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Middle Me with Ana P. Santos

Middle Me with Ana P. Santos

By Middle Me Podcast
Stories of Filipino female sex and pleasure after 40.
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Episode 1: Dr Margie Holmes on sex and life after 40

Middle Me with Ana P. Santos

Episode 9: Dr. Rica Cruz on a woman's sexual stages
Have you wondered why our feelings towards sex and our sexuality change as we go through seasons in life? For Season 2 of Middle Me, I sat down with sex therapist Dr. Rica Cruz to talk about these sexual stages, the triggers, and how women usually deal with them. Rica also shared her observations on men and women attitudes about giving and receiving oral sex. Towards the latter part of the episode, our chat took a turn to what lolas say about sex after 5am mass, under the influence of wine! What do you think about this episode? What kinds of sex and pleasure-related topics would you want to hear next? Send us a message at
September 11, 2022
Episode 8: Myrza Sison, still young and fearless (Part 2)
Back this week with Myrza Sison, we pick up on how her courageous "incarnations," influences growing up, and being comfortable with her sexuality allowed her to confidently explore different careers and dreams over the years. (If you missed Part 1 of this interview, we suggest that you listen to that one first!) Unrestrained and high-spirited, Myrza's story of upending social expectations:  marrying at 42 and not choosing to pursue motherhood--despite what everyone else is saying! Tune in for a feel-good talk on love, sex, self-care, Middle-age, and all the dots in between. Have your own MiddleMe story to share? Send us a message at
July 18, 2022
Episode 7: Myrza Sison, still young and fearless
This week, we talk about how Cosmopolitan Philippines put sex and pleasure in style during the late 90s! From an atmosphere of conservatism and slut-shaming, how did they make women feel confident to talk about sex and pleasure?  Our guest, Myrza Sison, former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo shares how they became the voice that led thousands of women to become fun and unapologetically fearless about sex, orgasms, birth control, lube—and become their best selves in the process.  Towards the end of the episode, we unbox middle age sex and pleasure from the challenges to the good and the exciting parts. Do you have a fun and fearless middle age story you want to share? Send us an email at 💋
June 14, 2022
Episode 6: Ces Millado on Reclaiming Pleasure (Part 2)
Trigger warning: Extensive discussion of sexual abuse This week on Middle Me, we continue the story of Ces Millado on reclaiming pleasure, this time from traumatic sexual experiences she had at home growing up. Ces recalls how she did not have the knowledge or the vocabulary to label or talk about  what was happening to her and her body. In this episode, we learn how Ces found and formed safe spaces for herself and for others who had similar experiences. For Ces, breaking the silence was the first step in reclaiming her body and her right to pleasure. Do you have a Middle Me story you wish to share? Send them to us at
May 28, 2022
Episode 5: Ces Millado on Reclaiming Pleasure
Ces Millado had a typical love story that started with marrying her first boyfriend in her 20s. After her marriage ended, Ces went on an exploration. In her 30s, she celebrated her freedom on the sandy beaches of Boracay. “It was my liberation!” Nearing her 40s, she set out on an ultimate adventure of “40 before 40” 😉😻 “It was a period of sexual actualization!” Ces’s adventure was all about living a life with no regrets. Relate much? Join our conversation. Send your Middle Me stories of pleasure and liberation to!
May 07, 2022
Episode 4: May Ling Su, Ateneo graduate and American porn star (Part 2)
May Ling Su's journey of sexuality is one filled with explorations—playing with film cameras, being her the producer and driver of her content on, and managing her family's expectations. (Hint: Listen to how her Dad came to terms with her being a porn star.)  For May, it’s all part of defining her sexuality as a woman, wife, and mother. Did you know that we're looking for Middle Me stories of sex and pleasure? Feel free to send your favorite pleasure memory to 💋
April 23, 2022
Episode 3: May Ling Su, Ateneo graduate and American porn star
When the Ateneo De Manila University communications graduate May Ling Su moved to New York City to pursue a career as a theater actress, she landed a character role as a porn star. After the show, she and her then-boyfriend-now-husband started toying with cameras. The rest became history and she's now the star of her own show *wink, check her site below*. In this roller coaster of an episode, hear May talk about how her experience of middle age is punctuated by her dalliances, her raging libido, finding out she liked being on-cam and whatnot. Particularly yummy is how “the MILF thing, being an actual thing” played out in her life. Have a Middle Me story of sex and pleasure you’d like to share? Send them at or send us a direct message on Instagram: @middleme.podcast. Episode notes: The Woman Who Went From Ateneo Graduate to American Porn Star (Esquire):
April 09, 2022
Episode 2: Dr Margie Holmes on sex and life after 40 (Part 2)
In this second part of our interview with sex therapist Dr. Margie Holmes, we take a sneak peak into her personal journey of sexuality starting from her first awakening down to finding happiness after trying marriage for the fourth time. She also shares her two cents about monogamy, honesty in marriage, and giving zero fucks about what women in their middle age should wear, to which she says: Wear it, dress for yourself! Now ladies, it's your turn! Share your spicy and sexy stories with us at
March 26, 2022
Episode 1: Dr Margie Holmes on sex and life after 40
Let’s talk about sex and life after 40! In this first episode of the Middle Me Podcast, we invited sex therapist and sex goddess Dr Margie Holmes to give her sexy and juicy advice about ageing, gaining sexual confidence, and being kinder to yourself. Hint: Lubricant can help with all of the above! Have your own stories or questions about sex and pleasure that you want to share? Send them to us at and we'll talk about it in our next episode!
March 11, 2022