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Spanking & All Things FemDom

Spanking & All Things FemDom

By Miss Jenn Davis
This podcast is about spanking, feminization, humiliation, and all things FemDomme.

New episodes come out at least once per week, on Wednesdays.
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Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]

Spanking & All Things FemDom

Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]

Spanking & All Things FemDom

A Female Led Wedding [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: As the evening reception of her wedding day draws near, a bride decides she needs a few moments alone with her new husband. She takes him to their honeymoon suite, but not for what he has in mind. She soon wipes that grin off his face by revealing the secret of a successful marriage, as taught to her that very week by her aunt. The new husband quickly learns several lessons, and in a surprise twist, so does his new wife - something her aunt had not told her about men and what often happens after they go across the knee of a strict wife. Miss Jenn Davis reads another of T.M. Andred’s domestic discipline stories, A Female-Led Wedding. For the full clip click here or for more info on Miss Jenn click here (photos, videos, blog, interviews & more).
August 11, 2021
The Beautiful Bully [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: She's a self-admitted bully. She used to pick on the weak, but she's learned that picking on other bullies is much more fun. When she comes home from the clubs late one night, and her neighbor's step-son is among the guys harassing her outside her apartment. He becomes her newest target and she is determined to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Feminization, Bondage, and Female Domination are the name of the game in this sissification story written by Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta, Narrated by Miss Jenn Davis. For the full clip, click here: More info on Miss Jenn at
August 4, 2021
William Finds His Governess [Preview]
Description from the FULL clip: Pretty much every young lad is incorrigible- ruled by the baser desires of his penis. Lewd behaviors, an almost constant need to indulge in self-gratification, each need the loving yet very firm hand of a governess. One who will not spare the cane or the tawse but rather applies them with vigor and without mercy despite his cries of pain and repentance. Follow along as William gets more than he wished for at the hand of his strict and sexy disciplinarian. (BUT AS YOU LISTEN, REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO SELF-PLEASURE!) For the full clip, click here:
July 26, 2021
The Gratitude Episode
Just wanted to express my gratitude to my listeners as well as for all the wonderful things happening right now in my life.
July 14, 2021
Trapped in Bras and Panties [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: Going to the mall with your two friends Victoria and Veronica sounded exciting. They're both wild girls and together they're just crazy. The only problem is they both have dominant streaks and they can think of no better way to spend a weekend afternoon than taking you to the makeup counter or the lingerie store. This is a POV-style audio and a collaboration between Miss Jenn Davis, Kylie Gable, and Claudia Acosta. For the full clip, click here:
July 7, 2021
The Submission Possible Premiere for the Seattle Episode + More Info on the TV Series
Exciting news, the Premiere for the Seattle episode is TONIGHT! Listen in for more info on the show "Submission Possible", what the show is about, information about the premiere event (it's virtual), as well as info on how to catch the show if you missed the Premiere event. You still have time to get tickets to the Premiere, just go to my website and you'll see the link through EventBrite on my blog post: Hugs & spanks, Miss Jenn
June 30, 2021
A BIG Heartfelt Thank You!
Just a short message from Miss Jenn. Thank you, my listeners & fans, I truly appreciate you. I also want to thank my first "monthly" sponsor / supporter, someone who gives support through Anchor, to keep this podcast going, on a monthly basis.  No matter how small, I definitely appreciate it! So thank you, you mean the world to me :) Hugs & spanks, Miss Jenn
June 30, 2021
Mr. Anderson’s Fat Bottom Gets Spanked [ FULL Audio ]
An 18-year old college woman, obsessed with her older gym teachers rather ample behind, finds a way to get her hands on it when she catches him peeping on her classmates in the girls showers.  Fearing she will tell his wife, he agrees to let her teach the lesson the next day.  He later regrets this when he finds out her lesson involves yanking him over her knee and spanking his ample bare bottom right in front of the girls he was peeping on.  But what happens when his wife walks in on the lesson? Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 23, 2021
"Tom's Mischievous Idea for the Pool Party" FULL Audio
The ladies have another 1950's adult pool party planned. Tom comes up with a mischievous idea which he shares with the other husbands. An idea that gets ALL the husbands in a LOT of trouble with their wives (aka the Mommies). Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 18, 2021
Coming Out [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL Clip: No sooner was she away at college than she put herself back in diapers. She even told her roommate she needed them. Now she’s back home for the summer, her potty training isn’t what it used to be, and she decides she has no choice but to come out to her stepmom as a diaper girl. Written by Lexy Bridges, formerly Alex Bridges ( and narrated by Miss Jenn Davis ( For the FULL clip, click here: Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 16, 2021
A Feminine Afternoon [PREVIEW]
A description from the FULL audio: A man who can’t help himself when it comes to his girlfriend’s worn pantyhose learns a lesson in severe humiliation. Exerting her true nature as a strict head of household, she pushes her boyfriend headlong into his hosiery addiction until he is no longer a man but her feminized slut. But instead of getting an erotic release, he is imprisoned in domestic servitude. He might have stepped into this feminine role for just the afternoon--or he might have stepped into it forever. For the FULL clip, click here: Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 11, 2021
"Pantyhose Bondage in the Closet" FULL Audio
She's wearing only suntan pantyhose, tied up in rope bondage, rubbing her pussy against her crotch rope, desiring so badly to be touched. Her pantyhose moist with her desire,  nipples hard, she is yearning to be spanked...yearning to be spanked and stroked. This is an audio .mp3 and the Dominant in this story is never they could either be a man or a woman, depending on your preference. For more information on me or to request a custom audio, check out my links below: My email is: missjenn(at)pm(dot)me
June 9, 2021
Miss Jenn Davis to Appear on NEW TV series "Submission Possible" with Madison Young
Want to be a fly on the wall & get to listen in on one of my Livestream (unlike in the actual Livestream where my viewers got to SEE & interact with me, but if you've never been part of a livestream this gives you a teeny bit of an idea of what it's like)? This is about a 5-min clip cut out of the livestream that was 30-min long, so you'll be entering in the middle of that. The reason I am posting this particular livestream is that it's where I make a BIG announcement. I am going to be on TV! That's right, Miss Jenn is on episode #2 of a NEW TV series called Submission Possible starring Madison Young. But here more about it and the experience right here on my podcast. Hope you like this episode! Want to know more about me, read my blog, or find out more details about the TV episode I "air" on? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 7, 2021
#MeToo Meets Mike's Ass [ FULL AUDIO ]
Mike has been sexually harassing Caroline, Miss Jenn's trusted assistant.  Miss Jenn calls Mike into her office and addresses his bad behavior. She brings in Caroline to witness his punishment, has Mike strip naked which embarrases him completely to be naked in front of his boss and colleague, and starts administering his spanking. When Mike begs for mercy, Miss Jenn looks at Caroline...after all it was she who was wronged. Instead, Caroline asks Miss Jenn for the cane. By the time the two were finished with Mike, his ass was defeated. Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 5, 2021
Through the Looking Glass [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: A man answers a classified ad for a tenant only to eventually find himself in tight, unyielding bondage to his landlord—an impeccably dressed, strict mistress. Through a series of bondage and discipline sessions, including severe spankings, chastity,  and pegging, she trains the masculine ego right out of him until he is completely her bitch. But it doesn’t end there, as he soon discovers that he’s not the only slave in this new home. For the FULL clip, click here: Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
June 2, 2021
Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]
A description from the FULL clip: Alexis has a problem. Her weekly tennis game is being disrupted because one of the players is moving across the country. Needing a replacement, who can compete with 3 former NCAA women's tennis players, she thinks of her office mate Ron. The other players aren't so sure, but she promises she can make Ron fit in. Everything is going well until a trip to the tennis boutique convinces Alexis that a tennis dress might be a better choice for her reluctant coworker than the simple tennis whites she had originally planned. What started out as a friendly game becomes sheer humiliation for Ron and pure pleasure for the girls. This story contains elements of female domination, feminization, and spanking. This is an audio .mp3 file and is a collaboration between Miss Jenn Davis, Kylie Gable, and Claudia Acosta. For the FULL clip, click here: Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
May 31, 2021
His First Visit [Preview]
Description from the FULL clip: Thirty-year-old Sebastian has finally summed up the courage to visit a professional disciplinarian. And she is delighted - she rarely gets to cane the bottom of a younger male and so takes an extra interest. In her pre-caning interview, she learns a few extra snippets of information about her prey that she knows will play to her advantage – in more ways than one. Indeed, she is so delighted with what she learns, that she makes the rare decision to tell Sebastian her real name because, she tells him, “When I beat you, I want to hear you begging Miss Catherine for mercy”. But mercy, for Sebastian, will come at an escalating cost. Learn what that will be as Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s FM discipline story ‘His First Visit’. For the FULL clip, click here: Want to know more about me, read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me
May 17, 2021
Malled 2 [PREVIEW]
Description from the full clip: Now that Jordy’s foolish attempt at escape has been crushed, the girls have him even tighter in their clutches. He’s got a humiliating makeover ahead of him and these girls have saved the worst for last. For lovers of feminization, humiliation, and even a little romance this is the series for you. This is an audio .mp3 and contains elements of feminization, F/m spanking, public humiliation, bondage, paddling, humiliation, sissy training, being made to crossdress, and so much more. From jiggling fake boobs while being paddled, to having makeovers, to having poor Jordy helpless, restrained, and blindfolded this is the audio that all true sissy's love.  This story is written by Kylie Gable, Miss Jenn Davis, and Claudia Acosta. Narrated by Miss Jenn Davis. For the full clip, click here:
March 17, 2021
Malled [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: It was never supposed to be like this. All Jordy wanted was to do his own shopping at the local mall. There was a girl he had a crush on and he just wanted to get her the perfect gift. Unfortunately, Jordy runs into three bad girls from his class and they think the best gift is a wimpy boy like Jordan to mess with. As they go from store to store Jordy gets more trapped and feminized too. It's one simple trip to the mall, but it's the kind of bullying a sissy never forgets. As you might imagine, this story contains plenty of female domination, spanking, humiliation, and coerced feminization excitement. It's intended for a mature audience. This story is written by Kylie Gable, Miss Jenn Davis, and Claudia Acosta.  Narrated by Miss Jenn Davis. For the full clip, click here:
March 3, 2021
An English School-Reunion [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip:  Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s delightful story: An English School-Reunion. When 32 year-old Timothy returns to his old school to collect a copy of his old exam results, he finds Catherine (the older girl he used to have a crush on), is now Headmistress there. Reminisces about the slipperings she used to give him lead to the revelation of a missing entry in the old headmistress’ punishment book. Catherine takes upon herself to correct the book's omission and Timothy, still besotted, finds himself falling head over heels again – and over her caning bench. For the full clip, click here:
February 19, 2021
Alex Bridges Interviews Miss Jenn Davis [Full Interview]
Author Alex Bridges interviews me (Miss Jenn Davis) & we have some interesting discussions regarding ABDL age play, spanking & domestic discipline, and other kinky topics. Some of the topics covered in this interview are: my background/kinks/fetishes, how and why I started making content, ABDL content and sessions, domestic discipline content and sessions, how things have changed during COVID-19, and much much more. Alex Bridges & I have been collaborating on audio stories and he is an ABDL, femdom, lezdom, ageplay, and spanking author. Find his stories and novels at & you can find my Patreon at: For more information on me, Miss Jenn Davis, or to visit my blog check out: or Hugs & spanks, Miss Jenn
February 17, 2021
Date Night - an ABDL Audio [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL CLIP:  Who doesn’t look forward to date night, especially if it means leaving your husband at home with a babysitter so you can have some adult time with a beautiful woman? Commiserate over the hardships of marriage – the almost-daily need to spank his bottom, the constant diaper changes, the public tantrums – before getting ready to go back to her place for something only the grownups are allowed to do. This is my latest collaboration with Alex Bridges, ABDL, femdom, lezdom, ageplay, and spanking author. Find his stories and novels at For the full clip, click here: and for more information on me
February 17, 2021
She Stole His Manhood [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL clip: Sometimes work rivalries can get a bit heated, but when Mark embarrasses his coworker with a pornographic picture, he goes too far. She takes her time to set up the perfect revenge at a business convention. This skilled manipulatrix knows how to humiliate a man and put him on his knees under her thumb. This audio (.mp3) has elements of femdom, feminization, humiliation, sissification, bisexual encouragement, female domination, and more. This is a collaboration between Kylie Gable, Claudia Acosta & Miss Jenn Davis. For the full clip, click here:
February 6, 2021
She Stole My Wife [PREVIEW]
Description for the FULL audio clip: The sequel to She Stole my Manhood is a complete standalone story in its own right. It's the story of Mark who lost his alpha male job at a big insurance firm when he clashed with the company's new hire, Samantha. He's now stuck working at a little insurance office in a mini-mall as he licks his wounds. One day his wife arranges a dinner with her workout buddy from the gym. Mark is shocked to find it's the same woman who took his job. Now she wants to take his wife and leave him as their crossdressed and cuckolded sissy maid. This feminization story contains bondage, humiliation, and female domination, along with lots of humiliation, and is intended for a mature audience. This is an audio .mp3 & is a collaboration between Kylie Gable, Claudia Acosta, and Miss Jenn Davis. For the full clip, please click here: or go to
February 4, 2021
"The First Strike of Winter" FULL Audio
Beaver slipped his hand up Miss Jenn's thigh.  Miss Jenn punishes Beaver outside the ski resort for his lewd behavior For more information on me or to request a custom audio, check out my links below:
January 21, 2021
"The Enchanted Hairbrush" [PREVIEW]
Description from the FULL audio clip: A modern-day spanking fable! Imagine if you stumbled upon an antique ebony hairbrush in a vintage curio shoppe?  This is the tale of a young man who did find this hairbrush & after purchasing it & taking it home, he finds this note hidden in red satin box liner & what happens in his life after making this discovery: “This very special brush has a long history in my family. It has been passed down from my mother’s mother, to my mother, to me.  It has served us all well as three generations of proud British Governesses.  All of whom who have fallen under the spell of this most delightful implement. However, be forewarned. This brush is bewitched. It houses a spirit that has needs.  And those needs must be met. When held in a woman’s hand, it imparts an irresistible desire to spank the nearest miscreant.  It has a hunger to deliver punishment.  It seems to feed upon discipline. So much so that it rewards the disciplinarian. It has a magical ability to transform the discomfort of the recipient into the erotic pleasure of the disciplinarian. For three generations as Governesses, this brush has rewarded the women of my family with the most erotic ecstasy any woman could imagine. As an implement of correction, it is sublime. But it also has the ability to take the discomfort it imparts upon the miscreant receiving punishment, and transform that pain into the most intense intimate pleasure for the enjoyment of the lady spanker. In short, the harder it’s used to spank, the more pleasure it yields to the spanker. Since I’m retired and have not been fortunate enough to be blessed with a daughter of my own, I am hoping that this magical implement of both pain and pleasure will find a new mistress to give it a proper home.” For the full clip, please click here:
December 22, 2020
Tease and Denial Spanking [Preview]
Description from the FULL clip: A very pathetic sissy  wants nothing more than to be spanked! So I tease and torture him with the idea of it. I build it up to the point of climax, then take it away at the last second leaving him a rejected, frustrated mess. The full audio has elements of feminization, spanking, chastity, SPH, humiliation, age regression, ABDL, FM spanking, sissification, T&D, teasing, & more. For the full clip, please click here:
October 13, 2020
The Sissy's Mentor "Moving Day" [Preview]
This is only the first 20-minutes out of a 50-minute audio clip. If you'd like the full audio, click here: ( and for more information about me, check out my website: ( Description from the FULL clip: All good things must come to the end. It's the end of summer and Rachel is getting ready to leave town and Tracy is about to move back to campus. When Tracy prepares a romantic dinner for Molly, he isn't expecting to be serving the meal to her and a date dressed as her sissy maid. Even as trouble comes for Tracy and Molly, Tracy finds himself drawn more and more to Rachel and her circle of friends, but what will happen when school starts and he's all alone? This audio is the conclusion of The Sissy's Mentor series. It contains coerced feminization, female domination, humiliation, and coerced bi.
September 9, 2020
The Sissy's Mentor "Higher Learning" [Preview]
This is only the first 20-minutes of a 50-min audio clip.  For the full clip, go here: ( Or for more information on me, Miss Jenn, make sure to check out my website: ( In this audio Traci finds himself humiliatingly punished by Rachel and Paige for his bad attitude. However, can it really be a punishment when Molly is around? By dressing as a woman, Traci finally is made to feel like a man, while Paige makes him a job offer he can't refuse. This 6,700-word story is part 4 in an exciting new series that features feminization and female domination but has a sweetness even with such wicked women. Key elements in this audio are forced femme, chastity, sissification, humiliation, a cock cage, and a blow job.
September 2, 2020
The Sissy's Mentor "The Party Girl" [Preview]
This is a description from the FULL audio. Please keep in mind that this is only the first 20-min from a 50-min audio. If you would like to get the FULL audio, click here:  ( and for more info on me, check out my website at: ( Rachel takes her new sissy Tracy (Now spelled Traci) to a party and he learns about some of the difficulties of appearing as a woman. He also runs into Molly from his math class (whom Traci has a huge crush on) and she is thrilled to see him in a dress. She lets him know that if she was in charge, she'd be much stricter with him, but does that frighten or entice our little sissy girl? This is part 3 in an exciting new series that features feminization, female domination, sissification, spanking, paddling, public humiliation, forced femme, and more but has a sweetness even with such wicked women.
August 26, 2020
Spanked Into Skirts [PREVIEW]
Listen to the first 17-min of this 55-min audio story written by Kylie Gable & narrated by me, Miss Jenn Davis.  Another great hit! John has a new stepsister and finds himself sharing a house with her as their parents are off on their honeymoon. A fight over car keys leads to a spanking for John and a change in relationship with his sister Katie and her best friend Ingrid. Together the two young women make plans to deal with Katie’s troublesome step-brother even if it means serious feminization. To get the full clip please go to:
August 19, 2020
Spanking Phrases 5 [PREVIEW]
The full audio is 17-min long, this is just a short preview. Full episode can be found at: This is a description from the full audio: You know you just can't get enough of these strict authoritarian/disciplinary phrases. Here's just a short sampling of some of the phrases you'll get to hear in the full clip: - You just have to accept, that in two weeks’ time, you’re getting your bare bottom severely blistered, and there is nothing you can do to stop that.     - By the time I'm finished with you, you will be a blubbering, incoherent, bare-bottomed wreck.     - You will be sobbing uncontrollably for a full hour. This will be a lesson you never forget.     - I want you to spend the next two days contemplating your disgusting behavior towards my friends, and how on Thursday, you’re going to have your bare bottom blistered, in front of them all.    - I’m messaging you to let you know it’s only five days now until you get the bare bottom blistering of your life.     - You need to be bent over as far as you possibly can be. Head right down and bare bottom high in the air, just waiting to be soundly spanked.     - I am a true disciplinarian, and thoroughly enjoy administering severe merciless thrashings when needed.   - Your attitude stinks!    Did you know that I do CUSTOM AUDIO CLIPS? That's right! So don't miss out and do contact me soon so you can get your OWN custom audio. Keywords: SPANKING, SPANKING F/M , OTK SPANKING , AUDIO ONLY , SCOLDING , SPANKING F/F
August 14, 2020
The Sissy's Mentor "The New Normal" [Preview]
This is the 2nd audio in "The Sissy's Mentor Collection" series Rachel is determined to get revenge on Tracy by turning him into her own sissy pet. She has a whole summer ahead of her and no intention of letting her voyeur of a roommate off easy. After all, he violated her privacy and she could have gotten him in a lot of trouble. What's a little mascara compared to expulsion? The action begins the day after the events of book one, with a very terrifying walk to class for Tracy accompanied by his domineering roommate who is there to make sure he doesn’t back out. If this is the new normal, he’s beginning to doubt if DuPont College is the place for him. Of course, they say it's always darkest just before the dawn. This is an audio .mp3 which contains elements of forced crossdressing, feminization, FM spanking, public humiliation, forced femme, sissification, female domination and chastity.
June 24, 2020
Asking For a Spanking, Pt 2
An ABDL/spanking story. Do you love adult diapers, baby powder, diaper lotion/rash cream? Putting a grown man in diapers and then spanking him. Then this is the story for you! This is Part 2, where the previous story left off... You do not necessarily have to have heard Part 1, to be able to enjoy this. This story is just right for the adult baby or for those who enjoy the humiliation of diapers. Keywords: AGE REGRESSION, MOMMAS BOY, BABYSITTER, DIAPER FETISH, DIAPER DISCIPLINE, ADULT DIAPER, ABDL, SPANKING, AUDIO ONLY, MISS JENN DAVIS For more information on me:
June 20, 2020
Charlie's Friendly Tormentor Ups the Ante
Charlie's "friendly" tormentor ups the ante. Apparently, one "supportive" visit wasn't enough. Julie has a new-found passion for "helping Charlie out", and she is a firm believer in tough-love...!
June 10, 2020
Miss Jenn Interviews Jamie Foster (aka Clare Fonda)
In this episode, I interview the entertainer & legend in the spanking community, now known as Jamie Foster. We cover so many different topics, I asked questions that I was curious about as well as listener questions from fans who follow me on all my various platforms. To follow me:
June 3, 2020
The Sissy's Mentor [Preview]
Tracy is a soon to be freshman at DuPont College. He's taking classes over the summer at the school and through a mixup winds up rooming with a senior at the college named Rachel. Academically, Tracy's a world beater ready to be the top student in his class. Socially, he's an egg beater ready for four years of lonely isolation in his dorm room. Rachel is an athlete whose social calendar is always filled. They couldn't be more mismatched. When Rachel catches Tracy sneakily taking pictures of her leaving the shower, she decided to teach him about life in her shoes--literally. This is the most humiliating thing that's ever happened to Tracy, but it also may just be the best. This audio contains elements of female domination, chastity, F/m spanking, feminization, sissification, and humiliation.
May 27, 2020
Husband So Small, that He Fell Out of His Wife During Sex
This was a custom audio. If you want your own custom audio, you can either go to my Patreon site or contact me through my website. Elements of humiliation, laughter, cuckolding and SPH (small penis humiliation) in this audio. 
May 26, 2020
Miss Jenn Davis Interviewed by Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster)
In this episode Clare Fonda interviews me (Miss Jenn Davis) and we talk about my life, spanking, ways to contact and connect with me, the pandemic, video shoots, and more. With Clare being a comedian, things can get quite funny at times. This is the most comprehensive interview about me thus far. Enjoy! Also a fan left a message for me on my podcast & I answer his question in this episode. Ms Jamie's website: Jamie/Clare's wishlist: Miss Jenn's website: Miss Jenn's wishlist:
May 25, 2020
Trading Places
This is a 41-min story about a young man who has never been spanked before, but his step-sisters get spanked all the time. He confesses his secret desire to his step-sister and they concoct a plan to get Brandon spanked.
May 23, 2020
The Key - A Story of Chastity
Want your own story recorded? Email me via my website at What happens to guys like you who can’t stop masturbating? They get put in chastity by me. Keywords: CHASTITY, TEASE & DENIAL, FEMDOM, MASTURBATION
May 22, 2020
A Daughter's Diaper Punishment
Nicole is 18 years old and has been peeing in her panties & wetting the bed lately.  When Nicole's mom finds out about this, she decides to punish Nicole by regressing her to an adult baby.  She's redecorated Nicole's room to look like a nursery, puts Nicole in diapers & a bib, feeds her baby food and enforces a strict 6pm bedtime.  If you enjoy ABDL stories and diaper punishment, then this is the story for you!  What does ABDL stand for? Adult Baby Diaper Lover
May 21, 2020
"Do you remember when we first met?" [Preview]
18+ only Taken from the middle of the audio, this is a preview of the audio clip "Do you remember when we first met?" an ABDL audio All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover
May 20, 2020
If He Can't Pee Like The Adult Man He Is, He Gets To Spend the Rest of the Weekend in a Diaper
Celia's boyfriend pee's all over the toilet seat. It's the last straw for Celia! She punishes him in front of her house guest (the narrator) with a spanking, baby powder, diapers and more. Keywords: DIAPER FETISH, ADULT DIAPER, SPANKING, DIAPER DISCIPLINE, PEE, AGE REGRESSION Want more audios? And my website:
May 20, 2020
Feminized By His High School Bully [Preview]
This is not a nice story, and you're lucky that this is only the preview as the full audio is pretty cruel. The guy who is feminized has done nothing to deserve it and the woman who feminizes, humiliates, and helps to cuckold him isn't seeking revenge. In fact, she has no reason to do what she does except that she enjoys it immensely. Back in High School, Mike was the constant victim of Allison Cain. Along with her friends, she loved nothing more than emasculating and humiliating him. Now, they're back for their ten year reunion and much to Mike's horror, she has no intention of letting up on him. In fact, she's planned his most agonizing humiliation yet. This audio has spanking, feminization, bondage, forced crossdressing, public humiliation, and more. This audio was done in collaboration with Kylie Gable, a truly amazing author who writes Femdom and feminization stories.
May 16, 2020
An Actual Voice Mail I Left for Sissy Kylie
I love to tease & embarrass, so when I was leaving a voice message for friend Kylie, who is such a sissy, I decided that this time I was going to RECORD the voice mail I left for him. You know why? So I can publicly humiliate him by posting it to this podcast & online in various places. Knowing Kylie...and believe me, I do...he is going to be soooo incredibly embarrassed. I can sense him blushing already.
May 3, 2020
Treatment of a Masturbator [Preview]
In Victorian Britain they knew how to take care of a young man who indulged in the most sinful of acts: that of self-pleasure. A stern woman and the young kitchen maid teach a lesson that will never be forgotten. This is a preview
March 29, 2020
Asking For a Spanking
An ABDL & spanking story. Do you love adult diapers, baby powder, diaper lotion/rash cream? Putting a grown man in diapers and then spanking him. Are you an adult baby with a Mommy fetish that is looking for a caring Mommy Disciplinarian? Then this is the story for you! All characters in this story are over the age of 18. What is ABDL? Adult Baby Diaper Lover
March 29, 2020
A Friend in Need
Charlie's supportive friend, Julie, offers way more support than he ever bargained for! Julie's motto is seemingly, "A friend in need.... needs a very severe punishment!" Feel free to leave a message for me but do know that if you do I may add it publicly to my podcast so please don't say anything private in it:
December 18, 2019
When you reach out to a friend for help, because you're feeling distraught that your Domme Girlfriend has left you, be careful what you ask for. Sometimes the help you get is way more than you ever bargained for...!
December 18, 2019