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The Cultural Workers Podcast (audio)
Video version with added content:

The Cultural Workers Podcast (audio) Video version with added content:

By Minka Wiltz
Artists are workers and Culture is Art!

The Cultural Workers Podcast is an environment where I speak with people who have committed their lives to sharing ideas and developing skills that extend beyond the performing arts and merge into our everyday lives:
chefs, astro-physicists, engineers, graphic designers, urban planners, historians...people that contribute to creating and archiving what we see around us everyday and take for granted.

My first five episodes will highlight some of my colleagues who work as performing artists.

I hope you enjoy.
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Greg Waddle IG: @gregorywaddle and Marsha Wilson IG: @mellowneptunewaters @genres_of_art are both members of IATSE LOCAL479. In this episode they give a raw, uncensored account of what it means to work on the sets of major productions for film and television. GREG: "They don't want me to say what I'm about to say"
October 21, 2021
Lynne Ashe was seeing spots this past Summer with her role in Suicide Squad as Polka Dot Man's mom. In 1this episode we talk about what it was like to get into all of those costumes. We talk about her award winning screenplay Scuppernongs and why she had to start making jewelery...and then selling it. Come join us, you just might enjoy it! Follow Lynne on IG:@ashelynne6 and find out more about her jewelry at store@ashelyndesigns
October 21, 2021
The Cultural Workers Podcast: Epi.4: Musa Ngqungwana (Part 2)
This episode of The Cultural Workers Podcast is the second part of my conversation with the wonderful South African Bass-Baritone Musa Ngqungwana!  When I asked Musa to be a part of this endeavor to speak with extraordinary people, I didn't know how much the technological challenges would present opportunities to show examples of tenacity! And Musa showed up with grace and fortitude!!  In our first episode we talked about some of the many challenges Musa faced in his journey to becoming a celebrated opera singer throughout the world. If you haven't watched the video of the episode on YouTube or listen to it here on, Spotify, Apple Podcast,  Pocket Casts, Breaker, Google Podcast, RadioPublic, and Overcast! In this episode, we get more of an indepth view of Musa's opinion on being coupled while pursuing a career in the arts; and what he has learned from his predecessors in the world of Opera. There is an honest conversation about what it means to be a Black Opera Company and why it isn't enough to just create based on identity politics.  I am excited that you are here and I look forward to sharing this final portion of my very honest conversation with Musa Ngqungwana. LIke, share, subcribe to @TheCulturalWorkerspodcast on Instagram, and my YouTube Channel @MinkaWiltz Now if you want to send in any voice messages you can do it here: I will make sure to answer all of the messages personally!  Be safe and stay true, Minka
July 24, 2020
The Cultural Workers Podcast: Episode 3: Musa Ngqungwana (Part 1)
Musa is a celebrated South African Operatic Bass-Baritone who has seen his fair share of trying times. His career did not take a "traditional" route. His journey from the township of Port Elizabeth, South Africa where he survived a politically motivated fire at the age of 10 months old, (retold in his published autobiography "Odyssey of an African Opera Singer" published by Penguin Random House South Africa), seems like something out of an award-winning feature film. My interview with Musa was met with SEVERAL interruptions because of technological glitches but we persevered with laughter and faith. With editing magic, I was able to pull two episodes together. This is part one. I hope you enjoy this time with this brilliant, patient, and talented artist as much as I did. ~Minka Wiltz
July 16, 2020
The Cultural Workers Podcast: Epi.2: Jayme Alilaw
I am happy to welcome the ever evolving Jayme Alilaw to the Podcast.  Veteran, Masters of Music in Vocal Peformance, life coach, and name some of her roles in life.  Jayme is a name to know and a voice to hear. I hope you are inspired by her "nontraditional" story.  How she came to opera and her views on whether opera what she wants.  (the following excerpt is courtesy of ) Jayme, who is noted for a lush and vibrant tone, is equally at home in operatic, classical, spiritual, and musical theater repertoires. She performs the standard operatic repertoire as well as the contemporary canon, often premiering original works. Jayme is a resident artist with The Atlanta Opera and a featured Artistic Family member at Dad’s Garage Theater Company. In fact, she is a founding member of ImprOper, an operatic improvisation team that improvises 30 minute operas. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Ms. Alilaw frequently sang for military ceremonies throughout the United States and the Middle East. A teaching artist and staunch advocate of the performance of works by African American composers, Jayme has co-created Tapestry, an in-school residency program geared toward 3-8th grade students exposing them to the power and creative value of Spirituals. Jayme is currently touring La Femme Noire: The Celebrated Woman, a program that highlights works by African American women composers.
June 08, 2020
The Cultural Workers Podcast Episode 1: Indra Thomas. Video available
Welcome to The first episode of The Cultural Workers Podcast. I am Minka Wiltz.  My first guest is a fellow Atlantan and I am so honored that she agreed to sit down with me.  Indra Thomas says "I was born and that was it; I basically came out of the womb singing." Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. The daughter of a pastor and a  mother whose voice was also operatic, Indra began winning national vocal competitions when she was still in high school. In 1998 she won the Metropolitan Opera National Council award. Her career has spanned several decades. She has sung all over the world  and she is showing n Indra has sung in South Korea, France, England, Italy, and all over the  United States.   In this episode, Indra takes time during this quarantine time to discuss her approach to the many highs and lows of being a Cultural Worker. Her response to my question about experiencing discrimination may surprise you.   Welcome to the first episode of The Cultural Workers Podcast. My name is Minka Wiltz and I am glad you are here.  Let's get started. 
May 28, 2020