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Interviews and shows with #MindsGaming

- A large range of topics from Art to Simulation Theory, Life Is a Game

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Making Dreams Into Reality (Launching To The Blockchain)
Hey guys, sorry about the audio on this one @SatoriD can't really be heard but we promise we aren't talking to a ghost. In this episode we talk about our launch to the blockchain, how our token is doing, our ecosystem and of course lots more like gaming movies and dreams with @XXPrettyLittleThingXX .
August 27, 2021
The Bill Ottman Interview
We talk with the CEO of about the future of Minds, creative concepts and goals of our favorite social media. From making better reward systems to playing chess, finding skilled developers, and testing open source software nothing is off the table.
June 27, 2021
Planning Movie Night With Meg
The best way to learn and to play around with things... We try to figure out how to have movie nights in Minds chat ; talk about some classics we have to watch and more.
June 17, 2021
Episodes From The Archives (#3)
#MindsGaming Interviews Episode 3 " @Cartman1 ,  @Pseudos_18 "   The official gaming edition of our interview with @Cartman1 & @Pseudos_18   Everything from gaming to alien mushrooms this episode was all about having fun and sharing ideas while talking games and bullshitting. Hope you enjoy!  #MindsGaming #Interviews #Episode3
June 14, 2021
Episodes From The Archives (#2)
#MindsGaming Interviews Episode 2  " @Aragmar & @dragonandfoxgaming " The official gaming edition of our interview with @Aragmar & @dragonandfoxgaming This one was tons of fun, @Aragmar thought it was going to be late and ended up spending about two hours talking with us. These guys had lots to talk about from books,  games, to ... well just watch, headphones recommended.  #MindsGaming #Interviews #Episode2
June 6, 2021
Gremlins In The Machine (Minds Chat Flashback)
@sofuego , @giuliana_design , @eclipsingbinary , @Pseudos_18 talk about Minds Chat, dreams and more. We find gremlins in the machine in almost everything including everyday life?   
June 5, 2021
Episodes From The Archives (#1)
#MindsGaming Interviews Episode 1   " @eclipsingbinary " The official gaming edition of our interview with @eclipsingbinary   I had a awesome time talking with @eclipsingbinary in this interview. The full show was over 2 hours, the different versions are being spread across cyberspace as we speak.   #MindsGaming #Interviews #Episode1
May 28, 2021
Random Thoughts?
The #MindsGaming Show (Season Two ; Episode One ) “ @ChristNat “ Kicks off our season two! We talk about bitcoin, randomization & of course gaming. We are now on Anchor and Spotify! So you can listen to use on the go if you want! #MindsGaming #EpoisodeOne #SeasonTwo 
May 28, 2021
#MindsGaming Interviews Two hour Special ( Episode 10 )
" @ChrisDoogood " & " @thriftegaming "  Two Hour Special With @ChrisDoogood" & @thriftegaming ; We talk about rewards, Minds Chat, Gaming, And more! This was a great time hope to see you guys on another show soon!  #MindsGaming #Interviews #Episode10
May 19, 2021