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Miles Thurston

Miles Thurston

By Miles Thurston
IT Consultant helping FS Advisers integrate technology. My family & I live in Arundel. I’m a runner, geotagging coffee drinker & functioning dyslexic. h+ 改善
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Darren Giles talks TP Back Office & Masterclass Days
Darren Giles of Giles Smith Financial Services Ltd from Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex talks briefly about his 2 years using True Potential as a back office & his Masterclass Business Day at TP head office.
March 08, 2018
Tony Whelan & Seven Weeks In
Tony ex-NatWest & Origen explains how the True Potential technology initially blew him away when I met up with him, but more importantly how his clients are really keen to engage with him this way. He then talks about the ease of doing business for both advisers & clients. Finally, he explains True Potential's forward thinking. Recorded: 6 Sep 2016, 11:41, London, Greater London, England
February 26, 2018
Chris Hind tells me about the Pension Transfer Process offered with True Potential
Chris Hind tells me about the Pension Transfer Process offered with True Potential Chris (1968) joined us from Positive Solutions at the start of 2014. He lives in Ashford in Kent with his family. In this short clip he explains the support & the process that True Potential provide him when reviewing a Pension Plan with a client. Recorded: 26 Sep 2014
February 26, 2018
Philip Piggins talks Positively about Compliance!
2½ years with True Potential. Phil explains our positive attitude towards compliance. Phil is based in Surrey, father of two & he is also the chairman of the Surrey PFS. Recorded: 17 Sep 2014, 16:47, Belgravia, London
February 26, 2018
Dorian Cobb, his iPhone & ImpulseSave!!
Dorian Cobb (1967) has been a Financial Adviser since 1987. Dorian lives and mainly works on the Isle of Wight. He has built a successful business over the years from recommendations. True Potential user for over 3 years now, before that Positive Solutions & Allied Dunbar. In this clip, Dorian explains how he uses his own investments to demonstrate the power of using a modern day smartphone with a client. He also introduces ImpulseSave that this stage too. Recorded: 10 Jul 2014
February 26, 2018
David Williams - Why Strategies?
David explains to me "Why Strategies" & the True Potential Strategy Partners. As a Partner with True Potential Wealth Management, David is committed to delivering better value and choice for his clients, working with them in a very modern way that is unique in financial services, but very normal to the way people live in this very modern world. With over 26 experience in Wealth Management and an Associate of the Personal Finance Society, David has developed many lifelong relationships with clients, helping them to secure the financial futures of themselves and their families through the breadth of wealth management and financial planning services that he offers. Recognising that everyone’s personal situations are unique, David will take the time to get to know what's important to a client, and through the use of award-winning technology, he can provide straightforward and transparent advice in a simple and convenient way. Recorded: 13 May 2014, 12:24, Belgravia, London, United King
February 26, 2018
Julian Friel Doing ISAs the Simple way with True Potential
Julian Friel adviser with True Potential, based in Larkfield, Kent tells us how the True Potential systems have​ allowed him to speed up the process of writing business. Julian joined True Potential in February 2014. He has been in the FS industry since 2002. Recorded: 23 Apr 2014
February 26, 2018
Mark Wheeler
Mark (ex NatWest & Directly Authorised) 22 years in the industry explains why he joined True Potential in Oct 2013. In this 2 minute sound bite, he touches on client websites & using The True Potential Platform Strategies. Recorded: 21 Mar 2014
February 26, 2018
Martin O'Brien & True Potential
Martin explains the unique benefits of offering client facing websites. Which he can offer his clients as a True Potential Wealth Management partner. Recorded: 4 Mar 2014
February 26, 2018