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By Brian Pagán
MindFolk: Human Creativity and Mindful Innovation, in a Podcast.

Host Brian Pagán talks with scientists, artists, philosophers, and designers about how to build a more compassionate world. We discuss topics like human experience (UX) design, empathy, storytelling, ethics, privacy, and creativity.
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#5 Interview with Karin Ackerholm: Design is Building Relationships
Interaction designers often transition into other creative roles, and Karin Ackerholm is no exception. She talks with Brian about having curiosity as a superpower, learning empathy from immigrants, and dedicating her career to making the world more sustainable for all of us. "Should we spend our funding on things that make the world better or worse?" Read the episode transcript See the shownotes on our website Karin Ackerholm LinkedIn profile  |  University bio References Brainpickings: Paula Scher on Combinatorial Creativity Topics Sustainability, Innovation, Sustainable Business, Refugees, Comfort in Discomfort, Curiosity, Relationship-Building, Creative Career, Stress, Self-Care, Empathy Let's Talk Twitter | Instagram | Send us a voice message
November 16, 2020
#4 Interview with Joost MF Liebregts: Change & Innovation
We each face challenges differently, and no one has faced 2020's challenges like Joost MF Liebregts. He shares with Brian the story of how he successfully pivoted his business, and they discuss the happy intersection between sustainability and good business. "It's an erosion of status quo that makes change happen." 📄 Read the episode transcript 🌍 See the shownotes on our website Joost MF Liebregts Joost on LinkedIn  |  Purpose Design  |  Shots of Purpose References The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris Give and Take by Adam Grant The Futur on YouTube Topics Gardening, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Creative Career, Experimentation, Inspiration, Privilege, Design Sprints, Digital Workshops, Barter Deals, Value-Based Pricing Let's Talk Twitter | Instagram | Send us a voice message
November 1, 2020
#3 Interview with Chiara Vercesi: Finding your Creative Voice
From romance novels to board games to The Washington Post, Chiara Vercesi's creative career is far from 'standard.' In this conversation, she takes Brian on a journey from introducing Grandma to homosexuality to having an agent in New York and co-founding Sail Ho Studio. "I prefer harsh reality over comfortable lies." 📄 Read the episode transcript 🌍 See the shownotes on our website Chiara Vercesi Chiara's website  |  Behance  |  Instagram  |  Sail Ho Studio Topics Illustration, Empathy, Relationships, Creative Career, Rationality, Atheism, Homosexuality, Portfolio Advice, Listening, Diffusion, Creative Process Let's Talk Twitter | Instagram | Send us a voice message
October 10, 2020
#2 MindSnack: Privacy and Convenience
As we experiment with different formats, Brian presents our first MindSnack, a short monologue on a topic he finds interesting. This one is about privacy. Rather than a limitation, Brian sees privacy as an opportunity to build a trusting, healthy relationship with our customers or audience. He outlines the GDPR's three most important concepts and lays out an ethical framework for Privacy by Design, all in less than 10 minutes. "A healthy relationship between ourselves and our customers relies on fair value exchange." 📄 Get the episode transcript  🌍 See the shownotes on our website References Watch the talk as a video Download the Ethical Design Checklist Topics Privacy by Design, Privacy, Convenience, UX, eCommerce, GDPR, Data Protection, Ethical Design, Fair Value Exchange, Customer Experience Let's Talk Twitter | Instagram | Send us a voice message
September 25, 2020
#1 Interview with Melanja Palitta: Where Emotion and Creativity Live
In this wild interview, Brian speaks with Melanja Palitta: dancer, filmmaker, painter, photographer, yoga instructor, and all-around creative powerhouse. Their conversation about creativity quickly veers off into a thesis on Melanja's trifocal model of human emotion. "The law of love is able to go beyond." 📄 Read the episode transcript 🌍 See the shownotes on our website Melanja Palitta Balanslab website | @melanjapalitta on Instagram Topics Creativity, Home, Relationships, Love vs Fear, Emotion, Energy, Spirituality, Logos, Painting, Dualism, Infinite Light, Gnosticism, Pina Bausch Let's Talk Twitter | Instagram | Send us a voice message
September 8, 2020