can be more and do more in life. Chou holds many credentials and has over a decade of experience working in human services, providing counseling, case management, and job coaching to individuals affected by mental health challenges, intellectual and developmental differences, addictions, homelessness, ​and single parenting.   You can find out about all of the services that Chou provides at her website
November 13, 2019
Interview with Rani St. Pucchi: Learning to Love Our Body
Our children see (and hear) everything we say about our body.  In today's culture of social media and "comparisonitis" is it any wonder that teenagers especially have a poor self image?  In this episode, I speak with Rani St. Pucchi- someone who knows just a little bit about body image. Rani St. Pucchi is an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, bestselling author, image consultant, and founder and designer of St. Pucchi, the internationally acclaimed bridal fashion house. She draws on her more than 30 years in the fashion industry to help women abandon debilitating self-doubt, and become the designers of their own lives. Rani empowers thousands of women across the world with her message of body-positivity and self-love. To learn more about Rani, purchase her books, view her services or watch her TEDx Talk, you can visit her website
November 05, 2019
Interview with Allison Brunning: Educating Special Learners
Do you have a child who is autistic, gifted or with special needs?  These are special learners.  Autistic and gifted learners often times struggle in school because they learn very differently than their peers. These special learners need a personalized approach to their education that allows them to learn in their own way at their own pace. If you are a busy working mom, who is looking to support the education of your child- whether through a private tutor, or a private online school- then you need to listen to this episode. Allison Brunning, the founder of Academic Warriors shares that the mission of Academic Warriors is to create positive learning experiences and communities throughout the United States for autistic, gifted and special needs learners. Through the online courses, programs, private school and in person events, Academic Warriors fosters an unique learning environment that promotes unity among all our students and families.  Find out more about the Academic Warriors here:
October 22, 2019
Interview with Tiffany Hinton: Looking at the ROOT of your health
Not gluten free?  Not interested in being gluten free?  This episode is still one you need to listen to if you are struggling with any health issue (physical or mental). Tiffany Hinton is the author of the #1 Amazon best-sellers Gluten Free Mom Certified and Mom Certified Celebrates Heritage. She’s been called “Super Mom” by fellow Gluten-Free speaker and advocate Pam Jordan. She is a Public Speaker, Cook and Functional Medicine Coach for the Gluten-Free community. Tiffany has a compelling story that led to her gluten free lifestyle. She is not your average author and is a Person You Should Know (and listen to).  She shares some of her story plus some tips about how to get started on your healthy lifestyle journey.... even if you aren't gluten free. You can find her Facebook page here:
October 15, 2019
Interview with Mary Sterenberg from SALTEffect
Are you a busy working mom struggling to find quality time with your family and also master your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed? If this is you, then you will want to listen as Mary shares some tips about how she and her business partner Kristie Siegler are helping moms just like you escape the hamster wheel of life as a working mom. Escape survival mode.  Hear about the difference between good busy/bad busy.  To learn more and register for their upcoming webinar, click here:
October 01, 2019
Interview with Melissa Clymer: Flower Essences, An Alternative Remedy for Emotional Issues
Are you someone who doesn't like taking medications?  In this episode I chat with Melissa Clymer. Melissa is a traditional Naturopath, Educator, Blogger, Natural Health Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapist with Ayurveda training, Aromatic Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Herbalist, Ordained Minister, homoeoprophylaxis (homeopathic immunization) Practitioner and currently studying Classical Homeopathy (whew!). You will want to hear about how flower essences can support the underlying emotional causes for many of our physical ailments. To learn more about Melissa, her products and services, go to her website:
September 25, 2019
Interview with Michelle Mitchell: Managing Your Teenagers Moods & Attitudes
Michelle Mitchell is here to help parents of teens and tweens reduce the overwhelm (that so often comes with parenting!!) and make confident parenting decisions.  She started her career as a teacher in Australia, and then founded a health prevention charity which delivered life skills education, mentoring and psychology services to thousands of young people and their families each year. Today she uses her experience to write and speak. You will find her down to earth, practical and solutions focused. According to Michelle, parents are their child’s greatest advantage in life. Your relationship with your child matters.  That’s why it is her greatest joy is to support you. Listen to my interview with this remarkable Unbreakable Mom
September 17, 2019