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MIIS Radio seeks and integrates diverse perspectives from MIIS and the greater Monterey community. By digging into wicked problems facing students and members of our community, we enrich our understanding of issues faced here in Monterey and beyond.
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The Implications Episode 1: Dr. Catherine Brinkley and One Health

MIIS Radio

MIIS-informed: Meet the New StuCo
On this episode Max Gomez talks with all the newly elected 2021-2022 Student Council members about their goals and vision for their roles. Featured on this episode are (in order of appearance): Morgan Moore and Chris Baca - President and Vice President Nico Garbacz - Logistics and Operations Coordinator Dani Ohemeng - Community Engagement Officer Noemi Agagianian - Health and Wellness Director Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
April 30, 2021
#TalkTheVotePart2 with Mad Max
Voting for MIIS Student Council 2021-2022 is OPEN NOW and Madeleine Smith and Max Gomez can't stop talking about it! Make sure to watch the Candidate Town hall (link below) to hear directly from all the candidates and for the correct pronunciation of Noemi Agagianian's last name. Song - On and On Artist - Hocus Pocus ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
April 25, 2021
MIIS-informed: International Bazaar Needs Your Help!
The 33rd annual International Bazaar is right around the corner! Student Council IEM Representative Yolanda Cobblah and Associate Dean of Student Services Ashley Arrocha join Max this week to talk all about why that event has become so near and dear to MIIS, and how its spirit is being carried on in a virtual environment. To submit a photo for the photo contest, sign up to teach a dish, or perform at the open mic, check the link below for the most up-to-date info! MIIS International Bazaar Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
April 16, 2021
MIIS-informed: Peace and Security
This episode is all about Peace and Security... Peace Corps Club and Cyber Security that is! First, Dillon Green and Dani Ohemeng stop for a chat about their Peace Corps services, and after that Elle Zesky drops in to talk with me about her work at The Cyber Collaborative at MIIS. Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
April 2, 2021
The Collab: Episode 1
"Cyber Cube cybersecurity consultant and 2014 MIIS Alumni, William Altman joins us for a discussion on the current, past, and future cybersecurity landscape as detailed in his latest report: The Emerging Cyber Threat to Industrial Control Systems" All future episodes of this show can be found on their blog, including the recently-released Episode 2!
April 2, 2021
MIIS-informed: A new feminist podcast agenda
It's the end of the *second week of National Women's History Month, a happy belated International Women's Day from everyone here at MIIS Radio!  To commemorate the occasion we spoke with two feminist leaders whose work represent two different intersectional approaches to the advancement of gender equality. First, 2021 Visiting Tyler Fellow in Residence at MIIS Dr. Christina Kwauk took some time to talk with me about her work leveraging girls' education for a greener future in A new green learning agenda. After that, MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) club leader Lameese Madi stopped by to share her personal immigration story and impress the value of cooking, storytelling, and the community they create as captured in MIRA's new event series Mira Who's Cooking. Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
March 12, 2021
MIIS-informed: DEI @ MIIS
This episode of MIIS-informed is all about the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives happening on our campus. MIIS Interim Chief Diversity Officer Miguel Fernández and Student Council Vice President Lincoln Ngaboyisonga join to talk about the teams they're leading, and where their attention is focused when working to make our school an anti-racist institution. Make sure to follow MIIS Radio on Instagram @miisradio and on our MIcommunity page for updates on new episodes. For leads on any stories  to feature on MIIS-informed email Max Gomez at Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
February 26, 2021
MIIS-informed: It's Black History Month!
On this release of MIIS-informed we celebrate Black History Month through a discussion of black music with femi (Shades @ MIIS organizer) and Jasmine Sturdifen (WCAPS West Coast founding member) and updates about institutional advances toward diversity of the MIIS student body from Enrollment Office GA Morgan Moore. Make sure to follow MIIS Radio on Instagram @miisradio and on our MIcommunity page for updates on new episodes. For leads on any stories to feature on MIIS-informed email Max Gomez at Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
February 12, 2021
MIIS-informed: Series Premiere!
Welcome to the first ever episode of MIIS-informed! A new MIIS Radio Podcast show where host Max Gomez is welcoming anyone on campus to come share their news, promote upcoming programs and events, and any other celebrations of life on campus (even when we're not actually on campus). On this first episode you'll hear from: Aiko Gonzalez (Director of Communications for Student Council), Lawrence Garber (President of the Queers and Allies at MIIS club), and Jeff Dayton-Johnson (Dean of the Institute). Song - Disarm (fg. VI) Artist - AllttA, Mr. J. Mederios ©℗ 2017 On And On Records
January 29, 2021
There's an Art Committee on Campus?!
On today's episode, incoming co-host femi Higgins discusses the Virtual Art Show hosted by MIIS Arts Club. Panelists Katriya, Maia, Yolanda, Angela & Ian stopped by to talk about their artistic language(s) and how their cultural identities influenced the work they produced. You will want to listen to the podcast to find out more! Committee on Art in Public Places: Middlebury Institute Facebook: MIIS Arts Club's Instagram:
November 24, 2020
MIRAFest 2020: Interview with Matt Huerta
MIIS Radio hooked up with the Middlebury Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) group to help them host their annual event, MIRAFest! A large portion of the immigrants in Monterey County are Latinx—so we sought out to speak with our Latinx community members about what their experience is like. In this episode,  MIIS Radio host Madeleine Smith sits down with local housing guru, Matt Huerta, to discuss all of the ways he is engaged in his community. 
November 14, 2020
Club Series: Climbing Club
Climbing Club leader Raf Wilson and MIIS Radio co-hosts Madeleine Smith and Max Gomez talk about their love of rocking climbing, as well as the goals that the Climbing Club has for when we're able to meet in person again. Check this episode out for some serious fan-girling around all things ROCK. 
November 11, 2020
#TalkTheVote with Mad Max
We are one week out from, arguably, the most important elections of our lives. MIIS Radio co-host Max Gomez and Madeleine Smith got together for a brief conversation about why voting is so important—especially in 2020. 
October 28, 2020
Club Series: WIIS, WCAPS & QAAAM
MIIS has some amazing clubs on campus, with even more acronyms for your ever-growing repertoire. In this episode, host Madeleine Smith interviews Anna Phillip of WIIS (Women in International Security) at MIIS, Jasmin Sturdifen of WCAPS (Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation), and Lawrence Garber of QAAAM (Queers and Allies at MIIS). Tune in to see what these clubs are up to this year, where they intersect, and how they shine all on their own. 
October 16, 2020
We're Coming Out & Inviting You In
In this episode, incoming host Madeleine Smith interviews MIIS students Femi Higgins, Steven Mockler, Maia Stewart and Anna Phillips about their individual experience growing into their LGBTQIA+ identities. With some surprises and advice along the way—this National Coming Out Day episode is heartwarming and inspiring. 
October 11, 2020
When Three Crises Walk in A Bar with Pam Marino
On today's episode, we'll be discussing when three crises walk in a bar, what happens next? You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out!  My guest, Pam Marino, staff writer at the Monterey County Weekly and I break down four articles (written by Ms. Marino) revolving the latest in affordable housing development in the city and county of Monterey, temporary housing during COVID for farmworkers and homeless populations, water availability for housing, and surprisingly strong housing market for residential real estate. The amalgamations of these housing issues fall under the umbrella of three crises: public health (COVID-19), environmental (water), and economic (also due to COVID-19).  Resources: 1. Increased Home sales during the time of Corona: 2. California State plans to increase temporary housing for farmworkers & homeless: 3. Building Affordable Housing amidst the Pandemic: 4. Request for Proposals from City of Monterey for Affordable Housing Development in Downtown:
August 21, 2020
The Grateful Art of An Unexamined Healthy Life
What does it mean to be healthy in this day and age? Rafael Hernandez (MBEP Housing Associate) and I discussed this question and simply caught up on life, health, and the pursuit of more housing for our fellow farmworkers and families living in the Pajaro & Salinas Valley. From discussions on healthy relationships, finding gratitude, and discovering how the naked truth about the overcrowded housing situation for most farmworkers has led to 972 COVID-19 patients in the agriculture sector (the most represented occupation in the recently published Monterey County Health Department study).  Resources: 1. Farmworker Housing Study & Action Plan -[UNIQID] 2. MBEP's "Addressing Farmworker Housing" - 3. Monterey County Weekly's "Increased Temporary Ag Worker COVID-19 Housing" -
August 15, 2020
Three Non-Profits, Two Communities, One Grad Student - Charles Montesa
There are only so many hours in a work day. There are only so many breaks you can take before going back to the grind. For Charles Montesa, however, there are no breaks to help serve the three non-profit organizations he is working with this eventful summer 2020. Today we discussed those ventures and how Charles' vision for creating community is worth the listen.  Charles Montesa, a graduate student under the Master of Public Administration program at Middlebury Institute of International Studies and Student Housing Coalition member, discusses his learning experiences from three local non-profit organizations in California and how each organization is improving NGO coordination, increasing volunteers, and providing innovative research to the ending of global homelessness. Mr. Montesa is part of the second cohort of Housing + Innovation Research Fellowship program with New Story, a longtime contributor to Community Builders for Monterey County, and assisting Inkheart (a local Santa Cruz + Monterey County new NGO start-up) launch their start-up by the start of the new year, 2021.  Resources: 1. Community Builders for Monterey County - 2. New Story, Innovative 3D Housing Solutions - 3. New Story Applications for 3rd Cohort of Research Fellowship - 4. Inkheart, Services offered in Santa Cruz + Monterey Counties -
July 29, 2020
The Way of Social Change with Ms. Lauren Diane Howerton
Today's episode is a unique opportunity at examining what it means to create social change. Starting at an individual level, Ms. Lauren Diane Howerton, a MIIS International Environmental Policy graduate, discusses the difficulty of coming out of our socio-economic comfort zones and developing pathways for compassion.  This episode is dedicated to Representative John Lewis, a true American hero and activist who did so much to create progress for so many Americans in this country. Deemed "the conscience of Congress", the brutal beating of Representative Lewis (at the time an activist for the Civil Rights Movement) in Selma, Alabama led to to swift passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Representative Lewis was one of the original freedom riders, founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and represented Georgia's 5th Congressional District since 1987.  Resources For Listeners:  1. - How Black People Really Feel About The Police, Explained (Systemic Overhaul on Crime Reduction & Equality) 2. - How Can I Help? Book (Quote from beginning of podcast comes from here) 3. - Imagining the Non-Violent State, Ezra Klein 4. - James Baldwin v. William Buckley Debate (1965, Cambridge University), on "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?" 5. - Dr. King's Philosophy of Nonviolence 
July 24, 2020
Creating Mutual Kinship ~ Rafael Hernandez on Affordable Housing Now
A MIIS student alum, Rafael Hernandez was one of the original members to create the idea of MIIS Radio alongside his colleagues in the D-Space (now known as the DLC) back in 2013-2015. Now, Rafael works as the Housing Program Program Associate for Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, a regional non-profit organization that works on improving the economic health and quality of life in the region.   Rafael's prolific involvement with affordable housing on the Monterey Bay Peninsula is creating buzz as he works within farming communities in Salinas to daily commuters working in the tourist industry. His bold words on creating mutual kinship based on shared values is tangible and a direct reflection of his knowledge gained from his rich experiences talked about in this podcast. New funnels of capital is on its way from public and private pools of funds –– it will be exciting to hear what Rafael has in store for the people living here on the Monterey Bay Peninsula. 
July 19, 2020
A Case For Sustainable Affordable Housing in California
"Developing Affordable Multifamily Housing in Monterey, California: An Economic Case for Building Electrification and Water Reclamation" is a recently released study produced by three International Environmental Policy graduate students at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California and is supported by the Monterey Student Housing Coalition.  Lawrence Garber, Corbin Panturad, and Trang Trinh set out to analyze the financial feasibility and outcomes of a proposed net-zero, 100% affordable apartment complex in Monterey, California that uses a highly efficient reclaimed water system. Our podcast today discusses the multiple scenarios their study plays out... And it turns out that the high water efficiency, all-electric case makes the most financial sense with a NPV of $10, 106, 470  and IRR 15.97%. And if you don't know what that means, you should probably listen to this podcast - as we explain the gritty details and definitions as our environmental policy experts make the financial case for clean, renewable, and affordable housing solutions for Monterey and set the new standard for California's green economy.  For more information on the study, please contact one of our guest speakers @  Lawrence Garber / Corbin Panturad / Trang Trinh / 
July 13, 2020
Understanding This Moment with Julius King
Understanding This Moment, is a podcast series dedicated to understanding what is happening in the U.S. and what kind of impact can we have in an individual and collective space. Thankful and big shout out to Jonathan Hill, aka Julius King, a brother and my best friend for many years, graduate from ASU, community activist, and one of Arizona's top hip hop artists.  Art Cover: Downtown Rise of The Phoenix by Jon Hill, 2020, photo-op. This podcast summer series will be documenting imperative issues happening today across the United States. The podcast series will also include articles & resources here: Julius King - Spotify : H.R. 7120, The Justice in Policing Act of 2020 Bill :  This bill is Supported by 166 Representatives & 35 Senators
June 13, 2020
Understanding This Moment with Gabriel Bronson Sanders
Understanding This Moment, is a podcast series dedicated to understanding what is happening in the U.S. and what kind of impact can we have in an individual and collective space. Thankful and big shout out to Gabriel Bronson Sanders, a brother and close friend, graduate from MIIS and public policy analyst.  Art Cover: Midnight Golfer by E.J. Martin, 1990, mixed media collage on rag paper.  Eugene James Martin ~ An individualist artist whose art defied categorization.  This podcast summer series will be documenting imperative issues happening today across the United States. The podcast series will also include articles & resources here: 8 Can't Wait Policies Explained: Introductory Remarks from House Judiciary Committee on The Justice in Policing Act of 2020: - Supported by 166 Representatives & 35 Senators 
June 11, 2020
Understanding This Moment with Emmy Ham
Understanding This Moment, is a podcast series dedicated to understanding what is happening in the U.S. and what kind of impact can we have in an individual and collective space. Thankful and big shout out to Emmy Ham for her encouraging words, as always. Art Cover: Light Blue Nursery by Alma Thomas, 1968, acrylic on canvas ". . . through my impressions of nature . . . I hoped to impart beauty, joy, love, and peace." ~ Alma Thomas  This podcast summer series will be documenting imperative issues happening today across the United States. The podcast series will also include articles & resources here: Dr. King's philosophy of Nonviolent Social Change: Differences in Activists Reforms Stance: 8 Can't Wait Policies for City-level Police Department Reform: What does "Defund the Police" really mean, according to BLM co-founder: Eliminating the Qualified Immunity Doctrine:
June 9, 2020
Ukulele Jam in Monterey
Ukulele ~ Angelo Gonzalez Location: Monterey, California Time: Circa April 2020
May 4, 2020
MIIS Student Council Election 2020-2021: Presidential/VP Nominees Madeleine Smith & Lincoln Ngaboyisonga
Emmy Ham interviews Madeleine Smith and Lincoln Ngaboyisonga about their passions, concerns, and platforms as they run for the 2020-2021 MIIS Student Council Presidential and VP seats. 
April 22, 2020
Self Love In The Time of COVID ~ with Madeleine Smith
Something that you should know up front ~ This episode was recorded in late February, right before everything in the U.S. and rest of the world had blown up and changed forever our individual course in life.  Without further ado, I'm happy to announce the release of our latest podcast in the works with the tale of Madeleine Smith's life and how she came to be a MIIS graduate student as well as the ambitious wonderful woman leading MIIS Radio on the Monterey Bay Peninsula.  Maddie's new podcast Insta @madcuriouspodcast
March 29, 2020
The Implications Episode 1: Dr. Catherine Brinkley and One Health
Hello everyone. This is Gabe Sanders, and old habits die hard. I’m podcasting again, building off what I started at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies with MIIS Radio. Welcome to my newest project, which I’m calling: The Implications. This is a podcast about public policy as well, but with this work I’m going to go bigger. I’m looking to the frontier of policy for adapting to climate change, to a growing human population, to greater awareness of the need for balancing human life with the ecosystem that sustains us. The plan is to interview professionals, academics, activists about the work they’re doing to improve the relationship among humans, the natural world, and the strange miasma we call “an economy." Whether it's renewable energy or decarbonization, creating market incentives for green technology, creating affordable housing, increasing equity of socioeconomic opportunity, or revolutionizing the food system sustaining our species I’ll be asking these people about their research, their findings, their observations and policy recommendations – and then discussing implications their work has on the future of human adaptation for survival. This new series begins with Dr. Catherine Brinkley. Dr. Brinkley is an assistant professor of Community and Regional Development at my undergraduate alma mater, the University of California at Davis. Her work centers around a concept called One Health, which considers health shared by humans, animals, and their environment. Her latest research focuses on food systems and municipal general plans and the broad question: “how do food systems reorient diets and land use?” What are the implications of Dr. Brinkley’s work? You’ll have to listen to the interview to find out, but I will say this: land use plans and food system regulation affect the placement and affordability of housing, public and environmental health, and even the distribution of economic power in society, from the smallest town to the global economy. One very salient example: the Corona Virus thought to have emerged from an illegal meat market in Wuhan, China may not have spread beyond the infected animals with better localized control of the food system. Now that I’ve whet your appetite: thank you for tuning in to this inaugural episode of the Implications. Here is my interview with Dr. Catherine Brinkley. (You can check out Dr. Brinkley's work here:
March 2, 2020
Mr. Gonzalez’s Neighborhood with Dr. Jason Scorse - The Final Episode
This is the final episode of MIIS Radio. After careful consideration, this medium has served no further fruit from its considerable labor and I believe that a community’s care for each other only happens with action not merely producing podcasts that contain words.  This final episode will hold Dr. Jason Scorse as our final guest. I believe is approach to sustainability is a proactive path worth pursuing. It is this kind of rhetoric that might bolster credible, long lasting paradigm shifts of thinking that is desperately needed in Congress just as it is needed in our local communities. I hope this episode finds you well and if you know anyone who wishes to carry on this podcast group. Feel free to email me directly: Otherwise - keep learning, growing and never stop your curiosity for trying to uplift yourself and the people around you. Thank you.  Jason's personal Apple Podcast "Dispatch from the Zombie Apocalypse":
November 20, 2019
Mr. Gonzalez's Neighborhood with Rachel Saunders
In Today's episode, we will be talking with Rachel Saunders, a marvelous person and brilliant mind behind Big Sur Land Trust here in Monterey, CA. Ms. Saunders has helped spearhead the movement for the Carmel River FREE Project and knows all about the land's rich history from artichoke fields to the ownership and transference of land from the Eastwoods and now a project that seeks to restore the land to its beautiful natural habitat. If you wish to learn more about this project - feel free to visit their website at:
October 17, 2019
Mr. Gonzalez's Neighborhood with Paul Kephart
In Today's episode, we will be talking with Paul Kephart, the creative mind behind Rana Creek - The Cohabitat Co. in Carmel Valley, CA. He also happens to be my girlfriend's boss, so without further addressing any conflicts of interests... Just kidding! I'm sure they both will love this episode and the confidence it brings to each individual listener that they can work with nature and discover new ways to make Our Home a better place each day. I hope this finds you well and you'd like to learn more about how to get involved with companies like Paul's ~ Feel free to click on this link below on there new website!
October 4, 2019
Mr. Gonzalez's Neighborhood with Brian Bajari
In Today's episode, we will be discussing the life of Brian Bajari and his discoveries and insights on the world of development. Mr. Bajari tells us how to pay attention to the stories of community. Brian goes to great depths to show how to be astonished by people and go "outside our fears" to really start engaging with one another on a micro-scale. Those conversations I had the pleasure of listening to, and I'm glad to share and tell about Mr. Bajari's journey towards rediscovering the art of hospitality and taking care of each other.  Enjoy Mr. Gonzalez's Neighborhood and feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to get coffee with you at Cafe Lumiere and discuss how to get involved with your community today.
September 24, 2019
Eiad Alhamed: Dat Refugee
It was my pleasure and privilege to speak with Eiad Alhamed during the last full week of April. I've known him since my first semester at MIIS, when we worked together on an unpredictably difficult report on the economic outlook for Eiad's home country, Syria. Dwarfing the unpredictable difficulty of evaluating the economy of his home country, however, is Eiad's chaotic relationship with the U.S. immigration system as a Syrian refugee. Eiad has been sharing his experience and perspective with his YouTube channel, 'Dose Refugees, humanizing the people who share his lot as refugees from violence trying to find their way in a world that rarely welcomes them with open arms.  Eiad's perspective is a sobering one;  in the Syrian civil war, he's seen what happens when tyranny reaches its peak level of oppression. He's lost family and friends to the conflict. And he's risen to the challenge of obtaining a dual degree at MIIS, all the while navigating the U.S. immigration system during a particularly tumultuous era in immigration politics. Though you may not like or agree with everything we say in our conversation, you will be better off for having heard it. Promise.
May 3, 2019
Guest Host: Anas Elallame
This all-Arabic conversation unfolds the experiences of native Arabic speakers and Muslims at MIIS. Your guest host is Anas Elallame of Morocco, who guides a conversation among his fellow students  Hajar Masoud of Palestine, Anab Mohamed of Sudan, Sherine Emara of Egypt, and Eiad Alhamed of Syria. Whether you're a native speaker of Arabic looking to compare experiences or a student of the language at MIIS or DLI – this conversation is rich with perspective and humor.  
May 3, 2019
Kim Stemler on Sustainability in Monterey County Winemaking
I had the sincere pleasure to discuss winemaking with Kim Stemler, Executive Director of The Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association. Ms. Stemler is a brilliant mind and breath of fresh air with her in-depth knowledge and experience working closely with winemakers here in the local area. After attending a workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Kim fell in love with the land and made the transition to move to California. Kim's awe inspiring bold decision to move to Big Sur gave way towards cultivating her professional career and family life in the Monterey Bay Area. The transition from East Coast to the West brought experiences with Esalen Institute and the commencement of her own management consultant firm, Stemler & Associates in Monterey. The encouragement of her friends brought her to applying and becoming the Executive Director of The Monterey County Vinters & Growers Association.  We discussed wine culture with our families, what's currently happening with sustainability in the vineyard as well as the strong sense of community here with humble determined farmers, intellectually stimulating winemakers and locals alike sharing in the wonders & magic in enjoying wine. The hardships that come with legal and natural hurdles still don't deter the creativity that keeps the wine businesses together are a testament to the wine industry here in Monterey County. Ms. Stemler highlights the industry's dedication to long night harvests, treating employees like family, and adhering to the County's water sustainability plan by 2020. Without further ado, I am very pleased to bring to you our podcast session with Kim Stemler ~ Enjoy  "It's the marriage of earth & nature, and bringing that to your table in a delicious way... It's so beautiful." ~ Kim Stemler 
April 24, 2019
United Farmworkers March with Seth Small
On Sunday, March 31st, Seth Small and I walked down East Salinas' Market Street in support of the United Farm Workers of America's annual march. The march was celebrating the late Cesar Chavez's 92nd birthday, a man who alongside Dolores Huerta cofounded the UFW movement for farm worker's rights and better working conditions. We continued our march down the historic Alisal Street, listening to chants "Si se puede" & "Unite, Unite, Vamos a la Marcha, Unite" and of the like. Along the way we learned that the march is also focused on building support for federal legislation that would provide a legal pathway to citizenship for immigrant farmworkers.  Seth Small, an newly minted International Environmental Policy graduate student at Middlebury Institute and member of MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA), knows quite a bit on farm life, having worked in agriculture on both coasts of America. We discussed what's it like to work on a farm, the community and feelings of mutual connection to both the land, nature and people working with you. We also discussed what will be necessary for the future of farming in the United States, what sort of environmental policies that will involve farmworkers input to provide the social aspect of sustainability within our domestic public policy making. Finally we discussed the La Via Campesina movement, local Community Supported Agriculture and how unions can bring people together to create powerful marches and connecting people to community organizations and produce climate & community resilient places to call home. Without further ado, I am very pleased to bring you Seth Small's perspective and thoughts while we marched that beautiful Sunday afternoon with wonderful people that make up the Salinas community.  Shout-outs to Salinas Organizations:  1. Building Healthy Communities - East Salinas 2. Immigration Task Force - Monterey County 3. App Notifica - Sends help button to alert key contacts 4. UFW Foundation 5. Assembly Member Robert Rivas - District 30 6. The Food Bank for Monterey County 7. CHISPA - Homeownership Assistance 8. Edible Monterey Bay - Monterey Bay Area CSAs 9. Alisal Vibrancy Plan - Visión Salinas 10. Monterey Bay Economic Partnership 
April 18, 2019
Presidential Ticket: Jasmine and Emmy
Campaign season is underway, and MIIS Radio has the scoop. Last week, shortly after they announced their candidacy, I interviewed Jasmine Sturdifen and Emmy Ham to learn more about their Presidential ticket platform for the 2019-2020 MIIS Student Council. You'll learn what campus issues are important to them, whom they admire and seek to emulate from the world of politics and policy, and how they plan to make MIIS a better place for all students. Tune in to get to know Jasmine and Emmy a little better –– and share some laughs along the way.
April 15, 2019
Benjamin Wollam on East Asia
From Benjamin Wollam's streams of consciousness writing, rhyming and learning style, there seems to never be a dull moment. Mr. Wollam is a world traveler and speaks English, Spanish and Chinese and simply has no barriers to continue his learning experiences in life. I had the sincere pleasure to travel with Benjamin to East Asia on our spring break along with our Middlebury Institute cohort and Professors Tsuneo Akaha and Wei Liang. From cat cafes, diplomatic meetings, and walks in the gardens in Tokyo ~ Benjamin and I would discuss WTO Reform and the changing nature of our interconnected global models of existing and where we are headed. In this episode, you'll hear a bit more about China and an overall perspective and key takeaway moments from our time in Beijing as well. Without further ado, here's Benjamin Wollam in all his Zen wisdom and experience from our East Asian practicum experience.  P.S. That's Ben rhyming and I playing on the Uke. ~~ Enjoy // Disfruta // 請享用 // 楽しい
April 12, 2019
Wendy Askew: On supervising the county of Monterey
Early in March I met with Wendy Askew, aide to District 4 Monterey County Supervisor, Jane Parker. This conversation is one of the richest we've had on MIIS Radio, including the process by which an idea in the community becomes a county-wide policy, managing economic development, and how county offices must juggle the priorities of widely varied constituents and stakeholders. By the end of the episode, we discuss the disparity between county ordinances for affordability and the realities of what is affordable to residents of the region –– and what policy-makers and constituents can actually do about it.
April 4, 2019
Being a veteran: what it means to Paula Granger
Paula Granger will graduate from MIIS this May with her master's degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, leaving behind some big shoes to fill. Paula is a veteran and member of the National Guard and came on MIIS Radio to offer her perspective on what it means to be a veteran and a woman at MIIS and beyond. We talked about misperceptions in the public about veterans and some best practices for compassionate interactions with current and former members of the Armed Forces –– and Paula's perspective on some of the issues facing our country and world today. Tune in to hear Paula's thoughts on finding common humanity with our veteran community and much more.
March 28, 2019
Tyler Ellis: Captain + Stoker
"We work in tandem with our crew, our community, and our earth."  Tyler Ellis had no idea he'd own a coffee shop one day, let alone at the age of 25 in the seaside town of Monterey, California. A native of Michigan, Tyler made his way east and west for work – but also for a place to call home. In the summer of 2018, he landed in Monterey, having been offered the opportunity of a lifetime to take over Captain + Stoker as co-owner with his now-fiancée, Kelsea. Tune in to hear Tyler's story and his philosophy for coffee and creating a community one cup of coffee at a time –– and his thoughts on the role of sustainability in operating a business. We had a great time recording, and you'll have a great time listening.
March 14, 2019
Jack Murphy: Deputy Director of the Veteran's Transition Center
Jack Murphy is an Army veteran and the Deputy Director of the Veteran's Transition Center in Marina, California. He finds meaning in his work serving veterans and helping them back on their feet. Jack presents a sober and compassionate perspective on the causes of homelessness among veterans, the challenges they face in overcoming homelessness – and what they have to offer once given an opportunity to serve their communities once again. Jack also offers his take on the Homeless Emergency Assistance Program – HEAP – funding coming into Monterey County in the coming year, and how it might be best put to use. His perspective will enrich your understanding of systemic issues like homelessness – and provide an example of what humble service to your community looks like.
March 7, 2019
Hans Uslar: City Manager of Monterey
Conversations on MIIS Radio don't get much more substantive than this one. Hans Uslar has been the City Manager since August of 2018, but he's been working in public policy and administration on the Monterey Peninsula for the last two decades. Tune in to hear his perspective on the challenges facing the community, such as housing affordability, serving the homeless population, and managing growth on a critically limited water supply.
February 21, 2019
Sanctuary: Keep the Stoke Alive
Sunday, February 10th was not supposed to be the last day of business for Sanctuary Rock Gym. The gym and its members believed they'd have through April 30th to figure out the next step –– but miscommunication from multiple parties resulted in a premature shuttering of Sanctuary's doors.  It's not the end. As you'll hear in this bonus episode of MIIS Radio, Sanctuary lives on in the community that made it vibrant. The community may be without a home for now, but they are not without hope. Tune in to hear from interviews with members on the last day of sending at the gym. You'll learn what the place means to them – and how they will keep the stoke alive. 
February 12, 2019
Congress and Candidates with Emmy Ham
A lot has happened since we last spoke with Emmy about her time working in an affordable housing organization last year.  The 116th United States Congress, chock full of diverse freshman representatives, was inaugurated in January. Since the beginning of the year, a slew of candidates for the Democratic presidential candidacy have emerged, all vying for frontrunner status. Tune in to hear Gabe and Emmy's takes on the national political landscape – and what it could mean for students at MIIS looking at their futures working in and around political institutions.
February 7, 2019
Peachy Things: Radwa and Susan and Life After MIIS
It's been about a year since MIIS Radio revived in its current form and it wouldn't have happened without the two women you'll hear from on this episode. Radwa Wahba (IPD+MBA '18) and Susan Wang (TLM '18) helped get MIIS Radio off the ground while they were serving on Student Council –– they're OG MIIS Radio. Tune in to hear learn about where and what they're doing now, how they believe we can get the most out of our time at the Institute, and some hard truths about Crazy Rich Asians. 
February 2, 2019
Charles Schrammel: Sanctuary
Sanctuary Rock Gym is a local institution on the Monterey Peninsula. Charles Schrammel is the manager, and I sat down with him to talk about how the gym became a rock for the community –– and how he's been handling the imminent South of Tioga development project that will force the gym to find a new location by Spring. Spoiler: there is no villain in this story –– just the relentless churn of development and adaptation by communities who have nowhere to go but forward.
January 24, 2019
MIIS Immigrants’ Rights Alliance: Living in Fear
The MIIS Immigrants' Rights Alliance – MIRA – exists to advocate for the members of the immigrant community of Monterey as well as immigrants across the country. This episode of MIIS Radio is a debrief conversation following the panel discussion, Living in Fear, sponsored by MIRA a few weeks ago. You'll hear from MIRA co-founder Binh Ngo, MIRA member Tana Espinoza, and MIIS professor Dr. William Arrocha about the factors affecting the lives of DREAMERS, DACA recipients, and the larger immigrant community. We discuss the current political climate, today's immigration policies, and what it will take to give immigrant members of our community the chance they deserve to make a life free of fear here in the United States. Learn more about MIRA here:
November 29, 2018
The Intersection of Gun Control and Arms Trade Policy
MIIS Radio's latest episode is a conversation among NPTS students Trushaa Castellino and Jimmy Smith and IPD student Cat Struss. Jimmy is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Trushaa studies the global arms trade, and Cat worked on the gun control advocacy effort known as the Brady Campaign. Our conversation unfolds the conflicting and sometimes contradictory stances on gun control coming from different ends of the debate -- and draws parallels with policy on selling weapons across the globe. Tune in to hear these three MIIS students offer their insights on the intersections between these critical domestic and foreign policy issues.
November 26, 2018
Danielle Garland ~ Research on Homelessness
Danielle Garland, a Middlebury Institute Student, is pursuing a dual degree MBA/IPD here in Monterey. Ms. Garland worked on a research study at Gathering for Women this past summer as a research coordinator. I had the pleasure of conversing with her about that study and drew vital insights from personal moments Danielle shared with women in the Monterey community affected by homelessness. I look forward to you hearing her story as we discuss the narratives created through statistics, challenges of her research, and the power of compassion & empathy.
November 15, 2018
Professor Phil Murphy on Affordable Housing & Homelessness
Professor Phil Murphy at Middlebury Institute, holds a longstanding interest in human cognition and motivation. He has used his interest to further develop the understanding of the world around us with his Mixed methods, Evaluation, Design, and Analysis (META) Lab, which Dr. Murphy directs. The META Lab is essentially a repository – and outlet – for anyone who is interested in applying the analytic skills that they either already have, or wish to grow. Students there are able to develop and hone their skills even beyond the curriculum available in regular courses, and frequently do so for clients and colleagues. This past summer Professor Murphy oversaw research that was conducted with the non-profit Gathering for Women here in Monterey. The research was with respect to women in Monterey who are affected by being housing insecure. This is a part of their story and how research plays a vital role in a concerted effort to reconnect their lives with changes they wish to see. You will be amazed at hearing Professor Murphy's knowledge and experience and I am very pleased for you to hear what he has to say
November 12, 2018
QAAAM Takeover of MIIS Radio: Intersecting Identities
Three members of the Queers and Allies at MIIS club – affectionately known as Q(u)AAAM! sit down for a conversation about intersecting identities. Caitlin Shepherd, Carlos Gonzalez Bernier, and Alexandro Humberto discuss their experiences of their own identities from early in their lives to the present day, at home and abroad. You'll be glad know these three amazing members of the MIIS community better – it's worth every minute.
November 9, 2018
Castelline, Part 3: Data Science, Election Day, and the Value of Failure
Tune in for an election day special episode, MIIS Radio's third interview with MIIS Alumna Castelline Tilus. We talk about her new job in DC at BlueLabs, a progressive political data analytics firm. Castelline shares the insights she's gained from listening to and polling voters leading up to today's midterm elections – along with the value of failure for achieving success.
November 6, 2018
Emmy Ham on Affordable Housing and Homelessness
Angelo sits down with fellow IPD student, Emmy Ham. Before coming to MIIS, Emmy worked in property management for an affordable housing company called Avesta in Portland, Maine. She spent that time getting to know the needs and desperation of the most vulnerable populations in the city. Tune in to hear what she learned during that time and how the experience informs her action and study here at MIIS.
November 5, 2018
Dr. Netta Avineri on Homelessness
Angelo and Dr. Avineri explore the definitions and experiences of homelessness. Then their discussion moves to current approaches to solving the problems associated with homelessness, including the affordability and availability of housing and the difficulty of implementing community programs. Tune in to learn more from Dr. Avineri's experiences fostering informative dialogue among members of the public and academia about these critical issues.
November 1, 2018
Kent Glenzer
MIIS Radio host Gabe Sanders sits down with Kent Glenzer. Kent is a professor in the Development Practice and Policy programs at MIIS as well as a management consulting professional for international development agencies. Tune in to hear his perspective on what it takes to be an effective development professional, his take on the current state of American democracy – and the story behind his eclectic taste in music.
October 30, 2018
Ed Smith on Affordable Housing and Homelessness
This is our fourth and final candidate interview in the series on affordable housing and homelessness in Monterey. Ed Smith's decades of service in the police force and years of involvement in the community have granted him a tempered perspective. We discuss the intersectionality of policies for the homeless population and policies affecting the housing and water supplies in Monterey, including Ed's visions for progress in all of those policy areas as he seeks reelection on November 6th.
October 25, 2018
Bill McCrone on Affordable Housing and Homelessness
Candidate for Mayor of the City of Monterey, Bill McCrone, sits down with Gabe Sanders to discuss the policy landscape surrounding the affordable housing crisis and state of the homeless community in Monterey. Find Bill's campaign website here:
October 23, 2018
Maddox Haberdasher on Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Monterey
Tune in to hear Angelo Gonzalez' interview with Maddox Haberdasher, candidate for Monterey City Council in 2018. They explore Maddox' life and experiences –– along with his perspective on how to address the most pressing issues of human security in Monterey through public policy. Find Maddox's campaign website here:
October 18, 2018
Tyller Williamson on Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Monterey
The first episode in a series exploring affordable housing and homelessness on the Monterey Peninsula. I interviewed Tyller Williamson about his experience of homelessness and his policy platform as a Monterey City Council candidate. Find Tyller's campaign website here:
October 12, 2018
From Argentina to Monterey, Fernando Depaolis has been immersed in the intersection of political science, data science, and professional development. Listen in to learn how he arrived at MIIS and how he is approaching his new role as the Dean of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management.
October 9, 2018
Castelline Part 2
We check back in with Castelline as her career evolves alongside her vision for a future in development work.
October 9, 2018
Black History Is American History
An episode honoring Black History Month 2018 with a discussion of African and African American students' experiences in the U.S. and abroad –– along with their perspective on what it means to be an ally.
October 9, 2018
Castelline Part 1
An interview with Castelline Tilus, a MIIS alumna who graduated in December of 2017. Castelline began her professional career in Washington D.C. after graduating –– through her experience, we learn the reality of transferring our studies and passions to practice, and the challenge of maintaining values.
October 9, 2018
MIIS'd You in Davos
An interview with the MIIS MBA team who went to Davos for the BNP Paribas Business for a Better World Competition –– and won.
October 9, 2018