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By Krishnan Subramanian
Modern Enterprise Podcast is about the evolution of enterprises in the era of rapidly evolving technologies. In this podcast, we will talk about modern IT stacks, ML/AI, etc.. We will focus on helping end users understand the landscape and to help them figure out the right strategies needed for rapid innovation.
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Continuous Reliability of Code from Developer to Production with Eric Mizell of OverOps


Catalyst taking on AWS Lambda with Giridhar of Zoho
In this episode, we talk with Giridhar of the Catalyst team from Zoho. Catalyst is a new Serverless Computing platform in the market helping developers deploy applications without any of the overhead that usually comes with such services. In this episode, Giridhar explains how Catalyst platform is different from others
September 14, 2020
The CNCF Controversy and Open Source in IoT with Ian Skerrett
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, we talk with Ian Skerrett, formerly VP of Marketing at Eclipse Foundation, on the role of open source in the cloud, the role of open source foundations and how open source can shape Edge Computing and IoT
August 19, 2020
Continuous Reliability of Code from Developer to Production with Eric Mizell of OverOps
In this episode, we talk about with Eric Mizell, VP of Solution Engineering at OverOps on how it is important to not just move the code faster to production but also ensure that good code is sent to production. We talk about enforcing security along the process, the role of machine learning/deep learning in finding the unknown unknowns and a future of autonomous continuous reliability across the DevOps pipeline
July 15, 2020
Serverless in the world of containers with Rodric Rabbah, CTO, Nimbella
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, I talk with Rodric Rabbah of Nimbella on Serverless, Containers, Knative and why it is important to lower the barrier to app development by 2025
June 23, 2020
Stateful Applications in Kubernetes with Niraj Tolia, CEO,
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, I spoke with Niraj Tolia, CEO of on whether Kubernetes is ready for stateful applications, Day 2 operations with Kubernetes, Serverless technologies, the open source licensing debate in the industry and more. 
June 16, 2020
Why I hate Kubernetes? Or not with Cloud Opinion
In this special episode for Kubecon, we talk to Cloud Opinion (@cloud_opinion on Twitter) about Kubernetes, Kubernetes and Kubernetes
November 20, 2019
Kubernetes is mature but Day 2 matters with Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata
In this podcast I talk with Jim Bugwadia about Kubernetes ecosystem and how Nirmata is helping enterprises manage deployment across multiple clusters and multiple cloud providers. We also discuss Day 2 problems like Governance
October 22, 2019
Controlling Microservices with Glasnostic - A conversation with Tobias Kunze
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, we talk to Tobias Kunze, Founder of Glasnostic, on how their platform helps enterprises manage ocean of Microservices. We also briefly discuss servicemesh and how it differs from Glasnostic
May 28, 2019
Chef and Open Source with Corey Scobie
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, we talk with Corey Scobie, SVP Products at Chef about application centric approach of Chef and their open source announcement today.
April 02, 2019
Linkerd and Service Mesh Ecosystem
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, we talk with William Morgan, CEO of about Linkerd and how it compares with istio and others in the Service Mesh ecosystem. 
April 01, 2019
Blockchain Databases: A Conversation with Brian Platz of Fluree
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, we talk with Brian Platz, Founder and CEO of Fluree on Blockchain Databases, how Fluree is addressing the market, the use cases for Blockchain databases and the future of Blockchain
October 15, 2018
Digital Twins: A Conversation with Simon Crosby
In this episode of Modern Enterprise Podcast, Rishidot Research spoke with Simon Crosby, CTO of In this episode, we are talking about distributed computing, edge, machine learning at edge, the idea of digital twins and also about Google's Edge TPU announcement
July 30, 2018
What is Serverless? A Conversation with Matt Gillard
We are starting season 2 of Modern Enterprise Podcast. This is a follow up to my blog post on where I argued in favor of retiring the term Serverless because of the confusion created by the cloud provider's marketing. Matt puts forward his views on "What is Serverless?". tl:dr: Serverless is event based architectures.
June 21, 2018
GitOps, Observability and AI with Alexis Richardson of Weaveworks
In this episode, we talk with Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks on GitOps, Observability and the use of Machine Learning and AI in Observability.
March 18, 2018
AI in the Enterprise with Sam Charrington
In this episode, we talk with Sam Charrington of Cloud Pulse on the trends shaping AI adoption in the enterprise. Sam also hosts a popular podcast called "This Week in ML and AI"
March 14, 2018
Composable Infrastructure Automation with Rob Hirschfeld
In this podcast, I talk with Rob Hirschfeld, founder of RackN, on composable infrastructure, Kubernetes, OpenStack and more
March 10, 2018
Services Delivery for Modern Enterprise with Jeff Sussna
In this episode, Jeff Sussna, thought leader, author and speaker, talks about DevOps, Design Thinking and Services Delivery
March 10, 2018
Services as a Platform with James Urquhart
In this episode, we talk to James Urquhart, Dell Technologies (at the time of recording and currently at AWS) on his idea of Services as a platform. James has been talking about this idea for quite some time and this discussion will help enterprise decision makers understand the world of cloud services
March 10, 2018