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Missing History

Missing History

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A podcast by two friends who discuss women from history they've never heard of before. Inspired by that all too common feeling, "How did I not know about her?!?", we aim to elevate the stories of a wide range of woman, from Egyptian civil rights activists to medieval nuns to the first female (almost) astronauts. We share their stories, discuss their impact and why they've been ignored or sidelined, and often get a little mad at the patriarchy.
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Episode 45 - Inauguration and Insurrection
We're back from our (extended) winter break with a new set of Missing History episodes. First up, Katie and Michael catch up after the holidays and - oh boy - was there a lot of catch up about. We talk Inauguration, Impeachment, and Insurrection and that doesn't even get us out of January.  A note from the team: While we're working hard to get back to our regular release schedule, life continues to be...well, you know. For the next few months we might be releasing episodes in short bursts - mini-seasons if you will - with a few weeks off between releases. We appreciate you sticking with us and hope to have more Missing History content in your ears soon!
March 11, 2021
Episode 44 - Alice Roosevelt and Brenda Lee
Just in time for Christmas, we have our last Missing History episode of 2020. Katie discusses a turn of the century celebrity, Alice Roosevelt, and Michael shares Brenda Lee, who's Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree has been playing in his head non-stop all month. We're wishing you and yours a safe and healthy end to the year and we'll see you all in 2021! Alice Roosevelt NYTimes Article Princess Alice American First Daughters  Alice Roosevelt Biography Roosevelt Family Tree Nixon Tapes Brenda Lee Rolling Stone Interview  Brenda Lee Bio Country Music Documentary Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
December 24, 2020
Episode 43 - Toilets & Toothbrushes
For the second part of our hygiene series, we manage to cover the full range of human bodily needs. Michael walks through the history of toilets and waste removal and Katie talks about all things teeth.  * Apologies about the audio quality - we're still working through some mic issues.  Toilets History of Poop   NASA Space Waste Guidelines   Poop Researchers   Invention of Toilet Paper  Best Way to Wipe   Queer Toilet History  Toothbrushes History of Dentistry  Oral Hygiene Timeline Chewing Stick Research
December 21, 2020
Episode 42 - Feminine Hygiene Products and Shampoo
Michael and Katie finally get to scratch a longstanding itch - not an actual itch, but a historical one! In this first episode of a two-part series, we dive into the history of self-care and discuss how people in the past dealt with some of the most fundamental human needs. Katie discusses the history of feminine hygiene products, specifically tampons and pads, and Michael traces the history of shampoo. Feminine Hygiene History of the Tampon   The AIDS Fighting Tampon   There Has to be a Better Way  Don't Let Them See Your Tampons  Tampons Haven't Always Been for Periods  Ending the Tampon Tax  Shampoo Origin of Shampoo Smithsonian Hair Care History What is the No Poo Method Smithsonian Bathing History
December 10, 2020
Episode 41 - Emily Balch & Molly Brant
We have a Thanksgiving episode! (Well...not really. But Katie does talk about Puritan naming conventions, so maybe that counts?) Instead, Michael talks about Emily Balch, a turn of the century peace activist and Nobel Prize winner. Katie discusses Molly Brant, a Haudenosaunee leader before and during the American revolution. We also reflect on the passing of Alex Trebek. Emily Balch Emily Balch, Economist  Emily Balch Biography  Nobel Prize Information  Nobel Acceptance Speech  Molly Brant Molly Brant Biography  New York’s Mohawk tribe works to restore their culture  Iroquois or Haudenosaunee? 
November 27, 2020
Episode 40 - Electoral College & Supreme Court
We take a slightly different journey this week and discuss two of the institutions that have been on everyone's mind: the Electoral College and the Supreme Court. Katie and Michael discuss their history, lay out some of the arguments for and against each, and try to figure out how to fix them. **Audio Note: We had some technical issues with this recording, so Katie's audio will sound weird at some point. Sorry!! The Electoral College National Popular Vote  Electoral College Reform History of the Electoral College Five Misconceptions about the Electoral College The Supreme Court Supreme Court Reform  How to Fix the Court  The Court & Healthcare Expand the Court Don't Pack the Court Alternate Court Reforms
November 19, 2020
Election Week Update
We're taking the week off so we have enough time to reload the NY Times elections page every three seconds. As an antidote for election related stress, we'll just leave this video of the Desert Rain Frog here.
November 06, 2020
Episode 39 - Mai Bhago & Charwe Nyakasikana
In a valiant attempt to process...well, everything, this week we're discussing women who fought for the survival of their communities. Literally. Katie discusses Mai Bhago, a 17th-century Sikh warrior, and Michael introduces Charwe Nyakasikana, a medium and political leader from southern Africa. We also talk about the passing of RBG, ghosts, zombies, and Community (the show). Mai Bhago Wikipedia Savior of the Sikhs Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Live India History Charwe Nyakasikana Charwe Biography   Central Shona Rising Shona Tribe   The Hanging Tree 
October 29, 2020
Episode 38 - Diane Nash & Queen Nanny
This week we discuss two women fighting for change in their communities - albeit in very different ways. Michael discusses Diane Nash, a leader of the Civil Rights movement committed to non-violence, and Katie introduces us to Queen Nanny, a leader of the Jamaican maroon community who waged a guerilla war against the British. We also talk about Q Anon, voting, and the importance of political engagement.   Note: Because 2020 has been *gestures wildly at everything going on* we will be releasing our next few episodes out of order. This episode was originally intended to be the third in a series examining women from Kamala Harris' DNC acceptance speech. We hope to release parts one and two of that series soon. (Also, Michael references previous conversations about the show Black Sails - which are on episodes we recorded this summer but haven't been able to release yet. You're not missing any crucial context, but he would recommend you go watch the show. You can skip most of the first season.) Diane Nash Guardian Interview with Nash  SNCC History Stanford Biography of Nash Nash Biography Queen Nanny Stylist Profile  BBC Profile Matrilineal Social Structures Queen Nanny Monument Queen Nanny Wikipedia
October 22, 2020
Episode 37 - Mary Elizabeth Lease & Mary Sherman Morgan
It's back-to-back Mary's this week. Katie discusses Mary Elizabeth Lease, a Populist speaker and activist, while Michael introduces Mary Sherman Morgan, a literal rocket scientist. We also discuss The Wizard of Oz, time travel, and the importance of getting your flu shot.  Mary Elizabeth Lease  The Wizard of Oz and Populism  Mary E. Lease & The Gilded Age  What is populism?  Mary Elizabeth Lease - Queen of the Populists Mary Sherman Morgan Mary Sherman Morgan Biography  BBC Interview  First Woman Rocket Scientist 
October 15, 2020
Episode 36 – Jess Wade, Maryam Zaringhalam & Khutulun
This week we are going big. Katie and Michael discuss three phenomenal woman, two contemporary scientists and one ancient warrior. Jess Wade & Maryam Zaringhalam Khutulun
May 20, 2020
Episode 35 - Fannie Lou (Miller) Hamer & Qiu Jin
We have some major influencers this week - we learn about the woman who co-founded the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and strong-willed feminist who participated in a failed uprising against the Qing Dynasty. Fannie Lou (Miller) Hamer Qiu Jin,_unrest_and_external_pressure
May 20, 2020
Episode 34 - Florence Nightingale & Hurrem Sultan
The stats don't lie - these two ladies are absolutely incredible. This week we learn about a statistician (who was also the founder of modern nursing) and one of the most influential women in the Ottoman Empire from the period known as the Sultanate of Women. Florence Nightingale Hurrem Sultan
May 20, 2020
Episode 33 - Hypatia and Julien of Norwich
We are back! What did we miss?! We took a small break but we are back at it. Katie and Michael catch up on what we have been doing since we were last together, the new global pandemic, and learn about some awesome ladies. This week we are going ancient as we discuss a Hellenistic philosopher and an anchorite from medieval England.
May 11, 2020
We are back!
We are back! What did we miss?!
May 11, 2020
Episode 32 - Jane Elizabeth Hodgson & Flossie Wong-Staal
This week we learn about an American obstetrician and gynecologist and a Chinese-American virologist and molecular biologist. HODGSON FLOSSIE
June 13, 2019
Episode 31 - Hallie Flanagan
This week Katie discusses an American theatre producer and director who is known for her work with the WPA - specifically the Federal Theatre Project. Flanagan
May 30, 2019
Episode 30 - Ruby Pickens Tartt & Wilma Rudolph
Today we meet a folklorist who helped preserve the past for the WPA and a woman who was told she would never walk again but would go on to be the fastest woman in the world. TARTT WILMA
May 23, 2019
Episode 29 - Deborah Sampson & Marguerite Porete
This week we learn about a military woman from the American Revolution and a French author who wrote The Mirror of Simple Souls in the 13th century. SAMPSON PORETE
May 17, 2019
Episode 28 - Ella Sheppard & Josefa Llanes-Escoda
Today we discuss a soprano, pianist, composer, and arranger of Spirituals for the original Fisk Jubilee Singers and a prominent civic leader and a social worker who founded of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. SHEPPARD ESCODA
May 09, 2019
Episode 27 - Nell Gwyn & Leona Vicario
This week we learn about one of the first actresses on the English stage and a prominent figure of the Mexican War of Independence. (Eleanor Gwyn) NELL (María de la Soledad Leona Camila Vicario Fernández de San Salvador) VICARIO
April 18, 2019
Episode 26 - Susan La Fleshe Picotte & Elizabeth Jennings Graham
Michael and Katie discuss an Omaha Native American doctor and an African-American teacher and civil rights figure. SUSAN ELIZABETH
April 12, 2019
Episode 25 - The Havard Computers
In honor of our 25th episode, Katie and Michael team up to talk about a group of women working to process astronomical data.
April 06, 2019
Episode 24 - Myrna Loy & Sue Kunitomi Embrey
An American film, television and stage actress/dancer and a teacher, activist and long-time chair of the Manzanar Committee. MYRNA SUE
March 21, 2019
Episode 23 - Veronica Guerin & Brigid of Kildare
With St. Patrick's Day around the corner we had Ireland on our minds. We span 14 centuries this week as we discuss two influential women in Irelands history. Veronica Guerin BRIGID of Kildare
March 15, 2019
Episode 22 - Anne Lowe & Jeanne Spurlock
Katie and Michael discuss an American high-fashion designer and an American psychiatrist/author this week. Anne: Jeanne
March 07, 2019
Episode 21 - Wangari Maathai & Gladys Bentley
This week we have a Kenyan environmental political activist and an American blues singer, pianist, and entertainer. Wangari Maathai Gladys Bentley
February 26, 2019
Episode 20 - Esther Howland & Jessie Redmon Fauset
In honor of Valentines Day we bring you an artist/business woman who made Valentine's Day cards popular and a poet. Esther: Jessie
February 15, 2019
Episode 19 - Olivia Hooker & Phillis Wheatley
The ladies who did it first - this week we look at the first black woman to enlist in the Coast Guard and the first published African American female poet. Olivia Hooker Phillis Wheatley
February 07, 2019
Episode 18 - Lois Weber & Hattie McDaniel
The silver screen takes centerstage this week as we look at two women who had a huge influence on the early American film industry. Lois Weber Hattie McDaniel
January 31, 2019
Episode 17 - Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington
An English politician who later became a member of the House of Lords and a short review of Becoming by Michelle Obama. Jean Barker
January 20, 2019
Episode 16 - VIrginia Apgar & Barbe-Nicole Clicquot
An obstetrical anesthesiologist, who also invented a way to quickly assess the health of a newborn child immediately after birth and the woman known as the "Grande Dame of Champagne" Virginia Apgar Barbe-Nicole Clicquotu
January 14, 2019
Episode 15 - Irena Sendler & Zinaida Portnova & Yelena Mazanik
Eastern Europe in the 30's and 40's: what a time to be alive! One teen and two women defy gender expectations to participate in one of the greatest historical conflicts of the 20th century. Irena Zinaida & Yelena
January 03, 2019
Episode 14 - Katharine McCormick & M. Carey Thomas
The woman who birthed 'The Pill' and a controversial figure of Bryn Mawr. Katharine Thomas
December 28, 2018
Episode 13 - Holiday Special
This week we chat about several women who influenced some of our holiday traditions. Michael and Katie will talk about holiday shopping, cookies, and the inventors of the Christmas Tree.
December 24, 2018
Episode 12 - Pandita Ramabia & Shirley Chisholm
Another first in the US Congress and the campaign trail as well as social reformer and a pioneer in the emancipation of women in India. Ramabai Shirley Chisholm:,-Shirley-Anita-(C000371)/
December 13, 2018
Episode 11 Margaret Corbin, Sybil Ludington, & Olympe de Gouges
We have some heroine of the American Revolutionary Way and a French playwright and political activist. Margaret Corbin, Sybil Ludington Olympe de Gouges
December 06, 2018
Episode 10 - Madam CJ Walker & Raye Montague
Today Katie and Michael introduce us to an entrepreneur and a naval engineer. Madam CJ Walker Raye Montague
November 24, 2018
Episode 9 - Mercury 13 & FLATs
It's a bunch of gals who tried to go to infinity and beyond.
November 15, 2018
Episode 8 - Barbara Jordan & Joan Robinson
We've got the 'voice of God' and an economist with quite the life story. Barbara Jordan 1972 Keynote Speech at DNC - 1974 Watergate Speech - LBJ Oral History - Joan Robinson
November 08, 2018
Episode 7 - Mary Church Terrell & Huda Sha'arawi
Two raging feminists today. One from Egypt and another from the good ol' USA. Mary Huda
November 02, 2018
Episode 6 - Ethel Waters & Evangelina Rodriguez
Katie brings a Broadway, movie, and TV star. Michael brings up a boundary breaking Dominican doctor. Ethel Waters Evangelina
October 25, 2018
Episode 5 - Eleanor of Aquitaine & George Sand (Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin)
France is in the focus today. Michael has a French queen while Katie brings a Romantic novelist. Eleanor George Sand
October 18, 2018
Episode 4 Hildegard of Bingen & Gwen Ifill
Quite a time gap between these two ladies but nonetheless fascinating. Katie tackles a modern day journalist. Michael gets real with a nun from medieval times. Hildegard Gwen Ifill"
October 11, 2018
Episode 3 - Jeannette Rankin & Jeannette Piccard
We've got two Jeannette's today. One an early pioneer of suffrage in the U.S. The other, a scientific balloonist. Rankin Piccard
September 27, 2018
Episode 2 - Ching Shih and Artemisia Gentileschi
Michael brings a pirate queen to the party. Katie talks about a painter you wished you had known. Ching Shih Artemesia"
September 20, 2018
Episode 1 - Boudica and Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier
Michael and Katie start the first ever podcast with two dynamic gals. Katie covers an ancient queen of Britain while Michael brings up a mover and shaker in the early days of chemistry. Boudica…&biw=1197&bih=779 Marie-Anne…toine-la-1743117560
September 13, 2018
Why is history filled with only dudes? If you find yourself asking this question then maybe this podcast is for you. Two friends, one history major and one casual history nerd, discuss women from history we’ve never heard of before now. Take a listen to this trailer and stay tuned for our first episode, coming soon!
September 06, 2018