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Mid Meet Py

Mid Meet Py

By Cheuk Ting Ho
We meet in the middle of the day in the middle of the week to chat about Python. It is a podcast designed by Pythonistas for Pythonistas. Episodes include interviews with leaders in the Python community, news related to Python, updates of Python libraries etc.
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Mid Meet Py 2021 - Ep.02 - Let's chat with Lemon
This week we will chat with Leon 'Lemon' Sandøy, one of the owners of Python Discord. Do you know why he is called Lemon? We also talked about some history and behind the scenes of Python Discord. All links are in the podcast notes
March 7, 2021
Mid Meet Py 2021 - Ep.01 - We are back and chat with Laura Gutierrez Funderburk
This week we will chat with Laura Gutierrez Funderburk of PyLadies Vancouver. Also, check out the Flask tutorial by Miguel Grinberg. All links are in the [podcast notes]( [Listen to MidMeetPy podcast](
February 2, 2021
Mid Meet Py - Ep.23 - Interview with Vicky Tomey-Lee
PyChat   DjangoCon 2020 Sept 18th and 19th   Cheuk and I will be speaking at PyData Hamburg on Sept 22nd   Humber Data Workshop with PyData Global open for application   Answer survey to improve pip’s usability   EuroPython Society General Assembly 2020 this Sunday   Python 4 FAQ by Guido Mid Meet - Hall of Fame   Vicky Tomey-Lee   Founder of PythonIE, PyLadies Dublin chapter, Coding Grace   Follow Vicky on Twitter   Follow Vicky on PyPI highlights   Papermill - let’s you use parameters and trigger actions on a notebook.
September 18, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.22 - Ask us anything
PyChat   Very important - Pyjamas CfP extended to 19th Sept!!!!   Humble Data workshop with PyData Global @ 7th November   PyCon AU recording is out   Some recent stats on Woman in Eng (EWB South Africa)
September 12, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.21 - Interview with Jesper Dramsc
PyChat     Very important - Pyjamas CfP ends this Saturday!!!!     PyCon TaiWan (Maybe) the first non-online PyCon since COVID outbreak (5-6 Sep 2020)     At the same time - PyConline AU (4-6 Sept) you can join anywhere in the world     PyData Global tickets are now available!     You can get PyData Swag here      Bokeh 2.2 is out! Mid Meet - Hall of Fame     Jesper Dramsc - ML engineer     Follow Jesper on Twitter     Skill share course here     Pyrocko     StatsQuest PyPI highlights     Docker Compose (is a Python library!!!!)     Present - make your slides with a terminal window with flare     Opacus
September 9, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.20 - Interview with Bojan Miletic
PyChat     PyCon Italy cancelled     Pyjamas CfP workshop August 27th & 28th     Ticket sale to PyData Global starts tomorrow (27th Aug)     Data Science and Business Analytics with Python course- Jesper Dramsch     CircuitPython day- Sept 9th - Adafruit newsletter     Nadia’s new book on Open Source - Guido’s tweet Mid Meet - Hall of Fame     Bojan Miletic - Python developer     Follow Bojan on Twitter     Virtual Coffee     Website PyPI highlights     Pytest-docker-compose
August 28, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.19 - Interview with Nina Zakharenko
PyChat   PyBay impressions   PyCon India extended their CfP until TODAY!   Nominate a PSF fellow! Deadline is TOMORROW!   Django 3.1 release notes - backwards incompatibilities 3.0 earlier.   Consortium for Python Data API Standards - from these peeps   PyLadies section     PyLadies India & WomanTechmakers hosting a Show&Tell on Aug 29th!       Participation form     PyLadies Munich hosting Naomi Ceder on Aug 27th talking about Python Objects Mid Meet - Hall of Fame   Nina Zakharenko - PSF Director   Follow Nina on Twitter   Follow Nina on Twitch PyPI highlights   AI Fairness 360 (aif360)   CherryPy
August 21, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.18 - Interview with Vincent D. Warmerdam
PyChat:   PyCon Africa is happening now data science for beginners workshop this Sunday   PyData Global DfP extended to 16th Aug - Joke about PyData CfP   PyjamasConf CfP is opened   PyBamn just joined NumFocus  Numfocus is looking for a Dev Rel   Raspberry Pi Keyboard in Japanese   Create google assistant with Raspberry PI??? Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   Vincent D. Warmerdam - co-founder of PyData Amsterdam, Developer Advocate for Rasa   Follow Vincent on Twitter PyPi Highlights - Rasa
August 7, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.17 - Interview with Matin Borus
PyChat:   We need you! Data Science workshop at PyCon Africa needs mentors   PyData Global CfP deadline is 2nd August !!!   Pytest 6 is out now   Hacktoberfest Website is already out ?!   PyBerlin tonight   PyData Cambridge - 20th Meetup happening tonight! Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   Matin Borus - Pythonista, Volunteer of EuroPython   Follow Martin on Twitter PyPI highlights:   PhotoCollage made this   Authlib
July 30, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.16 - Interview with Sandrine Pataut
PyChat:   Pytest 6.0 is coming   GitHub -> Slack bot for pyladies   Registrations for PyConAfrica2020 are open   EuroPython 2020 will start on Thursday next week   PyLadies Dublin Virtual Meetup July Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   Sandrine Pataut - Pythonista, Data Scientist   Follow Sandrine on Twitter PyPI highlights:   Marshmallow   AffectInTweets
July 16, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.15 - Interview with Stéphane
PyChat:   Python security announcement - If your application embeds Python on Windows, you may be at risk.   Matplotlib Cheatsheet   EuroPyhon Merch Shop (15% off till 15th)   Turn you Raspberry Pi into gaming machine   Python Ireland remote meetup event today   Pydata event: joined effort with regional meetup Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   Stéphane - CPython core developer, Board member of EuroPython   Follow Stéphane on Twitter PyPI highlights:   Pandas-Bokeh - using bokeh with pandas   interrogate checks your code base for missing docstrings.
July 9, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.14 - Interview with Waylon Walker
PyChat:       PyData global CfP is opened       JupyterCon 2020 Virtual Event       PyTorch joins NumFOCUS as an Affiliated Project       PyGotham TV - last days for CfP (July 5th)       Python Ireland remote meetup events > volunteers for Lightning Talks       Blog about Pickle: Pickle’s nine flaws Mid Meet - Hall of Fame       Interview with Waylon Walker (Twitter & Data driven solution enabler, creator of find-kedro and kedro-static-viz
July 2, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.13 - Interview with Jason McDonald
PyChat:       Congratulations to new PSF board directors       PyCon India - CfP open until the 14th August. Conf on 2nd & 3rd of October       PyCon Australia is happening soon - CfP ends on July 12th       DjangoCon two full days of talks, free & online Mid Meet - Hall of Fame       Interview with Jason McDonald, author, speaker and time-lord.       Follow Jason on Twitter and
June 25, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.12 - Interview with Dani Papamaximou
PyChat: Dropping pytz? PyData MCR CPython - old parser is dead TutorialDB - a small scale OS search engine for programming/dev tutorials Mid Meet - Hall of Fame: Dani Papamaximou - organizer of Django Girls Birmingham and Python Midwest Follow Dani on Twiter PyPI highlights: Recently wanna try using Pre-commit HTTPrunner HTTP(s) testing framework in Python
June 18, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.11 - Interview with David Lord
PyChat:   PyData Festerval Amsterday   Zen of Python song!   pyOpenSci community call today   Python Packaging Guide   PyLadies Call for Speakers   Python Ireland call for speakers Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   David Lord - lead dev Flask and related libraries on @PalletsTeam. Meetup organizer @SanDiegoPython   Follow David on Twitter PyPI highlights:   Make yourself a cartoon - They use this: face-alignment   Create representations of large DS - datashader
June 11, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.10 - Interview with Adam Johnson
PyChat:     PSF support diversity, BlackLivesMatters     YSYS will be hosting an event bringing together black community leaders + allies in tech to discuss how we can mobilise and rebuild     EuroPython Schedule is out     AnacondaCon Starting today     Django security releases, update ASAP Py Hall of Fram:     Adam Johnson, Django technical board member     Follow Adam on twitter @AdamChainz     Get Adam's book PyPI Highlight:     Cheuk's choice - sidetable - Create Simple Summary Tables in Pandas     Adam's choice - time-machine     Lais's choice - pillow
June 4, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.9 - Interview with Ian Ozsvald
PyChat:   Free Python DS book (online) Intro to NumPy, Matplotlib & sci-kit learn   CfP for FlaskCon is open!   Way to have more diverse board members is to have diverse voters - become a voting member of the PSF   Test pip’s alpha resolver   New pymsbuild for windows people   Workshop online PythonIreland Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:   Ian Ozsvald - co-founder of PyData London   Follow Ian on Twitter @ianozsvald PyPI highlights:   Tesseract OCR text localization & detection   Shed - black plus autoflake plus isort plus pyupgrade plus some custom fixers Listen to MidMeetPy podcast
May 28, 2020
Mid Meet Py - Ep.8 - Interview with Tania Allard
(Sorry for the technical difficulties, we failed to capture Lais on the call today) PyChat: [Python Conference for web devs 17th to 19th June]( [PyCon DE cancelled this year, see you next year]( [PyCon Africa 2020 Online]( [Sci-kit learn bugfix release 0.23.1 is out]( [Release of the `tzdata` package]( Mid Meet - Hall of Fame: Tanya Allard, PSF Fellow, Developer Advocate at Microsoft [Follow Tania on Twitter]( PyPI highlights: [Helium]( - Python library for web automation (like Selium but lighter) [Hypothesis]( is actually cool. [Listen to MidMeetPy podcast](
May 21, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep7 - Interview with Nicolas Demarchi
PyChat: EP published their 1st set of talks CfP still open for Various time zones (anyone can apply) Naomi won't run for re-election for the chair of the PSF PyCon Us Hatchery Mentoried sprint this Saturday Hall of Fame: Interview with Nicolas Demarchi Follow him on LinkedIn Follow him on Twitter PyPI highlights: Events, a library that works as the Observer Design Pattern (or the Moderator, depending on your case). - perfect if you wanna build a Discord bot. Listen to MidMeetPy podcast
May 13, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep6 - Interview with Steve Dower
PyChat: Pydata UK joint meetup with multiple chapters in UK yesterday, awesome talks about TensorFlow Probability and How to expend Pandas capabilities Global Pydata conference calling for organizing committee PyData Dublin starting with a round of Monday talks from the 18th Release of Napari `0.3.0` with many new features Naomi Ceder is the first keynote speaker announced for EuroPython Learning aid for Vim Learn Vim while playing a game Py Hall of Frame: Interview with Steve Dower, Python tools developer at Microsoft and core CPython developer Follow Steve on Twitter PyPI Highlight: Napari - fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for Python Kedro - a best-practice scaffold for ML and DS pipelines
May 11, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep5 - Interview with Naomi Ceder
PyChat (news in the community):   PyCon Hatchery Programs looks for attendees and mentors:   Data Workshops for Beginners   Mentored Sprints   Remote Python Pizza surprise people that online conference does works!     * Great speaker lineup     * Chat on Discord is amazing     * Hiccups with YouTube Streaming     * 2 mins lightning talks     * After party till 1am !!!!!   Python 3.9a6 is out!   Harvard is offering free courses Meet Hall of Fame:   Interview with Naomi Ceder, chair of the Python Software Foundation, co-founder of TransCode   Follow Naomi on Twitter   Check out her Twitch channel for tutorials every Friday. IDE showcase for Python with Lais:   Atom / PyCharm / VSCode / Vim / Sublime etc
May 11, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep4 - Interview with Michael Foord
PyChat (news in the community):   Farewell to Oier Echaniz   Pyladies Dub meetup 19th May   Python in Astronomy hackdays kick off at midnight tonight BST (23rd & 24th) April - all welcome!   New Sponsorship Program for Python Packaging   Ticket sales for EuroPython 2020 Online have started Meet Hall of Fame:   Interview with Michael Foord, Python Core Developer, creator of Iron Python and Mock module   Follow Michael on Twitter   Check out his website PyPI highlight:   Fades - a library to manage your virtual Envs   Jupyter-require - Let you run JavaScript, plug-in to Jupyter notebook
May 11, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep3
EuroPython talk voting started Python Pizza Speaker line up is great! Free Django beginner course PyCon UK has been cancelled EffectiveQuadratures got support from NUMFocus PyAmsterdam flying software Circus - talking about FastAPI lib Python IE meetup next Wed 22nd April 2020 PyPI Highlight: EffectiveQuadratures SimPy
May 11, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep2
PyCon US go online! Subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch all the talks PyLadies also has YouTube Channel Python Ireland's 1st meetUp is tonight talking about App Performance Monitoring in Python. PyCon Australia and PyCon Africa are also going online, details to be announced. Scikit-image join NUMFocus! PyPI Highlight: Foxdot  - Make music with Python FastAPI - a high-performance framework, easy to learn, and fast to code
May 11, 2020
MidMeetPy Ep1
In this episode, we chat about: Pyjamas - online conference recruiting organisers CfP for Remote Python Pizza ends on the 6th April EuroPython goes online First virtual meetup for PyCon IE Lais will be speaking at PyAmsterdam PyPI Highlights - Extruct PyPI Highlights - Delorean
May 11, 2020