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Misty’s Mat @ Yoga House

Misty’s Mat @ Yoga House

By Misty’s Mat @ Yoga House
It’s Misty from Misty’s Mat at Yoga House. I will share what living your yoga can really look like today. I like to keep it real, simple , relatable and doable. This southern girl will give you some down to earth yoga teachings thru short asana practices, meditations and yoga nidra . My hope is that you will find laughter and real tools to live your best yoga life .Make sure to subscribe and for more information house
Yoga Nidra-A journey thru the heart.
Welcome to the Journey thru the heart Nidra. Don’t overthink this….find a comfortable place you can stretch out and be comfortable. Some would say take a savasana but truly anywhere you feel safe and comfortable. Let this short Nidra be a break during your day or maybe before you go to sleep at night . These are still a work in progress so I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you so much for encouraging me on this podcast adventure. Get ready for a little yoga “nap” as we journey thru uou heart .
July 06, 2022
Full Moon Meditation Cleansing in the moonlight
Full moon meditation to let the dark night reflect the divine in you. A full moon can be seen as a time of cleansing, recharging, renewing, let this meditation get the mind/heart/soul ready. If you can find a place to be outside or near the moonlight. Don’t worry if things are quiet, we all have distractions, even if you have to stop and start this meditation 100 times….JUST try it it’s all a practice. Let Chandra cleanse you tonight feel nourished in your mind, body and soul. Thank you so much for listening, for taking this time for yourself. I’d love to hear how you felt. PEACE PEACE PEACE Misty
May 14, 2022
Meditation/Nidra Abundance “by the lake”
A yoga nidra/meditation on abundance. This was originally made while I was sitting by the lake during covid. You will hear boats go by, the dock moving, the birds and boats….real life. You can have abundance in whatever YOU choose. Sit a minute with us. This will begin with a breathing technique and then you’ll move into savasana, so go ahead and get it all prepared. Just welcome to abundance to your life. Enjoy! Peace be with us Misty
May 03, 2022
Ocean Meditation-15 minutes
Enjoy lying beside the ocean. This 15 meditation doesn’t require any special props, just a place to be still for a few. listen to the “ocean” with me, listen to your breath, listen to your heartbeat. This is one of my favorite meditations, I can taste the ocean now. I’d love to hear from you, let me know what you want from a meditation and nidra practice. Peace to you all….Misty
May 03, 2022
Meditation-Love exists in me.
Yoga HouseCast member Misty shares a 15 minute meditation on tapping into the love that exists in you. Take a few moments alone or with a friend and meditate together…at times meditating with others can be even more powerful. You don’t need anything special for a meditation practice. Just have a place to sit or to lie down. All you have to do is show up, it truly is that simple. A meditation practice can change the way you feel, see or experience life. You deserve this. Enjoy! This podcast thing is very very new to me, so I’d love your feedback to help. I know meditation works and I want to share. I will hold space for you. Love exists in YOU
May 01, 2022